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my next to last story i wrote before my block...

Melanie was sleeping soundly. David was out of town on business, and Melanie had taken advantage of his absence by watching what she wanted on the television, and gabbing on the phone with her girlfriends. So now she slept the sleep of the dead. Because she had been so tired and basically crashed in bed, she failed to engage the burglar alarm. Melanie had vague thoughts of that before she drifted off to sleep, but felt safe in the fact that there hadn't been any break-ins in her neighborhood for months. What she didn't hear on the local news, (since she never paid attention anyway) was that lately there had been a series of burglaries, with jewelry the subject of the thefts.

Outside Melanie's home, three people dressed all in black had been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the lights to be extinguished. There were two females, one a beautiful redhead, tall and gorgeous.. the other female, a tad smaller, and buxomy with sleek black hair. Both females would still tower over Melanie, who stood a mere five two in her barefeet. The third figure was a tall, well-built male, also dressed in black, with black hair and piercing blue eyes. When the lights were out, they all nodded to each other, and silently approached the front door, which was hidden from view by several shubs and bushes. The redhead was a crack lock picker, and quickly made work of unlocking the dead-bolt.

Slowly turning the door-knob, the door silently opened and the three intruders quickly stepped inside and closed and relocked the door, with a key which stood beside the door on a small table. The buxomy black-haired beauty stifled a gasp, as something jumped out at them. It was the cat, Chelsea, who thought they were friendly, and wished to play. Bending down to pet the beautiful, black cat, the three looked around the two-story dwelling.

"What we seek will be upstairs" the man whispered to his two companions.

Picking up the cat(the traitor), the buxomy beauty led the way to the staircase, which was easily accessible from the living room. The redhead followed, a black bag grasped in her hand. The man stayed behind to admire several nice paintings hung over the mantle, but also proceeded up the stairs.

When they reached the top, they could see several doors, two obviously the bathrooms.

"Get rid of the cat" the man hissed.

The black haired female placed Chelsea in the bathroom, and closed the door. They then walked down the hall, and could hear breathing coming from the largest bedroom. Nodding at the two females, the man led the way into a fairly large bedroom, the focal point being the four-poster bed, with a small, blonde female peacefully sleeping on her back. The three looked at each other and smiled, and the redhead quickly emptied the contents of her black bag, which included several silk ties and a blindfold.

The man walked over to the bed and stood looking down at Melanie. He noticed the swelling of her firm, yet soft breasts moving up and down as she breathed. Softly and quietly he pulled down the blanket, which revealed a small yellow nightie, rounded arms, long slender legs, and all ending in bare feet, which had been painted purple. He saw that her feet were small and slender, with long toes that were also slender and curled slightly. He nodded at the black haired female, and she slammed the door, making a noise that would wake the dead.

Since Melanie was far from dead, the sound woke her with a jerk. She saw the three figures standing around the bed, and opened her mouth to scream. The man had been prepared for this, however, and placed his very large hand over her mouth. Melanie continued to struggle and actually tried to bite the man.

"Hurry up and secure her, the little vixen tried to bite me" He barked orders at his two cohorts.

Try though she might, Melanie was no match for the strong females, and quickly was secured to the bedposts with the silk ties, her wrists tied to the upper posts, and her ankles to the bottom posts..leaving her in a spread-eagle and very vulnerable position. She lay there, panting, and glaring at her captors, and trying to scream through the man's thick hand.

"If you cooperate, this will go a whole lot better for you. If not, well don't say I didn't warn you." replied the man, in a low, masculine and rather sexy voice.

Melanie struggled to no avail, and looked a question at the intruders. The man then said,

"If i remove my hand from your mouth, don't bother to scream. I know for a fact that the neighbors on both sides are gone for the week, and you will just be wasting breath that you will desparately need. So will you obey and not scream?"

Melanie nodded, fright showing in her hazel eyes. The man pulled his hand away.

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" Melanie shakily asked.

"We know that you have some valuable jewels here, inherited from your mother. If you tell us where they can be found, we will untie you, take the jewels, and be on our way. If not, well there will be consequences, as i already mentioned." the handsome man answered.

"I'm afraidd you have picked the wrong house. I haven't inherited any jewelry." Melanie said, trying to sound convincing.

"Don't say i didn't try to be nice. Seems you want to play the hard way. Ladies, prepare" and with that the man motioned to the two females, who all this time had been quietly observing.

The redhead and buxomy female approached the bed, taking in each delicious feature of Melanie's helpless body. The redhead reached out and pulled the nightie up around Melanie's neck.

"Why look, she isn't wearing any panties. That makes our job so much easier" she laughed as she gazed at Melanie's nude pussy.

Melanie blushed and said, "Please don't do this to me, don't hurt me, i don't have any jewels here. Please believe me."

"Shut her up please" the man ordered.

The buxomy female walked over to the dresser, and opened the top drawer, where she saw several panties lying around. She grabbed the closest one, and walked back over to Melanie, who continued to deny any knowledge of jewels. In the middle of one of her pleadings, the buxom female, taking advantage of Melanie's open mouth, stuffed the panties in, shoving them in as far as they would go. Then the redhead took a silk tie, and tied it around Melanie's mouth and behind her head.

Melanie began squirming and whimpering behind the gag. Little did she know that her movements were very arousing to the three intruders. The man, in fact, unzipped his pants, and out sprang the largest penis Melanie had ever seen. She began shaking her head back and forth, but before she could react any further, the redhead had tied a silk tie over her eyes, and then used several more silk ties, until Melanie's sight was completely shut off.

Melanie jerked suddenly, as she felt breathing near her ear.. and these words whispered.."Are you ticklish?"

With that, Melanie went wild, struggling for all she was worth, to the sounds of evil laughter from her three captors. Then she stopped squirming and thought...

"Are they kidding? Tickle? I thought they were going to hurt me or kill me.. this should be a piece of cake."

She lay there, straining her ears for any noise or movement. Hearing sounds of zippers being unzipped, Melanie couldn't even begin to imagine what these creeps were preparing. Then she felt the bed give on either side of her, and two bodies pressing against her own. Suddenly she eeped behind her gag, as what could only be sharp fingernails began tracing on both sides of her defenceless body at once, starting from her ears, and moving simultaneously down to her neck, tracing up her arms, back down to her underarms, lazily circling around the pits, moving down her sides to her exposed breasts, circling around her nipples. She giggled, twisting a bit and feeling goosebumps breaking out on her skin. Then, she felt lips on either side of her neck, kissing and nibbling. Melanie tried to scrunch her neck down, but the lips moved with her neck, and were trapped in the folds. At the same time, those nimble fingernails were traveling up and down both sides of Melanie's body, tickling and teasing.

All this time, the male stood and watched as Melanie helplessly giggled, squirming and trying to escape those torturous nails. He was sporting quite the hard-on, but bided his time, until his female companions would reduce Melanie to a giggly, horny mess.

"Time to up the anti, ladies. Remove her gag. I want to hear these delicious giggles and begging that i am sure she will be doing before we are done with her." He ordered the females.

Obeying him without a word, the redhead removed the silk scarves from around Melanie's head, and took out the soaked panties. Melanie's giggles and pleadings that she knew nothing could now be plainly heard. All this time, the females were still kissing at her neck, and tracing torturously slow routes up and down both sides of Melanie's upper body. The fingers never stopped, the tickles weren't enough to cause Melanie much distress yet, but the sensations were nevertheless very irritating, like itches that needed to be scratched. Still giggling and thrashing around some, Melanie yet again tried to cry out that she knew nothing.

"I don't believe you. Maybe this will help loosen your tongue." And with that the man removed two very stiff feathers from his duffel bag.

He sat down on the bed, between Melanie's wide-opened legs. She could feel his presence but had no idea what he was going to do. Motioning to the two females to move to the bottom of the bed, he pointed at Melanie's poor defenceless feet.

"Please, i have no idea, eekssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" whatever Melanie was about to say was quickly replaced by laughter as she felt fingers dancing up and down both soles of her feet at the same time.

Laughing loudly now, wiggling her feet, Melanie tried to gasp out that it tickled too much, that her feet were almost her worst spot, but could only produce more giggles and laughter, as those nails raked up and down her soles, both females seeming to be in sinc, tickling the same spots at the same time on both feet. Next she felt the fingers moving up, and braced herself for what she knew was coming next. Melanie didn't have long to wait, as those fingers found the balls of her feet, and dug in, fast and hard.

"Nooooooooooooo not there.. hahahahahahahahaha" Melanie gasped out, squirming for all she was worth, not caring that the man had quite a vantage point sitting there between her legs.

Melanie suddenly arched up as far as she could, and let out such a shriek, the females knew they had hit the jackpot. She felt something warm and slippery on her toes, which could only be tongues. Nothing had ever tickled as that did. Melanie squealed with laughter, twisting her feet, trying to escape those slurping tongues. But also, she noticed something else, amidst all this torture. Melanie was getting turned on. They continued to nibble and suck at her toes, all the while, running those sharp fingers along her soles, arches and especially the balls. This seemed to last forever.

The man, seeing sudden wetness seeping out from between Melanie's legs, smiled. He gestured for the two women to go back to their orginal position, on either side of Melanie's upper body, and to resume the light tickling of her upper body, focusing on her underarms, which he saw where a particularly ticklish spot for Melanie, and also a spot between her hips and lower abdomen.

Melanie felt the sudden pressure from the bottom of the bed give way, only to be replaced by two warm bodies once again pressed against her.

Again she tried to speak,"Please, i really have no clue as to, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she quit speaking

Jerking at the sudden touch on her private areas, Melanie gasped. She felt something brushing both sides of her outer lips, sawing lightly back and forth, but never touching her clit, or her pussy. It tickled, yet felt good at the same time, however the man never touched any part hard enough to give Melanie any release, only teasing her lightly, driving her wild with lust. At the same time, both women were tickling her underarms, sides, breasts.. running their fingernails ever so lightly around her hardened nipples, kissing at her neck. This had the effect of turning Melanie on even more and as she giggled and moaned, she also began, unknowingly, to grind her hips, trying to arch her back up to make whatever was torturing at her private areas to touch her harder.

Her neck had always been an errogenous zone for Melanie, and with both women licking and nibbling each side at the same time, and add to that their constant motion of their fingers everywhere on Melanie's upper body, was getting Melanie more aroused than she had ever been in her life. The females seemed to know where to focus to bring out the most giggles and squirms from Melanie, and took advantage of that. The man, in the meantime, was having fun, toying with Melanie's labia lips, lightly scratching and sawing those feathers on either side of her outer lips, always maintaining the lightest touch imaginable to make Melanie aroused beyond belief, yet never enough for any release whatsoever. If he noticed that she might be near orgasm, he would quit, and she would feel cold air blowing on her engorged throbbing clit. Melanie moaned in frustration, finally pleading out,

"Please don't quit, touch me harder, i need to cum."

"If i allow that, will you tell us where the jewels are?" The man replied back.

"Yes, yes anything, just help me please" Melanie begged, forgetting all modesty in her need to cum.

The teasing and neck kissing of her upper body continuing, which elicited giggles from Melanie's lips, she next felt something touching at the entrance to her pussy. Bracing herself for the man to enter, they all suddenly stopped.

So absorbed in what was happening with Melanie and with each other, all failed to hear the beep of a door opening downstairs. What they did hear was this..

"Honey, i'm home early."

"Shit, her husband has come home early. Let's split." The man gruffly ordered his sidekicks.

Quickly they dressed, flung a few things in their bag, and opened the bedroom window and left the premises, not stopping to untie their erstwhile prisoner.

Melanie, still tied, blindfolded, and horny as hell, listened as David came up the stairs, still calling out for her. She then heard his footsteps as he approached the door. Hearing the doorknob turning, she heard as he opened the door. He dropped dead in his tracks, seeing Melanie naked and tied spread eagle, then returned to his senses and hurried further into the room.

"Melanie, what happened? Who has done this to you? Are you hurt?" David came rushing over and removed Melanie's blindfold.

"David, please if you love me, fuck me, fuck me now, good and hard, just do it and ask questions later." was Melanie's shocking reply.

David stood there with mouth gaped open. He never heard Melanie talk like this before, and rarely did she ever say fuck for making love.

"Please, honey, trust me, i need you inside me now." Melanie squirmed her body seductively.

That was all David needed, as he quickly shed his clothes, tripping over his pants, because he forgot to remove his shoes first, and climbed aboard.

Later, after Melanie had been untied, and David had helped her clean up in the shower, and releasing the cat, all three lay cuddled on the bed and talking.

"Do you think we should call the police?"David asked.

"No, because they might try to do a rape test, and it would seem a bit strange to only find your semen, especially fresh semen."Melanie sleepily replied.

"Yes, i never thought about that. I just want to make sure they didn't hurt you." David soliticiously asked.

"No, they never once hurt me. Now, you had a long drive and we both have had quite a night. Let's get some sleep" and with that, Melanie turned on her side, scooting back into David's arms.

She soon heard him snoring. She giggled slightly before drifting off to sleep herself, her last thoughts being, "Thank's to that break-in, i had the best sex of my life."

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Thanks...good story

06-26-2007, 05:59 PM
Great stuff...thanks

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Now that was the most unique bdsm story I've ever read. I liked it. pray continue.

Deputy Duffy
06-26-2007, 09:27 PM
The story was good...not too violent...seems to me like it was planned...and it worked.

06-26-2007, 09:42 PM
thank you all for your nice replies...i am suffering rather a writer's block..cant' seem to get into depths with characters...i need to experience probably first before i write...no Deputy it wasn't set up...

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I know what you mean Isabeau. I've had a case of writers block for about a month now, and I have readers screaming at me for the latest installment of my current story.

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I know what you mean Isabeau. I've had a case of writers block for about a month now, and I have readers screaming at me for the latest installment of my current story.

hmm yes...maybe we should collaborate on one sometime..i need to read yours..since you are kind enough to have read mine..thank you :)

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:) anytime dahlin :)

I'm (almost) always here.