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TeeJay's New Life

Teejay stormed through her father's front door with a scowl on her face. She
wasn't displeased, she was pissed. She had been looking forward to her date
with the new guy she had met last week. Just thinking about what she was
going to let him do to her made her pussy wet. And then, two hours early,
she got the call.

Normally, she would brush her dad off without a second thought. But there
was something about the call, something in his voice that made her
attendance mandatory. There was a fear and urgency that she could not ever
remember hearing before. Nevertheless, a week of celibacy and horny, late
night masturbation sessions had put her on edge. Whatever was wrong, it
better be worth it.

"Dad?" she called out as she entered the dark house. A faint light coming
from down the hall in the living room caught her eye and she carefully made
her way towards it. The silence was as oppressive as the darkness as she
crept closer. Her heart began to race as her eyes desperately sought the
source of her unidentified fears.

She found him sitting in his favorite chair, his head buried in his hands.
He looked so old and helpless with his shoulders slumped in defeat. She
breathed a sigh of relief when she saw he was still alive. He jumped at the
noise and looked up in her direction. His face was a mask of weary grief and
utter failure.

"Teejay," he barely breathed aloud. She looked at him in confusion, her eyes
narrowing. "Sit down," he ordered gruffly, pointing to the chair across from
him. "I have something to tell you."

Teejay reluctantly slid into the chair, the soft, forgiving cushions
strangely comforting through the tension. "What is it, dad?" There was
concern in her voice, more than she would have thought. The soft light of
the single reading lamp threw the room and her father into eerie shadows,
and she shifted nervously.

"Things haven't been going too well for me," he began. Her eyes narrowed
even more. There was no way she was about to give her old man a loan. He
took a deep breath and continued, "There is this man, someone a guy at work
told me about. He's got money, a lot of money, and a lot of connections." He
knew there was no reason to explain anything further. "Sometimes he helps
people get out of trouble." He stopped, his eyes far away. Teejay glanced
towards the hall, the instinctual need to get away becoming almost

When he finally was able to continue, he could not look her in the eye.
"When you pay him back, things are okay. But, things have been hard for me

Teejay almost snarled at him. "How much do you need?"

"It's not that easy anymore." His voice was almost a sob. "I tried to reason
with him, I tried to make payments, but he wanted too much. And the
interest, it kept going up and up and up. Teejay, he doesn't want money

"So?" she snapped at him. "What does he want?"

"Something more tangible." Teejay followed his eyes to the doorway where two
men appeared. She was instantly on her feet and backing into the corner as
they advanced on her. At almost six feet in height, her lean frame was still
dwarfed by the thugs that came for collection.

She reached for the lamp and tried to swing it at her attackers, but it was
knocked from her hand. It spun around on the floor, and she couldn't be
certain if it was the erratic light, or her own frantic vision that set the
room into a blur as she fought desperately for freedom past the two men. The
last things she heard as a solid fist to her jaw took her consciousness away
was the sound of her precious glasses hitting the floor and her father
pouring himself a drink.


It is a universal truism that some men are born bad. Some men are born with
souls that revel in hurt and pain and darkness. Some of these men become
petty thugs, or thieves, or murders, or rapists. And some men become all of
this and so much more. Some men embrace what they were born and use this
power to conquer others. Teejay was always drawn to the darkness and to the
bad men that walked there. But as she slowly gained consciousness, she had
no idea that men like Steven Devries existed; men of pure evil.

Steven watched from the television monitor as he newest payment began to
stir. He was pleased with himself as the hidden cameras scanned over her.
She was an attractive girl. Dressed in the tight, black pants and tank top
that she was picked up in, her shapely figure was accented in erotic curves
that promised the ultimate in womanly delights. She was taller than he had
imagined the offspring of her father would be, but her sexy hips, thin
waste, and heavy breasts far exceeded his hopes. Steven despised the
anorexic, starving look on women. This body, even fully clothed, caused him
to shift slightly in his high backed chair.

He zoomed one of the cameras in on her face as her eyes fluttered open.
Through the instantaneous flash of uncomprehending fear, her eyes locked
almost instinctively on the camera hidden the corner behind the wall. Such a
beauty, Steven thought. Her brown eyes gleamed healthily, accented by the
tears that soon formed. Her brows, carefully groomed, showed a woman who
cared for her appearance. Her face, slightly oval and framed with long,
thick dark hair, almost auburn but richer, was pretty to him, no, it was
beautiful, sexy, and erotic. He checked himself. No, alone it was not
erotic, but with those full, pouty lips, he knew that he had made the right
choice in not dropping her father into the river, but taking her instead.

Teejay rolled over and pushed herself into a sitting position. Her jaw
stung, and she tenderly touched the swollen area the size of a large fist
that swelled on her face. Despite the ringing in her head, she unsteadily
pulled herself to her feet and looked around the room she found herself in.
It was stark white, walls and floor lined with a smooth tile. The ceiling
was almost 15 feet high, well out of her reach. Florescent lights hummed
almost inaudibly lighting the room in a bright sheen. She slowly felt her
way along the wall, searching for a seam, a door, anything that might lead
to her escape. She found not even a single crack. It was only then that she
realized that not only was her coat gone, but her boots as well.

Minutes passed like hours for the captive woman as she stumbled through the
room. Tears filled her vision as she finally collapsed into a corner and
curled her knees to her chest.

"Hello?" she screamed into the walls. "What do you want from me?" The sudden
memories of her last few moments at her father's stung in her ears.
Something more tangible he had said to her before they grabbed her.
Something more tangible.

She jumped to her feet as a small square in the floor swung down on an
unseen hinge. She scurried over to it, but it was less than a foot across
and offered no escape. Her mind screamed in desperation as she tried to
force her body into it.

"Remove your clothes." Teejay's head bolted up as she scanned the room. She
thought for a moment that her mind had snapped, but the deep, powerful voice
was so commanding, so defiant, that it couldn't have come from herself.

"Stand up and remove your clothes." Her eyes were everywhere, seeking out
the source of the noise that echoed lightly in the small enclosure.

A slight grinding noise caused her turn in time to see a piece of the wall
peel away and two figures enter. They were huge forms, at least as big as
the men who abducted her if not the men themselves, and dressed in leather
body suits with black, vinyl hoods. All she could make out where their eyes
as they approached her. Like the caged animal she was, Teejay scampered
away, backing into a futile corner. One of the figures backhanded her across
the face, sending stars into her vision and staggering her wits. He grabbed
her by the hair and dragged her to the middle of the room. Both men produced
small devices that had been concealed in their palms and touch them to her
body. Blinding volts of electricity coursed through her body. It stole her
ability to move, to scream, to think of anything except the pain that jolted
her body in convulsions. It lasted only seconds, but was enough to make her
wish she could die. Panting and covered in sweat, they gave her only a
moment to recover before they hit her again.

She must have blacked out, because when she next opened her eyes she was
alone again in the seamless room with the small opening still in the floor.
Her body ached with an almost unbearable pain and when the voice spoke
again, her entire body shook.

"Remove your clothes."

Teejay sobbed, wrapping her arms around herself. She wanted to curl into a
ball and fade away. Her body ached with every breath and her mind could
still not come to terms with the place she found herself. It was a nightmare
and fantasy all come to life at once.

"If I have to ask you again, the men will return." Teejay shuttered. Only
two brief shocks and she could hardly stand it. She couldn't imagine the
feel of those devices again.

Sobbing quietly, she pulled herself to her feet with a painful groan. It
wasn't that she had an objection to being naked. She liked her body, most of
the time, and loved to use it to bring herself pleasure. Even still fully
clothed, she felt naked to the invisible eyes. She could feel them burning
into her flesh and she shivered. With a scornful glare that landed square on
one of the cameras, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over
her head and tossed it on the floor. Her heavy breasts jiggled in the thin,
lacy bra, but she made no attempt to cover them.

"In the hole," the voice commanded.

Her eyes narrowed as her fear turned to anger, but she defiantly kicked her
top into the small hole. Unzipping her pants, she hooked her thumbs in the
sides and slide them down her long, shapely legs. Kicking them free, she
pushed them into the hole with her foot, standing only in her thong, bra,
and socks.

For a brief moment, Teejay was in another place. Anger burned through her.
She was not just some captive, and she would rather burn in Hell than to
allow herself to succumb to the humiliation that she was beginning to feel.
With the dignified air of a professional plying her trade, Teejay lifted
first one foot then the other and pulled her socks free. Keeping her eyes
fixed forward, she curled her upper lip and dropped them into the hole.

Steven felt his massive cock stir and twitch as he watched this unexpected
display. Already she was surpassing his expectations. He waved his hand in a
sharp gesture. From the corner, a young, naked woman scurried over and knelt
beside him, head bowed. She was a smaller woman, just over five feet, with
small breasts and a tight, smooth ass. Her long, blonde hair was pulled back
in a straight ponytail. It was something that Steven always demanded of her.
Vicky was a payment that Steven had received over a year ago. He had rarely
touched her from the first day; there were many other women at his disposal
that could satisfy his need in better ways. But she had a talent with her
small mouth that he had never encountered before. Fully erect, his cock was
over eight inches long and nearly three inches wide, and her mouth could
barely stretch around it. Nevertheless, she was blessed with the ability to
swallow him to the hilt. It was a mouuth that he never shared with another
living soul. Without taking his eyes from the monitors, he pointed. Vicky
immediately unzipped his pants and pulled his hardening cock free. With a
slurp, she sucked the first few inches into her mouth.

At the same moment as Steven gasped in pleasure, Teejay reached behind her
back and unsnapped her bra. More than a few men had seen her breasts. Some
pervert hiding in som room was just another number. With a shrug, she slid
the bra from her body and dropped it with the rest of her clothing. Her
large, firm breasts jiggled and swayed as she put her hands on her hips and
raised she chin. Her eyes glared into the walls for a few, proud moments,
before she dropped her panties to the floor and kicked them into the hole
with one, swift motion.

Steven was impressed with her fire and flare, and her graceful movements. He
was more impressed with her body. Luscious and well formed, it was an erotic
portrait come to life. His eyes lingered on the camera that zoomed in on her
shaved cunt even as his breathing quickened with Vicky's mouth-work. His
sharp facial features tightened as he walked his eyes over Teejay's womanly

"Turn around." His voiced snapped her back into reality. She started and
scanned around again for the source of the deep, ominous sound. "Turn

The strength of will fled from her and she slowly turned in a meek circle. A
single pair of eyes drank in every curve, every texture, every line of her
body. Yes, he had made a very good bargain indeed.

A small panel in the wall opened and a black object fell out of it to the
floor with a slap. The panel closed tight again before Teejay's eyes could
even lock onto it. She let out a shuddered sigh and stopped to face the
object that shared the room with her. It twisted into a curious lump. She
squinted, locking her eyes onto it, but she could not identify it from her

"Put it on." She started again at the sound of his powerful voice. Stepping
forward on mechanical legs, the object began to take form. It was a collar,
a leather slave collar. Numb from the reality that formed from vague dreams,
she bent over and retrieved the collar. It was excellent quality, with an
elaborate locking clasp on the back, and three, small o-rings on the front.
There was a small bulge on either side of the clasp, with bare metal exposed
on the interior side. She couldn't begin to speculate what their function
would be.

"Put it on." The voice was more forceful this time, and laced with the
threat of what would happen if she didn't comply. She glared again at the
walls and clicked the latch into place at the back of her neck. A quick tug
proved that it was, indeed, locked and out of her control.

Teejay fell to her knees as blinding pain coursed through her body. She
managed a squeak as the air and will was sucked from her lungs and throat.
Blinking back tears, she grabbed at the sides where the small bulges lay.
She now knew their purpose. The men and their devices had suddenly become
obsolete; all he had to do was activate the collar when he wished her

"Lay down on your back."

She ignored the voice and tried desperately to break the collar free,
clawing at the tough leather. Another jolt sent her sprawling face first to
the floor. The electricity coursed through her in a continuous cycle that
lasted half a minute. It was all she could do to keep from pissing herself.
She lay still on the floor, weeping and gasping for air, her tears of pain
and frustration dripping to the cold tiles, her heavy tits pressed flat
beneath her.

"On your back." A instantaneous shock hit her, barely perceptible, but it
was enough to cause her to roll over.

Two eyes locked on her breasts as they shook from the force of her
movements. Steven groaned, both from the sight of her naked body and from
the slurping action that his cock was receiving. Teejay was definitely a
prize. Beautiful, voluptuous, she also had a fire, a defiance, but an
ingrown need to be dominated. All she needed was a push in the right
direction. He needed someone to replace his recently lost First Girl, as he
called her, and Teejay might very well be able to fit the role. He didn't
have much time to break her in before his grand event on the weekend, so he
would have to use every moment to the fullest. Regardless of the outcome, he
knew he would enjoy this one.

Teejay lay on her back, trying to slow her breathing, to calm her mind that
was running in erratic circles of panic. She couldn't even begin to imagine
what had brought her here, to this moment, what she had done. Even the
lingering, final words of her father seemed ridiculous, even he couldn't
have done this to her.

"Touch your breasts." Her eyes widened slightly. "Touch to your breasts!"
Another small jolt and Teejay's hands leaped from the floor and landed on
her chest. "Play with your tits." There was a huskiness in the voice, and if
she had been allowed the opportunity to think about it, she would have
detected the arousal that Steven felt on watching her while receiving
experienced and even expert oral service. Her hands moved over the large
mounds of her breasts, gently rubbing the flesh and squeezing them together.
"Play with the nipples." She let out a small gasp, not from the collar, but
from contact with her over-sensitive nipples. They had always been one of
the most erogenous parts of her entire body, and a simply touch to her
stressed, over-stimulated nipples sent jolts of their own through her body,
ending in her cunt. Already, from that simply touch, she felt her wetness
begin to flow. She rubbed the hard buds between her forefingers and thumbs
and her breathing quickened, drowning out the faint panting that was echoing
over the intercom. In his hidden booth, Steven fought back the urge to cum
in the girl's mouth as he watched and listened. With a gathering of his
will, he fought to focus on his task.

"Slide your hands down over you stomach." As if in a trance, Teejay closed
her eyes and slid her hands obediently over her firm stomach. "Slide them
down over your hips. onto your legs. and between your thighs." He watched
transfixed as she followed his commands. "Do you enjoy touching yourself,

"Mmmm," she whispered. "I do."

His voice became so husky that she could barely recognize it. But it didn't
matter. All that did matter was that she was in this place, and that her
body needed release. "Touch your pussy. Rub your hands over the lips, over
your clit, deep inside of your cunt. Fuck yourself with your hands."

Slumping back in his chair, Steven watched as Teejay attacked her cunt with
a furious passion that he had rarely seen. Grabbing the Vicky's hair, he
began bobbing her head up and down on his cock, forcing her speed to
increase. On the monitors in front of him, he watched wide-eyed as Teejay
did everything he had ordered and more. Four fingers of one hand had already
found their way into her cunt as far as she could thrust them in her
position while her other hand roamed her body, touching clit and nipples. It
had been a very long time since Steven had found himself as turned on as he
was at that moment. The sounds of mouth sucking cock mingled with the sounds
of fingers fucking wet pussy. Teejay's breathing became pantings and without
warning she screamed into the empty air as orgasm ceased her. Steven growled
and groaned, his hands locking into Vicky's head as he came in her throat.
She gurgled, but managed to work her throat over his cock, milking it dry
and swallowing every drop. To spill even a little would bring fierce

Thrusting her hand deep inside her cunt, Teejay came and came until at last
her hand slipped free and she lay still, her chest heaving and her body
covered in sweat. In his room, Steven watched her through narrowed eyes as
Vicky cleaned his cock with her mouth and slipped the shrinking organ back
into his pants. He pressed a button on the panel in front of him and spoke
into the microphone.

"Take her to the frame room, and make certain the girls are ready." The
night was still young, and there still much work to do. Vicky was backing
once again into the dark corner of the room as Steven watched the panel door
to the cell open and he men enter. Before they even reached her, he flipped
the cameras to the next room and adjusted himself in the chair.

The men grabbed the oblivious Teejay while she was still eyes closed in the
aftermath of a huge orgasm. It was her favorite moment of all time, the buzz
that followed a good cum. Her eyes shot open as she felt four hands grab her
arms and drag her to her feet. The same men, or at least two men of equal
size in similar bondage attire, dragged her towards the door. She fought
back, planting her bare feet onto the tile for grip and tried to pull away.
A swift fist found her midsection and knocked the wind from her body. She
wheezed, gasping for breath but otherwise limp as they dragged her from the
room and into the hall. Her eyes fell on a long, stark hallway, lined with
several doors. They became a blur as she was dragged by one after another
before stopping halfway down the corridor.

One of her captives thrust the door open and they resumed their escort into
the room. It was a dimly lit room, lined with padded walls of a black
material designed to absorb echoes. The single light rested above a strange
frame in the center of the room. It appeared to her eyes as padded bars, an
inch in diameter, resembling a stick figure complete with circular head. It
was attached to the floor by two bars that were connected at it's waist.
Before she could get a better look, they thrust her forward. Another sharp
blow to the stomach prevented any further resistance as they locked her into
the frame by the several straps. They spent several minutes moving and
adjusting her limp form, and in the end she was completely immobilized from
head to ankles.

Steven watched, his hidden cameras zooming in at several angles to inspect
his men's work. Satisfied, he waited for the men to leave and close the door
behind them before leaning into the microphone. "Send in the girls in 2
minutes." He watched her squirm and fight against the bindings. This was an
important test in tolerance for his new captive. His eyes danced from one
monitor to the next, feeding on images of her firm ass, large tits, shaved
cunt, and finally her lovely face. He slowly zoomed in on her brown eyes.
They reminded him of the deep chestnut of his dining room, but they burned
with a fire and zeal that got his cock twinging again.

Teejay turned her head as much as she could to look in the direction of the
door as it opened. Three stunning figures entered the room. The women could
have been triplets, their figures were so exactly proportioned. Her eyes
darted to everything at once, the lust openly displayed in her eyes. She had
enjoyed more than one woman in her time. The trio were dressed the same down
to the last detail. Each wore blonde, nearly white, Victorian style wigs and
elegant black masks that covered their faces to the brows and swept down
around their noses. Their full lips and cheeks were painted harlot red, and
the remainder of their faces powdered white. Their large, full firm breasts
were fully exposed, supported by black, leather corsets. Garters connected
to thigh-high suede boots with four inch heels. Their bald pussies and
shapely asses, as they approached her, were completely naked. With the
heels, they were almost as tall as Teejay. They slowly and deliberately
circled her imprisoned body. She had never in life witness women so
perfectly smooth, so perfectly formed in purely erotic sexuality. It was as
if they had been born with the sole and utter purpose of sex and everything
that surrounded. They were not born that way, but she had no way of knowing
at the time that money and power could buy or create anything.

One by one, they passed in front of her. The smell of their perfume was
intoxicating, and Teejay felt her pussy tingling with desire. It might have
been the stress and pain of her situation, or her own mind's way of coping
with the uncertain reality of her situation, but she suddenly wanted these
women more than any other human being she had ever encountered. Then they
stopped, one by one, in front of her. They looked into her eyes as if
peering into her soul, and she felt the world slip away. They moved forward,
one at a time, and kissed her lips. She opened her mouth to allow their
tongues to slip inside. Teejay had always found a greater satisfaction in
kissing a woman than a man. A woman knows how to kiss; they know how use not
just their lips and tongue and breath, but how to express their most
intimate feelings in that most intimate of touches.

Everything became a dream to her. All that existed was the room and the
three women that worshipped her body. Not even a drug induced euphoria could
have complimented the experience she shared with these women. They touched
her, everywhere. They kissed her from mouth to toes and back again. With
feminine giggles, they pranced around her, playfully swatting her ass, or
pinching her nipples, or licking her pussy. Every time fingers or palm
touched her ass, she responded with a gasp and sigh which soon turned to
begging and pleading to be spank and whipped and beaten. But they only
teased her, bringing her to the point of satisfaction and then cruelly
backing away. Two made out in front of her, their lips locked as hands
explored one another's body, as the third dropped to her knees and licked
wildly at Teejay's cunt, stopping short of allowing their captive to cum.
They played and teased and taunted for exactly one hour before shuffling out
of the room. The door closed behind them with a lingering, "Please, come
back," pleading from the desperate woman.

Teejay cried out loud, tears of frustration filling her vision as the dream
became reality once again. With a renewed strength born of frustration, she
fought at her bindings, rattling the entire frame. It was as if she had been
allowed to glimpse at utopia, only to have it sucked away. A piece of her
went with those three, gorgeous creatures.

Her head snapped painfully as she tried to turn towards the door. At tall
man entered the room, and it took her several looks to realize that this was
the first person that she had seen since her abduction that didn't wear a
mask. He was perhaps two or three inches taller than herself, and broad of
the shoulders. His short, black hair, peppered with grey, and the slightly
weathered roughness of his face belied his true age which she accurately
guessed in his early forties. He was fit and active, a man who took pride in
his appearance without the vanity of rippling, steroid muscles. He stopped a
few feet in front of her and stared at her. Whereas the looks of the
previous women tried to looked into her soul, the sharp, hawk-like eyes of
this man bore deep inside of her, stealing all of her secrets and pride. She
knew at once that this was a man of great strength and power, physically and
mentally, and a man of great rage and intolerance. This was not a man she
could play with. Before she could even come to terms with it, she knew that
she belonged to him for as long as he desired.

Breaking the stare, Teejay looked to the floor, her eyes focusing on his
$700 shoes. "My name is Steven Devries," He finally spoke, his voice clearly
the same, powerful baritone that she had heard over the speakers. She
glanced up briefly, only to catch a look of warning in his eye and look back
down. "Two years ago, I loaned your father some money, a lot of money. He
has problems managing his accounts." He smiled broadly as she scowled. "We
broke his leg last year when he failed to pay." He had told her daughter
that he had fallen down some stairs. In truth, there were stairs involved,
but pushed was a more accurate description. Steven never stopped staring at
her. "I was going to have him killed, when he said those words I always love
to hear. 'Please, no, I'll do anything.' It took surprisingly little effort
to learn that anything to your father meant his own daughter. Actually, any
of his daughters, but after seeing your pictures, and a quick background
check, your were by far the most desirable." He wrapped his huge hand around
her jaw and forced her to look at him. "By far."

"People will come looking for me!" she shouted at him in defiance. It was
the first, last and only time she would try. His hand released her jaw and
closed into a fist. She closed her eyes and awaited the stinging blow. But
it is came in words instead of punches.

"What people?" Her eyes misted over as she stared at him in awe. "You keep
everyone in your life at a distance. The ones that care about you are left
hanging, and the ones you care about, you treat with disrespect. A few phone
calls, a few transfers of money, a few travel receipts. Everyone in your
life that gives a damn about you thinks that you have simply walked out of
their lives. And none of them will waste their time looking or even
wondering." The words burned into her brain. Her friends would wonder, the
people that she had touched, even briefly, would wonder and care and try,
but she didn't know that. All she knew was the truth that was the words of
this man. She was utterly broken.

"I have a few rules. You will speak to me only when spoken to. You will
learn my facial expressions and interpret the correct course of action from
them. You will only address me as 'Sir', and you will not fail me. Failure,"
he held up a small remote with a single button, "means pain." He lightly
touched the button sending a jolt through her body. She gasped and grimaced
as he went to touch it again. "Is that understood?"

"Yes," she whispered. "I mean, yes sir." Yes, bastard, was what she was
really thinking.

Steven smiled. "I am a very important man in many circles of life, and I
deal with very important people. I have many women, with many different
specialties. But I always keep a special one, my First Girl, close at hand.
This woman not only satisfies my needs but those of associates during times
of delicate events. My previous First Girl outgrew her usefulness, and I
have been looking for a replacement for many weeks. And, I am throwing a
small party soon where her charms will be especially needed. I believe that
you will make an excellent First Girl." He moved closer to her and whispered
in her ear. He wore a light cologne, but his own natural scent was more
powerful, more pleasant. "Make no mistake. The role of First Girl is
demanding. It will be the most difficult role that you have ever had, but
the rewards, my rewards, are sweeter than you could possibly imagine."

He pulled something from his back pocket and held it up for her inspection.
It was a intricately carved and crafted leather mask, similar to the ones
the other girls wore, but simpler and more elegant all at once. With a
little effort he managed to tie it snugly in place on her face despite the

"The people in my direct service wear masks when out of their rooms at all
times, including public, unless authorized by myself for security reasons.
Is that understood?"

"Yes , sir," she quickly responded.

"There is a lot of work to do to see if you will be the right woman for what
I have planned for you. Your physical looks are already perfect. I will
expect you to maintain a strict diet and exercise routine. We will also have
to test the boundaries of your sexuality."

"I have no boundaries." She screamed as Steven pressed the button on the
remote and held it down in front of her. Her cries seemed to fall on deaf
ears as he watched her body convulse in pain for long moments before
releasing the control.

"You have a fiery spirit, as well. I like that. The discipline, and learning
all the rules, I am confident you will learn in time." He patted her cheek
as she glared at him. "And, we shall see."

He began working on certain parts of the frame, and it was then that she
discovered that there were manipulatable joints located throughout. He bent
and twisted her body, snapping her into position, so that at last she bent
ninety degrees at the waist with her head tilted back so that she was facing
forward. He stood beside her and shook the frame as much as possible,
watching her large tits jiggle. Her nipples hardened involuntarily as her
breasts swayed and bounced off one another. His hands roamed her body,
cupping and squeezing her flesh, probing her cunt, grazing her asshole.
Sometimes he was gentle, sometimes painfully rough, and she moaned and
grunted in unison. He finally stopped behind her, his hand on her ass.

"I think my little girl has been bad today." The gruff baritone was
softened, leaving Teejay to wonder more if it was just an accent he acquired
to maintain a more powerful image then of the words themselves. "Yes, my
little girl has been very bad indeed. I think she will need to be punished."

Teejay blinked a few times, wishing she could turn and look at the man
behind her, but what he was doing finally dawned on her. "Yes, Daddy, I have
been very bad."

Steven nodded. It only took her a little prompting. Her desire to role play
must be great, something he highly prized in a First Girl, mainly for his
own amusement. "What am I going to do with such a bad girl?"

Teejay couldn't help but smile. "I think I deserve a good spanking, Daddy."
She almost giggled.

Steven lightly stroked her ass before swinging his hand back. The strength
and force of the impact slapped loudly in the small room and caught Teejay
by surprise. Nevertheless, she gasped in pleasure, and clenched her ass.

"Has my little girl learned her lesson?" Steven asked as he rubbed the
redness on her flesh.

"No, Daddy," she blurted. "I have been a very bad girl. I think I need

He spanked her again, and again, and again, covering each cheek an angry red
with the force of his stinging hand. Teejay grunted with each blow, her
pussy becoming wetter and wetter until it finally began to drip. Steven
reached between her legs, thrusting two fingers into her sopping cunt. She
let out a bellow as her entire body convulsed in orgasm. Steven nodded to
himself, impressed with her orgasmic ability, and walked around in front of
her. She looked up at him through bleary eyes, a contented smile on her
lips. He brushed his wet fingers against her lips, and she eagerly opened
her mouth and sucked them in, licking her cum from his digits.

Steven pulled his fingers free with a pop and stepped back. He unzipped his
pants and pulled his semi-hard cock free. Only partially erect, Teejay was
already impressed with its size and girth. He moved forward, and without
hesitation she opened her mouth and waited for his cock to enter. He
unlocked the strap that held her head in place and she immediately began to
use the freedom to work over his cock.

Teejay instinctively tried to pull her arms over to handle the now fully
hard eight-inch cock, but after a few futile jerks of her arms, contented
herself with given a truly oral blowjob. She was good, Steven had to admit.
Even restricted as she was, she used her entire mouth and tongue with the
greatest advantage. And what she lacked in talent, she made up for in sheer
enthusiasm. Steven groaned in pleasure and she sucked and bobbed her head
around his cock. She was not the best he had ever had. No one could ever
possibly compare to Vicky. But he would rate her in the top twenty, maybe
even the top ten, just from this one, brief experience alone. And if she was
equally good with the rest of her body, she would be more than perfect as
his First Girl.

Another loud pop filled the room as he pulled his cock free. She watched his
cock with a hint of sadness as he slowly disappeared behind her. A gasp of
utter pleasure escaped her as he lined up and sank all of his cock into her
slick cunt. Her pussy walls stretched to accommodate his size, but he
managed to find himself fully buried with ease. He could feel her cunt
muscles at work, grasping and pulsating, and they worked over his cock. He
could hear her small grunts as he remained still and allowed her pussy to
fuck him. Even completely immobile, she was already slowly drawing the cum
out of him. With a growl, he locked onto her hips and began to pound his
cock in and out of her. Her cunt began to ache with the size of his manhood
and power of his thrusts, but the pleasure was overwhelming. As sheheard him
bellow and hold himself deep within her, she could feel the first of many
blobs of cum shoot deep within her pussy. She couldn't contain herself, and
didn't want to try as another orgasm rocked through her body. She screamed
without discretion as she allowed the power of the moment take her and the
intense orgasm overwhelm her.

When she slowly came to her senses, she found herself being released from
the frame by the two, burly figures. Fresh cum dribbled excitingly down her
thighs as Steven nodded at her.

"We will continue in the morning."

The men lead her down the hall to an elevator. One of them inserted a card
key and the doors opened. Pressing number three, the lift began to move, in
which direction, she did not know. Both men still held her arms, but she
stood with her own power and walked voluntarily as they lead her out when
the doors opened. It was another stark hallway, and she could see a
curtained window at each end. The more she looked about, the more she
believed that she was in an office building, converted into this man's own
desires. They lead her a few doors down. Using the same card, the one man
unlocked the door and ushered her inside. Once out of the way, they closed
the door, and she heard the lock click into place.

She tried the door, quickly, only to discover it was indeed locked. Turning,
she looked over the room and her eyes widened. It was a huge area, bigger
than her apartment, luxuriously decorated as a bedroom suite. There was a
huge canopy bed on one side, a vanity, wardrobe and several smaller bedroom
pieces scattered about; all of them were empty. On the other side of the
room, a leather couch rested before a massive entertainment centre. She
could all of the cords were not only unplugged, but also had small, locked
boxes around them. It would seem she would have to earn certain rights. When
her eyes fell on a set of dark drapes, she ran to them, only to discover the
window was covered with a metal panel. She slowly roamed through the room,
finding an archway leading into a large bathroom complete with Jacuzzi. She
also found a platter of food sitting on the coffee table by the couch.

Ravenous, she devoured the meal, oblivious to the cum drying to her thighs.
Satisfied with the meal, she made her way into the bathroom, and climbed
into the shower. She tried to wash away not only the marks of her past few
hours, but also the truth of it. Her tears mingled with the hot water until
she could stand it no more, and, exhausted, she fell into bed.


She couldn't remember what awakened her, and she had no idea how long she
had slept. But if the blurriness of her eyes and the aching in her body was
any indication, it wasn't very long. She blinked her eyes against the lights
that she had, in her exhaustion, left on and looked around the room. Then
her eyes stopped moving as she remembered what had awakened her. The door to
her room was open.

Her heart raced. How did the door open? She was certain that she had checked
it and it was securely locked. Did someone come in while she was asleep,
maybe someone to gather her dishes or wet towels. She spent several anxious
minutes looking about the room before she finally slipped out from under the
blankets. She made her way towards her impending freedom but checked
herself. She veered into the bathroom and grabbed a large towel, wrapping it
snuggly around her naked form. It was bad enough that she had no boots, but
in the cold spring weather, she needed at least some sort of protection.

Teejay gingerly opened the door and peered down the hall; empty. She scanned
along the ceiling and in the corners, but she could detect no video
surveillance. Taking a deep breath, she slipped into the hall and padded
barefoot down towards the elevator. Cursing silently, she furrowed her brows
and glared at the slot that the card key would go in. There was no buttons
or any other way to summon the elevator. She frantically looked up and down
hall again. The draped window at the end of the hall seem to call out her in
a silent scream. Making certain the towel was secure, she scampered down the
hall, quickly checking the locked latches on the doors she passed until she
reached the end. Gathering her courage, she ripped the curtains open.

It took her a moment to get her bearings in the bright city night, but this
was the city she grew up in and knew, and she recognized several of the
buildings. She even had a vague idea of what part of town she was in. The
bastard lived in her hometown. It was an office building, that much was
certain. And all office buildings had-

She pushed against the door to her left. It gave way to her force; the fire
stairs. A rush pulsed through her body as the thought of freedom invaded her
mind. Sure, she had enjoyed her encounter with the women, and she had a few
good cums, but she was ready to get off this ride. This man, this Steven
whatever, he was more than just dangerous, she thought, he was deadly.

She hurried into the stairway, easing the door shut behind her. Holding the
towel tight to her body, she made her way down the stairs until they ended
at a door and went on no further. Readying herself for what she was certain
would be a desperate flee from terror, she took a breath and cracked the
door. Cold, fresh city air rushed in to meet her. The door lead into a dark
alley, but she could hear the faint sounds of the night city beyond. If she
had her bearings right, she was only a few blocks south of one of the major
streets and freedom. It would be a cold trek, but worth the risk.

She let the door slam behind her as she shivered and winced as she hustled
down the cold alley as quickly as she could. A bottle rolled across the
pavement in front of her from behind a dumpster and she froze in her tracks.
Three men stepped in the faint light in front of her. They didn't look like
transients, more like street thugs, huge, rough, angry and determined. They
all had long, dark hair and goatees, and nasty grins that meant ill will.
Teejay gulped, her eyes wide. She had walked from one danger right into
another. She quickly backed up to the door and felt around for the handle.
To her horror, there was none. She took her eyes off of the men and looked
at the cold metal. It was clearly one way. When she turned back, the trio
had surrounded her, standing in a circle around her form. They wore leather
jackets and apparel that reminder her of bikers, but it was still too cold
for bikes yet.

"Look what we have here," one of the men laughed as he fingered the fold of
her towel. "Looks like the little lady got lost getting out of the shower."

"Yeah," a second added. "I think we should help the lady out." He twirled
his index finger in her hair.

"Please," Teejay begged. "You have to help me. I was kidnapped. You have to
get me out of here."

The third man eyed her up and down. "Oh, we'll help ya. But, what's in it
for us?"

"I'll do anything," she pleaded. "Anything."

"Anything?" the first asked. Teejay gulped, knowing exactly what these men
wanted and hugged the towel tighter to her body. But, she slowly nodded.
"Well, looky here. We've got ourselves a little whore that wants to fuck us.
What do you think boys?" He turned and looked at his friends with a smile.
"Should we take her out of here in exchange for a fuck."

"I don't know," the second shrugged. "What if we help her, and she turns out
to be a lousy fuck. Then we're left with nothing."

The third man moved closer to her and slid his hand stealthily behind her
back. "I guess we'll just have to try out the payment first." Teejay wasn't
prepared for the surprise grasp from behind, and the towel was pulled free,
exposing her nakedness to the cold night air. She shivered, her skin turning
to goose-bumps, and tried to cover her tits with her arms, but two of the
men pulled her away from the wall and into the middle of the alley.

"Fuck you, assholes," Teejay screamed at them in sudden rage, and pulled
free with a strength born of desperation. She was only able to gain a couple
of feet before they were on her. The first to reach her backhanded her
across the face, sending her sprawling to the ground.

The first man produced a large blade from his coat and rubbed it across her
cheek. "It's gets real simple from here, bitch. You behave like a good
little whore, and we don't kill you." Teejay glared at him and suddenly,
impulsively, spit in his face. "Little slut," the man roared and backhanded
her again. Teejay say stars fill her vision as she fought for consciousness.
"Get her up," he grunted as he unbuckled his belt. "Bend her over and hold
her." The two men did as they were told, each taking one of Teejay's arms
with one hand and using her tits as leverage with the other. Trapped between
their girths, she found herself immobilized.

"You like to fight back, little whore?" the man sneered at her from behind
even as he admired her round ass. "We'll see if we can take some of the
fight out of you."

He folded his belt in half and brought it down on her already abused ass.
The hand spanking had been bad enough to leave a stinging redness that was
still evident. The belt cracked down onto the redness, leaving an angry welt
over top. Teejay moaned, and to the thugs ears, it sounded like pain. It
was, but for Teejay it was so much more pleasure. The man whipped her with
his belt again and again, each strike threatening to break open the skin of
her abused flesh. The man was panting and starting to sweat when her finally
dropped the belt to the asphalt. Teejay moaned quietly, tears streaming down
her face.

"Had enough, bitch? Maybe now you'll be a little more cooperative." He undid
his pants and pushed them along with his underwear to his ankles. Taking his
already hard cock in hand, he stroked it several times before lining it up
with her cunt hole and forcing his way inside. He groaned as his cock slide
easily inside of her. "God damnit. This bitch got off on it. She's soaking

Teejay grunted and moaned as the man fucking her grabbed her ass cheeks for
leverage and slammed roughly into her. The two men had to hold her tight to
keep her from being knocked over, but continued to play with her sensitive
tits and nipples. Teejay cursed her body and the sexual reactions she was
receiving. Already she could feel an orgasm building deep with her. She
gasped as she was raped by this man, and tried to fight back the feeling,
but she couldn't. Locking her hands on her captors' legs, she dug her nails
in deep and screamed as her orgasm over took her. The man fucking her felt
her cunt tighten on his cock like a vice, the strong muscles vibrator over
his shaft, and he blew his load without warning, the cum being milked from
his cock. He grunted, slapping her ass cheeks and continued to fuck her
until his cock began to soften.

"Man," grunted, staggering back. "You have to try that." Catching his
breath, he tucked his slimy cock away and zipped up.

The second man was already shoving her roughly to the hard ground. He pushed
his pants down to his ankles and stroked his cock to full hardness. He was
about as big as the first man, around seven inches, and wasted no time in
climbing in between her legs. The last man didn't bother to hold her down,
as the fight seemed to be gone from their victim. Teejay knew she was
getting raped by all of these men, and fighting would only make it worse.
With her bare skin on the rough pavement, any fighting now would only lead
to more injury. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the man rammed
his cock into her to the hilt. He started fucking her with long, hard
thrusts, his balls slapping off her ass. The first man took up a casual look
out, paying more attention to the action than to the alley, and the last man
went to work on her tits. He licked and sucked the large mounds as they
bounced enticingly under the fucking action she was receiving.

This man fucking her was brutal, bashing fully into her with every thrust.
Despite the pain and discomfort, the stimulation in her breasts and the
feelings pulsing from her cunt were overtaking her. After five minutes on
the cruel pounding, she tilted her head back and screamed.

"Oohhh, oooh, I'm fucking cumming." She couldn't hold it back as waves of
pleasure shot through her. Her body shook so that she didn't notice the man
pull out of her and kneel next to her face until the first wad of cum landed
across her cheek. Her eyes flared open as the sticky cock was rammed into
her mouth. A second blob of cum shot straight down her throat. He continued
jerking his shaft, spraying his cum across her face and hair and into her
mouth. Even as he began to soften, the man forced his cock into her mouth.
Without thinking, she sucked his cum and her juices from the cock until it
soften completely and rolled out of her mouth.

She watched him stand and stuff his cock away, a cruel smile dancing on his
face. She looked over at the last man, waiting for him to take his place
between her legs, and was surprised to see him pulling his pants and
underwear completely off. The two others began to hoot and holler as he
straddled her chest, sitting down on her stomach. Teejay thought she would
cum again as he grabbed a handful of each tit and began sliding his cock in
between them. He grunted, sliding his cock between the meaty sacks of flesh.
It was not as smooth and slick as her cunt, but he loved tits, and she had a
terrific set. He continued to slide his cock in and out, occasional spitting
down for lubrication, before digging his nails into her flesh and cumming.
His cum sprayed out onto her face and she found herself opening her mouth
and catching as much of it as she could, greedily swallowing it down.

"Man, look at the little whore. She's loving it." Teejay ignored them and
continued to lick her lips around her mouth, and even scoop some of the goo
off her face, feeding it to herself.

"You should have done her pussy," the first man said as third climbed off of
her and put her cock away. "It was incredible. So tight."

"Nay, man, you already spunked in it. She had great tits though. Too bad the
boss said her ass was out of the question."

Lost in her own thoughts and actions, she only half heard what they were
saying. Only as they started to walk away and the fire door opened did it
all become clear. Steven walked out into the cold alley with two of his men
in tow and looked down at her with an approving smile.

"Get her back to her room."


Teejay's body ached as she finally regained consciousness. She had showered
again, washing the dirt and oil and cum from her body before collapsing into
bed again. Although she hurt, she knew she must have slept a while, because
she felt very rested. Her ass and cheeks still stung dully from the beating,
and her cunt was a little sore, but otherwise she seemed intact.

Stretching like a cat, she climbed out of bed and back into the shower. She
spent a long time under the hot, soothing water. It seemed to help ease the
pain of her damaged skin. Only with great reluctance did she finally climbed
out and stepped back into the bedroom, drying herself. She discovered a
light meal of bagels and fruit on a tray on the table, along with a pile of
clothing and a large make-up case. She picked idly at the food as she went
through the clothing. It was a one piece vinyl body suit with a pair of
high-heeled ankle boots. Upon inspection, she discovered it was lined,
obviously for outdoor use. Her mask, the one he had given her, was on the
top. So, he intended on taking her out into public, she mused. After last
night's failed escape, it looked like she wouldn't be given a choice.

Drying herself, she took the makeup box into the bathroom, and set to work.
It felt like days since she had last indulged herself with makeup , and she
applied it greedily, almost dreaming she would be heading out to the clubs
later. Satisfied, she slipped the body suit on and zipped it up the front
and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Obviously a custom job, it
fit her perfectly, accenting every curve of her body. She would certainly
turn some heads with this outfit, she thought. She was fucking hot, as a
matter of fact.

At knock at the door startled her, and she hesitated a moment before moving
to answer it. Only at the last minute did she remember the mask and Steven's
rules, and quickly tied it into place. She opened the door to find an older
man of maybe fifty, slightly shorter and smaller than herself, dressed in an
expensive suit waiting for her. He did not wear a mask. Teejay stared at him
with a confused frown.

"If you will gather your boots," he began in a pompous, quiet voice, "we
shall get started." Teejay looked him up and down. She had no doubt she
could kick the living shit out this tiny man, but she found herself slipping
on her boots and moving towards the door. Before she could react, the man
reach out and snapped a leash onto the middle loop of her collar.

"What the f-," She began, but a single raised finger cut her short.

"I am to take the bosses pet for an afternoon walk." At least she knew what
time it was. She looked at the leash questioningly, but the man only shook
his head. It was a test in embarrassment, she decided. It could be much,
much worse. At the very least, she had a mask on, and even then, the people
that knew her were likely to recognize her anyway. This could be her one
real chance for escape. Maybe Steven wasn't as smart as he thought he was.

The man tugged her leash and lead her out into the hall and down to the
elevator. He inserted his card key and doors opened. When they reached the
main level, he wasted no time in walking out into the lobby. It wasn't an
office building, she noted with a cringe. It was a hotel. He lead her
through the few people that loitered in the lobby and through the front
doors. The doorman held it open for pair. His eyes lingered over the
vinyl-clad body before nodded courteously, even a little respectfully to her
walker. Once outside and on the street, she recognized not only the part of
town, but also the very hotel she was being held captive in. She had drive
by it countless times. Steven must have converted some of the floors into
his own, personal playrooms.

She was thankful for the lining in her suit. The day was overcast and
dreary, and the cold wind that wiped occasionally about them bit her bare
skin. She was most thankful for her mask. Even though it didn't hide all of
her face, it still hid most of her shame. Her cheeks burned, and not from
the cold. In more than one instance, she thought how easily it would be
break free of this little man and run or scream for help. He walked in front
of her, idly reading a section of the paper as if she truly was nothing more
than a family pet. But there was something that held her back; an instinct,
and fear, and terror. Even now she knew that she was being watched. If she
tried to break free, he would catch her. And worse, he might just kill her.
Shoulders slumped in defeat, she allowed this man to pull her down the
streets past motorists and pedestrians who all stopped and stared, some in
horror, some in lust. Her pussy began to tingle.

He stopped in front of a cigar store and looped the collar around a pole.
Standing behind her, her slipped a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket
and, pulling her hand behind her, snapped them onto her wrists, clicking
them into place. Teejay's eyes widened as, without speaking a word, he left
her there and walked into the store.

For ten, agonizing minutes, Teejay stood in the street like a common dog
tied to a pole. Dozens of people walking past by her, all slowing to stare
as she hung her head in shame. One man, after a quick look around, even
grabbed her tits before scurrying away. Without a break in expression, or
even looking her in the eye, the man returned from the store, uncuffed her,
and lead them on their way. In tears again, Teejay followed behind.

Her feet began to ache in the new heels as he paraded her through town. It
was early evening when he suddenly turned and lead her through the yard of a
public high school. Without missing a step he lead up her the stairs and
through the halls towards the gym. He paused in front of a door labeled
"Coach" long enough to knock once before entering. An overweight man in
track pants, a dirty sweater and wearing a ball cap stood up from behind a
messy desk as the man lead her into the small, smelly room. She crinkled her
noise and looked at the coach with disgust. Did Steven expect her to fuck
him? Not without a good fight. The man handed the coach her leash.

"A car will be sent at the appointed time," he told the coach sternly in a
voice that made the big man feel like a child. "Make certain she is ready."

The coach licked his lips and gingerly took the collar. "Yeah, yeah, she'll
be ready." The man nodded , and without even glancing at Teejay, left the

"Aren't you a pretty one," the man said as he walked around the desk. His
hands roamed her tits and ass for a few minutes before he tugged at the
collar and pulled her down the hall through the gym. Her eyes widened as he
barged through the door with the male bathroom symbol on it.

"Alright, listen up," the coach bellowed as he stopped at the edge of the
locker room. Teejay counted almost twenty boys, the basketball team she
guessed from their uniforms. They probably aged from 16 to 18, some of them
pimply, gangly youths, some young men, fit and handsome, all in various
stages of undress. They all silenced and gawked at her. "For defeating our
arch rival for the first time in five years, our newest sponsor wanted to
thank us for all our hard work." He shoved Teejay forward. It took a moment
for everything to register in the horny young boys, but suddenly a
resounding cheer erupted as the coach started unzipping her body suit. "We
have her for," he glanced at his watch "two hours and seven minutes." He
leaned in close and licked her cheek as the oldest boys began pulling off
her suit and roughly mauled her exposed tits. "Coach gets first crack."


Teejay awoke the next morning in more pain than could ever remember. She had
fucked and sucked last night until she had lost consciousness. She had no
idea how many orgasms she had, but it was probably the only thing that got
her through the night. When the car finally arrived, the driver found her
naked on the steps, her suit shred, but her mask still in place. She was
covered in cum, and is oozed from her cunt and mouth, but a quick inspection
saw that her ass had not been violated as per the instructions. Each boy had
cum in or on her at least twice, the filthy coach three times. Her body was
dotted with bruises.

For the next two days, she was left alone in her room. The only person she
saw was a masked woman, dressed in french maid outfit, that brought her
meals and fresh towels. Obviously Steven had thought she had earned the
right to recover from that ordeal. The violence and overwhelming lust of the
young men stayed fresh in her mind for whole two days and nights. She
wondered if she had ever been that horny, and could only smile to herself.
She still was. She must have done a good job, though, because she now had
access to the TV and stereo, and the steel plate was gone from the window
allowing her a teasing look at freedom.

For two thankful days she sat in front of the TV or listened to music as her
body healed. She tried not to, but she couldn't help but to ponder her new
existence. Is seemed ludicrous that she should be here, working for this man
as a sex slave. But there were worse things, she thought. If this room was
any indication of how Steven treated people in his favor, then she would do
well to please him at every interval. And then she thought about what he had
said about his last First Girl, about how he needed to replace her. Well,
she wasn't weak, and she certainly wasn't reserved to anything sexual. By
the morning of third day, she had resigned herself to doing whatever he
wished, and when it was time, she would find her freedom.

It was late evening of that day, shortly after dinner, that her door opened
without warning. There was actually some warning. For the first time in
days, when the woman brought her diner, she also brought a parcel of
clothing. Knowing what was expected of her, she put them on, along with her
mask. As the door opened, she rose, and Steven entered to her glorious
image. She wore a sheer, black nylon shirt, covered with a black and red
velvet corset that push up her breasts until they spilled over the top, her
hard nipples poking through the thin, gauzy material. A velvet skirt barely
covered her ass cheeks and the black garter straps were a sensual contrast
to the few inches of bare skin that was left exposed before her black nylons
began. Her knee-high boots, like most of her clothing, were custom fitted,
and slipped on perfectly. She had matched her hair and makeup in a style
that accented her clothing. Not too harsh or vibrant, just enough to
emphasize her already lovely features. She looked gorgeous and sexy, slutty
without being whorish. She looked simply spectacular.

"You look ravishing," he said as he walked up to her.

"Thank you, sir," she said, beaming at the sincerity she heard in his voice.
She didn't flinch as he hand grabbed the bottom of her skirt and gently
lifted it for his inspection. He knew that no panties had been included with
the rest of her clothing. Indeed, she would never wear panties again while
she served him. But he loved to look at her shaved cunt.

"Come." He lead her down to the elevator, and he pressed for the parking
garage. Walking ahead, the driver opened the door to the big Mercedes for
first Steven, then the other side for Teejay, before climbing in and driving
out into the dark city night. Steven said nothing for some time, and Teejay
fidgeted with the hem of her skirt until he finally turned and looked at

"I have big plans for you, Teejay," he said sincerely. "The one I choose as
my First Girl is treated with extravagances beyond anything you could
imagine. You have already begun to fulfill my hopes for you, but I can't be
wrong about you. A man in my position must be strong not just in the
business he keeps, but with the women that are in his life. Two nights from
now I will be holding a very special party for some very important people.
And I need someone who can provide the intensity of entertainment that these
men have come to expect from me. Do you think that you are that woman,

She looked at him and nodded slightly. "Yes, sir." It was weak, and she knew

"I would like to think you are. Usually, I prefer to train my First Girl for
several weeks before putting them into this situation. But, I think you will
be able to handle it." The car slowed as it went around a corner and stopped
in front of a large church. "I have one more test for you, to prove your
loyalty and abilities to me. If you fail to perform tonight, I will kill
you. If you meet my expectations, you will be rewarded as a fairy tale

"You will have noticed, no doubt, that in all the action you have seen, your
ass has remained untouched. This is by design. Well, tonight we are going to
change that. This church is run by Father Randall Forester. Randall
celebrated his 60th birthday last week. Now, we have done extensive checks
into his past, and Randall has been a very good priest. He hasn't taken
advantage of unsuspecting altar boys or choir girls. His wife died twenty
years ago, and he has no children. And he has not had sex in at least twenty
years. He may very well be the most pious, god faring man in the world. You
will seduce Father Randall tonight, and you make him fuck you on his own
accord. And not only that, you will make him fuck you up the ass on his own
altar." Teejay's eyes widened more and more as he explained her duties,
until finally her jaw dropped. "Any questions."

She thought a moment, and then smiled. "No, sir." The driver got out of the
car and held the door open for her. She gave Steven a sly smirk and slipped
out of the car. As she walked up the steps to the massive oak doors, she
could barely suppress a laugh. His very cold and very serious threat of
death loomed over her head, and her entire body shook with the rush of
adrenaline. This very act was one of her greatest fantasies. She had always
been too scared to try something so blatantly evil on her own, but now she
had to do it or die. Her hand rested on the doorknob, and she turned back
one final time to see Steven's face light by the soft glow of a laptop
monitor. She wasn't entirely in control of things, but for the first time
since this all started, she was going to enjoy something on her own terms.
Gathering her calmness, her turned the latch and entered.

Her heels clicked and echoed as she walked down the isle towards the dais.
It was an elaborately decorate Roman Catholic church; everything was rich,
polished wood and red velvet. A massive cross bearing the crucified image of
Christ hung above the altar, the main goal of the night. It was covered in a
white cloth with gold stitching. Several unlit candles and the ceremonial
cup rested on top. But nowhere could she see the priest. Then she spotted
it, the confessional booth. Wouldn't a priest be there, awaiting all the
sinners? Teejay smiled to herself and clicked her way towards the
confessional door. Her heels clicked and echoed as she walked down the isle
towards the dais. It was an elaborately decorate Roman Catholic church;
everything was rich, polished wood and red velvet. A massive cross bearing
the crucified image of Christ hung above the altar, the main goal of the
night. It was covered in a white cloth with gold stitching. Several unlit
candles and the ceremonial cup rested on top. But nowhere could she see the
priest. Then she spotted it, the confessional booth. Wouldn't a priest be
there, awaiting all the sinners? Teejay smiled to herself and clicked her
way towards the confessional door.

She found the booth empty and climbed inside. Father Randall must have been
close by and either saw or heard her enter, because only moments later she
heard other door open and saw him take his seat through the screened
opening. She sat in silence for a few moments before she heard him irritably
clear his throat.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," she mimicked, trying to keep the
mocking laughter from her voice.

"When was the last time you confessed, my child?" Father, child, the
connection suddenly burned her deeply, but she quickly composed herself and
focused on the task at hand. He had a gruff voice, somewhat sad and tired
from years of hearing about the true evils and petty faults of mankind.

"To God, father? Never."

He shifted nervously, and cleared his throat again. "Very well. How have you
sinned, my child?"

"I have been a bad girl."

"And how have you been bad, my child?"

"I have had bad thoughts. Thoughts about doing bad things with men, of
letting them do things to my body."

The old priest had heard similar tales from lonely housewives and scorned
women. "The Devil often tempts our minds with thoughts of evil, my child.
Say your prays tonight and ask God for forgiveness, and you shall receive
it." He was trying to get rid of her. Her face reddened with anger.

"Thank you, Father. But I'm afraid there's more."

"More, my child?"

"Sometimes, I don't just think about letting men do things to me. Sometimes,
I let them."

"What do you mean?" He shifted again, and there was a strange edge to his
voice. Maybe he was just a horny old man after all.

"I can't help it, Father." She leaned close to the opening and found him
staring at her through the mesh. He had a simple face, lined with the
wrinkles of age. But his jaw was strong, his eyes bright, and his nearly
white hair only now just beginning to thin. Year ago, he may have been quite
handsome. "Sometimes, I just need to be fucked. Two days ago, I let an
entire boys' high school basketball team have their way with me. The fucked
me good, and I loved it."

Randall's eyes widened. "My child," he blurted quickly, "You shouldn't speak
of such things, you shouldn't say such things."

"I know, Father," she said sadly. "But I can't help it." In a huff, she got
up and stormed out of the confessional. The old man slumped back against the
wall, his breathing heavy. Thank God, she had decided to leave. He didn't
know if he could handle much more of her. That smell, such a good smell.
Suddenly his door opened and Teejay stood there in front of him, the dim
light of the church framing her erotic form. She turned her lips into a
pout. "I'm just a bad girl."

The priests eyes were everywhere, from the bare skin of her thighs, across
her thin waste and up to her visible nipples, hardened with excitement. She
bounced her body slightly, causing her tits to jiggle before the priest's
eyes, and leaned in close. He breathed in the scent of her skin and perfume.

"Would you like to touch me, Father Randall?" she purred.

"How do you know my name?" He shrank back in fear as much as the booth would
allow, but Teejay moved even closer.

"I know a lot about you. Tell me, Father, when was the last time you had a
good cum? Your wife has been dead for twenty years, but how long before that
did she stop giving you any? When was the last time you masturbated, a sin?"
She hissed out the last.

He shivered and tried to look away, but his eyes were locked on her jiggling
breasts. "Wh-who are you?"

In a moment of wicked inspiration she leaned in so closed that her breasts
rubbed against his chest and whispered in his ear, "I am the Devil."

He groveled and took his rosary in hand, and to Teejay's amused delight
began to mumble Latin prayers. She tore the rosary out his hand and tossed
it away to clatter on the church floor. Looking him in the eye, she reached
up and began touching and squeezing her tits. Snatching his right hand in
her grasp, she brought it up until it cupped her whole tit. He held there
only a moment before tearing it away as if it had burned.

Teejay pouted at him again. "What's the matter, Father, don't you want to
touch me? You can use me, do anything you want to me." He looked away in
shame as she knelt before him. "You didn't answer any of my questions,
Father. When was the last time your dead wife fucked you? You had no kids,
so it couldn't have been much to begin with." His body shook with sobs, but
it only made her pussy tingle more. "Poor thing," she chided. "Even a holy
man has needs, desires, urges. lusts." His eyes locked on her with a sudden
resolve when she mentioned that deadly sin. She raised her eyebrows at the
challenge. "Did she every suck your cock." She looked with satisfaction as
the resolve drained away. "I bet you would have liked that, to feel soft,
wet lips around your needy manhood."

Her hands went to his belt, and he tried to jump back, be she skillfully
loosened it off. He grabbed her wrists and tried to pull her away when she
undid the button and started to work on the zipper, but it was a feeble
attempt, and Teejay was sure it was less than half hearted. Pulling his
zipper all the way down, she pulled his boxers out of the way and looked at
his shriveled cock laying limply against his body. His skin was dry and
stretched with age, but his cock still looked young and soft. The lack of
use, she mused playfully to herself.

Gingerly, she reached out and touched it. He nearly jumped to his feet, but
Teejay held him in place, glaring venom. He bowed his head and only trembled
as she wrapped her soft hand around it. She felt it twitch at his touch;
there was still some life left in the old boy. Gently, she stroked it back
and forth, and soon felt it begin to grow. Randall moaned, mostly in
sadness, but partly in lust. He had his eyes closed tightly, and was rocking
back and forth, muttering something under his breath. Tilting her head, she
could barely made out the same phrase being spoken over and over. "Lord
forgive me, Lord forgive me." She only smiled and brought her head down onto
his semi-hard cock. The prayers were replaced with a gasp, then a groan as
his cock grew to it's full 6 inches. Not huge, Teejay thought, but for where
she was going to put it, smaller had an advantage.

Her wet lips and worked over his throbbing hard-on. While one hand caressed
his balls, the other found his hand, and brought it back to her tit. He
tried to pull away, but she held firm, and soon he was pressing and moving
his finger on his own. He moaned and shook as she licked up and down his
shaft only to plunge herself onto him once again. She felt his balls
tighten, and slowly pulled away.

"Would you like to fuck me, Father," she asked, looking into his eyes as she
gently stroked his cock. "Would you like to use this body."

Tears welled in eyes as you fought a loosing battle. His fingers pressing
deeply into her breast, he finally nodded. A weak, "Yes" followed.

"Say it, Father," she whispered, her voice tense. They were on the verge of
no return. Everything rested here. "Tell me you want me."

"I want you," he croaked. "I want to fuck you."

She couldn't help herself as she giggled and bounced to her feet. Still
holding his cock, she helped him to his feet and led him out into the
church. He looked up into the face of his crucified savior and made the
symbol of the cross on his chest even as he let this devil woman lead up the
dais steps by his penis. She turned pushed his trousers and underwear to his
ankles, than hopped up onto the edge of the altar, making certain that her
shirt rode up around her waist. Cock still in hand, she dragged him closer.
Her heart pounded in her ears. She couldn't believe this, she was in a
church, on the altar, and the priest was about to fuck her on it. Her entire
body shivered with an orgasm born of pure, terrible lust.

Randall trembled as he stared downward. Her garter belt was fully exposed,
and where he had been expecting panties, there was only her perfectly shave,
perfectly shaped pussy. He licked his dry lips unconsciously as the tip of
his cock was rubbed against her sopping wet hole. She purred at the
sensation, then released his cock. The rest would be up to him. She leaned
back, her huge tits rolling to either side with their weight. The priest
looked up again into the face of Christ.

"Lord, forgive me," he murmured and pushed at her opening. She was tight,
but very wet, and his cock slid easily into her. Without warning, he seemed
to become a man possessed. Caught by surprise, she could only lay there,
legs spread and in the air, and he thrust deeply into her with a groan.

"Yessssss," escaped his lips. Randall would burn in Hell for this sin, so he
might as well make the most of it. He reached out and tore the thin material
away from her chest. Pulling her up, he dove his face into her tits, licking
and sucking first one nipple then the other, all the while humping at a
quick, awkward pace. She moaned as the sheer excitement of the situation
over took her.

"Oooooh, yesss," she screamed as a powerful orgasm overtook her. Her legs
wrapped around the priest's waist as he continued to thrust into her
spasming pussy.

"You like that, you little devil bitch?" he screamed at her, slapping her in
the face and roughly pawing her tits. "I'll teach you to try and corrupt a
man a cloth. Yesss, ahhhhh. Little devil whore. Satan child!"

As she came down off of her orgasm, her lips widened in a grin at his talk.
But she didn't think he would be able to last very long, and she had a
purpose her. "Yes, Father, fuck this devil whore. Punish her for trying to
turn you to Satan." She looked into his eyes with a gleam. "Fuck her up the
ass, Father. Fuck me up the ass. Hurt me."

"Yesss, devil child," he hissed. "I will hurt you." He ripped his cock out
of her and rolled her onto her chest, bending her over his precious altar
and kicking her legs apart. Not large, and well lubed with her cum, she was
still not fully prepared for as he spread her ass cheeks apart and rammed
his hard cock three-quarters into her ass.

"Ahhh," she screamed in pain as she tried to relax her ass enough to
accommodate his cock. She had had anal sex before, but always prepared,
always slow. The old man pulled back until just the head remained inside,
his cock traced with blood, and rammed forward again. This time he managed
to impale his entire cock in his ass. Teejay screamed again. Locking her
hands around the edge of the altar, she did everything she could to relax
her as muscles and enjoy good fucking. Soon enough, the pain mingled with
pleasure as the priest found a rhythm.

"Fuck," he swore for the first time in his life. "You fucking dirty spawn of
Satan. You dirty little devil whore. Fuck."

Teejay grunted with every thrust. "Yes, Father, fuck me. Fuck this devil
child. Teach me a lesson. Ahhhh, fuck me harder. Punish my ass. Yesssss."

"I'll punish you, whore. I'll fill your ass with my seed of God and send you
straight back to hell, you devil whore. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

As she predicted, the priest couldn't hold out long, and began cumming deep
in her ass. The first spurt of his hot cum deep in her bowels was enough to
send her over the edge for the third time. Her hands locked on the altar as
the orgasm seized her muscles. Weakened from his own orgasm, and slicked
with the added lubricant of semen, his cock was forced out of her ass by her
clenching muscles. He staggered backwards as watched her body tremble, her
own juices leaking down her thighs.

As she slowly came down and turned to look at him with a delicious grin, he
fell to his knees, his face buried in the cold marble floor.

Teejay slowly collected herself. Her ass ached, but she managed to stand
upright and head for the door. As she past by Father Randall, she whispered,
"Just remember, Father, we are all God's creatures." She giggled and walked
down the isle, the clicking of her heels mingling with his sobs.

Out in the car, Steven used his laptop to switch off the hidden cameras he
had hidden throughout the church, then closed the case. He turned to watch
Teejay make her way gingerly down the steps, cum leaking from her ass.

"Start the car. We're heading home. I have found my next First Girl."

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