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My Bestfriends Sister 3
By The Pornographer
(MF, blowjob)

For more info read part 1 and 2...

Well this entire situation between Maria and I quickly progressed from wild to just down right surreal as it was around a month later that Maria informed me that she had just entered the workforce and was doing an apprenticeship at a local hair salon. I was thrilled to hear that she would also be working there with her sexy and exotic friend Nikki. Giving me the grand tour, over the next few days I showed up during their lunch breaks and walked with Maria down to a nearby park were there we would hang out and have lunch together. Fortunately for me Nikki soon proceeded to tag along as well.

Well it didn’t take long before Maria found a way to have some fun during our lunch dates and we would usually end our daily outings by quickly ducking off to the public toilets and having some quick, rough, sex. Being in such a public place, and with Nikki sitting outside waiting for us, seemed to really rile her up. Inside Maria wouldn’t waste anytime and would quickly drop to her knees and blow me before I would then bend her over the basin and fuck the living shit out of her from behind. Becoming quite submissive, she even progressed into some really kinky stuff.

During our sex sessions she now demanded I pull her long hair, grab her throat and fuck her hard – almost to the point where I was pounding into her mercilessly. Talking dirty to each other in the small space she would then describe her countless escapades she and Nikki had during the day, revealing to me how they would frequently sneak off into the back when no one was looking and would fool around, slipping a quick kiss here and there or even a finger. Her stories drove me wild and I pounded her ruthlessly, so hard in fact that I left noticeable bruises. Still, she seemed to really like that.

Meanwhile, a few weeks into our daily rendezvous it was then I was introduced to a brand new co-worker who had just started working at the salon. Her name was Jaime, and the only way to describe her justly is to say that she was simply angelic. From the moment I saw her I wanted her. Jaime was just 19, 5’1 short, petite, with bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and a radiant white complexion. With a killer bod, Jaime had small pointy breasts, incredibly athletic legs, curvy hips, and a wickedly luscious round butt.

Speaking to her for the first time I found her to be incredibly sweet and friendly while at the same time quite shy and soft spoken. A dedicated and self confessed gym junky, Jaime came across as a very sweet, gentle, and sometimes naïve girl. She was just so fucking adorable. She apparently hailed from the country in far North Queensland and her background consisted of Australian-Ukrainian heritage. What a combination I thought.

Another feature which really made her stand out was her absolutely adorable soft, sweet, baby voice which really suited her. She was literally the closet thing to a living breathing angel and chatting to her I immediately wondered why I couldn’t find and settle down with a precious beauty like her. Well unfortunately for me it seemed that Jaime was already engaged to be married to some lucky son of a bitch in the Army but despite this it didn’t stop her from flirting with me openly.

To my disappointment it seemed that the other girls noticed this right away and took a dislike to her, even giving her a nicknamed “Barbie”.

One late afternoon I decided to drop on by the salon to pick up the girls and I was surprised to see that Maria and Nikki had both already left together. It seemed Nikki had met some guy on the weekend and he had dropped by and offered to take the girls to the beach and a club. Abandoning the salon an hour before closing, they cruelly left Jaime completely on her own and by herself to finish three clients and lock up. I felt really bad for her, but that thought quickly disappeared when I noticed what she was wearing.

Normally dressed quite conservatively, today Jamie was clad in small tight body hugging mini dress which firmly clung to her petite frame and seemed to be styled in a halter top design. It was hands down one of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen and without a doubt the most revealing outfit I had ever seen her wear. It was incredibly small and sexy and left little to the imagination. I also noted that it looked to be made from some sort of thick woollen fabric which fascinated me. If anything it was more like a long over stretch knee length sweater than a dress or anything else.

But what really caught my eye was the fact that it seemed as though she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and while I contemplated this I was soon rewarded by a few sexy flashes of her side boob. Topping off the sexy ensemble Jaime wore her long blonde hair to the side and sported a pair of strapy heeled sandals which although it could be argued didn’t suit her outfit still looked fucking phenomenal – especially considering most of her exquisite legs, thighs, and well defined calves were of full display.

I could comfortably say that Jaime had the best set of legs I had ever seen, and despite her short statue they seemed to go on forever. Feeling bad that the girls had abandoned her like that I decided to hang around and keep her company – chatting to her while she finished up her last client for the evening and locked up. Well, that was the official story I told myself but the truth of the matter was I just couldn’t bring myself to leave much less rip my eyes away from her fucking magnificent legs and breathtaking thick bubble butt.

Chatting, she then went on to tell me about how much of a miserable day she was having explaining how her fiancée had waited to the last possible moment to cancel their date they were supposed to be having later that night. They apparently got into a huge fight over the phone considering Jaime hadn’t seen him in over 3 months yet he didn’t seem too enthusiastic or bothered to fly down and see her while he was on leave from the Armed Forces.

Instead he had decided to stay back in Queensland and spend his free time with his friends leaving Jaime devastated not to mention a thousand dollars out of pocket. She had apparently hired a hotel suite for the entire weekend and was now having serious reservations about the entire engagement. Kidding around she then asked me if I would like to be her date for the evening and I laughed explaining I didn’t think that would go over too well with Maria or Nikki for that matter.

Jaime snickered, “I’m just kidding. You’re right. Besides, I could never steal anyone’s boyfriend like that.”

I told her, “Who said Maria and I were dating?”

“Well I just...”

“I thought we were just friends with benefits.” I joked.

Jaime smiled and then replied, “You mean fuck buddies?”

I instantly looked at her, amazed that she would use such language. It wasn’t that the language was too crude for me but just that to look and talk to Jaime you would never expect her to speak in that fashion. She was just so god damn sweet. Finishing up with the last client it was then I proceeded to get up and announce that I too was going to head off. Jaime then stopped me and without warning ran her fingers through my hair, asking me how long it had been since I had last had a haircut. When I told her I couldn’t remember she then insisted I stay and offered me a free cut.

“Hey, it’s not like we’ve got anywhere else to be right?” she said. I had to agree.

We were pathetic. Here it was a beautiful balmy Friday evening in Sydney and we both had absolutely no plans. With nothing to lose I watched Jaime clean up a little, wash her hands and switch off the lights to the salons marque outside. She finally then directed me over to one of the chairs and proceed to cut. Pushing up against me I couldn’t help but get an instant woody feeling her pert 19-year-old breasts mash into the side of my shoulder. I couldn’t be certain but I suspected she knew what she was doing but had no intentions of stopping.

For the next few minutes we then proceeded to chat, mostly about my relationship with Maria and the other girls. It was then I chuckled as Jaime admitted that she too knew about Maria and Nikki’s secret relationship. She had apparently caught them fooling around in the back but didn’t say anything. I asked her to describe what she saw and she told me she caught Maria going down on Nikki. I couldn’t believe it, and Jaime giggled that she too was shocked.

She added, “Yeah how do you think I feel. Luckily we only had a few people in that day but right there in the back, just behind the curtain the girls were totally going for it.”

I told her she was fully of shit and that I didn’t believe her but Jaime insisted that she had caught them in the act and that luckily for her they didn’t notice her peeking.

Jaime explained, “Yeah I swear, Nikki was standing behind the bench looking up at the back wall for something and Maria was on the floor cleaning out the shelves and while down there she reached up and was playing with Nikki.”

I pressed Jaime for more information, “What do you mean by playing?”

Blushing a little Jaime added, “You know, playing... rubbing her. She was playing with her pussy, right there, in the back. I watched for a second and could see Nikki was getting off on it too. Not only did she not push Maria’s hand away but she started to grind her hips over her hand...”

As Jaime replayed the scene for me, I was now growing extremely hard.

“Fuck, sounds hot!” I said.

“Yeah I know... I mean it was, is... but I’m just not into that sort of thing.”


“Nah,” she replied before pausing for a moment and grinning shyly, “I like cock too much.”

I was gob smacked. Meanwhile Jaime just giggled sweetly and I suddenly came to realize why the other girls disliked her. Knowing Maria she most probably hinted that she liked to fool around with the same sex but Jaime inadvertently shot her down, insulting and angering her.

Changing the subject Jaime then said, “You know what, we need some tunes.”

With that I watched her shake her pretty little ass to the back of the salon and switch on the radio. Being a Friday night in Sydney there was no lack of great stuff to listen to. Returning back to me she then smiled warmly before continuing to cut my hair and to my chagrin she caught red handed checking out her ass a number of times. Each time she just simply smiled and rewarded me by mashing her perfect teenage tits against me again.

Finishing my cut she then surprised me by suggesting we go to the back basins for a quick wash. I had to admit that although it seemed a little strange for her to wash it after the cut, I still went back with her and a minute later Jaime started to wash and massage me thoroughly. Applying some mint scented conditioner, she then proceeded to really go to work, giving me an incredibly deep and soothing scalp massage. It was one of the greatest massages I’d ever had, and it was so good in fact it caused me to groan softly with delight, causing her to giggle.

Enjoying her incredibly talented hands I then finally spoke.

“God damn Jaime, you got the most amazing set of hands. I wanna chop them off and take them home with me.” I joked.

To my surprised Jaime replied, “Well don’t do that or there goes my sex life.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment as I assimilated what she was actually saying. Then before I could reply I could practically hear her smile from behind me. She then seemed to take it up a notch with the massage and proceeded to really go to work on the back of my head and neck, gently kneading and lovingly caressing me. Falling silent again it was now as if she was using her fingers to communicate with me.

I can’t really explain it but it was as though she was showing me how she wanted me to touch her, caress her, and fondle her. Enjoying it immensely, I couldn’t help but start to grow a noticeable woody again and glancing down it was plainly obvious to see, but to her credit she didn’t say anything even though I knew she could clearly see it. Massaging me thoroughly for the next few minutes we both listened to the radio in the background and watched as my cock grow harder, longer. Suddenly, she then finally spoke in her softly sweet baby voice.

“Do you like that sweetie?”

Her voice alone drove me insane.

“Fuck yeah...” I barely groaned back. At this stage I was in an almost dream like state.

Falling silent for a moment Jaime then added, “Hmm, yeah I can see...”

My eyes immediately shot open and I was mortified, humiliated. Despite this revelation Jaime continued to massage me lovingly and now proceeded to use her nails, running them down the side of my face and around my ears. It was almost as if she was now just trying to see how much she could turn me on. I almost let out an involuntary moan to the contact and suddenly felt her hands move across my face and down my neck, softly caressing my shoulders and collar bone. At this point I was so fucking hard I thought I was going to drill a hole through my pants.

Running her fingers gently over my lips, without thinking I then kissed one of them and to my surprise she then slipped the tip of her index finger into my mouth. Sucking it softly, I then watched in awe as Jaime slowly pulled away and slowly stepped around the front of the basin to stand directly in front of her. From my vantage point on the reclined chair it seemed as though her dress was shorter than I remembered and I could almost look right up and see her panties. With a devious smile on her face Jaime casually reached down and gripped my tool with her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

Running her long fingernails over the outline of my pants she then spoke softly, “Does he want a massage too?”

I was so stunned I could barely speak, and I simply responded by nodding my head. Smiling mischievously Jaime then slowly fell to her knees and leisurely unzipped my pants and reached in to pull out my throbbing member. Judging by her reaction she wasn’t disappointed and I watched as she playfully licked her pretty lips and flicked her pink wet tongue around inside her mouth. All the while I just sat there frozen, still trying to come to terms with what was about to happen. It was all like a dream.

Stroking it gently Jaime didn’t waste anytime and quickly leaned over to devour my cock. The sensation of her hot sweet mouth and even hotter tongue caused me to let out a long low moan. I had to fight to keep my eyes from closing as I watched this sweet angelic teenager swallow and lick my tool. Reaching up I then grabbed the side of her head and helped guide her as she sucked me keenly. Toying with me, she then grinned as she placed the head of my cock against her perfect white teeth and licked the underside of my bell head, driving me insane.

Blowing me fervently for a few minutes I finally had enough and pulled her up to kiss me. As we kissed for the very first time my hands found the bottom of her short, short dress, and I slid it up and over he curvy hips leaving her standing there bent over in just her panties. Sliding my hand between her soft smooth legs I then rubbed my hand against her panty clad pussy causing her to moan into my mouth. At that exact moment I couldn’t help but think that compared to Maria or Nikki for that matter Jaime was just so much softer, gentler, and tender.

Even though we were now both breathing heavy and kissing and groping at each other fervently there was still a warmth and gentleness there. She was just so fucking sweet and innocent I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t wanted to fuck someone so much in my entire life. Despite the fact that I was desperate to be inside her, everything about our situation screamed at me to go slow, to take my time, enjoy her, make love to her. Staring into each others eyes I then took her face into my hands and lovingly pulled back her long blonde hair exposing her beautiful face.

Staring into her bright blue eyes, I then kissed her tenderly and she reciprocated. Breaking our embrace I then gulped as I watched her stand straight up and slowly reach under to take her panties. Pulling them down her soft smooth legs she then stepped out of them and crawled up to straddle me on the seat. She was so wet and hot, I could feel the warmth emanating from her crotch.

Grabbing the end of my tool she then breathed, “I want you inside me.” And slowly impaled herself.

I sat in wonder watching as she sexily flung her long blonde hair from side to side. Wrapping her arms around my neck she then lifted her feet up and placed them on the seat on either side of me and while sitting on my pole proceeded to slowly move and grind against me, rubbing her searing cunt over me. We both groaned as her pussy was tight, hot, and velvety smooth. Holding her me close I filled her completely as she breathed and whimpered into my ear. I gripped her luscious ass in my hands and assisted her, moving and grating her hips.

Jaime shrieked softly in a series of high pitch noises and let her mouth fall open as I quickly picked up the pace, compelling her to bounce over me. Riding me hard for the next few minutes I then took the initiative and suddenly flipped her over onto the chairs, making her squeal as I then proceed to pound into her more fervently. Grunting loudly, I grabbed one of her legs and held her firmly in place as I drilled her repeatedly.

Jaime yelped noisily and moaned, “Ohh yesss!! Babbby... oohhhh!!”

Boning her thoroughly I suddenly began to tense up and to my surprise she scrambled to get to her knees in front of me, pleading for me to cum in her mouth. The display of sheer lust caused me to instantly erupt and I blasted my jizz all over her face, spraying her lips and mouth before squirting the rest of my syrupy load down her narrow throat. Catching our breath a minute later Jaime looked up at me and smiled shyly.

“So does this mean we’re fuck buddies too?”

To be continued...

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