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The O.C: Hanging with the Coopers
Featuring Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland) and Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke)
By The Pornographer
(FF, inc, reluc)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

It was 2am and the Cooper household was in turmoil. The girls, Julie and Kaitlin Copper had been secretly warring with each other, sleeping around and upstaging one another for weeks. Finally fed up, Kaitlin hatched a dramatic plan to finally punish and dominate her beautiful, over sexed mother. In the past few days the girls had become argumentative, rude, and confrontational. Lacking self-restraint, Kaitlin had even run away for a few days and begun to experiment with ***** and alcohol to take away the pain. To her dismay her mother didn’t even notice.

Finally sick of all the rumors and innuendo surrounding her promiscuous mother, Kaitlin decided to teach her a lesson. As usual, Julie had staggered into the house just after midnight, and extremely drunk stumbled into her room where she groggily undressed and fell straight to sleep. Since Julie was such a sound sleeper when she was drunk Kaitlin felt safe sneaking into her room and cuffing her hands to the bed rail above her head as she snored.

Pulling the sheets to the side she then took a few happy snaps with her camera before she excitedly rushed back to her room and uploaded the explicit photos to her computer. At this point Kaitlin was so thrilled with herself that she found herself sitting at the computer with her hand inside her panties, absentmindedly stroking her moist lips. To her delight she found herself to be incredibly wet and smirking to herself prepared for the second half of her devious scheme.

Just then, she heard the tell-tale sounds of her mother in the other room stirring and rattling her cuffs against the die cast steel frame. Finding herself shackled to the bed, Julie panicked before she finally began to call out for help.

“Kaitlin! Kaitlin!! Honey, are you there?”

Grinning mischievously, Kaitlin slowly appearing in the doorway and was scantily clad in just a long white knee length t-shirt and panties.

Faking concern she asked, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Inebriated, Julie tried to drunkenly explain, “Um honey, can you give me a hand? I’m not really sure how I ended up like this but it’s really uncomfortable.”

Kaitlin suddenly interrupted her, “I did it!”

Still half asleep and very drunk, it took a few seconds for Kaitlin’s confession to register with Julie.

“Wait what? Why?”

Then without warning Kaitlin reached over and yanked the sheets clear off the bed, leaving her mother completely naked and exposed on the large mattress. Kaitlin knew that her shameless and immoral mother loved to sleep in the nude, and she knew tonight would be no different. As the flash of Kaitlin’s camera went off, Julie made a feeble attempt to hide her nakedness from her but it was no use – her hands were tied.

“Wait, stop, Kaitlin! What the hell are you doing? Stop it!”

“Put your legs down Mom!” Kaitlin grinned while snapping away, “Give me a smile!”

“Kaitlin! What the fuck?!?” Julie inadvertently exclaimed.

“Hey, unless you want me to tie your legs down as well, stop moving around!”

Finally conceding, Julie Cooper relaxed her body and let her legs fall to the bed. Taking one last shot, Kaitlin immediately noticing her sexy mother sported a well maintained Brazilian wax.

Smirking to herself she shook her head, “Huh, typical. You’re such a slut Mom.”

“What!?! Hey, stop looking at me!” Julie yelled, “And stop taking photos!”

Kaitlin simply ignored her and continues to snap away.

“Please!! What is wrong with you?”

Hearing the fear in her mothers voice Kaitlin smirked to herself. She could see that Julie was completely embarrassment and humiliation, and she relished the revelation.

Kaitlin smiled wickedly, “You know, you really look good laying there all exposed and naked.”

Flashing her daughter a filthy stare Julie replied, “Kaitlin, stop fooling around and untie me, NOW!”

“Oh, I don’t think so.”

With that Kaitlin giggled to herself and she went over and put the camera on the dresser and turned to face her. Hearing the conviction in her daughter’s voice Julie knew she had something devious in mind. Kaitlin then reached over and gently placed her hand on Julie’s bare thigh, causing her to jump in fear.


Flinching to her touch Kaitlin suddenly snapped, “Listen bitch! I'm going to do WHAT I want, for AS LONG as I want to do it, understand?”

Absolutely stunned at her daughter’s demeanor, Julie froze, not knowing what to say.

Noticing a certain glint in Kaitlin’s eyes, Julie suddenly felt a little frightened and mumbled, “Honey, you’re scaring me. Are you okay?”

With that Kaitlin reached over and abruptly yanked her mother’s long dark hair, sharply cocking her head back.

“Urghhh!! Ow, what the hell is wrong with you?!?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Kaitlin snapped, “I’m fucking sick of you trying to tell me how to live my life. Meanwhile you’re screwing everyone in town. HA! Some great role model you are.”

“Please honey... wh—what are you going to do?”

Unbeknown to Julie and the rest of Orange County, Kaitlin had been going through some big changes in her life in which she had been experimenting with sex, *****, and alcohol. Not only that, but in recent times she had secretly been instructed and indoctrinated by one of the O.C’s sweetest and dearest, her very own sister, Marissa Copper. Months before her sudden demise, Kaitlin’s very own respected sister had used her as her very own personal little fuck toy for several months, sneaking into her room at night and showing her how to eat pussy.

Completely and utterly dominating her on a nightly basis, Kaitlin had slowly become immune to the abuse, and eventually craved the attention. She especially loved it when Marissa would surprise her by just suddenly appearing over her sleeping head at night and without warning shove her perfectly shaved and well maintained snatch into her face, forcing her to lick and slurp her sweet teenage cunt. As far as Kaitlin knew it all apparently began when Marissa had experimented with the same sex, and having her heart broken turned to her beautiful younger sister for release.

At first Kaitlin was appalled at her older sister’s behavior, watching her cry and apologize profusely afterwards for dragging her into her perverse lifestyle and fetishes. But eventually there was nothing Kaitlin loved more then spending the early hours of the morning pleasuring each other in a hot and heavy 69. The girls were always amazed that their mother never heard them as they shrieked and cried into each others wet pussies.

Now with her sister gone, Kaitlin inadvertently imitated Marissa’s behavior by reaching out and desperately trying to fill the void, but to no avail. Now battling it out with her whorish mother only tipped her over the edge. She was confused, frustrated, aroused beyond belief. She wanted satisfaction. Looking down at her mother’s naked form she explained.

“Well first, I’m going to have some fun... or I should say, we’re going to have some fun.”

Julie lay there dumbfounded staring at her sexy, confident, and seemingly domineering daughter.

“Then, I’m going to make you cum, and cum, and cum... until you scream.”

“What?! Kaitlin! Don’t say that. Please don’t do this, this is wrong.”

Then just as Julie began to plead with her scheming daughter her eyes widened as Kaitlin casually opened a drawer and searching around for a moment retrieved something.

“What is that?” Julie faked nervously.

“What this? It’s your vibrator Mom. And for your information, I’ve been using it for a while now. Not that you noticed.”


“That’s right. While you’ve been sucking and sticking this thing in you mouth, I’ve been shoving it in my sweet little twat and getting off!!”

“No, it’s not true!”

“Hahaha! How does my pussy taste Mom? I’ve been jamming this thing inside me and creaming all over it, meanwhile you’ve been shoving it down your throat.”

The look on Julie’s face was priceless.

“Don’t lie about it mom cause I’ve seen you.” Kaitlin chuckled, “I’ve listened to you use this thing!”

Before Julie could protest or say anything more, she then watched as her gorgeous daughter casually slipped her long white tee over her head and casually walking over and climbed up onto the bed to kneel between her parted legs. Watching her naked daughter move to the bed Julie couldn’t help but admire how fit and slender Kaitlin had become. She also couldn’t help but notice that unlike herself she had apparently shaved her pussy completely clean, leaving it totally bald and smooth.

Then without wasting any time what so ever Kaitlin licked her fingers and keenly slid them along the full length of her mothers exposed slit. The sensation alone caused her to inhale sharply, much less the fact that it was her very own daughter who was casually kneading and massaging her most private parts. Julie immediately squirmed and whimpered about on the bed. Wriggling around, she arched her back and shut her eyes tightly, before instinctively parting her long legs a little further to accommodate her daughters wandering hands.

Turning her head to the side and moaning sweetly Kaitlin grinned to herself as she then tenderly added another digit. She now shoved two of her long digits inside her promiscuous mother and watched her whimper.

“Oooohh Kaitlin...” Julie soothed softly.

Julie’s thighs shook with delight as she turned her head away so not to look down and see that it was her own daughter that was the cause of her stimulation. To Kaitlin’s delight, her mother’s nipples now stood at full attention and looked achingly hard as her entire body trembled, writhed, and twisted on the mattress.

Intrigued with Julie’s marvelous, excited breasts, Kaitlin reached up and took one of her nipples between her fingers and keenly pulling and twisted them in different directions. Using the same fingers she had just used to finger her with, Kaitlin coated Julie’s pink pebble like nipples and breasts with her very own juices.

Twisting and tweaking them, Kaitlin riled another series of low groans from her incredibly horny mother, and moaning audibly for the first time Kaitlin saw Julie’s hips buck and thrash about as she eagerly played with her body. It was clear that her nipples were extremely sensitive and a major erogenous zone that set her right off. Unable to resist, Kaitlin couldn't endure it any longer and had the incredible urge to taste them. She wondered if they tasted like Marissa’s. Moving in quickly she greedily took one into her mouth and immediately swirled her warm tongue over it. Just as she imagined, they were incredibly hard yet delicate.

“Uuuungghh Kaaaaitlyn...” Julie moaned as she arched her back again and thrust out her chest even further.

Alternating between her two breasts, Kaitlin groped and suckled Julie’s nipples eagerly and to her amazement watched as they some how grew longer, stiffer. Meanwhile, running her fingers over and around the length of her mothers slit, she found Julie to be extremely wet - so wet in fact that her entire crotch seemed soaked with excitement. Fascinated and extremely aroused, Kaitlin then licked her way over to the middle of her mother’s cleavage and then slowly slithered her way down her quivering body.

“Uuuuughhhh yesssss...” Julie whimpered, lost in her own world.

Reaching her belly button, Julie gasped as Kaitlin briefly licked around and then stuck her tongue inside before continuing her way south. Passing her hips Kaitlin noticed Julie’s body was now covered in tiny goose-bumps and a thin sheen of sweat as she uncontrollably writhed about and moaned steadily. Moving her face between her long smooth legs, a moment later Kaitlin heard Julie groan out low and loud for the very first time as she slowly and meticulously rolled her hot, wet, long, tongue directly over and around Julie’s engorged clitoris.

Gasping and inhaling sharply, Julie now breathed heavy as Kaitlin tweaked her nipple with one hand, worked another in her cunt, and all the while tenderly lapped at her rock hard protruding clit. As expected it didn’t take long for Julie to lose any and all control, and with another blissful slap of her daughter’s talented tongue Julie Cooper involuntarily shrieked out in ecstasy.

“Ohhh fuck yes... right there!! Oh right there honey!!! You’re gonna make me cummmm!” she gave out, her head spinning.

Kaitlin grinned evilly to herself before doing exactly as she was told and immediately concentrated on that small area which brought so much pleasure to her mother. Spreading her legs obscenely wide, Julie snapped her head back in delight and began to toss her head from side to side almost in time with her daughter’s attentive tongue.

“Oooooh yessss... there, right there baby… aaahhh fuck!”

With her mouth gaping wide in exhilaration, Julie’s chest heaved and her hips rocked back and forth as Kaitlin expertly lapped at her sweet pussy. Holding her legs wide open with her hands, to almost leave Julie spread eagle on the bed, Kaitlin now seemed determined not only to bring her to orgasm, but to keep her in that state for as long as possible. Finally relenting and granting her daughter her wonton snatch, Julie eagerly lifted her knees up high and wide in the air and surrendered to the overwhelming sensation.

Bringing her own knees up to her chest, her legs shook and shuttered uncontrollably to Kaitlin’s wandering tongue, and enthralled, Julie began to grind her slick cunt against her daughter eager face, rubbing against it as if pleading, daring, and insisting she make her cum.

“Uurrghhh goddddd... eat my pussy baby... yeah, like that! I love that!!”

Suddenly Kaitlin grinned cheekily, and leaving her tongue out and in constant contact with her mother’s skin, drooled and slithered down to run the tip of her long wet tongue past her seeping entrance and against her tight, twitching, backdoor. Then without warning, Kaitlin eagerly stuffing a quarter of her thick searing tongue deep inside her mothers ass, and Julie suddenly and uncontrollably erupted out loud as her first powerful orgasm was sparked off and it washed through her.

“Uuurrrghhhh, Fuuuuuuuck!!!”

The power of her orgasm was so intense and mighty that as it slowly subsided after a full minute it then immediately set off another one. Before she could think straight she was bombarded and overrun by a second even more powerful orgasm. To Kaitlin’s credit, she never relented and continued to fervently, and cruelly, lick and finger bang her bucking body, desperately clinging to her pussy for dear life with her mouth as she felt her mother’s body thrash around.

Julie’s entire body jerked and jolted violently and as she tried to breath and compose herself, and glancing down to catch sight of Kaitlin’s mouth tightly wrapped around her quivering cunt, suddenly she shrieked out again as a third and final orgasm thwacked her consecutively. Squirming, shaking, and screeching in ecstasy, Julie sobbed for a moment in sheer bliss and confusion before finally catching her breath.

It was by far the most intense series of orgasms she had ever had in her entire life. Calming back down, her entire body tingled with satisfaction as Kaitlin finally lifted her cum soaked chin to catch a breath, and then proudly licked her juice covered lips and fingers.

“Hmm yummy.” Kaitlin smiled mischievously.

Still breathing heavy Julie panted, “Oh my god... oh my god Kaitlin... where did you... learn how to do that?”

Kaitlin simply smirked, “Lets just say, Marissa and I were a lot closer then you think.”

Rolling her eyes into the back of her head Julie breathed, “Oh my god, like mother like daughter...”

The End

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