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Here is a story in connection with the victoria tales..

A Class Sass
by Victoria Day
Vicky, it seems, had to learn the hard way. She knew her school was old fashioned and the instructors quite strict, but she continued to act as if she, not they, were in control. The saucy teenager had recently paid the price for coming to class late; stripped of school uniform, publicly whipped until her tears fell, and then left ( naked, bound and gagged ) to be gang-raped by the boys in her class, you'd think Vicky would have learned her lesson. But today she went over the line and she got what she asked for!
Her Math teacher, Mr. Myars was only going to abuse the 16 year-old Vicky for his own pleasure; he'd planned to punish her in his office; he had nothing more in mind than having the teenager naked and spread across his oak desk, the switch or cane would suit her crime of cheating on a Math test.
But one of her classmates, George, had ratted on her. George had also been in her Comparative Religions Class the other day and had helped punish her for being late. This morning George revealed that Vicky's C.R. instructor said next time she should be sodomized to teach her good manners. That if she hadn't been raised properly before, she would be 'reared' good an proper now! But I'm getting ahead of myself.
The point of this homework ASSignment is to own up to and learn from my mistakes. So I confess to cheating and being sassy and I deserved all I got.
What made matters worse was not only was she caught cheating, she dared to talk back to the teacher when he caught her. Vicky gave him 'sass', he said, so he'd show her what happens to an Ass in Class.
Sir, Last night I couldn't sleep, remembering what happened in Math class... in fact, I used a butt plug, a micro-waved and greased carrot, ping-pong paddle, a dildo and finger-ring vibrator to simulate what they made me go through. I better watch myself... Mr. Myars said next time I'd REALLY be humiliated!
I have relived that punishment and to complete my detention I must write up what happened ( it's part of my punishment and humiliation ) and he said I have to post it on line on SOL, cuz I'm Shit Outta Luck as far as he's concerned.
This is what happened yesterday morning...
Yesterday I arrived at Math class five minutes early and sat, as always, in the front row where I can catch the teacher's eye. I knew I hadn't prepared for the weekly test but those come on Fridays and it was only Tuesday so I had lots of time, I figured. Wrong!
I was determined to stay out of trouble: no tardiness, no flashing my panties to the teacher, study hard in the next couple of days and maybe, just maybe, not get a strict detention. Strict detention meant a trip to the faculty lounge to 'serve' the 'staff members' ( if you know what I mean ) and have them take turns meting out punishments with switches, canes and paddles. At least once a week the teachers managed to find some girl's transgressions worthy of strict detention. But I thought "not me, not this time." I'd been such a good little girl that day... so far.
OMG how I hated math. I remembered the first time I'd gotten in trouble in school was in Simple Algebra Class. That was two years ago. I was only 14 and so innocent! I wasn't trying to give the teacher 'sass' like he claimed. No, I just couldn't figure out this 'unknown quantity ' idea and I had raised my hand and naively asked, " What's X. I don't get it! " All the boys collapsed in laughter and the teacher was, like my name sake, not amused.
The boys made rude face and the girls in the class, trying to seem so 'in', sniggered or giggle at me. But the boys called out, " Don't get enough, Vicky?" and " What's sex?... come over here, baby, I'll show you!" and " Try what's X with me, honey and I'll show you 'Y'..."
The teacher let the boys have their fun as my face grew red. He said if I didn't get it and wanted to know more about sex, I could spend a couple of hours in the teachers' lounge. And that was the first ( but not last ) time I got to know about the school faculty lounge. The staff that afternoon told me that as it was my first offence, they would test my character not too harshly; the test would be an Oral test. When I said I didn't understand, one of the teachers unzipped his pants and took his cock and balls out. " An oral test, Miss Day; we have to test your oral skills. There were four male staff members in the room; I had to satisfy them each and, at the age of 14, I learned how to give a good blow job. More humiliating, they all watched and laughed as I was 'tested' by Ms Armstrong, the girls' PE coach. And I got 'marked' for my efforts by all five and had a very red and sore bum for the next two days.
I had gotten in trouble a couple of times since then, but the other day was the first time I'd been publicly stripped, whipped and fucked.
Maybe it was because I was so cock-sure of myself, that I slipped up this time. The class was filling up and Mr. Myars tapped with his wooden ruler on the blackboard to get our attention and settle us down.
" Boys and girls," he said nearly shouting over the class hum. " Clear your desks and get out one sheet of paper; we are going to have a Surprise Quizy."
He then preceded to write down algebra questions on the black board. I turned to Cheryl, the girl next to me and muttered, " If this is one of his Quizies, I'd like to see one of his testes! " LOL
AND what does that bitch do? Cheryl put up her hand and then stood all proper and said, Mr. Myars, Vicky here told me she wanted to see one of your testes; that means one of your balls, doesn't it? "
" Did you say that, Miss Day?" the teacher asked with a cold sneer.
I hung my head and looked side-long daggers at Cheryl's smug face. " Yes, Sir. Sorry, sir" I mumbled.
" Strict detention after school for you then young lady." and he turned his back on us and continued writing on the chalk board.
I was having a hard time with the problems ( I know why they're called that! ) and I figured I better not fail this quiz today so I did something I'd never done before, I cheated. I took a peek at the paper on the desk to my left. Rene was shielding his paper so I had to strain to get a good look. So it was pretty obvious to Mr Myars when he turned around and caught me red handed.
Like a fool, I made things worse with snarky remarks and sassy bravado. I looked Mr. Myars straight in the eye and said, " My cheating on the test ain't as bad as you cheating on your wife... Yeah, I saw you fucking Ms Scarlatti..." and, stupid me, I had to add turning to my classmates( mostly to show the rest of the class that I wasn't afraid )... I had to go on and say..." yup, fucking Ms Scarlatti... in the Ballroom with a candlestick" Wink! Half the class laughed ( nervously ) and the other half gasped.
That's when I turned back to see Mr. Myars face as red as I knew my buttocks was going to be soon. And I knew I'd gone too far.
" This is beyond belief, Miss Day! " he shouted. " Geraldine, bring the corner stool to the front of the room." The stool, a high bar stool with a padded, fake leather-line seat, was used to humiliate boys and girls who'd broken the rules. Usually the student was stripped and positioned in as humiliating a way possible; with greater offences, they'd be switched or paddled.
" Miss Day, you will take your punishment immediately! Cheating in class is a great offence, but the sass you have shown to me is outrageous! You have disgraced your school uniform so take it off at once. When you have done that I think the boys and girls will help me show some respect! Candlestick? I've something better for you."
I kept my head bowed now, and quickly undressed and saw my clothes tossed into a green garbage bag which, when filled, disappeared. Naked, I followed Mr. Myars instructions and moved the stood to a foot in front of his oak desk, then sat on the stool seat which was cool on my bare bum. My hands were tied in front of me and Mr. Myers pushed me back so, while my buttocks rose from the seat, my back and shoulders rested on his desk. My bound hands were pulled above my head and tied to a desk drawer handle. My legs dangled from the stool but not for long; two guys on the football team volunteered to hold my legs up and spread while Mr. Myars tied bungee cords at my ankles and then attached the cords to the desk legs.
Thus I balanced, uncomfortably and fully exposed, with my bum and shaven pussy in full view and facing the class, my legs doubled up and bound behind me as were my arms. I was utterly vulnerable, open and humiliated. I closed my eyes in shame. I expected to feel the sting of the whip immediately. Instead I felt a cool sensation on my bum hole, then a finger easily slid in while a thumb of the same hand rubbed my clitoris until the juices from my pussy started to flow. I opened my eyes to see Mr. Myars smiling down on me; it was not a warm smile.
He took something from his 'special' closet where he kept tools of discipline. But this was different. It looked like a five inch long ( circumcised ) phallus with rubber flaps on either side of the base... Ah! It was a butt plug; I had heard about but never had seen one. I was about to become very familiar with it. He shoved the rubber tool up my bum hole none too gently and fastened the base and flaps with duct tape. The plug stayed in even when my pussy was wracked with orgasmic delight or my buttocks whipped with stinging blows.
The class continued for the full 90 minutes but instead of a written test, Mr. Myars asked my classmates to give the answers to each problem orally. He said for each right answer I was to be rewarded with a little thrill. And here he showed me the sex toy he had on his left index finger, it was a hand vibrator similar to one I kept hidden in my bedroom and had dared to use a few times when mum and dad were sound asleep and were not likely to hear my screams of ecstasy as I hit multiple orgasms.
Mr. Myars demonstrated and brought the tool to my clit and let the good vibes roll over me... I was near cumming when he said, " That's enough; you get the idea." DAMN!
" But, class, when you answer wrong, Vicky must suffer." And here he brought the tawse he held high over my rear end down with a thunderous crash and the butt plug nearly squeezed out my bum but the duct tape held. My sphincter muscles throbbed with both the blows to my ass and the battery-humming vibrator action.
They had a good 90 minutes of Q & A... and I had my Q & A testing too... " Q" for Quim and "A" for ass. Mr. Myars must have worked for the Inquisition in an earlier life. He knew exactly how to bring me to exquisite sexual heights and then leave me hanging, unsatisfied. It was torturously frustrating. The sting of paddle, switch and tawse only brought me higher but with no release.
What added to my humiliation was that Mr Myars had the girls deliver most of the discipline; they were nastier than any boy. But I was most humiliated by the odour I could smell from my armpits and even from my pussy, which was dripping all the while. I was so horny! The girls whipping me seemed to resent the fact that I was getting sexual pleasure from their blows and they struck all the harder for that.
The bell was about to ring and I thought my ordeal was over, save for an afternoon 'serving' in the staff lounge, a punishment yet to come. But I heard George's sneering voice telling Mr. Myars that the day before our Comparative Religions teacher had sworn that ' the next time Miss Day gets in trouble " I was to be sodomized as part of my punishment. AND it was to be a class project. This last was a lie, but many in the class backed him up: I was to be gang-raped up my ass.
Mr. Myars considered this for a minute or two as he walked past my face, he sat behind his desk and stroked my hair which hung down over the desk edge.
" Very well. If a staff member swore that it should be done, then I guess it must be so! " He chuckled as he withdrew the butt plug from my bum hole, "... and seeing Miss Day is so perfectly positioned for it, you boys have until the end of the school day to fuck her up her ass. But use condoms ( I know you all have them ). After all, Miss Day... safety first is the rule.
And so I spent the rest of the day taking it up the ass from the male students in my class. After the last bell I made my way on wobbly legs to the faculty lounge where I gave seven male staff blow jobs and licked and suck on the pussies of Ms Armstrong and the school nurse, Ms Scarlatti. The nurse was mischievously fingering a brass candlestick while I knelt before her and my face was deep in her moist and deliciously smelly lap.
The End
So, for the second night in a row I have been made to act out then write down what transpired. This is my homework and, again, I expect you will give me bad marks if this does not meet your high standards. Several boys who have seen my homework assignments have passed me notes in class. They are keen to know if I REALLY act out the scenes I write up as homework
Victoria Katherine Day.

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