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Summer of ’69, I’m thirteen, damn near fourteen, and had discovered the joy of jacking-off a while back, even practiced it as much possible. My mother being a good Christian wasn’t about to allow something like that going on or anything else, which might threaten my immortal soul. But, in a way that’s what gave me my first adventure.

She had befriended this crazy-assed family, and wanted us being nice to them. Two youngest, twins, a girl and boy, had to be tied up every night, because they ran around cutting everything up and starting fires. All they ever wanted to do was kill things. So, I tell my mother, “Know you think I’m crazy, but they’re fucking nuts, certifiable.”

Well, I guess she was trying to get the devil out of them or some such, and I was to be nice to these loony toons. She thought the devil was trying to get me through my rock n’ roll, and would burn my albums every time she found them, no doubt that’s why she liked the crazy-assed twins. Every week I’d cut out of church and go steal more rock n’ roll, so this was a never-ending cycle.

Even went to church school til the sixth grade, when they booted me out permanently, telling the folks I needed to be in reform school or the army. Well, public school was heaven, got to listen to rock n’ roll, cut school constantly, party and fight. No one gave a shit, or was on my ass constantly. I think Flip Wilson must have had the same upbringing because his famous catchphrase was ‘the devil made me do it,’ and that’s what my mother always wailed at me.

Her first attempt to rid me of the devil was to beat my ass on a daily basis, but at twelve I was too damn big, took the belt away, had her by the neck, and told her, “Touch me again I’ll kill you.” That’s how I got my crazy label, but she never hit me again.

At thirteen her second attempt was to bring the minister home to pray for us all. I’ve still got a buzz on when I go through the front room, and the minister kneels saying, “Come on son, lets pray.”

Look around, and see I’m the only other dude in the room, and reply, “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me?” I have five sisters, the four younger ones are having to sit through this shit, and they’re all giggling, pissing our mother off even more.

Minister gets up, and heads my way. “Mike, we’re praying for your immortal soul.”

“Yeah, well you go ahead and pray away, but take another step towards me I’m going to knock you on your fucking mortal ass.”

Needless to say the prayer meeting broke up rather abruptly, and the minister left as pissed off as my mother.

So now she’s trying to save another hopeless case, this family. It’s the end of August, hotter than hell, and she tells me, “I want you to walk Stacy home.” My first reaction is, ‘fuck that, it’s hot,’ but Stacy is the sixteen year-old sister of the crazy twins, and at the time I thought the only normal one. “Come on, you won’t do anything I want, so this once. You know they saw a mountain lion pass right through the property last month.”

I’m thinking, ‘What the hell am I going to do against a fucking mountain lion, this crazy bitch is trying to kill me.’ I peek around her, and see Stacy is wearing a little pink halter top and cut-offs so short bottom third of the pockets are showing. Dark hair and eyes, she’s a little chubby, but cute, with pretty good-sized titties. “Sure, I’ll walk her home.” Thought about negotiating for an album or two, but instead added, “Happy to make you happy, mom.”

She just rolled her eyes at my sarcasm, and waved me out.

They live about a mile away, but if we go back through our field, cut through two more it’s maybe a quarter mile. We get outside, and Stacy asks, “Got any beer, or pot?”

“No pot.” I didn’t smoke much pot, but usually kept some to sprinkle around for my mother to find, (yeah, I have a bit of the devil in me) and for my friends, see I dealt a little. I gave her a wink. “But have a couple of beers stashed in the garage refrigerator, bottle of Boone’s Farm too, Strawberry Hill.”

We go in the garage and she asked, “How about a blanket?”

Hell, she knew I slept in the garage, my damn bed was out here. After the run-in with the minister I came home from the nearby swimming pond and found my mom had thrown everything of mine out back, including my bed. Conveniently, she forgot to throw out the TV, I bought and fixed, it went into my older sister’s room, and I had more burnt records.

Too young to toss me out on the street, the cops convinced her if she sent my ass to Juvie without committing any serious crime I was just going to be worse, and it wasn’t like I’d stay long. So, I figure she’d cool off in a week or two. After waking up with damn chickens in my bed for a week straight I moved my bed into the garage. Didn’t have a door or floor, but what the hell, it was my first apartment, and I could listen to my rock n’ roll in near peace.

Anyway, don’t know why she needed a blanket, it’s the hottest part of the day. But I grab a fresh pack of smokes, snag a sleeping bag, the beers, wine, and my transistor radio, then we high-tail it to the back of the property. There’s a windbreak of Eucalyptus trees and a piss-ant stream from the pasture’s run-off, and I spread out the sleeping bag. Listening to rock n’ roll we smoke a cigarette and drink our beers, then Stacy giggles. “Mikey, you jack-off?”


“You want me to do it for you?”

“Hell, yeah.”

I don’t think she’s going to do it, but stand, drop my cut-offs, and I don’t have any underwear on to worry about, to damn hot. She kneels in front of me, and starts jacking me off. “Um-m,” she’s slowly stroking my hard dick, and I’m thinking this is so cool, “nice and thick, Mikey.”

“Ah,” I look down, and she’s eyeball level with my dick, “yeah, I guess.” I’m thinking way she keeps licking her lips she’s going to stick it in her mouth, and I’m going to explode.

Instead she stops, and I groan. “Gonna finish,” Stacy takes off her halter top, “just want you squirting on my titties. You don’t mind, do you?”

I’m like, ‘fuck me, what a stupid fucking question,’ but say, “No.” Just staring at those boobies I swallow hard. “Ah, Stacy, you got nice titties.”

“Really?” She sticks them out a little farther. “Then why aren’t you playing with them?”

Don’t need to be told twice, I’m playing with both her titties, and while stroking my dick she tells me how she likes them played with. I’m good with building models and know to follow instructions, so I’m doing everything she’s telling me, wondering how long can this last. Well, about that time I start squirting, and it’s the best cum I’ve ever had. First one I nail her in the chin, then the rest I get on her titties, and she’s moaning, still stroking me.

Next thing Stacy does is wipe the cum off her chin and stick her finger in her mouth, and I damn near explode again. She smears the cum into her titties and grins. “My turn, you can take off my pants, if you want?”

Oh hell yeah, I’m nodding away, like a bobble head doggy in the back car window. “Sure.”

Stacy stands, I kneel, and with trembling hands I unbutton her cut-offs. I get them to her knees, and she’s not wearing panties, so I stare at her thick bush. She runs her hand through my hair. “Mikey, I’m waiting.”

I get her pants off, and she moves her legs so I can run a hand up her thigh, then a finger in her hot, wet pussy. Made out and felt up a few girls, but never fingered them. It’s unbelievable, and I carefully send my finger up as far as I can. Stacy puts both of her hands on my head. “Mikey, I like tongues more than fingers.”

She pulls me into her pussy, and I’m thinking, ‘hell, I’d like tongue more than fingers too, but I didn’t get no damn choice.’ Instead of saying anything I just stick my tongue out, and let her direct me to where she wants me. Man, I loved pussy from the get go, and thought, ‘fuck building models I found me a new hobby.’

Stacy’s giving me instructions, and I’m following everything to the letter. “Hold up.” That one I was ignoring. “Mikey, hold up, you’re getting me close, let me lay down.” That one I obeyed, just long enough for her to lay down and spread her legs.

I’m back lapping away at her juices, and she’s humping my face, telling me, ‘I’m close, clit Mikey, stay on my clit. Argh, yes, suck it, hard.”

Again I’m all over it like a junkyard dog on an old bone. Her pussy gets hotter and way wetter, getting me so hard I think I’m going to explode. Squealing she locks my head between her thighs, and fucks the hell out of my face. Thought I might drown, but didn’t care. She released me from the headlock, and panted, “That was good Mikey, did you like it?”

Another stupid question. “Oh hell, yeah.” Was time for my stupid question. “You want more?”

“Um-m, a pussy fiend, no wonder your mamma calls you a devil.” She gets up on all fours. “Okay, but this time you’re gonna do my butt too.”

Okay, I didn’t recall that was part of the bargain. On the other hand, I was going to get some more pussy, so I was back to looking like the bobble head doggy. Get behind Stacy, and her crack is soaked all the way up to her back. I stick my nose in her butt, and start lapping away at her pussy.

“No Mikey, higher, and finger me.” She puts her head on the ground, making her butt raise, and with both hands spreads her cheeks. “One, then two, Mikey.”

Lick her butt while slipping a finger in her pussy. I put the second one in, and Stacy groans, “Good Mikey, but stick your tongue in me.”

Not sure about that either, but she hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so I stuck my tongue in her ass. She starts wiggling her butt, squealing, and working over her clit herself. Stacy’s humping back into me trying to get my tongue deeper in her butt, and with my free hand I spread her other butt cheek, burying my tongue in her. It ain’t pussy, but not bad, and she’s enjoying the hell out of it.

Twitching Stacy starts cumming, and it’s so hot I squirt on her calf. She giggles, and panted, “You like that don’t you, pervert?”

I pull up to reply, and she rolls over on her back. Grinning I nod. “Hell yeah I liked it, but not as much as you, so that makes you the pervert.”

“No Mikey,” Stacy giggles, “it was your tongue up my ass, and your cum on my leg, you’re definitely the pervert.”

Could live with that, and shrug. “So, I’m a pervert.”

“Um-m,” she takes a peek, then spreads her legs, “you’re still hard, want to fuck me?”

Shit, another stupid question. I’m on her in a flash, and soon as I slip my dick in that hot, wet pussy I’m like a fucking rabbit. “Slow down, Mikey.” Stacy pulled me down to her, and kissed me. “Yeah, just stay in me and make-out.” This was cool, and her pussy muscles were squeezing my dick. “Now, nice and slow, until I’m getting close, then I like hammered.”

“Okay, when do I pull out?”

“No need. Move up just a bit, so your fat dick is rubbing more of me.” She re-positions me. “Good, I’m on the pill. Mamma took me down when she caught daddy fucking me years ago.”

Okay, that stalled me, and Stacy giggled. “He’s my step-father, but the only dad I knew. Mamma told him to stop, but put me on the pill, cause she passes out damn near every night. He never quit and after catching him for like the tenth time she turned him in, that’s why he’s in prison.” She humped into me. “Come on Mikey, fuck me.”

Putting that thought to the back of my mind I get back to the job at hand, and give her the pace she wants, cumming when she does. Now that was the coolest, soaked with sweat, panting, kissing, with both of us cumming.

I roll off of her, and she snuggles up on my chest, stroking my semi-soft dick, while we share a cigarette. “You were damn good for your first time.”

“Um-m,” I take a slug of the warm wine, and pass her the bottle, “just following your directions.”

“Hm-m,” she took a drink, then a drag, “maybe that’s why I liked it.” Stacy nibbled on my lip. “You going to always do what I tell you, pervert?”

Not certain what I was getting into I replied, “Sure.”

“Good.” She takes a long drink, then dribbles some into my mouth. Her mouthful of wine runs in my mouth as she kisses me, and her tongue followed. We break, and she grins. “Eat my pussy, and I’ll get you hard, then you can fuck me in the ass.”

Hell, I’m hard now, and she doesn’t wait for an answer, just crawls up on me. She wiggles her pussy on my face as she takes my dick in her mouth. Now, I’m definitely in heaven, and I try to give her as much tongue action as she’s giving me.

Stacy has an orgasm, then crawls off of me. “Alright Mikey, do me while I’m on all fours. Slip your dick in my pussy for a bit before putting it in my ass.”

I get behind her, get her by the hips, and slide my dick in her pussy. She backs into me, and wiggles her butt. “Okay Mikey, ass fuck me.”

Her butt is so tight, I have to take a hand off her hip to help me get my dick in her. She grunts as the head slips past her ass ring, then starts pushing back into me. I get fully in her ass, it’s tighter and hotter than her pussy. I grab hold of her hips and start fucking her butt. Oh this was a great position, especially when Stacy looked over her shoulder at me, panting, “Fuck me hard, Mikey.”

Gave it my best, but I wasn’t going to last long, but didn’t need to because Stacy started cumming, and her ass clinched my dick, sending me off. We were laying down panting when she kissed me. “Want me to sneak over later and spend the night with you?”

Christ, that had to be the stupidest question of them all. “Hell yes.” I kissed her. “I’ll ride down and swipe some booze, what do you want?”

“Ah, hard liquor?”

“Naw.” I fired up two cigarettes, passing her one. “Park in the vacant lot, go in through the back fence, and sneak into the cooler, so it’s just beer and wine. Be a bit riskier, but they have a liquor department, but I can’t guarantee what I can swipe.”

Stacy giggled. “Beer and wine is cool.”

“You want me to get some pot?”

“Can you?”

“Sure, it’s just another stop.” I shrugged. “Probably only get a lid, but it’s good shit.”

“Um-m,” she nibbled my ear, “I love fucking stoned.”

“Great.” I cupped her titty. “Tight fit on my dirt bike, but you want to ride down with me. On the way back I’ll get you stoned and eat your pussy in the pond.” I chuckled. “That’s if we don’t get busted, I hear they’re catching on to where the beer has been disappearing.”

“Shit, I don’t want to get busted.” Stacy snorted. “Sucks at home, but not that bad.”

“Hell, unless they’re riding dirt bikes, long as we make it to mine they’ll never catch us.” I gave her nipple a little bite. “Will do your bottom too.”

“Fine, lets go.”

* * *

That little cutie loved to fuck, and really got off swiping beer, along with my other criminal activities. Getting thrown out of the house really worked out for me, Stacy would sneak over nearly every night, and we fucked like rabbits.

Think my mom caught on, because one day she told me, “Michael William, you’re going to hell for sure if you don’t stop what you’re doing.”

Never asked her what I was supposed to stop, I was doing so much I could go to hell for I figured there wasn’t much chance I could stop all of them. So, if that was the case, logically, why should I stop any of them.

Like I said Stacy loved to fuck, and about five months later she was partying at the lake, got gang-banged for a weekend by a bunch of bikers, and rode off with them the next weekend. Don’t know what happened to those crazy-assed twins, but they burnt the house down a few months after Stacy left. After all these years I still haven’t lost my fondness for pussy, or swiping beer.

The End (for now)

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