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06-20-2007, 01:52 PM
My Bestfriends Sister 2
By The Pornographer
(MF, blowjob, voy)

For more info read part 1...

So for the next few days I hardly saw or spoke to my mates, thus I didn’t get to see Maria either. Meanwhile, this was around the same time that I started to get a high amount of prank calls and I had a sneaking suspicion that it was in fact her. I endured this for almost four days straight until I finally abused and dared her to speak up. Finally building up some courage, Maria then admitted it was her and we then began to chat to each other on a daily basis.

It was then a few days later that I began to have my doubts about a relationship with her, and feeling guilty told her that I thought we should cool it. As expected Maria sobbed for a few minutes and then got extremely angry and hung up in my face. Shrugging my shoulders I truly believed I had done the right thing, but within a few short minutes she then proceeded to call me continually and left a number of messages pleading for me to see her again. Great I thought, just what I need, a 19-year-old stalker.

Then the following week it was a Friday night and I went over to the guys place to hang out and watch some movies. Luckily for me Maria was apparently out with her girlfriends so Con, Pete, and I got comfortable in the living room and watched some films. To my amusement I couldn’t stop smiling to myself as we were now sitting in the same place Maria and I had fooled around in just a few days earlier. Then at around midnight to my dread we heard the girls arrive home - it was Maria and her friend Nikki.

While I attempted to leave, the guys stopped me and insisted I stay seeing as the girls wouldn’t be ruining our night and would be hanging out upstairs. Then as the girls entered the house we all kind of went silent as we noticed what they were wearing. While Maria was dressed sexily in a tight tan wrap around sarong and white sleeveless top, she looked incredible but was dressed conservatively compared to what her friend Nikki was wearing. Like Maria, Nikki was in her late teens and was just 18, but she had one of the most alluring and curvy, womanly, hour glass figures you’d ever seen.

With a huge natural rack and thick sexy hips, she had long flowing black hair, bright brown eyes and a very pretty face. Coming from a mixed Greek-Lebanese family, she had the body of a porn star and a few times we had discussed just how much she actually resembled adult internet model Aria Giovanni. I mean she was a dead-set look-a-like of Aria – her face, breasts, hair and body. To make matters worse or better depending on which way you looked at it, Nikki was clad in the most incredible outfit I’d seen in a long time.

Nikki walked in wearing a tight little purple halter top dress, which barely wrapped around her voluptuous body and completely exposed her long legs and feminine back and shoulders. Topping off the outfit she wore a pair of sexy high heeled sandals which were tied up half way up her legs, giving her this roman, slave, like look and appeal. With her huge natural DDD breasts sticking out and on full display, and her long dark hair tied up and pulled back, the girl looked phenomenal.

Saying hello to everyone I immediately noticed that Maria completely ignored me while Nikki openly flirted and chatted with us. While we all conversed I kept my eye on Maria in the background and watched as she went into the kitchen to grab a drink and then called one of her other girlfriends.

As I listened in to her conversation I heard her say, “Yeah well, he had his chance and he blew it...”

I immediately knew she was talking about me as she then flashed me a few brief knowing glances.

A few minute later the girls disappeared upstairs and we went back to watching the rest of the films. Although the others were distracted by the movies, I couldn’t concentrate and stop thinking about Maria and that hot little outfit. I just loved the way the sexy sarong showed off her tight little ass while her small white top showed off her tight tummy and new belly ring and accentuated her pert breasts and chocolate brown nipples.

Suddenly I started to wonder if I had made a huge mistake by pushing her away. She was without a doubt one of the sexiest girls I’d even seen let alone had. Over the next hour or so I continued to ponder this when suddenly I looked over at the guys and realized they had both fallen asleep. They were knocked out. Unlike myself, the guys had been drinking all afternoon and I guess the drinks had finally caught up to them.

I then started to chuckle to myself as I instantly began to play out a number of devious and risqué scenarios about going upstairs and just taking her again. Friend or no friend I just pictured myself storming into her room, ripping her clothes off and just fucking her hard while Nikki watched. The more I thought about it the more I convinced myself to make any excuse and go see her up in her room.

Then just as I was contemplating this, a figure suddenly appeared in the darkness - it was Nikki. Holding her sexy shoes in her hand and looking a little disoriented, I wondered what the hell she had gotten up to while upstairs as her makeup was smeared and her hair was dishevelled. Funnily enough she still looked breathtaking. Shaking my head of my lewd thoughts, I then realized she had most probably just fallen asleep like the guys did.

Quietly trying to sneak out Nikki smiled as I helped her exit the house, quietly opening the heavy sliding door for her. We both then stepped outside in the cool air and I couldn’t help but stare and admire her incredibly hard nipples which clearly poked from under her provocative dress. I could barely speak let alone rip my eyes away from her amazing chest. My god, her nipples would have to be the size of bullets – at least 4 to 5 centimetres long!

It was then Nikki asked me if I had any plans for the rest of the night and I told her I was going to just hang around for another few minutes before heading home. It only dawned on me later that Nikki wasn’t so much asking me a question but actually hinting she wanted some company. Looking disappointed and shrugging her shoulders Nikki then leaned over to kiss me goodnight and without warning pecked me on the side of the lip – lingering and holding her lips against me for an extra second. For a moment I considered going further and making a move but for reasons I can’t explain I didn’t - which later I regretted. Looking at me Nikki simply batted her brilliant brown eyes at me before sauntering in the direction of her car.

I stood there for an extra moment watched her incredible ass shake from side to side as she walked away. God damn she was fine, and just 18! Going back inside with a throbbing hard-on I then sat back on the sofa in frustration and channel surfed for a minute before I really began to think about Maria again. Seeing the guys were clearly out cold on the floor I decide to get up and use the bathroom to wash my face – anything to stop me from thinking about her, and her stunning friend for that matter.

I guess I half hoped to see Maria come down the stairs but as I made my way into the bathroom I knew that wasn’t likely to happen. It was then just as I was about to close the door that I heard the shower start upstairs. Extremely curious and aroused, I then threw caution to the wind and taking a quick look around quietly snuck up the stairs. Tip toeing over to the upstairs bathroom, I carefully leaned against the door and peered inside. To my delight I found Maria standing there completely naked, preparing to shower.

Holding my breath, I then watched as she tied up her hair and tentatively stepped into the shower and immediately began to wash and lather her exquisite body. Opening the door a little further I half hoped to surprise and join her, but instead Maria turned and suddenly caught sight of me, and startled, inadvertently yelped out in shock. She shrieked so loud I was sure the guys could hear it downstairs.

Shocked at her reaction, I myself jumped and rushed for the stairs while Maria whispered, “Mike! Get out of here... what are you doing? Are you crazy?!?!”

Panicking and not wanting to get busted, I then quietly rushed downstairs and quickly sat back on the sofa and pretended to watch TV. Watching the guys I could see that they didn’t hear a thing, and I suddenly regretted leaving Maria naked in the shower upstairs. While I then contemplated taking another risky trip upstairs, a few moments later I heard Maria appear in the kitchen. It seemed she too was curious to see if her brother’s had heard the commotion. Just clad in a thick white bathrobe, Maria helped herself to a glass of O.J while checking to see if in fact everyone was asleep.

Grinning at each other from afar, Maria then nodded in the direction of the stairs before disappearing a moment later. Leaning over I then listened to the guys snoring and knew if I played my cards right and didn’t make a sound we could actually put this off. Taking a deep breath I then quietly stepped over them again and went in the direction of the stairs. Looking around for her I then caught sight of her on the other side of the room, standing at the top of another set of stairs which led to the garage below.

Without saying a word she just smiled and motioned for me to follow. I silently followed her down the narrow staircase and stepped into the cold garage. Walking around in complete darkness, I finally found her waiting for me in the back laundry and right away as I entered the dimply lit space Maria pounced, grabbing me firmly and pinning me against the wall before sticking her tongue down my throat. For a sexy little petite teenager she sure had some strength. Groping each other fervently, I then ran my hands all over her incredible 19-year-old body and found she was completely naked under her robe. I groaned with delight as I found her body was soft, warm, and still wet from the shower.

Stroking my cock through my pants Maria then hungrily kissed my neck and whispered into my ear, “I’ve been dying to taste that cock of yours again.”

“Yeah?” I replied before kissing her again, “Mmm... I thought Nikki would never leave.”

Maria then shocked me by saying, “Yeah well, I had to do something to get your cock out of my head.”

Making out some more she then added, “Mmmpphhh... I made the poor bitch eat my pussy twice... but it still wasn’t good enough.”

Hearing this I froze with shock and looked at her. She simply smiled slyly and proceeded to kiss and lick my neck again.

I finally replied, “What? You and Nikki had sex?”

Maria giggled, “Well technically...”

“What the fuck do you mean by technically?”

Maria giggled sweetly and explained, “Well... I just made her eat me. It’s okay, she likes it.”

“Holy shit! Wait a minute, what do you mean by MADE her?”

Maria simply giggled and continued to kiss me.

“Well, Nikki likes it when I tell her what to do. Sometimes I tell her to wear certain clothes... or not to wear panties, that kind of stuff. She’s really a kinky little bitch and loves it. She loves to be told what to do.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, like tonight. I made her get on her knees and eat my pussy... I then made her lie on my bed while I straddled her head. I rubbed my pussy so hard into her face I came twice. Hehe, I don’t even know how you guys didn’t hear us. Nikki is a wicked pussy licker...”

“Holy fuck!” I said as we made out some more.

Untying her robe I then slipped my hands inside and gripped her tight little butt and took her breast into my mouth. I can’t even begin to tell you how exhilarating it felt to be fooling around with her while the entire time her brothers unsuspectedly slept upstairs. Groping and caressing her, she was hotter than I ever remembered and I couldn’t believe that I actually considered putting an end to seeing her. Squeezing and stroking her heart shaped ass, Maria finally opened her robe all the way and let it fall to the floor.

She now stood completely naked in front of me and suddenly without warning dropped to her knees and began to blow me. Winking up at me I was suddenly brought back to the thought of her and Nikki going at it again, and the idea was driving me crazy. Watching her pretty head bob up and down over my cock, I finally lost my patience and lifted her up by her arm.

“Nah, fuck that!” I told her, “We don’t have time.”

And with that I bent her over the washing machine and dryer and rubbed the head of my prick against her searing slick lips. Gasping sharply, Maria then let out a long low groan as I effortlessly impaled her. Gripping her soft slender hips I then began to thrust into her from behind causing her to shriek and whimper about. Her pussy was better than I could have ever imagined, and I actually began to curse myself for not fucking her sooner. Maria’s 19-year-old pussy felt phenomenal – tight, hot, and velvety smooth. She grunted sweetly as I filled her completely.

Tugging at her long hair I growled, “So you wanna get fucked do you?”

“Yeah... uurrghhh fuck me!!” she cooed as she bend right over and arched her back.

Maria gripped the washing machine with both hands and looked over her shoulder daring me to fuck her cunt! She was in such an excitable state she pushed back against me, willing me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. I gave her tight ass a few playful slaps which she seemed to get off on.

“Uuurghh yeah... slap my ass baby!!! I’m naughty!! I’ve been a very naughty girl!!” she teased softly, “Urgh... I’ve been thinking about this all fucking week!! FUCK ME!!!”

“Yeah I bet you have!! You’re naughty hey? Fucking little slut! Aren’t you! You’re a sexy little slut who loves to get your pussy eaten!!” I let out as I fucked her.

“Aarghh yeah... and she eats pussy so good!!” Maria moaned, “Nikki had the hottest little tongue... and she loves to stick it deep inside me... and make me cum!!”

Hearing her confessions I soon lost my surroundings and picked up the pace, tugging on her long hair and ramming her harder and faster from behind. I was now fucking her so vehemently that the sound of my balls slapping against her clit echoed in the small room. Maria grunted and whimpered some more, trying to catch her breath and continue telling me her hot nasty stories and things she and Nikki got up to.

“Ohh baby... I love it when she licks me!!! I fucking love cumming all over her beautiful face!!” she moaned louder.

Suddenly, we heard a noise upstairs. It was unmistakable and sounded as though someone was walking around in the kitchen. Panicking, we both froze for a moment before I reluctantly pulled out – my cock glistening with her juices. Zipping up I then quickly slipped out the side door while Maria quickly slipped on her robe just as the garage light came on. I then heard her try to explain what she was doing half naked and all alone in the laundry in the middle of the night.

“Pete! I’m looking for some clothes...” she protested.

Meanwhile I jumped a number of fences and almost ran all the way around the block just to collect my car. Arriving home, my heart was still racing as I entered the house and I immediately heard my phone ringing. I wondered if I should answer it, worried if we had been caught. Picking it up I was relieved to hear it was Maria and she told me everything was cool, we had gotten away with it. Sighing in relief, she then began to tease and tell me that she was playing with herself and desperately wanted to see me again.

Enticing me, she then began to describe some more “encounters” with Nikki. Listening to her play over the phone Maria asked me what I thought of Nikki and told me that she too apparently had a crush on me. Maria then told me that she really wanted to see the three of us get together and wondered if I would help her make it happen. We then proceeded to plan how to “take” Nikki.

To be continued...

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lovin part II too!

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none of my friends had younger sisters so I never encountered any such wonderful escapades.......................sniff,sniff

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Sorry I was going to bring the 2 parts together...but they combined backwards.....