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dirty knees
07-23-2007, 04:53 PM
I still can not believe I allowed him to treat me as he did. I can not believe I invited him to come up to my hotel room, that I even thought about cheating on my wonderful husband Tim with him. That I didn't even know his name as he undressed me that first night we met. That when he asked me if I was "ready to be his slut" I said yes Sir, called him Master for the first time and agreed to do anything he asked of me. I can't describe the conflicting feeling rushing thru my mind and body as he commanded me to masturbate in front of him, feeling his eyes bore thru my very core until I was begging him to allow me to cum. Even as he slapped my face, demeaned me in unthinkable ways and called me a slut over and over I could only whimper, say "yes Sir" as my burning pussy got wetter and wetter until I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life.

I was still gasping, for my breath had not slowed when he ordered me to my knees in front of him. I can not be sure if he told me to take his cock out or if I did that on my own but suddenly there it was inches in front of my face. As he slapped my face with his hard cock I know I should have felt ashamed but all I could think of was wrapping my lips around the head so when he said "now suck it slut" my mouth was already trying to catch it. Kneeling naked before him, letting him use my mouth for a moment I became lost in my thoughts of finally getting the rough treatment I so crave and can not get from my loving husband that I wasnt prepared when he jerked me back to the present by pulling me up by my hair and ordering me to bend over the couch. Without thinking just doing as I was ordered I rose and quickly bend over bracing myself with my hands on the armrest. As I listened to him undress I wondered how I got to this point so rapidly, how I could be about to cheat on my dear husband with a total stranger and how this stranger seemed to know everything I craved and needed. Again as my mind was filled with such conflicting thoughts and even though my pussy swollen and wet I was ready for when he slammed his long cock into without warning. I know I must have screamed loud enough to wake the dead but at that moment I didnt care who heard me, I just wanted him to continue to fuck me! He was teasing me with his cock by slowly pulling out like he was trying to pull my insides out with his cock then as he gripped my waist thrust hard into me forcing a low grunt from me. My inner muscles was trying to grasp and hold his cock inside of me but he continued to fuck me as he wished not as I needed that I was soon begging him to fuck me faster but instead he starting talking to me, asking me if I liked his cock fucking me like this, if I loved having a Stranger fuck me, if I knew that now I was his slut? In between him pulling my hair which I have always found exciting all I could do was whimper and moan as I answered each of his questions with "Yes Sir!" Suddening he slapped my behind as he withdrew that wonderful cock of his leaving me feeling so empty and ordered me to the bed.

In a daze I moved over to where he now lay on the bed and seeing his cock standing up so straight, hard and slick with my juices I bent over and took it once again into my mouth. Tasting myself on his cock as it slid over my tongue and down my throat I sucked as if my life depended on it. I usually love to suck and tease a man's cock when I give orally but this time it was pure animalistic as I tried to take all of his long shaft down my throat. He was spanking me, pinching my nipples, giving me orders so fast I am not for sure what all transpired for several minutes when once again he changed and ordered me onto my back and I found myself bound to the bed with my legs spread wide apart. For the first time that night I suddenly became afraid for now I would have no control over what happen to me, as if I ever had control once I invited Him into my room.

As his hands moved over my naked body it was like tiny bolts of electricity shooting out the tips of his fingers touching raw nerve endings as I jerked and squirmed under his dominant control. My whole body was on fire as I tried to move away and at the same time closer to his exploring hands when I noticed this wicked smirk in his eyes. Without warning he suddenly reached up and pinched both of my hard, aching and sensitve nipples making me cry out for the hundredth time that night. Calling me his little painslut he pinched, twisted and tugged on my throbbing nubs, as he told me how much he was going to love tormenting my nipples. As he leaned over and took my left nipple between his teeth and bit down I thought to myself suzanne girl this time you may have gone too far as I remembered the innocent email at that time telling him how much I fanastized about this. I was rapidly approaching another numbing orgasm and this was so unusual for me for when I make love with my husband, I NEVER cum more than once. My moans and crys were getting loud when his right hand moved down my stomach and between my tied spread legs. When he started to rub my burning clit I was begging for him to fuck me again, use me as he wished but please just fuck me. He was laughing at me and calling me every demeaning name he could think of but all I could do was thrash on the bed and beg for release. Just as I was about to go over the edge he suddenly stopped and slapped my swollen pussy sending me into sensory overload. I will never foget that wet smacking sound or the pain that shot thru my entire body. He was talking to me when again he slapped me between my spread legs. I have heard the expression "seeing stars" well that night I saw them twice. I have no memory what he said to me then but all I could do was meekly whimper a "yes Sir" with each of his questions. Then he started rubbing my now very sensitive clit, I heard the words "cum slut!" and that is what I did! Crying out as he bit my nipple again I tried raise up off of the bed and squeeze my legs together as wave after wave washed over me.

As I collasped back onto the bed I wa aware of him untying my legs and pushing my knees back onto my chest. Even if I could have resisted, even if I had wanted to I was in no shape to anything but allow him to finish whatever he had in mind for me. He was talking to me the entire time but his words were like coming from far away in a fog and all I could do was whimper "yes, Master". I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance, then his long shaft pushed all the way into me. I gasped when I felt his weight pressed down on me but it came out as a long yessssssssssss. I was so sore and raw that each time he rammed into me it hurt beyond belief but I was still trying to raise my hips up and meet each demanding thrust. As he slammed over and over into me telling me once again I was his slut, he was going to use me over and over and allow his friends to use me this sent me into a mind numbing orgasm and my inner muscles gripped as tightly as they could around his pounding shaft. When I did that I felt his body tense and he exploded in me filling me with his burning cum. I collapsed back on the bed and barely remember him untying my hands.

Watching him dress as I lay on the bed, sore but sated like I have never felt before he is telling me that he owns me now, that I am his slut and always will be, and that when he calls me I will be available. I lay there thinking about all that he did to me, this first night we ever met in person and know that yes no matter what happens I am his slut. As he closes the door and leaves me alone for the rest of the night I whisper "Master" and close my eyes and fall into a coma like sleep, dreaming not of my comfortable home and husband but this new wonderful terror I have found.

victoria day
07-23-2007, 07:38 PM
Every girl who is lucky enough to appreciate this story will also know that magic moment when she laughs/cries out " Oh GOD!!! Don't stop!!!" and he he gets harder.. with sex, with spanking, with rough play, with his tongue, with his smell, with his skin on skin beating down on your.... sorry, having fun with my fingers as I type one-handed...

Oh Yeah! On dirty knees and breathing in the smell of a guy's sweaty balls... Ahh.

dirty knees
07-23-2007, 07:53 PM
Every girl who is lucky enough to appreciate this story will also know that magic moment when she laughs/cries out " Oh GOD!!! Don't stop!!!" and he he gets harder.. with sex, with spanking, with rough play, with his tongue, with his smell, with his skin on skin beating down on your.... sorry, having fun with my fingers as I type one-handed...

Oh Yeah! On dirty knees and breathing in the smell of a guy's sweaty balls... Ahh.
*lil grin*
for a blondie you are really kinda smart
teasing sugar

07-23-2007, 08:38 PM
Great story DK, liked it so much I'm going to give you a nice hard spanking