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"How much of what are you looking for?" he asked her. "Just enough to get a 40 ounce" she said. He assumed she was talking about buying a beer, since she was at the end of a small liquor store parking lot in a rundown part of town. Most would think she was looking to sell something more than buy something. "I can give you what you want but it seems like you want something more than beer" he said. "I do, but beer makes it easier to get." He gave her $5 and asked her to talk to him after he parked his truck. She agreed and asked him, "Are you going to hurt me?" He was offended. He saw himself as some kind of hero type. "No. My friends call me 'Cheeks' and I will not hurt you." She turned and walked off toward the store.

Cheeks found a good spot to park his truck. The shadow of the trailer lay nicely over the cab of the tractor. It lent privacy to the setting where little actually existed. Add to this the closing of the sleeper curtains and Cheeks and who ever she was, would be free to explore the afternoon. He straightened the cab a bit and waited. It took some time for her to return.

When he heard the knock on his passenger door, he knew it was her, but he got out and opened the door from the outside just to be sure. Things can go bad in the truck world once a door is open. It's best to have any bad news happen outside. "I was starting to think you were not coming back" Cheeks said. "You gave me enough for two 40s and it took me time to drink 'em." It was obvious she had forced herself to guzzle the beers. Her face was shinny and red. This would be normal for a white girl, but she was pure brown sugar, and the look was odd. "You look scared and I do not know your name." Cheeks said. "I am scared, but you can call me 'Kata." He helped her into the truck by opening the door and guiding her hand onto the vertical rails that run up the side of the cab. As she started to climb, he used his right hand to lift her butt, while he slid his left hand down the front of her blouse. He wanted to know what was under her simple baggy clothes.

Kata did not look like this was her first time in a truck. She was black, as many good hookers are. She looked a little wore out. Yet she looked terribly scared. She seemed like a nice girl. She seemed desperate and poor. "Now that you've downed a brewsky, what is it you're looking for?" Cheeks asked her. "A guy willing to pay me to fuck him" she said. "Is it safe to fuck you?" Cheeks asked. "I don't know" she said. This turned Cheeks on to the max. There is nothing he likes more than honest intimacy. Kata was down and out. She was too desperate for lies. "I've been on the streets almost a year. I do what I can to get by. I am willing to fuck you, suck you, or what ever you want, Cheeks. I can even let you hurt me a little if it helps you get started." It made him sad to here Kata talk about him hurting her. I would have thought you could see I am not the kind of guy who would do that." he said. "All guys do that, Cheeks."

"What's the least you could do a blow job for, Kata?" he asked. "$15" she said. "You must be desperate." She was desperate. She was poor, living with friends here and there, and basically homeless. Her weight was down. Her spirits were down. She really looked very risky. Yet, there was something desirable in her honesty. She was totally open and unpretentious. "Will you take your blouse off and suck me 'till I cum in your mouth?" he asked her. "I'll try" she said.

Cheeks climbed into the sleeper. It was a good sized sleeper, but only 48inches wide. Kata belched as she followed. She removed her shirts. Seeing her chest wasn't as pleasant as Cheeks had hoped. She was clean, but her breasts hung like bloodhound skin. This is scary to any man. It can mean many things, but it usually means something bad. Maybe just weight loss due to hunger. Maybe it was a sign of undetected VD. Either way, Kata was taxing Cheeks' balance. "You need more than just beer, Kata." he said. "I know. I need some one to want a wore out colored girl. I have sucked more dicks than I can remember. I have fucked in almost every possible way. I am almost worthless. You don't even want to fuck me." She had him with this last line. "

Cheeks had removed his pants and left his shirt on. He laid out in a comfortable position and let Kata maneuver as she needed . He reached up and touched her shoulder as she started to lean over him. Some one had coached her on how to give a good head job. She started by petting the hairs of his crotch. She held his far thigh in her left hand and placed her other hand on his hip. Kata had something going for her. She actually liked having dick in her mouth. She liked the initial taste and feel. She liked the way it felt alive. She liked the way she felt when, for a few moments, she was actually wanted by someone. Cheeks caressed her back and arm, while Kata took him in her mouth. She was good. She never ruined the sensation of her mouth on his cock by touching it with her hands.. She started slowly by taking him upon her tongue and surrounding it with her wet and slippery mouth. Without moving her head she slowly rolled her tongue around and around his dick until it started to come alive. As it hardened, she began to actually suck on it. It was still small enough that she could slobber on the whole thing as she began to slide it in and out of her mouth. Cheeks was beginning to realize that Kata was going to be able to get him off with ease. She was a black girl who could make herself the queen of the world by giving a man the one thing worth everything. He got harder and harder as she increased the suction. It's rare to find a hooker who can change the tempo of a blow job as the mans desire increases, but Kata did so. Kata took to rubbing his thigh while petting his hair. She liked giving head.

Cheeks' dick was hard, and Kata was working her magic. Yet she had more to offer. She changed the deal entirely. Her left hand had been used to caress and stroke his thigh. Now she moved it under his scrotum and began to pet its underside. This was a nice change. It felt good to have his balls caressed. Yet it added a sense of danger to the deal. Her hand was close to his sphincter muscle, his asshole. This was not part of the plan. Cheeks did not want her finger anywhere near there. Yet she had him so close to cumming that he did not want to change anything. She sucked him, and he fuck her mouth. Then, just as he thought he would let go, she found his backdoor and filled it with her fingers. It changed everything. He stiffened. He thought only about the pain of something in his butt. Then just as fast as the pain came, it went away. She pulled him closer to her. She sucked him harder and grabbed for his chest. He hadn't taken his shirt off, so she slid her hand underneath it and grabbed. Now she was up his ass, squeezing his breast, and sucking him for all she's worth.

That was it for Cheeks. He came and came and came. Kata slowed everything and stopped. She knew she did good. She may have been homeless, but she just took this guy to the top of the world.

Many truck drivers are pure shit bags. But some are not. Kata changed Cheeks. He was homeless himself in the sense that he lived in his truck. "Would you be willing to suck me off like that regularly if I took care of you, Kata?" he asked her. "Yes I would" she said.

This is a modified version of story known to be true. The author has reason to believe many truck drivers fall for their hookers.

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Thanks for the story....it has been moved to the story area though....thanks

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Thanks for the story. However, the ending wasn't the best, is there more to come?

08-03-2007, 11:39 PM
Good story. It had a happy ending nothing wrong with that. Just maybe a little abrupt. I hope they lived happily ever after. Please write more.

08-06-2007, 06:25 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I'm new at this and find it amazingly difficult to manage memories, cautions, grammatical rules, dialogue writing, and story ideas. Endings do seem tricky. Even in real life, two true versions of this story are still on going. One truck driving friend, found his hooker/wife in an actual Nevada cat house. They are 23 years happy last I heard.