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Call Girl Cheerleaders
by Richard Bissell


For the next week, though she teased and hinted and giggled about it, Marianne refused to give me any clear idea about what she was planning for the reunion. About all I could gather was that she was searching all over town for the perfect dress to wear. But beyond that, all I could get out of her was, "You'll see on Saturday night.” She came over a few times that week to fool around (bringing Hayley with her on Wednesday), but otherwise I was occupied with work for another week.
The reunion committee had also organized a tailgate party at the school football game that Friday, but I had no interest in spending the entire weekend down there. I didn't really care to watch All Saints lose again anyway, having seen it happen too many times when I was still a student.
We would be spending Saturday night at the hotel since the party would run too late to come back that night. Marianne had worked out some cover story with her parents to explain her absence. It felt like a bigger risk than was necessary, but she insisted it would be safe.
On Saturday afternoon at about three o'clock, Marianne appeared at my door with a dress bag in one hand and a little overnight bag in the other. She gave me a quick kiss and went upstairs to get ready. She took a shower (I was sorely tempted to climb in there with her, but it would have made us late) then went out to the dressing area to primp herself. I showered myself and shaved as Marianne did her hair and cosmetics, still naked except for a towel.
"What did you tell your folks about tonight?”
"That I was spending the night at Ashley's.”
"They never seem to question these charades.”
She shrugged.
"I don't know about you," I said.
“But I'm getting sick of this routine. You said you wanted to tell your parents about us eventually. I think that time is approaching.”
She glanced at me briefly.
"I don't want to talk about that now.”
"Okay. But think about it.”
She finished with her hair and went out to the bedroom for her dress. I was about half-dressed myself by then, but I stayed in the back to let her put it on and surprise me.
She returned in a few minutes with a big grin on her face.
"What do you think?”
The dress...what there was of it...was made from some soft, clingy grey-blue fabric (rayon or lycra, maybe, though I didn't know enough about clothes to be sure). It began about mid-thigh, and over her midsection there was an oval cut- out, exposing her belly ring. The neck was not particularly low-cut, but the fabric was very loose over her body...bending over would be dangerous tonight. The dress swept up over her shoulders and down her back.
"You like it?”
"Very hot.”
She grinned.
"Wait until you see the rest of it.”
She turned slowly, and I gasped. It was cut...that wasn't really the proper word because there was nothing there to cut...*all* the way down. The shoulder straps didn't come back together until they got below the small of her back. The fabric was bunched up in soft waves at the bottom, and the split of her pretty buttocks was just barely visible. She essentially had a big sign on her back that said, "I have nothing on under this dress.”
She completed the turn, smiling at me.
"Is this outrageous enough?”
I tried to catch my breath.
"You're going to give some of those men coronaries.”
She giggled.
"No bra, either?” I asked.
"Nope. I was going to wear stick-ons, but this fabric is just too clingy. You could see them through the dress and it looked awful. I'll be bouncing around a lot tonight, but I don't care.”
I looked down at her, and I realized that each time she inhaled, the front of her dress below the cutout opened enough to see right down into her crotch. The kitten tat was easily visible if you looked for it, and with the right lighting, you could probably see everything else, too.
Her eyes twinkled.
"Think this will do?”
I swallowed against my suddenly dry mouth.
"You don't know how long it took me to find this thing. But as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one.”
I exhaled slowly.
"Let's go.”
She completed her look for the night with a matching wrap and little purse and high-heeled grey sandals. The wrap rendered her halfway decent for the trip south, at least. We got to the hotel about ninety minutes later. The valet took my Mercedes, and we went inside.
I stopped at the front desk briefly to check in and get the key to our room. The bellboy took our bags, and we headed off to the party.
I didn't immediately see anyone I recognized, which was not surprising since I had not seen any of these people in at least fifteen years, if not twenty-five. Marianne had my arm, and I felt her squeezing it more tightly as we crossed the lobby.
"Are you okay?”
She nodded quickly.
"I'll be all right. But none of these people are your friends, right? You don't do business with them or anything?”
"So it doesn't matter what happens tonight? I'm just trying to get my bearings.”
"No, it doesn't. Just enjoy yourself.”
She nodded again, straightening her back as we approached the ballroom. Up ahead, I could see a table covered with nametags being manned by two women I didn't recognize at all. About half a dozen guests milled around outside.
"Hi, good evening," one of the women said. Her nametag said "Phoebe Collins," but I still didn't remember her.
"Hi. Steve Chandler.”
"Well, hi, Steve.”
Phoebe searched for my nametag and then handed it to me. Then she looked at Marianne, and I watched her smile cracking slightly.
"Can I get you a nametag?”
"Sure. Marianne Mulcahey.”
Phoebe filled out a nametag and handed it her. Her smile was entirely forced by this point.
"Enjoy yourselves.”
We walked into the ballroom, and I glanced at Marianne, who was fighting a grin.
"It's going to be like that all night, isn't it?”
I surveyed the room, still not seeing anyone I recognized, but seeing a lot of people doing double takes when they got a good look at Marianne. They had a coat check room in one corner, where she surrendered the wrap. She gave me a nervous grin.
"Here we go.”
She took my arm again, squeezing it tightly. We made our way toward the bar, and I tried not to pay too much attention to the numerous cases of male whiplash Marianne was inducing as she passed. When we got to the bar, I half-turned to look behind us, seeing at least three or four men staring incredulously at Marianne's butt. Most of them had dates or spouses, and I saw one woman subtly jab her husband in the ribs when she saw what he was looking at. Then she gave me a dirty look and turned away.
I ordered a pair of drinks and led Marianne back into the crowd. After a few sips of wine, she seemed to be calming down.
"How are we doing?” she asked.
"There are going to be a lot of men here with stiff necks tomorrow.”
She giggled. I spotted someone I knew, a guy named Jim Pederson, whom I had shared a bong-load or two with during my senior year. His hair had once been as long as Marianne's but it was now clipped short and heavily receding. He saw me a moment later and headed toward us.
"Holy shit! Steve!”
"Jim. How's it going?”
He shook my hand vigorously, and then took in Marianne. Though his eyes widened slightly, he said nothing.
"This is Marianne.”
She extended her hand, and he shook it.
"Nice to meet you.”
Jim and I spent a few minutes catching up, during which I discovered that he was now an Assistant United States Attorney in San Francisco ("Quite a change from the old days, eh?” he asked, laughing). He gave Marianne some repeated glances but otherwise behaved himself.
"So, um, what do you do, Marianne?” he finally asked.
"I'm still in school.”
"What are you thinking of doing?”
"I haven't really made up my mind.”
A heavyset man I didn't recognize came up to us, and only after reading his nametag, did I realize who it was...Mike Taylor, who had been the quarterback on the football team, though he was now several decades out of his playing form. He glanced at me as he approached, but most of his attention was on Marianne.
"Steve. How you doing?”
"Mike. Not bad.”
He looked at Marianne, who gave him a flirty smile. A little tremor ran over his face.
"This is Marianne.”
He seemed to want to shake her hand, but she kept it at her side. I watched his eyes going up and down, up and down, from her breasts to her face and back again.
"What...uh...” he managed, "what are you up to these days, Steve?”
"I'm a stock trader. I live up the coast about two hours. What about you?”
"I'm an Assistant Sales Manager at a big Chevy dealership near the beach. I, uh...” His eyes got stuck on Marianne's breasts again.
“I've been there a few years.”
A brown-haired woman came up next to him, glancing at me, then Marianne, then back at me with disbelief filling her eyes. She nudged Mike, and he started.
"Um, honey, this is Steve Chandler. We were friends back then.”
That was a lie, but I was feeling magnanimous enough not to call him out on it, especially as I watched the anger filling his wife's eyes. Like a nebula being pulled into a black hole, Mike's attention was being drawn inexorably back toward my girlfriend's chest. She gave his wife a sly look.
The poor woman stood it for only a second or two before pinching Mike's side. He squirmed in her grip, but she refused to let go of him. Giving the two of us a steely glare, she took Mike's arm in hers.
"Can we go sit down now, honey?”
He gave me a conflicted look as she dragged him off. I glanced at Jim, who was fighting a grin. Marianne just smiled innocently.
We repeated that scene a few more times, mostly with men I had hardly known...if at all...during high school. Though I hadn't said anything to Marianne and didn't intend to, there was one person I really did not want to see tonight, if she even remembered who I was or why I would care. Another cheerleader in another, far less pleasant, life. I kept glancing around, looking for her but not seeing her. After we had been there about an hour, I let myself decide that she hadn't come.
More and more of the women I saw gave me nasty looks when our eyes met. I had been looking for Mary Jo, but I didn't see her until we had been there almost an hour. She stood with a tall, thin man with graying blonde hair. She was a bit rounder than I remembered but still pretty.
She spotted me a minute later and came straight over.
She gave me a big hug and then withdrew to check me out.
"Look at you! You haven't aged a bit.”
Now she noticed Marianne, and I could see her eyes widening. Her smile wavered for a moment.
"This is Marianne.”
They shook hands, and I introduced Mary Jo.
"He's told me a lot about you," Marianne said, and that was sufficient to disrupt Mary Jo's mild case of shock. She laughed.
"Oh, no. Well, I hope it was nothing indecent.”
"It was all good.”
Mary Jo's husband appeared at her side, and she introduced him. We made casual small talk for a few minutes.
"So, how did you two meet?”
"I live just down the street from him," Marianne said.
“So we've sort of known each other a while.” Mary Jo tried to smile, but I could tell it was difficult.
"How long have you been going out?”
"Just a few months, really.”
Mary Jo had always been on the shy side, and I could tell that this was as far as she could bear to take the conversation. We spent some time talking about what she had been up to, and about her two kids. Marianne went to the ladies' room a few minutes later, and when she was out of earshot, I leaned toward Mary Jo and lowered my voice.
"Do you know if Beth Dunbar is here tonight?”
A knowing look passed across her face.
"As far as I know, she's not here. She hasn't come to the last few. We've lost track of her, to be honest. You don't really want to see her again, do you?”
"No. That's why I'm asking.”
She nodded, but said nothing else. When Marianne reappeared, we split up with Mary Jo and her husband and headed back toward the bar.
"Are you enjoying this?” she asked me.
"Yes. You?”
"I'm fine. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be. I'm having fun.”
We got to the bar and ordered another round of drinks. After I paid the tab, I leaned in to peck her on the cheek.
"I have to hit the bathroom myself. Will you survive on your own for a few minutes?”
She grinned.
"I think I'll make it. Go.”
I went toward the men's room to take a leak. When I was standing in front of the urinal draining my bladder, Patrick Getzels, another guy I had barely known, came up to use the one next to me.
"Pat. How's it been?”
"Not bad. That, uh, that girl with you...”
"Your girlfriend?”
"How old is she?”
I grinned and zipped up my slacks.
He laughed in disbelief.
"Oh, Jesus.”
When I returned to the bar, Marianne had no less than four men around her trying to get her attention, and, none-too-subtlety, peer into the gaps in her dress. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and was making an effort to lean forward to listen to them. They appeared to be discussing her belly button ring and tattoo. I saw her motion for them to take a closer look and she pulled her dress away from herself as they stared into the cut out area. It was obvious when they each realized what else was visible besides the tattoo.
When I approached, she gave me a big kiss. The men around her backed away, various looks of embarrassment and jealousy on their faces. I recognized only one of them, Bart Creagler, another ex-football player.
Marianne hugged my arm and smiled up at me. Bart pried his eyes off Marianne's butt and extended his hand.
"Steve, how you doing?”
"Not bad. You?”
I watched the other men staring forlornly at Marianne and resisted the urge to grin at them.
"Pretty good," Bart said.
“What have you been up to?”
"Well, I think you have had a pretty good look at that.”
He laughed, "Yeah, well, sorry about that, but ... Marianne here is one hot little lady.”
"Thanks. She loves to fuck too, don't you honey.”
Marianne giggled and nodded.
"God, I wish I were you, Steve. Is there any advice you can give us?”
Before I could answer him, a tall, thin woman with a barely restrained look of fury on her face appeared at Bart's side. I recognized her as (the former?) Marcy Conrad, who had been a cheerleader at All Saints and had dated Bart off and on during high school. She gave me an icy glare before taking Bart's arm. Bart shrunk into himself as he realized who it was.
"Hello, Steve.”
The other men around us had dispersed into the crowd at Marcy's approach. She turned her eyes on Marianne, a razor-thin smile spreading over her face.
"And this must be your daughter.”
Bart's eyes goggled, and I had to pause a moment to formulate a response. But Marianne beat me to it.
"No, actually, I'm his fuck toy.”
Marcy's jaw dropped about six inches.
"Although," Marianne went on, "sometimes I'll pretend to be his daughter, you know, yell out 'Fuck me, Daddy' when we're having sex. He likes me to do that.”
Marcy stared at her, then me, utterly speechless. I gave her a small grin.
"She's kidding.”
She pulled herself closer to her husband and took a ragged breath.
"Um, I think I see someone I need to talk to. I have to go over there.”
"It was nice to meet you," Marianne said sweetly.
Marcy just straightened herself and dragged Bart off into the crowd. Marianne grinned up at me.
"That was deft.”
"She asked for it.”
"I guess so.”
The dinner began shortly after that, and if the people we sat with were uncomfortable about Marianne's presence, they did their best not to show it. I still saw a lot of people pointing in our direction and whispering to each other.
After dinner, Marianne dragged me out to the dance floor, where the DJ was playing a succession of late-70's disco tunes. Her braless breasts bounced freely around in her dress while she danced, and nearly every male eye in range was fixed on her, to the consternation of most of the women present. As near as I could tell, she noticed and seemed to be enjoying it.
The music changed to a KISS ballad, and we came together. I linked my hands at the base of her back, and she slid her arms around my waist and laid her head on my chest. The fabric of her dress was so loose and clingy that she almost felt naked.
"Were you into disco in high school?”
"No. I hated it. I was in the anti-disco crowd from the beginning.”
Over her shoulder, I saw a man nearby staring at Marianne's butt.
"What did you like?”
"Led Zeppelin. Foghat. Black Sabbath. KISS. That kind of stuff.”
She pressed herself closer to me, purring and rubbing her breasts against my chest. Then she rose up on her toes and leaned toward my ear.
“How much longer do you want to stay here?”
"Because I'm am very fucking horny right now.” She reached back to grab my hand and move it down to her butt.
"Show 'em my ass, Steve.”
I stared at her, but slowly worked her dress up higher until half of her butt was uncovered.
“Mmmm, I can feel them devouring me with their eyes and drooling.”
I laughed softly.
"Let's go then.”
We stopped dancing, and she pulled me toward the exit. We paused only to retrieve her wrap from the coat check before heading toward the elevator. I gave the room one final glance on the way out, seeing at least a dozen men dejectedly watching Marianne's exit. I allowed myself a small smile of triumph as we left.
I had gotten a suite, and our room was on the top floor. The bellboy had left our bags on the bed, and the bottle of champagne I had ordered when I made the reservation had apparently just arrived. Marianne giggled when she saw it.
"Are you trying to get me drunk?”
"Do I need to?”
She gave me a sly glance but said nothing, drifting out to the balcony as I opened the champagne. I poured two glasses and joined her outside. She leaned against the railing, looking down at the city around us. A light wind was blowing, and her blonde hair fluttered around her face. She took her glass and took a sip.
"It's pretty.”
"Nothing like you.”
She turned around to face me, smiling.
"Did you enjoy that tonight? All those men drooling over me?”
"It was fun to watch. But you're more to me than that. Much more.”
"I know. I wouldn't have done this otherwise.”
She set her glass on the railing and reached between us, unzipping my slacks. Her hand slipped inside, through the fly of my boxers, and found my dick.
I bent to kiss her as she began to stroke me.
"What are you doing?”
She quickly had me erect, and she pulled my dick out into the night air. She reached for one of the balcony chairs and sat down, bending forward to take me into her mouth. I felt her swirling her tongue around the head a few times before withdrawing. Then she took a swig of champagne and bent back down.
I grunted, grabbing at her head when the champagne bubbles bit at my dick. She swished it around her mouth, making the sensations even worse. She swallowed the champagne and bobbed rapidly over me. I looked around us, seeing only the lights of downtown. We were back lit, and anyone looking up here could see this.
"The lights," I gasped. She withdrew far enough to answer me.
"I don't care. Let them watch.”
She took another mouthful of champagne and resumed her attentions. I groaned, swaying on my feet at what she was doing. Then suddenly she stood up, hiked her dress up to her waist, and turned away from me, presenting her ass for my enjoyment as she braced herself against the railing.
I didn't need any further encouragement. I fitted my erection between her buttocks, and I felt her reaching between her legs to guide me in. She was almost searingly hot after the cold champagne, and thoroughly wet and ready. I pushed myself into her up to the root, pressing against her tight cheerleader butt. She pushed back against me, moaning.
I gave in to the experience, looking past Marianne to the darkened city below us. I thrust at her rapidly, feeling her fingers brushing against my balls as she played with herself. I kept my hands tight on her waist, guiding her movements. The musky scent of her sex rose up between us, hot and thick.
She let out a soft cry, arching her back to open herself further to me. I continued plundering her wonderful ass, lost in the sensations. The hand between her legs suddenly came up over her neck, and she was pulling her dress over her head and letting it fall to the balcony floor. In a moment, she was naked except for her heels, completely exposed to anyone who wanted to look. And I was fully clothed except for the erection jutting out of my pants.
"Fuck me!” she groaned.
“Fuck me!”
I redoubled my efforts, hammering her butt as she went back to playing with herself furiously. She cried out once, twice, and her legs buckled under her. I stabbed forward, almost lifting her in the air, and came like an out-of- control fire hose. I kept thrusting at her until she was hanging half over the balcony, big tits exposed to the entire city.
She sank toward the ground, and I bent to pick her up. I carried her inside and laid her on the bed. I stripped out of my clothes as quickly as I could and joined her. She rolled against me, and I could feel her legs still quivering in the last vestiges of her climax.
She giggled.
"That was fun.”
"You have no shame, girl.”
"If you've got it, flaunt it.”
"I've noticed.”
She snuggled against me, and we lay together for a few minutes before she began kissing her way down my chest. She took my deflated dick in her mouth and set about restoring my erection. In about five minutes, she had succeeded, and I pulled her up above me. She planted her knees on either side of my waist and impaled herself on my dick.
She spread herself open, trying to bottom out and get every bit of me into her. I thrust upwards, causing her to grind her sex against the base of my cock. She let out a throaty groan. I looked down, seeing her blonde twat split apart on my dick and the kitten tattoo watching us with a grin. Her belly ring twitched back and forth as she rode me, moving as her abdomen heaved.
I was a long way from coming, so I concentrated on helping her along. When she got within range, I leaned up to suck on her nipples, nibbling and biting at her as best I could. I soon had them as wet and swollen as her pussy, which was doing its best to swallow me whole.
Marianne began to move faster, shuddering and gripping my shoulders with tight claws. Her long blonde hair fell down around our heads, but she scarcely seemed to notice. She was lost in the agonizing climb toward orgasm, eyes shut tightly, jaw clenched, face twisted in effort. She rocked rapidly back and forth over me in an animal rhythm, as if she had surrendered all control of her body to her primal instincts. Her movements grew more rapid and spasmodic, and little feline cries, increasing in volume, escaped her mouth. Finally, with a piercing shriek, she dug her nails into my shoulders, and slammed herself down on me three or four times. She shuddered above me for a good five or ten seconds before collapsing into a quivering mass of flesh.
I rolled her on her side, remaining inside her. She curled into my arms, still shaking and shuddering. I pulled a thigh up to my waist and moved slowly in and out of her. She whimpered, nuzzling my chin.
"Nice?” she gasped.
“My God, nice.”
I kissed her.
"Don't stop," she whispered.
“Make love to me all night. I'll sleep when we get back.”
I laughed softly.
"I'll try.”
She rolled on her back, pulling me above her. I continued my slow, steady movements, just enjoying the sensations of being inside her. She wrapped herself around me, licking my ear and nibbling my earlobe.
"Think of all those guys looking at me tonight," she moaned, "drooling over me. Think of them. I bet they're all fucking their wives now, or beating off, thinking about me. Thinking about my ass...about my tits...about my pussy. The one you're fucking right now. You're where they all want to be. You're fucking me...oh God, you're fucking me.” She whimpered again, biting my ear.
“Don't stop. Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me...”
She shuddered under me, whimpering through her nose, clawing at my back. With a sharp cry, she thrust herself up at me, heaving in orgasm. I slowed down as she coasted to the end of it, kissing her softly, licking the sweat at her brow. She hugged me tightly to her.
"I love you.”
"I love you too, Kitten.”
We made love on into the night, insatiable and inexhaustible. We did it a third time past midnight, going at it until we were both too sore to continue. When we finally ran out of gas at about one-thirty, we returned to the balcony and lay together under a blanket, enjoying one last glass of champagne.
"Why can't we do this more often?” Marianne asked.
"Make love until neither of us can stand up?”
She giggled.
"No. Go out alone together. Like a normal couple.”
"I can think of two reasons, both of which think you're at Ashley's right now.”
I felt her tense up next to me.
"What if I told you that they don't know where I am?”
I froze.
She was silent for a few moments.
"You said it was time. You're right. I've been trying to tell them for a few days. I couldn't bring myself to do it. So I just decided to force the issue. I didn't tell them where I was going tonight. When we get back tomorrow, then I'll have no choice but to tell them.”
Oh, shit.


Although I thought about driving straight back that night, I knew it would be pointless. I could have gotten Marianne home by three a.m. at the soonest, which was still far too late. And deep in my heart, I knew she was right. It was time to face the music.
Marianne insisted that we make love again before leaving that morning, since, as she told me, "It might be a while before we can do it again.” So we did, and I tried not to dwell on the distinct possibility that it might be the last time, period.
We drove back in silence. She held my hand most of the drive.
I dropped her off at her house just after nine and went home.
As the reality of this development sank in, I tried to get my bearings. Was I about to get busted?
Did the fact that Marianne was eighteen now make everything that went on before irrelevant?
I had an MBA from Stanford, and I had taken a few elective law courses during B-school, but that was a good fifteen years ago, and I had forgotten 95% of it. I didn't think they had covered statutory rape anyway. I had no idea what the truth of the matter was, but I knew someone who would.
I went up to my office and found his number. He answered on the third ring.
"Hey, Brian, it's Steve. I'm sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but I'm in a bit of a bind.”
"No sweat. I was up. What's wrong?”
"Before I tell you, this is attorney-client privilege.”
He laughed.
"What happened? You rob a bank or something?”
"No, but I may be in some trouble.”
"Okay. Shoot. What's the problem?”
I took a deep breath.
"I have been seeing a certain girl for about three months. The problem, basically, is that she only just turned eighteen.”
Silence. Then the sound of a chair creaking as Brian sat down.
"What I need to know is what this means.”
"You've been screwing her, I gather?”
"Who else knows?”
"A couple of her friends, and her sister. But as far as I know, not her parents.”
"When did she turn eighteen?”
"About three weeks ago.”
"Christ.” He took a long breath.
“What it means is that you're on the hook for statutory rape. But I gather you know that already.”
"It doesn't matter that she's eighteen now?”
"She was seventeen when you fucked her?”
"Then no, it doesn't. But her parents don't know about this?”
"Not yet. But they may figure it out as of this morning.”
Another long groan.
Until they find out, you may be all right, assuming this girl doesn't decide to get you busted herself.”
"She won't.”
"You don't know that, but let's not get into that now.
In order to prosecute you, the DA has to establish somehow that you had sex with her when she was underage. Usually that's with the girl's testimony, but even if she won't cooperate, they may find a way to get you anyway. They might just serve a search warrant on your house and look for evidence that you slept with her. Now, I'm not advising that you do anything, mind you, since it would be unethical to suggest that you destroy evidence, but you should give that some thought.”
"Is there anyone else who can testify that you had sex with this girl?”
He groaned again.
"Are they likely to?”
"I don't know. Probably not.”
Right now, we're in limbo until something else happens. Ordinarily, I would suggest you get as far away from this girl as possible, but since she's eighteen now, that's not really an issue anymore. My advice is that you do whatever it takes to keep her on your side. That, and you think about that thing I just told you.”
"Okay. Thanks.”
"Call me the instant anything happens.”
As soon as I was off the phone, I set about sanitizing the house. What I hadn't bothered to tell Brian was that a police search might well turn up evidence of all the dope we had smoked, and I knew that if that happened, I would be in much deeper shit.
Marianne had left a few odds and ends around the house, so I gathered those up and shoved them in the trash. All the sheets and towels went into the wash. I vacuumed the whole house repeatedly and furiously, then hosed off the patio. I found an empty bag of marijuana under the couch in the den and burned it in the barbecue.
I was dragging a bag of trash into the garage when I realized someone was pounding on the front door. I briefly contemplated pretending I wasn't home, then decided I had best get this over with.
I looked through the peephole.
On the porch were Marianne and a beefy, heavyset man I took to be her father. Coming up the front walk behind them was a blonde-haired woman in her forties.
I opened the door. Marianne had changed into jeans and a sweatshirt. Her arms were crossed under her breasts, and she looked up at me fearfully, face lined with tension. Her father seemed about to erupt like a volcano, and he took one look at me before lurching through the door for my throat.
I jumped back, and Marianne leapt to intercept him.
"No! Daddy, stop it!”
He was a lot bigger than she was, but her interference was still enough to stop him in the doorway. Marianne's mother ran up behind him, grabbing his arm.
"Charles, grow up! That isn't going to solve anything!”
Charles and I glared at each other. His face was flushed bright red, and he panted through his nostrils. His wife pulled him back onto the porch, and he went, reluctantly. She got him behind her and finally looked at me. She looked me up and down once.
"Just how old are you?”
She shook her head in disgust.
"And you take advantage of a seventeen-year-old girl?”
"Mom, I'm eighteen now, and I can do what I want!”
She glanced at Marianne once before looking back at me.
"You just stay away from my daughter, do you hear? I have half a mind to call the police right now.”
"If you call the police," Marianne snarled, "I will never speak to you again.”
I looked past the three of them, seeing that Hayley had come up the street with this delegation as well, and she watched us from the bottom of the driveway. Marianne's mother followed my gaze and blew up immediately.
"Hayley, get back to the house right now! Get your butt inside before I have to thrash it!”
Hayley turned and ran back down the street. Her mother glared at Marianne, and then looked back at me, shaking her head again.
"You've got her wrapped right around your finger, don't you? Got her snowed into thinking she's a grown woman who doesn't have to mind anyone.”
“I never told her anything I didn't mean.”
"Mom, I love him. There's nothing you can do about this anymore.”
Her mother's eyes flared in outrage, and she slapped Marianne across the face. I jumped out the door to stop her, and for a moment, the four of us were struggling chaotically with each other until her mother extricated herself and her husband.
Marianne had backed away from them, against me. She held her cheek and glared murderously at her mother. Marianne's parents glared back at us, and her mother finally caught her breath and spoke.
"All right. If you don't think you need us anymore, then you go on and stay here. Let him take care of you for a change. See how you like it without a family.”
She backed up the front walk, pulling Marianne's father with her. He resisted for a few seconds, but then they were leaving. Marianne turned inside the house and stood in the foyer, rubbing her forehead.
"Oh, God.”
I watched her parents leave and shut the door.
Then I hugged Marianne, and she leaned against me.
"Give them some time to calm down. When people are that upset, they sometimes say things they don't mean.”
She began to cry against my shoulder. I let her. There wasn't much else to do.
Marianne went to lie down when she stopped crying, and I called Brian back to update him on the crisis. He grilled me on what I thought her parents would do, and I told him that...for now...it didn't seem like they would call the police. I felt a bit guilty hoping, and suspecting, that they were unsophisticated enough to think they had nothing on me now that Marianne was eighteen. Were that the case, I wasn't about to disabuse them of the misconception.
At about noon, with Marianne still lying down in the bedroom, the doorbell rang. I looked out the peephole and nearly had a heart attack.
I tore open the door.
"Jesus Christ, Hayley, what are you doing here?”
I looked past her up and down the street. No one was there. She stood nervously on the stoop.
"I wanted to see Marianne.”
"Your folks don't know you're here?”
"No. They think I don't know anything about you. I told them I didn't know what she was doing. So, can I come in?”
I looked up the street again and then pulled her inside.
"This is not the best time for you to be here.
Marianne is eighteen; you are not.”
"I know, I don't want to do it or anything. I just want to see if she's okay.”
"I'm all right.”
Both of us spun around. Marianne stood halfway down the stairs, looking wrung out. She brushed her hair back over her head as she dropped down another few steps.
"How are Mom and Dad?”
"Postal. Totally. They've been screaming at each other all morning.”
"How did you get out?”
"I told them I was going over to Brianna's. I think they kind of wanted me gone anyway.”
"Do you think they're going to do anything?”
"I don't know. They were mostly arguing about whose fault it is.”
Marianne sat on the stairs, and Hayley went over to sit on the step below her. Marianne put her arms around Hayley and hugged her. Hayley hugged her back, though she still seemed flustered by all this.
"Are you going to stay here now?”
"Mom and Dad want me out. What else can I do?”
"I don't know if they really want you out. They didn't sound like it was settled or anything.”
"I need to stay here for the time being. At least until they chill out.”
"What about your stuff?”
"I don't know. I can't think about that now.”
"I could bring some stuff over.”
"I don't want you to get in the middle of this.”
"It's okay. I don't mind.”
"Don't get yourself in trouble because of me, short stuff.”
"I won't. I'll be careful.”
I looked at Hayley.
"You'd better go. Don't push your luck any further.”
"Okay.” She glanced at her sister.
“I'll get some stuff together. I'll try to bring it over later.”
She gave Marianne another hug and left. When she was gone, I sat down next to Marianne and put my arm around her.
"How you doing, Kitten?”
"Shitty. But it's not your fault. I'll get through it.”
"Why don't you go lie down again?”
"Only if you come with me.”
I led her back up to the bedroom, and we lay down together. She lay under my arm for a long time while I tried to think of what to do.
Marianne propped herself up on my chest after we had been there about twenty minutes.
"You know, if you look past the fact that we've only been going out a couple of months, and that that's pretty fast to be moving in together, there isn't anything wrong with this. We're both adults, right?”
"You still have to go to school.”
"So I go to school. What are my folks going to do? Try to stop me from graduating? What *can* they do?”
"They can call the police.”
"But I'm eighteen now.”
I explained about my conversation with Brian.
"Oh. Well, I bet they won't. You heard what I told my mom. And I'd never do anything to get you in trouble. I'll just tell the police we didn't do it until my eighteenth birthday. That we knew what the law was and waited.”
"I don't know if they'll believe that.”
"But they won't *know,* right? If I refuse to help them, what can they do?”
I thought about that for a moment.
"Maybe nothing.”
She lay back down and hugged me.
"So we're fine. Everything will be okay. Just let my parents calm down, and it will all go back to normal in a week or so.”
I wasn't so sure of that, but I didn't see what else to do.
I made Marianne something to eat a bit later, but she stayed in the bedroom. Having nothing else to do, I went down to the den to watch Stanford and Notre Dame playing South Bend.
At around three o'clock, the doorbell rang again. Thinking it was Hayley with a delivery of Marianne's things, I went straight to the door.
It wasn't Hayley.
Marianne's mother stood on the doorstep with her arms crossed.
She still seemed upset, but she appeared to have collected herself somewhat.
"Where is my daughter?”
"Upstairs.” She said nothing for a few seconds.
“Would you like to come in?”
She stepped into the living room, still radiating hostility. With the tension down a few notches from our earlier confrontation, I got a better look at her. I could see where Marianne got her looks, for her mother was still a very attractive woman.
If Marianne looked this good at forty, she would be doing pretty well.
And, the more I looked at her, the more something about her looked familiar, and it wasn't her resemblance to her daughters. It tickled the back of my brain like a word you want to use but can't quite place, the feeling vague enough that you're not sure it even exists.
She looked around the room briefly, then brushed her blonde hair back from her face, over her head. The action gave me another sense of deja vu, though a different one...it was the sort of thing Marianne was always doing. She had probably picked the habit up from her mother.
Before either of us said anything else, I saw Marianne coming down the stairs. Her mother straightened her back and faced her.
"Honey, I want to tell you that I am sorry for slapping you. I am still very upset with you, but that was not acceptable behavior.”
"It's all right.”
"I would like you to come home now.”
Marianne glanced at me.
"I'm not going to stop seeing Steve.”
"I realize that. But, given a choice between having you in the house and putting a stop to this relationship, I would prefer to have you home. I'm not ready to have you leave yet.”
Marianne appeared to think for a few seconds.
"This isn't going to be one of those things where you pretend to let me do what I want but make me sorry for doing it?”
Her mother sniffed.
"I'm not going to pretend that I approve of this situation. What kind of example do you think you're setting for your sister?”
A chill shot down my spine, and I resisted the urge to exchange a nervous look with Marianne. Whatever Marianne was thinking, she kept her eyes on her mother.
"I'm not coming back if you're going to make a lot of nasty remarks about me all the time.”
Her mother looked down at the floor, shaking her head.
"I don't know how I missed all of this. Why it didn't occur to me to wonder where all those new clothes were coming from.”
She looked up at me.
“You bought her that car, didn't you? That didn't even occur to me until this afternoon.”
I didn't see any point in denying it.
"Who do you think you are, buying a car like that for a girl her age?”
"It was a birthday present.”
"Well, she's giving it back.”
"Hey!” Marianne squawked.
“No way! That car is mine!”
"The car is legally hers," I said.
“All the papers are in her name. I'm not sure there's anything to 'give back' now.”
Her mother pursed her lips tightly.
"Convenient.” She shook her head again.
“All right. I guess you're keeping the car. But Marianne, I want you to come home now.”
"What about Dad?”
"This isn't up to him. He's going to find a way to deal with it.”
"But he's going to glare at me a lot and give me the silent treatment, right?”
Her mother began to snort through her nostrils.
"Marianne, what do you want from us? You are sleeping with a man who is older than I am and behaving like his pampered mistress. You think I don't know what he's in this for?”
Marianne screeched in outrage, but I was the first one to get out a coherent reaction.
"Mrs. Mulcahey, I know you may find this hard to believe, but I do care about your daughter.
I am not exploiting her.”
She glared right back at me.
"Do I look stupid to you? Do I look blind? I know what my daughter looks like, dammit. You think I didn't go through the same thing at her age? I've spent the last four years chasing off a succession of boys who only wanted one thing from her, and damned if they weren't going to get it.”
Marianne came down the rest of the stairs and stepped up to her mother.
"Mom, you can't spend the rest of your life trying to protect me. You have to start letting me make my own decisions.”
"I realize that. This is just not the decision I would prefer to have you start with.” She took several long breaths.
“However, it appears I have no choice here. If you come home, your father and I will do our best to be civil about this.”
Marianne looked at me. I nodded.
"Go home. It's the best for everyone right now.”
She reached out and squeezed my hand.
Her mother gave me a final, frustrated, look and stepped toward the door. Marianne ran upstairs to get her shoes. She gave me a kiss on the way out, and I saw her mother close her eyes and grit her teeth at the sight of it.
Then they were gone.


As Marianne had predicted, things slowly went back to normal, at least at first.
Her parents (especially her father) were not happy about our relationship, but appeared to have resigned themselves to it. Since they weren't happy, neither was Marianne, and as a result, she spent more and more time over at my place.
The biggest victim in this confrontation, ironically, was not Marianne but Hayley. Her parents continued to think she knew nothing about the situation, and they appeared determined to keep it that way, instructing her that she was to have no contact with me whatsoever. They had only just allowed her to start dating, and she was now suffering under the discipline they were unable to direct at Marianne.
"She's pissed at the entire world," Marianne told me one afternoon a few weeks later.
“Me especially. She keeps bitching at Mom and Dad about how they're punishing her for what I did. Which is true. They're being totally unfair, but they're not interested in anyone else's opinions.” We were lying in bed together after making love, her with her head on my chest, staring up at the ceiling and picking at her hair for split ends. I looked down the smooth length of her body, between her breasts, to the belly ring and kitten tattoo.
"I can understand it. It sucks, but I can understand where they're coming from.”
"I know. I feel bad about this, but what I can do?”
"Nothing. What do you think Hayley will do?”
"She's not going to rat us out, about your sleeping with her. Not as far as I know. She keeps asking me how I could tell them and ruin everything. She cries about it all the time. I know she really misses you.”
I had been thinking that I should be grateful about Hayley being under house arrest, since it reduced my potential liability, but I was feeling worse and worse about what she was going through, since it was essentially my fault. Or at least a large chunk of it was.
"Do you think you could you sneak her over here somehow? Would that help?”
"Maybe. I don't know how. Mom and Dad want to know where she is like every second of every day. She has to call them whenever she goes anywhere.”
I brainstormed for a few moments.
"I'm assuming they know nothing about the other girls on the squad.”
She scoffed.
"As if. Jeez.”
"Hayley's a sophomore, right? She'll be eligible to try out for the varsity squad next spring?”
"So if some of the other girls on the varsity squad invited her over, to practice or something, would your folks suspect anything?”
She rolled over onto her chest, eyes lighting up.
"No. Not a thing. Mom's so into our being cheerleaders. She was one herself. I bet she'd go along with that easy.
Especially if I stayed home to distract them.”
"Would she check up on her?”
"Maybe, but they'll play along. That should work great.”
But, you know, we can't make a habit of this. We have to ease her out of this situation eventually, sooner rather than later, I think. It's a lot more risky now with us out in the open.”
Her face tightened up, and she looked down. She didn't say anything for a few moments.
"There isn't any way we can keep her part of this? Somehow?”
"Is that what you want?”
She nodded slowly.
"It's what I'd like. I don't know how, but could you try to think of something?”
"When is her sixteenth birthday?”
"Until she turns eighteen, I don't know what we can do.”
She looked up at me forlornly.
"There has to be something. There just has to be.”
Marianne called me the next day at work and explained what she and Hayley had set up. Giselle and Ashley had called Marianne's mother to ask if Hayley could come over to talk about trying out for varsity that spring, and she had agreed. They were going to hang around Ashley's in case Mrs. Mulcahey called to check on Hayley. Marianne would stay home, and Hayley would come over to my house.
She arrived just after I got home, coming straight into my arms to hug me. I held her, caressing her back slowly.
"I missed you.”
"I missed you too, Little Kit.”
"This sucks so hard. Please tell me I can keep seeing you. Please. I'll die if you won't let me keep seeing you.”
"It's going to be hard. You know this is against the law.”
"I don't care. I love you.”
"Unfortunately, that doesn't help us.”
"Can't you think of something?”
"Marianne and I are working on it.”
She squeezed me tightly, whimpering in distress. I reached down and picked her up, carrying her up to the bedroom. She lay quietly as I undressed her, removing her jeans and baby tee shirt.
When I had her down to bra and panties, I sat back to look at her. She was as beautiful as her sister was, just slightly less developed. They were alike enough that I had a hard time separating what I felt for them, and if I wasn't completely sure I loved Hayley too, I knew I cared about her happiness and did not want her to get hurt, whatever happened with the rest of this.
She pulled me down to kiss her, and we necked and fondled each other for a few minutes. When she was naked, I rolled her on her stomach to inspect the cat tattoo on her butt, now largely healed.
"Do you like it?”
"It's very cute. Just like you.”
"A little kit.”
"Yep.” She rolled back over and slipped her arms around my neck.
"Marianne's your kitten. I'm your little kitten.”
I kissed her softly.
"I love you so much.”
I looked down into her pretty blue eyes, only a shade or two lighter than that lapis bracelet she still wore all the time. I brushed the blonde hair back from her face.
"I love you, too, Little Kit.”
I went back to kissing her slowly, playing with her firm breasts until I had her nipples standing straight out from her chest. I slid down and took one in my mouth, reaching down with my left hand to stroke between her thighs. She squirmed as I explored her sex, caressing her gently as I suckled her breasts. She writhed on the bed under me, making those little whimpering noises she always made.
When I felt her getting wet, felt a little squirt of moisture emerge onto my fingers, I lowered myself the rest of the way.
She reached down for my hands, and I opened her up with a gentle lick.
I felt the little bud of her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, wiggling back and forth over it. I dipped down, wetting myself with her fluids, tasting her. I kept up that slow, steady, circular motion until she was rolling her sex at my face, moaning softly as if she were in pain.
I sped my movements now, matching each roll of her hips.
Her abdomen began to twitch, her hands clamped down on mine, and a moment later she was shivering in orgasm under me. I kept up my attentions until she let out a sharp cry and pushed me away.
I crawled up beside her, taking her in my arms, feeling the tremors of climax still coursing through her body. She came back to life a few moments later, descending toward my erection and taking it deeply into her mouth. She gripped the base tightly and bobbed over me, swirling her tongue around and around the head. I gripped her blonde hair in my hands, closing my eyes, concentrating on what she was doing.
I could stand it for only a few minutes, and I finally pulled her off.
She lay on her back beside me, opening herself for my invasion. I was inside her in a moment, and she rose off the bed, wrapping herself around me, pulling herself up to make fulcrum of her sex as she often did. We rocked together, grinding against one another. She bit at my shoulder, whimpering softly.
She clung to me, pressing her firm little body against me. Her hips rocked with my thrusts, and I struggled to hold myself off the bed with my arms. Finally, I leaned back, kneeling and sitting on my feet, bringing her up into my lap. She pulled my mouth to hers, kissing me deeply. She began shudder as she hung suspended on my erection. She bit my tongue involuntarily, and another orgasm shivered through her body.
We thrashed around on the bed like that for a good ten minutes. I held myself off, knowing that she had several weeks of denial to make up for, and only when she had come half a dozen times probably, and lay back exhausted on the bed, surrendering to me, did I allow myself to come inside her. A few deliberate thrusts were all it took, and she held me on top of her, not letting me roll off for nearly a minute.
We lay quietly together afterward. I played with her hair, inspecting the various shades of blonde from her neck to her ears. She let out one of her contended little giggles and hugged me.
"How you doing?”
"When are you supposed to be back?”
She glanced at the clock.
"Maybe an hour. So we have plenty of time.”
She sat up beside me and pulled her hair around behind her shoulders.
"Steve, I don't want to get you in trouble. I know this is dangerous.
But I can't help that I love you.”
"I know.”
"If there's anything we can do to keep seeing each other, will you promise me you'll do it?”
"I'll do my best. That's all I can tell you. I don't want to hurt you and Marianne. That's all I really care about.”
She smiled.
We made love a second time, and she went home around seven. Marianne came over about half an hour later, and we lay together on the couch in the den.
"Thanks. That really helped.”
"How is she?”
"A lot happier than she's been since we came out. When I left, she was lying on her bed with a big smile on her face. A real post-you-know-what glow.”
"I'm glad she's happy. But I don't know where we go from here.”
Marianne hugged me.
"I had an idea. It's...it's an extreme idea, but it's the only thing I can think of.”
"I'm thinking you may not want to know the details of this. At least until I get a few things ironed out. And maybe not even then.”
"Uh-oh. It's nothing illegal?”
"I don't think so.”
"You don't *think* so?”
"It's more ugly than illegal.”
I struggled with myself for a moment or two.
"But it might be illegal?”
"I'm not a lawyer. I don't know.”
She sat up next to me, looking hard into my eyes.
"Steve, do you trust me?”
Good God, what a question.
"Do you believe that I would never do anything to hurt you or Hayley? That I would never do anything that would put us in danger of being separated?”
"Yes, but...”
"Then let me do this. It's the only way.”
"Are people going to get hurt?”
"People will get hurt if we do nothing. Hayley will be devastated if she has to stop seeing you. And I don't want to boot her out of this just for our own convenience. You do recognize that she's getting hurt because we came out of the closet for our own sakes, don't you? She's worse off now that we're safe. We're hurting her to benefit ourselves. We owe it to her to do what we can to help her.”
I gritted my teeth. She had a point.
She took my face in her hands.
"Steve, I'll ask you again. Do you trust me?”
I sighed.
"Yes. Do what you have to, I guess.”
She kissed me.
"Thank you. This won't be easy, but we'll be better off afterwards.”
I didn't see either of them for a couple of days, during which I stewed over the situation and tried to fathom what on earth Marianne was up to. It wasn't that I didn't trust her; I just wasn't sure she knew what she was doing.
No matter how many times I turned the problem over in my head, I could not see a solution. How in God's name was she going to get her parents to consent to my sleeping with Hayley, if indeed that was what she was doing? Maybe she wasn't trying to secure their consent, but just trying to get them to back off? But she had talked about it like it was a permanent solution to the problem, as if we could go back to being one happy trio afterwards with no worries about the legalities of it.
None of it made sense.
Marianne and I went out for dinner on Friday night, and I could sense the tension in her as soon as she walked through the door.
"Anything you want to talk about?” I asked her once we were on our way to the restaurant.
"No. I'm sorry, babe, but I think you have to wait until it's over.”
"But it's happening?”
"Yes. This weekend probably.”
"Do I need to call my lawyer to make sure he's on call?”
She shook her head.
"No. This won't involve you no matter what happens. It will either work or it won't, but if it doesn't, it won't implicate you at all.”
"What about you?”
"No. I'm not the one doing this. You'll see. Please be patient.”
We ate a slow, quiet dinner together and tried to avoid the issue hanging over our heads. We returned to the house around ten o'clock and drifted toward the bedroom. This had been a casual night out, and Marianne wore only jeans and one of her cropped spaghetti-strap T-shirts.
I took her in my arms and kissed her, then picked her up and carried her to the bed.
She kept her arms around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. We necked and fondled each other for a few minutes, losing most of our clothes in the process. I began by kissing and nibbling most of her sensitive spots, licking around the underside of her breasts, running my tongue down to her navel, giving the kitten tat a quick kiss before descending between her thighs. She was already quite wet when I got there, and I had to lick at her vigorously before I could generate much friction. I brought her to two quick orgasms before she pushed me off.
When she had caught her breath, she slid down to take me in her mouth.
She sucked on me slowly, licking and kissing the shaft and head. She ran the tip of her tongue around the head a few times before taking most of it into her mouth, pushing it to the back of her throat until her gag reflex forced it out. She did that a few times, then began bobbing rapidly over me. She kept up this steady suction, and I stopped her after few minutes when I was getting close.
"Could I get you off like this?”
"You don't want to have sex?”
"It's just like I like doing it, and I haven't done it in a while. We could make love later.”
"Okay. Go for it.”
She went back to work, sucking rapidly on the head with her lips and tongue. Under such eager attentions, I reached the brink rather quickly. Marianne gave my balls a gentle squeeze when she felt me beginning to come, then pushed me to the back of her mouth to swallow up my cum as it spurted forth. She continued sucking on me until my erection began to subside, then climbed up to lie beside me.
"Happy?” I managed.
She giggled, hugging me.
"Yep. You?”
I nodded weakly, returning the hug.
We made love in earnest about half an hour later. Afterward, Marianne lay beside me for a few minutes before sitting back and pushing her hair over her head.
"You need to go?”
"No. I can spend the night. It's not a problem.”
"Your mother doesn't care?”
"It's more that she didn't really object when I told her I was going to do it.”
"Have they noticed your belly ring yet?”
"Yes. But under the circumstances, it's not their biggest concern.”
"And what is?”
"That their little girl has finally discovered sex.”
That gave me pause.
"You mean they think...”
She grinned, nodding.
"Mom did. At first. She was like, 'I wanted your first time to be something more special than this,' and I had to go, 'Um, Mom, Steve wasn't my first.' She got kind of miffed about that.”
"How much did you tell her?”
"Nothing. She didn't want to know any more.”
"She never figured out what you were doing before?”
"No. Like I told you, they didn't pay that much attention to what I did, never mind what she said about having to beat the boys off with a stick. That's is why she's being so hard on Hayley. I think she wants to correct her 'mistakes' with me.”
I pulled her back, and she crawled above me, letting her hair and big tits hang down in my face. I kissed each nipple once and then pulled her mouth to mine.
"I wouldn't characterize you as a mistake.”
She giggled, but I stifled it with a tongue.
We slept in, and I didn't really wake up until the phone rang at about nine- thirty. I fumbled for it on the nightstand, knocking a few things over before getting a good grip on the handset.
"Steve? It's Tiffany.”
"Oh. Hi. What's up?”
"Not much. Marianne is there, right?”
"Can I talk to her?”
"Hold on.”
Marianne had awoken beside me, and sat up against the headboard. She took the phone and listened, running her fingers through her hair as Tiffany told her something.
I could hear Tiffany's voice but not what she was saying, and whatever it was she had called about took several minutes to explain. Marianne just nodded, and said "okay" a few times, and I slowly realized what this probably involved.
Marianne finally said, "Okay. Let me know if anything else happens," and hung up. She dropped the phone and stared blankly at the opposite wall until I nudged her.
She looked over at me slowly.
"It's done. I may burn in Hell for this, but it's done.”


I was too stunned to say anything, and I lay there staring at her until she was ready to explain what had happened.
She rolled over toward me, taking my hand in hers.
"I need to tell you a story first, so you understand.”
"This happened about five years ago, when I was thirteen and Hayley was ten. Our parents have never really been happy together, at least not as long as I can remember. I didn't really understand everything until recently…until I got some perspective by watching my friends' parents and seeing how different things were with them. I don't think my folks have loved each other for a long time. I know they're staying together for my sake and Hayley's. But five years ago, they almost got divorced.”
She paused, sighing and looking down at the bed.
"This isn't easy to talk about. I'm sorry.”
"It's all right. Take your time.”
"My folks were fighting a lot back then. Every dinner seemed to end in an argument and with me and Hayley hiding in our room together. I spent a lot of time holding Hayley while she cried and asked me what was going on. I didn't know what to tell her. I mean, I was only thirteen. I had no idea why our folks were fighting so much.”
"Very slowly, it dawned on me that my mother was accusing my dad of cheating on her. He had been gone a lot, always working late. I thought I understood it, but at the same time, I didn't. I didn't know anything about sex beyond the basics then, and this book my Mom gave me about 'the facts of life,' you know, always talked about husbands and wives. As if only married people had sex. So I didn't know how my dad could be doing it with another woman. I guess I thought that only happened on TV.”
"Anyway. One day, everything blew up. My mom had gone to the grocery store and caught my dad screwing some sixteen-year-old checkout girl in his office. Everyone was screaming at each other, and Hayley and I hid in our closet crying. My dad left and moved into an apartment, but all my Mom would say was that he couldn't live with us right now. She wouldn't tell me what had happened, even though she had to know that I had heard her yelling at him, you know 'I caught you fucking her' and all. The neighbors probably heard her. But she just acted like me and Hayley didn't know what was going on.”
She sighed again and didn't say anything for nearly a minute.
"One afternoon, about a month after my Dad moved out, we got excused early from school because of a fire in the cafeteria. It wasn't anything big, but they sent everyone home early just to be safe. So Hayley and I get home at about two o'clock, when we usually got back around three-thirty. And when we get back, there's this strange car in the driveway. We go inside, and I can hear something going on in my parents bedroom.”
"Oh, jeez.”
"Yeah…Right. But wait. See, I heard it first, but Hayley was right there with me. I knew somehow, I was old enough by then to know what must be going on, you know, because I could hear my mother moaning and talking to someone. But Hayley is just ten, and she thinks Mom is hurt or something. So she goes running for the bedroom before I can stop her. And we both burst in there together.”
"Oh, my God. And she was in bed with someone?”
"Yes. But, you see, this is the thing.” She paused again, looking up from the bed. “It wasn't another man. It was a woman she worked with.”
My jaw dropped.
"Oh, Jesus. What happened?”
"All of us freaked out at once. My mom and her friend flew apart and pulled the sheets over themselves. Hayley starts crying. She doesn't even know what is going on, but she starts crying anyway. I grab her and pull her out, back to our room. I'm probably the only one who is halfway stable, and I try to calm her down, but she's just going crazy, you know? Wanting to know why Mom is naked with this other woman and why Dad is gone. Mom comes in a few seconds later gone completely postal about why we're home so early and that we don't understand what was going on. I don't even remember much of what happened after that. Just that we were all crying and yelling at each other.”
"What happened?”
"When Mom finally calms down, she tries to tell us that we can't tell Dad about what we saw. I think now she was worried about the custody issues if they got divorced, you know? She tried to make us swear to keep it a secret. But I wouldn't. I told her I was going to tell Dad unless they got back together.”
"And they did?”
"I don't know if it was because of what I said, but yeah. They were in counseling for a while, and Hayley and I went along. The counselor got us to talk about what had happened, and gradually I think we found a way to deal with it. We just don't talk about those days now, and I think my folks are in this kind of armed truce. I have a feeling that they're still cheating on each other, but they decided to stay together for the sake of me and Hayley.”
"Your mother is a lesbian?”
She nodded.
"I don't know if I inherited that, or what. I wonder about it sometimes. Not that it really matters, I guess. But, yeah, she is. I pretty much know that for sure now.”
As this story gradually sank in, I suddenly remembered how we had gotten to this point.
"Okay. I'm glad you can share all this with me. But what's the point here?”
She pursed her lips and took a deep breath.
"Steve, you know I love you.”
"And I want you to know I did this because I love you.
Because I love you, and I love Hayley, and this was the only way I could think of to make it work.”
I swallowed hard.
"Go on.”
"At various times in the last year or so, I have noticed both my father and my mother giving Tiffany a certain amount of a certain type of attention.”
Everything dawned on me in a flood.
"Oh, my God.”
"And, since that night last month, Tiffany has gotten seriously into being my fuck toy. Even if we haven't done anything since then. Just little things she says and does around me. When I was thinking about what to do, somehow this idea came to me. I asked Tiffany if she would do it for me, and she said she would.”
All I could do was lie there and listen to her, aghast.
"Wednesday afternoon, when Hayley and I were at cheerleading practice, Tiffany skipped out and came over here to my house. She pretended she was dropping something off for me, but she stayed to talk to my Mom. She acted like she had been jonesing for her for a while, and my Mom bought it. She did the same thing with my Dad last night at work. That was what she just called about.”
"Why?” I gasped.
"Because Tiffany is only seventeen. That means that my Mom and Dad are now just as guilty as you are. They can't do anything about Hayley because they could get busted too.”
"Did she *tell* them this?”
"No. But she did joke around with them about it being statutory rape. Just so they get the point. She said my Dad kind of freaked afterward, wanting to know if she was going to say anything to anyone. She said she might tell me if he got weird about it.”
I stared blankly across the room as the full scope of what Marianne had done unfolded in my head. She reached out and hugged me.
"I did it for us. It was the only way.”
I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling.
"I need to think about this.”
She sat up, jaw vibrating softly.
"Are you mad?”
"I'm in shock. I don't know what I am.”
"But everything is okay now. They can't stop Hayley from seeing you now.”
"You would really do that? Blackmail your own parents?”
"Only because they're trying to break us all up. I'll only do it if they make me.”
She threw herself across my chest, beginning to cry.
"Steve, please! Don't be mad at me. Think about how it was. Hayley was going to cut out of this completely. Now she can come back like it was before.”
"I can't be a party to this.”
"You aren't! You don't have to do anything! This is between me and Tiffany and my folks.”
I closed my eyes and sighed, listening to Marianne sobbing against my shoulder. I put my arms around her and held her. She continued crying for several minutes.
"Kitten. Listen.”
She withdrew a little, eyes red, and looked up at me. I brushed the tears from her cheeks and kissed her nose.
"I love you. That has not changed. But you need to give me some time to deal with this.”
"You said yourself that this was an extreme solution. You can't expect me to swallow all of this in one gulp.”
She nodded weakly.
"I know. Should I go?”
"That might be best. Just for now.”
She sat up, pushing her hair back over her head and wiping her nose. Then she looked back down at me sadly.
"Are we breaking up?”
That sent a stab through my gut, and I pulled her back down to me.
"No. We are not breaking up. I just need a little time to absorb all this.”
"Okay. I love you.”
"I love you too, Kitten.”
She got up and got dressed. We gave each other a final hug, and she left.
I don't know how long I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. If I had been walking a tightrope with Marianne and Hayley before, I was now on a knife-edge. I just shook my head at what Marianne had done. However much she tried to act like an adult around me, she was still only eighteen. Only a teenager could have come up with a scheme like this and thought it would work. What did she expect to have to do? Tell her parents, "Let Hayley keep screwing Steve or I'll tell everyone you screwed my friend?” She would be tossing a lit match into a barrel of gasoline. *Anything* could happen.
I didn't see any of them for a few days while I tried to get my mind around this. By the middle of the next week, I still didn't know what to do, but I began to feel as if the time for ruminating over this was coming to an end. I realized that I needed to know more about this. I wanted to talk to Marianne, but my emotions were still in too much turmoil. She would probably start crying again, or want to go straight to bed, neither of which would go very far toward clearing my thought processes.
So I called someone else. It took some work to track down her number, but I found her Thursday afternoon. After a brief conversation, she agreed to come over that night.
I was just finishing dinner when she showed up.
"Thanks for coming over.”
"I'm guessing this isn't another sex slave session you have in mind here.”
"No. I need to talk to you about a few things.”
I showed Tiffany into the den, and she sat on the couch. I took the spot at the far end.
"Marianne's folks, right?”
"Right. I'm not passing judgment on any of what happened, okay? I know you had your own reasons for going along with the idea. I'm just trying to get a handle on it.”
She nodded.
"Okay. What do you want to know?”
"You don't have to go into a lot of detail, but I'd just like to know what happened.”
She pulled her feet up under her butt and leaned against the back of the couch, facing me.
"Well, there's not much to tell. Marianne called me last week telling me she needed to ask me a big favor. I sort of flirted with her about it, you know, 'Are you asking me as your friend or ordering me as your slave?' So she told me what she had in mind. I thought it sounded pretty crazy, but I told her that if she wanted me to do it, I would. So, last week, I went by her house like I was coming over to see her. I spent some time talking to her mom and kind of flirting with her. She tried to play it cool at first, but once I touched her the first time, I was sort of pretending to arrange her hair like I was suggesting she change it somehow, she pretty much lost it. And afterward, she got all guilty and upset, telling me I couldn't tell Marianne and that it could never happen again and that I had to understand that she had a 'special understanding' with her husband. All that kind of shit, you know?”
"But that clearly wasn't her first time?”
"Oh, no. She really knew what she was doing. I mean, the sex was great. When it came to, you know, eating me, she was the best I've had by far. No offense.”
"None taken.”
"It was only afterward that she got all weird about it.”
"What about her father?”
She laughed.
"I told you how he grabbed my butt once, right?”
"He took a lot less work than she did.
I just went by the store where he works, flirted with him a little, then asked to see his office. And he came on to me before I did anything else.”
"How was it?”
"Shit. I mean it. Worse than the first guy I slept with, which I didn't think could possibly have been any worse. It was over in less than a minute, you know? I hardly had time to get wet enough to do it. I teased him about it afterward, and he completely freaked out, saying he never did stuff like this before and I couldn't tell anybody and all, especially Marianne. I made fun of him, and he turned into this little boy almost, getting all red and embarrassed. I had a good laugh about it when I got home.”
"And neither of them had a clue what you were really doing?”
"Not as far as I know.
Her dad, shit, I have no problem with fucking with him over this.
He's a toad. But her Mom...”
She sighed.
"I do feel bad about her. There was something weird going on in her head while we were doing it. I don't know what it was, but it was something. I would have a tough time getting her busted over what we did. I do like her. She can be pretty cool when she's not gone all mother-y.”
"So what are you going to do now?”
"I don't know. I need to think about this some more.”
Tiffany went home, and I tried to digest what she had told me.
No solutions presented themselves that night. But the next day at work, I decided that I could not let this situation fester any longer. I had to shoulder my responsibility to unravel this mess. And I could see only one way of doing it.
I knew, from having seen a little office notepad Marianne had had with her once, where her mother worked.
I got the number from information, and after gathering my courage for a few minutes, made the call.
"Elizabeth Mulcahey.”
"Mrs. Mulcahey, this is Steve Chandler.”
She didn't respond for a few seconds.
“What do you want?” she asked icily.
"I would like to have lunch with you this afternoon. There are some things we need to say to each other.”
"I have nothing to say to you.”
"Well, I have a great deal I need to say to you. And I think you will want to hear this once you see what it is.”
"Which is what?”
"It's not something we can discuss over the phone.”
"I am a busy woman, Mr. Chandler. I do not have time to listen to whatever snow job you want to put over on me.”
"This isn't a snow job. There are just certain things I think you need to know about.”
I could almost hear her fuming over the phone.
"All right. I suppose I have no choice. Do you know where I am?”
"Yes. I've been over to that office park a few times.”
"There is a little sandwich shop on the first floor of my building. I will be there at noon.”
She hung up.
I got to the sandwich shop at eleven-fifty and ordered a turkey and swiss on rye. I sat down in the corner of the patio to wait. At a few minutes before twelve, I saw Elizabeth Mulcahey coming around the building from the main entrance. She gave me a steely glare as she approached. Again, there was that odd twinge of familiarity about her, though I was still unable to place it.
"Hello," I said.
“Why don't you get your lunch first?”
She nodded and went inside, returning a few minutes later with a salad and an iced tea.
"All right. Say what you have to say.”
I took a deep breath and began.
"What I'm about to tell you is not going to make you happy. It will probably make you very, very unhappy, but I have been put into a situation where I see no other choice but to tell you. The alternative is too precarious and ugly for me to be comfortable about allowing it to continue.”
I had to look away from her for a moment.
"I know about you and Tiffany.
What happened between the two of you was part of a prearranged plan between her and Marianne.” I looked back at her now, seeing her face gone white.
“I did not find out about it until afterward. Tiffany has also slept with your husband. Marianne thought this would provide her with something to hold over your heads.”
Elizabeth turned away from me, closing her eyes tightly. I watched her swallow hard and try to compose herself. She took a ragged breath.
"Why? She had you. What else did she want?”
I couldn't answer her for a few seconds, and I had to force the words out of my mouth.
"Because she was afraid of what would happen if you found out about Hayley.”
Her jaw dropped and her eyes bulged in their sockets. She stared at me in horror, looking for anything that would deny the picture I had just put in her head. I just looked back at her.
Then she slapped me, hard enough to make the other customers turn and stare at us.
She did it again, and I grabbed her hand. She struggled with me, trying to pull free, and I let go of her after a second or two. She fell back into her chair, pushing it away from the table as she gasped for breath.
"You...you...how could you?”
I had to tear my eyes away from her.
"It's not something I'm particularly proud of. Marianne brought her into this, and she wants her to continue being a part of it. When she told you about us, I thought it would be enough to ease Hayley out. But apparently neither of them want that. I don't know whether it's just adolescent infatuation, but Hayley has convinced herself that she loves me, and Marianne does not want to force her out. I know about your husband's history, and I know that may have something to do with this.”
"And now you're going to blackmail me with what I did with that girl so you can continue doing this?”
"I'm not trying to blackmail you. I'm trying to get you to see the situation that Marianne has created.”
I looked back at her now, seeing her wiping tears out of her eyes. She looked away from me, across the front lawn of the office park.
"Does she know you're here?”
"No. She thought she could just set this up and then dump it on you if you ever found out about Hayley. But I decided I could not let her try to blackmail her own parents.”
She laughed bitterly.
"Oh, you're just a wellspring of morality and ethics, aren't you?”
Something about the sneer she shot at me, the precise angle to the curve of her lips, stabbed through my gut with a twinge of long-forgotten adolescent angst.
I had seen that look before (On her? On someone else?), but it was just out of reach. The memory was like a puff of smoke, too intangible to grasp.
"I don't pretend to be perfect. I'm just trying to straighten this out with the fewest number of people getting hurt.”
"And what do you want me to do?”
"Think about where we are. If Hayley has a fit about this and tells someone, or you turn me in, what you and your husband did will probably come out too. I don't think that the county Department of Child Services will look very kindly on this situation. I don't think Marianne has thought this through, but *all* of us could get busted for this, including her. She's eighteen now, and they might just charge her with aiding and abetting statutory rape. So all of us get arrested, and Hayley gets taken out of your house and put in foster care. That is not an improvement on this situation.”
She swallowed hard.
"You are asking me...to allow...” and she shot these words at me like daggers "...my fifteen-year-old daughter...to continue sleeping with a man who is older than I am.”
"I'm not asking you to do anything. I just want you to appreciate the reality of it.”
"So I do nothing, and you get to go on screwing my daughters.”
"And you get to continue having a halfway-normal relationship with them, and you get to continue whatever arrangement it is you've worked out with your husband.”
"Very nice for you.”
I took a sip of my drink to clear my throat.
"I would like you to recognize something. Before you showed up here, you knew about none of this. I could have let it continue the way it had, sneaking around and pretending Hayley hardly knew me. I could have tried some other method to end this thing with her and risk having Marianne dump what she had done on your heads. Instead, I came here and confessed to having sex with your daughter. Do you recognize how far out my neck is here? What a risk I am taking with this conversation? I am doing it because I care about Hayley and Marianne. I care about their emotional and mental health. I could not allow Marianne to do something she would regret the rest of her life.”
"You act as if she forced you into doing what you did with Hayley.”
"No. She didn't. But no one forced you to sleep with Tiffany either.”
She closed her eyes and shook her head.
"I know why Marianne picked her for this. She couldn't have been blind to how I was acting around her. But she doesn't know everything. Tiffany...when I was Marianne's age, long before I truly realized who I was, there was a girl I knew who was a lot like her. I had an enormous crush on her for a long time. It wasn't anything I understood until later. She was straight, so there was no chance of anything happening even if I had understood what I was really feeling. And when Marianne became friends with Tiffany, all this baggage from my childhood came welling back up, all the uncertainty and misery I had struggled with, all the unrequited emotions I had had for this girl. Everything I thought I had dealt with in the past few years. I'm sure Marianne sensed some of this, since she knows enough about me. So when Tiffany came on to me last week, it was a like a dam broke. I don't think I could have stopped had there been a gun to my head.”
I nodded slowly.
"For what it's worth, I've talked to Tiffany about this. It wasn't a callous seduction on her part. She feels bad about it. I think she does like you on some level.”
"For what little that's worth now," she said angrily.
"I want to tell you something that I have never told Marianne. I was never sure how she would react to it. It was something similar to what you've just told me. When I was in high school, there was a girl I knew, a beautiful blonde cheerleader like Marianne. For whatever reason, I developed a crush on her like you did with that girl. But I was a nobody, a random pothead who hung out with the other losers. And instead of just ignoring me, she toyed with me for nearly a month, pretending to flirt with me and then embarrassing me. The one time I got up enough courage to ask her out, she pretended to agree. And when I showed up that night, she had gotten the football team to lie in wait for me. They beat the crap out of me and then threw me in a dumpster behind the local grocery store, full of rotting garbage. I had to limp all the way home smelling like an open grave.”
For some reason Elizabeth's face had gone completely white, and she stared at me as if she had seen a ghost.
But I went on with my story.
"And when I met Marianne, that whole awful experience came back to me. Except that she's nothing like that girl beyond the way she looks. I won't pretend that the age difference isn't some level of turn-on for me. But that is why. Because girls like Marianne treated me like shit when I was her age.”
The shock on Elizabeth's face finally penetrated my retrospection. She gasped for breath as she stared at me.
"What's wrong?”
"Where did you go to high school?”
That was it, the one little trigger I needed. Something snapped in my head, and everything rushed back into me in a flood.
I suddenly realized why she seemed so damned familiar.
The two us stared at each other as if we had never met. Except, of course, we had.
"My maiden name was Dunbar," she said slowly.
“And you used to have long hair, didn't you?”
"Jesus fucking Christ.”
"That was me. The cheerleader who got you beaten up.”
"My God. I am so sorry. I felt so bad about that afterwards. I never meant for them to take it that far.”
I struggled against my shock, and Elizabeth looked away from me, still shaking her head in amazement. After a few moments, I finally regained enough composure to make some sense of this incredible coincidence.
"You know, I sometimes think that human beings aren't half as rational and intelligent as we think we are. That we're really nothing more than disorganized bundles of experiences and neuroses, just waiting for other people to come along and push our buttons. People like Marianne and Tiffany. I know this relationship is distasteful for you. But I do love your daughter. I would never do anything to hurt her, or Hayley. I am sincerely here to resolve this dilemma without their getting hurt.”
She nodded slowly, sighing.
"So what do we do?”
"Nothing. We go on the way we have been. Hopefully this thing of Hayley's, whatever it is, will run its course in a few months. She's too young to know what she's really feeling. You can go on with whatever you've been doing. If you were to call Tiffany and want to see her again, I really think she would be receptive. She said some very nice things about you. And your husband can continue doing whatever it is he's been doing.”
She laughed softly.
"Screwing the checkout girls.” She shook her head.
“How much did Marianne tell you about us?”
"Just that you nearly got divorced five years ago because you caught him with one of his employees. And that she caught you with a friend of yours.”
She nodded.
"That period was when I finally realized who I was. But I realized also that I did not want to get divorced, for Marianne and Hayley's sake. We agreed that we would simply live together as roommates and conduct our own business, as long as we did it discreetly. I think now that I underestimated the effect it would have on the girls. I think we could have handled this better, not set that sort of example for them.
I shouldn't have pretended they wouldn't notice. But that's water under the bridge.”
She looked away from me again, staring off into the sky.
"I know Marianne cares about you very much. That is what has made this so hard. That I was losing her because of the mistakes I had made.”
She exhaled slowly.
"I'll go along with this. For their sakes. But if you ever, *ever,* hurt either one of them, no force on Earth will prevent me from making you pay for it. No matter what they do to me.”
"I know that. That's why I'm here.”
"Don't worry about my husband. He pays no attention to what we do unless something forces the issue. I think he's already decided that he's going to ignore what Marianne does. Because it only makes him feel guilty about these girls he exploits at work.”
She turned back toward me and leaned forward over the table.
"I want to say one last thing. If you were somewhat younger, maybe twenty- five or so, I would have no objection to this relationship. I've always thought Marianne needed someone older and more responsible than she is, to give her the sort of support and guidance she's never gotten from her father. I just wish you were younger. I just wish she didn't feel like she had to go looking for a surrogate father. But I guess you can't have everything you want.”
"I don't know that that's the sort of relationship we have.”
"It's how it looks to me. But that's neither here nor there at this point. She's an adult now. I can't really stop her from seeing you.”
She stood up.
"I need to get back to work. I'll speak to Marianne and Hayley this afternoon.”
"Thank you. I mean that.”
She nodded once, and then she was gone.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I got home that night, but Marianne's Bug was parked in my driveway. When I entered the garage and shut off the engine, I could hear the stereo in the den playing at high volume, blasting out my old copy of "Dressed to Kill.” Gene Simmons and the crew were chanting,
I want to rock and roll all nite and party every day! I want to rock and roll all nite and party every day!
I came into the house, and there I found Marianne and Hayley dancing around together in the den. They danced up to me, arms in the air and bodies jerking with the music, and hugged me.
Marianne gave me a big kiss, and Hayley did likewise.
"I love you," Marianne said over the stereo.
"Me too," her sister said immediately.
"You're not mad?”
"No," Marianne said. “I love you more than ever. Because you took such a risk for us. I know now that my idea was insane. I could never have had my parents thrown in jail. My mom and I talked about going back into therapy, to deal with all these issues we've been ignoring. But she also said she thinks she finally understands what I see in you. That she thinks she can trust you not to hurt us.”
"I hope so.”
I held them both and began dancing with them. They giggled and squirmed in my arms, pressing themselves against me. I kissed one, then the other, groping breasts and buttocks at random. When I tried to shove a hand up Hayley's baby tee, she pulled it over her head. Her bra hit the floor a moment later.
Marianne pushed me back toward the couch, and I sat down with a girl straddling each leg. Marianne was topless in a few seconds, and I contented myself with kissing them and playing with their big tits for a little while. Hayley, if I was not mistaken, had grown a bit since I had first met her. She was still as firm as she had been, but I suspected she would be moving up to D-cup bras fairly soon at this rate.
Marianne withdrew a little while I was in the middle of tweaking two pairs of nipples.
"I feel like something different.”
"Like what, Kitten?”
"Something we haven't done before.”
Hayley giggled.
"We've done a lot.”
"I know. So I'm trying to think of something new.”
"Whatever happened with your English teacher?” I asked Hayley.
She giggled again.
"I don't know if she ever figured out what it was, but we left a big stain on the wood. I saw her rubbing her desk with a paper towel and sniffing the stain that Monday morning. I had to run away to keep from laughing at her.”
"Oh, God. The poor woman.”
I could see from the look in Marianne's eye that she had come up with an idea.
"What would you think of going down to the beach?”
"And doing it there?”
"Yeah. In the dunes. There's a lot of places that would work. I used to go there with the boyfriend I had before Randy.”
"That would be cool," Hayley said.
"You two would have to get dressed.”
Marianne grinned.
"No, see, what I was thinking was that we could go down there nude.”
Hayley's eyebrows shot up.
"I can't drive my car around naked," I said.
"No. You wouldn't. Just me and Hayley will go nude. If we go in the Jeep, the back windows are tinted enough to hide us.
You could drive us off the lot into the sand, then we could jump out when it was clear.”
Hayley giggled nervously.
"What if someone saw us or something?”
"That's the point. The risk, you know? Come on.” She poked Hayley in the stomach. "Don't be a wuss. You were cheerleading commando right after you fucked Steve that night.”
That was enough peer pressure to convince her.
They both stripped out of their clothes while I searched for a beach blanket. Then, giggling nervously, they ran naked into the garage and jumped into the back seat of my Grand Cherokee. I climbed into the driver's seat, sparing a brief glance at the nude, nubile flesh behind me before starting the engine.
Luckily, Daylight Savings Time had ended a few weeks earlier, so by the time I got to the beach, it was already quite dark.
Hayley and Marianne had been giggling and looking around at the other traffic during the entire trip.
I drove to the end of the public parking lot, seeing no one around (but then, it was 8 o'clock on a weeknight), then drove the Jeep over the curb into the sand. This was only about the fourth time I had used the 4WD since buying the thing two years before, but the Jeep handled it well enough. I took us about a hundred yards down the beach and parked between a couple of high dunes.
There were houses up on the cliffs above us, but they were a good two hundred yards away, and with a new moon out, it was far too dark to see anything down here.
When I shut off the engine and the headlights, Marianne opened the door nearest the ocean. She looked around, then hopped out onto the sand. She stretched her arms above her and did a pirouette.
Hayley hesitated for a few seconds before joining her.
Marianne took her arms and tried to get her to dance in a circle. Instead, she squealed in nervous excitement and ran over to me, pressing herself against me.
Marianne walked up to us, blithely unconcerned about her nudity. In the darkness, her blonde hair was almost silver, and she looked like a sylph descended from the sky.
She pulled Hayley away from me.
"Come on. Relax. There's no one to see you.”
I scanned the cliffside above us, seeing nothing. Marianne let out a whoop and ran down the beach toward the water. I watched her naked form cavorting at the edge of the surf. Hayley remained next to me, though she appeared to be growing used to the situation.
I stripped out of my clothes, then took her hand. She followed me down toward the ocean, and Marianne ran up to us.
"This is so cool! I feel so free.”
She took Hayley's hand again, and this time Hayley went with her, laughing excitedly, as she ran around on the beach. I watched them as they played together, all long legs and tight buttocks, full breasts bouncing around, silver hair fluttering in the wind. The two people I cared about most in the world... and they had come from the person I had once despised more than anything on Earth. I would probably never tell them about my history with their mother. It would serve no point now. Ancient history, water under the bridge, whatever you wanted to call it. It would do nothing but confuse them.
I realized I had an erection long after it must have happened.
They bounced back toward me, and Marianne laughed.
"Is that for us?”
"If you're looking for one.”
Hayley glanced nervously around.
"We can't do it all the way out here.”
"I know," her sister said, "we'll go back to the car.”
Marianne took my hand and pulled us both back toward the Jeep.
She got the beach blanket out of the car and we spread it out in a hollow between a pair of dunes.
I lay on my back and they lay across me, kissing me and pushing their breasts in my face. I sucked on four nipples alternately for a few minutes before Marianne descended to take my erection in her mouth. Hayley tried to join her, but I instead guided her above me, getting her to squat over my head. I extended my tongue and began to eat her as Marianne sucked on me.
The night was cool, though not uncomfortably so, and the contrast between the night air and Marianne's hot mouth was almost painful.
I had to concentrate entirely on licking up at Hayley to keep from coming immediately. Hayley rode my tongue slowly, rocking her hips back and forth. I took her firm cheerleading butt in my hands, caressing her and holding her close to me.
Marianne withdrew, and I felt her straddling me. A moment later, I was sinking into her tight wetness. Hayley reversed herself to lean against her sister, and we were soon all pleasuring each other. I sucked Hayley's clit and lips into my mouth, rolling her clit around with my tongue. Marianne rode me steadily, grinding herself against the base of my cock, keeping me deeply within her. Hayley and Marianne leaned against each other's shoulders, gently caressing each other's breasts.
Hayley came first, well before Marianne or me.
She shuddered over my mouth, letting out a soft cry as her thighs battered my ears.
I kept up my attentions, and she came again about a minute later, throwing herself to the side. Marianne dropped all the way down onto me once the way was clear. I put my arms around her, kissing her deeply.
We rolled over next to Hayley, who lay there quietly watching us. Marianne pulled her legs up to my sides, and I pushed the last bit of myself into her. She bit at my ear, whispering obscenities that I hoped Hayley couldn't hear. She urged me on, moaning at me, and suddenly spiked up off the blanket at me, digging her nails in to my butt. She squealed once, quickly, before the sound was lost in the night breeze. Her climactic thrashings were enough to finish me off, and I joined her a moment or two later, heaving my cum into her.
I rolled off Marianne to lie between them when I had recovered. They snuggled against me, seeking the shared warmth of our bodies. My cock, damp with cum and Marianne's fluids, soon grew cold and limp in the sea air. I sat up, looking around us, but seeing nothing.
The noise of the surf had been more than enough to mask the sounds of our lovemaking, but I wasn't going to take any chances.
"This is pretty neat," Hayley said.
"What did I tell you?” Marianne said.
“Never doubt an older sister. We know about stuff like this.”
Hayley smirked at her, and I lay back down between them. We soon fell into another joint grope. Marianne slid down my chest and went to work on restoring my erection.
Hayley stayed up top, and we kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes. I pulled her beautiful breasts up to my mouth and suckled both until her nipples were hard and tight.
Marianne pulled back and got her sister's attention.
"Your turn.”
Hayley giggled, straddling me, and I slipped into her, moving from the cool night air into the damp furnace inside her. She pulled her legs up, letting me bottom out as Marianne lay down beside us. She laid her head on my arm and caressed my chest as Hayley rode my cock.
Only a minute into it, she rolled to one side and pulled me on top of her. I positioned myself between her thighs and began making love to her in earnest. Marianne lay still, watching us and smiling at me. Hayley wrapped her legs around my butt, pulling me in further.
Both of us were growing tired, and we took our time with it, moving slowly and letting the sensations build.
Her release, when it came, was deep and quiet, a tense shudder underneath me. She bit lightly at my shoulder and let out a soft whimper. I loosened the brakes and sped my thrusts. Marianne suddenly sat up and reached behind me, finding my balls. She began playing with them gently, but the effect was dramatic. My legs thrashed uncontrollably, and I drove roughly into her sister. Hayley cried out, holding me tightly.
I groaned, and as Hayley shook in orgasm under me, I spurted off violently into her loins. Marianne giggled at what she had done and lay back down beside us.
I took them home around ten. Hayley got dressed and went back to her house, and Marianne and I went to bed. We lay down together, holding each other.
"What exactly did your mother tell you?”
"She sat us both down in the family room and told us how she had talked with you and that she knew what was going on. I almost had a heart attack.
I thought she was about to tell us that she had you arrested or something, except that she wasn't acting mad or upset.”
"How did she seem?”
"Sad. Tired. I don't know. That actually scared me more, because I had no idea what could have happened.
I mean, I hadn't talked to you in almost a week, and I was getting really worried. Really, really worried. Then my mom just says, 'I know what you did.' I almost died.”
"I'm sorry. I needed some time to work through all this.”
She hugged me.
"I know. I wasn't mad at you.
I was mad at myself for being so dumb.
I thought I had lost you because of it.”
I returned the hug, stroking her head.
"So what did she say?”
"She told us how you guys had talked and how you had decided just to let things be for now. I was scared to death because she obviously knew what I had done to her with Tiffany. I felt so bad about it that I started crying. But Mom told me she just didn't want to talk about it, that what was done was done, you know. She told me how she had done some stupid things in the past because she was in love with someone.”
"What about your dad?”
"He doesn't know. Mom said we would just leave him out of it.
So I guess we will.”
"You don't think he'll notice?”
"No. God...Steve, this will sound so awful, but I'm closer to you than I've ever been to him.
He just, it seems like he tries to avoid us, me and Hayley. There's always been like some sort of wall between us. He'll get mad at us when we do something wrong, but he's never been very affectionate or friendly.”
"I'm sorry.”
She nuzzled my neck.
"It's okay. I have you. That's all that matters.”


Marianne and I went out on our usual Friday evening date that weekend, though Hayley came along with us. Far from being jealous of Hayley's increasingly frequent presence, as I had once feared, Marianne seemed to be adjusting quite well to having her around. Granted, the usual sisterly teasing and jibes were always there, but it was never anything that struck at the heart of our relationship, whatever it was. As long as Marianne had her share of private time with me (something I was careful about), she didn't seem to mind much at all about bringing Hayley along.
We went to dinner down by the beach and then walked through the neighborhood outside the University. We window-shopped for about half an hour, drifting randomly around, before passing the tattoo parlor. Hayley slowed down and lingered in front of the window.
"Could I...” she glanced at Marianne "...could I get a belly ring?”
Marianne laughed out loud.
"Go for it," she said.
“I don't care.”
Hayley smiled nervously at her, then looked back to me.
"Can I?”
"I guess so. Sure.”
"It's going to hurt worse than that tattoo," Marianne said.
“It's not like getting your ears pierced.”
Hayley fidgeted for a few seconds.
"I wanna do it.”
"Okay," I said, "let's go.”
We went inside, and while Hayley lay on her back awaiting her operation, Marianne and I leaned against the counter and watched.
"Do you like that clit stud Tiffany has?”
I gave her a wary look.
"Not on you.”
She grinned.
"You don't think it would look good?”
"I'd have to think about it.”
She giggled.
"I'm kidding. There's no way I'm letting anyone shove needle through my clit. But I was maybe thinking of getting a tongue stud like Ashley's.”
She licked her lips.
"You know what those are good for, right? I'd think you'd enjoy that one, at least.”
A frisson of anticipation ran down my spine, and my teeth went on edge.
She giggled and nuzzled my shoulder. A few minutes later, Hayley reappeared with her belly ring.
"It didn't hurt that much. What do you think?”
She held up her baby tee so we could get a good look at it. She had gotten a little gold ring just like Marianne's.
"I like it.”
"It looks good on you, short stuff.”
I paid the bill, and we resumed our window shopping. Hayley kept checking out her navel about every five seconds until Marianne laughed at her for doing it.
Not far down the street was a trendy sex toy/video store that seemed to cater to the same crowd I had seen hanging around the tattoo parlor.
Both Marianne and Hayley laughed and leaned against the window to look inside.
"Can we go in there?” Hayley asked.
I glanced toward the door, where I saw the expected "No One Under 18 Admitted" sign.
"You may have to stay out here, Little Kit.”
She pouted, but she didn't argue. Marianne took my hand and led me into the store.
We spent a few minutes browsing the adult videos and bondage gear before Marianne suddenly shrieked in excited embarrassment. She ran down the aisle and grabbed something off the shelf. As I approached, I saw what she had found: a strap-on dildo.
"Have you ever used one of these?”
I laughed.
"Me? I don't exactly need one, I think.”
"No, I mean like with another girl.”
"Can we get it?”
"What for?”
"I don't know, like to use with Tiffany or Ashley.”
"You want to use it?”
Her excitement dropped a notch or two.
"Does that weird you out or something?”
"Not really. It's just a surprise.”
"Oh. So can we?”
"I guess so.”
She took my hand and led me to the counter. The salesman was jaded enough not to give either of us a second glance as he bagged it up. We found Hayley waiting dejectedly on a bench outside, but she jumped up as we came out of the store.
"What did you get?”
Marianne opened the bag to let her see. Hayley's forehead creased in confusion.
"What...what is it?”
Marianne giggled and leaned in to whisper something to her. Hayley's eyes swelled after a few seconds, and she looked at Marianne in amazement.
"No way.”
Hayley looked back in the bag, then back up at the two of us.
"Wow. Jeez.”
She remained in a state of dazed shock for several minutes as we walked back to the car. Marianne had opened the box to examine the thing on the drive home when Hayley suddenly spoke up.
"Are we going to use that tonight?”
Marianne looked up in surprise, glancing at me, then at her sister.
"Uh...I don't know. Do you want to?”
"What did you get it for, then?”
"For like, with the other girls.”
"But not me?”
Marianne glanced at me again.
"Why? Do you want to try it out?”
"Could we?”
Marianne shrugged.
"I guess so. Why not?”
My head spun momentarily...but no, that's not really it, I thought a split-second later. They wouldn't really be having sex. It wouldn't be much different than playing with each other's tits when we all made love together. Less than that, right? They wouldn't even really be touching each other. Not much, anyway.
The girls seemed intrigued by this idea, so I kept my thoughts to myself. We drove the rest of the way in silence.
Once we were inside, Hayley and Marianne went straight upstairs. They sat on my bed, and examined the dildo together. Hayley turned it over in her hands while Marianne read the little instruction book that came with it. The dildo was one of those thick, veined, silicone rubber pseudo-penises, not just a hard rod of plastic. I saw Hayley wrinkle her nose and sniff the thing briefly as I hung up my sport jacket.
"How does it work?” Hayley asked.
Marianne showed her something in the manual.
"I think it's kind of like a jockstrap.”
"What have you got in mind here?” I asked.
Marianne giggled, then took the dildo from Hayley and hopped off the bed.
"I'm going to go put it on. You guys get undressed.”
Hayley and I helped each other out of the remainder of our clothes, then lay down on the bed. She lay on her back, propping herself up on her elbows and looking nervously toward the bathroom where Marianne was getting ready.
Hoping to calm her down, I rolled next to her and took her in my arms.
She kissed me as I played with her breasts, squeezing them and pushing them around on her chest. I bent to suck on her left nipple, and slid a hand down between her thighs. I ran my finger through her neatly trimmed blonde pubes before finding her clit. I gave it a tweak, and she convulsed under me, biting my tongue lightly.
I continued playing with her after I heard the bathroom door open. Marianne tickled my feet, and I looked up.
It did indeed look like she had on a jockstrap, albeit one with a seven-inch rubber penis sticking out of it. Hayley's eyes bulged, but she said nothing.
"Roll over," Marianne said.
“Get on your hands and knees.”
Hayley complied, and Marianne climbed on the bed behind her. I sat up to watch as Marianne reached between Hayley's legs, feeling her way forward. I noticed that she had rubbed the massage oil all over the dildo, and she now eased the oily rubber penis into her sister.
Hayley moaned, inhaling sharply as Marianne sank into her.
"How does that feel?”
Hayley only whimpered, putting her head down on the pillow. I reached out to caress her face as Marianne began to fuck her slowly. Hayley moved with her, rocking back and forth, and after a ten or twenty seconds of it, reached between her legs to play with herself.
She braced herself against the headboard as Marianne began thrusting harder.
"Get in front of her," Marianne said suddenly.
"Get her to suck you while I fuck her.”
Hayley moved back a little to let me in, and I slid over. She grabbed my cock with her free hand and immediately swallowed it up. She bobbed as eagerly as she could go, and I could feel the force of Marianne's thrusts through Hayley's mouth.
"Is this doing anything for you?” I gasped.
Marianne grinned.
"Well, physically, not really. But it's still hot.”
Hayley moaned around my erection, pushing back harder at her sister. Marianne resumed her thrusts, and Hayley sucked harder on me. She began to whimper, bouncing back and forth between us, impaling herself from two directions, on my dick and Marianne. Marianne responded by fucking her faster, and I could see Hayley's hand going like crazy between her legs. A few seconds later, she let out a squeak, bit down lightly on my dick, and shuddered in orgasm. Marianne continued fucking her, and Hayley suddenly reared up, embracing me and kissing me as her sister did her from behind. I reached under her, finding her wet twat split open by the dildo, and began masturbating her myself. Marianne's rapid thrusts caused Hayley to press closely against me, and I felt her beginning to shiver with another orgasm. She squealed into my ear when it peaked, and then threw herself to the side, falling off of the dildo. She held my arm tightly, shaking in the aftermath.
Marianne crawled forward and kissed me. I reached between her legs, past the dildo, and found her dripping pussy. She purred as I stroked her.
"That was pretty cool.”
"What do you want to do now?”
She reached over and stroked Hayley's arm.
"You want to try it?”
"On you?”
She laughed.
"Who else? Yeah.”
Marianne took the thing off and helped Hayley into it.
Then she ran back to the bathroom, returning with the massage oil.
"I want you two to fuck me at the same time. I'll get on top of Steve, and you do me from behind.”
"You mean, like, in your butt?”
She oiled up the dildo again, ignoring Hayley's look of nervous apprehension, then oiled herself. I had remained on my back, and Marianne crawled over me. She lay down on top, kissing me and writhing against me. I felt her reaching between us, and a moment later I was sliding into her wetness.
She pulled up her knees, opening herself to Hayley, who crawled around behind her.
"Are you ready for this?” she asked me.
"Are you?”
"I'm going to try. I've always fantasized about doing it like this. Since I'm not going to do it with another guy now, this is the next best thing.”
I felt Hayley closing with us, then Marianne tensing up.
"Gently, okay? I'm really tight back there now.”
I couldn't see much from my angle, but I felt it when Hayley thrust slowly into Marianne's butt, because Marianne shuddered and dug her nails into my arm. Then I felt the dildo moving against my cock, separated by a thin layer of tissue inside her. The sensation sent chills down my spine.
Marianne whimpered softly, but pushed back against both of us.
"What do I do?” Hayley asked.
"Fuck me. Gently, but fuck me.”
Hayley began to thrust slowly in and out of her sister's ass. I couldn't move much at all in my position, because Marianne held me tightly in her arms and between her knees.
I didn't want to hurt her, so I lay still. And the stimulation I was getting from Hayley made my participation unnecessary.
Marianne writhed slowly between us, moaning, gripping my arms, biting at my shoulder, kissing me weakly, digging herself against my cock. Hayley kept up a slow, steady thrusting, and I was soon getting more and more heated up. I was unable to stop myself from thrusting up at Marianne slowly, and she pushed back at me, rolling her hips. She whimpered again, and moved more purposefully.
The novelty of this encounter soon dulled my perception of it, and I lost myself in the sensations. Hayley sped her thrusts, and Marianne began rocking rapidly back and forth. Her hands her claws on my shoulders, and her face was twisted into an agonized grimace as if she were being tortured. Her movements sped up, and soon she was thrashing between us. She let out a shriek, digging her nails into my arms so hard it hurt. A titanic wave of climax seemed to be washing over her, and she finally threw herself violently forward across my chest. Hayley stayed inside her, staying where she was. She grinned down at me.
"This is actually pretty cool.
I think I can kind of see what it's like to be a guy now.”
Marianne whimpered softly against my neck, hugging me.
Hayley withdrew, going into the bathroom to clean up. I stroked Marianne's back affectionately.
"You okay?”
"Sore," she managed, "but happy.”
"Did you come?”
She rolled slowly on her back, pulling me on top of her.
"Come now. Use me.” She giggled.
“Just fuck me. I'm too tired to come again anyway.”
Taking the hint, I began thrusting into her. I had been hard for so long without release that my erection ached, and the sweet friction of her wet pussy swept over me, consuming me in pleasure.
My cum was rapidly boiling in my groin, spinning, surging, then finally spurting helplessly into her. She held me close, lying still under me. I fell onto her body with a gasp.
"I love you," she whispered, "I love you.”
"Mmm. You too.”
Then the phone rang. I had no intention of answering it until I leaned over and glanced at the Caller ID.
"Who is it?”
"Your mom. I better get it.”
I reached for the handset just as Hayley came out of the bathroom, naked, holding the strap-on dildo. I had to close my eyes and compose myself before speaking to their mother.
"Steve, it's Elizabeth. The girls are there, aren't they?”
"Yes. Do you want to talk to them?”
"Let me speak to Marianne.”
I gave her the phone, and she listened for a few moments. The color slowly drained out of her face.
"Okay. We'll be right over.”
She hung up and gulped, staring at me in distress.
"My dad just got arrested. They caught him with some girl at the supermarket.”


The girls got dressed rapidly and then went home. I briefly considered going with them before deciding against it. Having nothing better to do, I sat in the living room watching a movie in case they needed me for something.
I was about to go to bed at one-thirty when the phone rang again.
"Steve?” It was Marianne.
“I didn't wake you up, did I?”
"No, I was waiting up. What's going on?”
She sighed weakly into the phone.
"My dad is still in jail. He won't have his bail hearing until tomorrow morning, and my mom is making noises about not bailing him out.”
"What happened?”
"It was the dumbest piece of luck. He was screwing this checkout girl in his office, she's sixteen or something, and one of the new checkers walked in on him. I guess most of the employees know enough about him not to barge in on him, but she didn't. Apparently she let out a scream when she caught them, and as it happened, this is the really dumb thing, there were two cops in the store at the time. I guess they were stocking up on doughnuts or something. But they were right nearby, so they went to check out what was going on.”
"And they arrested him?”
"Yeah. And…according to the D.A. we talked to, because he's so much older than her, he could be getting like ten years in jail. The girl is claiming he pressured her into it, which I can believe, so they may decide to get tough with him.”
"I'm sorry.”
She sniffed, and I could hear her starting to cry.
"I mean, I hate him for doing this all the time, and how he never pays attention me and Hayley, but he's still my dad, you know? How can my dad be in jail?” She sobbed and gasped for breath.
“What am I going tell people?”
I cringed, listening to her sobbing into the phone.
"What can I do? Just ask.”
She bawled and gasped for another few seconds before she could answer me.
"Can I come over?”
"Absolutely. Come.”
She hung up the phone without saying anything else, and she came though the door less than a minute later. She ran right into my arms and resumed crying. I held her, rocking her back and forth for a minute or two before picking her up and carrying her upstairs. We lay down on the bed and she hugged me tightly.
Her tears dried up after about ten minutes.
"How is Hayley?”
She sniffed.
"Hysterical. She and Mom were lying down together when I called.”
"Your mom doesn't want to bail him out?”
She took a deep breath and sat up.
"I don't know. She was saying things like 'I can't take this anymore,' and 'I've had it with him.' I think...I think she might just divorce him this time.”
"I'm sorry.”
She took another breath and exhaled.
"I understand how she feels. I almost...I don't know if I can face him again after this.”
"You didn't get to see him?”
"Mom did. Hayley and I couldn't.”
I wanted to ask her the question I could not ask her, which was why she was so upset with her father when he was doing nothing more than what I was. Maybe she held her father to a higher standard; maybe she didn't like seeing the situation from another perspective. Maybe she just didn't like the idea of her father having sex, or maybe it was just the cheating issue she cared about. Whatever it was, I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.
Marianne spent the night, curled up tightly beside me. Elizabeth called us the next morning, and explained how she had decided that Charles Mulcahey was not setting foot in her house again. Charles got himself bailed out, but by then Elizabeth had packed his bags and put them out on the curb. They had a screaming fit with each other that afternoon, after which Charles went to a motel.
In the days that followed, I saw more of Marianne and less of Hayley. Hayley appeared too shocked by this event to think much of me, which didn't surprise me. Marianne, on the other hand, needed me more than ever, and I provided what moral support I could.
Elizabeth filed for divorce a week after her husband's arrest.
With this cloud hanging over all our heads, we tried to keep a low profile. The other girls on the squad stayed away, and the only one I ever saw was Marianne. Thanksgiving approached with her father still gone. I wasn't sure what to do, but I didn't want to intrude.
On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, while I was at work, I got a very interesting phone call.
"Elizabeth Mulcahey," my secretary said through the intercom.
I grabbed the phone.
"This is Steve.”
"Steve, this is Elizabeth. How are you?”
"Fine. How are things going?”
She sighed.
"The girls are still in a state of shock. Hayley will hardly talk to me since I started the divorce proceedings. Thanksgiving is going to be very difficult this year, as you can probably imagine.”
"I'm sorry. If there's anything you need me to do, just ask.”
"Well, that's why I'm calling.” She paused for a moment or two.
“Steve, I know the moral issues here are rather murky, but I'm trying to do what's best for my daughters. I was thinking it might help them if you could come for dinner on Thursday. I'm hoping I'm not catching you too late.”
It took me a few seconds to get over my shock.
"You mean for Thanksgiving?”
"Yes. I think Charles's absence would be less striking if you were there.”
"Well...um, I don't have any other plans. I guess, if you want me to come, I will.”
"I would appreciate it.”
"Do they know about this?”
"Marianne dropped a couple of hints. Hayley doesn't know.”
"If they're okay with it, it's fine.”
"I'll ask Hayley and let you know. Thank you.”
Elizabeth called me back later that afternoon and told me that Hayley had agreed to have me there. I asked her if I could bring anything, and she suggested I bring the drinks.
I showed up at three o'clock on Thursday afternoon wearing one of my better suits and carrying two bottles of my best Mondavi Chardonnay. Marianne met me at the door in a long white dress and gave me a hug.
"Thanks for coming.”
“I'm still kind of shocked about this.”
"Me too. But I think Mom is really trying to move on.”
"What about you?”
She looked down and nodded slightly.
"I'm trying.”
We returned to the kitchen, where Hayley and Elizabeth were finishing the dinner. Hayley gave me a quick hug, and I gave Elizabeth the wine.
"Thank you. If you want to open it, the corkscrew is over there.”
I put one bottle in the refrigerator and opened the other. I poured two glasses, watching the uncertain look in Marianne's eyes.
Elizabeth glanced at her, then me.
"I guess so, honey. Just one glass, though, all right?”
I poured Marianne a glass, and then surveyed the dinner. The turkey was out on the counter, and Elizabeth was finishing up the creamed spinach and mashed potatoes.
"Anything I can do?”
"Just make yourself at home. We'll be ready in a few minutes.”
I went back out to the living room with Marianne. She sat next to me and took a sip of her wine.
"Have you talked to your dad?”
She shook her head.
"He still hasn't called. I don't know if he doesn't want to talk to Mom or what. I don't know what I would say to him, frankly.”
She leaned against me, laying her head on my shoulder. I nuzzled her briefly, and then, seeing nothing else to do, turned on the football game. The Cowboys were leading the Redskins 24-14, and I watched until Elizabeth called us to dinner.
The food was pleasant enough, but the atmosphere hanging over the dinner dulled my enjoyment of it. We confined the conversation to the current events at Marianne and Hayley's school, and to banal shoptalk about my job and Elizabeth's. I did my best to eat my fill, but it was clear that none of the women had much of an appetite. We scarcely made a dent in the turkey.
Marianne and Hayley served the dessert, a store-bought pumpkin pie. I made some coffee while they set up the plates and then returned to the table.
When we had all taken our seats, Elizabeth sat back in her chair and took a deep breath.
"There is something I need to tell all of you. Steve, I asked you here tonight because this concerns you as well. This was a very difficult decision on my part, but I think it is the best for all of us.”
I glanced at Marianne and Hayley. Both faces were lined in concern.
"Your father is going to plead guilty to molesting that girl. Because she is alleging that he pressured her to have sex, the D.A. will not agree to probation. Your father will be going to state prison for two years. He may be out sooner than that, but that is the sentence he is going to agree to on Monday morning.
"He and my lawyer have been in contact about the divorce. He will not interfere in my request for full custody. The property issues will take some time to unravel, but the divorce will be going through.”
Hayley had sagged in her chair and begun to cry quietly into her lap. Marianne just looked at me sadly, then looked back to her mother.
Elizabeth took another ragged breath.
"I have been thinking for a long time about going back to school and finishing my degree, and this disaster that your father has precipitated seems to be enough of a reason. I would, ultimately, like to attend law school and move up from being a legal secretary to being an actual lawyer. I was hoping that I could get accepted to the University for the spring semester, but unfortunately that did not happen.”
Marianne gasped, throwing her hand over her mouth. Hayley looked up in shock. Elizabeth reached out and took both her daughters' hands.
"I have, however, been accepted at U.C. Santa Cruz. If we can make this work, I want to start there in January.”
Marianne came out of her shock.
"Mom, you can't...”
Elizabeth cut her off.
"Marianne, wait. Just listen. I am not going to pull either of you out of school and move you to Santa Cruz. I know that would be too difficult for both of you, particularly you, since you are about to graduate yourself.”
She paused and looked at me, and suddenly I realized where she was going with all of this.
"What I hope we could do is have the two of you move in with Steve. I know how you feel about him, and I have begun to understand why. I think this would be the least traumatic solution for all of us.”
Three jaws were nearly on the table by this point. Ironically perhaps, it was Hayley who spoke up first.
"We could do that?”
“I think so. I asked my lawyer about it, though I left out a lot of the details. He pointed out that Marianne can live where she likes, since she is eighteen, and he said there is nothing legally wrong with leaving you in her care. You would simply be living with Steve at the same time.”
The three of them glanced around at each other, but it took me a few seconds before I realized that six eyes had finally come to rest on me. Waiting for an answer.
"Uh...wow. Um. I need to think about this.”
"Take all the time you need," Elizabeth said.
“I know this is a surprise.”
I laughed weakly.
"That's putting it mildly.”
Marianne reached out and squeezed my hand. I glanced at Hayley, who stared at me with a look of yearning so intense that I had to look away from her a second later.
"I have the room. That's not a problem. It's just...”
"I would be just a couple of hours away. I won't make you become their father. I intend to stay as involved in their lives as I can. I just need this break to find myself. I have been so emotionally dead for so many years living with Charles. And with him in prison, I have to put the house up for sale. It's that or lose it to the bank. Under these circumstances, I can't go back to school without seriously disrupting the girls' lives. Not without your help.”
I looked back at Marianne, seeing that her eyes were beginning to fill with tears. I realized suddenly that she might be thinking I was hesitating because I didn't want her around after what had happened. I returned the squeeze she was giving me.
"Look. It's not that I don't want them living with me. It's just that this is a major-league commitment. I've been living alone for almost fifteen years now.”
"We won't be any trouble," Hayley said.
“I'll clean up everything. We won't make a mess of your house. I'll do all my homework and everything I'm supposed to do. You won't have to check up on me.”
Marianne didn't say anything, but I could see it in her eyes anyway. I think she knew that if she said anything and I hesitated, she would break down completely.
I took a moment to steady myself.
"I think...I think we can do it. At least give it a try.”
Hayley squealed and bounced in her seat. She was sitting across from me, otherwise I think she would have jumped into my lap. Marianne came out of her chair and hugged me tightly. I looked past her shoulder at Elizabeth, who just reached for my hand. She tried to say, "Thank you," but all she could do was mouth it.
Marianne released her grip on my neck.
"I'm going to make you the happiest man on Earth," she whispered.
I squeezed her waist.
"You already have.”
I stayed to help clean up, but Marianne went back home with me after dinner. We drifted up the stairs into the bedroom, glancing at each other but saying nothing. I lifted the dress over her head, then took off her bra and panties. She undressed me as well, then linked her arms around my waist.
"I know this is a big step.”
"It is.”
"I'll do everything I can to make it work. I promise.”
"I keep wondering about the sleeping arrangements. Having both of you in here may be problematic.”
She smiled.
"Hayley wants her own room. She asked me when we were doing the dishes if I thought you would mind. I guess not, right?”
"No. She needs her own room.”
"But I get to sleep in here with you?”
She hugged me, giggling.
"I'm going to be living with you.”
I smiled down at her.
"You really are.”
"Are you sure you're ready for this?”
I laughed.
"You're asking me?”
"Yes. You said yourself that you've been living alone for fifteen years.”
"I have been. But since I met you, I think I've realized how lonely I had gotten. I'm not sure where this is going to take us, but I'm willing to take the trip.”
"Me too.”
I pulled her close and kissed her. She melted against me, pressing her big tits against my chest. I felt myself stiffening between us, and when I shifted to give myself more room, Marianne reached in to take my erection in her hands. She stroked me gently as we kissed, a light, silky touch that sent shivers down my legs.
She lowered herself to her knees and took me deeply into her mouth. I felt myself probing at the back of her throat, and she began to bob slowly on my erection. I stood there, rigid, holding her head and letting her make love to me with her mouth. She withdrew and ran her tongue around the head a few times before plunging back down. One hand played softly with my balls, and I could see that the other had disappeared between her legs.
I stood her attentions for only another minute or so before pulling her up. She giggled, leaning against me, and I picked up. I tossed her on the bed, making her shriek with laughter. I crawled after her, she spread herself open for me, welcoming me into her. She was already wet but still deliciously tight. She rolled her hips back, making the tendons on her thighs stand out as I forced every inch of myself into her. She grunted as I bottomed out, digging her nails into my butt.
I lunged forward, burying my tongue on her mouth. Her arms came up around me, holding me tightly as I thrust at her. She matched my every movement, rolling her hips with every thrust. I penetrated her from both directions until she began convulsing, biting at my tongue involuntarily. I lifted up from her body, watching her big tits rolling around on her chest. I bent to take a perfect nipple in my mouth, and she cried out, arching her back. Her hips spiked up at me hard, and a tremor began in her abdomen. Her thighs began to shake, then batter my waist. She let out a shriek, clawed at my back, and came.
I slowed my thrusts as she coasted down, gasping for breath. She shivered under me, even that contact too much for her sensitive flesh. She pulled me back down and kissed me slowly.
"I love you," she said softly.
I kissed her back, beginning to move again within her. I felt her squeezing me as best she could, and I reached under her to take her tight butt in my hands. The flesh of her buttocks tensed, then relaxed, then tensed again, moving with my thrusts.
She bit at my earlobe.
"Come in me...I want to feel it...I want to feel you inside me.”
I moved faster, my approaching climax aching in my balls like molten lava. Every bit of her around me was wet and overheated, only making my crisis worse. I drove harder, beginning to thump against her, making her breasts shake with each thrust. Her breathing accelerated, and she looked up at me, nodding rapidly, whimpering, knowing what was about to happen.
I grunted, then cried out, pounding myself at her, and then my cum was erupting into her shuddering body, triggering another orgasm a split-second after mine. We held each other, shaking in the aftermath, trying to catch our breath.
I stayed on her, in her, until the heat of this encounter finally faded. I rolled off beside her, and she snuggled under my arm.
"I love you, Kitten.”
She hugged me, giggled contentedly.
"You've got me," she said.
“I'm all yours now.”


Bit by bit, the girls began their separation from their mother. I had a spare room upstairs that I had been using to store my random junk, so we moved that out and prepared it for Hayley. We spent the second week of December painting it yellow and redecorating it for her.
Charles Mulcahey went off to prison, never saying good bye to his family. Elizabeth prepared to leave for Santa Cruz and put their house up for sale. Marianne and Hayley moved their belongings into my place, and the harsh masculine aura that had pervaded the place for so long began to fade. That first morning after they moved in for good, I lay in bed watching Marianne sleep beside me and wondering how long something like this could last. And how long I really wanted it to.
We had Christmas together (I got them both earrings, Marianne a pair of diamonds and Hayley a pair of gold-and-lapis ones to match the bracelet she still wore 24/7), and Elizabeth left for college just after New Year's. Marianne and Hayley returned to school, and though Marianne reported a certain amount of gossip about our living arrangements, on the whole fewer people seemed to care than I had expected.
The second week in January, I came home from work on Friday to find Marianne and Tiffany lounging around the den. Marianne had on her usual hiphugger-jeans-and- cropped-top ensemble, while Tiffany wore a pleated schoolgirl skirt and a black baby tee.
"Hi, Steve.”
I kissed Marianne.
"Tiff. What's up?”
"Just hanging out.”
"Where's your sister?” I asked Marianne.
"The J.V. squad all wanted to go to the movies tonight. So I was thinking the three of us could go out.”
I got a beer out of the refrigerator and opened it up.
"You have anything specific in mind?”
They glanced at each other, grinning.
"You remember my idea about getting my tongue pierced?”
"Oh. Yeah.”
"That's what I had in mind. You're okay with it, right?”
"It's going to leave you out of commission for a while, isn't it?”
She smiled.
"That's why Tiff is here. We felt like doing the slave bit again tonight. She'll do what I can't, and whatever else we feel like doing.”
Tiffany giggled.
"She has to be dressed appropriately," I said.
“Wearing nothing but black stockings and a pair of nipple clips will attract some attention.”
"I know," Marianne said.
“We're going to do something else. Go change and I'll show you.”
I went upstairs and changed out of my suit. After freshening up and putting on a pair of khakis and a button-down shirt, I descended to find out what my girlfriend was up to tonight.
I found them waiting in the den where I had left them. They hopped off the couch when I came in. Marianne reached into her pocket and pulled out a long silver chain with a clip on one end.
"Tiff will just go like she is, with one addition. I'm going to have her on a leash tonight.”
I looked down at the chain in her hands.
"How will that fit around her neck?”
Marianne grinned evilly.
"It's not going around her neck.” She turned to Tiffany and dropped down to one knee. She lifted Tiffany's skirt, whereupon I saw that a) she had nothing on under it, and b) she had continued to shave her pubes. Marianne clipped the leash to Tiffany's clit stud and let the skirt drop back down. She stood up and wrapped the end of the chain around her finger.
"Ready. Let's go.”
Wicked smiles creased both of their faces. I looked Tiffany over and gulped. It wasn't <I>that</I> clear what was going on, but plenty of people would know enough to get the point. That chain, after all, was clearly connected to <I>something</I> under Tiffany's skirt.
"Uh...I'm not sure where we can go like this.”
"We won't go to Bernardo's. As long as we just go down by the University, it won't cause a crisis. People will stare, but that's the point. They won't call the cops or anything.”
I laughed weakly.
"Okay. Let's do it.”
I followed them out to my Jeep. Tiffany got into the back, allowing Marianne to run the leash up between the front seats. I backed out of the driveway and headed down toward the beach.
When we got to the University area, Tiffany followed dutifully behind us with a sly smile on her face. Marianne held the chain in her hand as if she were leading a dog. A few people did double takes as we passed, and a lot of them stared (or laughed), but no one freaked out. As Marianne had said, this was one of the few places we could get away with this.
We went to a walk-up pizza parlor for dinner, and Marianne held onto Tiffany's leash the entire time. Now and then, she would give it a gentle tug, making Tiffany giggle and squirm.
As we finished up, Tiffany leaned forward over the table with a nervous look on her face.
"Um, guys, I was thinking.”
"What?” I asked.
"Could I, you know, maybe get something done too?”
"Pierced, you mean?”
She nodded.
"You can't do your tongue," Marianne said.
“It's on call tonight.”
Tiffany shrieked with laughter, then covered her mouth and lowered her voice.
"I know. Not that. I was thinking of doing my nips. To go with the rest of it, you know?”
Marianne and I glanced at each other.
"You're going to start setting off metal detectors," she said, "but that might look cool.”
"This isn't something you just thought of?” I asked.
"No. I've been thinking about it for a while. I wanna do it if it's okay with you.”
"Fine by me," Marianne said.
“Something else to attach a leash to.”
Tiffany laughed again, glancing around in embarrassment. When we were done eating, we walked over to the tattoo parlor. More people checked out the leash, but this time we got only smiles and sly looks. One guy with long hair and a collection of tats took in the two girls and the fact that Marianne was holding my arm, then nudged me and grinned.
We leaned against the counter and watched the action for a few minutes.
"Are you ready to do this?” I asked.
Marianne nodded.
"Just nervous. Ashley said it's going to hurt a lot.”
Tiffany grinned.
"I don't think it could hurt worse than my...um...you know.”
Marianne smirked and gave the leash a tug. I got the attention of one of the artists and explained what we wanted to do. He looked over the two girls.
"You both eighteen?”
They displayed their driver's licenses (Tiffany had turned eighteen in December, shortly before Christmas, so I didn't have to pretend to be anyone's father this time), after which the artist nodded and led us to the rear of the store.
"Who's first?”
Marianne held up her hand, and he directed her to a chair. The prep work took several minutes, and Marianne held my hand tightly. Finally he wrapped her tongue in a swath of gauze and pulled it out of her mouth. I couldn't watch when he slid the needle through, but I knew from the cracking of the bones in my hand what was going on. I could hear Marianne whimpering softly and gasping for breath.
When I looked back, the stud was already in place, and the artist withdrew his equipment. Marianne closed her mouth tightly and began to cry. I hugged her and tried to comfort her as the artist explained what she need to do the next few weeks as it healed.
I sat down in another chair, and Marianne sat in my lap, shaking and shivering and occasionally spitting blood into a paper cup. Tiffany took her place, pulling off her top and bra while the artist found some studs to match the one in her navel. If I wasn't imagining things, Tiffany was actually getting excited about this. I could see a flush spreading over her chest, and she was breathing rapidly, looking back and forth between me and the artist.
Something very weird occurred when he pierced her nipples. Instead of reacting in agony as Marianne had, Tiffany just arched her back and shuddered, gasping for breath. Her legs convulsed and shook under her, and when he was done, had I not known any better, I would have sworn she had just had an orgasm. Tiffany had very pretty breasts, not quite as nice as Hayley and Marianne, but close. Between the new studs in her nips, the one in her navel, and the definite "bad girl" cast to her face, the overall effect was positively perverse.
The artist let them rest for a few minutes, and Marianne eventually recovered enough to get back to her feet. We walked slowly back to the car.
"I'm guess you won't be talking much for a few days," I said.
She shook her head and hugged my arm. She kept her grip on Tiffany's leash, however, and Tiffany followed closely behind us.
When we got home, I distributed some Advil as the girls retired to the den. Tiffany removed her top as soon as we were inside. Her red, swollen nipples stood out like they were about to pop off her chest.
"How you doing?”
"I'm fine. They're sore, but they don't hurt that much.”
Marianne whimpered, and I stroked her arm.
"We don't have to do anything tonight if you're not up to it.”
She shook her head again and made a writing motion with her hands. I went to get a pen and a pad of paper. She took it and scribbled something rapidly.
"I'm okay," she wrote.
“Just stay away from my mouth. Tiffany will do what I can't. That's why she's here.”
"You sure?”
She nodded and climbed to her feet, taking Tiffany's leash. She led us upstairs and directed Tiffany to disrobe, which she did immediately. Then she motioned for Tiffany to kneel in front of me.
Needing no further encouragement, Tiffany dropped to her knees and went looking for my dick. Once it was exposed, it went right into her mouth. Marianne smiled at me and began slipping out of her clothes. When she was nude, she walked around behind me, hugging me. I caressed her arms as Tiffany bobbed slowly over my erection.
Marianne took off my clothes piece by piece, then knelt beside Tiffany. She kept her mouth shut, but used her hands to play with my balls and caress my leg.
Tiffany was sucking on me eagerly, swirling her tongue around the head, taking it deep, then dragging her teeth back up over the underside. I closed my eyes and let the two of them work on me.
Tiffany kept up her steady suction until I pulled her off, feeling the cum beginning stir in my balls. Marianne got to her feet and led me to the bed. She lay on her back, and I watched as Tiffany crawled up behind us, between Marianne's legs. She got herself into position, hands under Marianne's buttocks and bent to lick at her friend.
I kissed Marianne's face and neck as Tiffany ate her. She nuzzled me as best she could, and I was careful to avoid her lips. Her breathing grew heavy and ragged from what Tiffany was doing, and I slid further down to suck on her nipples.
When I had both wet and erect, I looked down to watch Tiffany. Her tongue was dipping and fluttering all around Marianne's clit, and she worked her middle finger in and out of my girlfriend. Marianne was beginning to writhe and moan under us, and her hips rolled at Tiffany's face. I laid my hand flat on her stomach, feeling the tremors moving within her.
Tiffany sped her attentions, spinning the tip of her tongue around and around, then lapping rapidly against Marianne's sex. Marianne was gripping my arm tightly, and finally she began to shake under us. Her hips bounced rapidly at Tiffany's mouth, then she let out shriek and came.
We let her rest for minute, and I pulled Tiffany up between us. Knowing that Marianne would not be able to do much for her, I took up that burden myself. I slid down between her thighs as Marianne rolled under her arm.
Tiffany was already dripping wet, and when I got down close enough to examine her, it appeared (from the stickiness all over her shaved labia and inner thighs) that she had been like this most of the night. I had to dig into her with my tongue to get any friction, but that appeared to be what she wanted. She put her legs over my shoulder and pulled my face as close to her as I could get.
Marianne simply caressed Tiffany's stomach, apparently seeing nothing else she could do, but after I had been eating Tiffany for a few minutes, Tiffany reached for Marianne's hand. She pulled it to her breasts and laid it over the new piercing on her right tit.
Marianne looked at me in concern, but Tiffany pressed Marianne's hand down. Very gently, Marianne began to tweak the stud in Tiffany's nipple.
The effect was dramatic. Tiffany let out a gasp and arched her back, throwing her hips at my face. I redoubled my attack in response, and Tiffany groped for Marianne's other hand. Getting the message, Marianne sat up and used both hands to play with the new piercings.
Less than five seconds into this, Tiffany screeched, launching off the bed in orgasm and almost strangling me with her thighs. She clawed at the sheets on either side of her, thrashing around like she was having an epileptic fit. It went on for about five seconds before finally subsiding. Marianne let go of her nipples, and I leaned back, stretching my neck.
Tiffany was out cold for nearly a minute before her eyes fluttered open. Marianne stroked her arm affectionately.
"Are you okay?” I asked.
Tiffany nodded, gasping.
"Shit. I've never come like that in my life.”
"The piercings...that didn't hurt?”
"It did. It's what got me off so big.”
"You know, when you had them done, I would have sworn you came in the middle of it.”
She giggled.
"I did. I told you I have a thing about pain.”
Marianne laughed, though I saw her wince at the same time.
"I guess so.”
Tiffany sat up.
"You guys do it. I'll help. Come here.”
She slid down the bed and got Marianne to squat over her face, presenting her pretty butt to me. I knelt behind her and Tiffany guided me in, running her tongue along the underside. I took Marianne's hips in my hands as Tiffany licked up at us.
Marianne was still very wet, and I had held off far too long. With Tiffany eagerly eating both of us and Marianne butting back at me with each thrust, I didn't last very long. But Tiffany got Marianne off just before I came into her like a fire hose. When I withdrew, she pulled Marianne's hips down and let my cum ooze down into her mouth. She lapped up at her friend until Marianne rolled on her side. I crawled up and lay between them.
As we lay resting, I heard the front door open downstairs. Not wanting to startle Hayley, I got up and put on a robe. Marianne and Tiffany lay together, holding each other lightly.
I found Hayley in the kitchen getting a soda out of the fridge.
"How was the movie?”
"Pretty good. We had fun.” She grinned at me.
“Were you guys in bed?”
I nodded.
"Tiffany is here.”
"Did Marianne get her tongue pierced?”
"Yep. Don't tell me you're thinking of it.”
She shivered.
"No way. It would hurt too much.”
"It did, from what I could tell. She's going to be taking it easy for a while.”
She put her arms around me and hugged me. I could smell the theater on her, mixed with the girlish perfume she favored. I returned the hug.
"How you doing, Little Kit? I know this has been harder on you than Marianne.”
"I miss my dad.”
"I know. You just have to realize that parents are people, too. They make mistakes just like anyone else, and sometimes they don't realize how much they're hurting the people who care about them.”
"I don't know what I would be doing without you. I know Mom has to go find herself or whatever it is she's doing, but it's hard.”
"I know. But you're a strong enough person to get through it.”
She squeezed me.
She stayed where she was, so I continued to hold her.
"You know something?”
"My dad never hugged me. Never. He didn't like to touch us. I wonder sometimes...” She paused and gulped.
“This is so awful to say...but I wonder sometimes if it was because of what he was doing with those girls. That we made him uncomfortable.”
I hugged her tightly.
"Don't go there, baby. Don't go there. It won't accomplish anything. You just have to move forward. Don't try to get inside his head. He made some mistakes; that's all you need to worry about.”
She sniffed.
"Why don't you just go to bed? I'll see what the other girls are doing.”
"Can I sleep with you guys tonight?”
We went upstairs, and I found Marianne and Tiffany still lounging on the bed.
"Hi, Hayley.”
"Hi.” She looked at Marianne.
“How's your tongue?”
Marianne just shook her head. Tiffany sat up and ran her fingers through her hair.
"I guess I'd better go. I'll see you guys later.”
Marianne rubbed her arm, and I gave her a kiss as she got dressed and left. Hayley went into her room and returned in her nightshirt. She lay beside Marianne, and her sister gave her a hug. I went to brush my teeth, and when I returned, Hayley was lying across Marianne's stomach as Marianne played with her hair.
"You guys okay?”
Marianne nodded and motioned for me to get in bed. They separated, and I climbed between them. One rolled under each arm. I turned out the lights, and we fell asleep a few minutes later.


Marianne's tongue took a few weeks to heal, but one night in February, she finally announced that it was time for a test drive. She pulled me into the bedroom, removed my pants, and sat me down in the armchair across from the bed. The first time she took me into her mouth and put her tongue stud to work, I had to grope at the chair and clench my teeth to keep from groaning out loud. She got me erect very quickly, and commenced a bobbing and massaging action with her tongue, constantly rubbing the stud against the underside of my dick. I was ready to come in less than thirty seconds, something I probably hadn't done since I was her age. She giggled around her mouthful and slowed down a bit, but didn't relent with the massage. When she finally let me come a few minutes later, it was so intense it almost hurt. She finished me off and then climbed into my lap.
"What do you think? Good idea?”
I grunted, trying to nod. She giggled and hugged me tightly.
Marianne had adjusted to our new living arrangements a lot better than her sister had. Though I didn't want to think too hard about it, Hayley had attached herself to me even more firmly than before. I didn't want to psychoanalyze her, but I knew she was hurting a lot on the inside. I finally asked her whether she might want to talk to a therapist about her parents, and after a day or two, she agreed. I mentioned it to Marianne, thinking that it wouldn't hurt if she went too, and the two of them were soon going to see a doctor friend of mine twice a week. Though I hadn't brought the issue up, both of them promised not to say anything to get me in trouble.
Elizabeth called a few times a week, and I often talked to her myself, just to give her an adult's perspective on her daughters. She thanked me profusely for getting them into therapy and promised to pay me back one day when she was able. I told her not to worry about it, but she insisted.
Hayley's sixteenth birthday was March 3rd, and as it approached, and we got her ready for her driver's license, she began dropping none-too- subtle hints about wanting her own car.
"Steve, my God, you can't," Elizabeth said over the phone.
“Just tell her she has to share Marianne's car.”
"The problem is that she doesn't understand why Marianne got to have her own car but she can't. And I'm not sure what to tell her.”
"You didn't buy it for her until she was eighteen. Just tell her to wait.”
"She's sixteen. You know that two years is an eternity at that age.”
Elizabeth sighed.
"Well, it's your money. If you want to do it, I guess you should.”
I got Marianne alone that night and brought up the issue. Her lips pursed as I explained what I had been thinking.
"Don't do it just because she's being whiney about it.”
"I'm not. You know how unhappy she's been. I'm thinking this might cheer her up. At least it would give her something to get her mind off your folks.”
She was pensive a moment.
"Yeah. That's true. I don't know. If you think it would help her...”
"What do *you* think? You know her better than anyone else.”
Marianne sighed.
"I guess you're right. She needs something else to think about.” She nodded, looking up at me.
“Go ahead and do it. She deserves it.”
Hayley's birthday was that Saturday, and Elizabeth came down from Santa Cruz for the weekend, staying in the guestroom on the first floor. Her appearance at first startled me, for she had shed her trim law office work clothes for a loose, casual look completely devoid of make-up or hair styling...a look that said "lesbian" fairly clearly to someone who had known her in her married life. I gathered, from the things she told us about school, that she was most likely "out" around the campus.
We went to the Department of Motor Vehicles first thing Saturday morning, and Hayley posed proudly for her license photo. Wanting to surprise her, I had not said anything about my decision regarding the car.
We went out to brunch afterward, and Hayley continued to push the issue as subtly as she could manage, which was not particularly subtle.
"I can drive myself around now," she said over brunch.
“But that's going to hard to do since Marianne will be using her car most of the time, right?”
The rest of us snickered.
"You can borrow one of my cars when you need to," I said.
"Steve, you can't let her drive the Mercedes," Elizabeth said.
“And she's too inexperienced for that big Jeep.”
"You're probably right.”
Hayley squawked in protest, and I watched her eyes filling with tears of disappointment. Her mother smiled at her.
"Honey, sharing Marianne's car won't be that bad.”
She pouted and whimpered in frustration. Marianne pretended to comfort her, but Hayley pushed her arm away. She remained in a snit the rest of the meal.
We left the restaurant and drove home. When we reached the main boulevard outside the neighborhood, I continued driving, past the entrance. I looked in the rear view mirror and watched Hayley's face perk up.
"Where are we going?”
"I feel like going for a drive.”
Elizabeth and Marianne tried to remain still, but I could tell that Hayley sensed the sudden shift in energy. But she kept her mouth shut for the moment.
I drove down toward the beach, where the car dealerships were lined up along the freeway. Hayley's eyes had by then swelled to enormous proportions, and when I stopped the Jeep in the middle of the road to make a left turn into the Ford dealership, she let out a squeal of excitement. She bounced in her seat with her hands clasped on her chest.
When I pulled into the lot and parked the car, she was bouncing up and down in her seat looking around at the cars. Elizabeth, who was sitting next to her, put her hand on Hayley's arm to get her to calm down.
"Honey, you know this is a big responsibility.”
"I do! I'll be so careful with it! I won't do anything wrong! I promise!”
"And you know that Steve is doing you a very big favor.”
"Yes!” She gasped for breath a few times.
“Can we get out and look now?”
The rest of us laughed, and we got out of the car. Hayley ran around excitedly looking at the cars on the lot. I knew she wanted a Mustang convertible, which was why we were here instead of somewhere else. I intercepted the inevitable salesman when he appeared, and deflected his attempts to guilt-trip me into spending more than I wanted to. But eventually we found a car Hayley was happy with, a cherry-red model priced about the same as what I had spent on Marianne's Bug. We dickered over the details for about an hour before signing the papers. The salesman handed the keys to Hayley with a flourish, and Hayley appeared ready to faint from excitement.
She and Marianne drove home in the new car, and Elizabeth and I followed in my Jeep.
"They're happier than I expected them to be," she said when we were about halfway home.
"They seem to be doing all right, considering everything.”
"I know you've done so much for them, so I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but it hurts a little to see them like this.”
I pondered that for a moment.
"Because it makes it seem like they don't need you as much as you thought.”
She nodded.
"They do. Trust me. They're trying to keep a stiff upper lip because they know how important this dream of yours is to you. But they do miss you. A lot. We talk about it all the time.”
She took a deep breath.
"Thank you.”
"You're welcome.”
She smiled at me.
"Marianne would marry you tomorrow.”
A chill ran through my stomach.
"I know. But it's too soon for her. One day, maybe.”
"If it happens, can you please not refer to me as your mother-in-law?”
I laughed hard for several seconds.
"All right. I won't. I promise.”
Hayley would have slept in the car that night if we had let her, but she spent nearly every available minute in it for the next few weeks. I indulged her and let her drive us around whenever we went anywhere, although I did it in part to keep an eye on how she was doing. She was the envy of most of her friends, particularly the rest of the J.V. squad, though I was unsure how much she had told them about where it came from.
A few weekends later, as she did nearly every Friday night these days, Hayley went out with her friends and her new car. Marianne and I planned to go out alone until the phone rang about six-thirty that evening. She came into the bedroom while I was getting dressed.
"That's Giselle. Do you mind if she comes over?”
"And goes out with us?”
"Yeah. Ashley's got something going on with her folks, and she's bored.”
"I guess so. Sure.”
She went back to the bedroom, and I listened to her talking to Giselle. She returned to the dressing area about a minute later and began pulling off her clothes. She got down to bra and panties and poked through her closet for a minute.
"What do you think I should wear?”
"Whatever you feel like.”
"I don't know what I feel like. What do you want me to wear?”
I laughed.
"Dangerous question.”
She smiled.
"I'll risk it. I feel like being a Barbie doll tonight anyway. Dress me up.”
I laughed again.
I looked through her closet for a moment or two before looking back at her. I made a dismissive wave with my fingers.
"Get all of that off. Let's start from scratch.”
Her bra and panties hit the floor in a matter of seconds, and she stood there smiling at me. I had to take a moment to admire her, from her long blonde hair to her deliciously curvaceous silhouette, firm breasts and butt, all of it perversely accented by the little gold ring in her navel and the kitten tattoo under her bikini line. Every time I looked at her like this, I was consumed by two inconsistent desires: to lock her away forever so no one else could touch her, or expose her to the world so they could all see how damned lucky I was.
She saw all of this going through my eyes and smiled.
"I could just go like this if you want.”
And she probably would have had I asked her, but I wasn't going to.
"Next time," I said, and turned back to the closet.
Marianne had turned into something of a clotheshorse since becoming my steady, and I saw a fair amount of stuff I had never seen her wear. After poking through it, I found something I liked, a loose, gauzy slip dress. It wasn't quite see- through, but the pale blue fabric would not cover very much. I pulled it out and showed it to her.
She took it and held it against herself, smiling. It fell no further down than mid-thigh.
"You do realize that is really supposed to be worn with something under it, like a T-shirt?”
"It is?”
"Yeah. But do you want me to wear it like this?”
"Try it on.”
She took it off the hanger and pulled it over her head, letting it drop down over her. The fabric clung to her chest, and the neckline was so low and loose that she would expose herself simply by bending over. Even without doing so, the shape of her full breasts was quite visible.
She posed for me, turning a circle on her toe.
"A bra just isn't going to work under this either, you know. A visible strap would be all wrong for this look.”
I gulped.
"And without a bra, you might as well not bother with any panties.”
She grinned.
"Works for me. Anything else? This might look a little classier with nylons.”
"Of course. Hold-ups or garters?”
She went to her lingerie chest and extracted a pair of ivory thigh- highs. She bunched one up, then sat on the chair by her dressing counter and pulled it carefully up her shapely leg. The sight was so erotic that I had to glance away for a second lest I be tempted to seize her on the spot. The end result, when she was done, was quite delicious.
"You aren't going to be overdressed for Giselle?”
"I told her to dress up a little. We're still going to Bernardo's, right?”
"Okay. She should be fine.”
I finished with my tie, and while Marianne worked on her hair, I called Bernardo's to change the reservation from two to three. The maitre 'd told me it wouldn't be a problem.
Giselle arrived about fifteen minutes later. She wore a short black skirt and a long sleeved peasant blouse in red silk. She gave Marianne a brief once-over and grinned.
"Nice. Maybe illegal, but nice.”
"I didn't feel like underwear tonight.”
Giselle looked pointedly at the hem of Marianne's dress.
Giselle glanced at me, smiling.
"Now I don't feel so daring.”
I laughed softly.
"You never wear them. I forgot about that.”
"We've all kind of ditched the panties lately," Marianne said.
"The gang. I told Tiff she can't wear them anymore, at least until I say so. I've been doing it when I wear skirts. I'm not sure what Ashley is doing, though.”
"I haven't talked her into it yet," Giselle said.
We climbed into the Jeep and headed down to the beach. The maitre 'd greeted us warmly (he knew Marianne by now) and led us to our table by the window, which they had already reset for three people. He helped Marianne and Giselle into their seats and expressed his wishes for a pleasant evening before withdrawing.
"This pretty nice," Giselle said.
"We come here a lot," Marianne said.
“They know him, so they always kiss our butts like that.”
After ordering dinner, Marianne and Giselle fell into gossiping about school.
"I know you guys probably don't want to hear this," Giselle said, "but people are starting to talk about Hayley.”
"What do you mean?” I asked.
"I was talking to my little brother, he's a sophomore too, and he was telling me how people are starting to talk about how she never seems to date anyone. That she goes out with her friends, but she never goes out on dates.”
"What are they saying?” Marianne asked.
"Well, just understand that I don't think anyone means this seriously... I didn't get that impression from Phillip...but they're starting to joke about your living arrangements. Like she must be sleeping with Steve too.”
My heart skipped a beat or two.
"But they're not serious?” I asked.
"I don't think so. But think about it: she's one of the cutest girls in the whole grade, and she hasn't had a boyfriend since last year. I mean, she's the head of the J.V. squad. People expect her to be dating. The fact that she isn't is making people talk, even without considering who she's living with.”
Marianne glanced at me in concern. I shrugged.
"I don't know what there is we can do about it.”
"She'll never go out with someone just for appearance's sake," Marianne said.
“She's not like that.”
"Not to mention that it would be unfair to the guy.”
Giselle picked at a crumb on the tablecloth.
"I just thought you'd want to know. I don't have a clue about what to do either.”
The food came a little bit later, and we spent a few minutes discussing what we had all ordered.
"What ever happened with that story you were writing?” I asked Marianne.
"The porn thing? I'm still doing it.”
"You're writing a porn story?” Giselle asked.
"Not just a porn story. A story about what we've been doing. I've been posting it on the Internet.”
Giselle's eyebrows went up.
"You don't think people will recognize you?”
"No. I changed all the details or just left stuff out. In the story, I'm a redhead. Plus the twist is that I've been writing it from Steve's perspective. It's been really popular. I've gotten like four hundred emails about it.”
"And people read this stuff ******?”
"It's a whole subculture. I'll show you when we get back. They have discussion groups, regular reviews, all sorts of stuff. Some of the people who do it take themselves a little too seriously...I mean, I once read this review that actually compared some story to 'The Great Gatsby,'...but if you don't fall into that trap, it can be a lot of fun.”
"Huh. Am I in it? Could I read it?”
"You're in it. But don't worry. I made you out as the babe you are.”
The rest of the dinner was uneventful, though I enjoyed all the looks and glances the girls were getting from the other patrons. Giselle's blouse kept slipping off her shoulder, making it fairly obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Most of the time, she left it there for several minutes before moving it back up. Meanwhile, Marianne's big breasts would bounce and jiggle in her dress whenever she moved around. Now and then, she would pretend to stretch in her chair, drawing every male eye within range to her chest.
"Show off," Giselle muttered at one point.
"It's not like I can do much to hide them.”
"You're certainly not trying.”
Marianne giggled and glanced at me. Giselle leaned forward and looked down at the table.
"I've been thinking of getting breast implants someday.”
Both of us looked at her in surprise.
"Don't," I said.
"Yeah, don't," Marianne said.
“Seriously, you don't need to.”
"That's easy for you to say.”
"I'm serious. When you're forty, you'll be glad you don't have boobs like mine. I've heard my mom complain about it. I'm kind of worried about it myself, to be honest.”
"Work with the look you've got," I said.
“Don't try to turn yourself into someone else. Implants may look nice, but after a few years, they don't feel natural anymore, if they ever will.”
Giselle looked up at me.
"Really. They can get hardened with scar tissue or stretch your breast all out of shape. I'm speaking from experience here. I've known women who had it done and later wished they hadn't. Breast implants are more trouble than they're worth as far as I'm concerned. If you do it, you may really regret it someday.”
Marianne stroked her arm.
"You've got nice boobs. Don't mess with them.”
"You do," I said.
“Forget implants.”
Giselle shrugged.
"Ashley thinks so too, but...”
"She's right.”
Giselle nodded.
"Okay. You're right. Thanks.”
I paid the check and we left. Hayley was still gone when we got home, and the three of us moved upstairs. The girls watched me as I hung up my jacket and pulled off my tie, giving me sly looks and glancing at each other. Both of them slipped out of their shoes, and as I returned to the bedroom, Giselle was playing with one of the straps of Marianne's dress. Watching my reaction, she pulled one strap slowly over Marianne's shoulder, then the other. Marianne pulled her arms close to her body and allowed the dress to fall to the floor, leaving herself naked except for the stockings.
Still looking at me, Marianne unzipped Giselle's skirt and slid it off her hips. Giselle's peasant blouse was long enough to conceal her, but Marianne began unbuttoning it slowly until Giselle's neatly trimmed sex was exposed.
I pulled off my shirt just as Marianne slipped a hand into Giselle's blouse, fondling her breast. Then she pulled the fabric aside, exposing a nipple, and bent toward it. She extended her tongue and flicked it over the little nub of flesh.
I quickly removed the rest of my clothes. Marianne leaned back, though she now had her left hand between Giselle's thighs. Her index finger moved slowly back and forth.
"I think I know what I'd like to do," she said.
"What's that, Kitten?”
"Remember that thing we got the night Hayley got her belly ring? That we've never gotten to use otherwise?”
"Ah. Yes.”
"What?” Giselle asked.
Marianne pushed Giselle's blouse off her shoulders, leaving her naked. Then she took my arm and pulled it to Giselle.
"Warm her up. I'll be right back.”
I led Giselle to the bed. She was smiling but clearly a little confused.
"What is she doing?”
"You'll see.”
I pulled her down beside me and embraced her. She let me kiss her, and I began playing with her little breasts. I crawled above her, moving down to suck on her nipples.
"Marianne was right," I said softly.
“You'll be glad you have these when you're my age.”
She smiled.
I got both nipples wet and erect before sliding down between her thighs. She moaned and arched her back as I stuck my tongue into her, lapping up her sweet fluids. She was distracted enough (as I intended) that she didn't see Marianne returning to the room. Marianne stroked my leg, and I looked behind me, seeing her standing there wearing the strap-on. I rolled to the side, and she climbed onto the bed to take my place.
Giselle looked down and gasped, then shrieked in laughter.
"Oh, my God! Where did you get that?”
"At that store by the University.”
She pushed Giselle's legs apart and lowered herself down, taking the dildo in one hand. Giselle continued laughing.
"Oh, God. Wait.”
Marianne worked the head of the dildo against Giselle's labia as Giselle grabbed at Marianne's shoulders, tensing in anticipation. Marianne pushed forward into her, and Giselle groaned, arching her back.
"Oh, Jesus.”
"I'm going to fuck you, girl. Just spread 'em and take it.”
Giselle shrieked in laughter again, but opened herself for Marianne. I lay beside them, trying not to laugh, as I watched Marianne begin thrusting into her. Soon they were humping at each other, kissing passionately, rubbing their breasts together. Marianne stayed deeply inside her, only withdrawing a few inches each time. I wanted to join them, but I didn't know what to do until I got an idea about a minute into it.
I crawled around behind Marianne, who instantly realized what I wanted.
"Oh God, yes, fuck me.”
I poked my erection between her buttocks, finding her wet sex between the straps. She tried to spread herself as best she could, and I forced myself into her. She moaned, pushing down at Giselle.
Now the three of us were all fucking each other, with Marianne trapped in the middle. She began withdrawing as I did and let the force of my thrusts push her back into Giselle. Pinned on the bottom, Giselle could do little but thrust up at us, but I could tell from her reactions how much she was getting off on this.
Soon we were all moaning and grinding back and forth at each other, the two girls kissing and groping at their breasts and buttocks. Giselle got there first, thrashing and clawing up at us. Marianne came next, arching her back and shuddering against me. With two girls coming under me at once, I lost it rather quickly, spurting off as deeply into Marianne's belly as I could get.
I rolled off of them, but Marianne stayed on top of Giselle. I lay there resting as the girls finally separated and giggled over what they had done. Marianne took off the dildo, offering it to Giselle, but she wasn't interested in trying it on, at least tonight. They started making out again, and I stayed out of it for now, watching them finally end up in a sixty-nine position, frantically licking and sucking at each other.
By that time, I had gotten up again, and I crawled around behind Giselle. Marianne looked up at me, grinning, and wiggled her tongue stud over Giselle's clit. Then she extended her tongue into her friend, guiding me in. I slid my dick along the stud, still marveling over how something so simple could feel so good.
The girls got each other off before I came myself. Marianne wriggled out from under Giselle, and Giselle rolled over, letting me get on top of her. Marianne climbed around to squat over Giselle's mouth, facing me, and commenced kissing me and tweaking my nipples as I finally finished myself off.
The girls stayed in bed, but I got up to clean myself up and put on a robe, as I had a few things I wanted to do in my office before I went to sleep. Hayley came home a few minutes later and stuck her head in the door.
"Hey. You have fun?”
"Yeah.” She looked past me at the computer screen.
“What are you doing?”
"A little project I'm working on.”
"Are you going to make us a lot of money?”
She kissed me good night and then went to bed.
This "project" of mine was not quite as little as I had led Hayley to believe. A month or two ago, I had come across a stock I thought was badly undervalued. The company owned the patent on what it claimed would be the next generation of Internet routers, and though its IPO had gone well initially, rising from 24 to 62, it had since fallen to just under 12. After researching it, I kept thinking that something had to happen eventually. When the stock bottomed out at 10 3/4 three weeks ago, I had quietly bought up almost a million dollars worth. It was a significant chunk of my net worth, but I had been in the mood for a gamble lately. I reflected that I might not be wearing gold chains, but hanging around all these young girls was still affecting my perspective.
I reviewed the performance of the stock over the last week, seeing that it had scarcely moved. It had no reason to move yet, though; the company hadn't done anything different. What I was hoping for was something out of left field. So far it hadn't happened.
I shut off the computer and leaned back in my chair. I had been so deep in thought that I hadn't realized that I could hear Marianne and Giselle talking in the bedroom through the air vent.
"...I just hope you realize how fucking lucky you are.”
"Hey, I have my own problems, okay? My life is not exactly a bowl of fucking cherries right now.”
"I'm sorry. That's not what I meant. I didn't mean about your dad getting busted. But you are pretty lucky to have someone like Steve to help you deal with it.”
"Yeah, well, I know that.”
"I'm not talking about all the stuff he's bought you, either. How many guys do you know who are as cool as he is? You know, I was serious about getting implants tonight before we talked about it. You know how my dad and brother are always laughing at me for having little tits.”
"I know. That's pretty lame of them.”
"My brother calls them 'tater tots,' and my dad just laughs at him. When I brought it up tonight, I half expected Steve to make a joke about it, you know? Just because he's a guy.”
"He'd never do that.”
"But my dad is like that about everything with me. He makes fun of me for wanting to go to college, you know? He's always saying how I don't need an education, I just need to find some guy to knock me up and trick into marrying me. He actually thinks that's funny. Steve gives me a thousand bucks for college, and my dad gives me shit like that.”
"I swear, the only goddamn thing in the world he cares about is whether my little brother gets a football scholarship. Believe me, I'd move in here in a microsecond whether my dad got busted or not.”
The whole world seemed to pause half a beat as that remark sank in. I exhaled slowly, waiting for Marianne's response. I hoped she would be able to handle it without hurting Giselle's feelings. But then...
"So move in with us. You're eighteen and we've got the room. What the fuck are your parents going to do?”


I waited in my office until Giselle emerged to say good night. She gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek on her way out.
"Bye. Thanks for dinner.”
"See you later.”
I checked on Hayley, seeing that her light was out, and only then went back into the bedroom. Marianne was in bed in her nightshirt, inspecting her hair for split ends. I put away my robe and brushed my teeth before joining her.
She rolled over next to me when I got in bed.
"What do you think of Giselle?”
I was too tired to play games.
"I overheard your conversation. Somehow it drifted in through the air vent.”
Her face paled a little, but she stayed put.
"You're serious about this.”
"Steve, she needs us. You heard what she was saying about her father?”
"Yes, but...”
"If you'd ever met him, you would understand. I mean he's not...” She gulped and looked away from me.
“He may not have the same problems my father does, but he's not a very nice person. He can really be mean sometimes. Really, really mean. I've seen him reduce Giselle to tears with some offhand remark. And he's said nasty stuff to me too, trying to be funny. You can probably guess what about.”
"Your breasts?”
"Right. Like, 'Hey honey, you ought to get some of what Marianne there is getting, then maybe you wouldn't still look like your brother.' Stuff like that. It's no wonder she wants to get breast implants.”
I sighed.
"I appreciate that. But I am not running a home for wayward girls here. You and Hayley are a special case. It doesn't mean I can bring in the rest of you.”
Her jaw began to vibrate.
"We have the room, don't we?”
"That isn't the point.”
"You can't afford it?”
I gritted my teeth.
"I probably could. But come on. Look at what you're talking about. You want her to move out of her parents' house and in with us? Before she's even out of high school?”
Her eyes darkened.
"I'm in the same place she is. Do you have a problem with that?”
"No, but...”
"What? She wants to do it. She knows better than we do what her parents will do about it. I'd like to help her out. I mean, she's one of my best friends, and I care about her. She's pretty responsible. She'd carry her part of the load. She wouldn't be a burden. And she has a job, I bet she'd kick in for the expenses.”
I exhaled, staring at the ceiling.
"You really want this?”
She crawled onto my chest and set her chin on her arm.
"Is it that much of a problem? She's eighteen. It wouldn't be illegal or anything.”
"What if her father shows up on our doorstep with a shotgun?”
"He won't.”
For some reason, I started laughing. How had I ended up in this situation, three gorgeous teenage girls wanting to live with me? And I was trying to argue my way out of it. For a good reason, I kept telling myself.
Marianne caressed my forehead.
"Please? Couldn't we just try it?”
"What about Hayley? You know she's in an emotionally fragile state right now.”
"I'll talk to her. But I bet she'll be okay with it. She likes Giselle.”
"Liking her and living with her are two different things. But...I guess . . . see what she thinks. Just make it clear that this is your idea, not ours. I don't want her to feel outnumbered. And don't lean on her about it, okay?”
"I won't. I'll be nice, I promise.”
Despite her resolve, Marianne did nothing the rest of the weekend, and I spent much of Monday at work wondering what she was about to precipitate. I kept telling myself that this was insane, then I would think about the fifty million men in America who would probably leap at the chance to switch places with me.
Okay. Giselle was eighteen. That at least wasn't an issue. What about appearances? This was beginning to look like I was accumulating a harem. Except the girls didn't seem to care, and all of this was their idea. I hadn't suggested any of it, right? I wasn't coercing any of them.
Then we had Giselle's parents. Her father might be a jerk, but I had a hard time thinking he wouldn't care about her moving in with me. Then I had a thought: He wouldn't know the reality of it. He didn't know that I had been sleeping with Giselle...that I had deflowered her, for Christ's sake...all he would know was that his daughter was moving in with her friend and her friend's boyfriend, taking one of their spare rooms. From that perspective, it might not be enough to have him reaching for his shotgun. If in fact he owned one. This wasn't the same thing I had gone through with Elizabeth and Charles Mulcahey.
Maybe, just maybe, if Giselle was already trying to do things on her own (since she had a job, right?), and if her father was halfway serious about just wanting her married and out of his hair, her parents might be willing to put up with the situation.
The one wild card was Hayley. If she seemed at all reluctant about it, I was going to veto the idea immediately. I had too much of a responsibility to her, bordering on assuming her parentage. I really felt like she needed my undivided attention right now, and bringing Giselle into the household was not going to help.
When I got home that night, I found Marianne in the den watching television. She looked up at me but said nothing. I bent to kiss her.
"I told her. I can't tell what she thinks. You should go talk to her.”
I went upstairs and into Hayley's room. She was lying on her bed staring out the window. I sat beside her, and she sat up and hugged me. She squirmed into my lap and laid her head on my chest.
"You understand that I'm very ambivalent about this idea. It's something Marianne and Giselle thought up.” She nodded.
"If you're not 100% okay with it, it won't happen.”
She took a slow breath.
"I like Giselle. She's cool. And I understand about her folks.”
"None of which are necessarily reasons to have her move in with us.”
"If she did...it would be just a roommate thing, right? She'd take the room downstairs?”
"I think so.”
"It wouldn't be like it is with us? She wouldn't be...” She paused, smiling.
“She wouldn't be one of your kittens, like me and Marianne?”
"No. Absolutely not. No one is going to take your place with me. Your spot is secure. I like her, but I don't feel half of what I do for you.”
She hugged me.
"I love you.”
"I love you too, Little Kit.”
She sat in my lap for another few moments.
"I guess it's okay. I don't mind then.”
"You're sure?”
She nodded, then got off my lap. I kissed her forehead and then went to change out of my suit. Marianne appeared a few minutes later.
"What did she say?”
"She's okay with it, provided it doesn't interfere in this little family arrangement we've got going right now. Giselle cannot be equal to the two of you.”
A serious look spread across Marianne's face, and she stepped up to me, putting her arms around my waist.
"No. She most definitely is not going to be equal. Now and then, I have no problem with her coming up here to fool around the way we have been doing. But I am still number one no matter who else comes into this house.”
"I am your girlfriend. You have some special relationship with Hayley that I can't quite find a label for, but everything beyond that is just fun and games. It's me, Hayley, and then everyone else.”
"I like Giselle, but I don't love her like I love you and Hayley. I told Hayley that, and I think she gets it. I'm going to keep telling her so she doesn't get insecure.”
She smiled slyly.
"I don't mind creating some kind of harem thing here, but we have to have some ground rules. I am the mama-san of this little cathouse, okay?”
I laughed.
"Or kitten-house. I get it. You're number one. Don't ever worry about that.”
A few days later, I came home to find Giselle moving into the guestroom downstairs with Marianne and Hayley helping her. She had brought along a suitcase and two big cardboard boxes, which proved to be her entire set of belongings.
I got a beer from the refrigerator and took a long swig to calm my nerves, listening to the girls chattering about how to set up Giselle's room.
I stepped into the doorway, and Hayley came over to hug me. Giselle gave me a weary smile.
"Thanks. I really appreciate this. I know it must be a lot to take.”
I shook my head.
"How did you manage it? Did you just walk out?”
"Um, no.”
She glanced at Marianne, who sat back on the bed, brushing her hair over her head the way she always did when she wanted to gather her thoughts.
"Her folks don't know yet. She and I went over to her house this afternoon before anyone got home and packed up her stuff. She just left them a note.”
"They don't know exactly where we are. So it's not like her dad will be storming over here.”
Thank God my phone number is unlisted, I thought.
"But what do you expect them to do?”
Giselle shrugged.
"I don't know. I guess we'll see.”
That night, when everyone was in bed, I went around the first floor to check all the doors and windows the way I normally did before turning in. Giselle was in the downstairs bathroom, and she came into the kitchen as I was getting a drink of water. She wore long flannel pajamas, and her hair was tied back with a scrunchie.
"You settling in all right?”
She nodded, leaning against the counter across from me.
"I want to say something, just so we're clear.”
"I know we have a history, okay? Whatever else I ever do, you're the guy I gave my virginity to. That does mean something to me, but I want you to understand that I'm not here to disrupt your relationship with Marianne. Or with Hayley. I don't ever want to do that. You guys really have something special, and it would kill me to bust that up. I don't want to get in the way. If it ever gets like that, I'll go. I'll get out ASAP.”
"I think we should be all right. Marianne and I have talked about it. It's Hayley you ought to worry a little bit more about. She's still having problems because of what happened with her folks.”
"I know. Whatever I have to do, I will.”
I bent forward and kissed her on the forehead.
"Go to bed.”
She giggled a little and went to her room. When I crawled into bed and turned out the lights, Marianne reached for me under the covers. I thought at first she just wanted to snuggle, but when she reached into my shorts, I realized she wanted something more.
I pulled off her nightshirt, and she slithered under the sheets to remove my boxers. I felt her mouth enveloping my dick and the stud in her tongue going to work. She quickly had me erect, and she kept up a slow, steady massage against the underside of my erection, moving the stud in broad circles over the head. I finally had to pull her off, and she crawled onto my chest, straddling me. I reached between us to make the connection and sank slowly into her wetness.
She lay on my chest, moving slowly up and down. I caressed her smooth buttocks, reaching around to feel myself going into her. Then she lifted up a little and kissed me.
"Are you happy?”
I pushed up at her slowly.
"It's a simple question," she said softly.
“Are you happy?”
"When I'm making love with you, you have to ask me this?”
She giggled, pushing back down at me and squeezing me gently.
"I mean in general.”
"Yes. Very happy. I have you; I have Hayley. I just want you two to be happy too. If you're happy, I'm happy.”
She rocked her hips against me gently, moaning.
"I am. Most of the time. I'm dealing with my dad. The therapy is really helping. I think it's helping Hayley, too. But I still miss my mom. I wish she was closer.”
I pulled her down and kissed her softly. She continued rocking herself against me, and I reached up to caress her full breasts, moving my fingers over her stiff nipples.
"I know. I understand.”
"I could go to school with her. If I got in. But then I'd have to leave you.”
Marianne had applied to U.C., and I knew she had picked Santa Cruz as one of her potential campus choices, though it wasn't at the top of her list.
"We could move.”
She froze. She didn't say anything for a second or two. In the darkness, I couldn't read the look on her face above me.
"Do you mean that?”
"I can do what I do from just about anywhere. The company might not be happy about it, but I think they would let me.”
She dropped down and hugged me tightly.
"That's the future. We'll talk about it later.”
She giggled, moving her hips again.
"Right. Later.”
Giselle's attempt to avoid her parents lasted all of about eighteen hours. Her father was waiting for her at school the next morning, and they went straight into a meeting with a counselor. Marianne called at lunch to fill me in, informing me that the school had declined to get involved, citing the fact that Giselle was no longer a minor.
"I'm betting that he's going to follow us home, though. So, if you think you could, it might help if you came home early. We have cheerleading practice after last period, but we should get home around four.”
"Okay. I'll see you then.”
I left the office at three-thirty, getting home just before four. No one was home, so I changed out of my suit, not wanting to look any older than I really was. At four-o-five I heard the garage door going up. I opened the garage door to see Marianne's Bug pulling into the third space. Giselle was in the passenger seat. Out on the street, her father was pulling up in his car. I stepped into the garage, but Giselle was already getting out of the car to face her father.
I came up behind Marianne, who stood in the garage doorway. Giselle stood a few feet away from us as her father came stalking up the driveway. He was not a large man, in fact he looked an inch or two shorter than she was, and he wore jeans and a knit shirt with "Sears" stitched over the breast.
"Daddy, go away. I'm not your responsibility anymore.”
"You're going to get in that car right now, young lady.”
He stepped up to her, trying to grab her arm, but she evaded her grasp.
"Let go of me! Go away!”
He finally seemed to notice me, and he gave Marianne and me a quick appraisal.
"And just what are you getting yourself into here?”
"I'm just renting her a room," I said.
“But I'm becoming inclined to ask you to get off my property.”
"Not without my daughter.”
"Daddy, I left because you don't give a shit about me anymore. All you care about is Phillip and his goddamned football scholarship.”
He glared at her, fuming, but she went on before he could say anything.
"Can you name a single one of my friends besides Marianne? Do you pay attention to anything I do? Has it ever gotten through to you that I really do want to go to college? How much it hurts to listen you talk about my future as if all it adds up to is getting pregnant?”
Giselle had started to cry in the midst of this tirade, and she wiped the tears out of her eye now.
"Fuck you! You want to know something else about me? I'm a lesbian! I've been fucking girls for six months now. I bet you never even noticed, did you?”
Her father's eyebrows shot up, and he lost a step or two back down the driveway.
"That's right. Your daughter's a dyke. A lesbo. So no one's ever going to get me pregnant.”
He stepped further away from her, panting for breath. He glanced at me, then back at his daughter, who stood there sobbing into her hand. Marianne went to her, pulling her into the garage, and the two of them went inside. Her father's eyes went unfocused, and he looked dizzily around the front yard.
"I think you should probably go now," I said.
To my surprise, he nodded slowly and walked unsteadily back to his car. He got inside and drove away. I watched him go with a distinct feeling that we would never see him again.
I found the girls inside. Giselle lay on her bed crying, and Marianne sat next to her trying to comfort her. Giselle calmed down in a few minutes, and then began laughing weakly through her tears.
"I think that should do it.”
"The lesbian bit, you mean?” I asked.
She nodded.
"My dad is like...the poster-boy for heterosexual panic. He won't be able to think straight for a week.”
"I'm sorry.”
"He was going to find out sooner or later. Might as well tell him now.”
I left the girls together after that and went to my office to finish up on the things I had bailed out on at work. Hayley got home about ten minutes later, and I listened to them talking down below. Then she came up to my office, still wearing her uniform from practice.
"Little Kit.”
She sat on the corner of my desk.
"They told me what happened. That was pretty lame. I feel sorry for Giselle.”
"So I guess she's here for good now.”
"Looks like it. Still sure you're okay with this?”
She nodded.
"I'm getting used to it. It's kind of like a slumber party.” She giggled.
“Plus sex.”
Giselle insisted on making dinner that night, and the other two girls did the dishes. After that, they watched television or did their homework while I puttered around in my office. Hayley reappeared just after ten-thirty in her pajamas. She hung on the door jam, letting her blonde hair swing around her shoulders.
"Steve? Would you spend the night with me tonight?”
She smiled.
"Thanks. I'll be waiting.”
"Give me a few minutes.”
Marianne apparently knew about this idea, and I kissed her good night before heading for Hayley's room. Her door was shut, so I knocked gently.
"Come in.”
Her lights were off, but enough moonlight came through her blinds to illuminate the room. She was under the covers, waiting for me. I slipped into bed with her, and she snuggled against me. I quickly realized that she was naked already. No real surprise there.
We kissed and fondled each other for a few minutes, and I soon found myself suckling her big breasts. She had almost the same shape to her that Marianne did, just slightly smaller. She sighed quietly as I worked her nipples back and forth with my tongue, getting one, then the other, standing up in damp arousal.
I reached down and found her belly ring, giving it a light tweak. She giggled, hugging me, and I reached further down to the prickly nest between her thighs. When I began to play with her, she pulled me up to kiss me, shivering and biting at my tongue when I tweaked her clit.
Her hand found my erection. She stroked me softly as I masturbated her, gnawing on my shoulder. She was soon warm and wet against my fingers, and I slipped one into her. She gasped, squeezing my hard-on tightly. I pushed my middle finger all the way into her, pulling it back against her clit. I worked my palm against her sex for a minute or two before she shivered against me in orgasm.
The tension gradually left her body, and she rolled onto my chest as I lay on my back beside her. Her hand had remained on my erection, and she slid under the sheets to take me in her mouth. Her technique was not as expert as her sister's, but she clearly enjoyed what she was doing, and that was enough for me. I pulled her up after a few minutes and rolled her on her back. She pulled me on top of her, and I penetrated her slowly.
I bottomed out inside her, enjoying the warmth and tightness for a moment. I looked down at her, realizing that she was staring up at me.
"What, baby?”
"Do you really believe me when I tell you I love you?”
I just...I think...barely managed to prevent her from sensing my shock at such a question. She might have felt my erection suddenly weakening inside her, but I hoped she wasn't paying attention.
"I believe you, honey.”
"Do you promise?”
"I do.”
"I'm sixteen now. I'm not a kid. I think I know what's love and what isn't. I've had crushes before. This isn't a crush, okay? I really love you.”
I kissed her as firmly as I could.
"I believe you, Little Kit. And I love you, too.”
And, I realized as I answered her, I meant it. Something in her voice just then had convinced me. As we began to make love again, losing ourselves in each other, one small part of my mind tried to reflect on this development. Having someone genuinely in love with you was nothing to lament, I thought, even under these circumstances. Maybe even if...but no, I thought. I'm not going there. I won't cheapen her like that. She deserved better than to have me try to psychoanalyze her feelings, not when I was making love to her, for God's sake, not when she was shuddering in orgasm underneath me, holding me tightly and gasping against my shoulder.
Not when, on the brink of orgasm myself, I realized I would kill anyone who tried to hurt her. I would hunt them to the ends of the earth.
Just take it for what it is, I thought. She loves me. That should be enough.

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