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A first time anal story with a twist, almost like male rape.

Hunting with the pack…

As a newly qualified Electrician, I was inadvertently involved in a charitable project to provide safe houses for ‘battered women’. These establishments were provided as safe haven for women who found themselves in violent or abusive relationships. The usual practice was for the builders, plumbers and electricians to go into a designated building do all the work before it opened its doors to the women seeking safe haven.

However the demand for spaces had led to this particular house being opened before the required work had been checked and carried out. The large 14 bed roomed house had been open only a short while when the problems began to appear. If more than three people switched on electrical appliances together then the whole house would trip, resulting in power failure for the whole house.

It was decided to split the house electrics into four main sections each with its own consumer re-settable fuse boxes, which was handy because it fell to one fuse box per floor. The work had to run along side the existing wiring because the house was still in operation; although no one saw any problems developing as the work was done. How wrong could they be!

Well to say the flirting started from the moment we arrived would have been an understatement. As soon as we stepped through the door we were greeted with wolf whistles and gestures from a group of six women. I decided to start my work from the top floor down and stupidly thought that if I ignored the cat calls and wolf whistles I may just be able to get on with my work. I figured that working this way would leave the four floors fully operational except for the very last day when I would cut the power to the old system and reconnect it to the new; Fine in theory.

So the first day, I began carrying tools and materials up to the top floor, when I reached the second floor I saw two women leaning against their respective door frames chatting. They soon noticed me and stopped chatting watching me come towards them hands full of electrical gear. As I approached, Rachel (As I later found out) was five foot six inches tall mousy coloured hair slim framed with about 36C bust (My estimation) while Mandy was five foot four inches tall raven haired with a few extra pounds (mostly in the right places, my observation) with 44DD bust line (again my estimation). So you could see that there was going to be a tight squeeze to get past the pair of them. (Or should that have been all four of them…LOL).

Just as I thought I had managed to get past, I felt a hand pinch my backside and another try to grab my crutch area. I was helpless as the space prevented me from going further without dropping the things I was carrying. Even more disconcerting was the comments, like looks like we have a nice juicy butt to play with here and bet you’re a randy little fucker when your hard. I tried to ignore the comments, until Rachel said “tell you what, give us a kiss on the cheek and I will let you pass!”

I failed to see the wink, she gave to her friend. I thought ok; where is the harm in a little peck on the cheek if it gets me through the pair of them and I can get on with my work. So as I turned to kiss her on the cheek, right at the very last second she suddenly turned her head and I kissed her full on the lips. “Saucy devil!” she hollered.

“I saw that!” her friend repeated. “I want on too or I will report your sexual harassment of my friend here!” she continued.

I turned and reluctantly kissed Mandy on the cheek, extricated myself through the tiny gap and carried on walking, mentally making a note to ensure I did not get caught out again by these two. Well an hour and a half later, who should pop their head up onto the fourth floor but Mandy and Rachel.

“Wondered if you would like a cup of tea” Rachel said.

“That would be real kind of you!” I replied.

“You know we will have to sort out a Rota” Mandy carried on.

“Oh that won’t be necessary,” I said, “From tomorrow I will bring myself a flask of tea” I finished.

The two women laughed, before Rachel said “Oh not for making you the tea, silly boy!”

“Oh for what then” I asked. Still not falling in.

“Well I reckon on two hours on the job and the next three on a different job!” Mandy chortled.

It suddenly clicked and I admit I blushed a little as I replied, “Oh won’t be any of that, after all I have a very tight schedule, in which to complete the work” I added.

“You also have a very tight cute butt” Mandy sneered.

With that the two women disappeared back down stairs, until twenty minutes later I heard, “your tea is ready!”

Figuring that they were not about to bring it up to me, I stopped work and walked slowly down to the second floor to get my cup of tea. Mandy pointed to Rachel’s door and said “it is inside there”.

I walked through the open door and looked around the room for my tea; I suddenly panicked as I spotted Rachel standing topless with just a towel up to her chest. I apologized and started to leave when she dropped the towel and grabbed me, I would not have been able to go much further anyway as Mandy stood blocking the door way.

Seems as though I was trapped, either I had to squeeze past the formidable chest of Mandy or stand still averting my eyes from the displayed chest of Rachel. I chose the latter and fixed my stare on a stain on the carpet. I suppose it was staring at this spot which led me not to hear the door to the room being closed and locked. Suddenly I looked up to see Mandy beside me and a quick glance across towards Rachel left me speechless, she was now stood stark naked and stroking her thigh close to her pussy lips. I turned to say something but found nothing would come out, and then I felt the cold undeniable feeling of cold steel against my right wrist followed quickly by the same feeling on my left wrist.

I now tried to bring my hands up to my face but could not, I realized that my hands were now handcuffed behind my back and Mandy’s hands were busy trying to undo my belt and then my jeans. Soon Rachel was beside her and I saw her lips moving but could not make out the words. Then all my resolve seemed to fade away, I desperately needed to sit down before I fell down.
Next thing I knew, I was naked from the waist down and laid flat on my back, with Rachel busy sucking on my rapidly hardening cock. I became fairly aware of movement off to my left and everything seemed to be going so slowly. I witnessed Mandy divesting her clothes and smiling at Rachel. Through the hazy stupor I just barely made out the words, “see I told you the drug in the tea would not be detected till he had drunk it, and then it would be too late. See how it raises his sexual awareness yet makes him reluctant to refuse!” Mandy seemed to say.

I then experienced what can only be described as male rape. Everything they did to me I was powerless to refuse and so wonderfully turned on that even after two orgasms my rock hard cock just would not go down. I had been sucked off by Rachel, had Mandy ride me to another orgasm up her pussy and even now, Rachel was riding me hard towards another orgasm for herself.

When she cum my now rather sore cock still refused to go limp, Mandy whispered something to Rachel and both women laughed as Rachel nodded her response. I was then pulled over on to the top of Rachel but with my cock at mouth level and my head trapped between her legs, she rubbed her cunt lips across my face soaking me in her juices. In order to breath I opened my mouth and soon had the taste of her juices mixed with my earlier spunk load dripping into my mouth.

If any one had told me previously that I would be feeling so horny having a woman sucking my cock whilst her juices mixed with my own cum was washing over and in to my mouth, I would have told them they had more chance of winning a state lottery without buying a ticket; But here I was and not only was this happening but I was relishing the experience.

Suddenly I felt what can only be described as an excruciating pain ripping into my anal ring and forcing its way up my shit chute. Again I heard Mandy scream, “Fuck he is really taking this dildo up his arse!”

Rachel replied “Yes and its really turning him on if his licking tongue is anything to go by!”

How long they fucked me, I can not say because suddenly the light faded in to a murky grey and deepening black. I woke next morning laid on the fourth floor of the house unaware of how I had got there and the only knowledge I had that something had happened was the burning sensation around my anal ring. As I gathered my thoughts fleeting snatches of glimpses flooded my mind, thoughts all jumbled up and incoherent invaded my brain.

A little later, Rachel looked in on me and I suddenly had an idea that I had been intimate with her yet could figure out how. It Was Mandy who later confessed the truth to me that they had laced my tea with GBH (The Date rape drug) and they filled in all the details, even joking that they always hunted their prey together. So you could say I had been hunted by the pack….

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Good little story...thanks

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Thanks for sharing that

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IIIIINNNNNtteresting!!! Sounds like you had some fun:)