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Just a few hours ago a girl really knocked on my door. This is loosly based on the occurance. Enjoy.


I’ve been on the road for the past 6 months. My job has taken me away from my wife and it doesn’t look like it will ease up anytime soon. The last time I had sex was the night before I left on this long trip. Of course I got reacquainted with Rosey and her sisters.

The hotel I’m staying in is not a dive or dump. I never expected the knock on my door. I was surprised as I opened the door to find a petite young black girl at the door. Here I was in baggy shorts and a t-shirt and she looked like she had been in an accident or maybe roughed up a little. She was soaked to the bone and shivering.

“I need help.” She begged. “Can I use your phone?”

I was a bit leery at first suspecting that this may be some sort of scam.

“What happened?” I asked while looking around to see if anyone was hanging around that could be a threat.

“My ex-boyfriend kicked me out of the car.” She starts to explain. “We got in a argument and he got mad and pushed me out of the car. I fell down into the ditch.”

I again noticed that she was shivering and on the verge of crying.

“Well, come on in.” I motioned her. “The phone is over there.”

As she dialed the phone I ducked into the bathroom and grabbed a fresh towel so she could dry off. She waited silently on the phone for someone to answer the number she called. It finally answered but turned out to be an answering machine. She left a message begging for someone to answer and giving them my number to call back.

She was starting to break down as she hung up. I felt sorry for her but didn’t know what to do. She had a cute face but the rest of her was hidden under her muddy jacket. I offered to take her jacket but it took her a little while before she complied. I figured that she really needed a stiff drink so I broke into the mini-bar and grabbed a couple of the little bottles. Luckily they had some brandy so I cracked two open and poured them into a glass.

“Here.” I offered. “This will help warm you up.”

She gave me a little shy smile of appreciation as she took the glass.

“It’ll help if you go in the bathroom and take a shower. It will clean and warm you up. There is a bath robe hanging in there.” I cajoled “It will make you feel better and it will allow me to get your clothes laundered.”

She just sat sipping her drink still in shock. I didn’t press the matter. She finished her drink in one final gulp. This seemed to give her a boost because she handed me the empty glass as she headed toward the bathroom. I noticed that she had a nice tight ass and petite tits as she rounded the corner and entered the bathroom.

“Can I have another one of those?” She asked through the door.

“Sure, give me a minute.” I said as I headed back into the mini-bar.

I made the drink and brought it to the door. The shower was running as I knocked.

“I have your drink. Just let me know when you want it.” I shouted through the door.

“I’ll be right out.” She shouted back.

It sounded like she was starting to feel better. Before long I head the water stop and within a few minutes the door opened as the steam rolled out. She walked out of the steam and was actually smiling. The white robe really stood out against her smooth dark skin.

“Thank you.” She said graciously as she took the drink and sat down on the edge of the bed.

I went into the bathroom and gathered her clothes up and placed them in the dry cleaning bag. I noticed that her bra and panties were amongst the other clothes. I made my way back into the room and called the front desk to have them pick up the clothes.

“Yeah, front desk? This is room 155 and I need a rush dry cleaning job. I also need some more brandy for the mini-bar.” I explained.

Within 5 minutes the hotel staff knocked on the door to take the clothes and bring the brandy. She jumped as soon as she heard the knock.

“Its OK.” I tried to calm her.

I gave them the clothes and took the brandy. As I turned around I noticed that she had finished her drink.

“You might want to take it easy with this stuff.” I warned. “I don’t want you to get too drunk.”

“I’ll be alright.” She smiled.

I took her glass and made her another double. She stood up and wobbled a little as she took the new drink. As she stood the robe opened to reveal her perky tits and shaved pubic mound. She casually closed the robe as she plopped down on the edge of the bed. I sat in the chair waiting patiently for the dry cleaning to return.

“I’m sorry to put you through all this.” She said with a slight slur. “But my asshole ex-boyfriend can’t keep his dick to himself.”

I just kept quiet as she started to tell her story. She would shift every now and then causing the robe to slip and reveal her breasts. She sometimes would not notice that it had slipped and I got a very good look at them.

“I caught him fucking my best friend. He had the nerve to blame me. He said I didn’t fuck good enough for him.” She was getting more animated as she went. “I can’t believe him. I have a better body then her and he dumped me for her.”

“Some guys just don’t know what they got.” I said trying to calm her down a bit.

She surprised me as she stood up a bit shaky and stood in front of me with the robe wide oven. She dropped the robe and turned in a circle displaying her smooth ass.

“How good is my body?” She asked as she bent over a little sticking her ass out and giving it a wiggle.

“You have a nice body.” I replied

She grinned as she looked back and noticed my hard cock making a tent in my shorts.

“Are you sure you like it?” She asked slyly.

I stood up and dropped my shorts revealing my throbbing cock. I saddled up behind her and ran my cock up and down her slit.

“I like your body all right but I need to fuck that pussy to know how good it is.” I told her

“Oh, you cock is hot.” She exclaimed as I worked in into her tight little pussy.

I wasted no time in working my cock into her. She moaned as I finally fully penetrated her.

“So you boy friend can’t fuck eh.” I tease. “Lets see how hard I can fuck your hot pussy.”

I gripped her hips as I thrust into her. Her pussy was hot and wet allowing me to freely run my cock into her. I sped up my thrusts driving as deeply as I could. I quickly shot my first load into her.

“That right.” I grunted. “This little pussy is getting my cum.”

I shook as my cock emptied into her. My cum filled her and started dripping out and down her leg. I ground into her with my last spurt and held her there letting the last drop fill her.

She was a little upset that I just came in her pussy. I really think she was more upset that I came too quickly. I didn’t give her time to complain as I pulled out and turned her around pushing her backward onto the bed. Her eyes got big as she realized that I was going to fuck her again.

I gripped her ankles and lifted them spreading her legs. Her pussy was an angry pink slit against her dark thighs. My cum was running down across her puckered asshole. I guided my still hard cock into her again. I slid in to the hilt easily. I then pushed her ankles back until the were behind her ears.

“Oh God your deep.” She said with a quiver in her voice. “I’ve never been fucked so deeply.”

“That’s right. Feel me hot cock fill you.” I replied through clinched teeth.

I started pumping her pussy hard enough to hear my groin slap her ass. I fucked her pussy without mercy. I don’t know why but I wanted her to be thoroughly fucked. I lowered my hips which caused my cock to rub across her asshole on its trips back and forth. This made her crazy as the head of my cock hit her G-spot with each thrust.

Her orgasm shook her and her pussy gripped my cock. I only slowed a bit but kept fucking her until she couldn’t take it any longer.

“Ohhhh.” She screamed as she shook. “Fuck!.. Ohhh. Yeah… Fuck me….”

I worked my cock from the tip to the bottom. She kept shaking with waves of pleasure. My balls were starting to tighten as I got close to my second orgasm. It felt so good to be in her that I didn’t want it to stop. The thought of her black pussy being filled with my white cock was too much as I jetted another load deep into her. I collapsed onto her with my cock buried and empty.

The phone rang making me pull out of her heavenly cunt. She answered it with a shaky “Hello.” She talked with them for a few minutes before announcing that she had a room and that they should pick her up tomorrow.

“You’re the first white guy I ever fucked before.” She announced after she hung up the phone.

“What did you think?” I asked.

“I may have to start dating white guys from now on.” She replied.

“Well you still have a date here.” I informed her as I worked my way up to her face.

She looked at me cock a minute before she finally got the hint that she needed to suck it. She worked her full lips around my cock cleaning the cum off of it. I placed my hand on the back of her head making her fuck my cock with her mouth. The the other hand I started rubbing her swollen clit.

She warmed up to sucking my cock and moaned with pleasure as I rubbed her clit. Her hips were gyrating as I worked my finger into her pussy and hooked it around her pelvic bone. She was deep throating my cock with a gusto.

I worked my second finger into her and massaged her G-spot. She didn’t last long before her body shook with another orgasm. Her hips were bucking against my fingers as she shook. I relaxed my massaging until her orgasm subsided. She pulled my cock out of her mouth as she smiled up.

“Where have you been all my life?” She asked with admiration. “You make my pussy so hot. I’ve never had this many orgasms before.”

“It ain’t over yet.” I warned her.

I moved back down and flipped her over again. She reached back and guided my wet cock back into her sloppy cunt. I reached forward and gripped her shoulder as I slid my cock into her. She bounced back to meet my thrusts grinding my cock into her.

The sounds of my pelvis slapping her ass got louder and louder. She hit her stride and we enjoyed the feeling of her pussy and my cock. I licked my thumb and placed it on her wrinkled asshole and slowly worked it into her as I thrust into her with my cock. I could tell that she never had this done to her because her asshole would not relax.

“That’s it. Relax. It’ll feel good.” I promised her.

She finally relaxed a bit as my thumb slid into her.

“God that make my ass hot.” She cooed. “I can’t believe how good it feels.”

I pulled my thumb out.

“Don’t pull out.” She begged. “It felt soooo Gooood.”

I withdrew my cock from her and positioned it at her puckered ass. The mixture her our cum lubricated it well enough that it didn’t take long before I broke the tension and my cock was working its way up her virgin ass.

“OH!” She exclaimed as she felt my cock slip in.

“That’s it. Slow and easy.” I coached her.

I gripped her hips as I slowly worked my cock in an inch at a time. Once I was about half way in I started pumping slowly. She shook as she felt the heat of my cock.

“OH GOD!” She exclaimed. “It feels so good.”

I increased my rhythm as her ass became used to being filled. She moaned loudly with each thrust. The feeling of her tight ass was beyond words. I never felt so in control with anyone else. She seemed to be ready for anything.

I was surprised when her ass clinched as her orgasm started. I was now pumping her ass as hard as I fucked her pussy. She was really loving it as she moaned louder.

“Oh…Oh…Ohooo.” She repeated over and over again.

I could feel her orgasm was in full force as I neared mine. I was now fucking her asshole hard trying to get my orgasm to finally release. She had already collapsed onto her face before my cum finally boiled out filling her hot little ass. I fucked her a few more seconds as my load finally subsided.

We were both sweaty as I finally stopped. I got a good look at my cock pulling out of her leaving her ass hole open. I gave her a playful swat to the ass as I got up and headed to the shower to clean up. She joined me as the hot water washed us both down.

“If you fuck that well all the time, then your man won’t have the energy to fuck someone else.” I informed her.

“If my man could fuck as well as you do then I would be fucking 24/7.” She shot back with a laugh.

We emerged from the shower to collapse into the bed. We fell asleep within minutes. I woke up later to find that she was still holding my cock like someone might steal it. I thought about maybe keeping her for a few days. I could always use a hot fuck.

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Thanks for the new addition

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Very good story.

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good story

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hot it was a change of pace
keep em cumming