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07-15-2007, 05:40 PM
It all started out 5 yrs ago. Shed come over my house with my brother and go swimming in her bikini. Id always get hard when ever i seen her in the pool. Often at times id go underwater with goggles to see her lower half which only made my member stiffin more. Her and my brother have been together for a while now. They love each other deeply. There married now have 2 kids. He works full time and shes a full time stay at home mom. I often drop by while hes at work to check on her see if she needs something or just for a lunch break. My work is around the corner which makes it nice. Often at times i just show up and usually dont call.So she never really knows when im coming by. Recently i came over my brother was already off work she was at home with kids. They both in home clothes. You know him in just shorts her in shirt with no bra ect. The kids asleep in bed. It was kinda late that night but we drinked some beers. I Decided i should go home before i was to hammered to do anything else let long drive. A few days later i stop by around noon time. Brother must have been at work his truck wasnt in the drive way. The car was there meaning she was home. I pull up in the drive way up along side there house. I get out and see that shes in the shower. The light is on the mirror is foggy and the blinds are open? Not thinking anything about it i walk to the front door and knock. Noone answer so i open the door its unlocked. I walk in get something to drink and walk into my brothers and her bed room to atleast yell into the bathroom i was over. When i open his door and enter i look towards there bathroom door and its open. There i can see her and she just got out of the shower she has the towel in her hands standing in front of the mirror but naked. She has a bigger ass and thighs now due to two kids. Still nice yet a little big. Im in shock. I look at her in the mirror and her tits which im guessing d's of some sort are kinda bouncing around while she drys her hair. There about the size of a half dollar and brown. There a little on the saggy side yet seeing them gets me hard. I havent ever seen her naked before. In a bikini but not naked. So i was excited being the 1st time. My eyes quickly follow the rest of her body, her stomach is a lil chuncky but not bad by anymeans. I follow down some more to a thick full very dense black bush. Im guessing she hadnt shaved or trimmed in a couple of yrs. Atleast sense they had kids. My brother always mentioned how he never got sex from her and always looking for some ass. I thought he was joking but by the sight of that bush i knew he wasnt. I quickly shut the door and a few mins later she came out. In a robe she opened the door and was in Ahhh to see me. She told me she didnt even hear me come in. I said i was sorry and that ill call from now on before i just show up. She said not to worry about. We talked for a couple of mins while she did her make up and i went back to work. The rest of that day i was hard by the sight of her thick bush. I found her pubic hair to be very natural and sexy. I couldnt figure out how i was gonna see it agian but i had to. I woke up the next day and went to work. I went to lunch as usual and headed over to my brothers. I knocked on the door and noone answered. I walked in and the kids must have been at grandmas or something but they werent there. I probed around the house tring to find someone but noone answered. I opened my brothers door last and seen his wife laying on the bed with her ass poking out the covers. I walked over to find her fast asleep and seemed to be completly naked. I pulled down the covers and she was asleep. I couldnt imagine her still sleeping at noon time just then it hit me the pill bottle i just seen on the nightstand. I grabbed it and it was hydrocodones. She was out, but for how long i wondered. She was facing away from me on the bed with her ass towards me in a fetal positon. Her legs completly shaven except the backs of her thighs. She was either to lazy or to fat to reach them but it did matter it got me hard. As i followed her stubbles on the back of her legs to her ass , her ass crack revealed more hair which just made my cock hurt from being so hard in my pants ready to spring into action. I knew if i wanted something it was now or never. But would she have known it was me? If i raped her and she didnt wake up or perhaps didnt see me? would i get away with it? I decided it was a good idea but my car was in the driveway. Surely a neighbor would have seen something. I zipped up my pants giving myself blue balls and left scared of what i was thinking and what i just did to my brother and his wife. So to speak. I got in my car and drove down the block and around the corner. About i dont know 1/4 mile away i parked my car at auto parts store and walked back towards there house. The whole walk back i was nervous yet excited. Not surely knowing what i was doing I went the back way into there yard around to the front door and back inside. I peaked inside there bedroom and she layed there this time she was on her back with her legs kinda spread open and her arm wide open and her head looking towards the wall. Almost like in a X . I Started to undue my zipper once agian and just the sight of her made my dick hard agian. I walked up and grabbed a pillow and put it over her face. She didnt stir. I climbed on top of her while pulling her legs up around my body. My cock now throbbing and the only thing stopping use from being one. I reached down and grabbed it. It throbbed in my hand. I could feel the blood rush in my cock from my hands gripping it making it extended and expand. I pushed the head in her thick dry bush jungle of love. She was still out like a light. I pushed all the way in very very very slow. Almost in slow motion. It made my cock feel bigger than it ever did before. She was out . Her eyes and mouth closed and her breathing a little more rapidly now under the pillow. I started my series of pumps. While gripping her shoulders and pumping and on the verge of cumming all inside of her now soaking dripping down my balls wet pussy. Her bush hairs felt so soft agianst my lower regions. She suddenly woke up as i pumped hard 2 more times while releasing my cum inside her i pushed down on the pillow. While holding the pillow down i pulled out and got up and left. I ran out the back door and while zipping my pants and making way for my car. I went back to work and finally went home. That night i was scared as shit. But about 3 days later i decided sense i hadnt herd from any of them i better go over there not to be suspicious. All was well we talked for a bit i got to see the kids and they told me she was prego agian. So ALL in all i dont even know if she woke up or stayed asleep . I Jetted out of there and im not even if shes sure she knows she got raped. I pretty much always get off to that night.

07-15-2007, 09:52 PM
Thanks again...Kinda hard to follow as a block of words....Keep working on it...:)

07-16-2007, 06:10 PM
Hard to follow without breaks, but not bad

08-19-2007, 09:52 PM
need to indent - make it easier on the eyes

08-19-2007, 10:49 PM
pretty good...break it up in paragraphs but all in all a good story

10-14-2007, 05:37 PM
Good Story but need work on breaking up paragraphs and such

11-11-2007, 03:01 PM
Good story...a bit hard on the eyes...lol

12-20-2007, 01:37 AM
Ok, but hard to follow with no breaks.

07-25-2008, 06:45 PM
Please separate into paragraphs. Was to hard to follow in 1 block.