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06-30-2007, 06:01 PM
When just starting out our married life, for housing and a long-term investment we bought a four-plex, and did so well with it in the following years we bought three other buildings. When we started our family we turned two units into one, which we lived in, and I was in charge of rentals. Our newest renters were a young couple fresh in town, and Vicki six weeks pregnant. She had barely turned nineteen, long blonde hair, freckle-faced, dreamy green eyes, and almost painfully shy. With her husband working long hours at his new job, there was little chance of her meeting others, even if she had the nerve.

Being the landlord she had to deal with me, and right off she joined me in my evening walk. Seeing as she did not have a car while her husband worked I asked her if she wanted to come along with me when I did my grocery shopping the Friday after they had moved in. Poor Vicki was near panic-stricken, but needed some things so she came along.

She was not talkative, barely said two words, but I did enough for both of us. The entire time Vicki stayed very close to me, and touched me a lot, but I didn’t mind. While not a hugging type I knew if I said anything she would about die, and it made me feel younger, plus every time I patted her hand or rubbed her arm she broke out in this dimpled grin. The right dimple was half again the size of the left and she looked absolutely adorable.

An attendant at a food tasting station asked if my daughter and I wanted to try something, and I corrected her, saying she was just a friend, which embarrassed the lady.

I looked at Vicki, and she looked closer to fourteen than nineteen, being five-four, skinny and all those freckles did not help. Five-nine, average build, dark hair, the only thing the two of us had in common were green eyes, but mine not nearly as sparkling. At thirty-six I thought a fourteen-year old child was impossible, but in reality I could have a nineteen year old. Wound up with three boys, a girl would have been nice.

“Good day,” a store employee smiled, “anything I can help you or your daughter find?”

“No,” I chuckled, “we’re fine, thank you.” Hanging on my arm Vicki just smiled at me.

Once home I volunteered to take her to her doctors anytime she needed a ride. From then on we did our weekly grocery shopping together, and just about everywhere I went I would go see if Vicki wanted to come along. Within three weeks she would go with me just for the company. In a very short time we became friends, with her stopping over the house almost daily.

Vicki wore her hair straight, no make-up, and I grew to think of her as cute, but most would probably label her as plain. If I had to pin it down, freckles, button nose, and impish smile, I’d say tomboy cute, and she really got to be fun. I taught her how to do her make-up, very minimum, and we tried out slightly different hairstyles on her, along with other fineries for ladies, perfume, bath oils, and such. In a way I was her mother, and we were constantly mistaken as such, but I just let it go, and she always smiled.

One morning she came over, and did nothing more than pace like a caged tiger. I stopped her in the middle of the room. “What’s wrong Vicki?”

“Oh, one stupid night, and I ruined the rest of my life. I should be the poster girl for not using a rubber twice.”

“Hon, they’re not a hundred percent safe,” chuckling I hugged her, “and your life’s not ruined, just changed, that’s progress.”

“I don’t know Julie,” she softly sobbed into my shoulder, “I don’t see anyway of winning. Should be in school now, because I was planning on becoming a dental assistant. But, now if I take that much time away from the baby I’m a bad mother. It’s like I’m running on a hamster wheel.”

“Sweetie,” I stroked her hair, and kissed her forehead, “it just takes more planning. Say, night classes, then Bobby is home, or change your plans. Do like I did, my office is the front room, and I’m with the children nearly all day.” I smiled. “Think about it, you buy a four-plex, no more rent, if you can afford a fifteen-year note, there is very little profit, but a lot once it is paid off. Twenty-year mortgage you could be bringing in five hundred a month.”

“Um-m, that’d be nice,” she snorted, “but impossible for at least three years.” She rubbed her belly. “No *********, we’re on a payment plan, but miss one before the baby is born and I’ll be on welfare, one after there’s a huge penalty.”

“Can either of your parents help out a little?”

“Not mine,” she sighed, “his say we have to earn more of their help.”

“Well,” she was still in my arms, “ I want you to think this over for a while.” I gently raised her chin til she was looking at me. “Lets buy one together, or even two.”

“Oh Julie, I don’t know about–”

Do not have a clue why, but I kissed her to quiet her, square on those now luscious full lips. I picked out the barely pink lip-gloss, because I told her it made her look cuddly, and it was true. “Hear me out baby, will be no big deal. Only reason we just have the four is, it’s the perfect amount for one person to handle without being a full time job. Most months I do not spend more than twenty hours doing my job. If there were two of us bet we could do ten easy.”

“Ah, sounds great,” she bit her lower lip, “but would I be a help.”

“Hon, you already are,” I hugged her, “some of those chores you help me with are business related. Relaying messages to the landscapers, painters, or whomever, same thing.” I held her face, and rubbed my nose against hers. “Cutie, only change will be a second phone and no more paying rent.”

“Sounds great, but don’t laugh,” she hung her head, “I don’t want to move. Julie, I like being so close to you.”

“Okay, I certainly love being your neighbor, hon.” I rubbed her back, and knew the poor girl hated change. “Minor problem, and it can be easily solved, after we buy one or two, we just switch paperwork, you’ll own that one, we’ll own the other. Lewis’ are moving out within a year, and we can turn the bottom two in to one, like here. Plus, as a bonus, we get to work together and spend more time with each other.”

Squealing Vicki was jumping all around in my arms, making me feel warm all over. She calmed down, and I brushed the hair out of her face. “Lets sit you down here at the island, and I’ll get us a cup of tea. We can talk over the possible bad things that can happen, but I know nearly all the pitfalls and tricks.”

We had a nice talk over our tea. “Six months, almost,” she rubbed her swollen belly, “does it get better, Julie?” Vicki rested her hand on my forearm. “Please, lie to me.”

“Afraid not, hon.” Chuckling I patted her hand. “Gets a lot worse, but the babies are worth it, in the long run. You just keep telling yourself a year from now this will be a distant memory. Backache I bet?”

“God yes.”

I got behind her and rubbed her back, then massaged her shoulders. Rubbed her arms, then cupped her breasts. “A lot of problem is getting the bigger boobies, there’s always a price.” Being as she had started with a small set they had not grown much, but would still make a difference.

She leaned into me, putting her hands on mine, keeping them on her titties, and I felt her nipples harden, getting me a tad flushed. “That feels like heaven.” Vicki took her hands off mine, and I went back to rubbing her shoulder blades. “Um-m, there’s the spot. My clothes won’t fit, forget about shoes, even if I could put them on.”

I laughed. “With my first, an older lady friend bought me a muumuu, and I lived in them for all three boys, barefoot, naturally. Real clothes felt like they were cutting me in two, and maternity clothes were not much better.”

“Oh god,” Vicki giggled, “I know that feeling all too well, even unbuttoned my shorts ride up my butt, drives me nuts, and my panties are worse.”

“Hon,” I kissed her cheek, “you’re not the first, these are common problems. Whole key is making adjustments and keeping your spirits up.”

“Hard to do,” she giggled, “when I’m digging my panties out of my crotch every five minutes, and trying to act inconspicuous.”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “wouldn’t be so bad if you could see your crotch.”

“I know,” Vicki leaned into me, arm around my waist, “half the time you slyly grope around, and just make matters worse. Then you really have to dig.”

“Come on,” I tugged on her hand, helping her up, “lets go see if I have a muumuu still around. You’re a few inches shorter, and a lot skinnier, but that sexy belly will take up a bit of room.” My youngest being six, I was not planning on any more children, but I think I had one or two left for lounging about in.

She was rubbing her belly when we got to the bedroom. “Really think I’m sexy?”

“Oh hon,” I gave her a hug, then rubbed her butt, “would about die for a tight little bottom like this. All my exercising, and I can’t work my butt off.”

Giggling she stayed in my arms, and I kept my hand on her bottom. “Bet you looked hot before the babies,” Vicki turned red, “I mean, you still look very pretty.”

“Well never launched a thousand ships, or even one,” I chuckled, “but turned a head or two in my time.” I kissed her on the forehead, and raised her head. “Thanks for the compliment, and I’m not thin-skinned, you can talk openly with me. I like girl-talk, alright?”

Vicki grinned, and nodded. She looked so cute, and skin was so soft I don’t why, but I kissed her on the lips, just a quick peck. “Good girl.” Could not believe my pussy was soaked, as I gently pushed her back on the bed. “Just sit, might take a bit of digging.”

“Be right here, watching your bottom,” she turned red, “I think it’s really sexy.”

“Hm-m, you’re adorable, thanks,” I gave her a kiss, “although darling, I think I need to take you down for an eye exam.”

She just giggled, and I wanted to go in and finger myself, but I found a light blue muumuu at the end of the closet. It had thin straps and colorful orchids on it, the nicest I had owned. “Got it.”

“Okay, bend straight over, like you’re getting some shoes.” I did as Vicki asked, then she clapped her hands. “Yes, farther.”

I bent as far as I could, and looked back at her. “You’re being naughty, cutie.”

“Just checking the facts,” she shrugged, “and I was right, a sexy bottom in baby blue bikini panties, very hot, dreamy in fact.”

Was speechless, and I wondered how she missed my soaked crotch, but happy she did, or at least didn’t mention it because I would’ve been embarrassed half to death. “Very naughty, little girl.” I stood, back to her, trying to regain control of myself, brushing off the garment. “No fashion statement here, but should still look sexy on you, and you’ll love it.”

Turning I found she had taken off her blouse, obviously she was not as shy as I thought, and I wondered if she knew she was teasing me, or I was enjoying this and my pussy was on fire. “Oh, ah, if you like it we can get you– Oh sweetie, look at your bra, poor thing.” I picked up a shoulder strap. “Hon, it’s cutting in to you. Didn’t anyone tell you new bras while pregnant was an absolute must?”

“No,” she shrugged, “I don’t have anyone to really talk to about being pregnant. My folks like to drink, and Bobby’s think I got pregnant on purpose, which isn’t true.”

“Well, come on,” I helped her up, and turned her around, “lets get you out of your bra, and we can do a little shopping later.”

I took her bra off and rubbed the red mark. Moaning, Vicki leaned into me, and her hair smelt so good, so did her skin, and both just so incredibly soft. So lucky I wasn’t a man, because my hard-on would’ve been impossible to miss. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this hot. Turned her around to help her with her shorts, and her nipples nearly floored me. Doubt she was barely a ‘C’ cup, but her nipples were enormous, big as my thumb, obviously hard, and her areolas were probably three inches wide, invitingly pink, matching her lip-gloss.

She just stood there, arms at her side, and I was wondering if she was waiting for me to make the first move. There was clearly fear written on her cute face, and I rubbed her swollen belly. “Nothing sexier than a young pregnant girl.” She shivered and sighed, but did not ask me to stop. “Like that, hon?”

“God yes, it feels wonderful.”

“Have a bottle of vitamin E oil handy,” I grinned, still rubbing her belly, “would you like me to rub it on, helps prevent stretch marks.”

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“No silly,” I gave her a kiss, “no trouble at all, reminds me of when I was pregnant, would have killed for a little special treatment. Lay back on the bed.”

With my pussy ready to burst into flames I ran into the bathroom. Wanted to just ram a finger in me, but had enough sense to know I wouldn’t stop at once or twice. Brought the oil and a towel in, happy to see Vicki laying down topless. “Here hon, lets slide a towel under you so I can get you messy.”

She raised up, while I was putting the towel down, and one of her hard nipples brushed my arm, sending a shock straight to my already throbbing pussy. Vicki lay back down, saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“It’s alright, baby,” I quickly poured some oil on her belly, so there was no turning back, “we’re friends, just close your eyes and enjoy it.”

“Um-m,” giggling she closed her eyes, “that tickles.”

Soon she was softly moaning and groaning. Pouring on more oil I did the old, “Oops,” as the excess oil ran down between her titties. I caught it as it pooled up on her neck, and she was giggling, breathing a tad hard. Massaged the oil in on the sides of her titties, but getting a sharp gasp from her I quickly backed off.

Vicki sat up, and I took it she was done. “God, Julie, that was wonderful, thank you, but I can’t stay in one position too long.”

“You’re certainly welcome, sweetie, and I know all about it. Now, how about I help you up, out of those shorts, and in to something more comfortable?”

She held out her hand, and I helped her stand. Resisting the urge to put one of those still rock-hard nipples in my mouth I knelt and unzipped her shorts, sliding them down her slim legs. Vicki had on a pair of white bikini panties, with an unmistakable wet crotch, wetter than mine. I took her panties off, and lifting up one foot she steadied herself by holding my head, which pulled me into her blonde full bush.

The smell of aroused pussy was intoxicating, and I knelt there frozen, my nose in her bush, enjoying the scent of a woman, other than my own, a first time sensation for me. I didn’t know Vicki’s intentions, but she wasn’t doing anything to suggest she objected. Finally came to, and took her panties off her other foot.

Just to keep from sticking my tongue in her I stood. Vicki pressed her naked little body into me, hugging me, her hard nipples poking me. She let out a little sob. “Thanks Julie, I feel so much better than I did this morning.”

“Me too, baby.” I had one hand rubbing her back, the other cupping her bare butt cheek. Wanted to stand like that forever, but knew much longer and I’d back her little butt onto the bed, and use her thighs as earmuffs. Patted her butt, and nibbled on her ear. “Come on, you sexy naked cutie, arms up high and lets see if this fits.”

She raised her arms, and I slipped the balled up muumuu over her hands. Brought the garment down, then let it out slowly slide down keeping eye level with the bottom edge. I pressed in a bit causing the fabric to drag over those hard nipples, getting a low, sexy-throated, long moan from Vicki. At her belly I kissed my way down, trailing with the garment. I quit just below her bellybutton, then she put her hand on my head, and I was hoping she would guide me to her little pussy, because I wanted her to. But she didn’t do anything, and I didn’t want to scare her, or ruin a friendship.

When the hem was halfway down her thighs she let out a long sigh, or maybe it was me, know I was definitely disappointed. “See there cutie, nice spaghetti straps, no big puffy sleeves, or ruffles, a little colorful, but nice lines. I think you make it look sexy.” I cupped her titty while brushing the fabric, and she let out a soft moan. Adjusting it here and there I suggested, “Walk around a bit, and see how it feels.”

“Can tell you already,” her voiced cracked, and the young girl giggled, “more than a little naughty, cause I don’t have on underwear.” She walked across the room, as I sat on the bed, before I fell over. “It’s very pretty.” Holding the sides out she looked in the full-length mirror, turning this way and that. “Kind of excites me, makes me feel sexy, because you wore it.”

“Oh hon,” I laughed, “I never looked that sexy in it, you’re a little hottie.”

“Think so?” Vicki scrunched up her face, and shook her head at her reflection. “Nope, I don’t see it, but I feel sexier.”

“Baby,” I patted the bed beside me, “you can’t see it yourself, but I can, and I saw your delicious little body naked, you’re a hottie. Muumuu looks great, and it’ll help you a lot.”

She ran back and sat on my lap, then hugged me. “Um-m, it’s so much better already, thanks Julie.” She gave me a kiss on the lips, not overly long, but no peck. “I’ll definitely not be as cranky when Bobby gets home.”

“Yes,” I stroked her hair, “well I think Bobby is in for a surprise tonight, and you’ll be going to bed early, so he can take care of a very horny pregnant lady.”

“How embarrassing.” She turned beet red, and tried to get up, but I had a hold of her, and she relaxed. “Julie, was I that obvious?”

“Hon,” I kissed her hot cheek, “your gorgeous nipples are hard as diamonds, and cute little pussy soaked through those panties.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” She let out a little sob. “I’ve never done this before, and wouldn’t have if I had known you could tell.”

“Sweetie,” I pulled her to me, and she sobbed into my shoulder, “it’s alright, happens to pregnant ladies all the time. Might be something wrong if it didn’t happen, and it’s natural.” I rubbed her back. “Hon, didn’t you talk to anyone about being pregnant?”

“Was no one to really talk to, and his parents didn’t give us a lot of time once we told them. His dad has a branch here, and we had three days to get married and out of town.” She shivered. “Plus, none of my high school friends were, and they acted like it might be catching.”

“Ah-h, remember that,” I chuckled, “and after the baby you pretty much only associate with other parents. Oh, and forget about closing a bar, you’ll be happy to be home before mid-night.” She giggled, and I stroked her hair. “You want to talk to me about it, anything at all?”

“Well,” she chewed on her fingernail, “do you really think my nipples are gorgeous, they’re gigantic.”

“Um-m.” Arm around her waist I gently cupped a titty, then lifted and rolled that nipple between my thumb and forefinger, getting a long moan from this little cutie. “Definitely big, but perfect looking, and so sensitive. Yes, I think they’re gorgeous.” I think she wet my leg, or it could have been me.

“Oh god, my bra could really chafe them.” She giggled. “Never heard anyone say cute little pussy before either.”

“Well,” I got bold and cupped her pussy, it was her, she was soaked, “I think it’s the blonde hair, it’s looks so much thinner and a lot less than I have. Do you shave?”

“Are you kidding?” Vicki giggled, but didn’t make a move for me to remove my hand, might’ve even spread her legs a little wider, and I gave her a little squeeze. “It’s like you said, I haven’t seen my crotch in a while.”

“If you like, a friend could do it for you.”

“Uh-h, well, I don’t know.” She turned beet red, and I thought I went too far. I took my hand off her pussy, and she sighed. “Just never had it shaved before.”

“Yeah, mine’s all natural,” I laughed, “even buy my bathing suits according to the crotch coverage they give.” She laughed, and I nibbled her ear. “But those aren’t the bad things.”

“No,” Vicki shook her head, “do you want me off your lap?”

“Absolutely not,” I rubbed her back, “love you being so close to me, and it makes the girl talk easier. So, what happened?”

“Well,” she snuggled up on my shoulder, “I fly off the handle for no reason. Like I got so mad at Bobby for leaving the toilet seat up.”

“Hon, a wet bottom will do that.”

“No,” Vicki shook her head, “I didn’t even need to go pee. Went in for something, but forgot what it was, and guess I just got mad. This morning after Bobby went to work I started crying, I mean bawling my head off, and I have no idea why. And as you already know I get horny, a lot, I’m talking at least ten times more than I used to.”

“Ah yes,” I hugged her, “about those hormonal swings, they’re a true unsolved mystery. The doctors tell you take more of this or that, then less, but they still happen. And forget about predicting them, or recognizing the triggers, they can be as different as night and day, plus start or end so quick you don’t even know what happened, including being horny.”

“Okay,” she giggled, “I’ve had that one, but it doesn’t pass easy without, you know.”

“Masturbating? Hon, we all do it.” I kissed her forehead. “I think orgasms are nature’s way for you to cope through a pregnancy, letting you cum so fast, giving you that little high.”

“Yeah, that’s been a plus. It doesn’t take me much, and I had a harder time before.” She sighed. “Hope that stays with me.”

“Well, it doesn’t exactly, but you know you can cum easier, so it’s better.” I brushed the hair out of her face. “Sweetie I was horny all day long. After my second month I kept a vibrator on the nightstand, along with extra batteries, and masturbated nearly every morning before getting out of bed. It was the best part for Roy, I was ready anytime he wanted, and he took full advantage of it. As my pregnancy progressed we had to find different ways to perform sex, but the next two babies were far easier.”

“Um-m, I can’t stay in one position very long,” Vicki sniffled, “frustrates him. Plus even if I pee before we start, most the times I have to pee again. Twice I tooted, and blew the mood.”

“That’s all quite common,” I stroked her cheek, “and pregnancy farts are bad. Men do it all the time, they just need a better sense of humor when we do.” I laughed, and rubbed as low as I could on her back, getting her to purr. “My first encounter with the problem I needed to pee, but was seconds from cumming by Roy eating me, and wanted to squeeze it in. Instead I squeezed out this loud, long stinky fart, embarrassed me half to death, and then worse yet I pissed everywhere. I would’ve died right there, but dripping wet Roy popped up and grinned saying, ‘That was different. You want me to give you a bath and start over?’ I laughed and asked, ‘If it was worth the gamble?’ he kissed me, and said, ‘always.’ Hon, he gave me a bath, we changed the bedding, and he ate me to a fabulous orgasm.”

“Uh-h,” Vicki’s eyes got big, “don’t think Bobby would get near me for a while after that. But, doesn’t matter because no lie I would’ve died on the spot.”

“That little tale means accidents happen, but it’s better to heed those little warning feelings.” Running my middle finger in her butt crack I kissed her. She shifted a little to allow me to go a little farther and I obliged. “Also means you should never feel rushed, and absolutely no reason you can’t pick up where you left off. If Roy was soft, a little mouth action fixed that real fast. Hon,” I ran the index finger of my other hand over her lips, and she gave it a little suck or kiss, “Bobby and you are not very experienced are you sweetie?”

“No, except for a little necking, he was my first,” she shrugged, “and he had two or three bumbling attempts in cars before that. Can it get better?”

“Of course, baby.” I hugged her, and giggled. “I call it the four P’s, patience, practice, and partner pleasing, the keys to great sex.” I rubbed her belly. “All self-explanatory, and go hand in hand, you need to take the time to learn what your partner likes, or more importantly doesn’t like.” With the palm of my hand I barely grazed the tip of her hard nipple, then ran circles around it, getting her to go near limp against me, and closing her eyes she cooed. “See sexy,” I kissed her cheek, getting her to squirm, and was fairly certain the wet spot on my leg was growing, “there’s no need to twist or tweak your nipple. Some like whips and chains, but I think tenderness is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

“Um-huh,” she shivered, “how do I tell Bobby?”

“In little steps. Fundamental rule, most men don’t like being told what to do right off, or they’re doing it wrong.” I stopped working on her nipple, and she let out a groan, but I went back to rubbing her belly. “So, we get you an ostrich feather at Pier One, then you use it on him, all over his body.” I was on the lower part of her belly, and brushed against the top of her pussy, getting her to let out a growl. “And just like my sexy little girl you’ll get that sound from Bobby. You keep asking him, if it feels good, does he like it, want more, want something different? He’ll get the idea, and do the same when it’s your turn, or he should.”

“If he doesn’t?”

“That’s easy,” I put a little pressure on her pussy, “make him cum, then tell him, ‘my turn.’ While he’s doing it you tell him how much you like it, or that’s so nice, but can you please do my nipples again, then my pussy.”

Vicki was thrusting into my hand to get more contact. “Ah, sneaky.”

“Maybe a little,” I kissed her, and wrapped my arms around her, “but hon, all is fair in love and war. We’ll get you some oils, good for the pregnant girl, but you need a partner to put it on. While Bobby is doing it, you can tell him what you want without him being offended. Or try, ‘I really love you fucking me while I’m on my side,’ instead of, ‘I can’t take you on top of me.’ Big difference. How about it hon, you talk much sex now?”

“Ah,” her eyes were still closed, and she was rocking back and forth on my legs, “not like you and me. He’s not crude, will say something like, ‘hey baby, want to fool around?’ He tells me he loves me, all the time, and always kisses me good-bye and hello.”

“That’s good.” I was back rubbing her belly. “Last is most important, it’s great to cum, but even better to please your partner, especially if you give them an orgasm they almost pass out from. Is Bobby’s goal to make you cum?”

“Um-m,” Vicki wrinkled her little button nose, and she looked absolutely adorable, “I think so. He always tries to make me cum, even if he has.”

“That’s a definite plus,” I kissed the tip of her nose, “and a sexy little cutie like you should always get spoiled.” She blushed, and I patted her butt. “And a pregnant girl has to be spoiled, so you need it twice as much.”

“No one calls me sexy or cute,” she sighed, “not the way you do anyway.”

“Good,” I ran my finger down her butt crack, “I’m glad there’s something just between us girls. In fact, I like it a lot, and if I were to ever say or do something you didn’t like, just tell me. I don’t want to ever ruin our friendship over a little misunderstanding.”

“Always, I love talking to you. Julie.” She snuggled up to me. “I love everything you do to me, and I trust you a lot, you could never say or do anything to ruin our friendship.”

“Love talking to you too, sexy girl.” I stroked her hair. “More girl-talk, does Bobby try to please you while eating your cute little pussy?”

“Ah,” Vicki’s brow furrowed, “yeah, I think.”

“Okay,” I put my finger on her lower lip, “lets try it like this, have you cum while Bobby is eating you, and if so, was he surprised?”

“Once, I did one.” She nibbled my finger. “What does that mean?”

“Nothing bad,” I shrugged, “just like most men they eat you to prepare you for sex, which is still far better than slapping a handful of gel on you before stabbing you, or skipping the gel.” I stuck my finger in her mouth, up to the first knuckle, and she sucked on it. “Easy to fix, while being ate keep telling him how good it feels and you’re so close. In your condition it’s the most enjoyable.”

She backed off my finger. “You liked it while pregnant?”

“Like it all the time.” I hummed, “Um-m-m, but it was the absolute greatest for me, flat on my back, pillows under my legs. Occasionally had to take a pee break, but had some of my best cums in that position. Too bad we don’t have a pool, ladies I’ve known absolutely loved being ate while floating in the water.”

“Ah, Bobby can’t get over the pregnancy-thing.”

“Really?” I wrinkled my nose. “What about before?”

“Yeah,” Vicki shrugged, “sure, sometimes he did, especially if he wanted a blow-job. But, I never asked him to, so he might’ve done it more.”

“Trust me, hon,” I rubbed my way down her back, “only a woman knows how much a woman likes it, ask him to eat you. Just follow the little steps.”

“Well, maybe, but after the baby.”

“No, someone as hot as you shouldn’t wait, orgasms will help so much. Especially the intense ones,” I giggled, “well, those are always a great help for any day.”

“Bobby works so much, but we still have sex three or four times a week.”

“Hon, you’re so adorably cute.” I laughed, and kissed her. “My little hottie, I’m talking you should be having orgasms three or four times a day.”

“Oh god, four times?” Vicki placed her hand over mine that was rubbing her belly. “Ah, never had more than one a day… No, once I did it myself in the morning, and Bobby gave me one at night.” She guided my hand down to her pussy. “But, I don’t know if I even could, and even if Bobby had the time I don’t think he has the patience.”

“Um-m, you’re very innocent, but so adorable and sexy I bet you could do twice that.” With her hand still on mine I ran my middle finger down her pussy crack, and it was no surprise she soaked through the fabric. With the other I slid it down her butt crack, I nibbled on her neck, then earlobe whispering, “If you want sexy, until the baby is born, I’ll eat your cute little pussy, and know I can give you a handful every day.”

She froze, not even breathing, and I couldn’t believe I just did or said that, so casual, like I’d pick up some milk for her. But, I knew I would gladly do it, and wanted to so bad. I didn’t take my hands away, just kept working them back and forth, both areas wet. She wasn’t the only one, if I were wearing shorts, they would be soaked through, and I probably had wet thighs.

* * *

Finally she took a shallow breath, then leaned back and looked at me, those green eyes were so soulful. “Did I just wish that Julie?” She closed her eyes. “Please, what did you say, don’t lie to me?”

“I’ll never lie to you baby, I said, only a woman truly knows what a woman wants.” I kissed her, and she immediately kissed me back. “I want to eat your horny, cute little blonde pussy to massive orgasms.” Vicki initiated this kiss, slipping her tongue in my mouth, when we broke I asked, “Sweetie, is that a yes?”

“Yes,” her breathing was harsh, “but I don’t know what to do.”

Was afraid to tell her neither did I, because she might back out, and I figured this was a good case of on-the-job training. “Hon,” I hastily pulled my hands away, holding her head, placing little kisses all over, “you don’t have to do anything, just relax and enjoy me.” I kissed her deeply, and she returned it. “I’ll never hurt you, will do whatever you want, and will worship your hot little body.” I patted her butt. “Get up hottie, so I can undress you again.”

“My lovely Julie, you can do whatever you want to me,” giggling she jumped off my lap, “I’ll try to help, and really want to be a good lover.”

“You already are, baby.” I got on my knees, and kissed her fabric-covered pussy, getting a loud growl out of her. I kissed her feet, then started rolling the muumuu up kissing up her little body. When I got it to her waist I went back and kissed her pussy again, snaking my tongue out and truly tasting her sweetness for the first time.

“Oh my god,” Vicki wheezed, “it’s never felt so good.” She took the balled up muumuu from me, and spread her legs wider. Clutching her butt cheeks I pulled her into me and buried my tongue in her pussy. She let out a little squeal, “Oh, better.”

I sucked her clit, and ran a finger in her pussy, and crying out she dropped the muumuu, and steadied herself by my head. Trembling she finished her orgasm, and I kissed her pussy. “You can scream out a little if you want, hottie, these walls have heard it before.”

“Um-m, that was yummy, but I’m usually quiet.”

“Yummy, is the perfect word.” I picked up the bottom of the muumuu, and kissed the lower part of her swollen belly. “Before I’m through with your gorgeous body you’ll be peeling the paint off in here.”

She giggled, as I kept kissing her belly. I stood, then pulled the muumuu up to just below her areolas, kissing each titty. Put the muumuu above her titties, before sucking each nipple, and they were delightfully hard. Covering her head, I kissed her neck, then each titty, before revealing her mouth. With her arms straight up I kissed her, slipping my tongue in her mouth, then kissed each titty. Once exposed I kissed the tip of her cute little nose, then a nipple, her mouth, another nipple, and finally the tip of her nose, while she was giggling. With the muumuu high enough I could see her eyes, and I smiled. “Hi beautiful.”

“Hi lover.” She kissed me. “That was wonderful, not knowing what you might do next, you’re so sensuous and sexy.” Took the muumuu completely off, and she wrapped her hands around me. “I knew you’d be a fantastic lover, thanks.”

“Hon,” I tossed the garment over my shoulder, “I’m not through yet, not by a long shot.” I cupped her pussy, and kissed her. “Unless you want me to stop.”

“Don’t be silly,” she playfully swatted me, “get that finger in me.”

I ran my finger in and out of her. “You need to move, pee, want something different tell me, I’m here to make you orgasm, repeatedly.” Holding her tight I kissed her. “Okay, sexy?”


“You’ve an incredibly beautiful body.” My pussy aching I kissed her passionately. “What does my adorable little vixen like?”

“Ah, sex.”

“No sweetie,” I massaged her titties, “do you like a tongue in your pussy, or just on your clit, what about your bottom?”

“Well, ah, I’m… ah, loved what you just did to me, and it was the best I ever had.” She made a sour face. “But, I don’t–”

“It’s okay hon,” I held her face, and kissed her, “I’m going to do everything to you, then once we figure out what you liked a lot, I’m going to do it all over again. Now get your sexy bottom up on that bed.”

This little beauty sat, and I helped her scoot back. She lay down and spread her legs wide, exposing her sopping wet pussy. I propped each leg up with pillows, adjusting them til she gave me a nod. I crawled between her legs, and saw for the first time her exposed clit, looking such a beautiful shade of pink. Without touching her elsewhere I ever so softly ran my tongue up her slit, eliciting a deep sigh from her, and a contended moan from me as I flooded my panties.

Repeated the motion a tad harder, getting a low moan from Vicki. Her lips opening I slipped my tongue in her drooling pussy, turning the moan into a growl. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and she cried, “Oh god, Julie that feels so damn good, even better than before.”

Flicking my tongue across her clit, she started to hump my face. I was now rubbing her belly with one hand, running a finger in her pussy with the other. Panting she gripped my hand on her belly and started her orgasm, squirting me just a bit. Her pussy was flooding my hand with juices, and I was lapping it up. Grunting and groaning she started thrusting, and within a minute came with another, bigger squirt.

I held her legs up, and licked her rosebud. “Ugh,” she grunted, “good, but hard.”

Lowered her legs, and patted the side of her butt. “Change of pace, get on all fours, sexy girl. I think you’re going to like your tight little bottom done.”

With a little help she was on all fours, and I stuck my tongue in her bottom, and she let out this sexy, throaty growl, then purred, as I ran a finger in her pussy. I spread her cheeks to allow for deeper penetration, and she loved it. Every time my tongue was out of her she wiggled her butt and whined.

After tonguing her bottom deeply the third or fourth time I put two fingers in her pussy and stuck my tongue in her bottom the best I could. Cupping my fingers downward I found her g-spot and my baby girl went off like a rocket, spraying me with cum.

Panting she toppled to the side. “Oh god, that’s great sex. Kiss me, please.”

I slid up, stopping to take each hard nipple in my mouth, before kissing her, hard and passionate, returned just as hard and passionate. We broke, and I licked her cum off her chin. “I’m not through with you, and love eating your cute little pussy, sexy bottom too.”

“Um-m,” she closed her eyes, “not as much as I do.”

“Call it a toss up.” I kissed her ever so gently, and lingered. “I’m putting eating your pussy and bottom at the top of the repeat list, okay sweetie?”

Yes,” she giggled, “I’d have to be crazy to say no. Will you take your clothes off for me, please? I want to feel my oh so sensual lover.”

“Of course, lover.” I kissed her, then sucked each nipple before standing. Rolling on her other side Vicki watched me intently as I unbuttoned my blouse. It was wild hot, and something I had never done before.

I dropped my skirt and stepped out of it, standing there in just my panties and bra, letting her get a good look. Vicki sighed. “God Julie, I hope I can look half as good as you after the baby. You’re beautiful, and very talented.”

“Thank you, sexy girl. We can exercise together, and get you back in shape in no time.” I took my bra off to reveal my full ‘C’ cup titties, but nipples were a third the size of Vicki’s.

Giggling she pointed at my crotch. “You’ve got hard nipples and you soaked your panties more than I did. You have wetness halfway to your knees.”

“What else would you expect when I’ve been in bed with a sexy young pregnant girl?” I gave her a little swat. “Besides, you wet the muumuu and my skirt.”

“Um-m,” she giggled, “not to mention the bedspread and your blouse.” Vicki sighed. “No denying I certainly enjoyed all these orgasms, but I liked the flirting a lot.” She clutched my butt and brought me closer, kissing my panty-covered pussy. “I’m no good at reading people, and I did not know if you wanted the same thing I was dying for.”

“Well, that won’t be a problem.” I ran my hand through her hair. “Does my sexy girl want to take off my panties?”

She lit up. “Yes.” Vicki slowly slid my panties down, exposing my dark brown bush. Smiling she tentatively reached out, and barely touched my pubic hair. “I like it.” She pressed a little harder, and I spread my legs as far as I could to allow her better access. She slipped her middle finger in my pussy. “Um-m, you’re so hot and slick.”

“You cute sexy thing,” I snickered, “I came right along with you sweetie. Now lay back I’m going to work over your beautiful titties before eating that tight little pussy.”

Dropped my panties, and while I sucked on her titties, she fondled me, with ever so soft hands. And she was right it felt good to have your bare skin touching your lover, especially when she was so silky smooth. Her hand slid back down to cup my pussy. Softly kissing here and there I worked my way down her belly towards her pussy, as her middle finger slipped back into my wet pussy. I was moaning into her pussy, as she pumped mine.

Vicki came hard, then pulled me towards her. She pushed my leg up, and I was soon camped on her face. Within seconds of her tongue hitting my clit I came, and she lapped away at my pussy. We stayed in the sixty-nine position for another orgasm, then she patted my butt. “Back cramping.”

I rolled over, and she got on her side. Using both hands I rubbed around, until she said, “There, oh-h yeah, right there. I loved that.”

“Me too sweetie.” I kissed her back. “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, and literally set my pussy on fire.”

“Julie, I’m so happy.” she reached behind her, and groped about before fondling my titty. “Was so afraid I couldn’t please you, and wanted to so much. I wanted to be your best girl ever.”

“You were, baby,” I giggled, “except I’ve never been with another girl. So, can’t give a true comparison, but you certainly pleased me several times, expertly. You’re so sensual, and I bet you would’ve been my best girl even if I had a hundred women. I’m ecstatic with you, beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Um-m,” Vicki groaned, “you got that one backwards too. Julie, you’re so sensual you’ve gotten me wet with a smile, and I’ve never even heard anybody talk about being undressed the way you did me. I know I was a bit clumsy, but it was fantastic.”

“You weren’t clumsy, and you’re a great little lover, hottie.” I kissed her butt cheek. “Now, lets get a pair of pillows between these sexy legs, and I’ll do your tight little bottom while working out these nasty kinks in your back.”

With her rocking back and forth I worked her back and bottom over. She enjoyed a nice orgasm, then panted, “Got to pee.”

I got up, and helped her off the bed. She kissed me, or tried to, but slid off my face. Giggling she said, “You’re a mess.”

“You too,” I kissed her, “I love it, and you.”

“Really?” She whimpered, “I love you too, is it wrong?”

“No hon.” Holding her I kissed her much longer, with a lot of tongue. “Love is never wrong, baby, ill-timed maybe, but never wrong. Sex has been fantastic, but I love your friendship even more, if I had to choose I’ll always be your friend, very close friend.”

“Um-huh,” she giggled, “friends with benefits.”

“Definitely.” I gave her butt a little smack. “Go pee, sweetie or I’m going to get a hold of your tight little bottom again.” She giggled, and I kissed her. “Actually doesn’t matter I’m going to get a hold of your tight little bottom again no matter what, and I’ll have a surprise for you when you get back.”

Giggling she went in, peed, then came out, took one look at me, and her mouth dropped wide-open. “Where did you ever get that?”

Held the rainbow-colored seven-inch dildo sticking straight out from my hot pink strap-on harness. “Actually, it was a gag anniversary gift, for my fourth, the year of appliances. I was supposed to use it on Roy the next four years, although I never have.” I held my hands out to her. “But sweetie, I want to fuck you for a long time, and really take care of your sweet little pussy.”

She took my hands, and I pulled her to me. We kissed, and after breaking she giggled, “You mean until the baby.”

“No, my sexy secret lover,” I fondled her hard nipples, “I mean for a very long time.”

“Okay, my pussy is yours. How do you want me, lover?”

We started off in the missionary position, and my little hottie had no trouble taking my dick and loving it. She kissed me passionately, thrusting up into me. “Can’t believe I get the best of both worlds. I now know true love, and will be yours forever.”

“Um-huh.” I took her nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, getting her to pant. “You’re beautiful, sexy girl, and I’ll keep you forever.”

We changed positions frequently, with my favorite being doggy style as I grabbed her hips and gave her a good hard fuck. Judging by her screaming it was her favorite too. I fucked her little pussy until the youngest was about to come home from school, giving her plenty of orgasms. I took her in the shower, and fucked her while washing her, then ate her pussy while drying her off. We had barely sat down at the island when Todd got home. He said hi, told us a little about his school day before running off to watch tv and enjoy his snack.

“Julie,” Vicki stepped into my arms and shivered, “thank you so very much, I feel absolutely great, and my being pregnant has taken on a whole new light.” She again shivered. “I can’t wait for tomorrow, I mean, if that’s going to be okay with you?”

“You’re quite welcome, and I’ll show you how okay it is.” I patted the island. “Get your cute little bottom up here, so I can give you a proper good-bye kiss, maybe your fourth.”

“Fourth? You mean, more like my fortieth, after an hour I lost count, and that was over four hours ago.” Giggling madly she jumped up on the counter, spread her legs wide, and balled up the muumuu at her waist. “Um-m, I love your tongue in me.”

“And I love your cute pussy.” I ate her hot little pussy to two hard orgasms before my other boys got home.

Like always they headed straight for the refrigerator. I walked my new girlfriend to the door, then said, “Boys, I’m going to be next door at Vicki’s.”

Taking her by the hand I dragged my girl through her door, shut and locked it. “I need you one more time baby?”

She kissed me. “You want me to eat you, Julie?”

“Honey,” I slipped my tongue in her mouth, and finger in her pussy, “I can’t get enough of you. I just want you camping on my face, forever.”

With her giggling I pulled her to the floor, and she straddled my face. “Oh god Julie, you’re such a fantastic lover. Can I eat you too?”

“Sure baby.” Vicki spun around, and I was right back in her pussy. Only had my own to compare it with, but she was so much sweeter I couldn’t get enough of her.

After her third orgasm Vicki panted, “I’ve got to stop, need to get cleaned up.”

I kissed her then headed home, and as I could’ve guessed the boys didn’t miss me. Cleaned up the bedroom, but thought I could still smell pussy. I had dinner done before Roy got home, sent the boys to bed early, then damn near raped Roy thinking of my hot blonde girlfriend, and wishing tomorrow would be here now.

* * *

Roy left, and Bobby usually was off to work earlier than that, and I noticed his car was gone. I managed to get the boys sent off to school five minutes earlier than normal. With a cup of coffee in front of me I sat staring at the clock, watching the minutes tick by.

Three minutes after the boys had gone I was starting to worry about having scared my sweet little girl with my aggressiveness. Five minutes and I knew I had pressed too fast, and had not even given her a chance to think. It was one thing to have a little quickie, but to keep her in my bed for five hours. On the other hand she might be catching up on her sleep.

Ten minutes and I’m pacing, wondering if I should go over, but that would be pushing it. Twenty minutes had passed since the boys left and there was a soft knock on the door. “Julie, Vicki, okay if I come in?”

“Of course, hon, get your sweet bottom in here.”

She came in wearing the muumuu, looking fucking hot. “Wasn’t sure if you came to your senses, and that was a one-time thing yesterday.”

“Hon,” I drew her to me, and kissed her, “you’ve got to stop worrying about everything, it’s not good for my sexy girl, or the baby. You’re adorable and delicious, I’d be crazy not to want your sweet little pussy.” I cupped her titties. “Besides, smart money is on you finding some hot sexy little thing as a girlfriend, but until then I’m going to pleasure you.”

“Julie, I’ll never find a replacement for you,” she kissed me, “knew you were my soulmate the first day we met. Bobby wanted a cheaper place, but I insisted I had to have this one, and I wanted to tell you. Guess I thought you would find it wrong, that’s why I didn’t rush over, in case you were going to call it off.” I took a hand off a titty to cup her pussy, and she shivered. “God you had me so hot yesterday, and I’m talking about before you had sex with me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work, I want you, and I’m going to use the four P’s to make you feel as good as I do. I’ll never break up your family, or tell you to make a choice, but don’t worry about another girl.”

“Yes,” I stroked her cheek, “there’s a touch of regret because of what might happen, but I loved making love to you, and I love being with you. Very shortly I’m going to make love to you all day today.” I kissed her, and gently squeezed her pussy. “And I plan on getting in this cute little pussy every chance I get far into the future.” She started crying, and I kissed each closed eye. “Love you cutie, are you still my sexy little girl?”

“God yes,” she sniffled, then giggled, “Julie, I’m your girl. Was so horny thinking about what you did to me I asked Bobby to fuck me last night, but I didn’t ask for my pussy to be ate, I didn’t want to deal with the disappointment. Bad enough he only gave me one orgasm, then–”

“Come on, baby girl,” I now had my hand under her muumuu, a finger in her wet pussy, “I’ll take care of my sexy little mommy, after I undress you.”

The End (For now anyway)


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