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The Pornographer
07-22-2007, 04:08 AM
Blind Date with Amber Tamblyn
Featuring Amber Tamblyn
By The Pornographer
(MF, Blowjob, voy)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comment or suggestions

I had been single for almost 6 months straight, when one fateful evening I answered my telephone and heard the sweetest little voice on the other end. It seemed that my best friend Melissa, had taken pity on me, and had actually come through with passing my number to a few acquaintances of hers. I should have known she would, since she had been threatening to take matters into her own hands if I didn’t hook up with somebody by St. Patrick’s Day.

Chatting briefly to this wonderful stranger, it was then she introduced herself and told me that her name was Amber, Amber Tamblyn. Amber then told me that it was Melissa’s idea that we should meet and maybe get to know each other over dinner or a cup of coffee. Right away I was extremely apprehensive, not knowing what Amber looked like, or what Melissa has told her about me. It was then near the end of our 40-minute conversation that I found just how assertive and confident Amber was. Apparently sick of hearing my countless excuses about how busy I was for the next few weeks, she then plainly affirmed.

“Okay, so I’m free on Wednesday afternoon... where do you want to do this?”

“Do this?” I thought. What the hell had Melissa arranged here?

Amber then practically arranged everything on her own while I just agreed. I actually believe she didn’t even need to call me and ask me anything, as she arranged everything. It seemed, Amber was desperate to meet. Nonetheless, I decided to amuse her, and agreed to go along.

A few days later, I arrived to our prearranged meeting place - a public park, close to the local Museum. Unfortunately for us, the weather was terrible that day and it was raining heavily. At one stage it was so bad that I considered leaving as I just assumed Amber would not show - but I soon ate my words.

A few minutes later Amber finally appeared in my foggy rear view mirror, smiling widely. Thankfully, she was absolutely gorgeous, and stepping up to my car I open the passenger door for her to let her in. As she ducked inside and out of the rain, we then officially introduced ourselves and giggled at the entire awkwardness of our situation. To my delight Amber looked quite fetching, clad in a sexy white floral dress that reached her ankles, and a heavy denim jacket.

Wearing open heeled sandal like shoes, the highlight for me was the fact that the top of her dress had a plunging neck line which showed off her very alluring cleavage and her soft pale skin. She really was beautiful.

It was then Amber let out, “Oh thank god... Melissa told me you were cute, and I’m relieved now,”

As Amber got comfortable in my car, she switched the heater on high when suddenly her cell phone rang. It was apparently Melissa. Amber answered it excitedly and then informed her that despite the weather we had successfully met up and found each other. Then as Amber passed the phone to me so I could briefly chat to Melissa, I watched as Amber slipped off her jacket and was now clad in just her sexy wet outfit.

I couldn’t help but admire her creamy soft skin. It was flawless. Hanging up the phone, Amber and I then sat and chatted for a while as the windows fogged up considerably from our body heat. With the weather playing havoc with our plans, I asked her if she wanted to do anything and smiling slyly, it was then I notice just how much she loved to use her tongue – sticking it out and placing it over the front of her teeth. Amber then suggested that we go catch a movie.

Usually I hated to go to the movies, despising the long cues and loud out of control children. But seeing as it was a week day and pouring rain, it was most probably going to be empty so I agreed. Starting the car, we headed for the nearest cinema.

As expected, we were practically the only ones there. Buying our tickets, pop corn, and drinks, it was then she received a SMS message through her blackberry, and a few moments later I started to get a weird vibe from her. She suddenly didn’t seem all that interested or happy anymore, but now seemed a little cold, stand offish, and annoyed. I wasn’t sure what the bug up her ass was, but I brushed it aside and hoped that she would soon begin to be herself again, just like she was in the car a few minutes earlier.

Collecting our things, we then head up to the third floor and stepped inside the huge 200 seat cinema room, where Amber quickly took charge and led us right to the back and towards the very last row. Going along, I immediately started to get a little suspicious as she then ignored some of the best seats in the house, and instead sort out a half dozen seats right in the back, corner. With an entire 20 rows and three separate sections to choose from, I wondered why she chose to go there.

Looking at her quizzically, Amber then explained that it was her favourite spot so I didn’t argue. If I believed her or not was another question all together, but there was no harm in it I thought. Taking our seats, Amber then got up and told me to swap positions with her – saying something about wanting to sit closer to the isle. Rolling my eyes I swapped with her, and I was now relegated to the corner and sat just one seat away from the wall, almost in complete darkness. From my seat I could hardly see the entire screen properly.

But before I had time to complain, Amber quipped, “Why don’t you just complain about it some more... Jesus, get over it,” she added rudely.

I was bemused. What the hell was wrong with this girl, did she have mood swings or what? Now sitting there all uncomfortable and awkward, I wondered if I actually wanted to go through with the rest of the date. Finally calming down and settling in, we both waited for the movie to start. As the movie finally began, it was then that I saw Amber lift her legs up and place them on the seats in front of her. She then pulled her long heavy skirt between her thighs and showed off some leg – including her cute little fairy tattoo. Noticing me stare, I smiled thinking she most probably wouldn’t mind me checking her out, but she then surprise me again.

She rudely said, “Are you right? Take a picture, it lasts longer...”

What the fuck?! I thought.

I initially laughed thinking she was just fooling around with me, but apparently she wasn’t. I couldn’t work this girl out. What the hell was her problem? She seemed to really have a chip on her shoulder. On the one hand she seemed to be openly flirting with me, but then on the other she continually fucked things up by saying something stupid or inappropriate. Despite it all, I just bit my tongue and continued to enjoy the movie. Watching the film in relative silence for the next few minutes, it was then I glanced over and caught her staring at me a few times.

Looking at her while we shared the popcorn I smiled, “What?”

Amber shook her head and seemed to be thinking about something, like she wanted to do or say something to me but she just didn’t know how. Instead she then put her drink down and told me that she would be right back in a minute. I assumed she was just running off to use the ladies, but then got an ominous sign as I watched her grab her phone, wallet, and jacket. Seeing this, I was almost certain that the “date” had come to a crashing end. She was now most probably just looking for a way out, and call someone, anyone, to help her escape.

With nothing really happening between us, except for some awkward pauses and moments, I got the feeling she had finally had enough and was having second thoughts about the entire get together. Meanwhile, I too was incredible frustrated and cursed myself for not being more assertive. As I sat there pondering my mistakes, I promised myself that if she ever did come back, I would throw caution to the wind and be more forward. Almost finishing her drink, a good 15 minutes later Amber finally reappeared, slowly walking up the dimply lit path.

Spotting each other she smiles at me widely, as if nothing bad had happened. Seeing her warm smile I suddenly had a feeling that I had blown the entire thing out of proportion. I don’t know what it was, but I now just got the feeling she had a massive change of heart. I don’t know what Melissa told her on the phone, but Amber now seemed like a completely different person, no longer anxious or cold and bitter. Sitting back down next to me, Amber again got comfortable, slipping off her jacket and adjusting her things around her. She then looked at me.

Smiling at me sweetly she then asked, “Did you miss me?”

I immediately grinned, “Of course baby,” and with that I reached over and tenderly caressed her face.

Stroking her cheek, Amber purred and then whispered, “I’m sorry,” and with that leaned in, and before I knew what was happening we were making out passionately.

Being quite aggressive, Amber didn’t waste any time and eagerly shoved her tongue down my throat. Although she wasn’t exactly the best kisser I’d ever met, I had to give her kudos for her enthusiasm. Making out fervently for several minutes, we finally broke from each other as we suddenly felt a bright light illuminate us. Unfortunately for us, an usher was doing her rounds and had inadvertently interrupted us.

As the blonde teenager stepped by us, disappointed, Amber smiled at her sarcastically. No words needed to be exchanged as the usher knew exactly what Amber was annoyed about. Doing a few rounds, the moment the usher disappeared down the exit, Amber then leaned back and places her legs right over mine. With her long dress riding up a little, I stroked her bare leg while she enjoyed another drink.

I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth her skin felt. I had never felt anything like it. As I admired her flawless skin, a moment later we were interrupted once again as her cell phone started to ring, and she answered it quickly. It was apparently Melissa again, and she seemed to want to know how the date was going. Judging from the Q&A, I surmised that Amber had in actual fact spoken to her a few minutes earlier and Amber had most probably hinted that things weren’t going as well as she had planned.

Oh what a difference 10 minutes makes.

While Amber chatted quietly on her phone, I then playfully stroked her legs, drawing and caressing them with my fingers. With my eyes on the screen, I nonchalantly circled my digits around her knee, and then inside. Suddenly, as I was doing this I felt her legs part ever so gently - as if telling me to proceed. Looking down, I then looked over at her face and she had an incredibly sexy glint in her eye. Still listening to Melissa go on, Amber then started to flick her tongue around in her mouth and I knew she was up for it.

Playing along, I then boldly slipped my hand further up her shirt, waiting for her to push me away at any moment. But to my surprise, she just continues to chat and then, actually parted her knees a little further, allowing me to slide my hand all the way up her dress. As I slowly moved my hand further inside, I could feel the warmth within. Her skin was velvety soft and incredibly smooth, and the higher I inches up her thigh the hotter she felt. Finally snaking my way all way inside, I finally found her panties, and swallowed hard with anticipation.

Extremely excited, I did my best not to look so. Meanwhile, feeling my hand gently brush against her panties, Amber stiffened up for a moment but didn’t pull away or say anything. Flashing me a mischievous stare, I then ever so gently massaged her crotch through her underwear. To my delight I found them to be loose fitting and made of silk. I grinned to myself as I thought it looked kind of comical since my entire arm was practically buried inside her dress.

I smiled at the fact that Amber had her legs up and parted slightly, swaying casually in the breeze. Finally hanging up the phone, I expected Amber to stop me at any moment, but she didn’t say a word. Reaching over she just casually took a handful of popcorn from the large bucket and continued watching the film, all the while with my arm buried inside her dress and between her legs.

Leaning over to my ear a moment later she then said, “Hey honey, can you pass me your drink,”

As I did that, grinning as I deliberately used my free hand, Amber then kisses me on the cheek and took a sip from the large coke. With my fingers still massaging her panties, I smiled as I watched her drink.

I then leaned over and whispered, “You want me to stop?”

Amber didn’t reply at first and just grinned slyly. She then shook her head no and followed my eye line as I was suddenly distracted by a few stray pieces of popcorn which had fallen inside her dress and down her cleavage. Looking down, Amber then brushes the food away, and lifting her top to clean herself, I was treated to an eyeful. As Amber repeatedly lifted her top, I could clearly see she wasn’t wearing a bra and to my delight caught sight of her nipple.

To my amazement, her nipples were spectacular - thick, puffy, hard, and pink! I couldn’t believe it. By the little grin on her face I was sure Amber knew exactly what she was doing, giving me a full show. Playing it up, I then watched as she slipped her hand inside her dress and proceeded to gently brush and clean her breasts. Running her hand under and around her breast, she then scraped her fingertips across her nipple, and briefly tweaked her nipple!

Seeing this I was so aroused I thought I was going to put a hole through my pants from my hard on. Just then, something pivotal in the movie happened and Amber broke my day dream by looking up at the screen.

“Oh shit, look...” she said, changing the subject and placing her breasts back out of view.

I looked at the screen and enjoyed the film for a minute. Looking back at her a few minutes later, I could see a huge grin on her face. She knew that seeing her breasts had affected me. I had to admit, if anything, this girl has to be one of the best cock teases I’d ever met. Still sitting there with my hand resting against her underwear, I decided to take it up a notch and began to rub a little harder inside her dress. Tenderly caressing her thighs and panties, over the next few minutes our breathing slowly became a little laboured.

Breathing heavy, I then watched as her legs hypnotically swayed a little wider, giving me more access. Running the tips of my fingers against the thin material, I soon found the tight groove of her slit and caressed it lovingly. Stroking and gently tracing it fondly, I accentuated her little slot, brushing and exploring each and every inch of it. Cooing softly, Amber then placed one of her hands over her dress and between her legs, just above my exploring hand. And breathing heavily, I glanced over at her briefly to see her flash me a seductive gaze.

I could also see her forehead was now covered in a thin sheet of sweat, and her chest rose and fell rapidly. Looking back at the screen, it was then I made my move and slowly slide my finger to the side of her panties. Finding and stretching the elastic, I tentatively slipped my digit underneath and inside to gently caress her soft, searing skin. To my absolute delight, I was shocked to find her extremely wet.

Finding and brushing my finger over her pubic hair, I quickly found her slick lips and sank my finger between them, moistening it. Meanwhile, Amber inhaled sharply while I leisurely explored her pussy. The entire section around us now seemed to reek with sex and her juices. Now dropping any pretence of watching the film, Amber surprised me again by spreading her legs wide and giving me full access to her centre.

I was then startled for a moment when I felt her slip her own hand under her dress and join mine, and we now both shared in stimulating her. While I slowly, tenderly, slid my finger between her tight, wet lips, Amber’s finger quickly found her clit and began to play. Gently twirling just the tip of her fingertip around her tiny clit, she began to quiver and whimper around. Encouraged and aroused, I then gripped her by her inner thigh and pulled her in a little closer to me.

Amber wriggled closer, with her legs obscenely spread apart, and by now her panties were soaking wet. Not even bothering to watch the screen anymore, I instead studied Amber’s facial expressions. Shutting her eyes, Amber tossed her head back and ran her tongue over the front of her teeth. Teasing her, she then finally lost her patience and grabbing my hand, directing me towards her entrance.

Amber then took my finger and guided it into her hole, instructing me to fuck her a little. I did as I was told, and I gently sank my digit into her hotness. Gasping, Amber’s legs then began to tremble violently as I started to finger-fuck her steadily. It was then Amber used her free hand to reach over and place it on the front of my jeans, feeling and squeezing my hard on. Curling up close to each other we then made out passionately and she kissed her way down to my face. Breathing into my neck, she whimpered softly and began to buck her hips up at my hand.

I whispered, “Mmm, you like that? Yeah...”

Amber didn’t reply, and simply responded by groaning deeply.

Extremely aroused, I was on the verge of just getting up and fucking her right then and there. Panting against me, Amber and I locked lips and she shoved her tongue down my throat. Tilting her head just a little, I immediately started to kiss and lick her soft neck and throat as I fingered her vigorously. Working my way down to her chest, Amber then took her hand off my crotch for just a moment to reach up and slip the strap of her dress off her shoulder and down to expose her left breast to me.

I didn’t waste a single moment and mauled her breast roughly, making her moan as I took her pink puffy nipple into my mouth. This action seemed to really get her going, and she began to squirm and whimper about uncontrollably. Panting steadily I was now on the verge of insanity, and shoved my whole hand inside her panties, stretching them. Cupping her searing slick crotch with the palm of my hand, and used two finger’s to fuck her sopping wet cunt! As I did this, we could both clearly hear my palm obscenely slap against her.

The sound was extremely dirty, and seemed to just rile us up even more. Getting lost in the moment, and desperate to hear her scream, I then did something that totally shocked her and literally took her breathe away. Without warning, I then slid my finger down her juice drenched snatch and rubbed it against her puckered anus. Then without wasting a single moment I buried my index finger inside her backdoor while at the same time I plunged my thumb into her searing cunt!!

Amber yelped out in shock, and shook and jerked violently. Wrapping her lips tightly around my neck, she then sucked me as hard as she possible could, giving me the mother of all hickies. Sinking both my digits deep inside her, I then proceeded to wriggle them around inside her which cause her to grunt loudly and tremble uncontrollable. Whimpering long and loud, Amber suddenly shrieked out in ecstasy as her legs slammed shut around my hand. She was climaxing.

I still couldn’t believe I had my finger buried almost knuckle deep inside her ass! Ripping my hand away from her strong grip, I then groped her incredible breasts, pawing and squeezing them. The smell of sex was strong and overwhelming as we continued to make out. Subsequently calming down, a minute later we both groaned with disappointment as we watched the movie end and the credits roll. Disappointed and extremely frustrated, we straightened up and collected our things as the lights came on before we head out of the cinema.

This time, we embraced each other and held hands as we walked – acting as though we had been dating for months. Making our way to the car it seemed that the weather had only gotten worse while we were inside. Waiting for the rain to let up, it was obvious it wasn’t going to so we decided to make run for it to the car. Running in the rain we both laughed as we finally climbed into the vehicle, and although we had only been out in the open for just a few seconds we were both soaked wet.

In the car, Amber then took off her wet jacket and fired up the heater again. The effect caused my windows to fog up considerably and so I couldn’t drive. I suspected that that was her plan.

Amber just smiled and said, “Relax, what’s your rush... lets just wait it out a litte,”

Switching on the radio, Amber then made herself comfortable and with the vehicle’s windows completely fogged over, we felt like we were in our own private little world.

“So, did you have a good time?” I asked her.

She quickly replied, “Did you? Oh wait, I know you did...”

And with that she wriggled over and wrapped her hand around my hard on. Kissing me softly, we soon started to make out fervently.

I then spoke, “So I guess that would be a yes,”

Amber replied, “Well apart from the fact I can barely walk...”

“Sorry about that, I kind of got carried away,”

Amber chuckled, “that’s okay, it was fun, but... there’s just one thing I regret,”

Amber then squeezed my cock through my pants and added, “I just wish I had a chance to thank you for today, properly”

As she said this, she began to undo my pants and reached in to wrap her hand around my tool. Finding me extremely hard, she smiled widely. Stroking my cock for a minute, to my surprise she knew exactly what she was doing, giving me an enjoyable hand job. Kissing me passionately as she stroked me, Amber licked her lips and smiled, watching my expression.

She then smirked, “So allow me to thank you, properly...”

And with that she suddenly dropped her head, opened her mouth and took me inside. Almost immediately Amber twirled her warm tongue around my bell-head and wrapped her lips around it, suckling it. I couldn’t fucking believe it, as here I was in broad day light, getting a blow job in the car park. Making me groan, I gripped Amber’s long wet hair and watched as she then began to bob up and down over my tool.

Massaging the back of her neck and caressing with her brown locks, she really started to go to work, picking up the pace and taking me into the back of her mouth. Slipping me out, she then lifted my pole and concentrated on licking the full length of my shaft and lathering it in a thick layer of spit. Sticking her tongue out, Amber spat and dabbed a number of thick strands of saliva all over my cock before smearing it around generously. I could help but moan softly as I saw this.

Amber in turn groaned in delight as she then worked her way down and licked my balls. Her entire chin and mouth were coated in spit. It was one of the messiest, yet hottest blow jobs I had ever seen let alone experienced. Suddenly, as I contemplated this I then tensed up as I saw movement in the corner of my eye. Through the foggy windows I spotted what looked like a family of four walking past our car towards their 4WD which was parked just a few metres away.

Panicking, I attempted to stop and pull Amber up, telling her that we had an audience, but she doesn’t care and simply continued to lick and suck me. Incredibly aroused at her Amber cock hungry devotion, as the family finally climbed into their car and left the car park, I then took my tool out of her mouth and slapped her across her face with it. Amber could only grunt and groan excitedly as I did this.

She whimpered, “Mmmpphhh yeaaaah, slap me with you cock... uughh I love that... mmm”

I was hitting her cheek and chin so hard that I was sure that you could almost hear the obscene sound outside the vehicle. Using her incredible tongue, Amber then proceeded to lick and paint broad strokes across the entire length of my rod as I briefly stroked myself.

“Mmmppphhhh... god yes, I fucking love watching that... pull your cock... yesss,” she breathed frantically between licks, “Urghh... I love your cock... (slurp) I love sucking your cock!!”

Grabbing her roughly by her head I then bellowed, “Then suck my cock... yeah like that!!! Show me how much you love to suck!!”

Amber groaned long and loudly as I forced a considerable amount of my meat down her throat. Sucking me eagerly, she then began to vehemently bob up and down and literally let me fuck her pretty face. Whimpering around, before I had time to think or do anything, I suddenly began to shoot rope after robe of hot gooey cum deep inside her mouth.

Startled, Amber gagged for a moment and groaned excitedly with a mouth full of cum, “Uuuppmfff... yeah!!! Cum for me baby... cum all over my face!!!”

I did as she said, and shot a few strands of cum across her face. Flinching in surprise, I shot a few rounds across her nose, mouth, and chin. Moaning loudly, I then watched in amazement as Amber frantically tried to catch it with her tongue, and earnestly licked the entire mess.

All things considered, I think our first date went quite well...


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Thanks for the new story

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Another good story....thanks

10-09-2009, 04:35 AM
How ironic it would be for him to get away with murder, and then get jail time for theft/armed robbery/breaking and entering, whatever the charge is

Some said earlier on CNN that he could get 10 years.

baby, just saw your post...sounds like 10 years might have been an under-estimate...