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This is a new area for me and I thought I would try to get your attention.

Curing my Wife's Phobia
By Charliedee50 AKA taddee

I stopped in at local pub after leaving work. The local pub was in the Downtown high-rise hotel near my office. As I was sitting at the bar enjoying my beer, I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned to see one of my old college buddies, Stan.

"Hey guy, long time no see, what are you doing here?" Stan gave me a big embrace while telling me he has just opened an office in the medical center across the street.

I asked if he was a doctor and Stan replied, "No I'm a hypnotherapist, Dave. How are things, I haven't seen you since we tore up that college campus".

"Well, I'm an account exec at an advertising agency down the street. We chatted about old times, the fun we had in college, and the women we had bedded and just generally caught up on old times. Stan told me he was still single but looking for the right woman.

He asked about my relationships and I said, *Yeah, Judy and I met late in life, she was 38 and I was 2 years older. I've been married for ten years and everything has been great. Well, maybe not so great. You see my wife has a deathly fear of heights, why even on our honeymoon I had booked a suite on the top floor of the resort and she freaked out. We had to change for a ground floor room. My wife Judy is a terrific gal, a little prudish, but great"

"Dave maybe I can help, why don't you stop by the office tomorrow and we can discuss it, no charge, OK? But right now I'm meeting someone for an intimate dinner and I don't want to be late."

He fished a card out of his wallet and gave it to me. I told him I would take him up on the offer.

Judy and I have been married, like I said, for ten years and we have a terrific relationship. I met Judy when her office called to see if her class could get a tour of our advertising firm. You see, Judy was and still is a professor at the local college. She teaches English Lit and also an advertising course.

When her class arrived a week later, Professor West introduced herself and we shook hands. Her hands were small and delicate just like the rest of her. She stood about 5 2" with a body weight of about 110 lbs. She had a very well developed body that I could see under the modest business suit that she was wearing. I guessed that she was about a C cup under that jacket. The blouse was buttoned right up to her neck and she was wearing low-heeled old lady type shoes.

Never the less, I was taken with her. After the tour she asked if I could come to the college and give her class some idea of what happened at the ad agency. I checked my schedule and told her I was free in ten days. We made the appointment. That week I cleared my schedule so that nothing interfered with my appointment.

After the session I asked if she would have dinner with me. She accepted and the rest is history. Judy is a very attractive woman, as I've said she is 5 2" and weighs 125 lbs, now. She has a 34 C breast size and because she has a narrow back it looks like she is much bigger. She has a 23-nch waist and 34 inch hips, a real hourglass figure.

Her legs are long for her size and very shapely. She dresses very matronly because she thinks that's what an English professor should look like. She also has thick, deep auburn colored hair, which she keeps short but in a very modern style. Because she is far sighted, she wears granny glasses so she can read. I have tried for years to get her to buy and wear sharper and sexier looking clothes. She was raised in a very religious family and she doesn't think it's appropriate to wear revealing clothes. I think she is trying to hide her body.

The week after I met Stan, I dropped into his office and he gave me the tour. It was very plush, and looked very professional. His treatment room had one wall lined with books that covered the wall from floor to ceiling. A ladder was poised on tracks to reach the top shelves. We talked about Judy's phobia. He said he could probable help through hypnosis. He asked some personal questions about Judy and then said, "Dave if you can convince her to try, I think she would be a very good subject".

That night I talked to Judy and we discussed her phobia and I told her about Dave. She was curious because it had caused some unrest in our marriage.

"Do you think he can help me to overcome this fear, Dave?"

"He said you sounded like a very good subject and that it would be simple process that would probably work with just one treatment". Judy said, "OK lets make an appointment". I called Stan the next morning and he agreed to an appointment the next evening.

Stan took down Judy's medical history and ushered her into the treatment room. The session lasted about 30 minutes and Stan called me into the room. Judy was sitting in an easy chair with a big grin on her face.

"Stan is a wonder, Dave, I feel like I'm cured of my fear, watch", with that she went over to the ladder and climbed to the top and laughed. I was amazed. Judy asked where the ladies room and Stan directed her. When she was gone Stan said, "Dave stop by the office on your lunch hour, tomorrow. I'll give you some instructions on how to reinforce the treatment if she slips back, the post hypnotic phrase to put her back under is 'What's up doc'".

I agreed and we left. Judy was ecstatic all the way home. "Dave", she said, "this is a new beginning in my life, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my soul".

The next day, I stopped at Stan's office to get the treatment tips. Stan gave me a small crystal on a thin chain He demonstrated how to use it and said to hold it inconspicuously and let it swing back and forth, while speaking in a low soothing voice. When she was completely under her breathing would become soft and regular and her eyes would close. That's when you can give her instructions, but in a soft voice and tell her that she should obey the voice. When she agrees to the instructions have her repeat them, but always in that low soft voice

She will only respond to that voice. After that give her post hypnotic chores to perform to make sure the session worked. You need to also give her a word or phrase to respond to the post hypnotic instructions. Anytime you say that word or phrase while she is awake, she will return to the hypnotic state and not know what happened. He gave me some books to read and study more carefully.

For the next few weeks I studied the books and learned much more. Then one afternoon my boss, who is a bitch on wheels when things don't go right, was on my back for something that was not my fault. We were working late that night and she was exhausted from her trip the night before on the red-eye flight. She came into my office and plopped into the sofa and said, "Dave, I'm sorry for my outburst this afternoon, I know it wasn't your fault. I just needed to vent" She put her head back on the couch and said, "I'm just so pooped from my trip".

I thought about it and decided to try my newfound skills. I slipped the crystal from my pocket and when Laura opened her eyes, I started it swinging.

I said, "Laura, I know you must be very tired from your flight, so why don't you relax and let me talk about it". I spoke in a very low soothing tone while she sat there watching the crystal swaying. I said' " Laura how do you feel, are you tired, do you want to just go to sleep and forget about the whole mess? Would you like me to help you with this problem?" Her eyes started to close and I said, "Laura, can you hear my voice?" She replied' "yes Dave I can hear your voice it is very nice and soothing".

"That's good Laura, just listen to my voice and let is sooth all your worries away, would you like that".

"Yes Dave that would be wonderful, thank you".

"OK Laura, now I am going to take all your worries away and you will feel really refreshed. Would you like that, Laura?"

"Yes, Dave, thank you".

"Now Laura, picture yourself floating on a big cloud and watching this crystal swaying back and forth, it will take all your worries away. Can you see is Laura?"

"Yes, Dave"

"Now close your eyes and go to sleep, Laura".

I got up from behind my desk and took her hand and raised her arm gently.
"Laura, I want you to hold your arm that way for five minutes, can you do that for the voice?"

"The voice is very soothing I will do anything the voice tells me".

I kept talking in the low voice while she held her arm in the air until the five minutes were up, then I told her to put her arm down. She obeyed.

Then I said, "Laura, the voice wants you to spread your legs and pull up the hem of your skirt and show the voice your panties".

She reached down and lifted her skirt in the air and spread her legs for my view.

"Thank you Laura, the voice is very pleased. Now when the voice will tell you other things that you must do for the voice, OK?"

"I will do whatever the voice tells me"

"That's good. Now Laura the voice wants you to come to work tomorrow wearing stockings and garters and no panties under a mini skirt. Will you do that for the voice, Laura".

"I will come to work tomorrow in a mini skirt with stocking and garters and no panties

"Thank you Laura. Some time during the day tomorrow you will come into Dave's office and sit on the desk and show Dave your pussy, OK, will you do that for the voice?"

"Yes, I will do as you ask"

"OK Laura, now when I count to 3 you will awaken and feel very refreshed, but when you hear the phrase "walleye salmon" from only this voice, you will go to sleep and wait for instructions. Do you understand what the voice has just told you?"

"Walleye salmon will put me to sleep"

"Very good, now you will awaken when I count to 3. One, ...two...three!

Right then Laura's eyes popped open, "Oh Dave' I'm sorry I guess I just nodded off. Did I sleep long?

"Only about 30 minutes. I didn't want o wake you, you look so peaceful".

"Thanks, I feel really rested. That nap did wonders. I've got to get going, I have a dinner date. With that she got to her feet and left the office.

Now Laura is a complete knock out. Tall with long shapely legs, good firm tits that look to be about a 38C+, with a very small waist and a bubble butt. Her hair is blond and falls to her shoulders and frames a beautiful face with bright blue eyes and full lips She is always in a hurry and takes no shit from anyone. That's how she got to be a VP in this organization. When you make a mistake you hear about it immediately and if you don't get fired on the spot you can consider yourself very lucky.

I left shortly after Laura and went home to my Professor with some newfound talent, which I hoped would bring some excitement to our marriage. Judy is a bit of a prude about sex; this was reinforced by her up bringing. She would never go down on me or want me to eat her pussy. She always shaved her pussy because she thought her vaginal fluids would smell and someone would make a remark. Whenever we went out, she always dressed demurely, I had tried to get her to loosen up and wear some more revealing outfits but I was always rebuffed.

When I got home Judy was marking papers in the den. She was sitting at her desk with only the desk lamp on and she was wearing her short bathrobe. I could see her bare legs and thighs under the desk. Over the ten years of our marriage, Judy has taken to working out at the college fitness center. Those long legs have been toned to perfection. The calf's are not overly muscular and when she wears heels, she gets a lot of attention. Her thighs are also very shapely. Not and ounce of flab and very pronounced just like and avid runners legs. I think her legs ore her best quality. I greeted her with a kiss and sat down in the chair opposite the desk. "How was your day?" I asked.

"Very busy, but I must get these papers in by tomorrow and I am getting bleary eyed." I slipped the crystal out of my pocket and gently started it swaying. In a low soothing voice I said, "What's up doc".

She immediately closed her eyes and leaned back in her big leather chair." Judy, can you hear the voice?"

"Yes I can hear the voice"

"The voice wants you to do something, would you obey the voice?"

"Yes, I will do anything the voice tells me to do".

"That is excellent, Judy. The voice is very pleased that you will obey his suggestions".

I will do anything the voice tells me"

"Very good Judy, now here is what the voice wants you to do. You will go to the mall on Saturday and go to Victoria's secret, and buy some sexy under wear, and also matching stockings and garter belt, then you will go to a shoe store and buy a nice pair of high heeled sandals. After that you will shop for some sexy new clothes, dresses with low cut necklines and short flared skirts. Get a couple of outfits that will accentuate your lovely body. One other thing the voice wants you to do, is to stop shaving your pussy hair. That will please Dave very much".

"Yes, I will do what ever the voice tells me. Does the voice think I have lovely body?"

"Yes Judy, the voice thinks that your body is very beautiful and you should flaunt you shapely body to other men and your husband will be very pleased".

"I want to please the voice and my husband, so I will go shopping on Saturday, as instructed".

"When I count to three, you will awaken and feel very refreshed so that you can complete your work without falling asleep, again"

"Are you ready? One....two....three".

Judy's eyed popped open, she looked at me and said, "I sorry Dave were you about to say something?"

"No Judy, I don't want to disturb your work, we can talk in the morning"

I picked myself up, with a big smile on my face and went to bed dreaming about how our life would change starting Saturday.

The next day, Friday, I was busy running around all day in the office making phone calls and whipping the creative department into action on my new account. I was not in my office until about 4:30 in the afternoon. I sat back at my desk and took a deep breath. Just a few minutes later Laura came into my office, shut the door and came around my desk, sat on the edge with one foot still on the floor and spread her legs. I was about to say something when I remembered my post hypnotic suggestion.

There right in front of my nose was a beautiful blond pussy, neatly trimmed but still full, framed by a black garter belt and stockings. There was a dewy mist on the hairs of that beautiful pussy. I said, "Walleye salmon" and Laura immediately closed her eyes and her breathing became steady.

I said, "Thank you Laura, that is a beautiful pussy. The voice is very pleased and the voice would like to touch your pussy. Would that be OK?"

"The voice may do anything that will make the voice happy. The voice may touch and play with my beautiful pussy"

"Thank you, Laura, the voice is very pleased"

With that I reached out and ran my fingers through her pubic hair, it was soft and silky and she was a natural blond. I ran my fingers up and down the slit, for a few minutes. Her pussy became more moist. I then explored a little more and found her clit and took it between my fingers and gently massaged it. It grew hard between my fingers and bulged out of the hood. It continued to grow as I played with it. When I let go her clit was standing out a good 3/4 of an inch. I wanted to kiss and lick it but thought I had better conclude this session, before someone came to look for Laura.

"Thank you Laura, that was very pleasant, did you like that?"

"Yes, I like to do things to please the voice. Would you like me to do anything else?"

"Yes Laura. Next week we are going to make a presentation at the Hyatt Hotel, up in Jacksonville. Since it is such a long drive I want rent a room and you and Dave can stay overnight. After the presentation is over I want you to invite Dave up to your room and please Dave any way he likes, will you do that for the voice?"

"Yes, I will invite Dave to my room and please him anyway he likes. That will make the voice happy"

"OK Laura, I will now count to three and you will remember that you must get back to your office right away. You will not remember that Dave played with your pussy. Ready, one...two...three"

Her eyes popped open and she turned, stood up and left my office. Things were finally looking up. My life was about to change for the best.

Saturday morning, as we were eating breakfast, Judy said' "Dave do you have any plans for today or this evening?"

"No, Judy, why do you ask?"

"Well I was going to go shopping but I have so much work to catch up on for the end of the semester, that I would like to spend the weekend catching up. I also have a seminar scheduled for the next two weekends to study for my doctorate, so I will be gone for both weekends, DO you mind?"

"Judy, I'll be very lonely for the rest of the month, so you will have to make it up to me. How about we plan for a get-away weekend at that new resort over by the beach, the one with the revolving restaurant on the top floor. I hear they have big band music and dancing. That way we can make sure that we have your phobia cleared up, OK?"

"That's a date, I'll make sure my schedule is clear and week can act like honeymooner for the weekend".

This was fitting into my plans very nicely. In the ensuing weeks, Judy's pubic hair will have grown into a nice bush, not full, but with the deep auburn color, I will look much bushy.

In the mean time, having the weekends clear will enhance my plans for Laura. I can spend the weekends, fucking and sucking Laura, give her post hypnotic responses and she will never remember that we had two wild weekends.

On Wednesday, Laura and I took off for Jacksonville. We met the clients and gave our presentations. Everything went well, until the head of the firm strenuously objected to a part of the campaign. I took him aside and ask if we could discuss this over drinks and he agreed. Laura and I got together in the elevator and I told her we needed to discuss a strategy to keep that bit in the campaign. We went to the lounge and grabbed a booth. When we were seated, I said, "Walleye salmon", Laura immediately rested her head back against the seat and was in trance.

"Laura, do you recognize my voice/"

"Yes the voice is very nice and soothing and I will do anything the voice tells me".

"That's good, Laura. I hope you brought some sexy evening clothes for this overnight so you could please Dave".

"Yes, I brought and very low cu, black, mini dress. I am also wearing the stocking and garter belt that Dave loves so much"

"You have followed the instructions of the voice very well and the voice is very pleased. When I count to three, you will awaken and go to your room and change into you sexy clothes and freshen up your makeup. Dave will bring Mr. Johnson to the room and you will do whatever Dave wants you to do, is that clear?"

"Yes, I will got to the room and do as the voice tells me".

"I will speak to you through Dave's voice. Now, one... two...three."

Laura immediately left the booth and went to the room. Mr. Johnson came over to the booth a few minutes later and I tried to convince him to accept that part of the campaign. He was still adamant, so I suggested that we go upstairs and Laura would make a new presentation. His eyes lit up and he said, "Let's go!"

We got to the room and Laura answered the door looking like very sexy fashion model. The dress was extremely sexy and clung to her body in all the right places. I told Laura to help me fix the drinks in the small kitchen area of the suite. While out of earshot of Mr. Johnson, I told Laura she must convince the client with her body, and gave her instructions.

She took the drinks over to Mr. Johnson and then sat on his lap. Mr. Johnson grinned broadly.

"Well Dave and Laura, I think we can come to a compromise, here, and by-the-way, please call me Jack."

Laura gave him a big sloppy kiss with lots of tongue. She took off his tie and loosened his jacket and started to dry hump him. Jack asked Laura if she would like to dance and I turned on the radio to some sultry blues. They started to dance and Laura proceeded to take off his jacket and unbutton his shirt. The soon hit the floor. As the swayed to the music, Jack was feeling her firm ass cheeks and grinding his cock into her pussy. He raised the hem of her dress from the rear and was greeted with a bare bottom. He continued to massage her ass cheeks, while I got myself more comfortable.

Laura dropped the spaghetti straps of her dress and let the top drop to the nipples of her tits, which were extremely hard and sticking out a good half inch. That's all that was holding the top up. Jack saw this and lowered the dress the rest of the way. He bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck.

Laura moaned, and slid the dress to the floor. She stood in front of Jack, clad in only her heels, stocking and garter belt. Jack gasped and told Laura she was the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered.

Laura opened his belt and dropped his trousers, got to her knees and engulfed his cock in one motion. Jack nearly lost right there. I suggested that we retire to the bedroom and continue our discussion in amore comfortable climate.

Laura laid down on the bad with her legs spread and that luscious blond pussy gleaming with her pussy juice. Jack shucked his shoes and shorts and dived right into Laura's cunt, licking and slurping. I went to Laura's head and presented my now rigid cock, which she immediately sucked into those full lips. We picked up the pace and Jack couldn't hold off any longer, he grabbed his 6-inch, rock hard, cock and guided it to Laura's glistening pussy. He rammed it in one stroke and pounded away. He didn't last long and within five minutes he dumped a huge load into her cunt. He flopped on the bed and took one of Laura's nipples and lay there sucking like a baby.

Laura was doing such a good job on my cock; I thought I would lose it. I wanted the succulent pussy. I lay down on the bed and had Laura straddle me. She sunk her juicy box right down on my 8 inch and inhaled deeply. She stayed still for a minute to let her pussy adjust to the thickness. That gave me a few seconds to recover and the boiling in my scrotum, subsided. Now I could let Laura enjoy my cock, which she did and began to slowly move up and down and side to side. While riding my cock, her cunt started to go into contractions, milking my prick. After a couple of minutes she picked up the pace and her pussy gushed out its first orgasm.

The juice ran down my balls, I almost lost it, but was able to hold off. Laura was a real pro when it came to cock riding. I reached my head up and took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently bit and sucked. Laura was going crazy on my cock, moaning and telling me to fuck her harder. She ordered Jack to lick her ass and tongue her asshole. Jack jumped immediately. Three minutes later, Laura let out a howl and her pussy grabbed my cock in a death grip and milked it until I could no longer hold it. I erupted deep in her cunt as she climaxed and fell on my chest, limp and heaving. Jack continued licking and sucking on her ass hole and her cunt continued to milk my cock. I never lost my hard. Jack, by this time was again ready for more, so I asked Jack if her asshole was lubed enough and he could only nod his head yes.

I told him to stick his cock in her ass and have fun. He said he had never fucked an asshole and went at it with vigor. Laura recovered, when Jack's cock penetrated her sphincter, an she began to fuck him back, moving back and forth on our cocks. I didn't have to do a thing but lie there and enjoy being used to reach Laura's next climax. I didn't have to wait long. I felt those, by now familiar, contractions start. Jack was pounding away. Laura had her first mini climax and then Jack busted his nut in her ass. Laura squealed and started to ride my prick in a fury. Two minutes later her pussy clamped down on my cock and she let out another howl as she gushed all over my cock and balls. The sensation was so great that I added another load to her well-fucked pussy.

We all collapsed on the bed, to catch our breath. A little while later, Jack said, "Well Laura and Dave, I think I've changed my mind, the part of the campaign that I objected to, now has new meaning and it will stay in, you have the contract".

Laura gave him a big kiss, thanking him for the chance to make our points.

Shortly after that Laura and I took a shower redressed and headed out to dinner.

To be continued...;drool

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