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There is always one in the neighborhood, too good for everyone else, and usually they live in the biggest house, and husband makes an insane amount of money. But, they always do the same thing as the rest of us, have the same problems as the little people. Barbara Ann was such a woman, and had I known before buying this big-ass house I’d never done it.

My husband, a self-made millionaire at the age of twenty-five, and I were going to be sitting comfortably for life. Barb came from old money, like colonial American old, and she never let anyone forget it. She turned my dream house, into a near nightmare, complaining about every petty thing under the sun.

Had been living next to this snotty bitch for over a year, and I heard a rumor Jim got caught cheating, and he was trying to take fifteen million dollars of her money with him, and she was pissed. When she was out front I went outside, “Hi Barbara Ann, nice day.”

“Um-m, for commoners I suppose.”

“Heard about Jim, what a shame.”

“No shame there, his family squandered their money, and I married the name. After I’m through with him that’s all he’s getting.”

“Really?” I scratched my head. “He doesn’t care about you and the pool boy?”

She walked over to the property line. “What do you want?” I shrugged, and she hissed, “We’ve been separated for five weeks it doesn’t matter.” She was forty, or so, five-eight, thin, and should be, having all those personal trainers coming to her house. “Nice try.”

“Ah, I have pictures from my cell phone of you swallowing the pool boy’s cock first week I moved in.” I grinned, and shrugged. “Bet he doesn’t know about the personal trainer or that stud cousin of your gardener, does he?”

She was steaming mad, but did nothing more than tap her toe. “How much money do you want from me?”

“We have money, I want a little respect around here, a nice word or two. You have to learn it isn’t all about money.”

“Fine, it is a lovely day, Jenny, right?” I nodded, and she sighed. “I shall add you to my list of invitees. Is that going to be all?”

“No,” I shook my head, “you’re missing the whole point. Be at my house in an hour.”

“The pool man is coming, I hav–”

“No, if he’s cumming he’ll be jacking off, because you’re going to be at my house.”

“Well, I never.” She turned and left.

“You’re at my house in an hour, or five minutes later Jim is going to become another of your very rich exes.”

Going back in my house I was trembling, and could not believe what I just did, or worse yet what I was going to do if she came over. I wasn’t going to send the pictures to anyone if she called my bluff, and was thinking what I could do to knock her down a peg or two.

There was a knock at the door, and I was surprised to see Barbara. Thought she was early, but it was exactly an hour, I guess time got away from me, and still I had no idea what I was going to do. “Hi Barb, come in, nice to see you.”

She came in, and handed me a paper in passing. “There is a list of things I shall do to elevate your community standing, but–”

“Barb, you do not get how this works, you do not dictate to me, what you’re going to do for me. I am going to tell you what to do and you will do it willing, or… Well, you know, lose a lot of your money.”

She stood there fuming, but did not object. I tapped my lower lip, then smiled. “First off, you look uppity in those designer clothes, take them off.”


“You heard me, take them off, or go back home.”

Barb started unbuttoning her blouse. “What am I to wear?”

“Nothing, in my house nothing.” I chuckled. “Come on, you have a great body and love showing it off, or wouldn’t be fucking all those men out on the back patio. I bet I’d have a hard time finding anyone in the neighborhood who hasn’t seen your pussy. That’s it, put them on the chair, undies too.”

Once naked I took her by the hand. “That’s better, lets go sit down, and chat.” I led her to the couch and sat, then she sat in the chair, trying her best to cover herself. “Oh no sweetie,” I patted the cushion, “right over here by me, and up on your hands and knees. You’re not the first I’ve trained, just do as instructed, it will be far easier on both of us.” She did as told, and I chuckled. “Facing away from me.”

With a sigh she did as told, and her ass was nearly in my face. “Well, someone has a drooling problem, spread your legs out farther.” She did as told, and I ran a hand up her wet slit, getting her to moan. I ran a finger in her, than another and another. “Jesus Barb, you got a big old hairy cunt here, couldn’t you get your doctor to tighten you up some.” I had four fingers in her, and making sloppy noises, drowned out by Barb’s constant moaning. “Probably wouldn’t have to pay so much for your men.”

Was thinking about fisting her, but she had an orgasm. Panting, her head was on the cushion, butt in the air, as I pet her pussy. “Well, good to see you do have feelings, and you look almost human when you cum.” I patted the cushion between my legs. “Come on, lets have you on your knees.” She got between my legs. “Good girl, lift up my dress. There you go, take off my panties. Um-m, I like you doing it slow.” As soon as my panties were off I spread my legs. “This is a pussy, go ahead, feel it. Yes, very good, do you want to taste it?”

“Yes,” she croaked.

“Good, eat my pussy.” Although quite inexperienced she managed to bumble along and get me off, then licked up my cream. “You’re a fine little pussy-licker, and deserve a treat.” I stood, and held out my hand. “I know, lets go see if we can find something to fill up that sloppy cunt of yours, would you like that?”

“Yes,” she hung her head, “I want something in my big cunt.”

Led her to the spare bedroom. “Get on the bed, and show off your cunt.” She jumped on the bed, and spread her legs wide while I started getting undressed. Looking back I found she was fucking herself with four fingers. “Hey, stay out of your cunt. Only warning you’re going to get. Now, clean your hand off.”

Barb was licking her fingers, while I finished putting on my strap-on harness. Made sure it was adjusted properly, then went over to my dildo drawer, picking Mr. More, for this job. A foot of useable cock with a head three inches across, after I used this on my girls they always cried out for more.

Locked him in place and turned around. Barb’s mouth dropped open. “No way, I can’t take that monster. I know I’ve a cunt, but don’t care what you say it’s not that big.”

“Oh, you’re going to take it, all of it.” Holding the middle of it I walked towards her. “Give me any grief and you’ll be taking it up the ass too.” I patted the edge of the bed. “Get your cunt over here, and tell me what you want?”

She scooted over, then took a deep breath. “I want my cunt pounded with your big cock.”

“Good girl,” I stroked her hair, “now get a mouthful before I take care of your sloppy cunt.” Barb tried, but she couldn’t get much more than the head in her mouth. I let her slobber a bit on it, then scolded, “Never mind, stick with pussy, you’re useless on cock, no wonder you pay for it. Lay back, you better be a decent fuck, or I’m going to beat your ass.”

Her pussy was soaked, obviously loving being put down, and I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit, getting her moaning. The head slid in with ease, and I got another two inches in her before she grunted. I gave her a couple pumps before going deeper, and her breathing was getting ragged.

Barb was rocking back and forth, then thrusting into me, getting her big titties to jiggle slightly. They were fake, but someone did a good job, except she had little nipples. Keeping still I rubbed her titties, and she groaned. “Well, looks like that big cunt comes with a big clit.” Have no idea how I missed it earlier, had to be an inch across and half again as long, looking like a little penis. Rolling it between my forefinger and thumb she squealed. “Um-m, sensitive, you’re going to love your new piercings.”

She gasped, “Piercings?”

“Yes, while we’re down getting Jenny tattooed on your ass we should not waste the trip, I’m thinking definitely nipple rings, at least a hood, more than likely a clit too, belly button ring, and this cunt needs plenty of labia rings. But, don’t worry nothing exposed, no one’s going to know you’re my cunt.” I rubbed her clit. “What do you want?”

“My cunt fucked, um-m, your monster cock feels good.” She came when I put Mr. More fully in her, and grinned with my latex balls against her ass cheeks. “I took it all.”

“Oh,” I grabbed her titties, “it’s just starting.” Using them as anchors I started thrusting into her, getting her crying out in pain. The cries lessened, then turned to grunts and moans. Began with four inch strokes, then kept increasing them to ten inch, and Barb was screaming from ecstasy, squirting constantly.

After twenty minutes I thought Barb was going to hyperventilate and pulled out of her messy pussy. She lay there panting, sweat covering her body, her cum running down the side of the bed and puddling up on the floor. I went over and took Mr. More off, then laid on the far side of the bed. “How’s my messy cunt doing?”

“Great, when am I getting my tattoo?”

“Don’t worry about it.” I spread my legs. “Crawl over and thank your Mistress properly.”

“Yes Mistress.” She rolled over on her belly, and wormed her way to me.

She started lapping away, and doing a far better job this time, getting me off nicely. I stroked her hair, “Good cunt, I’m going to get you a present,” grabbing a handful of hair I pulled her head up, “a chastity belt because we both know you’ll fuck anything.”

“I’ll be good Mistress.”

I pulled her up and kissed her. “I know you will, because you’ll be wearing my chastity belt. Not to worry it won’t show under your designer clothes, but if I catch you sucking cock you’ll be wearing a head harness.”

“Didn’t have that much sex.”

“Maybe,” I gave her hair a tug, “but you’re not to have any, unless you check with me first, got that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now do my ass.”

“Love to, Mistress, but I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Fine, come on.” I led her in by the hair, and sat her on the toilet. “Lets go, don’t have all night, I want you doing my ass.”

Must have had to go bad, because she didn’t complain at all, just started peeing. She wiped, then said, “Thank you Mistress, I am ready to eat your ass.”

“Yes,” Barb was still sitting on the toilet, “but now I have to pee.” She started to get up, but I still had a handful of her hair. “Stay, spread your legs.” I sat on her lap, facing her. “Like my titties sucked while I’m pissing.”

Barb took a nipple in her mouth, and I started peeing on her crotch, getting her to groan. It was a good long one, and the heat had Barb panting. “Well cunt, clean me up.” Barb got some toilet paper, and I wagged a finger. “No, paper chaffs me, lick me.”

Had not even flush the toilet, but Barb was on her knees lapping away at my wet pussy. She did a great job, and I helped her up and kissed her. “You’ve been exceptional slave, and you get a little bonus, what do you want your name to be?”

“Well,” Barb sighed, “for now I like Cunt, not fond of big and hairy put in front, but I wish I had a pussy.”

“Um-m, must say your progress is remarkable, and your sex so sensitive.” I scratched the side of my head, “I’m thinking I could see big pussy if you would like.”

“All right, for now.” She grinned. “When can I be fucked again?”

“I’m going to warn you this relationship is based on faith, you could cheat if you wish, but there are penalties. You’ll wear your chastity belt, and it’s near a hundred percent pick proof. If you give me trouble you will be wearing thigh restraints, maybe even wrist restrains, and I won’t be fucking you. But, if you’re good, I’ll give your pussy plenty of attention.”

“I understand Mistress, but I’ll be good, may I do your bottom now?”

“Yes, lets get your big pussy in there, and take care of me, I’m thinking off finishing you off this eve with an eight-incher.”

“Yes Mistress, if you think it’s best.”

She did a great job on my ass, really got into it, and gave me two orgasms. I got up and put my eight-incher on, turning to find Barb laying spread eagle on the bed. “Ah, this is Mr. Nasty, I’ve already taken care of your cunt, he’s for your ass.”

She didn’t say a word, just got on all fours and put her head on the bed. I got behind her, ran Mr. Nasty in her wet cunt a handful of times, then fucked her in the ass. She loved it, especially when I got a handful of her hair. I gave her three hard orgasms, then I pulled out and slapped her ass. “Lets get cleaned up for your fitting, better piss and shit now.”

Leading her by the hair I took her in and put her on the toilet, then got the shower ready. Having not done anything I grabbed a nipple and twisted. “I told you to piss, now piss!” She yelped, but the pee flowed freely. When done I twisted it again, and did not let go. “Now empty that fresh fucked shitter.”

Crying she grunted and groaned, farting up a storm before dropping a turd. “Good slave, I just knew you shit and pissed like the rest of us, farting too. Come on, let’s get in the shower.”

Barb washed me off, then while on her knees sucked on my clit without being told. I stroked her wet hair. “What an attentive slave, you like pussy?”

“God yes,” Barb wheezed, “I love pussy.”

We got out, and she was drying me off, but went right back on my pussy. I let her give me an orgasm, then grabbing her hair I had her stay on all fours and led her to the bedroom closet. “Your attentiveness has earned you a night with the boys, not just your chastity belt. You’re going to get full front and back shields, along with wrist and thigh cuffs. I don’t want you playing with your big pussy.”

“I won’t, Mistress.”

Not sure Barb meant it, but I knew she wasn’t going to be fucking anyone, not without me knowing. Since she wasn’t going to be moving around a lot I put a seven-inch super-slim dildo in the back shield, and a super-chubby five in the front shield. “Rarely do this, but I want you to lie down, that’s easily the biggest clit I’ve ever seen, and I want to suck it. Better lay down where you were before, because I plan on making your big pussy a mess.”

Giggling she laid down, and held her legs up for me. I ate her pussy, and fingered her to three orgasms, the last pair squirting. Stood her up and she liked me putting the dildos in, then I adjusted the waistband and shields before clicking the locks. “Um-m,” Barb wiggled around a bit, “this is not bad.”

“Yes,” I smacked her butt, “and just the start.” I put her thigh cuffs on, chaining them together, and to her chastity belt, then finally her wrist cuffs, locking them to her waist. Tried to run my finger under the shields, then patted her butt. “You’re not playing with your big pussy tonight, lets go eat a little something before we go to bed.”

She tried to take a step, and fell face first on the bed. Chuckling I helped her up. “Guess I don’t need to tell you, you need to take smaller steps.”

“Yes Mistress.”

We made it into the kitchen and I uncuffed her right hand so she could have a salad and little wine. She fidgeted around. “Mistress, how long must I wear this?”

“Wrist cuffs will come off when you go home,” I kissed her, “and unless I’m fucking you the rest are a permanent accessory.”

“What about my clothes?”

“They’ll be just fine,” I smiled, “skirts might need to be a tad longer, and I wouldn’t be flashing people any more.”

“No way can I get my panties on.”

“True,” I shrugged, “and you will not be wearing them any longer.”

“How am I going to pee, or poop? I’m not going to be able to keep coming over here.”

“Sure you are,” I tweaked a nipple, “because you’re going to want fucked. Piss is no trouble, just use the bidet after. As for shitting, bottom half is hinged, it adjusts so there’s enough clearance, but not enough to get anything in your ass. Course, use the bidet afterwards as well.”

“What about my period?”

“You’ll come over here, and I’ll put a tampon in you.” I shrugged. “If you’re still worried I can put a panty-liner on the shield.”

“Don’t think I can do this.”

“Oh you’ll do it alr–”

“Because of your blackmail?”

“No.” Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head back, then kissed her hard and sucked each of her nipples, getting her to pant. “You’re going to do it, because I gave you the best fuck you’ve ever had, and you want more.”

“Yes Mistress,” Barb hung her head, “I’ll do it.”

“Don’t worry baby,” I kissed her tenderly, “all my slaves love them. Now time for bed, I want my feet worshipped before I’m ate.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She waddled back into the bedroom, and stood beside the bed. I pointed. “You sleep at the foot, worm your way there.”

I got on to the bed, and she scooted over to start licking and sucking my feet. Doug came in, and said, “Mistress, you have a new slave.”

Barb jumped a foot, and buried her head in the comforter. “Yes, believe you know Barbara Ann, Doug my husband.” His eyes got big as saucers. “Watch where you’re walking, she made a pretty good mess on the other side of the bed.”

“Oh,” he chuckled, “I bet. She looks like she’s been very attentive. Like it Barb?”

“Yes,” Barbara sighed, “she’s quite good to me.”

“Yes, she’s quite attentive,” I smacked Barb on the head, “now address me proper.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Doug,” I smiled, “you want to fuck her?”

“Tempting, but it’s been a long day, and I have an early meeting in the morning. Besides, it looks like you have her ready for bed, Mistress.”

“Um-m, I do. Maybe tomorrow if you get home early enough, now get out of your clothes.” I patted my thigh. “Barb, prep me so I can fuck Doug.”

She was nearly there, and started lapping at my pussy, while Doug undressed. He came over beside the bed, and she stopped eating my pussy when she saw his chastity belt. I unlocked it, then unlocked her wrist cuffs. “Prep him for me, his ass too.”

I flipped the remote on the dildos, and she yelped, then cooed. Barb was sucking cock, and licking asshole, while I went to the closet to get Mr. Wild Ride, a dildo, eight inches long made up of four, inch and a half glass globes. “Well, looks like Doug likes your cock sucking,” I chuckled, “hope he likes your ass-fucking as well.”

Screwing the dildo on her front shield she caught on quick. I laid down and Doug entered me, then Barb entered him. Not sure if it was her vibrating dildos, or she just liked it, but Barb was squealing with delight as she fucked Doug. She must have cum four times before Doug did, then I shut off her toys.

Panting Barb pulled out of Doug, and I patted my thigh. “Doug, clean up your mess. Barb, clean up Doug.”

I got two ‘Yes Mistresses,’ as the pair went to work. Put Doug’s chastity belt on, then told him to go take a shower. As soon as he was out of the room, Barb whimpered. I wanted to know, “What is wrong, slave?”

“Just never felt so good, Mistress.”

“Come up here, sweetie.” She came up, and laid on my shoulder, I took the dildo off, then kissed her. “Normally, when in training you’d be sleeping at my feet, but you’ve done so well you can sleep up here.”

“Thank you Mistress.” She kissed me. “I’ve never felt so close to anyone as you.”

The End (For Now)

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