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victoria day
07-07-2007, 03:33 PM
I know Ray did a great job fictionalizing teh e-mail i sent him. He portrayed a very interesting party where I played DOM then sub.. But here's what really happened.

Fran and I were the only subs there! Eve was not the only Dominatrix though.. there were seven men and four women wearing clothes and through the entire weekend just me and Franny buck naked. I had hesitated at the door .. but then thought, 'what the hell?' and stripped and tossed my clothes on the porch ( it was unlit and at the back of the house in the suburbs in west end Gatineau... very posh with big lawns and more privacy.

I got there with Dwayne before Eve and Fran had arrived. So I walked into the house totally naked to a room full of clothed ( and smiling ) men and women holding drinks in the candle lit rooms, chatting quietly and for all I can tell it's a cocktail party in Scarberia. Then I notice the hooks and pulleys in the walls and ceiling. Also there's an assortment of tools of discipline leaning against the walls. But the shocker was the furniture.. on close inspection it wasn't chairs, sofa, table etc; it was Stocks, Saw Horse and coffee table with leg clamps.

I got a drink and was told to down it and when I did, it was refilled. Two stiff drinks in and I was gently pushed to my knees and, surrounded by three men who began to undo their zippers, I figured it was glory hole time.... it was, but not for blow jobs.. each of these guys had me as their personal urinal... right there in the living room in front of everyone.. and there was no question about it.. I had to drink their piss .. when the third finished, Dwayne leaned over me and whispered that the drug that was in my drink works best when mixed with a warm liquid. So I had to get my belly full of hot piss before the fun could start. He laughed.

I thought ' OMG, date rape drug??" but no, just a mild hallucinogenic that heightens senses but leaves one very, very co-operative, submissive, open to suggestion and compliant. But few side effects ( thank god ) and not addictive.. at least not physically addictive.

See, I was being set up for more than a sex party. Eve and her half brother were looking for a girl to have fun with ..not just submitting to sex.. that too, of course, but more .. I was to be introduced to the Society of B.O.N.D.S ( Bondage, Obedience, Nudity, Discipline, Sex ) to which half the people at the party belonged.

The drug was working fast and by the time Eve and a naked Fran made their entrance, I had spent fifteen minutes over the edge of the saw horse and had tasted the lash of five different whips, some store-bought and very expensive looking, others hand-fashioned from things around the house ( like the plastic hanger threads from a plant hanger.. they whoop-whoop swish... stung my buns like hornets' stings. ) I was fucked just once while bound to the saw horse in this first test of my obedience.

I was allowed to wear only bondage gear such as wrist ankle and neck collars so I could be attached to pulleys and clamps and tied tight. Throughout the night I was sexually abused only a few times.. touched and stimulated often, sometimes lightly and sometimes to the point of pain.. NEVER enough to harm me.. in fact, my night strung from a tree by Fran and Charles was more painful. But this weekend was not about pain.... it was about commitment...

I should tell you now, no more dares and this is my last report to you..sorry. But I thought you deserved at least this. I joined the Society ( novice class) and will serve my trial time at Dwayne's store in the glory hole. At first I thought I had to give up my job at Mall-Warts... but Dwayne ( unlike some Masters ) doesn't want my whole being, my whole life.. to the contrary, he wants my service to be an adjunct, an add-on, to a normal like.. a secret and co-incidental part of my everyday life.. complete with my continuing to live at home with my parents.

I know.. Weird, eh? But he wants me to drop by, casual like, once or twice a week and just spend a few hours in his office strapped naked to his desk or in his store toilet with my mouth inches from the glory hole. He said if he wanted a girl to be nothing but a fuck-toy, he could get any whore, there's lots of them.. they're a dime a dozen. What he wants is a girl who will have a normal life but always one corner of it will be secret and very nasty. That corner is his and it is extremely raunchy and humiliating.

Shall I tell you how humiliating?.. will you think ill of me, I wonder? Here goes. At one point on Saturday, Dwayne let me get dressed so he could take me out for a coffee. But first he took me to the bathroom where he had shat in the toilet and had yet to flush.. I am having a hard time breathing just remembering this; he had me scoop a small black turd out of the bowl and .... place it on my tongue, then close my mouth and then we left, got in his car and drove for 10 minutes until we got to a crowded restaurant where I had to sip hot, black coffee through pursed lips and swallow... The heat and liquid of the coffee slowly melted the turd filling my mouth. I was slowly drinking shit soup.. in public.. and had to smile while drinking the whole cup down.

That was the low point of a weekend of sweat and submission. I told you I was not raped so much as constantly sexually abused, but in a non-painful way.. stimulated to the point of near cumming.. but seldom allowed that pleasure-filled release. I was tied to objects and touched, spanked, clipped, vibrated (!) and pinched.. my nipples were sucked on, my clitoris rubbed and smacked, my buttocks cheeks were red most times and parted often.

I was fucked everyway a woman can be, but it was the positions and instruments that made it exciting, like strapped to that coffee table and being sodomized by a vibrating dildo one minute, fucked up the pussy by a woman with a strap-on, then by her ( bf/ husband's ?) cock the next.. and smells!!!! outside the bathroom I was delighted with the sweaty balls and creamy cunts I was made to embrace.. maybe it was the drug... in the bathroom, I was golden showered six times by several men.

Fran, on the other hand, was mostly the toy of the women there.. she was fucked a few times by the guys,.... but mostly she served to give pleasure to Mistresses. Her joy,though, was in being bound and suspended on the wall so her toes barely touched the ground. She endured hard strokes between her legs with fingers and sex toys, but they barely matched the effect of her whippings. She came so much while bound and whipped!

But I am back this morning.. he let me off at 7;00 am and I have showered, eaten and been writing this ever since.

It was on Saturday that I pledged myself to the Society. Dwayne holds my pledge and I'm his to do as he pleases for a year and a day, when my final initiation begins ( a three week ordeal ) .. But Dwayne, like I said, just wants a little of my time and doing nothing more than I have done for him and his customers already. BUT.. if he wants, I have to submit to bathroom play.. water sports and scat.

Fran was already in the life last year. She has her BONDS final trial soon and Eve is her sponsor. I had thoguht they were lovers but this is a very different relationship. It's commitment, but to a way life, not a person. Once I become a BONDSwoman, I will be free to play the DOM or the sub and have many young woman to dominate ( men are not allowed to submit and must be and remain DOMs. )

There you have it.

07-07-2007, 09:37 PM
Thanks for sharing that :)