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08-07-2007, 09:30 AM
For my job, I do a lot of counseling. It is not that I am a Psychologists but more of a life coach. People come to me for advice on how they can improve their lives. It is a job that I love because it really gives me a chance to make an incredible impact on people.

Now, normally I do not take late evening appointments with women. I am a married man and do not wish to put myself in a position to compromise my marriage or my career. I always try to make my appointments when I know that my assistant or associates will be in the office. But this time was different because I was getting ready to go on vacation and this was the only time that my client had available.

“I can stay later if you would like me to.” Said Jaime, my assistant.

“No, you have a husband and kid to get home to. I would never want to take you from them. It should be fine. This woman coming in sounds like she just needs a little clarity. So it should be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Jaime, go home and I will see you when I get back in two weeks.”

“Okay, Al. Have a safe trip.”

At this point, I was the last one in the office. I decided to do some light work to close up some files before I left for my cruise. That is when the door bell rang for the office.

“Right on time. This is a good sign.” I thought.

I opened the door and there she was. I was not prepared for the beauty that stood before me. She was caramel complected with a fantastic figure. I closed and locked the door. As I turned, I was greeted by the most luscious ass imaginable as she had bent over to pick up her keys. The timing could not have been better.

“Keep your focus.” I reminded myself.

I escorted her to my office where she had a seat in my guest chair.
“I am very nervous.” She said.

“No problem. I can understand since this is your first time meeting with me. Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Al Johnson.”

“Danah,” she said nervously. “Danah Lewis.”

“Danah, would you like a cup of coffee? Would that help you to relax?”
My motive was two-fold. I wanted to help her feel comfortable for our session but I also needed to get away to clear my head and get back on track. Again, I had never met anyone as beautiful as the angel that sat before me.

“Sure that would be great.” She said.

So I asked her how did she take it and I was off and running. I got to the coffee pot and poured us both a cup. I gave myself a stern pep talk and went back to Danah. From that point, the session went perfectly. We met for an hour and by the time we were done, she had a detailed plan on how to attain future success both in her personal habits and in her business.

“You know Al, this was great. I am so glad that I came in and had this meeting with you.”

“Danah, the pleasure was all mine and the bill is in the mail.” I said with a smile.

Danah laughed and I noticed that she was not gathering her stuff up so that she could leave.

“Al, I have something that I need to ask you?”

“Sure, Danah.” I said but in my head I was hoping that she was heading out because now that the session was over, I could feel the attraction happening again.

“You are married right?” She asked as she looked at the pictures in my office of my wife and son.

“Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I have something else to ask you about.”

“Danah, you know that I am just a life coach on professional and personal goals. I am not trained to give advice on relationships.”

“I know Al. But I have to get the opinion of a male and after our meeting I feel like you are someone that I can trust. Just consider this a question from a friend.”

“Okay, but I can’t make any promises on how great my advice would be.”
By this time my focus was broken and all I could think about was how gorgeous the woman was who sat before me. I found myself having to concentrate so that I would not look at her breast.

“My boyfriend and I are headed in two different directions. I want to improve my life and he just wants to have fun. I want to find a new man. Someone just like you.”

My heart jumped in my chest. I try to have an unshockable attitude but this one caught me off guard.

“You seem like a man who has his act together. And you have done nothing but respect me since I have been here. I find that very attractive.”
“Thank you Danah. Does your boyfriend have any idea about what you are thinking?”

“No not really. But I did not know for sure until I met you. Then I knew the kind of man that wanted.”

With that statement, she leaned forward and rubbed my hand which instantly gave me a hard on.

Trying to keep it professional, I pulled my hand back and said. “I think that you should have a talk with him about it.”

“You’re right and I plan to but what do I do with this attraction to you.” She reached forward and ran her hand along my leg.

“Danah, you are a beautiful woman and could get any man you want. But your attraction to me is not based on reality.”

She slid forward and rubbed further up my leg. Part of me wanted to move but part of me was enjoying the obvious seduction of the marvel who sat before me. So I did not.

Seeing me not move was taken as an invitation to move further. “I am not thinking about reality right now. I am thinking about you.” She moved in and kissed me. First she gave me pecks on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Then she leaned my head back and kissed me full on.

By then, my defense was broken. I grabbed her head and kissed her like no other. As we kissed, she reached down and begin rubbing my cock. She broke the kiss, grabbed my hand, and pulled me over to the couch in my office. She pushed me onto the couch and pounced on top of me. We begin kissing again and Danah started grinding against my cock.

“I must have you right now.” She whispered in my ear.”

Then she moved down and opened my pants. She pushed them down along with my underwear. Then she wrapped her luscious lips around my cock. I looked down and watched her head bouncing up and down on my cock.
“You have a beautiful dick.” She said as she looked up at me and winked. Then she went back to sucking my cock again.

“I don’t want to waste this dick.” She said.

She stood up and straddled my legs. Then she pulled up her dress and moved her underwear to the side. She grabbed my cock and lowered herself onto me.

“Your pussy is nice and tight.”

“My boyfriend and I have not fucked in a long time and your cock is bigger than his anyway.”

She worked at it until she had all of my cock in her.

“Oh Al, your cock feels so good.”

She started to ride me at a steady pace. With each thrust, she would rise to the head of my cock and then slam her pussy onto me. It was quickly becoming my best fuck ever.

I begin to meet her thrusts which turned her on even more.
“Come on baby, ride my cock. Make me cum inside of your tight pussy.”
“Oh god, yes.” She yelled as she started riding me even harder. At this point, we were fuckin’ like rabbits.

“I am about to cum Danah.”

“Oh yeah, do it. Cum in my pussy. Fill me with your load.”

This pushed me over the edge and I blew my load into her. As I was cumming in her cunt, this pushed her over the edge and she started cumming on my cock.

“Oh, that was great.” She said as she collapsed on me.
I never had another session with Danah but since then I know that she got a new boyfriend.

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Thanks usedtichue...great story...:)

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Great new stuff thanks :)

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Very good. I thought the assistant was the girl, nice twist

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Great story, keep em cumming:D

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Awesome!!Really nice way of explaining things.......

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nicly done!

10-20-2007, 12:41 AM
I thought your set up was good and I went along with the seduction even though it was a little forced. I wish the sex scene lasted longer. I also wish you'd developed the seduction and the meeting a little bit. It seemed weird to me, for example that your counselor would squeeze in an evening appt with a complete stranger. I thought you could have developed the trust relationship in more than just one session for it to be more convincing. Thanks for sharing your writing.