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Again I dont know the author of this story (i got it from ARES)but its good nonetheless

I pictured an old woman walking thru the door
looking like some old gypsy from a horror movie .
I sputtered in protest but before I could get any
real words out the doorbell rang . “Oh , that must
be her now .” my mom said as she stood up to anser
it . After she left me in the kitchen still
stuttering , Pete stood up and walked over to me ,
“ Ah don’t worry kid , It’ll be fine . I’m sure
you don’t like the idea of having to be watched ,
but look at it this way , if you do good this
weekend , maybe next time you will be left alone
.” he said as he patted my shoulder and walked out
of the kitchen .

After regaining my self I peeked out of the
kitchen door to see who my warden was , and man
was I surprised . She stood about 5'9" had long
black hair that went to her nicely shaped ass. Her
breasts were bigger than my mom’s , they looked
like they were a C-cup and she had legs that
seemed to go on forever . She was wearing a black
mini skirt and a white t-shirt that looked like it
was two sizes too small . I just stood there in
the doorway with my tounge laying on the floor ,
when my mother introduced me . I couldn’t really
understand what was being said , I was too much in
ga-ga land . After snapping out of it and
remembering that I wasn’t supposed to be happy
about this I heard her say “ I’m sure the two of
us will get along just fine .”

My mother looked at me , “ Well , Jason , aren’t
you going to help her with her bag?” Too eagerly I
jumped at the chance , running over to grab her
bag , I didn’t see Snowy , our cat , in front of
me , and I tripped . I fell into her , getting a
face full of her cleavage . “oh my.” was all she
said . Pete laughed , and I heard my mother sigh ,
“ I just don’t know why your always falling , and
bumping your head . I know you get clumsy when
your going thru puberty , but you really take the
cake .”

Anyways after my mom and Pete said their goodbyes
and left She reinterduced herself . I found out
her name was Anna and she was the daughter of one
of Pete’s co-workers . She was 23 and was in town
for a break from college . We ordered out for
Chinese , and she helped me out with my homework .
Then as it got later , she mentioned to me that
she was going to take a shower . I agreed that I
would behave while she was in there , and she
walked up the stairs . I waited a few minutes and
then follwed her .

I heard the shower going and saw her clothes
laying on the floor , when I peeked in . I got my
courage up and slowly walked up to the shower
curtain , pulling it aside just an inch and spied
in on her . I swear just seeing her naked and
soaking wet almost made me shoot a load right
there in my pants , this woman was hotter than
anyone I had ever seen . I watched her rub the
soap all over herself , untill she got to between
her legs . The bulge in my pants was already
harder than it had ever been , and was just
screaming to be let out . I watched as her eyes
slowly closed and she let out a soft moan as she
touched herself . Anna continued to touch herself
and I realized that she was fingering herself . I
couldn’t stand it , so I dropped my pant and began
to masterbate while watching her .

I felt myself getting close to cumming when
suddenly she stopped . She looked right at me and
pulled the shower curtain open . I jumped in shock
, and just then streams of hot cum began spurting
out of my cock . I watched as some of it
splattered on her flat stomach , and I thought I
was going to be in deep shit . Anna on the other
hand , smiled and stared at my throbbing cock as
the last bit of cum dribbled out . All I could do
is stand there , and stare at her .

“Well , this is an interesting situation” , she
smiled , : I never been watched while I fingered
myself before , let alone had someone jack off on
me .” I just stood there not knowing what I was
supposed to do . Here I was thinking she was going
to kill me for what I did and she was staring at
me like a piece of meat . Her hand caressed by
member , making me shudder . She bit her lip , “
Come with me to your room , I think I know what
you can do to repay me .” I just knodded in
agreement , and showed her to my room .
The walk to my room seemed to take forever but
when we got there she layed on the bed and spread
her legs exsposing her wet pink pussy . I stood at
the foot of the bed staring at it , “Do you know
how to eat pussy?” she asked . I shook my head no
, not taking my eyes off her sweet love box .
“Well , first you gotta get your face down there
.” she purred . I knodded and got as close as I
could . It smelled so great and made my mouth
water , making me anxious to taste it . She began
explaining what to do pionting the different areas
out , not only explaining how to lick it but what
everything was .

I followed her directions and began to eat my
first pussy . She began moaning , grabbbing my
hair . When she climaxed she pulled my face away
and smiled . “Now I’ll do something for you .” was
all she said . I layed down on the bed like she
directed me to and looked down at her as she
slowly crawled up me from my feet . I was already
rock hard when her tits brushed my cock . She
smiled and squeezed them around it , making an up
and down motion. After a while of fucking me with
her tits , she lowered her head .

As her tounge touched my shaft , my hips jerked
forward . She began running her warm , wet tounge
all around my cock , untill she got to the head .
She put it in her mouth and began sucking while
slowly moving down farther on it . Soon her nose
touched my pubic hair and she started going back
up it . She began staring at me while she impaled
her mouth on my stiff rod . Furiously sucking like
it was life and death to taste my cum .

It didn’t take me too long before I started
sending rope after rope of thick hot cum down the
back of her throat , moaning with my eyes rolled
up in the back of me head . She stopped bobbing
and began drinking every bit of it . Soon I was
finished and she stopped , pulling it out of her
mouth , she smiled “How did you like that?” I
couldn’t breathe I was so astonished . “I’ll let
you rest a bit before we finish .” she purred .

I didn’t know what she ment but I layed in bed for
a while thinking about what had happened . A
couple hours later she came back into my bedroom ,
completley naked . I got a hard on almost
instantly as she climbed in bed and then on top of
me . Her lips touched mine and then parted and her
tounge slid in my mouth . After a while of
grinding her pussy against my cock , she stared
into my eyes , “You have to promise before we go
any further that you won’t tell anyone about what
we’re doing . I could get in a lot of trouble for
this .”

Not really caring , just eager to feel her pussy
sqeezing cum out of my cock I hurriedly agreed .
Smiling , she grabbed my hard on and lifted
herself up a bit , I swear I felt the heat
emulating from her pussy as my head neared her
opening . We both let out a moan as I slid into
her , feeling what it was like to be inside a
woman for the first time .

She rode me slowly at first , then she began to
pick up the speed untill II was bouncing on the
bed myself . I began cumming again as she screamed
in pleasure and shuddred . Finally she collapsed
onto me and we fell asleep naked holding eachother
, with the beads of sweat cooling on out bodies .

We had sex several more times that weekend and
eventually began a secret affair that has lasted
several years , now I’m 19 and working my way thru
college .

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Thanks for the new story

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anytime m'lady :)

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I wish I was that lucky when I used to get a babysitter

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Good story there. Thanx....;gu

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great find and thanks for the bump

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good story

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i wish i had had a babysitter like that OH YE>

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great story, my sitters were never like that

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A wish remains to be fulfilled for me

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Wish my baby sitter was like that, but she was also my much older sister's best friend. So much for that ever happenning lol!