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07-19-2007, 11:36 AM
I’v always been turned on by forbidden things…. Most of them I would never try out in real life, but some of them I have tried - and with great pleasure!
This story is about me and my half sister – my fantasy came true at last!

My mom re-married a Japanese man, and they gave me my beautiful sister Maya. She is 6 years younger than me, and she is the most beautiful Asian girl you can imagine.
I’v always been very sexual active…. Pleasing myself every night several times – and often to the sounds of my sister doing the same thing in her bed. This made me sexually curious about her, and spying on her in the showers or while dressing always made me horny. Her tits are quite small and soooo cute! Her skin like silky amber and her pubic hairs slick and black…

One night, I offered Maya to stay on for the night after we returned from a party, and I couldn’t resist when she offered to help me…I did not know that she had invited a friend too!

We were both drunk,and slipping into pyjamas, we started to tell each other of sexual episodes from our lives. Maya was in the middle of an extremely hot story on a threesome, giving detailed descriptions on what the other woman and her boyfriend did to her.

- God, Maya! Is this true? That’s extremely hot! I was getting horny listening to her, looking at her and imagining this being done to me.

- heheh – the core of it is true, but I am broadening the details for you, sis! She smiled and came closer.

- Why would you do that? I held my breath as she put her small hand on my thigh.

- Because I want you to be get horny and finger yourself. It made me so horny listening to you at nights in our younger days.. I still dream of it!

I became very embarrassed, but Maya kept on smiling, now moving her hand, slowly massaging the inner side of my thigh.

- Go on – start masturbating, sis! I’ll join you! She kissed my lips softly.

I couldn’t believe this! I had been having hot fantasies about her for years! Longing to make forbidden love with her… and now she suggested – what exactly? I did not ask her… I just stepped out of my nightgown and lay down on the coach again. Sliding my finger up and down in my shaved slut, Maya couldn’t keep her eyes off it. She licked her lips and put her hands in between her own legs, being very busy. I pushed a finger into my hole, the wet sound as I started to move it deep in and out again made Maya smile…

- I love the sound of wet pussy, she whispered. – Do you want me to help you with that? I couldn’t speak, this was almost too much! But I nodded – of course I did! How could I refuse her? She took off her nightgown, her dark nipples were huge on those small breasts of hers! She noticed me staring.

- Want to touch them, sis? Don’t be shy! She sat on my lap, her knees on each side of my hips and I could smell the fresh, musky, earth like smell of her pussy. She put one nipple to my mouth and pressed it in between my lips. God! I loved the shape and texture of it! I flicked my tongue at it, and when Maya moaned, it made me shiver of lust. I sucked the thick nipple hard into my mouth and was rewarded by another moan. My sister lifted one of my legs up, and slid her one thigh under it… moving in close, until her pussy rubbed against mine. She started rubbing herself hard. On my pussy ... clit on clit… her hands on my both breasts, pinching my nipples… I had an orgasm almost immediately!

- Unfair! She whispered….

– Now you make me come too, sis! Use your fingers on me! She lay down on her back, pulling me half on top of her and took my head in her hands, kissing me deep. Her tongue whirled in my mouth, licking and playing with mine and I slid my hand down in between her legs…. Pushing a finger inside her, making her arch her whole body up to get more!
- Aaa—h! Deeper, sis, and faster! Her teeth biting my lips, her eager hands on my ass.. I started to fingerfuck her hard and fast and she responded by screams and contractions as she came. I could feel her cum running out of her pussy… she had more of it than me, I am sure of it! It made my whole hand soaking wet.

As soon as the contractions faded, she was on to me again. Drilling her head in between my legs, she started to lick my pussy with long moves of her flat tongue.

- Mmmh, your pussy tastes of lovely cum, she whispered and flicked her tongue at my clit. I gave a small scream and she laughed. – you are a horny slut, just like me.. right, sis?

- Yes! Oh my goodness you lick me better than any man ever did, Maya

- I know… that’s because we are two of a kind, and I know what you and me both want, sister! Now, relax and let me prove it to you! She showed me her hand – ring finger bent down. She grinned.
– “Two for the pinkie, one for the stinky” – and you’ll love it! She placed her hand at my pussy and pushed to finger into my count and the smallest finger slid into my ass. I protested, but she laughed.
- Don’t be a prude – or pretend to be! Just relax! Moving her hand made all the fingers move in and out of my two holes and this excited her! Her breath short and heavy, she was rubbing her pussy at my thigh while using her fingers at me. The sensation of her finger in my ass was so different, so hot….
- Do you like it? She moaned, licking my nipples
- Mmmmhhh… jeah! I shivered all over, about to explode
- Good! Now, I am going to introduce you to another new experience, sis! Do not refuse doing this with me, please! And into the room came her boyfriend! Maya did not stop fingering me, knowing that I was close on cuming I could not stop even if I wanted to! Kevin was already naked, his huge erection in front of him.
- God, girls! Watching you to is the hottest thing ever! Maya kissed him, then she kissed me and the next thing I knew, Kevin kissed me! Maya had stopped fingering me now, to let Kevin do it… his finger being thicker; I felt how he stretched both my count and my asshole. I saw Maya bending down starting to suck his stone hard cock. And that made me even hornier.
- I want to fuck the both of you, Kevin moaned. I did not even think to resist, just let Kevin manhandle me into a doggy position in front of the coach with Maya aside me. Kevin knelt down behind us and trusted his stone hard cock first into Mayas count from behind, giving her a few, deep thrusts. Then he moved to me, and the idea of Mayas juices on his cock entering my pussy, made me come instantly as he shoved it into me. Kevin was grunting and growling like and animal as he shifted between me and my sister.
- Your ass, Maya! He commanded and I saw maya spreading her butt halves with her hands just as Kevin forced his dick into her. They both screamed in pain, he humped her a few times, then withdrew.
- On the couch, Maya, let her lick you while I fuck her! Maya so did, sliding down in front of me, pressing her pussy at my face while Kevin fucked my pussy like a maniac!
- Cuming! He shouted and gave me a load full of cum while drilling me as deep as he could get. Maya screamed out in another orgasme at my face and the both laughed.
- What a great night! Maya said, kissing me. – Don’t you agree, sister? I could but nod, totally exhausted.

07-19-2007, 01:37 PM
Hiya- fine story
you need to keep your formatting going, leave a white space between paragraphs, far easier to read, and in doing so won't need -at each break
-distracting to reader, like it's something besides the story

-your eyes are drawn to it, interrupting

-flow of story

keep up the writing-
questions PM me,

02-14-2008, 05:26 AM
i love those kinds of stories

02-14-2008, 12:00 PM
good story and could be a memorable story if you follow Wizards advice about paragraphs with white spaces breaks,

09-17-2009, 02:11 AM
Loved the story.

09-18-2009, 02:17 AM
Very sweet and very erotic.. Thankyou

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great story cant wait for more

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Great story, I am so horney

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Awsome Got me going

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nice keep em cuming