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This story was inspired by a lovely young lady, Kristin, now dedicated to her, and she helped me write the piece, we hope you enjoy-
Wizard & Kristin
* * *

A Norwegian Vacation-
By Wizard & Kristin

I come through the airport gate and look around, spotting you immediately, of course it helps you are waving. Five-six, slim, dark-brown hair, and wearing a white peasant dress off your shoulders, showing your marvelous freckled chest, I had more than a few pictures of already.

- Seeing him exit the gate, makes me burst into a thrilled laugh! It’s so good to finally see him in real life!! I start waving, and almost run towards him.

Head straight for you, expecting a kiss, but my little cutie jumps in my arms, and I drop my carry-on bag to catch you. Hanging from my neck, legs wrapped around my thighs, kissing me deeply we must be making quite a sight. I cup your bottom, and just let you hang there. We break, I hand you a gold-plated rose, and grin. “Kristin, I presume, a little something that'll last a lifetime, like my love for you.”

- I take my gift, and clutching him feels so good… so natural… his body between my legs... and the kiss!! It made me want more of him… just as I hoped it would. The attraction I felt all those months of PM’s, e-mails, and chats between us was now confirmed to be real.

Your sexy green eyes light up, and you give me a whack. “Don’t be silly, those were my pictures, I know you recognize me, Mike.” You kiss me, pressing your hard nipples in my chest. “Um-m, just like I’d know my Wizard anywhere. How was your flight?”

“What flight?” Grinning I shrug. “Two beers and two sleeping pills, poof here I am, like fucking magic. Was there a flight?”

- Hardly notice what Mike is saying, suddenly realizing all those sexy PM’s between us are about to happen! And a shiver of lust runs up my spine, making me blush. I hope Mike feels the attraction too, that he wont regret visiting me. The well-known ache in my vagina makes me press harder onto a very nice bulge in Mike’s pants.

“You’re here, my Mikey, it’s all that matters.” You just keep kissing me, and apparently are not going to climb down for a while, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Being as you’re a little hottie dudette hanging on an old cowboy dude we’re getting a look or two. “Lets get your bags at checkout,” you nibble on my ear, “and I’ll take you home.”

“Home will be fine," I massage your bottom, “just brought a carry-on. Didn’t figure I was going to need much in the way of clothes.”

“Oh,” my little cutie’s eyes light up, and you wiggle your eyebrows, “you’re so right, and don’t need anything.”

“Except you darling.” I rub the lower half of your bottom. “Honey, I think you’re wetting my pants.”

- Have to smile at the remark. I feel my juices flowing… can’t remember last time I felt so damn horny! I can’t stop rubbing my pussy on Mike’s erection.

“No doubt,” you bite my lower lip, “seeing I left my panties home, do you mind?”

“Not at all pretty lady, they’re Levi's, which is a good thing, and will conceal my hard-on better. How far is home?”

You snuggle up to my neck. “Not far.”

- Ah! Not far, true! But I want him so much – and I know it’ll take 30 minutes before we’re home. God! I’m not sure I can wait that long…. And cooling down is no option, as long as Mike is touching me and eyeing me with that look in his eyes.

I pick up my bag, with you in my arms, and see an orange pylon, denoting a bathroom is being cleaned. Carrying my girl I pass through the door, and an older dude holding a mop wags a finger, “Ladies room sir, being cleaned.”

“Yeah saw, dude, you done with the first stall?” I wave a twenty, his eyes grow big, takes it, and gives me a nod towards the stall.

- I feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. God! What must this dude think of us.

* * *

- “Mike! Seriously… what are you doing?” I barely whisper, but you didn't hear me, or ignore it.

“Good,” I give the janitor a nod, hang my cowboy hat on the outside stall hook, and you’re hiding your face in my chest, “should be done by the time the restroom is open, been a while.”

“Aye, can see that, wern’t thinking there just be one o’ you.” He sighed. “Reckon I can leave the sign be, just put it under the sink when you be done.”

“Of course, thanks.”

- Seeing the old man leave, I breath a sigh of relief. Hope I never see him again, that would really be embarrassing.

“Mike,” you bite my lip, “when you said you were shameless, I didn’t think you meant it.”

Drop the bag, take your rose and clutch, putting them on my luggage. “Honey, told you I don’t lie,” kick the lid down, pick you up at the waist, and stand you on the toilet, “I’m utterly shameless, wanna hold your dress up, my lovely girl?”

- A rush of blood goes to my head when I realize what’s about to happen. I feel my legs shaking. Mmmhhh… now is the moment of truth– will he like what he’s about to see? Suddenly I feel shy, but the burning need for satisfaction in my pussy is stronger than any other emotion right now. I slowly pull my dress up with one hand, and hold my breath.

Kristin had not been lying either, just a nice dark brown Mohawk strip running down the center, pussy lips shaved clean, and as I suspected glistening with moisture. I drape one of your long, shapely legs over my shoulder, and kiss down both sides of your closely cropped patch. I barely graze the outside of your silky smooth pussy lips with my tongue.

- The feeling of Mike’s strong hands on my thigh, his beard tickling my skin, and his lips kissing me make me shiver. Grasping my dress with one hand, I use the other to hold onto Mike’s shoulder.

“Just as yummy as I dreamt it’d be, baby.”

- His face moving in between my legs, and his tongue running softly on the outside of my glowing pussy is driving me crazy!

“Oh god,” Kristin drops her dress, and I can hear you grab the stall sides, “I’m not going to last long like this.”

“You don't have to,” I blow on your clit, “because I’ve no problem giving my lovely girl plenty of orgasms.” I lightly lick your inner lips, then the outer again, getting a little groan from my girl. Put my tongue again on your inner lips, but instead of going up I slide to the center of your hot pussy, getting you to purr. I drag my tongue up to your clit, and the purr turns to a sexy growl.

“Oooh, sweetheart! I love what you’re doing to me now, don't stop!”

- I’m about to explode, and can’t help myself from rubbing hard against your tongue. The sweet feeling of contractions start as a soft wave deep inside me, uncontrollable, getting stronger by the seconds, followed by soothing relief. The most lovely feeling in the world!

“Oh Mike! Oh God! Aaaahh!”

My girl wasn’t kidding when she said she always got off to a fast start, and I barely nibble on your clit when your first starts, and you also told the truth about them being wet orgasms. Kristin calms down, but I’m still sucking on her clit.

- Feel a bit ashamed about how I cried out, but Mike doesn’t seem to be taking any notice. His mouth close at my clit, his tongue flicking it nice and firm turning the sweet after waves from cumming into a need for more. He sucks my clit into his mouth, making me moan from pure pleasure.

You wiggle your bottom. “Mikey, you going to give me another?”

Normally a well-mannered gentleman, this time I tried to talk with my mouth full, but only manage to nod. Being as I wasn’t going to back off, I’m sure you got your answer.

- Let go of any thought I might've had about behaving nicely. What Mikey does to me drives me nuts! I can’t believe how much this man excites me! Seeing his head between my legs is making me so horny. I want him closer, I need more of him!!

Feel your weight shift, body raise, then your other leg on my shoulder. Soon your thighs are on my ears, and you have a hand on the back of my head, humping the hell out of my face. Tight fit, but I worm a hand up to get a finger in my new love’s slick pussy. Takes maybe three minutes, and the little hottie is going off again. Longer and even more wet than before, it’s sexy hot, and you’re not slowing down.

- Like a wave of burning liquid, another orgasm is shaking my body! I can’t breathe; it feels like my whole body is turning inside out. Even so; the feeling of wanting more is burning inside me! This is madness! Yet so wonderful!!

Open wide, letting you thrust yourself into my mouth, my tongue trying to stay in contact with your clit, but you’re bouncing all around. I suck the tip of your clit into my mouth, then bite down.

- ‘God, oh God!’ The sweet pain from your teeth at my clit is indescribable! I’m so wet and swollen from orgasming, Mikey’s beard feels like a rough brush at my skin.

With the lull in your bucking I take you fully in my mouth, suck hard, and you’re back to riding me like a bronco. I reach up and pinch your hard nipple getting sexy grunts out of you. Can’t take it any longer and unzip my pants to let my hard dick out in the open. Get hold of your other nipple, and work it over.

- His fingers pinching my erect nipples shoot another wonderful sensation through my body…

Holding your clit tight I pull it back and forth, while I keep pinching your nipples, getting little squeals from you.

- The attention given my nipples almost covers the burning need in my pussy for penetration. Thinking of having your stone hard cock inside me, sets me off. My clit is over sensitive after the love bites and sucking– almost too sensitive! I press harder onto Mike’s face to ease the need…

Lucky Kristin is so wet, or she might have fucked my face off, instead of just sliding around on it. Muttering, “Fuck me, fuck me,” my girl has a third orgasm, and eases away from my head.

I pat the sides of your bottom. “Honey, hold on to the stall, I’m going to step up on the toilet.”

- ‘Hehe!' I'm thinking, 'was wondering how long it’d take until you wanted some pussy, sweetheart!’

You’re giggling, wiggling around, and I give your butt a playful swat. “Keep your balance, baby.”

- Have half a mind to let go, and hope I get more swats, but I’m thinking, ‘Wonder if the toilet will hold the weight of the both of us?’

With you steadying me I step up on the toilet, then turn around, having my back to the wall. “Sweetie, I’m gonna slide your bottom straight down on my dick.” I chuckle at the look on your face. “Going in your pussy baby, just brace yourself with the stall walls.”

- For an instant my heart jumped at the thought of having my first anal experience here, at the airport, was followed by disappointment when you denied it. And then an immediate flush of excitement ran through my body when I realize, finally a dream come true! Mike is finally going to give me his gorgeous dick!!

“Alright, darling, just hold on.”

- Don’t quite understand how we're going to do this, but I do as told, and grab onto the stall walls on each side.

Pick the little cutie up by the waist, then with your legs still on my shoulders slide you straight down. Raising up on the wall my cutie takes her weight off me, and I’m able to slide my dick in her hot pussy, before cupping her bottom.

Legs sticking straight up my chest, feet waving in the air I start pumping your pussy. I hadn’t thought this position out, because if my baby loses her grip no way can I keep her from falling to the floor.

- Mike’s cock slides into my tight pussy making me purr. Nothing beats the sensation of this! Feeling stretched and filled, is making me scream! My pussy walls embracing his member, as he goes all the way inside my body.

“Yes, sweetheart! Fuck me deep and hard! It feels so good having your fat cock inside me!”

With your encouragement I’m going to town on your sweet pussy, full stroke, and I think the toilet seat is broke. Damn thing is squeaking like crazy, and wiggling with every thrust, but might be my two hundred-thirty pounds causing the trouble. With my cowboy boots on it’s already a precarious perch, but I’m not worrying about it, just concentrating on my beautiful Kristin, who is swinging into me in perfect rhythm.

- I ride his cock with long strokes, and Mike’s soft moans plus heavy breathing arouses me. Knowing how much he enjoys this, is almost as lovely as the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my cunt.

Panting you’re squeezing my dick whenever you swing back, and I’m mumbling, “So good baby, fuck me to tears.” With a loud crack I know I snapped the toilet seat, but I’m not stopping. If I had to go from an accident couldn’t think of a better one. “Oh shit!” I start cumming, and I’m not sure if I’m going to stop anytime soon, and my girl joins me.

- Hear the toilet breaking under us, but I couldn’t care less as my lover was constantly pounding my cunt.

The moment Mike grunted “Oh shit!” I felt myself exploding. The contractions in my vagina now met the hard cock all inside me; making it a deeper and completely different orgasm. Wave upon wave of heavenly cramps made me cry out, blinding my sight, and when he started cumming inside of me, nothing in this world mattered anymore.

With a nice sheen of sweat on your face you give me a sexy grin. “You’re definitely a bad boy, a naughty, bad boy.”

“Hey,” I shrug, pushing your bottom away from me, and leaning back so you can get your legs off my chest, “warned you, darling.” I jump down off the toilet, and help you off the stall walls. You slide down me, locking your legs below my ass, and arms around my neck. “Ah,” I kiss you, “isn’t this how we got started earlier?”

“Um-m, Mr. Fucking Wizard,” you kiss me long and tenderly, “think you better change your shirt.”

Chuckling I carry her out, and the janitor is leaning on his mop, shaking his head. “That’s gotta be the damnedest thing I ever did see, and I used to work for a zoo.” He went back to mopping the floor. “Yep, monkey-fucking is what it was, pure monkey-fucking.”

- Ouch… I had completely forgotten the janitor. Feeling ashamed, I also had to laugh at his remark, Monkey-fucking? Heh… jeah, I have to agree it was rather beastly… and probably the best fuck I had in years!! And by god it wasn’t going to be the last.

With my cutie giggling we wash up, and I put on a clean shirt before donning my cowboy hat. I give you a soft kiss, then offer you my arm. “Lil’ lady, you mind if we both walk out of here?” Still giggling you wrap your arm under mine holding my hand, then hold my arm with the other hand. “You do know,” I kiss you, “I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon?”

- My heart near bursts at such news, this has all been beyond my wildest dreams, and I would've never thought I’d be in such a state before getting my man home. Sure, thought I’d have a few good orgasms this evening, maybe even a great one, but not having to clean up before leaving the airport.

“I’m happy to hear you say that, sweetheart. Because I've absolutely no plan to let you leave me now!” You tug on my arm. “I intend to lock the door when we get home, and throw away the key. I want to have you using all my orifices in every way, for as long as you can stay in Norway with me!”

“Um-m,” I kiss you on the forehead, “I’m going to make sure of that, count on it, cutie.”

I take out another twenty, for the toilet seat, and hold it up to the janitor, whose eyes are huge, and he waves me off. “Ain’t right, seeing as I’m gonna get about a fortnight o’ free drinks telling this story.” He grinned. “Thank you kindly, good luck to you both.” He went back to work mumbling, “Monkey-fucking it was.”

With my girl snuggled up to me we made it out of the building with no further antics or trouble. You hold out some keys. “Want to drive?”

“No ma’am, I don’t want to explain things if I get stopped.”

You wrinkle your button nose. “Like what, dear?”

“Well, like why a judge still has my license," I snorted, "think the prick is going to keep it for life.”

- This is starting to sound mysterious, and I don't want to pester my love with questions, but have to know.

Now your brow furrows. “Why would he do that?”

“Ah,” I clear my throat, “well, think it was the fourth time I told him ‘fuck you’ in his courtroom, he lost it completely. Was his fault, kept asking, 'What did you say?' So, I told him louder and louder."

You giggled. "And what happened?"

"Beating on the bench he broke his gavel, and I swear, thought he was going to have a stroke, and I just kept laughing at him. Now every time I apply for my license it gets rejected, been ten years I’d thought he’d retire or die by now, but no such luck.”

- Laugh out loud, picturing my precious Mike talking back to the judge.

“You really are a bad boy.”

“Yes ma’am,” I give you a kiss, “my whole life, not about to stop now.”

- Oh, no way was I ever going to make such a request. I loved my bad boy, long before I ever laid eyes on him. Just the nature of a woman I guess.

“Well,” you let out a long sigh, “I hope not.”

You unlock the driver’s door, and I open it for you. “Count on that too, cutie.” Toss my bag in the back seat, then pull you into my arms and kiss you, long and wet.

-to be continued-

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great stuff you two :)

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Good job you guys. Keep up the good work. Still trying to figure out how the hell Kristin was able to be in that position. You must have some arm power girl lol!

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Hey BlueGirl-Not hard if the stall isn't too wide, rest your underarms on the wall, you don't need the arm strength, your arms are more of an anchor- I don't recommend it for overly long sessions, but your kinda excited at the situation so you don't need too long for monkey-fucking
Gypsy girl- Can't hide forever!!
just another helful tip for Mr. fuckin' Wizard

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yeah, don't try this in the handicap stall, at the very least you'll fall and smack the back of your head on the toilet- try to put that in the accident report-
cause of head injury- monkey-fucking
course if you're worried about it, could always tie you up there BlueGirl

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Now that sounds more fun lol. Hell you and kristin try that in your story! That would make for something interesting to read about!

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you do know there's flights to Norway every day from your town, maybe i need help with the knots- Actually, I tie a damn fine knot, but I think two would fill the stall better

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Hehe - I am happy you guys liked out story! .. and BlueGirl - all 3 of us in that stall would be really hot ;)
I hope you'll like part 2 as well - I know Wiz is editing it now <3

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yes my lady,
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Continuation of a story a lovely young lady and I are doing-
we hope you enjoy it-
* * *

A Norwegian Vacation –2- (Wizard & Kristin)
By Wizard & Kristin

We break our kiss, and you smack my chest. "Slide in, or we're never going to get home."

-Too bad he can’t be the driver… would’ve been great to taste him… to feel his need when I suck his lovely dick into my mouth. But I suspect there’ll be plenty of opportunities for me to enjoy the taste of him later.

"Darling," I chuckle, "used to a truck, me getting past the steering wheel and gear shift isn't going to happen." Give you a kiss. "I'll go around to the other door, before I put your car on."

-I laugh, suspecting Mike thinks my Wolksvagen is small for his solid frame.

"You're so silly," you stroke my cheek, "I love it. Any other surprises?"

"Hm-m," I give you a kiss, "just wait and see." Maybe it was the hat, because I wore it driving, but cars and me didn't get along. Took off my hat, got in, and slid over next to my girl, letting my hat ride shotgun.

"See," you giggle, "that wasn't bad, and I like this."

I put my arm around your shoulder, kiss your cheek, and run my hand under your dress. "I'm sure you do, baby doll." Your legs go wider, and I graze your slit. "Um-m, I like it too."

-Mikey's body so close to mine, send my expectations soaring. I feel like a young girl, awaiting her Christmas presents, knowing some will be special, just not what they are. I’m sure he's not going to leave me untouched on the way back home. I'm all feverish. I can't believe what's happening to me! Already had some great orgasms, and still my pussy reacts with an almost unnatural hunger as soon as I feel the heat from Mike's hand on my thigh.

"O-oh-h," you lay your head on my shoulder, "that's good. How long are you going to do this?"

"Well," I take my wet finger from under your dress, suck it off, then run it back up your thigh, "how long am I going to be here?"

-Ah! Seeing him licking my juices off his finger is so hot!

“I want you to stay for as long as you can, sweetheart! I want to make love to you all these long, bright summer nights we have here in Norway now. And more of that acrobatic sex during the days too, if you don't mind?”

-My last word ends in a deep moan, as I feel your finger running slowly up my slit, massaging my clit, then sliding down again… carefully examining the entrance to my love-hole. Man– does he know how to excite me!

“Honey,” you wheeze, “we gotta get home.”

“Um-huh, you’re driving sweetie,” I don’t remove my hand from under your dress, "I'm ready when you are." With me a knuckle deep in your pussy you start the car. "So, it's not going to get dark?"

"No," you back out of the parking space, "not til the end of July."

"Too bad," I run my finger another knuckle deeper in your pussy, "I can't take you on any romantic moonlight strolls til then, huh?"

-Haha! Romantic moonlight strolls? With his stamina and my appetite, would we even get out of the house?’ I look at Mike with a grin, slowly pressing myself down at his finger. My vagina is aching, the need for something inside of me is growing stronger every second. It is breathtaking, what he does to me… and talking about romantic walks while being finger-fucked is so random, yet hot…

“So,” you scoot down in the seat, trying to get more of my finger in you, "we take walks in the woods, or on the beach, at any hour you want.”

“Um-m,” moving so my hot breath would blow on the back of your neck I put my finger fully in you, “I’ll like that. Course, don’t know how far we’ll get.”

-That remark creates an image of Mike and me holding hands, heading down the trail getting just out of sight of the house. At the first bend we kiss, then tear off our clothes and fuck like rabbits. I can almost feel him pounding me from behind, his balls slapping at my upper thighs.

Mike’s hot breath on my skin drives me nuts… I want him to bite me, eat me– consume me in every way possible!

“Not sure,” you shiver, “we’re going to make it home.”

“My lady love,” I kiss your neck, then bite you, “traffic’s light, seem to be enjoying yourself. Want me to stop?”

“Ugh-h- ah-"

Running a second finger in you I suck your earlobe, and cut you off. "Will if you want."

-His two fingers inside me, stretching my pussy give me what I need, for now. And it feels so damn good. I grab the steering wheel hard, and start to arch my hips, oving them in circles to get the movement inside of me I so badly need.

I dare not take my eyes off the road, but my foot slides away from the pedals, slowing the speed of the car because my concentration is really messed up now.

“No, I'm fine," you sigh, "very fine, just don't want to wreck."

"Never happen," I rub your clit with my thumb, "I'll always take care of you, always protect you." I kiss your neck, then bite your earlobe. "I'll never hurt you, if nothing else remember that fact."

"Um-m, I know," panting you let out a long sigh, "but I'm not real sure about having an orgasm while driving, and you're about to give me a hard one."

"One?" I chuckle, "Thought you said it was half an hour away."

-I have to close my eyes when the first wave of sweet cramps runs through me. I grasp the steering wheel when I cum…

"Fuck, oh Mikeeeeeey!"

Fingers cupped I massage your g-spot, and bite your shoulder. “Good girl.”

-The contractions won’t stop, just keeps rolling through me in hard, long waves. I knew this time, I must have squirted my cum juice all over Mike's hand– I always do when I come as hard as this, and it made me feel embarrassed.

“Oh Christ,” your leg trembles, and you weave a bit, but stay on the road, “you’re so bad.” I kiss your cheek, and you kiss me on the lips. “Oh Christ, you’re so good.”

Smiling I shrug. “Didn’t do anything.” I keep running my fingers in you.

-I feel how wet my cum has made me… but Mike doesn't seem to mind…

Oh, he removes his fingers, and immediately I miss them so badly. About to say as much, but I’m speechless when he sticks his wet fingers in his mouth and sucks on them. God, the grin on his face lets me know he truly enjoys my juices. He runs his hand back under my dress and the slick wetness make his fingers move smoothly in and out of me.

“You're not going to stop, are you?”

“Stop what?” I bite your neck. “Will stop whatever you want me to, my pretty. Got all night, or whatever, and you’re going to get a lot of this every day. So, what do you want me to stop?”

-This is crazy… We’d talked about things like this, plenty of times, but to actually experience such intense… Well, it was crazy-crazy, just fantasy talk, wishing, dreaming, while playing with myself, him on the other end of my monitor. Now my man was here, fully rested from his trip, and talking of fucking me all day long.

“Nothing," you sigh, "nothing at all."

* * *

My girl enjoys another fine orgasm before you park the car. You are fanning yourself as I go around and open your door, before helping you out. You wobble a bit, and fall into my arms. "Guess you need to get your sea legs, huh?"

"Um-m," you lay limply against me, "jeah, I'm not used to this."

"Could stop if you–"

You bite my nipple, hard. "Don't even think of finishing that statement." You lean up, and kiss me. "I'll adapt, and appreciate everything you do, don't care if I walk bow-legged."

-A slight soreness in my pussy after all this lovely fingering makes me smile. Think I’m in for a lovely summer!

With you leaning into me I get the bag out of the backseat, then pick you up. "How about I save you some steps?" I kiss you, as you wiggle around in my arms. Give you your rose and clutch, then grope around for my bag, then with a hip bump close the door. "Comfy baby?"

"Um-m," you snuggle up to me, "jeah, very, my delicious lover."

-Four hard orgasms, at least as many little ones… and Mike has been here for less than three hours. What a man! Looking at him makes my heart tremble in delight. This man must me God-sent– my perfect match!

Decide to make it up to Mike as soon we settle in. I can’t wait to put my lips on his lovely cock, to let my tongue play with his helmeted shaft. The very thought of sucking him, tickles my love-bones… starting a small fire inside my pussy…

I get inside the door, and you kiss me. “Now, what do you want lover boy?”

“Depends,” I bite your lower lip, “you want fucked on the couch, or bed?”

Giggling you wiggle in my arms. “Down the hall, second door. If you can’t make it that far, couch is fine, or here will do. I just love this.”

-A light burst of joy runs through me, and I laugh gaily as we head towards my bedroom. I can’t keep my hands off him… a burning desire of touching, licking, biting, and eating him runs in my blood, ****** my pussy heat up.

“Hm-m, we’ll get to all of them, eventually,” I’m walking down the hall, “for now bed will do, once it’s night we can get some dinner.”

“Told you, Mikey, won’t be night for awhile.”

“Yeah,” I stop at the bedroom door, and grin, “I know.”

-Damn, I near cum at the mere thought of such a prospect, and I’m so glad Mike likes my wetness, because I don’t see that changing for as long as he’s here. Had worried about finding things interesting for him to do here, like he might be used to in California, but right now I didn’t think we were going to get out of my bedroom… the mere thought causing another flood in my pussy.

Was a ladies' bedroom, with plenty of frills, but had a nice big bed, and I put my girl down beside it. Kiss you, while reaching down to pick up the bottom of your dress. "God, I've wanted to do this as soon as I laid eyes on my lover."

“Jeah,” you wheezed, “me too.”

Take your dress off, and kiss you, before stepping back to get a good look. "Absolutely beautiful, get on the bed, baby."

"Eventually I will, darling."

-I smile a naughty grin and move my naked body closer to him, slowly taking his shirt off, then unzipping his pants.

“Um-m,” I let out a sigh, “this going where I think it’s going?”

"You’ve tasted me, love, now it's my turn!”

“Yep,” I stroke your silky hair, “that’s what I was hoping.”

-I take his erect dick in hand, using my foot, step up, then down sending his jeans and boxers to his ankles. Mike grins and steps out of them, as I wrap my fingers around the upper part of his shaft, closing my hand around it and moving up to the head of his lovely cock. I kiss him deeply then kneel in front of him. I slide his dick against the soft skin of my face and close my eyes– just enjoying the feeling of his vibrant member.

“You’re one sexy little hottie.”

“Pikken din er så deilig Du gjør meg så kåt!”

-While stroking his shaft I keep moaning the Norwegian phrase, and slowly swirl my tongue across his dickhead… placing a soft kiss on the tip now and then. My other hand caresses your heavy balls, pulling back and finger-tickling your anus.

“This is nice baby,” I stroke your hair, “what was the piken thing?”

“Norwegian,” you snicker, “means ‘Your dick is so lovely! You make me so horny!’” You sigh. “It’s true, do you like it?”

“Love what you’re doing,” I chuckle, “and yeah, I like it. Sounds sexier in Norwegian, and I agree ‘Du kor meg su kut,’ is what you do to me too. Was I close baby?”

“Kinda,” you giggle, “but not really. We’ve harsher sounds, but they’re more rhythmic than English. Course might have sounded like that with your dick in my mouth.”

“Um-huh,” I stroke your hair, “well, you can see it Du kor’s me too.”

“True,” you go back to work on my dick, “I understand that loud and clear.”

-Smiling you look down at what I'm doing, seeing my mouth open and tongue licking the head. I swirl my tongue around the head a couple of times, and then follow the edge of it all the way around before licking underneath the head with the my tongue flat.

“Damn Kristin,” I shiver, “like that, super Du kjor meg.”

“Not as harsh,” you laugh on my dick, “Du gjør, honey, Du gjør meg så kåt!”

“Um-m, yeah that for sure.” I close my eyes. “You’re deilig, baby, that’s lovely, right, not dick?”

“Yes, not pikken.” You put more pressure on my dick, getting me moaning. “Thank you for the compliment, my love. Pikken din er så deilig Du gjør meg så kåt!”

“Yeah,” I groan, “you’re fucking sexy as hell, and I don’t think my dick has ever been harder.”

-I love those earthy groans, and want to hear them constantly from my man, along with the dirty talk. Slide my mouth along the shaft on one side, going down to slowly lick his balls, massaging them softly with my tongue I get more groans before licking up the shaft a couple of times.

“So good Kristin, but I can’t stand much more teasing.”

“Mmmhh! Lovely!”

-Speaking Norwegian I whisper sweet nothings with my lips kissing the head. I open my mouth and take his cock head into my mouth, closing my lips tight around the shaft, and swirling my tongue all around the head inside my mouth.

“Fuck me, that’s hot baby.”

-Open my eyes, and I look straight at you, my dark eyes burning into yours. And slowly, ever so slowly I suck your stone hard cock, deeper and deeper inside… my tongue plays at the shaft, my lips tight at it all the time. When the head reaches the back of my mouth I close my eyes, breathe heavy, pause for a second and press your head further in.

You back off my dick, I pull you to your feet and kiss you deeply, as I reach between your legs. You’re as wet as I had hoped, and I break our kiss. “Just wanted to make sure you were enjoying this as much as me.”

“I am.” You kiss my nipple. “Then you want more.”

“Yes dear,” I rest my hands on your shoulders and gently push you downward, “you can suck my dick as much as you want. Might say a lot of things, but none of them will be ‘no,’ not even close.”

-Proudly slide down my man and take his hard cock back in my mouth, determined to take you fully in my mouth. I choke a little, pause to relax and continue to take your fat cock deeper into my throat. You keep staring at the lovely scene… me kneeling in front of you, eyes near closed, face burning red, your cock disappearing into my rounded lips, the tip of my nose almost buried in your pubic hair when I stop…

Was so close, and I look down wondering if you knew. I see you’re fingering yourself, and smile as I stroke your hair.

-So horny, can’t help myself and I jam two fingers in me. It feels so good, I look up and see you’ve noticed my hand going in between my legs. At first I’m so embarrassed, a fantastic man is here, I’ve got his cock in my throat, and I’m playing with myself. But your smile relaxes me, I rub myself hard, knowing you understand this gives me enormous pleasure and I need it.

“That’s fucking hot, you naughty girl, can’t stay out of your pussy.” I lean over, and smack your butt. “Finish sucking my cock, then I might let you play with your pussy.” Like a good girl you stop immediately, but I swat your other butt cheek. “And I want you swallowing my full load.”

-Christ, if I wasn’t soaked before I am now. The sting in my butt feels so good, and your forcefulness has my pussy running like a fountain. How does he know me so well, did I mention any of this in our cyber sex sessions? I must have, after all there were so many, he made me laugh, and he was all over me at the first little opening I gave him. So confident I wouldn’t shoot him down, and I wanted to, but….

“Yes Master, I won’t miss a drop.”

“While servicing me Sir is preferred,” I stroke your hair, “Mike or other endearments are fine the other times.”

“Yes Sir,” you answer, before taking me back in your mouth.

-He slides down my throat, and I’m so proud to take him fully. I look up to see my man looking down at me, smiling. I start to move my head… Slowly going in and out on your cock, always with my lips tight around your shaft, and my tongue massaging every inch passing by. I start to suck on your cock, the suction ****** you shiver…

It’s the same way I felt from his first note to me, I thought it started so innocent. I had posted a story at an adult site, and he made some suggestions to make it easier to read. Followed them, then he re-read the story telling me he liked it far better. I don’t know, he said something nice… Oh, called me lovely lady, and I said I loved flattery, wondering where it might lead. He warned me he was a shameless flirt, and not to get him started, cause there was no stopping him. I thought it was cute, and admitted I was a flirt, possibly interested in him. He told me he was a bad boy, and I told him I liked bad boys.

“Kristin, you’re driving me crazy,” I groan, “you quit teasing me.”

“Mmp-mmp, unh-unh.”

“Um-m,” I chuckle, “like that, you talking with a mouthful of me.”

-My dear bad boy, and he wasn’t kidding, I saw his name all over the forums, and he was shameless, but not just flirting. He had women in various situations, but with one thing in common, having sex. He made a comment on another story I posted, then hit on me. I couldn’t believe it, he was on another thread with a young lady and I told him as much. He didn’t try to deny it, just said she had to leave, he was ‘free and easy,’ those were his words.

Luckily I had an ****** game appointment, and I left gracefully that time. Next time I ran into him he says he could please me to no end, I know he’s in California, so I ask how, he said he wrote well. I left it at that, and thought nothing more about it. An hour later I open a message from him, I’m at work, and almost melted on to the floor.

It was half a page, the beginning of a seduction scene… specifically, my seduction scene. Trouble is, it just cut off before a conclusion, ending with the line, ‘what do you think, want to read more?’ I typed out ‘Hell yes,’ telling him what he’d just done to me, sent it off and sat watching the monitor waiting for the message. Received, read it, and had to take a break in the ladies’ room.

Wrote him what he did to me, and he laughed, claiming that was nothing. He sent me a questionnaire, wanting me to fill it out, which I did. And I got messages every day, hot steamy messages, and he knew exactly what I wanted. In a very short time I was hooked on his stories, on him, and was writing stories to him, telling him what I’d do to him if he ever came here… and now here he is. It couldn’t have turned out better if I’d written it.

“Jesus, sweetheart,” I groan, “should’ve got here six months ago, screw the cold, not like we’re going to leave the bedroom, much.”

-After hearing that, no way can I keep my fingers out of my pussy. And you see how my hand continues to move between my legs. My head is moving faster, going in and out with tight lips and a nice suction that makes you grab my hair.

"Oh jeah, baby! This feels so good!"


“Told you,” I swat you on the other butt cheek, “stay out of your pussy. Finish me off.”

“Ye-sh-h Sur,” you say around my dick, and you pull your hand away from your pussy.

“Good girl.” I’m rolling my hips into your waiting mouth, and your wet fingers graze my anus. I spread my feet wider, if you want more access.

-I can’t believe Mike is giving himself to me, because this is why he’s here, to introduce me to anal play. God! I’m not even thinking of the heat building in my pussy any longer, I want his ass. Not sure if my finger is slick enough, but I try to slip it in Mike. There’s a little resistance and I recall him stressing movement, not just pressure. Running my finger in circles I enter his ass, and love the contented sigh I receive from my man.

“Better,” I keep a firm grip on your hair, “will keep you out of your pussy.”

-Geez, every time I think I couldn’t get more excited he takes me to a level higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a puddle under me. You bow your head back a little, then look down at me, your eyes closed, you open them and smile at me. It’s as if you’re so proud of me, enjoying me so much, and my pussy is about to explode. Your hips thrusting against my face now, fucking my mouth deep and hard.

“Um-m, my sex kitten, Kristin,” I release your hair, and run my finger down your cheek, “you’re such a little hottie. Love you sucking my cock.”

-There’s nothing he could say to make me hotter, or so I thought. Never stop sucking you, it feels like I want to suck your cum right up from your balls, and into my mouth. One hand fingering your ass, other fondles your balls– I can feel how tight they are… on the edge of release… I try to get a second finger in his ass, and do it rather easily.

“Alright, baby.”

-Push my fingers fully in his ass, then thrust them a bit deeper, and keep thrusting. Closing my eyes hard I enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, head jammed at my throat by each push. God! I want his cum… I need it badly… I suck eagerly on his lovely, dick, wrapping my lips around it and when he moans and deep-fuck my throat, I shiver and prepare myself for his cum.


-With a hissing sound Mike releases the first load, shooting deep in my mouth, and I swallow once before the second load hits my tongue… I can’t manage it all, and when the third shot of his lovely cum hits my mouth, some of it starts to dribble out, down my chin. Mike thrust in one last time with a grunt, clearly stating his satisfaction.

“Fingers out,” I instruct, as you keep thrusting, “sweetie.”

-Pull my fingers out of his ass, content I’d given him pleasure. I suck the last drops out of him, and continue to lick his lovely manhood… Truly enjoying the taste of his cream.

“Um-m, on the bed, honey,” I smile at my girl, “time for your reward.”

-Don’t ask, just scramble up on the bed. He picks my legs up, spreads me, pinning them to my shoulders, then licks my extreme wetness, before sticking his tongue deep in me. I can’t believe he’s going to eat me again, except I want so much more… but I know it’s going to take a while to recoup his energy after my blow job. I close my eyes, ready to enjoy my man’s attention after pleasuring him. He stops… I resist the urge to see why… then feel him entering me.

“My sex kitten has me so hard,” I slide in your pussy in a single stroke, “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, baby.”

-The sigh came from me, but was as if it filled the entire room, echoing in my ears. Mike wasn’t lying, starting to pound my pussy, in this extreme position, and I was feeling every inch of him. I was wondering if he was going to do my butt, certainly exposed enough, and I wasn’t about to complain. My man could have anything he wanted from me, I’d eagerly give it up, but I loved him taking it. Thrusting up into him I was trying to think of how I was going to keep him here… but my mind wasn’t working.

Putting my arms outside your legs I pinned you down with my body and pinched your hard nipples, getting the most delightful growl from you. Wasn’t much of a stroke, just hard thrusts, but my girl lay there eyes closed, with the most wicked smile on her face. Lean into her, and bite her lower lip. “Don’t think I’ll be leaving any time soon.”

-Christ, I clutched his head, kissing him deeply, as wave after wave of orgasmic delight flooded my body. I didn’t even know I had been screaming in his mouth til we broke. I was so happy, because of the orgasm sure… but it was finally feeling him, tasting him, hearing those words. Felt my legs being lowered, but I didn’t have the strength to open my eyes. Afraid this was a dream… except no way did I have this kind of imagination, although my man did. Maybe, he was truly a wizard and swept me up into one of his dreams. If that were true, I didn’t want to go back.

Once your legs are on the bed I take your clit in my mouth, getting you to jump a bit. “Relax baby,” I rub your thighs, “just going to bring you down slowly.”

-Was he crazy, I’m a noodle, can’t even form words. No way can I cum again, but the way he’s going after my clit he’s giving it a good go. I’m wondering if I’m in jeopardy of dehydration after all the wetness I exuded, recalling some story of keeping liquids by the bed. I grasp my man’s head with both hands, thinking we’ll go buy a small refrigerator for the bedroom soon.

-to be continued-

08-03-2007, 05:07 PM
very good story. now how true is this?

08-05-2007, 08:35 AM
Thanks for the compliment Hawk
Unfortunately, at this point we're seperated by 9 time zones, but that'll change in the near future, and we'll have even more material to work with-

08-06-2007, 06:25 AM
I love how you 2 made this story, great idea:D

08-06-2007, 06:46 AM
Thanks goober, started well like the story said, flirting, then e-mails and has worked out rather well- Hell, I'm looking at Norway for a vacation

08-06-2007, 09:10 AM
*smiles happy*
Thanks for complimenting on our story!
Hehehe - If/wehen Wiz comes to Norway - guess what we'll do all day (and night) long? *blush*

08-06-2007, 09:13 AM
'When baby, ah my lovely cowriter'
*I give the sweetie a little kiss, but she grabs a hold of me and gives the thread a show* 'I love my work, thanks sexy lady.'

08-09-2007, 05:57 AM
First off, another gracious thank you for all the nice compliments you kind readers left, we, like the other authors, do so like hearing from the readers-
Here is the next installment of our story, the lovely Kristin and I hope you enjoy the tale-
* * *

A Norwegian Vacation –3- (Wizard & Kristin)
By Wizard & Kristin

My girl lay on my shoulder, playing with my sparse chest hair. “You know I've never done anything like this before.”

-I’ve completely surrendered myself to this man. Any thought I had on not being my naïve self is now swept away. I can’t keep my hands off him, and I don't care if he finds out that I am starting to fall in love. I just love to look at him, touch him – and have him touch me.

“Really?” I chuckle, “You mean darling, to tell me there's more to do than fuck, here in these cold winters?”

“Plenty to do,” you pinch my nipple, “and we have a lot of sex.” You lick my nipple. “But Mikey, you've given me at least a weeks worth in five or six hours. How long can this keep up?”

“Year or two,” I kiss your forehead, “maybe three, then it might slow down a tad.”

-I laugh warmly. Thinking of us, fucking like rabbits, all day and night long for two or three years to come… But what wonderful years that would be! When…

-Mikey looks at me and touches me, I feel like a goddess. I can be anything and everything this man wants me to be. As long as he keeps looking at me with those shameless and sexy eyes, I'm sold.

“Show off,” you bite my nipple, “but you can't keep it up…” you giggle, “didn't mean that, just you can't keep being that excited.”

“Um-m,” I got up, pulling you to me, “we'll see. Lets jump in the shower, and I'll see what I can fix you to eat, then I'll take you back to bed, where we'll make love.”

“You're crazy.”

“Hm-m,” I hold you tight, and softly kiss you, “believe lovely lady, I informed you of that fact a while back,” I pick you up, “remember?”

“Yes,” you giggle, “most definitely.”

With you in my arms we take a shower, and I dry us off before I put your panties on you, slipped my boxers on, then take your hand. “Mikey, what about our other clothes?”

“What about them?” I give you a swat on the butt. “Lucky I let you wear your panties.” I kiss you, rubbing where I spanked you. “Besides, if you're not wearing panties I'll be in your pussy every time you turn around.”

-Oh! I think I wouldn't mind that at all! Oh man! Everything Mike says, brings lovely, hot images into my mind. Still a bit horny from the shower, I wouldn't mind if he just bent me down and gave me his lovely cock deep and hard right now.

“So–” I wiggle my eyebrows, “it’s as easy as that? Just take my panties off, and I can have what I want?”


-I smile, naughty-like, and slide both hands inside my panties, pretending to take them off. I wiggle my butt, and am rewarded by my man glancing at me with lustful desire.

“Well, that’s good to know, Mikey!” Facing me you pull your panties down to show off your pussy. “Now I can tease you into doing all I want just by parading around naked in the house.” Laughing again you give me a soft kiss.

“Everything,” I bite your lower lip, “anything, my sex kitten.” I kiss the tip of your nose. “What’s that in Norwegian, darling?”

“Sex kitten in Norwegian would be…” getting a handful of your hair I pull you in tight, and kiss you, “ehm... no word for it.” Kiss your neck, and you gasp, “Sex is sex of course, and kitten is ‘kattunge’ but never together...” I cup your pussy, lifting up, squeezing, and you pant, “but we’ve the word ‘kosejente’ which translates to a girl you hug and kiss, um-m, caresses and adore.” You kiss me hard, grinding your pussy into my hand you hiss, “Kosejente is often used in the same context as sex kitten.”

“Cool,” I press a finger in your slit, “my little ‘kosejente,’ you better learn to keep yourself under better control before you try teasing me.” I take away my hand, getting a groan. “Because it’s a two-way street.” I swat your bottom. “Time to go eat, kosejente.”

-God, I can’t believe his touch, every time it’s the perfect swat, just enough to sting, but never hurt. Um-m, goes for his caresses, and my hair, stroking it, brushing it, getting a handful of it, and pulling it. All at the perfect time, just when I need it, as if he’s reading my mind, but it’s even better, because he’s reading my body.

-Um-m, what a hot, sexy thought, a man reacting to me, his woman, knowing what I want, when I need it. Two weeks of his letters and I thought I was in love, hoping he would be just half as good as his letters. One day of him being here, and there was no question.

“Yes Mikey,” you lean into me, “I’m your kosejente, most definitely.”

I lead you to the kitchen, sitting my girl at the table. "Okay baby, you need to conserve your energy, how about an omelet?" You give me a nod, and with your instructions I find everything I need to fix you a little meal.

Bringing over a single plate you wrinkle your nose. "You're not having any?"

"Sure, we're sharing," I sit, and pat my lap, "come on have a seat."

With my girl cuddled up on my lap we eat our meal, with me feeding you. "This would be easier," I nibble on your neck, "if you'd quit giggling and squirming."

-Sitting sideways on Mike's lap, the heat in me is growing. Having his body close to mine just feeds the glowing inside my pussy. I twist and turn, pressing my butt at him, and enjoy the feeling of a growing bulge in his boxers.

“Can't help it, this is sexy.”

I kiss my girl, then suck your titties to get you to calm down, or at least quit giggling. We finish our meal, then with you still in my arms I stand. "Will take care of things in the morning, I'm going to take you back to the bedroom, get your wet panties off and make love to you."

I want him so much! …want him to do exactly that: Make love to me… I am soaking wet, and when he carries me into the bedroom with my legs wrapped around his hips, I start to bite his neck… licking his soap-scented skin. I rub myself on him, pressing my breast hard into his chest, and whisper naughty, Norwegian words to my perfect lover.

-Know I behave like a slut, but don't care…. All I care about is having Mike fucking me. I thought a week or two of fun, that’d be it, no big deal. But I wasn’t going to get over this.

Lay my girl on the bed, then kiss your panty covered pussy. You're way beyond wet, and I peel your panties off before sliding between your spread legs. Massaging your thighs I stick my tongue deep in your pussy, getting little moans out of you as you roll your hips from side to side.

Run a finger in you as I suck your clit, then a second as I pull your clit side to side. You clamp your legs on my head to limit my range of motion, but I start going up and down while I pump my two fingers in you.

Your excitement builds, ending with you squealing, "Fuck me! Kiss me, baby!"

-I want his cock inside my cunt! Fingers or tongue won’t do it this time… What I need is to feel his body on top of me, I need him to fuck me for ten hours straight! Deep, hard, and strong!

“Jeg er så kåt, Mikey! Gi meg pikken din!”

Recognizing I believe, ‘your dick now,’ I scurry up your body, headed straight for your mouth, to give you a sloppy kiss as I slip my hard dick in your hot pussy. My plan for a leisurely evening of love ****** quickly turned into a session of hard primal fucking as Kristin thrust up into me at every stroke.

Your nails buried in my back I pull your hair to the side, biting your exposed neck. With us taking turns biting the other's lips our kisses became near vicious, and our fucking frenzied. You start cumming, clawing my shoulders, gasping, "Roll us over Mikey, I want to fuck the hell out of you."

Wasn't sure my little hottie could do a better job than now, but holding her tight I roll to my right, keeping me in you. I don't know how, seeing I think you gained a stroke from all your trashing. You didn't even wait for me to get settled in, just started riding my dick, hard. I wanted to last for my girl, but you weren't about to give me a breather.

-Thrusting myself down hard, I rub my clit at Mike's hair covered pubic bone… Moving my hips down hard and in circles ****** me moan of pleasure. I feel how his cock is squashed inside me, from side to side, back and forth as I roll from side to side while riding him.

-But the need of being fucked is overwhelming… I lean forward on my arms and start riding you like crazy, sliding my cunt up and down your hard as steel cock. It feels so good… you fill me completely… stretching my pussy. I go down harder and faster with each thrust, my body shaking with pleasure. I bite your lips, your neck, gasping for air.

“Knull meg, Mike… ta meg hardt, hardt!”

I’m guessing it roughly translated to, ‘fuck me Mike, hard’ and put my hands on your hips to slow you, so I could get your rhythm, but you hiss, “Titties.”

Doing as told I start pinching your nipples, biting your neck and lips, as you look at me, your gorgeous big green eyes full of lust. You’re grunting words, well parts of them, and look so sexy, feel so good I can't take it any longer and come hard in you, setting you off. Biting my shoulder, you scream out your orgasm, pumping a handful of times after quieting, then going limp on my chest.

I rub your back. "Damn sweetie, guess we can have a nice mellow love session tomorrow."

-I blush bad, as I feel my chest heat up. I knew I came on to him a bit hard this time. Well, now he knows. How much I love rough sex with him…

“Needed fucked Mikey, hard. I might wake up and find this all a dream." You sniffle. "It's always been a dream before, could be again. You don't fuck like that, not for hours, not for real. Hell, you don't even do that in dreams. I don't want it to be a dream."

Kiss you to quiet your ramblings. "Honey, it's no dream, I'm here and will wake up at your side."

You scurry around until you've tucked yourself into my shoulder. "Promise?"

I kiss you, roll to my side, getting more of your hot skin to come into contact with me. "Yes dear, promise, I'll be right here." Brush the hair out of your face, and kiss you. “Night cutie."

"Mikey," you wiggle against me, "I don't want to scare you, but I love you."

"I'm not scared," I nibble your ear, "love you too, baby."

-His words echoing in my ears, his arms tightly around me, my pussy fucked sore, his warm body close to me.

-Mmmhhh…. This must be the best way to go to sleep in the whole wide world!!

* * *

We wake up, you still snuggled in my arms, my hard-on pressing against your bottom. Giggling you reach back, "What is this?"

-Nothing feels better than an erect dick pressing at my butt! I grab his swollen member with my fingers, enjoying the warmth, the strength, the life pulsating in it. Slowly moving the skin on the outside up and down, while stroking his dick head with my thumb. I feel the excitement building inside me.

-I can't believe this! How can I still get horny, so quickly!! The aching in my pussy isn’t because of all the fucking we've had, it's because that hungry beast between my legs wants more!

"What do you think?" I hold you tight, and bite your neck. “It’s all you ever see when I'm with you. My love you make me a walking hard-on.”

“Um-m,” you wiggle your butt against me, “I'll take care of that right-”

“Yes you will,” I kiss you cutting you off, “but first open the window please. I’m about to steam the room up.”

“Oh god,” giggling I turn you loose, and you jump up to open the window, “I like the sounds of this a whole bunch. I want-”

-Mike grabs me, and I shut up, eyes wide in surprise. What is he up to now? I just love the way his hand grabs me, forces me. The look on his face; a mixture of strong will and excitement make me shiver.

I grab you from behind cutting you off, pinning your arms. "Oh, I know you will." I bite your shoulder pushing you towards the window, then from the waist up out. "Um-m, I'm going to enjoy fucking you."

"Mike," you struggle against me, "I don't have any clothes on, stop. I can be easily seen. What are people going to think?"

"Have no idea, probably how lucky you are to start your morn off by screaming in orgasm, not once, but twice before you come back in."

-How embarrassing… I can't imagine what my neighbors will think of this. I start feeling warm in my face, and try not to look around. I would surely die, if I saw that gossip-loving lady next door looking at me now. And yet, the feeling of being forced by my Mike, atop of the possibility that someone can see me makes me even hornier.

"No, I can't" you push back, “what-"

"Wasting time," I bite your neck, “keep struggling it's just going to prolong this. Submit! I'm going to eat your pussy, and you're going to stand right here. What do you want?"

You shiver. "I want my pussy ate, and I'll stand right here."

"Good girl," I kiss my way down the center of your back, rubbing your chest, titties, and tummy with both hands. Your legs are spread wide, and you bend, so your torso is out the window. The scent of your arousal is strong, getting me harder than I've ever been. "My love, you're soaked, and need tended to."

"Oh yes! My pussy needs taken care of, Mikey!"

-I tremble, can’t wait to feel you tongue at my wet slit. It's a murmuring pain, constantly growing into a hunger for contact. Mike's hands rubbing my front is giving me so great pleasure, I don't want him to stop– ever! His mouth kissing my back, my butt– it’s driving me crazy! The way he acts… It must be the true meaning of being ‘man-handled.’

-I enjoy his hard grasp in my hair… his strong hand forcing me…

Bury my tongue in the center of your pussy, and you groan, "Please, eat my pussy, I'm on fire Mikey dearest, fucking fire."

I push my face into your pussy, and you start wiggling and purring, no doubt forgetting all about where you were shaking those delightful titties. It takes mere minutes and you're cumming for me, squealing, while claiming how good it feels. And I have to agree, you flooding my mouth with your sweetness.

Stand and slam my hard dick in your hot slick pussy, getting you to cry out, “Oh fuck, fuck me,” I pull your hair, bringing your head back, ****** your breasts stick out even more. I turn your head and kiss you, nearly sliding off your face from the wetness.

-I realize all this moisture is from me… me cumming all over Mike’s face. I lick around his mouth, tasting myself on his skin and tongue.

You giggle. "Did I do that?"

"Honey, both your thighs are wet to near your knees, my horny little girl."

"Um-m," you push back into me, "I love you fucking me."

"Um-m," I kiss you, "and I love fucking you."

-Using my inner muscles, I squeeze at his cock. It feels so damn good, having it buried deep inside me. Eyes closed I arch my back, ****** my breasts more pronounced and my nipples hard from the crisp morn air.

“Give it to me, Mike… fuck me good… it feels so good from behind”

I bite your neck. "Now hush, just enjoy me fucking you, my gorgeous love."

You don't say anything just buck back to meet my thrusts. I reach down and grab your clit as I push you back out the window. It does not take long, your legs are shaking and breathing ragged. Your pussy muscles are working overtime on my dick and I'm about to shoot the biggest load ever in your hot well-fucked pussy.

I pull down on your clit and you scream out, "Oh fucking shit I'm going to explode." You flood my crotch with your warmth, and in turn I spray the inside of you with cum.

-I can hardly breathe… the deep contractions starting in my pussy spreads through-out my body, emptying all muscles of strength. I close my eyes, hear myself and Mike moaning when we both cum.

Hearing a smattering of applause I pull you back in the window, hold you tight, and nibble your ear. "I love you sexy baby, want to go to bed and make love?"

"I am all yours, sweetheart!”

-Since my first orgasm one thought has been stuck in my mind; Mike must be the one man God made to suit me perfectly! Thought I had experienced decent sex, maybe even good sex, before I got his e-mails, and just considered these stories as fantasy sex. But, now I had a taste of great sex, and wanted much more.

-Holding his face in both hands I lock lips with him, in a long, deep, and sweet kiss as he backs his way to bed, with me not breaking the kiss.

-to be continued-

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thanks for the addition

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welcome DM-

08-17-2007, 08:49 PM
This weeks tale of the delightful Kristin & my collaboration,
and yes it's just as much fun to write as you might think it'd be-
We hope you enjoy,
Wizard & Kristin

A Norwegian Vacation -4- (Wizard & Kristin)
By Wizard & Kristin

What a great start to the morning a hard fuck at the window, then because Kristin needs to do some shopping, instead of going back to bed we head for the shower. Back to me cupping your breasts I hold you tight as you adjust the water to your liking.

You place your hands over mine. "I love this Mikey, I really do."

-The hot water running down on us feels like silk, getting our skin moist and slick. Mike's body so close to mine, his hands at my breasts turning me on again. He has become like a drug to me, something I need all the time, more and more. Totally addicted to him – that's what I am.

I make his hands grab my breasts harder, causing him to rub my now hard nipples.

"What a coincidence, kosejente, I love this too."

With the warm water spraying us you lean your head back on my shoulder, exposing your neck, and I give you a hickey. Giggling you swat the side of my butt. "Is that going to leave a mark?"

"Um-m, a little monkey bite," I nibble your neck, "just staking my territory, so to speak. Why, do you mind sweetie?"

"No," you run your hand down my cheek, "I'm yours totally, body, heart, and soul."

-I wouldn't mind getting Mikey's love-marks all over my neck. Would be proud to show all the world my man and I are ****** out like teenagers, and enjoying it!

I slide a hand back, in between our bodies. The feeling of his hard-on pressing at my butt is so tempting, I want to touch him. I put my fingers close around his shaft, feeling the pulsating strength in his member make me even hornier. Moving the loose skin on the outside of his hardness up and down.

"I love you, sweetheart! And I love all that you do to and with me!"

"Oh-h, love hearing that." I turn you around, raise your leg to my waist and slip my dick into your pussy. "You feel delightful," I kiss you, "as always."

"Jeah," you giggle, "that's my line."

"Um-m," I kiss you, "we can share it." Pick you up, and you wrap your legs around me, then start riding my dick. "Jesus sweetie, you part monkey, or an ex-acrobat?"

"Silly," you nip at my lower lip, "you're doing all the work." Grabbing my hair you kiss me hard, slipping me your tongue, and I like the aggressive you. "Mikey, you make me want to do things, wild, crazy things."

-There is a feeling of desperate hunger in me… like I cannot have enough of him inside of me. I want to bite and lick and suck and drink all that is him.

I moan, "Herregud, så deilig!"

-I close my eyes hard, the feeling of Mikey's cock going in and out of my pussy is the loveliest feeling in the world! I ride him harder, and kiss him again. Stick my tongue into his mouth and our tongues start flicking, lips open, breathing each others breaths.

"Oh fuck, Mike! I'm cuming…."

-My legs around his hips tighten and I feel the wonderful contractions squeezing on his dick inside me.

While holding you I turn this way and that to spray water on us as my girl rides my dick. When I get close I put you in a corner and hammer your pussy, getting both of us to enjoy a hard orgasm. You're not about to get down so I wash us, with you giggling and kissing me. Keeping one hand around my neck you wash half my back, then swap to get the other half.

After rinsing off you kiss me. "Well, that was fun, now you jump out I have to shave."

"Why?" I bite your lip. "You're on me like a second skin, you deserve the same treatment." I wrap my arms around you, then chuckle. "Better yet I'll take care of it."

-I kiss his sweet lips, suck on them in turn. The images in my mind, of Mike shaving my pussy are hot! But how can I manage to stay still, being shaved by this wonderful man? It'd be almost impossible! I'd want to press my pussy at his fingers, would need to have him touching my clit,
finger-fucking my hole. But, I wouldn't miss it for the world!


"Sure," I shrug, "why not?" Swat your butt, and I kiss you. "Will be hot, sexy girl?"

You get the necessary items to do a proper job, and holding you tight I start with your right armpit, lathering it up, shaving, rinsing, and finally kissing your silky soft skin. I give you a long kiss, before moving behind you to take care of your left armpit in the same manner. My next target, your right leg, up to the knee, front and back, with plenty of finishing kisses for a job well done. Instead of moving to your right thigh I do your other leg.

Look up and give you a wink. "Think I like this little chore."

-Mike shaving my armpit is so pleasant… just love the feeling of him handling me… rising my arms… foam being smothered so gently. I sigh of pleasure, totally content with what my man does to me. When he kisses me, it starts a tremble inside, a feeling of love mixed with pure lust pulsating inside my pussy. The rushing of blood to my pussy lips makes me burn for attention down there...

"Jeah," you let out a contented sigh, "it's yours from now on."

"Good," I kiss your pussy, "now to finish it." Lather up your right thigh, to just below your pussy, shaving, then plenty of kissing before moving on to the left thigh. Finishing your thigh I again kiss your pussy. "Now, for the main course."

"Oh god, Mikey."

Look up, your leaning against back wall, eyes closed, breathing ragged. Lather up your pussy, shave you keeping your Mohawk strip, maybe widening it a tad, but shaving your lips clean, and your butt crack too. After rinsing off I began with kisses, then slipping my tongue in your wetness before tonguing your rosebud.

-The feeling of the sharp razor blade at my skin, so professionally steered by my lover, sends shivers up my spine. I look down at what he does, and he's fully concentrated on the task. Now and then his hands puts a lovely pressure at my clit, or he softly stretches the pussy lip to get a clean shave, and the treatment is heavenly.

I'm almost on the outside of myself… it feels like I must hide my lust, as if this is done to me by someone I am not intimate with. But it's my Mike doing this… and when he kisses my pussy, the burning desire is getting overwhelming.

"Uhmmm… I love what you're doing to me, sweetheart!" I moan the words, and hear how my voice is trembling.

-His tongue moving to my dark entrance again, licking me, sending bursts of joy through my body. The burning need keeps growing, and I grab your head, pull you closer, needing more, more, more….

With your hands on my head I suck in your clit, running a finger in your pussy and tickling your rosebud with another. Grinding into my face you orgasm as I run a second finger into you. With you laying against the wall panting I oil your legs and pussy.

Stand and pull you into me. "There you go sweetie, chore all done, do I pass?"

"Oh jeah," you giggle, "with a double A+. This chore is all yours, for damn sure." You run your hand down my cheek. "Your turn, think I want you back to a long mustache and the soul patch, if I may?" You kiss me. "You’ll look more like a bad boy."

"Honey," I chuckle, and give you a swat, "you're the one who has to look at me all the time, do as you please, kosejente."

-I’ll truly enjoy giving Mike a shave! Standing close to him, it’ll feel almost more intimate than to make love to him.

"Thank you, my love."

Like I did to my girl you shaved my face in sections, giving me plenty of finishing kisses. Once through you wrinkle your nose. "Mikey, you look much meaner, no wonder no one messes with you."

I pick you up, and bite your lip, then put a matching hickey on the other side of your neck. "Now, I'm mean?" Raise you high enough to nip at your hard nipples. "What are you going to do now?"

"No," you giggle, "never said you were mean. Just meant you look mean, not bad Santa." Your legs wrapped around me, you kiss me and hold me tight. "And I'm not going to do anything, just stay here forever."

-Not exactly to my surprise anymore, I know my words speak the truth. I would definitely hang on to this man for as long as I could.

"Can hang with that dudette." I carry you out of the shower, then try to dry you off while you squirm in my arms. "You horny little monkey," I give your butt a swat, "no doubt breakfast is out, but we can still do brunch, unless you keep it up."

"Um-m," you kiss me, "need to do a bit of shopping, you rest up, can rape you when I get back."

"No, I'll come with my kosejente." I bite your ear. "Need to get my girl some new skirts and panties."

"Have plenty of panties," you wrinkle your nose, "skirts too, but only wear them at the office, I like pants better."

"Yeah, but pants are no good for sight-seeing." You wrinkle your nose, and I grin. "I pull your pants down and fuck you all the time, we're going to get caught. Don't want to add a Norwegian cell to my jail stories, so you need skirts, or dresses."

-I laugh, Mike knows too well, the idea of getting caught ‘doing it’ both frightens and excites me. The idea of being too horny to resist fucking in public is so hot!

"Well,” you moan and groan, “a lifted skirt won’t do us much good, will it? But of course, it's easier lifting my skirt than taking off my pants. So, a skirt or two is OK, I guess"

-Mike starts to get me dressed, and I just love he does that.

You steady yourself with my head, as I put your panties on you, "But Mikey, I don't need any panties. Sounds like probably won't be wearing any for long."

"Oh guarantee you that," I kiss your pussy before pulling up your panties, "but chances are we'll lose some," I kiss your now panty-covered pussy, "and I want things you can remember me by."

"Ah, jeah," you roll your eyes, "how about the best orgasms I've ever had to start." Fondling my dick you grin. "And a lot more to come, right Mikey?"

"Yes kosejente," I give you a swat, "now let's get your cute bottom in the kitchen."

-I watch Mikey getting his boxers on, admiring his solid frame and new-shaved beard. He looks exactly like the bad boy he really is! My tough cowboy! I feel wonderful from all the attention he has given me and my pussy…. It's like floating on a cloud of happiness!

"You sexy thing! If you don't get your pants on real quick, I will do to you what's on my mind right now!" You say with a naughty grin, turn around and wiggle your butt on the way out of the room.

After I get my pants on I chase you into the kitchen, swatting your panty-covered butt. Kitchen is only fair-sized, but the two of us have no trouble being in it together, we seem to know where the other is headed, and everything I look for is right where I'd put it. Of course you cut me off from time to time for a kiss, or a smack on the bottom, enjoying prancing about in nothing but your panties.

We enjoy our sandwiches, then you give me a kiss. "Won't be shopping long, enjoy some sports or something, beer's in the fridge. If it's alright, some of my friends asked us to a late dinner, they want to meet who I've been going on about."

"Not at all, baby, sounds fun." I give you a kiss. "But was thinking obviously I need some warmer clothes, seems the definition of summer is different in California than it is here."

"Jeah," you grinned, "but I told you Mikey, think late fall."

"No," chuckling I raise your chin up with a finger, and lightly kiss you, "kosejente, I don't even need a long sleeve shirt until Halloween at the earliest. Have a leather coat, but haven't worn it more than ten times in fifteen years. Even our rains aren’t overly cold, and I think it’s been ten years since I’ve been in the snow."

"So – you wanna come with me? To the mall?"

-As Mike nods, I smile, so happy I could near burst. A man actually willingly going clothes shop with me, what an absolute treat. I know he’ll hold my hand as we walk, even hold my purse for me without me asking, not worried what other men will think.

"Great! That will be so much fun! I have a dress in mind for the party with my friends– think you'll like it. Would you mind looking at it, before we leave?”

“Not at all sweetie,” I give you a kiss on the cheek, “let’s go check it out.”

-Mmmhhh… I could stay in is arms forever… he's such a wonderful kisser! From the sweet, tender kisses to hungry, deep tongue-attacks.

Haha – better stop this kissing, or else we would never get to the mall in time to do the shopping. Not that I would mind at all… I'd rather spend time in Mikey's arm than anything else.

"Alright Mikey," you pat my butt, then easily drag me towards the bedroom, "I'll get new skirts and panties, and you what, a sports coat?"

"Ah," I came to a halt, and winced, "was thinking more of a denim shirt, maybe denim jacket."

"One," you run a finger across my lips, "nice jacket for simple dinners, for me." You lightly kiss me. "Tan, silk sports coat with French cut t-shirts, comfortable, fashionable, you'll be handsome."

"No tie?"

You cross your heart. "Swear, no tie, lover."

"Well, for you," I held up a finger, "on one condition, what was the Hergud deli- thing?"

"Herregud, så deilig!" You smile up at me. "It's Norwegian, of course, meaning, 'forget everything but this man and what we do.' It's how I always feel."

"Wow," I run a finger down your nose, "little saying, big translation. Hm-m, 'forget everything but this man and what we do,' sounds sexy. I like it. Herregud sah deilik, close?"

-He's so sweet when trying to talk Norwegian. My heart beats harder and I feel stupidly happy. I could eat him up, right here and now!

"Close enough, Mikey." You cradle my head between your hands, and kiss me gently. "I love you, there's no second thoughts."

"Good," I hold you tight, "no second guessing here either, I'm glad I came. After all our conversations and picture exchanges I'm happy to see it's all like we thought it would be." Kiss you, then nibble your ear. "I love you Kristin, you're a fantastic lady."

-I hide the tears in my eyes by turning to the closet. Loving Mike and being loved back makes me so very happy.

"Close your eyes while I slip on this, will you?"

-You close your eyes, but your right is open just a crack, no doubt to scheme on me, and it makes me so happy. I turn around, bend over for no reason, and wiggle my butt for my man, knowing how he likes a lady in panties, loving the sigh I receive from him.

I put the dress on, adjusting it a bit here and there, then straighten my hair, resisting the urge to run to the bathroom and take a quick peek. Know I look good in this dress, and with a big smile I eagerly watch you for your slightest reaction.

“Okay Mikey, open your eyes.” You laugh out loud when you see the look on my face. "Like it?"

-It's a red velour dress, The soft fabric clings to my body like a second skin, and the light make the velour look alive with shimmers and shades of burning hot red.

“Yum-yum,” I wiggle my eyebrows, “yeah, I like.”

-I do a pirouette on the tip of my toes. Sleeve-less, a nice ‘V’-cut in the back, allowing my hair to make a soft contrast against my bare shoulders. Also has a ‘V’ in the front, but plunging deeper, showing a nice bit of cleavage. Skirt ends mid-thigh, softly embracing my thighs.

"You'd have to imagine the high heeled shoes that go with it, honey. And of course, there will be more cleavage when I put on my push-up bra!" You lean forward and press your arms to your breast, squeezing them almost out of the dress.

"God dammit woman! That's one hell of a hot dress!"

-You grab me, sliding your strong hands up and down the velour covered body of mine, setting me all on fire. The lust glows in your eyes, and your hungry kisses tell me exactly how hot you think I am. And like always – you showing me your desire makes me soaking wet.

"Ah…let me take it off again, honey!"

-I slide the dress up over my head, and you gaze down my body with a hungry look. It’s not just the leer, I’ve had plenty of those, even some lately. No, it’s the tenderness and caring those sexy eyes project that makes me flood my panties. I turn around to put the dress away, then bend over, and looking back I see your eyes light up, as you see how wet my panties are.

"Ah-hah, I spy with my little eye – a soaking wet, delicious muff that needs attention!" I laugh, and steer you onto the bed on all fours. I bite where your neck meets your shoulder, pushing you down and biting harder, forcing your head to the bed. Bite your inner thigh, tugging up until you raise your hips high as possible, then I lick your panty-covered slit.

-Never experiencing anything so sensual, so primal, I’m shivering in anticipation… Don’t know what I was expecting to happen, but it certainly wasn’t Mikey tearing off my panties, and it was such a rush, sending out a delightful shiver radiating from my pussy. I’m not sure but it might’ve been a small orgasm, I was so over stimulated.

"Herregud, så deilig!" I sniffle, a constant tremor of pure joy running through me. "Mikey, most definitely, Herregud, så deilig!"

-My eyes closed I lay there rocking, enjoying being taken, so forcefully… yet so tenderly. Your hands deeply kneading my butt cheeks make me moan, and you bite each, hard, getting me to jump a bit. I feel the tip of your tongue sliding slowly down my butt crack, and from deep within me comes this feral growl. I can not believe it came from me, but I release another. You run your tongue between my pussy lips, I push hard back to meet it.

Put more pressure at the small of your back to keep you in place, and your muscles relax, ceding their command to me. “Herregud sah deilik, forget everything but this woman and what we do.” I lick your pussy, getting another sexy growl from my girl. “Probably not the saying, but you get my drift, baby.” I palm your clit, pressing inward. “You’re mine, to do as I please.”

-Yes the saying was wrong, although I did understand, and was so proud, but didn’t have the power of speech. Moved my mouth, in an attempt to agree with you, but only thing to come out was drool. Your flicking tongue starts working on my fully engorged clit before going back to find my hole. You push it inside, and not only I can’t speak for a moment I can't breathe– all I can do is release a hissing moan.

“Sounded like a yes to me.” I laugh, and stick my tongue back in you.

“Jeah, heaven,” you moan, “pure heaven.”

-I was just as surprised at finding my voice as I had been at the sexual growl emanating from me. You start running two fingers in my pussy, and I can feel my excitement running down both thighs. Being lost in the moment my bucking had stopped, and I just lay there tremors running through my body as Mikey worked me over with both hands and his sensuous tongue.

“My girl is ready for anal pleasure,” I bit your butt cheek, “physically,” I bit your other cheek, “but not mentally.”

-God! What did he mean, how could I ever be more ready for him to do my bottom than now? This was a sinful pleasure, my body frozen except for Mikey’s caresses, under his complete control and loving every minute of it. I never wanted to be under anyone’s control, grew to hate it, but this was a complete release, allowing me to enjoy my man fully. And he wasn’t controlling me, just my sexuality.

I leaned as far up as I could, without breaking my manipulations on your body. “Baby doll,” I bit your back, hard, “I want a hard squirt out of you.”

-Mmmh… how do you know what to say to send me up another level - I don’t know - but you do it time and again. It’s so hot, you actually want me to squirt, and I don’t have to try to control myself, just let go for my man. You’ve given me the greatest orgasms, but this one will be the best by far, no doubt in my mind.

Your tongue back in my butt, three fingers thrusting into my pussy, cupped and dragging across my g-spot. Instead of palming my clit, you roll it between thumb and forefinger, getting those little tremors to build higher. My body starts to shake, then the contractions hit as I squirt, hard at least twice, maybe three times, the first two splashing my ankles. Was no surprise this was by far my most intense orgasm, sweeter than all others before.

My girl sprayed us with three good blasts, and I licked your sweetness, before cooing, “Very good, you little hottie. I’d love nothing better than to fuck you.” Panting you fall over on your side, and I kiss your pussy. “But can’t, seeing as you’ve made us fall way behind schedule.”

-I want to protest, but I don’t have the wind. You get up, then return with a warm, wet washcloth, and gently clean me up. Your soft touch and even softer kisses are a true delight. I didn’t want to boast, but I didn’t believe there could be a more sexually satisfied woman on the planet.

Kiss you, and wave your torn panties. “See why you need to buy more panties, my love.”

“Jeah,” you grin, “I’ll buy them by the crateful, Mikey.”

* * *


You park, and wait for me to come around, open the door, then help you out. I pull you to me and kiss you. "See, I'm getting better, stayed out of your pussy the entire trip."

-I look at him, admiration probably glowing in my eyes. I realize I wouldn't mind him staying in my pussy forever, and understanding this, make me laugh silly.

"Right," you smack me, "wasn't that long of a trip, and you've been in my pussy all morning. Now, don't take a lot of time choosing your clothes, we're running late."

"Don't tell me," I chuckle, kiss you, then swat your butt, "I'm just here to see they fit right. As for colors, first one or two I pick up will be fine."

"No," you roll your eyes, "we don't do that Mikey. You don't have to try them on… well, t-shirts, you need to try the sports cost on."

"Alright," I held up my hands, "give, I'm all yours."

-’Yep! You are all mine, and I'm all yours!’ I kiss my lovely cowboy and put my arm at his.

You walked in on my arm, steering me to a men's store, and it didn't take long for you to pick the style, but I had no idea what my size might be.

Store clerk handled that problem, and you took me over to see about some fancy t-shirts, with fancy prices. I held up this or that one, and you chose the darker shades over the light. Paid for everything, wore the jacket out, carrying the rest, headed for the ladies shop.

My girl wasted no time choosing three different styles of skirts, and holding them up you smiled. "Well, what do you like?"

"Ah," they all looked functional to me, nothing overly sexy, but you weren't in them yet, "one of each would be fine by me." I wink. “Who knows, one or more of them might get torn off too.”

-God, he stirs me up to no end. I must light up like a Christmas bulb every time he leers at me, or with what he says, knowing he’s not lying. I better not get too attached to any of them, because before too long I bet at least one of them would be shredded.

"That's the best you can do," you giggle, "and I suppose colors will be the same dilemma?"

"No, sassy pants," I waggle my hand, "I'm thinking those matching the t-shirts."

"Jeah, good," you lean up and kiss me, "I'd like that." You swat me on the butt. "Now, go down a few doors and enjoy a beer while I finish up shopping."

"It's cool," I cup your titty, and you glance about, "I'm fine checking you out."

"Mikey, you bad boy." You blush a tad, but don't back away from me. "I'm just going to get some new undies, no big deal."

-The embarrassment of Mikey touching my breast in public is nothing compared to the intense excitement I feel between my legs. My breath shortens, and I fight to control myself, not wanting Mike to realize just how strong he affects me.

"Yeah," I smile, and wiggle my eyebrows, "but being as I'm already here with you, I should check them out, right Kristin dear?"

"Well, feel kind of bad, dragging around a store, isn't–"

"I’m fine sweetie," I squeeze your titty, then give you a kiss, "and should check them out, to see about a proper fit."

You giggle, and swat my arm, but not the one holding your titty. "You don't try on panties."

"But you could," I roll your hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, getting a low moan from you, "if you wanted to, right?"

"Jeah, sure I could." You snuggle up to me. "But isn't there something else you want to do?"

-A new experience, this, my man wanting to go shopping with me. At first, I felt bad for dragging him along, I was used to men hating shopping. I wanted Mike to have a great time, not boring his ass off following me around at the mall. But from what I could see and hear, it looked like he wanted to. And nothing would please me more! Being away from him, even for a few minutes
wasn’t what I wanted.

I looked up into his eyes, and loved the way he looked back at me.

"If there is," removing my hand I kiss you, "I'll do it, alright?"

"Fair enough."

I take the skirts so your hands are free and taking my arm you guide me to the underwear section. Give you a hip bump, and raise an eyebrow. "Must be in heaven, thong section dear."

"Jeah," you giggled, "already figured that out."

You pick out some sexy sets and take them into the changing room, then soon call out, "Take a look Mikey, I think these are the sexiest."

I come back, and sure enough they're sexy, a red half bra and thong. "Nice, but there's something else I want to do."

"Okay love," you turn your back, "we'll just meet-"

Toss my jacket on the bench, and I step up behind you, the automatic door swinging shut behind me. "That's not what I meant my sexy kitten," I had you in my arms, and you half turn, "I want to fuck your hot pussy, no; I'm going to fuck your hot pussy."

-Ah! The lust in his eyes… the command in his strong hands on my body! And his words; they give me shivers.

One of the strongest turn-on-thing for me is exactly this. My man demanding to have sex with me, showing how much he wants me!

"Are you nuts, Mikey?" You wiggle under my strong grip hissing, "These aren’t even real walls."

"So, I don't want to fuck the wall," I start wrapping your hands together with a pair of panties, "I want to fuck my beautiful lady." I hang your bound hands on the dress hook, wrapping them so you can’t slip off, then kneel and take down your panties, kissing your butt cheeks.

Take another pair of panties tying one leg to the sitting bench, then spread your legs far enough to tie off the other leg. "Stop this," you pant, "I mean it, Mikey."

-Horrified by the thought someone might hear us, and come checking us out makes me whisper under my breath, ‘no, stop this.’ But, I can’t deny – or hide – the excitement in my body. The determination with which Mike handles me, the revealing bulge in his pants, the hunger in his eyes; it's all getting me so horny.

I run my hand up your soaked slit. "Why do I think your fibbing sexy?" I spin around, slide under you, getting between the wall and you. I take your clit in my mouth, and you purr.

Stop what I’m doing, and I peek up at you. "Sorry, what was that my love?"

"Mike," you thrust at my mouth, "just shut up and eat me. Hurry, before we're caught." I wiggle my eyebrows at you, and you roll your eyes. "Oh shit, you're going to fucking tease me, you bad boy.

"No don't, get me-"

With your clit back in my mouth you lose your train a thought, and start swaying back and forth. I suck and nibble on your pussy lips and you start rocking the wall a bit, as you're thrusting your pussy in my face.

-I can't believe this! I’m being eaten in the changing room! God! If someone catches us doing this I’ll die of embarrassment, tied up with panties and all…. But, if Mike stops the licking and sucking, or deep tonguing that would be far worse… every lick and sucking pull makes me moan and crave for more! Then there’s the ultimate sensation, him running his tongue deep into me, would've caused me to melt to the floor if not for being on the hook.

"Oooh... mmmmhhh... I love you…I love this…!"

-God! He's working wonders on me…. Oh, I’m so lost in a sexual haze, never having been so sated, yet needing more! Every new orgasm moves to the top of the best list, and it’s as if I’ve never been fucked before Mikey got here.

I grab your bottom, hold you tight to my face as I slide up and take your clit in my mouth. Take one hand off so I can start fingering your pussy, then run another finger over your rosebud, drawing plenty of moisture from your pussy.

My sexy girl is so close, but I stop and wiggling your butt you try to stomp your feet. "Mikey, that's not funny I was seconds away."

"Huh, didn't I hear stop, my pretty."

"Oh that's so not funny, eat me, get me off, please, Mikey, please."

"If I do," I blow on your clit, getting a delightful shiver out of you, "I want to fuck you too."

-Yes! Yes! I want him so bad! I want him to thrust his cock into me, hump me hard, and know he’ll do it. But, I can hear it in his voice, he wants me to beg.

"What, now you think I'm crazy?" You wiggle your cute bottom. "Of course you can fuck me, I insist on it. Please, Mikey, please fuck me!"

Run my fingers back in you, and suck your clit into my mouth.

“Oh god yes,” you're rubbing your wetness all over my face, “you drive me fucking wild.”

Let your clit slip out of my mouth. "Know the feeling, lover girl." Instead of sucking your clit I lick your outer lips before running my tongue fully down the center of your wetness, getting another delightful shiver out of you. "You want to cum?”

-Seriously!!! ‘Want to’ is not the words to describe the intensity... more accurate term would be, ‘need to, have to, must cum!’ If not, I’m going to explode!

"Duh?" You have my head pinned against the wall, and grind your pussy into my face.

It was a stupid question, and I suck hard on your clit, giving it a little bite.

"Oh shit, fuck me!" Your body convulses twice, straining against the ties, then you spray me with cum, all over my chin, and down the front of my shirt.

-It's breathtaking, the orgasm Mike is giving me. I don't care who might listen in or catch us as the sweetest wonder of cumming rushes through my body. For a minute it actually feels like my pussy is exploding! I feel how my juices flow out of me, and even that doesn't worry me a bit! Cause I know my man loves me squirting all over his face.

Slide out from under you, and by the time I'm standing behind you my hard dick is in hand. You stick your cute bottom up in the air giving me better access, and I penetrate you in one stroke, getting a loud, "Ow-w, fucking good."

“S-sh,” I bite your neck and stuff the panties you had on, in your mouth, “or we’ll get caught during this next orgasm, seeing as it’s going to be even harder.”

Grab your hips, and start hammering your pussy, and you groan through your panties, "God dammit, this is so hot, Mikey, you're going to have me off in no time."

-Getting publicly eaten is one thing…having your wet panties stuffed in your mouth another…. But, being promised an even harder one… feeling Mike's fat cock penetrating me, filling my cunt, is way beyond either! My love tube is so stretched by his cock, but the wetness from my cums make it just wonderful. This is another insatiable hunger, probably the most breathtaking feeling I've ever known.

I grab your hair and pull your head back, biting you in the front of the neck, hard enough to get you sucking wind. With my other hand I pinch your nipples, then slide my hand down to your clit. Using your hair as leverage I have you swaying back and forth as much as possible, rubbing your titties against the rough wall.

My girl starts moaning and groaning, grinding her titties into the wall by herself, thrusting back into me. "Oh shit, fucking good."

-I must be crazy! Panties aren’t muffling any sound; no doubt, people understand what's going on in here! But right now, I couldn't care less. All I care about is that stone hard cock thrusting deeper and harder by the minute, the wonderful feeling of being fucked by this man, my Mikey!

He's giving me everything he's got now… and it’s so fantastic I still want more!

"More, Mikey! Gimme more!” You gasp, “Åh, herregud, jeg elsker deg!"

Bouncing up and down on my dick you start squealing, your muscles rippling down my shaft. I can't hold back, cumming hard, thrusting deep into my lovely lady, which set you off, again squirting. This hot flood of girl juice hitting my crotch turned me on so much I hammer my girl harder to prolong the feeling.

Too hard, being as the wall teetered a bit, then fell over, taking Kristin with it, as you pop off my dick. Standing there my hat still on, wetness on the front of my shirt and pants, hard-on swinging back and forth, I'm trying not to laugh. But, there's my pretty lady, naked, tied to a section of the fallen wall with panties, another pair in her mouth, and our cum leaking out of her pussy. I laugh, recalling how leaving the states I had a feeling I’d be visiting a Norwegian jail, and figured my premonition was about to come true.

-Oh noooooo! This is my nightmare coming true! Thank God, we both came before tearing down the changing room. And what a lovely orgasm it was too! Despite being naked, spread-eagle, and dripping cum, this thought makes me laugh, out loud.

“Whoa, that was hot,” I bring it down to a chuckle, “but oops, sorry dear.”

To make matters worse there's half a dozen customers gathered around who had obviously been listening intently, and they break out in applause. “Say that again, damn hot,” one of the ladies states, “and we only heard it.” This got other ladies talking.

-Seriously; it would have been much worse if I was to fall off Mike's cock before cumming. Hearing these women makes me feel a bit better, but I’m still in a highly compromised position. Never having to worry about a public sex ordinance before I wondered what the penalty might be, and would I be out in time for work.

Thinking what I might tell my boss if asked, I feel my cheeks blushing as I look around while trying to release my hands from the ties… Damn, Mikey knows how to use a pair of panties, and good with knots, I can’t get off the hook.

Sales clerk stomps over, and gives me a hard stare. "Sir, this dressing room is for ladies only. You should know that."

My girl looks back, and smiles coyly. "He's just a friend visiting."

"Ah," I tuck my dick back in my pants, "any damages I'll take care of, take American Express?"

"American," she let out a long sigh, "should have figured. Quite alright, nothing is damaged."

-Except from my pride, perhaps, but what the hell! I’ve been feeling like a bad girl having the time of her life ever since Mike came to Norway. Still trying to get my hands free I start to feel very embarrassed, looking at Mike and the sales clerk talking.

"Well," I zip up, "at least let me pay for the skirts, bra and panties."

"Yes, that will be fine," she gave me another sigh, "if you would please untie them from the young lady, and bring them up to the counter." She turned, and grunted, "Old enough to be her father, Americans."

"Ahem," one lady raises a finger, a young blonde, "I'm American, possibly you live near me, I could use that kind of friend."

-Jeah, that figures! I'd like to know one lady here NOT wanting to get fucked by my bad boy!

Most of the other ladies are chuckling as I untie my lady, then dress her. On our way out the American lady pats Kristin's arm. "Whatever his age I'd keep him around if I were you."

-Um-m, I’m thinking, ‘I plan on having him around me for as long as possible, I assure you!’ This man is God’s gift to women, and I intend to keep him for as long as possible!

“Jeah,” you grin, “next stop is a hardware store, I’m buying locks and chain, using them to keep him on my bed.”

“A-ah,” the American lady smiled dreamily, “don’t blame you. I wish something like that would happen to me, I’ve never heard such sounds of contentment.”

"Not to worry," I kiss Kristin’s cheek, "I go anywhere, you're coming with me, my dear."

-to be continued-

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I see you guys are still screwing like rabbits. The way your going you're gonna need a vacation from the vacation. As usual, another hot one. Way to go.

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'Aw gee,' I hang my head, 'you're gonna make me blush.'
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