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The Gambler’s Debt
Ch. 1

Clint Walleti parked his hog in front of the run the down mobile home, flipped his half burned buttless smoke into the garbage strewn yard, and entered the cluttered kitchen-dining room area of the twenty five year old trailer. Many of the cupboard doors hung open and all of them had their veneer peeling out at the corners. The sink was full of dishes and trash mixed with organic refuse spilled onto the floor from the trashcan as a swarm of flies circled in the middle of the room. The counter top room divider was cluttered with wrinkled beer cans candy wrappers and more dirty dishes covered with old dried food scraps.

“Anybody here,” he shouted into the buzzing flies, “hey, Linda, you home yet?” after listening to the silence he muttered to himself, “Dumb cunt!” While opening up the refrigerator and grabbing a beer he continued muttering sarcastically to himself, “if she was ever on time it’d be a fucking miracle.” as he looked at the clock noting it was three thirty and then taking several large chugs from the long necked bottle staring into the refrigerator cluttered with moldy cracked dry cheese, tomatoes that were so moldy they were melting across the bottom, wrinkled dry lettuce leaves laid next to an unrecognizable wad of something. There was dried out franks in an open package next to a half empty loaf of bread. There was little if any edible food, but there was plenty of beer and the gin bottles looked new. He let out a long, loud, wet belch and slammed the door closed.

Clint walked into the surprisingly spacious living room muttering, “Christ the mutt did it again she knows I wanted the boxes out of here,” he gave them both a kick to the wall. Then looked at the picture Linda’s mom Pearl took of them at the park. She was beaming a warm smile as she mugged for the camera and with a smug chuckle said, “Boy have I got the hook in her!” as he noted the smudge of makeup under her left eye concealing the black eye he had given her a day earlier. Then laughed out loud adding, “God…! What a wet and wild ride but dumb really, really dumb!” He was about to plop down in front of the TV when he heard an oddly familiar female voice coming from the bathroom at the far end of the trailer singing quite happily. He made his way through the clutter, to the bathroom door and tapped lightly. He knew it wasn’t Linda got nosy and opened it up a crack. He could hear the woman’s voice clearly over the water beating on the Formica walls and heavy plastic curtain and recognized the voice. Clint began chuckling to himself hissing, “It’s Pearl come to tease me again.” Then quickly stripped off his clothes and quietly slipped inside the towel strewn bathroom, and without the slightest warning, jerked the moldy shower curtain open and just stared wild-eyed at Linda’s mother, Pearl, stumbling from the startle, and gasping from the shock of Clint’s abrupt action, with a stunned look on her face as she tried desperately to cover herself!

Nonchalantly as you, please Clint eyed her top to bottom a beer in one hand and stretching his still limp shaft with the other. He drained his beer spilling most of down his front and tossed the empty onto the stained carpet then casually asked as he stared at her full soapy wet bush only half covered by her hand, and in a chuckling voice he asked, “So, Mrs. K, how’s it going?” ending his query with an exaggerated slurping sound as he slipped into the small shower.

“W-what are you doing in here, Clint!?” the mortified woman stammered while turning away to hide her large breasts and thick black bushy hair from Clint’s rude gaping gaze. Pearl continued swishing her hand over her round hairy buttocks trying in vain to cover her backside.

“Well…” he said while eyeing her fanny hungrily and in a strained southern drawl continued, “I was thinkin’ you was Linda, but now I’m glad you ain’t!” He stood there grinning and letting the water splash over him as he pulled his limp penis.

Even in her stunned state, Pearl Knight couldn’t help taking furtive glances at Clint’s moderately long but skinny penis noticing it becoming erect, and with a wavering voice ordered, “N-now you get out of here right now or I’ll tell Linda about this!” her front still half turned away in an effort to conceal her privates.

Clint laughed evilly, “Shit tell her don’t tell her I don’t give a fuck!” Clint was amused at the older woman’s obvious predicament, and then brayed, “Well, now I know where Linda gets her good looks and tits, shit you look good and you’ve got milk too! You know what else she must of gotten all the clitty too!” Now Clint just stood there stroking his erect penis looking at Pearl and sporting a very crooked grin he added, “I’ve seen you look at me when I had a boner pushin’ my pants out… yes I think you want a taste and I want a look at that bushy bush of you’res!”

“Your mind has been playing tricks on you! Now get!” she scolded. Pearl never really approved of Clint but in an effort to maintain her relationship with her daughter, she kept her misgivings to herself. Now she was ashamed to admit his brash biker attitude was a turn on to her. Pearl now understood how her daughter was enamored with the insolent and obtrusive young man. Had she had learned it from her, or did she pass it on in her genes? For all of his brash nastiness, and demanding nature he had an attractive aura of arrogance and sexual self assured about him that even she found irresistible. She thought of her persistent fantasy; how like today she would show up while her daughter was away, and the images of him taking advantage of the situation, maybe raping her while his body reeked of stale sweat, beer, and cigarettes, or forcing her to suck him off and filling her mouth with his sperm.

Pearl’s disapproving attitude slipped further into the back of her mind as her vagina began flooding with Bartholin fluids; she felt dizzy and out of control as Clint moved in closer to her; she offered only a hint of resistance as he slid one hand around her side cupping a plump breasts milking the large hard nipple with his fingers and as he nibbled her ear he began diddling her taut button of a clitoris with the other. Pearl just gasped and moaned, and her body flexed and jerked shamelessly to his impetuous stimulation.

“You’re hotter than I thought you could get, ain’t you baby?” he exaggeratedly whispered, blowing his hot breath across her wet neck salaciously adding, “I could tell you were hot for me.” While fingering her hard nipple, and pulling her erect clitoris he warmly asked, “Tell me, are you as good at suckin’ cock as your little honey!?” The muscles around Pearl’s clitoris were so tight they were throbbing she was in such a state of arousal that she would have fucked a donkey, so just picturing her sweet daughter on her knees with this small but hard penis in her mouth was enough to make her knees go weak, and when he tweaked her nipple even harder, a shudder swept through her body Pearl spun around and she slipped to her knees taking Clint’s hard penis into her mouth.

“Oh, baby!” he sighed as the middle aged woman hungrily vacuumed his meat making loud slurping noises. Clint had both hands full of her long black hair and was making exaggerated movements with his hips as if he had a large member and then in a dreamy voice remarked, “all the women in your family must be talented, cuz I gotta say, you both have a fuckin’ gift!?”

Pearl didn’t know if it was a gift or not, but what she did know was that for as long as she could remember, she loved taking a man’s cock into her mouth and bringing it to fast and wet orgasm. She loved the feeling of hot sperm gushing into her mouth and its taste was so very satisfying. She thought about uncle Ted and the dozens and dozens of men she dated through the years, as she skillfully worked on Clint’s throbbing penis. Even during her three marriages she was easy for them to have and use as a toy and how quickly she could get them to cum in her mouth and now Clint her daughter’s husband a gambling, scam running philanderer who lost more money then he ever earned, the worst of it was he had taken all her daughter’s inheritance as well. When she felt his pecker stiffen and the inside of her mouth turn creamy, she knew he was about to climax. Pearl pushed him away as disgust exploded inside her mind; the memory of how this bastard spent all of her daughter’s money and now her own infidelity turned her passion to ice and she bolted from the tub grasping at a dirty towel from the sink.

“Now you just hold on there! You little teasing bitch!” Clint growled as he grabbed a handful of her long black hair causing her to slip and fall. “I am going to cum in you one way or another. You just hold still while I slip this stiff dick in your ass!” he grunted out as he maneuvered behind her. As he stuffed her head into the toilet Clint sneered, “You are going to get fucked right here and now!” He thrust his penis several times between her legs missing her opening and bouncing off her thighs, her vulva, and glancing off her clitoris as Pearl squirmed in an effort to avoid being penetrated.

Clint smashed Pearl’s head into the toilet tank, “Hold still god damn it!” He shouted and shoved her head under the yellowed water. Water splashed from the bowl as Pearl floundered trying to escape; her knees slipped on the wet floor spreading her legs wider. She coughed and gagged while her head remained underwater; her arms flailed about as her hands could not get a grip on the dirty wet toilet rim. Soon the struggle began to slow, her body convulsively heaved, and Clint let out a loud grunt as he stuffed his tool into Pearl’s vagina and pulled her out of the water. Clint feverishly pumped while Pearl’s face grimaced from chocking and gagging, as she caught her breath. It took only a few minutes for Clint to ejaculate Pearl hadn’t even caught her breath when he started hissing and groaning from climaxing. His knee slipped and out popped his penis shooting a thick rope of sperm across Pearl’s buttocks and back before he could stuff it back in. Clint gave her a few more convulsive thrusts and relaxed, but kept Pearl’s head pressed against the toilet tank.

“I can’t believe ya…” Her tirade of disgust was cut short.

“You can’t believe me…! What the hell was you doing taking a fuckin’ shower in my house? Washing ole Gregory’s sperm out of your cunt after fucking him in the park?!” He snarled as he tightened his grip around her side keeping his penis pushed as far in as he could and grabbed another handful of hair yanked her head back and growled, “Yea that’s right I know about him but does ole hubby the man’s brother? I guess you like keep’en it inside the family fucking hubbies brother. I’ve seen you lookin’ you rubbin’ your tits on me, you even come over here smellin’ like a bitch in heat… Yea you come over here to get a turn on, and then go home and fuck your tired old man, but when you close your eyes is it the last guy you blew or is it me you see.”

“No! No that’s not tru…!” Clint cut her short with a shake of her head.

“No!?” He crooned angrily, “I own you just like I own your mutt daughter. Now get dressed and leave before she gets home it’ll just make things worse for her if you are still here when Jimmy gets here.”

“My god…! You bastard you’ve sold her again…!” Pearl moaned disgustedly.

“Yea my team didn’t come through with the spread.” Clint rubbed his face and then barked as he yanked the towel from her hands, “Shit…! Hurry up god damn it… your dry enough get dressed!” and he started pushing her around the floor towards the door with his feet.

“I don’t kn…” She blinked as she was interrupted again.

Clint’s snappish growl cut her short as he had anticipated what she was about to say, “She sees the same fucking thing you see!” he paused as he watched her dress and then sneered, “Now grab your shoos and get the fuck out of here!” As Pearl headed out the door he sneered, “Don’t tell her anything, you’ll just make it a lot harder on her if you mess up this weekend.”

The four forty five buss arrived at the stop just as Pearl got there, and as she sat down she started to cry. The shame she felt over her attraction for the bastard, the dread she felt for her daughter, and her inability to help her was more than she could keep inside. Jimmy the shark a well known biker, dope peddler, loan shark, just an all round bad guy, and he was trouble to be avoided at all costs. He was rumored to run a whorehouse, a gambling hall, and used violence and fear of violence to keep the people tangled up in his web in line. As her tears burned her face she realized that Clint was right, when she closed her eyes during sex with her latest husband it ‘was…’ him she saw. The fantasy she had was; he was having sex with Linda while she was kissing her and feeling her sweat running in sheets across her body, and smelling the scent of his sperm mixing with her daughter’s vaginal fluids. Her heart was racing as the bus pulled up to her stop. Pearl stumbled out and watched it pull away and with conviction said; “I’ll get you out of this mess baby I promise!”

As Clint sat in the chair sucking down another beer staring at the replays of the game that lost him a lot of money, his team won the game but they just didn’t make the point spread. He was steaming mad and getting angrier by the minute with Linda because she hadn’t cleaned the house like she was told to do and the clock was ticking. He was so nervous about what The Shark would do if Linda weren’t here when he arrived. Then he heard the buss stop and knew Linda was back he told him self, “Use the charm man, seduce her just like all the other times, what ever it takes to keep her here until Jimmy gets here.”

The door opened and Linda came in with her arms full of groceries. She just closed her eyes in an effort not to see the clutter, and set them on the table by shoving the junk against the wall and shouted, “Honey I’m home!”

“I know.” Clint acknowledged giving Linda a start by being so close.

Her shoulder length dark blond hair flew back as she spun around in surprise. Her pouty naturally red lips were open as if ready to scream, her large dark brown eyes were blinking in a wild expression of fear, and the nostrils of her big nose were flaring. The expression on her full fleshy face quickly turned soft and a warm smile began to shine. “Wow you gave me quite a start.” She pointed out and flinched a little when Clint neared. The periodic abuse Clint inflicted on her had made her a little jumpy and uncertain with what to expect.

“I was starting to worry about you, you were suppose to be back thirty minutes ago.” He admonished and paused as he stepped behind her and started to rub her shoulders and asked, “What kept you?”

“The bus was running ahead of schedule and pulled away just before I could get there!” Linda paused as she caught her breath then hissed, “I was so mad! But that is starting to make me feel much better.” Linda closed her eyes and she began to enjoy the shoulder rub.

“Well no harm done, I’m not really very hungry anyway.” Clint reassured.

Lind turned her face to his chest and then purred, “Are you sure you want to go through with this, and give me a child?”

“Sure I’m sure honey!” He whispered and added, “It will change everything for the better. Besides we or you’ve been talking about it for a long time now” And gave her an affectionate bear hug.

“Well then we can try tonight; my breasts have been aching all day, and I had a really long hot flash on the bus.” She paused as a warm smile bubbled onto her face and saucily purred, “So I’m pretty sure I have started ovulating.” And then gave Clint a kiss on his throat.

“So tonight it is then.” Clint warmly said adding as he motioned towards his chair, “Let’s sit here a while and start warming up.” As they walked to the chair Clint noted the time five ten and a sigh of relief washed over him.

Just as they sat down and started kissing the front door flew open with a crash as it hit the wall and in walked Jimmy the Shark his knotted, long, salt and pepper black hair surrounding his head, nearly hiding the long scare on his cheek, and laying on his muscular shoulders. His sleeveless unbuttoned denim shirt accented his powerful arms and hairy barrel chest, and his dirty blue jeans were wrapped tightly around his bulky legs. Linda’s eyes quickly focused on the bulging outline of his heavy soft cock as it snaked down his leg and the bulge of his scrotum. The two of them jumped as he dropped his backpack.

“Hi Shark come on in.” Clint said hesitantly.

“I thought I told you to have this pig sty cleaned up before I got here!” His voice scolding as he glared at Clint and a sarcastic smile beamed as he looked at Linda squirming in Clint’s lap as she tried to jump up and he asked, “You miss me baby?” and when he turned his gaze at Clint it turned hard and angry looking and he growled, “This is going to cost ya.’”

“I trie…” With a wave of Shark’s hand Clint went mute.

“I know what you were doing; yesterday you were losing at poker, and today you were watching your lame ducks not make the spread so you lost even though they won, and now you are into me for a ‘lot…!’ of money.” Shark paused as he walked across the floor and very angrily asked, “What else did you forget?”

Panic was beginning to cause Clint to tremble as he stuttered, “Nothing else Shark…really.”

Linda now standing and looking frightened gasped as she asked, “What is going on here? Clint!? Clint you…you didn’t sell me again!” She whined painfully and held the back of her hand to her mouth and her body convulsed with every gasping breath she took.

“A ‘lot…!’ of money!” Jimmy the Shark snarled as he eyed Linda and smiled as a tear fell from both of her eyes.

“I had to baby he was going to brake my legs because you didn’t do it good for him the last time!” Clint cried out gasping for breath, “I had to promise you to him again!” Clint said quite excitedly as fear of Shark was taking a grip on him.

“It took two weeks for my black eye to heal and the bruises on my face to go away, and my ribs are still a little soar… You promised me… never again!” Linda sprayed spit as she shouted with both fear and anger ravaging her body, causing her to soak her Levis with urine as she sobbed loudly.

“Quite!” Barked Jimmy and then growled, “Tell her!”

“Honey if you act like a mopey mutt you will be treated like one.” Clint explained his voice trying not to waver.

“Now come on over here and give ole Jimmy a little sugar.” Shark urged. Linda’s knees warbled, her eyes glancing all over the room searching for a way out of this then she glared sternly at Clint as he started nudging her.

“Go on baby give him a little kiss.” Clint urged and then added, “It’ll go easier for us both if you just give in to him!”

Linda surrendered and walked over and gave him a fast kiss and started to walk away when Shark pulled Linda back by her hair and gave her another kiss, much more forceful and longer. When the kiss broke she started to walk back to Clint but Jimmy hissed, “What do ya think you are doing you stay right here by my side!” and with one hand pushing her face into his armpit by the hair he pulled out his cell-phone with his free hand and made a call. The tones from the speed dialer could be heard across the room and then he snapped, “I’m here at the pig pen send the cleaning crew.” He put the phone back in his pocket and with her nose still in his armpit stuffed his free hand up her shirt and started squeezing and twisting a nipple.

“Oowha…! God damn your hurting me…!” Linda whined and she started squirming from his abusive pawing.

“Hush!” He snapped and then ordered, “Sniff my hairy arm pit and I want to hear you so sniff it loud!” the mucus in Linda’s nose gurgled loudly as she inhaled the three or four day old sweat. She swallowed her mucous down as it filled her throat while complying obediently with his disgusting order. “That’s my good baby another couple more really deep sniffs now you keep that nose of you’res buried in my black curlies and then take a look at these pictures, and take a ‘good…!’ look.” and threw them on the table.

Her eyes shot daggers at Clint as she shuffled through the photos. Linda gasped and her eyes grew large as she looked at one of the pictures recognizing her niece Brenda right away; then started trembling as she quickly shuffled through the rest and then frantically started over, noting Brenda’s house, her mother and father, her pets, Brenda’s school yard, and the bus she rides to school. After looking at them, all several times, she began gasping for and finding enough breath and pleaded with a strained howl of anguish, “Please don’t hurt my little Brenda! She is only fifteen, she has never had a boyfriend she doesn’t know very much about sex yet, and she is really a sweet girl!”

“Weather we do or not is up to you, and besides those are all good selling points, she’ll fetch a really good price on the market.” Jimmy sharply and coldly pointed out, “Last month you made me slap you around and that took a lot of the fun out of it for me, and so you are going to make up for the last time, by doing a very good job this time and I do mean ‘double time…!’ and ‘double good…!’” He paused and petted her much like the way one might pet an animal and then with forceful suddenness jerked her face next to his and angrily said, “The first mopey mutt bullshit and sweet little Brenda’s daddy gets beaten the second time her pet dog gets tossed into her bedroom dead, and the third well the third mopey mutt bullshit she disappears. Now look at me and smile.”

Linda looked up, smiled a weak, thin smile and her eyes were stained and red from tears, and in a weak shaky voice said, “I’ll do anything you want me to I swear I will!”

“Tell me what I want to hear!” The Shark growled.

Linda looked up smiled a weak smile and in a weak shaky voice said, “Service with a smile a smile with service.”

“That’s good that’s good. We have a few surprises for you this weekend, now take a look at this!” Jimmy directed as he pulled out his palm-pilot and cell-phone again. Linda recognized the neighborhood right away and saw a van, a dirty green van parked across the street.

“I see you are there so blink your lights.” Jimmy calmly spoke into the cell-phone. Linda’s eyes flared as the van on the screen blinked its lights. Then with a click snap and shuffle the electrics went back into their pockets and he pulled Linda’s face close to his again and sneered, “I have a fleet of cars, vans, and trucks babysitting your sweet little niece’s house all weekend long, so you better be a good little play toy.”

“All weekend?” Linda asked in a very shaky voice consigned to knowing the answer before she asked.

“That’s right the ‘whole…!’ ‘fucking…!’ weekend and that is just the tip of the proverbial fucking iceberg…! So you best behave!” Shark said in a threatening manner then slid his hand down her pants and then added, “Did she…”

Shark’s query was cut off by Clint’s quick knowing response, “Yea Linda said she started ovulating today.” He looked down at the floor his back slumping over and head getting lower.

“You bastard…!” Linda howled her body trembling with rage.

“Shad up…!” The Shark growled and sneeringly adding, “It’s your own fault for hang’en with a fucking loser like him any way!” He stood there eyeing her from head to foot. “You strip out of those pee soaked pants… in fact take all your cloths off!” He firmly directed watched and waited, and then he barked loudly, “Now…! God damn it!” causing Linda to jump then rip her flimsy shirt off and strip her pants and panties in one shucking move stumbling to the floor as she tried to kick off her last shoe. With a sneering voice, he asked Clint, “And you… you left her alone all month like I said?” Jimmy cast a glaring look at Clint as he waited for his answer.

“Yea man just like you said. Honest!” Clint painfully replied adding, “I didn’t even get her to give me a blow job.”

“Is that true little honey?” Jimmy teased as he began tweaking her exposed nipple again and firmly squeezing her large clitoris. He smiled broadly as she squirmed to his ministrations and in a mock whine asked, “Is that true baby.”

“Uh auw Yeasss…! Ouch…! You’re hurting me!” Linda said her voice ringing with discomfort as she squirmed from Shark’s roguish pawings.

He sat there watching her squirm as he twisted her nipple and clitoris then in a deep voice and an exaggerated southern drawl asked, “And did you think of my fat red skinned snake wriggling between your legs.”

“Yes Jimmy…! Just the thought of your fat cock and my fanny gets soaked” Linda assured with gasping breaths and feigning a smile.

“You think he was fuck’en someone else?” Jimmy hissed softly into her ear.”

“I don’t know I was starting to worry some!” Linda responded with a strained voice as the painful tweaking of her nipple continued. With a thin smile she added, “I was starting to get horny! I kind of wished you would’ve come over.” Hoping to win a few extra points and get Jimmy to let go of her clitoris and ease up on her nipple a bit.

“That was good.” Jimmy said letting go of both her sore nipple and genitalia. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a dirty white t-shirt. The full length of it unfurled as he held it by a sleeve showing several crusty stains front and back with most of them running down the front between the two eyes where breasts could be found and along the bottom third. The room quickly filled with the smell another woman’s stale sweat and the scent of semen mixed with vaginal juices; there were holes where one might find nipples, bellybuttons, and armpits, and the neck had been cut away.

“Lift your arms and turn around a few times so’s I can look you over” Shark directed as he held the t-shirt to his nose watching Linda turning around and quaffing its scent. When she faced him, again he threw the shirt at her and ordered, “Put it on!”

Linda’s face made a twisted grimace as she whined, “It’s filthy…! And smells rancid!”

“It’s just my wife’s sweat and cum mixed with my sperm besides it is her favorite nighty and pussy wipe.” Jimmy explained and then barked, “Put it on! I want to see what it smells like after you’ve been sweating in it for a while.” and looked down at the pictures on the floor. Linda frowned as she quickly slipped it over her head; it covered her half way to her knees and the holes only showed her armpits it was obvious the shirt belonged to a much bigger woman. Linda’s nipples were bulging through the cloth just above the holes where the other woman’s nipples would be if she had it on.

“What’s a matter?” Jimmy asked as he noticed Linda standing stiff bodied, her arms away from her side and an ugly grimace across her face.

“God Jimmy this is rank!” she groaned unable to hide her disgust.

“It’s just pussy juice, sweat, and sperm. Now you grab up a couple of handfuls and hold them to your nose and take in that wonderful aroma and keep your eyes on ole Clint while you do!” He calmly directed, “I’m glad you remembered to tell her to stop shaving.” Jimmy chucked as he looked at Clint and then brayed, “I love a hairy woman!”

Again Linda glared at Clint over the top of the crumpled shirt pressed against her nose and said in a disgusted tone, “I thought it was for you… you bastard; watching my cycle, marking the days off, you fucking bastard, and all this itching while I got use to all this hair! Goddamn you!” and she continued to scowl, inhaling deeply the rank stench and then as the rage swept through her she growled, “You…! You…! Fucking…! Goddamn Bastard…!” a few convulsive sobs escaped as she started to cry but she quickly regained control.

“Enough of that whining from now on you better do a fucking good job of acting like you like love it all!” Jimmy forcefully demanded adding as he growled, “Lift those arms over your head and start turning around… slowly so’s I can see how you look in my wife’s nighty! Speaking of my wife’s nighty how does it smell now?”

“Sweet Jimmy! So sweet I want to meet her and go down on her after you and her have had sex” Linda replied smartly feigning a warm smile, sultry voice, and hiding her nausea.

The door was kicked open just as Linda started turning and stopped. “I didn’t say stop! Keep going!” Shark sneered.

A parade of rough looking women came in carrying trashcans, trash bags, and three of them had vacuums. The biggest of them looked saying, “She sure looks like one sweet ride Shark but my nighty is way too big for her so don’t you even think about cutting holes in it for her nips or I’ll cut holes in you!”

“That’s my wife ain’t she sweet?” Jimmy said as he beamed a wide grin. Linda looked on in surprise as the biker women turned on the vacuums and got in to the task of cleaning her pigsty of a house. They were dressed like biker mamas in full leathers chains, boots and all of them had tattoos. They started throwing the dirty dishes into the cans, the trash into the bags and vacuuming the floors. The sound of breaking glass was ringing out loudly as the women swept across the tables and counters and the loud whirr of the vacuums were deafening.

“Wait… sta…” Linda’s order was cut short.

“Shut-up! Suck and bite my nipples!” snapped Jimmy. Linda complied immediately as she watched the women throwing away her dishes and cleaning up the trash.

Soon the crashing sound of breaking dishes and glasses was replaced with the sound of heavy cans being dragged across the floor and more garbage bags being flapped open as the women went quickly to picking up the discarded debris and dirty laundry throughout the house. As quickly as it started, it was over and the place looked completely different as the women walked through the door with their hands full of vacuums, trash bags, and trashcans.

“They took everything…!” Linda remarked with astonishment coupled with anger, she was about to say something else when the door flew open when the women returned.

“Now you get over there, say thank you to each one of them, and give them each a nice long wet kiss!” Jimmy directed with a laugh and added, “And give the big one a special kiss and a thank her for the nighty that’s Lola my wife.”

Linda staggered as she walked toward the women all of them taller and meatier than she. Linda neared the biggest woman first and was picked up by her, and she quickly sucked her upper lip into her mouth as she wrapped her legs around her torso. Lola’s lip popped free as Linda snaked her tongue into Lola’s mouth, for what was a long and passionate kiss. Linda’s lips parted from Lola’s and she went to her earlobe and gave it a firm stretching bite and let it pop free then whispered into her ear while exaggeratedly blowing her hot breath across her cheek, “Thank you for everything…! And your nighty too!”

“Gaaawwd…! Damn…! It…! Jimmy…!” Lola gasped shouting, “You’ve got your self one wild ride!” She brayed while rubbing her crotch after another woman took Linda into her arms and held her face out to the group.

Linda’s effort to say thank you to the next closest woman was thwarted as she slipped her long tongue down Linda’s throat another one stepped behind the woman holding Linda up and wrapped her arms around them both. Loud gasps sounded as she stuck her fingers into Linda’s vagina then started twisting her nipple while the woman holding her up started biting her ear. Linda could only moan as the forth, fifth, and sixth women took their turns kissing her and pawing her privates.

“I want a look at that monster clit lay her on the floor and spread her legs out wide so I can get a real good look!” howled one woman.

The others all chimed in, “Yea! Yea! Me too! Hell yea!”

“I want see that handful of clitty!” Brayed another.

“I want to see her squirt like she did when Clint squeezed that thing on the web-cam!” Brayed yet another.

“Yea god damn it I am jealous so I want a ‘good…!’ Look!” ordered another as she let Linda slip to the ground. After they all had their say the room turned quiet, and Linda was walking back towards Jimmy.

“Well what are you waiting for!?” Sneered the Shark and then he barked, “Give it to’em… pull that shirt up to your shoulders, lay down, and spread those beautiful legs.” He paused as he mused at her expression of stunned bliss, complete embarrassment, and burning passion then snapped, “and wide!”

Linda quickly obeyed as if it were a reflex and the women eagerly crowded around, “Look at that thing dance!” the first woman excitedly remarked as she wrapped her hand around Linda’s amazingly large clitoris and squeezed admiringly saying, “Look at her face turning red and the sweat start to bead!”

“Yea…!” Lola agreed whining, “The pictures on the web don’t do it justice!”

Another brayed in a deepening voice as she pinched Linda’s thigh, “Look…! At the size of that thing, honey you can put your slippers under my bed any time!” and then excitedly pointed out, “Look she’s creaming the floor!”

“Let me feel it!” one cried out as she pushed her way into the crowd and as she too wrapped her fingers around it and sang out, “My..! My…! It’s longer than my hand is wide see how it goes way past my thumb!” and she started to jack-it-off just as if it were a penis. All the women grabbed a limb as Linda started to gasp and squirm under their ministrations.

“My…! God…! She’s a squirter!” another passionately remarked and cooed with astonishment as she slid her fingers into her vaginal opening and then enthusiastically added, “See how she squirted cream all over my arm!” and then added with admiration as she swished her fingers inside Linda’s vagina, “That is one haarrdah G-spot!”

“Yea it looks like it is true, the Shark has another gusher!” another pointed out lasciviously, and then locked her mouth stifling Linda as she began to cry out from her explosive orgasm.

“I want a feel of it!” another whined out loudly then quickly stuffed her fingers in with the first ones. Linda flailed about drumming the floor with her buttocks as she started to convulse. All of them tightened their grip holding Linda down as she bucked and squirmed.

The two with their fingers inside Linda’s vagina sang out, “Those are some tight gripping muscles in there... it looks like the boys are in for a wild ride tonight!”

When Linda settled down Jimmy ordered, “Enough of that I want you all to watch while ole fuck head performs a wedding ceremony and joins me to his wife.”

The women all stood up and Linda staggered as she they helped her up exposing a big wet spot on the carpet. The t-shirt fell covering her sweated body and cream covered fanny the bulging nipples and clitty could clearly be seen bulging under the cloth as she walked towards Shark taking her place at his side. The angry look on her face was gone and a look of satisfaction now beamed from the red, sweat covered face. Linda was doing a good job of concealing her feelings of betrayal and confusion of the unfolding events by smiling and with obedience.

As they all gathered around Lola remarked, “Those are some puffy red pussy lips Jimmy!” and giving Linda’s butt a playful swat.

“So you think she is ready for mating?” Jimmy asked with a smug laugh.

“Oh yea…! The bitch is in season all right!” She eagerly assured.

“Well little lady it looks like we’re going to give you a break from the monthly curse.” Jimmy said with a laugh then barked “Here!” as he tossed a paper at Clint and then growled, “You do it and make it sound like you mean it!”

Clint’s eyes grew large as he scanned the page and with astonishment and remarked, “These are wedding vows!”

“The stupid fucker can read!” one of the women sang out sarcastically.

“That’s right… and you are going to perform the ceremony.” The Shark sternly pointed out and then ordered, “Girls get the web-cams set up.

Lola and another woman started leaning on Jimmy kissing his ears and rubbing his big cock while three of them hurried out side a sixth started to brush Linda’s hair and cooed, “You want to look good for Jimmy right?”

She looked at the pictures on the table, at Jimmy, leered at Clint, and scowled at the floor then answered, “Of course I do!” Fear that Jimmy might not honor the arrangement and was going to hurt her niece any way was beginning to throb in her mind forcing her to call out, “Jimmy…!? You promise you’ll leave Brenda alone!?”

“You’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about me; well I might cheat at cards and fix a fight, but I ain’t never sold bad dope or went back on a deal?” Shark proudly brayed, “You do like I tell you and everyone will be fine… I promise.”

One of the women placed a frilly white hat with lace trailing down the back on Linda’s head; another lifted up her top and smeared a thick jelly like substance on her nipples that caused her to bend over and shudder as they turned hot and tight.

“What did you just do?” She quizzed with a look of surprise on her sweated red face.

“That stuff will keep those long and fat nipples of you’res haarrdah and give all our viewers an extra eyeful while you give your vows!”

“Viewers…!?” Linda howled then shuddered violently as it sank in ‘web-cams’ then asked knowing the answer already, “What do you mean viewers?”

“Oh didn’t I tell you?” Shark chuckled and laughingly added, “Surprise, surprise, surprise, all of tonight is going to be a live web-cam broadcast to thousands.”

“You better learn to fly or you’ll fall and take that pretty little niece with you.” warned the women that just drugged her as she whispered into her ear.

The warning took her by surprise and caused an ice-cold chill to race across her body. Linda suddenly realized that she was going to have to give an Oscar winning performance for both original screenplay and best actress without a script or a single rehearsal. She was going to have to forget the burning rage and the terrible feelings of betrayal, and call on her hot blooded passions and free herself of all inhibitions and do what ever she has to do in order to save her niece from Shark’s evil intentions.

“Everyone we will go live in a few minutes so there will be only one chance to do good!” Jimmy the Shark hardheartedly cautioned and then twisted Linda’s face forcing her to look at him. She smiled reassuringly.

“The log-in counter is whirling, so many people are logging on to the show!” shouted one of the women.

Linda felt her sweat streaming from her armpits and running down her sides and her forehead was burning hot, and the stuff on her nipples made them so tight they ached. As she watched a woman moving around getting the different cameras into position Linda’s heart started to race and pound in her ears. The words; boys, weekend, tip of the iceberg, and surprise rumbled in her mind as she watched everyone being so busy. She wondered what all was in store for her; just how many more surprises were there. She felt dizzy then shuddered and felt some vaginal juices start to ooze down one of her legs as she thought of Jimmy, and his huge penis cumming in her, and remembered how he hurt her when he hit bottom the first time. A painful knot formed in her groin when she thought, “My god getting pregnant by Jimmy how revolting!”

“Seventy-three thousand eighty-nine hundred plus viewers!” announced a woman and then enthusiastically added, “and the counter is still ticking off a few late comers!”

“Hear that?” Shark queried then remarked, “You could’ve made a lot of money tonight if you had come to work for me when I asked, but instead you are paying off that loser’s debts and not making a single penny for you efforts!”

The light in the room turned bright as a few of the women joined Jimmy and Linda. Linda was certain that some kind of hokey music was playing for the viewers to hear as a wireless ear-sized speaker was stuffed into her ear. Her anger returned briefly, as she watched another women stuff one into Clint’s ear and thought, “My God thousands of people will be watching me suck that bastard’s dick and letting him fuck me. Clint that bastard I’m going to kill the son-of-bitch…! When this is over I will find him and cut his fucking balls off and flush them down the toilet!” The loud crackling sound in her ear brought her back to the event.

Clint and Linda both shivered a little as the command to start crackled in their ear-pieces and Clint started, “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Jimmy the Shark with this little angle and bless all the fucking this man and woman are going to do.” The room filled with riotous laughter as Clint read, it became so loud he had to stop.

Linda strained out a real looking smile as everyone laughed out loud, “That is just so fucking perfect!” a woman shouted out between laughs.

“I think I am going to cry!” another said sarcastically and the uproar quieted.

“And bless this weekend and hope they both cum their fucking brains out.” Again the room filled with riotous laughter causing Clint to stop as Jimmy looked around beaming a bright smile one of the women stepped in close behind Linda lifted her shirt and stuffed two gooey fingers into her rectum causing her to jump and gasp out loudly.

“Easy there girl we have to finish the ceremony first!” Jimmy soothed as he petted her head, smiled and nodded at Clint and then urged, “Hell padre I think you best get on with it cause this little filly is a bite’en at the bit to get started with the honeymoon.”

“I bet she is!” extolled one woman as the room turned quiet.

“Do you Linda solemnly promise to obey to the very best of your ability Jimmy’s every wish no matter how silly or demanding, how easy or hard, sensual or disgusting?”

“I do ‘ooo…!’ promise.” Linda responded just as the woman stuffed her gooier fingers back into her rectum and again causing the crowd to start laughing.

“Better watch out Jimmy she looks like she’ll fuck the shit out of you!” One of the women teasingly shouted, causing everyone there to roar with laughter even Clint and Linda were beside them selves and then everyone quieted down. Linda’s rectum was starting to feel like it was melting inside; her stomach turned warm, and her clitoris began to pound and ache terribly with every throb and her vaginal muscles were beginning to quake. “Who is and what are… they putting inside me!?” Linda thought while Clint started again.

“Do you Linda solemnly promise to give as much sexual pleasure as you know how to do to Jimmy and anybody else he gives you to?”

Before Linda could answer the unknown woman, jabbed her fingers into her again with more of that gooey stuff and caused her to urine to dribble. She was unable to stop the flow as her muscles were numb, and she felt the warm liquid running down her legs and pooling at her bare feet causing her to squirm and fidget. Linda felt her labia turn hot and swell and her vaginal well felt as if some one had put a balloon inside her and was now blowing it up. She bravely faked a bright smile and looked right at Jimmy saying, “I do so promise to give him and his friends as much sexual pleasuring as they want! Any way they want it, and any time they want it!” and then started pushing her butt onto the intruding fingers as her body filled with a very warm and pleasurable feeling. Her eyes fell closed and she could feel Jimmy’s huge cock gliding into her rectal cavity and was jolted back awake when she caught herself falling.

“Do you Linda solemnly promise to milk every drop of Jimmy the Shark’s sperm and treat every little drop of semen as if it were gold!”

“I do promise to milk him as best I can!” Linda answered with a deeper and breathier voice as the drugs Jimmy’s girl put inside her took affect.

“And do you Jimmy the Shark promise to give her a good fucking!” every one chuckled quietly when he read that even Linda.

“I will, I do, and I can!” Shark brayed.

“Well then by the power granted to me by Jimmy the Shark I pronounce you Jimmy’s girl. Jimmy you may place the collar around her neck. Lola stepped up and with a snap locked a shinny new choke chain dog color around Linda’s neck and handed the leash to Jimmy.

“And you Linda may now kneel and suck Jimmy’s dick.”

A loud riotous cheer filled the room as Linda slipped to her knees, unzipped Jimmy’s fly and felt everybody’s eyes on her as she fished his long, thick, dark red colored cock from inside his pants. It was still soft but its veins were quite visible. Precum was already dripping from the gaping hole in the middle of the flared head and oozed onto her hand. Linda’s right cheek became shinny as she rubbed the gland on it and then slurped the oozing gelatinous mass as it dangled from the opening into her mouth, and began noisily suckling the meaty head and milking the swelling shaft.

Clint’s face turned long as he watched her suckling and he started to slump as the full impact landed with a surprising shock. All this time he thought he was just stringing her along while tricking her out of her money and cheating on her and talking bad about her at the bars to anyone that listened. His head turned down as the memory of how willing she was to do every thing he asked of her and how good she made him feel when she coaxed his seed from his belly. Now she belonged to The Shark.

“You watch!” one of the women angrily hissed while grabbing his penis and squeezed quite painfully. “Stand still!” she barked angrily when Clint started trying to get away.

Two other women Kneeled next to Linda and started rubbing more of Jimmy’s gooey drug on her breasts and slathering more of it on and in her anus.

Lola towered over her ordering, “Get all of it down your throat!” and then pushed her head cramming her nose into Jimmy’s shiny black pubes. Wet gurgling noises could be heard as Linda gagged, while women continued their ministrations to Linda’s breasts and anus. Lola was pressing Linda’s nose firmly into Shark’s pubic hairs and when she pulled her head back Jimmy’s swelled cock sprang free, flinging a long stringy rope of precum across Linda’s face, some fell onto and hung from her chin and stretched down to the t-shirt.

As the swelled shaft vanished back into Linda’s mouth and down her throat Lola ordered, “Lick those ball baby! Come on stick out that tongue of you’res and lick’em good.”

As her tongue snaked out Jimmy sighed loudly and sang out, “Baby oh ‘baby…!’ yea baby that feels good!” and began to slide the full length of his member in and out of Linda’s mouth pausing only long enough for her to lick his balls and then with a stretched out dreamy voice sighed, “I want to feel that pussy squeez’en my meat when I slide this love tool into it.” He paused while he watched her noisily suckling his now bright red head and swallowing his juices.

He wrapped the chain around his wrist and spun her around grabbed her around the stomach and taking a breast in each hand lifted her up and ordered as he squeezed her nipples, “Lola suck that giant clitty and stuff my meat inside that hot, wet tunnel of love!”

Clint’s eye blinked as a full surge of urine gushed out when Lola locked her lips onto Linda’s pulsing clitoris and started suckling, and when the flow of urine slowed to a dribble she began teasing her labia with Jimmy’s flared gland. Linda had her legs wrapped around Lola and both of her hands full of Lola’s dark red hair as she tried to stuff Lola’s head in with Jimmy’s cock. Linda’s legs spread wide and a deep throaty groan erupted as Jimmy’s thick shaft slipped in through her vaginal sphincter aided by Lola’s guiding hand and she started rapidly pumping it moving it ever so slightly up and down in and out almost shaking it.

Linda was oblivious to everyone there and completely mindless of the ninety plus thousand watching her world wide on their computers, as she raced to her climax. Her gasps were now voiceless as she panted and squirmed within Jimmy’s tightening grip. Sweat was pouring off Linda in sheets as Lola continued her ministrations to both Linda and Jimmy. Linda’s breathing turned into panic laden gasps, her legs began to bicycle, her toes splaying, and her body surged as her orgasm washed over her and after several loud gasping moans, and she went limp. A loud squelching sloppy wet suction sounded when Jimmy’s cock slopped out followed by a long rope of semen that started to slide down her thigh as Linda slipped slowly to the floor. Lola slurped up the stringer of sperm then helped her on to all fours.

“Well boys and girls this is going to feel good!” Jimmy brayed as he maneuvered between her legs pulling the chain taut and looked at Lola saying warmly, “You put it in baby.”

While still rubbing Linda’s large taut clitoris with one hand, she maneuvered the swelled gland on Shark’s hard meaty shaft with the other between Linda’s puffy wet labia, with a slight coaxing Jimmy pushed, and in it slipped. As it slid in Linda’s thick meaty labia vanished as they rolled in, then slipping out and fanning wide when Jimmy stopped pushing. Linda was now moaning louder and pushing her buttocks into Jimmy’s member as it slipped deeper in.

Linda’s head bobbed up suddenly; a twisted grimace filled her face and a painful sounding grunt sounded, as her vaginal vault strained against the helmet of Jimmy’s long thrusting penis. It was only the second time she had ever felt anything like it and held her body still as Jimmy worked his magical thrusting for several minutes. Linda’s elbows buckled as Shark’s long shaft stretched and deepened her vaginal well with every thrust. The depth of his thrusts numbed her body; even the ministrations from Lola no longer caused her heart to race. It was the tight sweaty grip of Jimmy’s shaking hands on her hips as his body began to tremble that caused the knot to swell in her groin and throat and make her heart race.

“Lay down on your back.” He directed breathlessly a loud wet squelch sounded as he pulled out of her. Linda looked at his hard wet flexing cock as she lay on her back. When he got on his hands and knees Jimmy warmly ordered, “You rub the head of my dick all over your clit and look into my eyes while you do.” Before the last word Linda was rhythmically rubbing his huge gland over her pounding clitoris her gaze fixed on Jimmy’s eyes and blinking only when her body shuddered.

“Now guide him into you and keep rubbing your clit.” Jimmy crooned. Linda gasped and quaked as his flared gland slipped through her labia. She continued massaging her clitoris while Jimmy’s helmet bobbed just inside the lips of her vagina, and within a few short minutes her eyes began to wink and she gasped loudly as a subtle orgasm washed over her and her gaze was still fixed to Jimmy’s eyes. Her backed arched as twelve of Jimmy’s fourteen inches plunged into the deepest part of her womb. Linda began grunting as he painfully pushed the head of his cock against her vaginal vault. With one last painful thrust Jimmy let out a loud growling groan and was now keeping his huge cock pressed in as deep as he could with convulsive movements both their bodies rocked back and forth. When he pulled it part way out the thick flexing shaft could be seen clearly as some of his semen dripped from it. Both of their bodies were covered with sweat and they were both panting like mating animals.

They were both silent for a few minutes as they lay in each other’s arms, Jimmy was licking her lips teethe with his tongue allowing his saliva to cascade into her mouth. “Okay Linda I want you to suck the last of this load into your mouth and give my dick a good tongue bath!” Jimmy breathlessly ordered as yanked his penis free and sat back on his knees and rattled the chain. Quickly and obediently Linda spun around and onto her knees in time to catch a thick long rope of sperm as it oozed out and dangled from his thick bright red shaft, and then started licking the rest of the shimmering cream from Jimmy’s still hard shaft and hairy scrotum. Lola collected the thick gel with a wide ladle as it oozed out from between her labia and scooped it from her legs.

“Oh yea…! That is good!” Shark sighed as he stretched out on the floor and with a wet smile beaming said, “Lola has a present for you baby!” then let the chain fall to the floor.

Linda turned to see what it was and knew right a way by the smile on Lola’s face and the spoon in her hand and opened her mouth. “Not so fast Linda!” Lola corrected and then softly ordered, “Say please let me have Jimmy’s sperm.”

Linda managed a warm looking smile and purred, “Please Lola let me have all of Shark’s sperm.” Linda jumped and shuddered as Jimmy stuffed two of his burly rough fingers into her gaping pussy.

With a laugh remarked, “She sprung a leak.” The room filled with laughter, as Linda slurped the sperm from the ladle swallowing it straight down and giving an approving yum, yum.

“Now take off the shirt and give your crotch a wipe with it so’s everyone can see!” crackled her earpiece. Her face turned beet red and the chain rattled as she stripped the shirt in obedience wiping her sperm covered hairs and then put it back on, as it draped down a big shiny wet spot appeared right between her breasts. Linda straightened out the chain and held it out to Jimmy.

“Now give the girls a nice warm kiss tell them all thanks and ask them leave cause you want some one on one time with Jimmy.”

Trying to hide her puzzled look as she wondered who was talking Linda smiled warmly as she kissed every one of Jimmy’s girls and cooed as she thanked them and with a salacious smile and purred as she asked them to leave rubbing her clitoris telling them how much she wanted to be alone with Jimmy.

“I got first dibs when she comes back into play!” Lola excitedly claimed, and then salaciously expressed as she rattled the choke chain, “I want some serious one on one with her myself!”

“You got it baby!” Shark assured as he gave his wife a wet kiss.

“I’ll do you good Lola.” Linda said her voice quite sexy.

“Oh man I got to be next!” another pleaded as she walked out the door.

“Is it set up with Linda’s sister?” Shark asked in a cross tone when Lola closed the door. Linda looked up with a shocked look on her face stunned by yet another surprise.

“Yea Jimmy. I called her this afternoon and told her Linda asked me to invite her over for breakfast and a day of shopping. She said she would be here in the morning around ten.” Clint confirmed and just stood there like an idiot kicking at the floor.

“What do you mean Jimmy?” Linda asked her face grimacing with renewed anger at Clint and keeping a thin smile on when looking at Jimmy.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise!” Jimmy laughed as he stuffed the leash into a bulky leather bag tied the leather straps the chain, sat down and flailed his still hard cock at Linda adding, “I told you this weekend was going to be full of them. Now mount this throbbing slab of hot beef.” Linda swaggered over and started to climb on facing Jimmy when he sharply admonished, “No! No you plant your sweet ass on my belly and look at Clint as you slide my hard cock into that tight pussy of you’res.” Linda turned around and scowled at Clint as she maneuvered her vaginal opening over Jimmy’s flared helmet and with a wriggling of her sweet shapely hips it slipped into her opening. The angry scowling look on her face quickly turned warm and soft as the first half of Jimmy’s thick shaft vanished into her womb, and Clint eyes grew wide as Linda’s clitoris exploded in size and started pulsing. Tendrils of her juices started oozing out and coating his belly and her fanny a shimmering ring of gelatinous mass formed on his shaft marking the depth of her thrusting. Linda’s body shuddered and she gasped as her creamy juices gushed out coating his large hairy scrotum with more the shimmering jellylike mass.

“That’s my little honey.” Jimmy sighed and asked, now tell me true it’s me you’ve wanted ever since the first time I made you suck my dick?”

“Yes Jimmy I’ve wanted to you to fuck me ever since I sucked your dick.” Linda cooed dreamily in reply as she methodically undulated her fanny then warmly added, “I’ve always been sorry for not doing you better the last time.”

“Then it’s me you see when close your eyes while that limp dicked loser humps you?” He sighed as he stroked Linda’s pulsing clitoris.

“Yes I just close my eyes and imagine you’re the one mounting me.” Linda softly assured and then started pushing more of Jimmy’s throbbing meat into her womb and after several minutes, Linda’s body began to tremble.

“Okay now pump it…! Pump it deep, pump it hard, and pump it fast baby!” Jimmy excitedly groaned as his body flexed, and soon a copious mass of seminal fluid erupted from Linda’s vaginal opening and began coating, her fanny, his scrotum and thighs and continued gushing as his huge flexing shaft thrust inwards and in a few seconds the two of them sat quietly in the chair. Both Linda and Jimmy’s pubic hairs, and thighs were covered with Jimmy’s sperm and Linda’s vaginal juices.

The earpiece made Linda jump as it crackled again, “Kick Clint out!”

“Get the fuck out of here you pencil dicked loser.” Linda angrily yelled the force of her voice grunted Jimmy’s cock out as she seized the opportunity to vent her suppressed rage and in a shitty tone affirmed, “It was the truth what I said to Jimmy.” She paused then smiled as she guided his rigid shaft back in. She closed her eyes and added, “Now leave us you dickless fuck I want to be alone with Jimmy!”

As he headed for the door Shark admonished threateningly, “You best head straight for the down town clubhouse!” and then reached into his bag, tossed an envelope at him and sneered, “There’s the first half of your fucking dough now get!” and he was gone.

“Oh…! Jimmy I think I am going to hurl may I please go to the bathroom.” She begged her face twisting from panic.

“Best be going I guess.” He said with a laugh. A loud wet sucking squelch sounded when she jumped off and before he could speak, she was making a mad dash for the toilet. A loud wet belching groan resounded inside the toilet as she heaved violently. Jimmy followed the trail of sperm dollops to the bathroom and entered just in time to see and hear the loudest of the retching convulsions and watch his sperm gush out with every violent heave, some of it ran down her thigh, some just plopped onto the floor and some of it hung dangling from her labia and clitoral hood. A few short minutes and the loud vomiting was over, and Linda was hanging on the toilet panting as she caught her breath, while Jimmy rubbed the sweat on her back Linda looked up with a funny look on her face like she had been sitting on a turntable.

“I don’t know what happened.” Linda groaned out as her head continued to swim in its haze.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine, it is just the dope. I know you don’t use but you belong to me now and if I tell you to take and eat something you best do it.” The Shark calmly assured and began to rub his sperm all over her buttocks and thighs stuffing his spermy fingers into her anus. Jimmy watched Linda’s body quaking from his firm massaging of her clitoris and then softly added, “I’m glad you stopped shaving I like the hair on your legs. Come on brush your teeth, and wash your face no one wants to smell puke; get a drink of water, and catch your breath, the boys are going to be here soon and they ‘are…!’ horny and I promised them a hot and horny chick and they know it’s you.”

Linda looked at the clock as she entered the living room let out a long sigh and thought, “Shit it isn’t even eight o’clock!” then almost afraid to Linda breathlessly asked, “What is going to happen to Beth Ann when she gets here?”

“The same thing that is happening to you a lot of sucking and fucking. Do like I tell you and both of you will come out of this.” Shark assured then asked, “Why do you hang with that loser? You let him squander almost all of your settlement from the estate.”

End pt. 1

This is a fictional story of bondage and rape; I do not take pleasure in reading about rape in the newspapers but watching it in the movies or reading a fictional story is different. Chapter two is being worked on as this story is being posted.

Any constructive comments can be sent to
‘ writermike2003@yahoo.com ‘ any and all reasonable e-mails will be responded to.
Thank you for your time writermike

05-16-2006, 11:33 AM
Super story Mike ---left me hanging waiting for part two thank you for sharing it with us

05-17-2006, 01:44 AM
Excellent Story.....also waiting for part 2...Thanks for sharing it.

05-19-2006, 06:48 PM
The Gambler’s Debt
Pt. 2

The lights in the living room were bright and made Linda squint her eyes as she walked into the room and staggered when Jimmy the Shark took hold of the leather bag that held the leash attached to her choke collar.

“What is going to happen to Beth Ann when she gets here?” Linda breathlessly asked almost afraid to as she regained her balance.

“The same thing that is happening to you a lot of sucking and fucking and she had better act like she likes it too. Do like I tell you and both of you will come out of this and that pretty young niece of you’res will go to school on Monday.” Shark assured then asked, “Why do you hang with that loser? You let him squander almost all of your settlement from the estate, and abase you. Shit he is just a fuck’en loser.”

“I’m not sure why now, I thought I loved him and he loved me.” Linda sadly admitted.

“Sorry! I just don’t buy that love shit cause you still have the first ten thousand from the will stashed away at a different bank, so you had to think something was fishy. Well if you had left him and come to work for me when I told you to, you would be getting paid a lot of money for this shit instead; most of your inheritance is gone, and you’re paying off that loser’s debts by fucking anybody you are told to, and doing it with a smile!” He smiled as he played in her hair then softly said, “You could still make a lot of money working for me and have fun doing it too, but you’ll have to leave that sorry hump.”

“The thought of being your whore…” Linda paused her face wrinkled as she thought.

“Don’t knock it, besides what are you doing now? You are being a whore and fucking the people I tell you to, and when I tell you to. You are an oddity why people pay money just to ‘look…!’ at pictures of your pussy and this huge clit!” Jimmy excitedly explained giving her clitoris; a firm squeeze, a tug, and a shaking.

“What are you talking about?” She quizzed with a very puzzled and angry look on her face as if she knew what he was about to say.

“Here. Click on the clitty.com icon.” He directed as he handed his laptop to Linda then added, “Just click on any of the files there.”

Linda’s face turned a deep red and her eyes blinked wide as she scrolled through the jpgs, disgusted at learning the depth of Clint’s deceit. Her cheeks puffed as her breath gusted out in anger and she started to pound on the keyboard as she scrolled through the ‘mpeg.’ archives. She trembled with anger as she saw how many of them had her name on them and thought, “I’m going to get that fucking bastard!” She looked up with tears in her eyes and asked, “How much did you pay him for all these pictures?”

“I gave him a thousand dollars worth of credit at the casino for each set.” Jimmy bragged and with a wry smile on his face added, “Actually nothing he lost it all to cards or my whores. Tens of thousands of people have viewed them; I’ve made several thousand dollars on them. Hell, a lot of local men and women have paid to view them. Just think about how much you could have made posing for me instead of the loser you did pose for.” Shark paused and watched Linda thinking and burning with rage.

Her breath rapid and shallow as she clinched her fists and sadly remarked, “I thought he was just keeping them to his self as a turn on.” And then she began to understand some of the sly looks she got at the store and now she knows the people she thought were talking about her actually were talking about her and a terrible humiliation swept through her body. Her secrete the secrete of her privates was out; the whole world new she had an enlarged clitoris and oversized labia. Just as she started to get comfortable with herself after enduring years of torment from the kids at school and some of her boy friends, her husband of all people sold their private pictures to the internet after promising he wouldn’t and for what poker and whores.

As Shark watched Linda burning he added, “You know the boys coming over in a few minutes are friends of mine and I have charged them quite a lot of money to see you in person and bang you and your sister all weekend long, and you could have been on the payroll instead of paying a loser’s debt.” His face brightened up when he watched Linda start seething he knew she was thinking about killing that fucker.

Linda regained a little composure and in a shaky voice she asked, “How many are there going to be? May I at least know their names?”

“Yea sure but only their nick names, there is Johnny the Sack Billy the Bat and their two friends Clyde the tongue and hairy Jake.” Shark explained smiling smugly.

Linda looked at Jimmy her face quite red and breathing heavily she asked, “How did they get those names?” then scootched closer to Jimmy smiled and took his limp penis in her hand again hoping to curry favor by showing her submission.

“Well ole Johnny the Sack has a huge hairy sack, with balls to match, no one shoots off a load like him, and Billy the Bat has one big ‘cockah…!” it’s bigger than mine and I have a big one!” Jimmy paused and watched with a broad grin beaming as his tool hardened from Linda’s honing then continued, “There is Clyde the tongue well you should be able to imagine why, ‘boy…!’ does he like to eat pussy especially sperm filled pussy, and then…”

Linda interjected, “And hairy Jake is really hairy. Right?”

“You got it.” Shark smugly confirmed then directed as he stretched on the couch, “Come and suck my dick, lay your pretty little head on my belly, close those eyes, and suck my hard dick.” A pleasurable sigh of relief sounded as her mouth engulfed half of his throbbing cock and then dreamily directed, “Milk my shaft and squeeze my ‘baaalllss…!’ and don’t stop! Don’t stop till I unload and tell you to stop!” He groaned as he buried his fingers in her curly locks and got into her rhythm.

Linda’s body jumped as the door swung open but obediently kept her eyes closed and his weeping cock in her mouth as one of the invaders spoke, “Shheeit man does that look sweeet!” He brayed loudly with the door still open. Linda’s body winced as he pinched her bare bottom.

“Gawd damn it…! I see you waited like the hogs do at the fucking troth, Jimmy the Shark.” Yowled the second. A stifled gasp squeezed passed Jimmy’s cock as he gave her butt a slap.

“Oh yea like you’d wait for me!” Jimmy called back as he shoved his cock deeper into Linda’s mouth pressing her nose into his soaking wet pubic hairs making her body convulse as she gagged, and struggled for her breath.

Linda coughed violently after Jimmy pulled his cock from her mouth and introduced, “The ugly one there is Billy the Bat and the scrawny one there is Johnny the Sack.”

After she caught her breath Linda asked, “Who’s who they’re both pretty fucking ugly and scrawny!?” and all three of them howled with riotous laughter. Linda started to feel a little better after earning a few points.

“God damn she’s hot and… sassy too Jimmy!” the fatter of the two announced. He reached down grabbed a hand full of Linda’s hair and pulled her to his stubble covered face locked his lips to her’s in a forceful kiss. Little grunts gurgled in her throat as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, slowly her flailing arms wrapped around him as the embrace warmed. “God damn she’s got a wet mouth!” he excitedly brayed as he pulled his face away from hers slurping back some of her sweet spit. “My name is Johnny the Sack.” He introduced his self.

“And I’m Billy the Bat!” the second man with a full faced beard excitedly announced as he pulled her to him and biting her ear and circling it with his tongue. Linda quickly caught on and bit him back on the chin then the lip and sealing her lips to his, kissing as passionately as she could. Linda shuddered as Johnny reached between her legs and started tugging on her clitoris and stuffing his burly fingers into her wet vaginal opening.

“I’ve come a long way to see this thing now show it to me.” He ordered as he pulled back his soaking fingers and sniffed them.

“Yea I want to see what the pictures missed!” Billy energetically agreed as he laid her across the back of the sofa.

“Gaaawwd damn…!” John howled as he peeled back the t-shirt and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing monster clit, excitedly adding, “Shit that thing looks just like a dick and throbs like one too!” Linda’s face turned a bright deep red as she suffered through the humiliation of their boorish gawking and rouge pawing.

“Ouha…! Man…! She just gushed all over the back of the sofa here!” Bill sang out with surprise. Both men were acting like children in an ice-cream parlor as they poked their fingers into Linda’s vaginal opening; they squeezed, stretched, and twisted her clitoris and both nipples. They probed her anus, and stretched her labia with their fingers all the while Linda squirmed under their roguish ministrations.

Finely after a few minutes of strained gruntings and groanings, Linda yelled out, “You’re really hurting me please take it a little easier! Pleeeaseah!”

“What’ll you give us if we do?” John asked sarcastically.

“Yea you gonna be a good girl for us all?” Bill chimed in.

“Oh Yeaass…!” Linda groaned as they continued their rough pawing and prodding then she gasped as an explosive gush of urine sprayed out arcing over the back of the sofa while John pulled her clitoris, “I wah… I want t… to do… you both as best as I can!” she finely gasped out.

“So you’ll cum really good for us if we do it more to your liking? Is that it?” Bill asked sounding interested in her reply.

“Oh yes I can have a really creamy wet orgasm!” Linda sincerely assured. Both men stopped their painful foreplay, but kept their fingers inside her vagina and softened their groping.

“Where the hell is Clyde and Jake?” Shark impatiently asked.

“Hell don’t worry none they’ll be along in a bit.” Bill informed as he gingerly squeezed Linda’s taut clitoris and then asked, “Hey shark you mind if I dip my wick?”

“Sure go ahead just don’t cum in her.” Jimmy cautioned.

“You came in her!” He excitedly howled as he rubbed his hard cock inside his pants and shaking his wet spot at Linda.

“Well…! Yea…! She is my wife for the weekend!” Jimmy brayed and added, “I’ve pumped a load into her mouth too!”

“So you wouldn’t mind if she gives my dick a sucking?” Johnny asked.

“Shit no! I’m sure Linda there would really love it…” Jimmy agreed and as he jostled Linda with his knee, he asked, “Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Jimmy I’d love to suck both their dicks and give them both a ride any time, any way.” Linda sincerely responded and smiled warmly.

Then Shark reminded them, “Just remember Clyde and Jake like their sperm fresh!”

Before Billy the Bat could get his fly unbuttoned Johnny had his pole sticking straight out and was turning Linda onto her stomach as she stayed draped across the back of the couch and was about to poke it down her throat. Finely Billy got his hard on pulled out but when he looked up Johnny already had his dick in her mouth a pumping away with a wide grin beaming. Johnny’s cock stifled Linda’s grunting and groaning as Billy’s began working his huge member into her womb pressing her mons tightly against her thighs.

“Oh god Sharkey you were right she has some of the strongest muscles I have ever felt gripping my dick!” Bill the Bat exuberantly exclaimed and stopped moving as he added, “Worth every little red cent too!” and then pulled out with a shlop and stood there breathing heavily and excitedly exclaimed, “Those muscles moved so fast inside there I almost shot my load!”

“Let me feel’em!” Johnny groaned and Linda coughed and gagged a little as he shoved his cock deep into her throat just before pulling out of her mouth and ordered, “Spin around.” Linda obediently spun around quickly grabbing Billy’s bat and sucking it into her mouth, gagging her as he pushed it into the back of her throat and a muffled cooing moan sounded as Johnny sunk his member into Linda’s womb and with amazement Johnny remarked, “God damn man she’s really wet and hot in there.”

“Hey man, give her a reach around!” Billy said with a laugh.

“Ooo..!” He crooned. “My God I see what you mean!” sighed Johnny as he complied and he too pulled out as quickly as he entered her energetically saying, “Man those muscles could make a dead man cum!”

“Come here baby it’s my turn.” Jimmy warmly ordered. Linda slipped over the back of the couch slithered over Jimmy’s body and when Linda’s knees hit the floor his cock hit the back of her throat and on down. Johnny and Billy moved behind her and took turns probing her vagina with their large members, and Linda was making soft gurgling and slurping noises as she swallowed Jimmy’s copious preejaculate.

Johnny was the first to talk, “Is it true Jimmy she likes to be eaten out?”

“Ever know a woman that didn’t well this one goes wild!” Jimmy excitedly informed.

“Well then ole Clyde will give her a real thrill.” Johnny sang.

“Oh yea…!” Chimed Billy as he pulled out panting his body looking stiff as he strained to keep his sperm inside.

Linda’s head bobbed up as the front door swung open with a bang as it hit the wall, Jimmy caught it and shoved his organ back in her mouth as two large dogs rambunctiously bounced into the room announcing their arrival with throaty whines and friendly growls and barks as they sniffed everyone’s ass, crotch, and gave sloppy wet doggy kisses to Jimmy, Johnny, and Billy. Linda’s tried to scream when the two animals began licking her buttocks but was muffled by Jimmy’s cock as it slipped in deeper causing her to retch and he just kept it deep in her throat until he knew she had to breath.

Linda’s head popped up as she gagged and jumped over the back of the couch panting, with her bright red face twisted into an ugly grimace, and her skin bristled with goose bumps, groaning out she said, “God damn that was disgusting!” and then let out with a couple of dry heaves. Linda shuddered violently, her mouth gaped wide, as did her eyes and her stomach turned icy cold as very rude awakening exposed another surprise in what was becoming a long line of surprises. She was about to faint when Jimmy spoke.

“Look here.” He ordered as he held up his palm pilot showing a white van this time, blinking it lights and a violent shudder raced across her body as he laughingly said, “Surprise, surprise, surprise… It’s show time baby!”

Johnny and Billy began vigorously petting the two dogs and talking warmly to them. Jimmy joined in on the rough housing and soon Linda’s will to survive over took her outrageous humiliation and she too joined in welcoming the animals. Tentatively at first, she started stroking the fir of the shorthaired bloodhound. She laughed as she squeezed the wrinkled skin hanging from his body saying, “He so ugly he’s gross!” The shock and humiliation coupled with the threat of violence erased or seemed to erase the memory; that the whole affair was being taped from Linda’s mind

“That there is Clyde the tongue.” Jimmy informed as he did Clyde signifyingly swished his tongue across Linda’s face covering the whole side with it’s width and length eliciting a full body shudder in Linda as well as making her face twist into one ugly grimace. “He is a full blooded blood hound with papers!” Jimmy bragged.

“And this must be Hairy Jake!” Linda energetically greeted in an effort to hide her disgust and skillfully feigning interest asked, “What kind of dog is he?” She was doing a good job of hiding her outrage.

“Oh he’s just a mix.” Johnny chipped in.

“He has Wolf, Grate Dane, Irish Setter, and Saint Bernard.” Jimmy clarified as he cast a searching but approving look at Linda.

“He’s a beautiful animal.” Linda warmly cajoled as she moved close to his face. Jake quickly responded by lavishing her face with sloppy wet doggy kisses.

“Linda go throw some of that meat in the refer the girls brought on the floor in the kitchen.” Shark directed. No sooner did four chunks of beef the floor, the dogs were eagerly eating it up oblivious to Linda as she walked back to the living room.

“May I please go to the bathroom?” She asked softly.

“What do you want to do?” Jimmy pried.

“Those two hounds scared the piss out of me!” Linda embarrassingly admitted. She knew that that was what they wanted to hear.

The men roared with laughter “Yea sure go ahead.” Jimmy permitted as he continued to chuckle, as an after thought added, “Leave the door open.”

Soon the sound of urine splashing in the toilet could be heard joined with a loud wet fart. Linda quietly sat there collecting her strength as the last few dribbles fell into the bowl. Her rectum was so knotted up it was hard for her to tell if she had to go poop. She listened to them laughing over a story or joke and wondered if they were laughing at her and told herself, “it isn’t suppose to matter their pleasure is all that matters now. The louder they laugh the better; the more and the harder they cum the better.” Linda stood flushed the toilet and walked into the living room.

“I’m ready to do some sucking and fucking!” She whole-heartedly announced catching the men by surprise.

“Well you just come right on over here and we’ll see what we can do!” excitedly brayed both Johnny and Billy.

“Yea you just squish in between us and we’ll give you a lot of that!” Chimed Jimmy. He peeled her t-shirt off exposing her naked body to more of their animalistic pawings and gropings.

The men began noisily kissing, licking, and suckling; they prodder her anus and vagina, stretched her labia and squeezed her throbbing clitoris while her nipples were being bitten, sucked, twisted and pulled. Loud breathy sighs sounded as Linda’s body responded to the roguish ministrations. When she wasn’t kissing one of them, she had one of their penises in her mouth. The men were turning her repeatedly and spinning her from front to back and back to front.

Loud crunching echoed from the kitchen and mingled with the noisy salacious fore play going on in the living room. The hounds were avidly chewing and gnawing on the bones after cleaning away the meat; appearing to be oblivious to the sexual menagerie in the other room. Linda grunted as Johnny plunged his long hard cock deep into her rectum, her grunts were muted by Jimmy’s thick shaft in the back of her throat and as she gagged he plunged it deeper causing her to retch and flail pushing her buttocks into Johnny’s thrusting cock. Johnny groaned loudly pulled out and shot thick ropes of hot sperm across Linda’s bobbing buttocks then, stood leaned over and gave a squirt into both armpits and across the back of her neck pasting her hair to her neck.

“Ahh…! Yea that was Goddamn good man!” Johnny sang his voice rife with relief as he milked his shaft and gloated over the thick fibrous ropes of semen as they oozed and flattened he rubbed them into Linda’s buttocks and after giving her anus another dollop poked his fingers into it.

“My turn you little sweetie!” Billy excitedly proclaimed as he sat on the couch his woody standing tall and wet from his fluid, “sit on this!” he brayed. Before he finished Linda was straining to get as much of his monstrous cock into her womb as would fit and then pumping it energetically.

“Ooo…! God girl pump it and hard!” Billy groaned as sweat formed across his body. Linda’s breasts flailed about as she quickened her thrusting. With a loud grunting groan he stood and flung Linda on top of Jimmy and gave one convulsive thrust then yanked it out and shot a copious stream of sperm from her bellybutton up between and covering her breasts and adding more sperm to her armpits, and with the last few squirts laid stringers on her thighs. Jimmy stood pushing Linda to her knees and shot his load into her mouth at first then began to paint her cheeks and throat and then giving good dosing behind both ears and allowing the rest of his cum to slide out and down between her breasts and as the flow eased shoved it all the way down her throat, and then let out a loud grunting groan.

Linda sat there, covered head to toe almost, with trails of ejaculate sliding along her skin, oozing between her breasts, and giving her facial cheeks a shimmer. A look of dizziness was on her face as she caught her breath and look around the room; the wide trails of sperm were beginning to sag under their weight. The room was silent except for the loud sloshing coming from the bathroom as the hounds drank their fill from the toilet. All three men stood staring at Linda’s sperm covered body gloating with their smiles beaming and stroking their softening cocks. All of them began smearing the seminal fluid over her nipples, behind her ears and then rubbing it in on her belly, pubic hairs, thighs, and buttocks.

Linda didn’t have to ask why, she knew why they were smearing her body with their sperm; it was the scent she knew those dogs were going to lick her whole body everywhere they found the taste or smell of semen their tongues were going to wash across it. Her heart started to pound harder as she thought of their tongues swishing across her clitoris between her labia and her stomach turned icy hot as she pictured their heads crowding between her legs. Even though she was terribly appalled by the thought, she found herself not only becoming aroused but eagerly awaiting whatever ministrations the animals were about to give her.

“I guess the dawgs are getting them selves a little drinkey from the fountain.” Billy remarked breaking the silence.

“That is a long drink.” Argued Johnny as the two distinctly different sloshing sounds came from the bathroom.

“I guess they are checking the place out.” Remarked Jimmy as the hounds noisily padded around from room to room banging doors and making sniffing noises loud enough to be heard in the living room.

“When the dogs get back into the living room you start teasing them asking them if they want a ride!” crackled Linda’s earpiece causing her to jump in surprise. Panic began to fill her mind, her heart raced wildly, the inside of her mouth felt like she had a thick coating of gooey paste and she began to think about what was about to happen. She froze as Clyde padded into the room first; his huge head and prune looking red face with its floppy jowls still had toilet water dripping from it; the face was beyond hideous. His hide hung on him like a bad fitting suit and it rippled to the frantic wagging of his stubbed tail; but did not hide his large muscles that filled his hind quarters or powerful looking muscles of his front quarters. His paws were big and legs stocky and he looked agile as he padded excitedly around the room.

Linda’s fearfulness vanished and she jumped into action as Jake entered the room, “Come on boys ready to go for a ride.” She teased as she groped for words and saw that those were a good beginning as the animals were feverishly wagging their tails looking right at her and she went on teasing with, “Want to go for a ride with Linda.” her voice getting deeper when she heard them start to whine excitedly and looking as though they were about to break in half from the wagging of their tails. Linda screamed out in panic when Clyde jumped up on her knocking her to the floor and both animals began slathering their tongues across her semen covered face and as they did the men howled with laughter only Linda’s panic filled screams were louder. The howling laughter of the three men brought her back to her senses; her panic filled screams turned into licentious shrieks as Clyde and Jake found her spermy underarms. The hounds were making loud snorting noises as they sniffed Clyde quickly found her semen soaked clitoris and Jake began to clean her behind the ear and across her throat. The animal’s tongues didn’t touch the same place twice as they licked up their spermy treats. Linda’s breath now gusted from her mouth as her body quaked from the rough leathery tongues slathering across her body

Both Jake and Clyde were now sliding their tongues over Linda’s breasts and armpits and up to her face. As the animals continued their ministrations, her shrieking laughter turned into throaty moaning groans, and raspy gasps as she struggled for breath. Soon both of them were feverishly licking her clitoris, Jake straddling as he stood over her, and Clyde between her out stretched legs and they coaxed their first very wet orgasm from Linda’s loin. Linda’s body undulated as she pounded the floor with her bottom throwing her head side to side as she moaned. She let out a loud gasping sigh and a forceful gush of urine erupted causing Clyde to wince and the men’s laughter to turn into a loud howling roar as they slapped them selves and stomped the floor with their feet.

“Gawd damn it we got Niagara Falls right here!” Howled Billy the Bat as he roared with laughter.

As Linda’s orgasm eased, her body twitched to the swishing tongues. She opened her eyes to a spinning room and saw the animal straddling her. She saw Jakes huge red wet member poking way out from its sheath her mouth gaped, her eyes grew wide and her breath quickened. It was squirting little shoots of fluid that splattered on her skin as the swelled member flailed about. Jake that started licking his way to her face again, and as she gasped he slid his tongue into her gaping mouth. Linda coughed and gagged as Jake’s tongue hit the back of her throat. Clyde started sliding his tongue up her side greedily drinking her sweet sweat. Linda was awash with her sweat and aghast to realize her body was beginning to thrill to these animal’s intuitive attentions. She could still feel Jake’s tongue in her throat as he slathered it across her breast and up to her neck and slipping off the soft fleshy underside of her chin. Clyde was relishing her sweaty armpit as he slid his tongue from her waist to her elbow and across her ear, she opened her mouth to moan, and again Jake snaked his tongue into the back of her throat. Her body exploded as his tongue undulated inside her throat wriggling like a worm on a hook; Clyde went straight to licking the bounteous vaginal flow caused by Linda’s subtle orgasm as it slowly coursed its way through her body.

Linda’s heart was now pounding in her ears and a painful knot formed in her groin and her clitoris was so taut it ached to every throb; she lay there watching their large hairy scrotums bouncing about as they pranced over her body. The sight of those stiff red cocks poking out from the hairy sheaths spraying their scent all over her made her want them in her, and she rolled onto all fours causing the men to cheer and root her on. Jake continued to lavish her ear, neck, and cheek with his tongue, and a violent shudder raked across Linda’s body when Clyde first slid his long tongue across her anal tuck, and proceeded to clean Johnny’s sperm from her buttocks.

Linda’s deep guttural grunts filled the room as Clyde lumbered onto her back quelling the jeers from the men as he locked his front legs around her waist. He licked her ear and prodded her genitalia looking for the sweet spot. It only took a few jerky pokes before Linda’s body jumped from his huge tool plunging into her gaping vagina and he yanked it right out. Again, she jumped and groaned loudly as he plunged it part way in and yanked it out this time a gush of urine arced out, the vaginal opening winked as it spasmed. The gush of urine slowed and trickled down her thigh to the floor. Her dark red wet labia were splayed wide from the side of her dilated vagina and her vaginal fluids dripped from her pulsing clitoris. Clyde lunged again and Linda let out a loud grunting groan as Clyde’s swollen shaft vanished into her vaginal well. Her staccatoed grunts sounded strained and painful as Clyde began his powerful hunching; Linda bucked and winced from every thrust as he pounded her vulva with his monstrous knot trying to force it in.

“Ride her boy ride her!” Johnny enthusiastically cheered as he stood while Billy and Jimmy sat quietly watching Clyde mate with Linda. Jake was pacing back and forth eager for his turn as he watched Clyde’s efforts to shove his huge knot into Linda’s womb. Linda was struggling to stay up on all fours not so much for the entertainment of the men watching but more so for her pleasure. As another orgasm welled in her groin, she wanted it more than she thought possible and as her body began to surge a wet squelch sounded as Clyde’s knot plunged in, and his thrusting turned frantic. His growling groans became loud grunts as his sperm gushed surging into Linda’s vaginal well, splashing against her cervix, and then squeezing out around Clyde’s huge knot as it pistoned. The copious juices oozed down her thighs giving them a creamy shimmering texture.

The pain of Clyde’s knot plunging through her vaginal sphincter and his pointy shaft stretching and pushing into the vaginal vault stopped her orgasm from fruiting and caused her belly to cramp. She still breathed a sigh of relief when Clyde’s frantic humping slowed to a few spasmodic twitches and then he went limp and his wrinkly body was now draped across her back his hot breath gusting from his nose next to Linda’s ear.

Clyde gave Linda’s ear a few tender licks and he gave a yank Linda’s head bobbed up with a twisted painful looking contortion on her face. He gave several stronger yanks in an effort to extricate his member from Linda’s womb, but her vaginal sphincter had spasmed locking tight around Clyde’s huge globe and trapping it. Repeatedly he yanked causing Linda to cry out with strained grunts and Jake groaned louder as he became impatient. He looked around the room panting his tongue flapping as he licked at his frothy jowls catching his breath and then started another round of rearward yanks. He gave up and hopped off now Linda and Clyde were standing butt to butt; her sweaty body was covered with Clyde’s short hairs. He yanked and he kicked with his hind leg. He scratched her buttock with his claws every time he kicked, but was unable to pull free and so looked around the room his eyes half closed and his tongue flailing as he panted. Poor Linda was gasping in an effort to catch her breath and an exasperated expression covered her face. Finally, Jake became impatient, not wanting to wait any longer began licking her clitoris, and in a few seconds, a loud wet squelching sploosh sounded and Clyde yanked his pear shaped knot from Linda’s womb. Linda let out several loud sighing gasps as she slipped to the floor but bounced right back up when Jake let out a loud whiney growl and he proceeded to eagerly lick her genitalia licking up all the fluids draining from her vaginal opening.

Linda’s body started trembling and she began to moan gaspingly as he continued to lick her gaping vaginal opening. Long stringers began to dangle from his jowls as he licked up the fruits of her arousal, and Clyde’s sperm. When she started to cry out, he mounted her; finding her dilated vagina and in one thrust plunged his large cock, knot and all deep into the depths of her vaginal well. His long hairy tail swished between their legs and pressed against her belly wriggling between her breasts, and her body began to shake to his feverish thrusts.

Jake’s thrusting was much more deliberate; they were longer with the knot squelching out and right back in every few strokes, and they were much more rhythmic, and after several seconds he would stop and tenderly lick Linda’s ear or shoulder or her neck. Linda was in orgasmic rapture as her body was being washed by one long orgasm. Her breathing was labored, her stomached heaved in and out with her long and deep gusting breaths. Linda trembled and quaked to the slightest of movement within her womb. Jake’s thrusts turned into an explosive frenzy as his seed gushed into Linda’s vaginal well amidst loud grunts and soon he too hung limp across her back and after a few jerky thrusts he yanked free with a very wet sounding suction and sploosh as both of their juices spilled out and coursed down her thighs and onto the floor. Jake gave Linda’s thighs and genitalia a thorough cleansing and then began to clean his tool.

Clyde padded over and began licking Linda’s face as she stayed up on all fours her gasps and moans sounded of near exhaustion, but she knew not to stop as she had heard of the mating frenzy dogs get into and knew that is what these men wanted to see, but most of all she wanted it to go on for ever. When Clyde slid his nose under her belly and began licking her clitoris she sniffed at and licked his pointy penis as it poked from its sheath. This caused him to become much more frisky and prance about licking her all over, and soon his tongue lingered at her puffy labia and gaping vagina taking long fast licks. Linda just panted from his ministrations, but sang out loud when he mounted her. It still took several powerful thrusts for Clyde’s much larger cock with its knot, to plunge through her vaginal sphincter and when it found home Clyde’s thrusts were just as rapid and uncontrolled as the first time. Linda grunted as her vaginal sheath was stretched from the length and girth of Clyde’s cock and by the forcefulness of his thrusting. Again, Clyde’s hairy body quaked and he groaned out loudly as he released his torrential gushes of sperm, and just as quickly as the first time it started and ended. He was able to yank free with only a few sharp yanks. Linda fell straight to the floor and rolled onto her back, her monstrous clitoris poking straight up as it throbbed, and she saw Jake he was slowly licking his tool and Clyde was busy cleaning his, and she cast a quick glance at her audience.

“You’re still looking around!” Brayed Billy as he motioned her to come closer saying, “I’ve been saving this for you!” and he uncovered his penis slickened with a generous amount of seminal fluid. With out hesitation she mounted his stiff cock and with only a few wriggles, his seed splashed against her cervix as Billy made exaggerated groaning and grunting noises emulating the hounds.

“I’m next!” Johnny yelled and ordered, “You just stay right there and stick that sweet ass of you’res out.” And bellied up behind her and shoved his hard dick into her sperm soaked rectum and like Billy, he had been saving his orgasm and ejaculated instantly and was done with only a few pumps. Linda knew Jimmy was next and exactly what he wanted her to do so she leaned over to his belly and quickly slurped his gland into her mouth and milking his rigid shaft. All three of them must have been teasing them selves because like the first two Jimmy’s sperm gushed into her mouth with in a few seconds, and his penis turned soft right away.

While Linda lay on Jimmy’s belly knees on the floor, Johnny was stretched out on the chair and Billy moved onto the other end of couch. Seconds later without warning Jake lumbered onto Linda’s back and planted his huge cock deep into her womb, and her body shook from his short rapid strokes, stopping to lick both Jimmy’s scrotum and Linda’s face then start his rapid thrusting. Repeatedly Linda could feel his cock swell up turn hot and then Jake would stop and lick them both. It was as if he were teasing her with his seed, and after several minutes Jake’s thrusting turned explosive and sporadic, he grunted loudly and Linda felt his hot sperm gushing into her womb and spilling out then oozing down her legs. Jake was still giving her a few jerky thrusts when Clyde started licking her face and as soon as Jake yanked loose Clyde mounted and plunged his huge dog cock knot and all into Linda’s now gaping, soaking wet vagina. His thrusts were so forceful Linda’s body bounced from every thrust he delivered. This time he lasted for several minutes never stopping or slowing. Clyde made loud guttural gruntings when he released his torrential gush seminal fluid and then with a single yank pulled free.

Linda’s head was still on Jimmy’s stomach as she closed her eyes and rested and drifting off to sleep at one point. When she awoke Jake was sleeping by the front door, and Clyde was on his back spread eagle by the TV. She noticed Billy and Johnny were gone, so everyone but Linda was asleep. Linda’s was gazing at Clyde while Jimmy still slept. A long wet drool slithered passed her lips and slid to the sofa, her groin turned hot and her juices warmed her inner thighs when she noticed Clyde wasn’t sleeping but looking right at her; and he had a raging hard on poking way beyond its sheath and his essence was dripping out and running across his hairy belly. Linda’s scent filled the room quickly and Clyde’s long stub of a tail started thumping against the wall. Linda slowly slipped to the floor and snaked her way to Clyde who was now panting but still on his back. She took his swelled shaft into her hands and pushed the pointy tip into the back of her throat. Her mouth filled with his juices and she let them drool out at first but soon she started swallowing them. Linda felt his knot swell inside the sheath and press against her hand and heard quiet little grunts as his hind end squirmed and his front legs pushed against the back of her head as if trying to get her to go down deeper.

Clyde let out a growling groan as he jumped to his paws and Linda quickly turned her buttocks towards the feverish hound and waited for him to mount her. Clyde was on her back with a quick hop and Linda’s body quaked as he delivered two powerful thrusts plunging the full length of his cock with its huge knot into her womb. A flurry of rapid thrusts ensued; Clyde’s frantic humping slowed a stop as he kept his seed from bursting out as quickly as before. The echoes of his groaning grunts deep inside his chest followed his gasping breath. Linda’s raspy groans and grunts matched her animal lover’s; she could feel Clyde’s hairy scrotum bouncing onto her thighs splashing in her Bartholin fluids as they coursed down her sweated skin. Linda was soon swept into an orgasmic rapture, from the animal’s hot hairy haunches rubbing her smooth sweated buttocks to her flailing breasts as he humped and from his front legs wrapped tightly around her waist to his hot breath blowing across her ear or onto her neck. Again and again he stopped and started for what seemed like forever and then Clyde’s sperm surged out without warning causing Linda to swoon into another orgasm voicelessly crying out as the hairy beast pounded his haunches against her buttocks. They both toppled to the floor when Linda’s elbows buckled and Clyde yanked free with a tug spraying the last of his seed over Linda’s body. Linda was gasping for her every breath as she looked around the spinning room and her body jerking about as Clyde swished his tongue across her genitalia. As Clyde laid, his head on her belly Linda looked out the window and saw the first few rays of the morning light before drifting off to sleep.

Linda was shaken awake and there was Jimmy, standing over her looking down at her and when she sat up she noticed that Billy and Johnny were back and Clyde and Jake were sitting by their sides. The room was quite cold as all the windows, and doors were wide open, and there she was sitting naked and shivering. She saw scratches along her thighs from when the hounds kicked at her trying to free their huge cocks and every muscle in her body ached.

“Come on get up and clean your self, I don’t want you smelling like stale sex when you meet your sister.” Jimmy excitedly ordered adding, “It’s eight o’clock and your sister will be here soon.” And he gave her fanny a swat as Linda went to the bathroom for a shower.

“You guys wait for my signal and then bring on the hounds!” Linda heard Jimmy saying to Johnny and Billy as she walked.

Every muscle ached to every move; the hot water did some to ease the painful aching, but little to stop her vaginal muscles from quivering. She could feel the hot water washing away the thick coating of slimy sperm that clung to her buttocks and thighs, and the animal saliva that coated the rest of her body. As she soaped her body and brushed gelatinous globs from her pubic hairs, she could see and feel every sperm filled orgasm that all five animals released onto and into her body. She could feel the hounds running their tongues over her body as she rinsed the soap away and felt more of their seminal fluid slipping out and running down her right leg and watched as it coursed it’s way to the drain. Her womb swelled inside as if one of the hounds had just thrust his gigantic knot into it. She heard the jeering cheers as the men hooted and yelled when she looked into the mirror and shuddered as she recalled how good it began to feel. “Hold that thought!” she stubbornly told her self her gaze fixed on her reflection. Linda knew the hardest was yet to come.

When she returned Jimmy was sitting in the chair a small bag in his hand. “Come here bend over and let me smell your ass!” He barked and Linda obeyed instantly bending over in front of him as soon as she reached the chair. “That’ll do now sit by my feet. Do you remember these?” he asked as he handed her the pictures.

“Yes Jimmy yes I do! I’ve been as good as I know how to be!” Linda gasped out almost crying adding, “I just don’t know how I could have been any better!”

“Yes you have. The boys wanted me to tell you, you were grate!” Shark said as he waved the soft cloth bag in front of Linda’s face watching the relief washing across her face then continued, “In this bag is some very effective aphrodisiac. When Beth Ann gets here you offer her some tea just like you do every time she comes over to visit.”

“Yes Jimmy I will what else do you would you have me do?” Linda asked and smiled obediently.

“I know from Clint that she broke up with her boyfriend eight months ago and has had no sex since and he over heard her telling you how horny she was getting.”

“You want me to seduce my sister?” Linda asked her voice a little unsteady. She remembered the very conversation and the day they had it.

“Yes! When the tea starts to take affect you start telling her what a good job Clint did eating you out last night.” Jimmy explained.

“How will I know the tea is working?” she asked.

“Clint said you two use to take care of each other so don’t act so innocent.” Shark sneered and then warmly added, “Her face will flush red and she will ask you if the room is hot to you or start squirming in her chair, besides you’ll be drinking it too, so you’ll feel it at the same time. After you talk a little about the ass hole you ask her if she still thinks about you and her; anything to get her into the bedroom strip her down and hang that sweet ass of her’s over the corner of the bed climb on top of her and eat that pussy like you use to. Right?” Jimmy asked.

“Yes Jimmy but what happens next?” Linda asked as a tear ran down her cheek.

“When she is about to cum you pin her arms to the bed by sitting on them shout ‘now’ and I come in and feed the meat to her!” Shark excitedly described what he wanted then drew closer to Linda’s face and hissed, “You better make this work and work good!” Then pulled her by the hair into the bedroom pushed her over the bed and started poking her with his hard dick. As their juices started to mix, Jimmy’s hard-on slipped in deeper with each poke. When Linda started moaning he yanked it out flipped her onto her back and shoved it back in as deep as it would go Linda’s eye grew wide as it pushed into her vaginal vault, and then he yanked it out and looked at her as he buttoned up his fly.

A good five inches hung over his belt as he ordered, “Put on one of those dresses.”

“Don’t stop now Jimmy please let me have a little more!” Linda pleaded almost sounding sincere.

“No! I’m save’n it.” he answered and then added, “You make this work. You hold her down while me and the boys get us a little.” And then she dressed under the watchful eye of the Shark.

The trailer almost smelled good as Linda went around closing the doors and windows and on time, a knock came at nine forty five. As Linda answered the door Jimmy went to hide in the back bedroom.

“Hi Beth Ann I’m glad you could make it over on such short notice.” Linda bubbled as Beth Ann walked in. A pleasingly plump but not at all fat young woman, with a thick head of long black hair and wide dark eyebrows to match. Her dense head of hair ran down her neck vanishing under the collar with her side burns if you will, running to the bottom of her ears. Her large round dark eyes could shoot razor sharp daggers or cast a passionate gaze in a blinking of an eye, and no man or woman could resist the beckoning inspired by her red pouty lips. Big meaty nipples sat on her thirty-four C-cup breasts and made noticeable mounds under her sweater. She stood nearly six feet and weighed in at one thirty five and at a glance, one could see she spent time at the gym.

“I am glad to come over anytime my sister wants to have tea and talk or take me shopping.” Beth Ann responded warmly and added, “It was funny to get the invite from Clint I heard you two have been fighting again.” Beth took off her coat with a swing of her arm she hung her it on the back of a chair. Her short-sleeved shirt failed to conceal her hairy underarm.

“Oh we fight to make up and then fight some more.” Linda skillfully glazed over the truth and eagerly asked, “Would you like to try some new tea I found at a kitchen shop. It has been brewing for a good twenty minutes. It is a combination of blackberry, lemongrass, ginger, and chamomile!”

“That sounds positively delightful!” Bubbled Beth Ann with an imitation English accent. The two of them moved into the kitchen with Beth Ann noting, “You’ve cleaned up a bunch I see.”

“Clint and I both worked it over. So you find a new boyfriend yet?” Linda asked warmly setting the trend of their talk and set mugs on the table.

Beth Ann’s face turned pouty and she sighed loudly, “No. No one of any interest.”

“Don’t worry you are a beautiful young woman!” Linda warmly encouraged as she poured the tea and then cautioned, “It’s quite hot.”

“Oh my!” Beth Ann excitedly exclaimed between sips as she eagerly sipped the tea and then noted, “It does have a bit of a bitter bite to it.”

“I may have burned it while I steeped it.” Linda warmly answered then asked, “Have you found a job yet?”

“No. I really haven’t been looking I am thinking about going back to school, I am still living at mom’s so why not.” Beth Ann replied as she finished her tea and asked, “My, my I seem to have drained my cup and quickly too. May I have a little more please?”

“School’s a good thing.” Linda agreed as she poured adding, “A better education a better job and a little better money.” Linda felt a stirring in her stomach when she watched Beth Ann’s face turn red, and the slight sheen of sweat formed across her forehead. “The tea was starting to work.” She thought to her self as she felt a stirring inside her groin and the same slight feeling of sweat forming on her brow too.

“The tea has made the room feel hot!” Beth Ann noted as she shed her sweater and asked, “Does it feel warm to you too?”

“Oh yes it is warm in here.” Linda agreed and then pried with a sly wet smile beaming, “So tell me has there been any one nighters?”

“Almost a couple of times.” She paused then continued, “I just lost my nerve.” Beth Ann shyly admitted.

Linda watched as Beth Ann as she greedily drained her second mug full. Though she couldn’t see Beth fanning her legs, she could hear them, see her stirring in her seat, and from the glow in her face, Linda thought she is ready.

“So tell me did you ‘do…!’ a stranger like you said you were going to do?” Beth Ann asked as she smiled almost seductively.

“No. Actually Clint started paying closer and better attention to my needs.” Linda coyly hinted as she licked her lips knowing it would perk her interest.

“No…! No way…!” Beth Ann gasped breathlessly as she took the hint enthusiastically adding, “He finally ate you out!”

“Oh yes…!” Linda exclaimed beaming a big smile and then batingly added, “And stayed there till I came all over his face!”

“Oh my god…! No way!” Beth Ann excitedly sang out, her face quickly turned pouty as she loudly lamented, “I do miss that a lot Garry was really nice about that.” Then she stared out the window. It was obvious that Beth Ann was rubbing herself.

“Do you sometimes think of us Beth Ann?” Linda softly asked as she reached across the table.

“Yes! Yes I do Linda and more so this last month!” she excitedly gasped and reached for Linda’s hand then asked, “And me do you still want me some times?”

“I got hot thinking of you this morning; and how Clint will be gone all day and into the night!” Linda excitedly purred and their four hands were now joined on the table. The room was heavy with the scent of the two aroused women. Jimmy’s tea was working on them both. Beth Ann shivered slightly when Linda ran her hand up her arm and squeezed the soft part of her upper arm. Beth Ann leaned down and kissed Linda’s hand.

“We use to get each other off pretty good back then.” Beth Ann salaciously recounted as she rubbed her cheek on Linda’s hand and smiled cooing, “You were the best! You knew just how to turn me on.”

“Yes we did! I really liked the way you use to make me melt in your hands.” Linda breathlessly sighed and then temptingly added, “We have some clean sheets on the bed.” She stood and gently tugged at Beth Ann’s hand. A tear formed in one eye as Linda felt the betrayal of her sister gnaw at her stomach and Beth Ann took the tears now welling in Linda’s eyes as passionate yearning and kissed them away.

“Oh Linda I didn’t realize how I longed for your embrace.” Beth Ann feverishly admitted as the craving in her loin churned and then breathlessly cried, “I’m so hot inside!”

Linda’s reaction to Shark’s aphrodisiac was beginning to take hold deep in her loin too her voice wavered as she cooed, “I want you Beth Ann!” The women hurried into the bedroom where they both stripped the other’s clothing away; Linda had no panties on but Beth Ann’s were soaked with her Bartholin fluids as Linda peeled them away from her fanny she held them to her nose and quaffed the aroma.

Beth Ann giggled childishly saying, “That is such a nasty look on your face.”

Beth Ann landed on top as they fell to the bed; she was kissing Linda as passionately as ever and Linda snaked her way down to Beth’s breasts firmly biting her nipples and working her way on top as she windered down to Beth’s belly leaving little hickys as she went. Beth Ann slipped back on top as she planted her teethe around Linda’s deep naval and running her hands up and down her thighs. Linda started kissing Beth Ann’s belly button and massaging her buttocks. Beth found Linda’s large erect clitoris first, causing her to sharply arch her back and voicelessly cry out sinking all ten fingers into her hair. The two women swirled around and around moved from top to bottom and bottom to top as each one greedily sought the other’s fruits.

Linda skillfully coaxed Beth Ann close to orgasm and just as skillfully maneuvered her bottom to the corner of the bed on which they danced and just as Beth’s body begun to heave to her orgasm Linda sat up pinning Beth’s arms to the bed with her shins and pulled Beth Ann’s knees to her sides as she yelled, “Now!” and from the back room Jimmy the Shark entered the bedroom naked fluid dripping from his erect cock and a greedy smile beaming from his face.

Beth Ann was lost to her rapture and unaware of Linda’s treachery as she moaned in delight. Gasping sighs and cooing moans turned into loud panic filled screams as soon as Jimmy’s meaty cock started slipping into her vaginal well. Linda’s body bounced as Beth Ann bucked and vigorously squirmed in a vane effort to shake his cock from her womb, every move she made just caused it to slip in deeper. Linda’s eyes were filled with tears her cheeks were stained by their tendrils but she held on tight as she sobbed. Shear fright froze Beth Ann’s voice the only sounds she could make were weak croaking grunts and shrill gasps as Jimmy pistoned his long thick dick inside her. Soon Jimmy groaned out and hissed as his body quaked to the welling orgasm brought on by Beth’s struggling; as his body flexed he grunted and plunged his cock in deeper, sweat dripped from his chin and his spit flew from his gusting breaths as he panted.

Beth began to wail, “No…! No…! Please god no…!” as her vagina filled with his sperm. Her struggles turned to futile squirms and her arms fell to the bed as Linda pulled her limp body onto her face out.

When Jimmy pulled out he yelled, “Soup’s on boys!” and then grabbed an arm and held the struggling Beth Ann down with the sobbing Linda then sneered, “You better suck it up!”

A slurry of obscenities erupted from Beth Ann’s mouth and she started kicking madly at Billy the Bat as he bellied up hard-on bobbing to his excited heart beat and he grabbed one foot as it hit him and held on to it, with Jimmy grabbing the other forcing her spread eagle, again her struggling only helped him penetrate her vaginal opening. Beth Ann let out a loud groaning grunt when he found the depth of her vaginal vault and started pushing his hard cock into it harder and faster. Soon her shrieking and cursing turned into a mindless moaning as the drugs began to work again and Linda’s clitoral massaging coaxed Beth Ann’s arousal out and in a short time Billy’s thrusting turned jerky and he began grunting loudly as his semen gushed into her womb mixing with Jimmy’s and then their sperm spilled out across her anus.

Billy soon slumped and pulled out taking a leg from Linda he ordered, “Lick her! Clean up as much of our sperm as you can!” and she was busily licking before he finished his order. Her splayed labia coated thickly with the creamy whitish ejaculate were being licked clean by Linda’s tongue; she made slurping noises as she sucked the fibrous ropes into her mouth.

Johnny stood there looking stroking his stiff dick and smiling as he excitedly exclaimed, “Will you look at that puddle of pussy juice on that girl’s belly!” Beth Ann’s belly was glazed with Linda’s sateen juices as Jimmy’s drugs were working on her too. Her groin ached as she watched their cocks bobbing in and out, she was aghast by her arousal at Beth Ann’s horrid situation. A gush of urine washed across Linda’s face when Beth caught sight of Johnny standing there leering at her, but she just gasped and squirmed to Linda’s ministrations and she became a grudgingly willing participant as another orgasm welled up in her groin and arched her back as Johnny’s dick slipped into her sperm filled vagina.

Jimmy’s and Billy’s semen squished out as his penis slipped farther in he soon crooned, “God that feels good ya all’s cum squishing around in there as I push in!” and he began to work it in and out vigorously while Linda played with his balls and licked Beth Ann’s clitoris. Soon no one was holding Beth Ann down and she had her fingers in Linda’s hair and was pushing her face firmly onto her clitoris and moaning. It took several minutes for Johnny to release his torrential gush of sperm. With a loud exaggerated groaning grunt his body flexed and his legs staggered as he ejaculated and he too slumped groaning, “Damn that was sweet!”

“You two take a minute but only a ‘minute…!’ To get it together.” Jimmy ordered, and the three of them walked out closing the door behind them.

“You bitch…! You fucking Goddamn cunt…!” Beth Ann growled as she set her rage onto Linda, “You helped them rape me!” she cried taking loud gulps of air as she sobbed.

Trying to stay calm Linda softly asked, “What do you think has been happening to me all last night!” she paused as her anger started to flood her mind. “That goddamned bastard sold us out to Jimmy the Shark to pay off his gambling debts!” Linda began to shake; her spit sprayed as she talked her bewildered anger was starting to run wild.

Still Beth was unmoved by Linda’s excuse and glared as she groaned, “You knew they were going to rape me and you set me up…! Goddamn you…!” Beth Ann paused as she violently sobbed.

“I had too…!” Linda pleaded and in a distraught voice cried, “He’s going to hurt Brenda…!” and she turned over the pictures on the bedside table, threw them onto the bed in front of Beth, and then beckoned, “Look!”

Through the blur in her eyes she looked at the pictures quickly at first and then as they grabbed her attention she cast a fleeting glimpse at Linda and then looked at each one again and then blubbered, “What do you mean…!? What are they going to do…!?”

“He intends on kidnapping her and selling her to the sex-slave market!” Linda nervously informed.

Beth looked about the room as renewed panic swept through her mind and in a shaking voice asked, “What can we do to stop it!?”

“Exactly what he tells us to do…!” Linda firmly explained adding, “You have to go along with it whole heartedly or it won’t work!”

“I started ovulating last night so those bastards have knocked me up.” Beth Ann angrily announced and asked as she swirled her fingers in the semen dripping from her vaginal opening, “Did you give me something to get me hot?” Her face was still long and her breath panting as she looked up waiting for an answer.

“Oh god Beth Ann I am truly sorry. It hurt me, you can never know how much it hurt me to do that to you, but yes I did he told me too!” Linda sadly admitted.

With her voice rife with resignation Beth Ann sighed, “I guess we best get on with this shit.” and scowled at the wall then angrily added, “If you don’t cut that bastards balls off I will…!”

“I’ll let you help me!” Linda avowed passionately.

And the door opened as Jimmy peered in announcing, “I said one minute and gave you two!” he looked at them both and asked, “Well what’s it going to be… Beth Ann…!?”

She walked to him knelt down and pushed her face into his crotch and firmly avowed, “I’ll do anything you want me to do anything, anything at all…!”

“That is the right decision honey.” Jimmy brayed as he lifted Beth up by her hair and then exclaimed, “Hey that is a hairy armpit!” and then stuck his nose into it quaffing her aroma. Beth shivered as he blew his hot breath into her curly hairs and then directed, “Now look at me, smile and with out closing your eyes kiss me. Look me in the eyes and give me a wet kiss!” and he picked her up. She smiled warmly and then kissed Jimmy on the lips her mouth open and tongue dancing across his lips and when he opened them Beth Ann’s tongue slipped in for a lingering wet kiss.

Linda felt her womb quiver as she watched her younger sister giving into the boorish bastard and then knelt under Beth Ann’s bottom when she saw a stringer of sperm oozing out and dangle from her labia. Beth Ann squirmed and bucked inside Jimmy’s strong arms as Linda sucked on her labia and then she kissed her right on the anal tuck.

“That was real sweet baby.” Jimmy warmly said as he let her slip to the floor and then pulled her naked body into the living room by her hair shouting, “She’s ours boys!” and pushed her towards Johnny and Billy.

Johnny pulled her straight onto his lap saying, “Now give me one of those wet kisses I’ve heard so much about!” Beth Ann locked her lips onto his mouth and passionately kissed him as she did more of the seminal fluid oozed out and onto Johnny’s dark red pubic hairs. His dick began to grow and was standing up between her sweet tanned cheeks. Linda quickly kneeled down and took the now rigid cock into her mouth.

Jimmy got on his knees and shoved his hard dick into her gaping vaginal opening and ordered, “Slow down there honey I don’t want him to cum till ‘I…!’ want him to cum!” and obediently Linda slowed down moving only enough to keep his dick hard while Jimmy worked his penis into her vagina and keeping it pressed tightly against her vaginal vault.

“Come over here and give ole Billy one of those wet kiss too!” He excitedly ordered as he pulled her away from Johnny’s mouth breaking the kiss. Beth Ann made a loud slurping noise as their mouths parted and she quickly planted her mouth onto Billy’s and sat right on his hard dick. She squirmed and gasped as it slipped into her spermy wet vagina and as his meaty shaft became wet with her juices and their sperm she began to pump it faster and with longer strokes.

“You too slow down!” Jimmy growled as he pushed in hard jamming Linda’s face into Johnny’s curly pubes and making her grunt. Beth Ann obediently obeyed and leaving it deep inside her just started taking short slow strokes and not breaking her kiss.

Soon a loud scratching sounded at the front door and a loud sucking squelch sounded as Jimmy yanked his hard dick from Linda’s womb and stood ordering, “Best be letting in the hounds and give’em another helping of beef!” he laughed and then added, “we got to keep up their strength!” Linda staggered as she stood.

In they bounced as Linda opened the door knocking her to the floor as they licked her head to foot. Beth Ann’s eyes grew large as she watched the rambunctious hounds greeting Linda. Beth Ann’s eye flared big when she watched their tongues slathering across Linda’s genitalia, and gasped when she saw their hairy scrotums flailing about to their bouncing as they followed Linda into the kitchen. Loud greedy chomping sounds came from the kitchen before Linda entered the living room and started kissing Jimmy. The wet chewing quickly turned into bone crunching when the meat vanished, and they too soon bounded into the living room sniffing and licking everyone there, then bounced in to the bathroom for a drink. Then returned to the living room; Beth Ann yelled out as she jumped up and stood on the couch when Clyde stuffed his nose into her butt toilet water still dripping from his jowls.

“Sit boys!” Jimmy shouted and the wild acting hounds sat only their panting and licking of their jowls could be heard. As he looked at Beth Ann Jimmy ordered, “You lay down on the couch face up and hang that sweet butt of you’res over the arm and watch your sister!” She quickly complied, and then Jimmy looked at Linda ordering her to his front with the wave of a hand. As she knelt he took a hand full of hair and turned her face upward and ordered, “Open your mouth!” and with his free hand began to stroke his hard dick with fast short strokes just behind his swelled gland holding it close to and just above Linda’s mouth. In less than two minutes, a thick rope of steamy sperm spilled from his cock’s slit dangled and then fell into Linda’s open mouth. Four more long thick ropes of Jimmy’s semen spilled into her waiting mouth Linda’s eyes blinked as each one landed on her tongue. He wiped the last few dribbles onto her neck and ears. In a raspy voice directed, “Now spread Beth Ann’s legs and paint her pussy and thighs with my cum!” It was hard for Linda to comply as she knew what this was in preparation for and Beth didn’t, but obey she did and quickly. Linda spread Beth Ann’s legs and coated her thighs from knee to knee and giving a thick slathering to her pubic hairs and spat the rest into her vagina.

“Now French kiss her!” Billy barked as he stood and took Jimmy’s place yanking on his cock eagerly waiting his turn. Linda gently cupped Beth Ann’s cheeks and placed a passionate kiss on her lips pulling back just enough for them to see her tongue slip in. After several minutes she looked up; saw Billy standing vigorously masturbating, and quickly took her place under his large penis. No sooner did she get into position as Billy groaned out and shot a long thick stream of sperm into her mouth followed by several more smaller squirts some of which landed on her nose, chin, and cheek. After his gasps quieted he ordered, “Paint her butt with that load!” and slumped into the chair watching as Linda obediently obeyed by pushing Beth Ann’s knees to her shoulders and covering her buttocks with the thick viscous seminal fluid and tried to spit some of it into her anus.

“My turn!” claimed Johnny as he stood and walked close to Beth Ann and pulled Linda’s mouth close to his purple gland banging her chin with his knuckle as he jacked off. Johnny’s face wrinkled and spit sprayed as he hissed shooting a large wad of sperm into Linda’s mouth and then spraying Beth’s stomach and titties with the next causing her to jump a little. He made loud exaggerated animalistic grunts as he spilled the rest of his sperm in Linda’s waiting mouth and as he slumped he exhaustedly said, “You know what to do.”

Linda did too; she began to secrete Johnny’s seminal fluid as she slid her sperm filled mouth along Beth’s neck leaving generous amounts behind each ear and on both of her hairy armpits. Beth Ann’s neck glistened from the gelatinous coating and when her mouth was empty Linda kissed Beth’s ear and as she parted quietly whispered, “Be strong Beth Ann.” And then gave her breasts slathery wet kisses.

“That was really hot!” brayed Jimmy the Shark.

“Goddamn I swear I could squeeze off another load!” Billy excitedly chimed in.

“I can’t wait to give her another good fucking after she has had her cherry popped by Clyde!” brayed Johnny. Beth Ann gasped as the plan became known to her but knew she was going to go through with it any way and Linda’s words echoed, “Be strong Beth Ann.” But her heart raced out of control and panic began to fill her mind.

The frustrated anxious whinings and the impatient thumping of the hound’s tails filled the room as the smell of fresh sperm filled their nostrils. “Come here Jake!” Linda called out. Beth’s eyes glared when she heard her voice and started to tremble.

Clyde barked loud and let out loud grinding groans in protest to not being called first and started to pad his way when Jimmy grunted, “Sit…!” Clyde turned around several times and when his eyes met Jimmy’s he sat instantly, whining and beating the floor with his stump of a tail.

The room rocked with Beth Ann’s panic filled screams as Jake began to lick the seminal fluid from her skin. Her body jerked and spasmed and she clamped her legs shut and pounded the cushions with her writhing body. Jake knocked her back down as she tried to stand and evade the animal’s tongue.

“Give him all he wants Beth Ann!” barked Linda and then firmly ordered, “Spread those legs and give him all the sweet pussy juice he wants!”

An overwhelmed Beth Ann complied ending her struggling and opened her legs to the ministration of that hairy beast. Her shrieking screams were not as panicky sounding but her body was still quaking and writhing to the slathering tongue as Jake eagerly found all of his treats. Beth shuddered as Jake’s snout pressed onto her vagina and her skin glazed with sweat instantly as his tongue swished out and over her vulva. She screamed out as a surprisingly intense orgasm erupted and she beat the arm of the couch with her buttocks and groaned loudly. Jake’s hairy snout was glazed over with Beth’s vaginal fluids long stringers hung from his jowls as he eagerly lapped up the sateen flow. Beth rolled onto her stomach pressed her head to the floor and squeezed her eyes closed and she gasped as the long winded orgasm continued washing over her body finally passing out.

Beth Ann woke to Jake tugging on her hair and the shockingly disgusting sight of Linda’s body rippling to Clyde’s powerful hairy haunches crashing against her buttocks with her breasts flailing about as the hairy beast feverishly mated with her. She yelled out when Jake gave the mouthful of hair a stronger tug, and Beth tried to stand only to be pulled back to the floor landing on her hands and knees. Jake’s nudging was forcing her to sidle along side of his body. He was herding her toward the couch and when her body was pressed against it he jumped skillfully rolling Beth Ann onto her back with her bottom draped over the arm. All in one skillfully orchestrated move landing on top of her and between her flailing legs and plunging his swelled wet red cock into her vaginal canal. His front legs held her flailing arms to the cushion and the weight of his body kept Beth’s writhing body right where he wanted it.

Beth Ann’s voice and breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened and her writhing stopped as she felt his huge globe of solid flesh pressing against her exposed vulva stretching her labia. Then he started sliding his tongue across her breasts along her neck and over her face her strained grunting groans turned into soft cooing sounds and her legs hugged the hound’s front haunches. Her body quaked and her skin bristled with goose flesh as the hound’s rough leathery tongue repeatedly slathered across her nipples and she started squirming and grunting again.

Beth Ann held her body right where it was when Jake stood up, turned his head under his chest tickling her belly as he sniffed and snorted and licked her sweated belly and lay back down; licking at her lips, and then her ear gusting his hot breath onto her neck. She yelled out loudly and her body bucked up from cushion the first time he tried to plunge his knot through her vaginal sphincter. Her breathing turned into rapid and shallow grunts when Jake started rapidly pounding his meaty globe against her pinkish mons in an effort to mate with her. Her Bartholin fluids gushed out as Jake’s cock lunged into her womb she bucked up into the thrusting cock and Beth began to swoon from another orgasm when a loud wet squelch sounded as his huge red globe squeezed through her vaginal sphincter, and Beth Ann groaned out loudly desperately gasping for air.

Jake kept his hot hairy haunches pressed firmly to her upturned buttocks and his nose inside her hairy armpit. Beth Ann’s voice was rife with delirium as she cried out bucking into Jake’s hot hairy haunches. He began to piston his cock taking short, quick, but rhythmic strokes and slapping is haunches against Beth’s buttocks every time. For several minutes, Jake started and stopped often, obviously taking his time, and his slow tender licks gave a hint that he was relishing the experience. Beth was being swept away by the animal’s tongue as it danced across her breasts and his cock pistoned inside her womb.

Linda and Clyde, Beth Ann and Jake were making quite a spectacle for the three men as they watched mouths gaping, stiff wet cocks in hand. The delirious cries from the women and the animalistic sounds coming from the hounds were musical. Beth Ann’s fluids were dripping from her upturned buttocks and Linda’s were oozing down her thighs as the hairy beasts continued to mate. Clyde was the first hound to start racing to his climax; with his thrusting becoming rapid and forceful turning Linda’s groans into painful sounding gruntings. His body’s movements turned jerky and uncontrolled as his seminal fluid splashed from Linda’s vaginal opening and then he went still but his body was tense. Then with a loud sighing groan Clyde went limp and draped across Linda’s back. A few moments passed and he started trying to free his cock by yanking backwards as he did Linda grunted from the pain. After making, several tries he stopped caught his breath then stepped off and now they stood butt to butt.

“Steel…!” Grunted The Shark and he jumped up and stood at the ready behind the corner next to the front door. Both Jake and Clyde froze with cocks still in the wombs, as well as the other two men, only Beth Ann was moving and making noise as she was in rapturous haze; oblivious to everything except the cock inside her vaginal well.

All at once the front door flew open Linda looked up gasped, and blinked; when she saw her mother Pearl standing in the doorway. She had a shocked look on her face her eyes flashing madly, and she was waving a revolver in the air. “My god, what’s going on in here…?!” Pearl gasped out in horror. Jimmy grabbed the hand with the gun just as she pulled the trigger discharging a round into the tree in the back yard. He took the firearm and forcefully plunged his fist into her solar plexus causing Pearl to drop to the floor gagging and gasping for her breath. As she struggled to catch her breath, she saw Linda butt to butt with Clyde. She knew the hound had his cock inside her daughter. The mortified Pearl Knight struggled to her feet, but one stronger blow to her solar plexus dropped her to the floor again gagging and retching. Her eyes filled with tears as she retched from dry heaves her body jerked reflexively when Jimmy the Shark grabbed a hand full of hair.

Clyde finally yanked free with a loud and very wet sounding-squelching suck and started toward Pearl teethes showing and a stunned Linda slumped to the floor. “Steel boy…!” Jimmy shouted stopping him in his tracks. “Go on Jake go on.” He said with a loud laugh. The air of tension in the room vanished and the sound of the mating animals took its place.

Jake renewed his thrusting but was now taking long and fast strokes racing to spill his seed and Pearls eyes grew wide when she recognized the voice of the rapturous moaning woman and started to cry as soon as the hound groaned and grunted. She knew he was ejaculating inside Beth Ann’s womb. The hound laborious yanking horrified her as he tried to jerk his huge cock from Beth Ann’s womb. Pearl cringed as she heard Beth’s painful grunts and shuddered when the wet squelching sound came as the hound freed his hideously huge cock from her daughter’s womb. Jake looked to see what was happening and then started licking Beth’s buttocks and his softening member.

Beth Ann Finally sat up with an unmistakable look of satisfaction beaming from her face and then gasped, “Mama…!? Mama what are you doing here…!?” Her face now had the look of utter disappointment and shameful embarrassment.

Shark adjusted his grip of the handful of Pearl’s hair before she could answer and held her firmly in place while he glared a sadistic smile with the other hand he signaled Linda to his side and ordered, “Both of you sit the fuck down and watch!”

Both women started blinking their eyes in surprise while their mother began sucking Shark’s huge dick slurping and gurgling without so much as a cough or a shudder as the full length of his meaty shaft vanished into her throat. They watched as Jimmy’s balls bounced against their mother’s chin and her nose buried into his wet dark pubic hairs. Both Linda and Beth Ann’s mouths gaped when Pearl began massaging his hairy scrotum when Jimmy took two handfuls of hair and they were amazed at how fast their own mother brought him to a very loud grunting hard climax right in her throat!

“Ohhhhhh…! God…! Damn…!” he moaned loudly while pumping more sperm into her mouth and as his body flinched he hissed, “She’s a fuckin’ cock hound, a fuckin’ cockah houoonda…!” and pushed her to the floor. Pearl couldn’t even look her daughters in the eyes so she kept her head bowed when she looked around. “Take off your jeans and panties in fact strip all your cloths off!” Reaching out and grabbing her by the hair and roughly twisting her face to his then sneered, “Now…!” but Pearl didn’t move.

He reached into his bag and came out with a wire coat hanger then pulled it straight and after twisting it into a whip he threw it at Linda and then gruffly ordered, “Whip the bitch and hard I want to see the welts when we tear her cloths off!”

Linda’s face was twisted into an ugly grimace of confusion, desperation, and sadness as she picked up the whip and looked at her mother, but quickly and obediently obeyed and delivered with a loud slap the first lash, and repeatedly she plied the wire whip to her mother’s clad buttocks forcing her into submission. With a look of fear and complete resignation painted all across her face, Pearl slowly began removing her clothing. “Hit her Goddamn it…! I didn’t tell you to stop…! Beat her till she is stripped naked!” The Shark growled. Again, the room filled with the wire whip as it lashed Pearl’s clothing. She began stripping as fast as she could kicking her last shoe off before Linda could deliver the fourth lash, and stood there with one arm hiding her breast the other trying to hide her very hairy pussy. The only noises that could be heard were Clyde licking his hairy scrotum, and Jake’s loud sloshing as he drank from the toilet.

“Get those arms down to your side!” Jimmy growled and then sneered, “Turn around I want to see those welts!” Pearl obediently turned, hands at her side as she tried to stifle her sobs.

“Those are some whimpy welts.” Remarked Johnny.

“Yea… you are right.” Agreed Jimmy then he growled, “Give her another couple.” Then glared, “make’em good or I’ll give her some she’ll never forget.” As quickly as he asked Linda scowled and swung the whip harder and the slapping sound resounded, and Linda looked up with tears in her eyes when she realized that she had broken her mom’s skin as thin tendrils of blood was running from both of the angry looking welts.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Jimmy said admiringly and then sneered, “The next time she needs a couple of strokes you best be given’em to her without being told, or I’ll really make’em sting!”

Just then, Jake padded into the front room his jowls soaking with toilet water, and went right to Beth Ann taking a mouth full of her dark hair and pulled her to the floor. Urine gushed out as Beth fell to the floor landing on her hands and knees letting out a loud grunt when Jake hopped onto her back stopping the flow of urine when he stuffed his cock into her vagina, and began humping vigorously, much faster then before.

“Hey ole Jake wants take himself a quickie.” Johnny laughed.

“I guess so look at him go!” Billy enthusiastically chimed in and laughingly added, “I ain’t never seen him move that fast!”

“Yea I think ole Jake here has taken’ a shine to sweet Beth.” Jimmy remarked with a smirk. As quickly as it started it ended with a loud wet squelch, as he pulled free with a single yank. Beth’s thighs glistened from Jake’s sperm as it oozed to the floor.

“I think it is time we gave ole granny here a fuck’en.” Billy brayed stretching his stiff cock.

“Yea me too! Linda get over there by Clyde; Pearl you get Johnny’s dick in your mouth, and Billy you start fuck’en her in the butt. I want to get picture of the gambler’s family at play.” Jimmy excitedly directed as he grabbed his camera from the bag and started taking pictures. He put it away after taking several pictures from every imaginable angle; close ups, profiles, and wide angle group shots. He got wet shots; dry shots, action shots, and odd poses as he traversed the room eventually jacking off into Pearl’s hair using her hair as a lubricant.

In an exhausted sounding voice Beth Ann asked, “May I please go to the bathroom.”

“Why?” asked Jimmy as he caught his breath.

“I need to pee.” She replied.

“It looked like you had a good piss when ole Jake started fuck’en you.” Jimmy remarked with a laugh.

“I thi…” Beth Ann paused as she started to think then smiled saying, “I think he fucked the shit out of me.” Knowing that that was exactly what they wanted to hear. The room filled with howling laughter even Linda was laughing but Pearl just kept Johnny’s penis in her mouth staring at his curly pubic hairs while her mind raged with shocking repulsion at the horrific sights and humiliating abuses her daughters were going through at the hands fo this horrible bastard.

“Well I guess you better go honey.” Jimmy said between belly roars of laughter. Jake followed her closely at her feet as Beth headed for the bathroom.

“It does look like ole Jake has taken a shine to sweet Beth Ann.” Johnny chuckled as he continued to laugh at her humorous remark and pushed Pearls mouth farther onto his flexing shaft.

“That is one sweet ass.” Billy roguishly remarked as he gawked at Beth walking to the bathroom then he yelled out, “Leave the door open I want to hear ya go!”

As soon as she sat, Jake poked his nose between her legs and started sniffing loudly but Beth Ann started peeing anyway then her face wrinkled as she grunted a big round turd into the bowl then farted. Her trickling flow of urine turned into a surging gusher that splashed into the bowl loudly. With a loud sigh she was finished and sat there a few seconds resting, collecting her thoughts, then flushed the mess down and walked back into the room with Jake in tow his nose sniffing at her ass the whole way. She stood in the middle of the room next to Linda and her mother, and Jake next to her leaning on her thigh tongue flailing as he panted.

“Well it looks like we got five horny bastards and three bitches in heat!” Shark brayed ogling at the three women and then harshly added as he looked right at Pearl, “Right…!?”

“You know me. I’m PK ready to suck and fuck at a moments notice!” Pearl Knight said skillfully feigning sincerity.

“Yeaaahh…!” crooned Jimmy then he recalled, “That is right you hang out at the club house all the time. I wonder if ole hubby knows how much dick sucking you do, do!” Jimmy gloated awhile watching the women as they sat there wondering what was next then he called out, “Get over here woman and give me a wet kiss!” Linda quickly joined him sitting in Jimmy’s lap and giving him a warm wet kiss. “Weee… got married yesterday.” Jimmy brayed after the kiss. Both Pearl and Beth Ann looked astonished until he added, “A mock ceremony.”

Johnny stretched out as he sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to him and looking at Beth Ann. Beth moved and sat close to him with Jake sitting close to her, and Billy tugged Pearl onto the arm of the chair. That left poor Clyde all alone but he didn’t seem to mind he just padded to the bathroom for a long loud drink came back and laid down in the middle of the floor taking a nap, confident he would not miss out on any action.

It did look like one big happy family; Clyde sleeping in the middle of the floor, Jake giving Beth Ann occasional licks to her ear, under arm, and sniffing and licking at her pubic hairs. Johnny getting and giving kisses, while having his meaty dick rubbed. Pearl had slipped into Billy’s lap and Linda was curled up in Jimmy’s lap slowly massaging his large soft cock. She sighed a long loud sigh when she saw Jimmy’s wrist watch reading four thirty and she thought, “Shit twenty four hours with another day to go what a long time.”

“I think it’s time to see what the gambler’s family was up to yesterday.” Jimmy proclaimed then ordered, “Pearl plug this into the DVD player.” and handed her his laptop. She quickly plugged it in and turned it on as well as the tube and much to her chagrin there she was walking into the empty trailer. Linda’s eyes widened when the flick jumped to the part when Pearl had Clint’s penis in her mouth, and PK’s face turned beet-red as Linda glared at her.

“I guess that is what you call keeping it in the family!” laughed the Shark. The room filled with riotous laughter even Beth Ann was laughing a little.

The end pt. 2

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