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dirty knees
07-20-2007, 11:44 PM
"Come over, I want to give you a massage."

"Just a massage?"

"Probably not. I have a new toy, I want you to see it. You haven't seen
my new crop either."

"Mmmm. Sounds delicious."

He picked me up at my house just as I was finishing shaving and
cleaning myself up. I put on a nice thong, some tight jeans and my nicest tank top and we hopped in his truck and he whisked us to his house.

As soon as we arrived, he ushered me into his bedroom and sat me down
on his king size bed, then began opening a giant suit case he kept in
his closet. As he opened it, I saw so many things. Wooden handles with
hundreds of strips of leather, each a different weight, some heavy, some
so soft. Body tapping tools, containers filled with hand cuffs, leather
cuffs, metal cuffs, police cuffs, butt plugs, piercing kits,
acupuncture needles, and so many more things than I can remember.

As he pulled out each of his leather whips, he would lash them across
the tops of my thighs. The denim dulled the sting, but it felt so
wonderful. I leaned back on my hands, and he would lash my breasts. My silk
tank top and bra did little to dull that, it felt even better, and I
could not stifle a moan. The grin on his face was salacious and very
nearly giddy. He loves to show off his collection.

He pulled out each container, one at a time, and showed me each item
within them with care. Every set of cuffs, he would attach to my wrists,
then throw me back on the bed, holding my arms high above my head to
try them out. I would resist the first few times he tried to restrain my
wrists. I was nervous, but excited and the adrenaline was already
beginning to rush. He would kiss me as he pinned me down, bite my neck, my
ears, my jaw and my shoulders until I was squirming, then he would let
me go and try another. Leather cuffs bit less into my wrists than the
police grade metal cuffs, but hugged them so much better, and could be
drawn so much tighter. When he tugged me, I moved where he wanted me and arched beneath him as he smiled madly, teasing me, then releasing me.

Next, he pulled out an arm spacer. It was crude, but it worked so well.
It was a pvc pipe about two feet long, and through it was a black
leather belt. He took one of my hands and slipped it through the belt, then
took my other, and fastened the buckle around it's wrist. Grabbing the
pipe, he pulled me off the bed, then strung my arms over his
shoulders, the pipe behind his neck. Kissing me more, he held my neck hard in
his hand, beginning to massage it as we stood against each other, locked
at the lips, then lips to throats and necks, getting each other more
excited all over again.

He then hooked the pipe behind my head, straining my arms and holding
me still, standing up with my legs spread. While one hand held the pipe
behind me, so I could not straighten my arms, the other was between my
legs, fondling me over my jeans as he bit my breasts and nipples
through the thin material of my shirt. It was beginning to become too
difficult to stand, I was getting light headed with arousal and I told him so,
and asked to be taken out of the spreader.

This time, he did not let me out. He threw me to the bed, letting my
arms go above my head again, and was on me as quickly as he threw me
down. His pelvis ground into mine, and his lips were locked with mine once
more. But slowly, he withdrew and pulled me up as he rose. My wrists
were released and the spreader put to the side, then he held me tight
against him, standing again, and raked his fingernails up and down my
body, sensitizing my body and skin. Soon, his hands found my skin, and he
lift my shirt. He continued, dragging his nails over my flesh, leaving
red lines, and me gasping with excitement. The more he scratched me, the
more sensitive I became, and the better it felt with every pass. Soon,
my bra followed my shirt. It was unhooked and tossed to the side,
leaving me topless.

Then he put the spreader back on my wrists. As he discovered my left
nipple, pierced with a small, horizontal barbell, his attention became
focused on it. He ravaged it with his tongue and teeth, driving me wild
til again, I could barely stand. He would not let me lay down. Soon, he
began to unbuckle my pants, his lips never leaving my chest, as he bit
and sucked upon each of my breasts and nipples.

Once my pants and socks were off, leaving me in nothing but a
thong and my piercings, did he throw me back on the bed. He retreived the
softest of his leather lashing whips, and struck it across my breasts
and thighs. Occasionally, it would connect with my pussy, covered with
the thin, black nylon thong, a heavy slap that would leave a ripe sting,
and bring my legs together. Forcefully, he would spread my legs again,
then lash my inner thighs harder.

Smiling, pleased with himself, my thighs and breasts now a blushing
pink, me made me roll over onto my stomach. He put away his light whip and
brought out the much heavier one. It's straps of leather were so much
thicker, heaver and longer, and when he whipped it across my back, I
moaned loudly. He would swing it in rapid circles, letting the tips of
the leather bite and sting my ass as they passed, then he would lay it
hard and flat across the backs of my thighs, until I was whimpering with
delight, and wet between the legs.

The crop was next, but my face was buried into the comforter, and I did
not know it was comming. He laid it hard against my ass and thighs,
leaving me writhing beneath his sadistic ministrations, and covered in
bright red welts that stung long after they were delivered. Every time
the crop would cut particularly sharply into my thighs, I would close my
legs, only to have them thrown apart further each time.

The crop was then put away, and another toy brought out. It was slapped
against my shoulders and sides, catching the swells of my breasts. He
ordered me to look at it, and I found that it was the large wooden
spoon I found for him the week before when we were out shopping. Just
knowing that I had picked out the item that he was now spanking me with had me in fits of delerious ecstacy. My ass was becoming glowing red, and
so very raw, and for every four slaps upon my cheeks, I would get one
right on my pussy. Soon the sting became all I could think of, and even
more, crave, and before long, I was blubbering and begging to be hit
again and again between my thighs. Only when I used the dirtiest of words,
begged him to beat my swollen pussy, and beat it hard, did he comply.

He took a break, and straddled my ass. His hands ran up my spine and
over my shoulders. The cuffs still on the bed beside me, were laid across
my back, the cold metal contrasting with the heat of his hands as he
stroked my muscles, teasing, making my skin so sensitive. He would
repeat this with various toys that I could not identify, some were glass,
some were metal, others leather, all cool against the stinging of my
marks. He took a coarsely bristled brush and raked it over my skin,
sensitizing me even more, then softened the sting with his lips, kissing,
licking and nipping at my skin until he rose again.

This time, he tried the cane. A stiff, solid pole of wood, with a
curved handle that left welts upon my ass cheeks to match. I could not
contain my moans as he struck me again and again in the same time, making my flesh so tender it nearly became untolerable. I begged him to stop,
and he continued just a little longer before putting one of his most
favoured toys away.

He kneeled between my legs and kissed between the cheeks of my ass, and
along the tops of my thighs, murmuring to me about how glowing red it
was, how beautiful it was. The man loves to spank.

His hands roamed my ass and lower back, until his fingers caught my
thong at the hips and pulled it down my thighs, and off my feet. Sitting
on the bed beside me, he spread my legs as wide as they could be spread,
one of them across his lap as I still laid face down on his soft bed.
He brought out the crop again. Each time it was slapped against my
exposed pussy, that I did not dare hide, lest be struck harder than I could
handle, the lips burned, and the crop retreated with a moist spot on
it's looped leather end. He grinned madly. I squirmed and cried
delightedly. By the time I could no longer bear the burning of my thighs and
pussy, he was ready to put away his paddles, spoons, whips and crops, and
flip me over.

Now was the time for more intricately crafted toys.

I laid on my back, tender, but soothed by the soft blanket below me,
exposed to him from head to toe, and now able to see the deleriously
happy grin across his face. He had fetched his suction cups. Each size had
one pair, and they went from large enough to cup my breasts, to just
small enough to capture my nipple. He tried each one, testing with each
pump of the attachable handle that sucked my flesh into the clear
plastic prisons. They were placed on my breasts, on my nipples, my stomach
and my thighs, and drawn so tight that they bit, and I groaned. He
released them, then placed the smallest on my nipples, and drew them as far
into the cups as I could handle before tears bit at my eyes. I was
delighted with the pain, and nearly could not hold still. It was then that
he forced my legs closed, removed the cup from my pierced nipple, and
placed it between the lips of my moist, aching pussy.

It touched my clit, and I very nearly jumped out of my skin, realizing
what was to come. He attached the tool to the cup, and pressed the cup
to my clit, then began to pump out the air with squeezes of his hand.
With every air sucking pump, the flesh of my clit was sucked up tightly,
and it was soon throbbing with the pleasure I derived from such a new
and wonderful sensation.

Leaving it there, he took out a glass dildo, wound with thick glass
threading, a penis shaped drill, intended for my aching puss. Spreading my
legs wider, he slipped it between my lips, the glass so cold against
my hot, wet flesh, causing me to gasp and squirm. He began to twist it,
literally screwing it into the depths of my cunt, easing in the cold
glass rod. I was so wet, there was little resistance, and soon he was
pumping the ribbed dildo in and out of me with such great speeds, I could
hardly contain the pleasure and began to moan loud enough to pierce the
walls of his room, and alert the neighbors of our devious games.

Soon he paused, then leaned over me and grabbed the spreader. He lifted
my legs, and looped them through my arms, forcing me to keep my legs
up, the spreader behind my knees. Then he continued, and began ramming
the drilling glass probe into me again. One hand on the cup upon my
clit, he began to tug and push on it, stimulating me so close to an orgasm
that I felt I may soon explode. But before I could cum, he withdrew the
toy, and slipped in another, smooth and curved, also glass. It was so
cold, and he shoved it in so hard and fast that I instantly tensed and
came harder than I ever have in my life. I screamed and I thrashed
against my own arms binding me in my position, until my body shook with the
climax and I could take no more, exhausted and spent.

He put away the toys and turned out the lights, finally undressing and
slipping beneath covers. Curious, I asked if I would get undone and he
simply smiled. I managed to release my legs and move up on the bed,
beside him. He pulled the pipe behind his head, and rested his neck on my
shoulder, moist from my sweat. Squirming, I began to beg to be
released, but he would only smile and shake his head. Breath still heavy, and
my chest still heaving, I grew silent, waiting, thinking. I began to try
and pull my arms away from him, but he kept them behind his head,
watching me. Then slowly, I pulled one hand from the belt, reflecting his
proud grin, which faded from his own lips.

"We'll have to do it tighter next time."

07-21-2007, 12:33 AM
Good story...thanks

07-21-2007, 06:07 AM
Awesome story for your first attempt...

Shows a good understanding of subject matter and good grammer...

Definately keep up the good work.

07-21-2007, 06:23 AM
Nice job DK- A fine addition to this bunch of zany characters around here-
I'm excluding me, cause I'm fairly certain I'm sane

07-21-2007, 08:29 AM
A very hot one DK. By all means write more. You are off to a great start.

07-21-2007, 04:47 PM
great job....thanks for sharing it with us :)

victoria day
07-22-2007, 02:00 PM
My only similar experience ( of the flesh and not fantasy ) was a weekend with someone who used make-shift toys ( veggie dildos and tools of discipline from household objects) They did the trick, of course. The really erotic element in B&D ( as your story so vividly shows ) is the anticipation, slow and patient care given by the DOM .. his care and love and attention to your needs.