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06-01-2006, 04:04 PM
Fun on Uncle's Lap
by blou83

After I graduated from high school, I decided to get a job and work for awhile before college. I wanted to move out though, so I rented a room from my Aunt and Uncle. It was a pretty good thing for all of us. I was between boyfriends so there wasn't much going on in my personal life at this time. Which was fine actually. I was really too busy right now for commitments.

I am what is termed a BBW. I am a big, beautiful woman. I am about 5'5" and I weigh about 210. I am proportioned rather well, with a nice plump ass and huge tits. I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have had an active sex life for the past couple of years, mostly with guys my age.

I was working at a local restaurant and was making enough to live on and save a little too. The job wasn't too bad. Some days were a little harder than others. This had been one of them. I came home and took a long hot shower. I dressed in a white, button up, cotton blouse and a black mini skirt. I just wanted to be comfortable. I went into the kitchen to fix myself a drink. I knew my Aunt Karen wouldn't be home yet. She was working late this week. Uncle James was home though. I found him in the den watching the news.

He was sitting on the sofa looking very comfortable too. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt.

Uncle James was in his mid 40's, medium height and build. He has dark hair and eyes. He was an attractive man. I could tell that he was attracted to me. He was always watching me in an admiring way. I know it was wrong, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was a turn on being admired by an older man.

"Hey Uncle James!" I said.

"Hi, sweetie" he replied. "Come here and sit on my lap and tell me about your day." He reached out his hand to me. I sat down on his lap as easy as I could. After all I am a rather large girl.

Uncle James was caressing my back as I told him a few things about my day. With his other hand he caressed my face and hair. He pulled me back against his bare chest and held me there. His free hand was rubbing my legs. It felt good to be held and caressed. I was beginning to enjoy his touches a great deal. I squirmed around a little to reposition myself in his lap. That is when I felt it. His dick! It was big and hard. I could feel it pressing against my ass! Unable to help myself, I moaned out loud.

"Did you find something you liked my sweet niece?" Uncle James asked me as he pulled me closer.

"OOOh Yes Uncle James. I found something hard"! I whispered to him. " I like hard things."

He smiled at me as he helped me to lie backward across his lap. He placed some pillows on one end for me to rest my upper body on. As I lay back, his hands began caressing my tits. He unbuttoned my blouse and opened it. As he did my huge tits fell out into his waiting hands. He rubbed my nipples and played with my tits. He lowered his head down and put his mouth on one of my tits. He stuck his tongue out and licked my nipple, then sucked it into his mouth. My nipples were hard and my tits aching as he sucked them. He then moved to the other tit and sucked it.

"Yes Uncle James, suck my tits, lick my nipples!" I moaned, "Suck my titties, suck my titties!"

I could feel his big, hard dick pressing into my ass. I was squirming around trying to feel it better. I could feel heat burning in my pussy. In the back of my mind I thought this had to be wrong for us. It was incest! But my body was in control now. I couldn't have stopped for anything. My legs were spreading open. Uncle James must have felt me spread them, because he moved his free hand down and began working my skirt up. He soon had it up around my waist. He raised up from my tits then I felt his hand begin working at pulling my panties down. I raised my ass so he could get them pulled down. I felt a slight breeze blow across my puss, as I was relieved of my panties. There I lay, across my uncle's lap with my tits and pussy exposed to him. He was looking at my naked puss with lust. I saw him lick his lips as he looked at my body.

"Oh baby! My sweet niece! Your pussy is so beautiful!" He said to me. I want to touch it. Can Uncle James touch your sweet pussy? He asked.

"Yes, Yes Uncle James, touch my pussy! Please touch my pussy! It's on fire!" I cried out.

I spread my legs wide, giving him free access. His hand brushed across my fur, then deeper between my legs. His fingers worked between my slit, spreading my pussy lips open. His fingers found my clit and began rubbing it. Quivers ran through my body as I felt his fingers touch my clit. I began humping against his hand as he rubbed my clit. He moved his fingers down and found my pussy hole. I spread wider for him, as he slowly inserted a finger into my pussy hole. He fingered me, then inserted two fingers as I began fucking his fingers.

"How does that feel, baby?" he asked. "Do you like your Uncle's fingers in your pussy hole?"

"Oooh! Oooh! Yes Uncle James finger me! Finger my pussy!" I was moaning and crying out to him. "It feels so good, Uncle James".

My pussy was getting so wet and hot. His fingers were working in and out of my pussy hole. I was humping against his hand.

"Yes baby, Yes sweetie, hump my hand, fuck my fingers". Uncle James encouraged me.

With his other hand he reached down and rubbed my clit again. It felt so good. I was so hot! My pussy juice was flowing. I knew I was about to cum.

"Please don't stop Uncle James, I'm going to cum! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I was crying out to him.

"Yes baby, cum for Uncle James, Cum on my hand. Give it to me sweetie!" He was telling me.

I couldn't hold it back any more. I cried out and humped my pussy on his hand hard as my orgasm took over. I felt my pussy juice pouring out onto his hand. He fingered me until my orgasm subsided. I collapsed against him. Our breathing was hard and fast. Once our breathing had calmed he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. A soft, tender kiss.

"How was that?" He asked me. "Did you like that?"

"Oh Uncle James that was great! I liked it a lot" I replied.

His dick was still nice and hard; I could feel it against me. I sat up beside him, and looked at his crotch.

"Uncle James, can I see your dick"? I asked him.

He raised up and pulled his sweats down. He didn't have on any underwear. That is why I could feel his dick so good. As he pulled his sweats down, his big dick sprang out as if it was glad to be free. It was thick and about 7-8 inches long. His balls were large and heavy. Without asking I reached out and took it in my hand. My hand slowly closed around it. I loved the satiny feel of it in my hand. I stroked it from one end to the other. I wanted to feel every inch of it. Uncle James was on fire. He was watching my every move. I caressed his balls, and then I moved my hand up to the tip. I saw drops of precum on the tip. I took my fingertip and spread it all over the tip.

"OH Uncle James. I like your big dick! It's beautiful!" I told him. "Does this feel good?" I asked.

"Yes! Sweetie, yes it feels good"! He moaned.

I stroked his dick some more, then I couldn't hold back any more. I leaned over and kissed it, right on the tip. I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip, then licked all round the tip tasting his precum. I heard him gasp as my tongue made contact with his dick.

I licked some more, up and down his shaft. Licking his balls, then back up to the tip again. I slowly began sucking it into my mouth. It filled my mouth up.

"Suck my dick baby, Suck your uncle's dick! Yes suck it hard". He was gasping.

I sucked it hard, nibbling at the tip with my teeth. I felt him tense up. I thought he was about to cum. I was preparing myself for a mouthful when he pushed me away.

"Climb up and straddle me sweetie. I want my dick in your pussy" He told me.

Not wanting to disobey my uncle (besides my pussy was hot and wet) I did as I was told. I straddled him and took his dick in my hand. I began rubbing it on my pussy, between my slit. I rubbed it against my clit, then back to my pussy hole. I couldn't stand it any more. I began fucking his dick into my puss. Inch by inch we worked it into my pussy hole. I was so wet; it slid in pretty easy. He reached up and grabbed my big tits, squeezing them as my pussy squeezed his dick.

"Fuck me Uncle James! Fuck Me! Yes fuck your niece! Fuck your niece!" I was crying out.

"Yes my sweet niece, I'll fuck you baby! I'll fuck your hot pussy good!" He moaned loudly. "Shake them tits for me baby! Shake them big tits!"

As I rode him, his dick deep in my pussy, my big tits bounced with every hump. I could see he was loving that, watching them bounce. I humped him harder so they would bounce harder. He would reach up and squeeze my nipples as I rode him. He then reached down and found my clit and rubbed it as I humped him.

We were going at it hard and fast.

"Baby, Uncle James is going to cum. You are going to make me cum. Where do you want me to shoot my wad? He asked me. "Do you want it in your puss or on your tits?"

"In my puss Uncle James. Please shoot your wad in my puss! I want to feel you cum in my pussy hole! I cried out.

The muscles in my pussy were tightening around his dick, squeezing it. I felt him start to cum.

"Here it cums baby! Here cums my wad. I'm shooting it in your pussy hole" he cried out as he began bucking and humping harder and faster. I felt his wad shooting in my pussy, filling my pussy hole up.

"Cum for me Uncle James! Cum for me! Give me your cum! I coaxed him. "Shoot your wad in my cunt, Uncle James!"

I was grinding my pussy against him and soon my orgasm began. He continued to hump me so I could get my pleasure. I was moaning and crying out in ecstasy as I began cumming on his dick.

"I'm cumming Uncle James. I'm cumming pussy juice on your big dick!" I said to him.

"Give it to me baby, give your uncle all that pussy juice" That's a good girl, cum on Uncle James's dick!" he said. My pussy juice flowed out, mingling with his cum. We lay down together on the sofa, our naked bodies intertwined. I lay there enjoying the feel of our bodies together, the scent of our sex, the heat of our passion. Again, I knew that this was supposed to be wrong; he was my uncle, but it felt so good. I had never experienced anything so wild and wonderful. I hoped that this would not be the last time. I looked up at Uncle James. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips lightly at first, then more insistent. His tongue worked between my lips into my mouth. Our kiss deepened into a long French kiss. I knew then that this would not be our last time. He pulled me close and we went to sleep, naked in each other's arms

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thanks for sharing that with us

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Great Story

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Thanks for reading it and posting

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