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This was my first time it was in 1976 I was 18 and Brian was 15, we both belonged to this organization that met on Thursday nights which was a few towns over from where we lived and since he was only about a half mile from my house and seeing that he didn't drive he would ride with me. Brian was talked about by everyone in the group about how they all thought he was gay because he always acted so feminine but I didn't and sometimes told the other guys to let it alone that he was a nice guy and if he was that was up to him and not us to judge.

One meeting let out rather early around 8:00 PM, we usually didn't get done till between 9:30 and 10:00, so we started to head home. On the way home for some reason I told Brian what the other guys were saying and asked him if he was in fact gay and that if he was it wouldn't bother me he would still be my friend. After a few seconds he told me that he wasn't sure but he did think about guys a lot and would always have to hide his hard on when he was in the locker room after gym while checking out the other cocks in the room. I told him dude I think that might make you at least bi if not gay and asked him if he ever got a hard on when seeing girls and he said not really, thatís when I then said maybe gay and he laughed. He then asked me if I was gay and I told him god I never thought of guys that way and that although I had never had sex before I had been out with many girls and got turned on rather often when out on a date with them.

Its was quite for a minute and he then asked me if I ever looked at other guys when I was in the gym locker room and I did admit I would compare mine with the other cocks but only out of envy since everyoneís cock was much larger than mine. He then said why how big is it and I told him I never measured it but it was extremely small when I compared it to all the others and that I would guess it to be only about 2 1/2 to maybe 3". He looked at me and said no way and I assured him it was true but he again said he didn't think so. I said why how big is yours and he told me it was just over 7", I told him he was full of shit since to me that seemed way too big to me back then. Now we were in my dadís station wagon and he always had tools on the floor in the back behind the driverís seat and Brian reached into the back and got out a tape measure that was there and joked letís see I'll show you. I said yeah right but then for some reason I then said ok.

I drove to this spot that was known as a make out place on the weekend but was dead during the week and stopped the car. Brian joked letís see yours first and I told him he was the one that said he would show me, so he unzipped his pants and took them off and I could see thru his underwear he was huge for 15, he then took them off and out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen up to then. Brian handed me the tape and said check it out, well I had never measured one and asked him how and he told me to measure from the base of his cock on top to the tip which I did and damn if he wasn't just under 7 1/4". He then got a piece of string from the back were my dadís tools were and wrapped it around his shaft to measure it around and then checked it against the tape it was 5" in girth he told me, so I then checked and it was. Now it's your turn to show me how small you are he said with a laugh so I unzipped my shorts and took them off and then took off my underwear and out sprang what must have been the smallest cock he had seen. He said well it's not big but it's kind of cute and grinned, I thought he was ****** fun and started to put my underwear back on and then he said no I really like it so I took them back off. He got the tape and put it to my cock and it just jumped when he did which kind of threw me since I never thought I was bi or gay and never had a guy touch it. He told me I was right and it was just short of 3", then he took the sting and wrapped it around and informed me the girth was just over 2 1/2". It was then that Brian looked up and caught me checking out his huge hard on, he grinned and asked me if I would like to get a closer look and I said yes and he moved so it was directly in front. Then he started to stroke mine up and down although it was small I was rock hard he said why don't you play with mine which I then stared to stroke his up and down he wasn't circumcised, which I am, and it had a huge foreskin covering the tip and I noticed how hot it looked as his tip poked out through as I stroked it down and disappear when I stroked it up.

After a few minutes Brian started to flick his tongue over my shaft and balls and told me to lean back and relax which I did then he swallowed the whole thing which must not have been hard at my size and started to give me my first blowjob about two minutes later I shot my load inside his mouth which he swallowed, boy did this turn me on. When I was done shooting my load he asked if I would do him, I told him I would try but I didn't know if I could since I still thought I was straight. I started to play with his cock again and after a minute or two I started to flick my tongue along his shaft and balls like he did to mine he let out a long moan then I swallowed his cock at first I gagged when it hit the back of my throat and he told me to take it easy. After a few seconds I could take it all in and started to give him a blow job. I couldn't believe I was doing this giving my first blowjob. After a couple of minutes he shot this huge load in my mouth I tried to swallow it all but couldn't and some dribbled down my chin it was so hot and salty but I like it. Brian that I gave great head and then licked the cum from my chin saying he always wanted to taste his own. Then he kissed me and we stared to make out our tongues flicking against each others.

We were ****** out then a few minutes later Brian asked if I wanted to fuck his ass, I never thought of doing that but for some reason I felt like I couldn't say no so I told him I would love to. We got in the back of the station wagon and he started to stroke me to get me hard again then he turned on his belly and shot his ass in the air it was then I noticed how hot his dark hole looked I stood over him and he told me to spit inside it to make and make it wet which I did. I then straddled over him and slid my cock into his ass since it was rather small it went in really easy. I started to pump it in him slow and then started to just ram it in hard and he said yes fuck me so I kept it up until I shot my load inside him. After I was done he told me it was great turned around and then started to kiss me again.

After I got off of him he asked me if he could fuck my ass I told him I didnít know and he said I owed him since he let me break his cherry so he should be able to break mine, after a few seconds I told him ok but to take it easy since I didn't want him to rip my ass open. We then switched positions with my ass sticking up in the air and I told him to make sure he lubed me well with his spit and then I was amazed when he stuck his tongue in my hole and lubed me by eating my ass. I suddenly began to realize that I was getting hard again. He then slid his dick in to just the head it hurt a little at first but the pain went away quickly then he slowly slid in a couple of more inches and started pushing it in and out, after a few more stokes in and out of my ass he the slid in another inch or so and did the same then he pushed it all the way in and started to fuck me. I couldn't believe how this feeling turned my on so much and my cock was twitching and jumping all over the place so I started to jerk myself off, he noticed and told me how hot it made him which made me even hotter he then said don't cum I want to suck it when I'm done so I backed off some so I wouldn't. I started pushing my ass hard against his cock and then he started to push it in even harder. About what seemed like ten minutes he shot his load in my ass it was funny because just as he did I had to fart he told me it was a funny but great feeling the pressure around his cock as he came.

Then he turned me over and started to go down on my cock again after about two minutes I shot another load inside his mouth it was then that he got up kissed me and let my own cum slide into my mouth, I loved the taste which didn't seem quite as salty. After kissing a bit more I looked at my watch and saw it was just after 10:00 and we need to get home so we got dressed and brushed our hair to make sure we looked ok and started home.

We were at a traffic light when he turned to me and said I guess this means we are gay with a smile on his face, I said well if I still like girls I guess I'm bi and laughed he then said well he knew he was gay right then and there and that if I was only bi he would still want me and who knows with a little time he could make me as gay as him and then he kissed me since there were no cars around. He then asked me if I would like to be his boyfriend and that he knew I may still go out with girls but as far as boy on boy he wanted us to be exclusive, it was then I told him that I wanted him too so I joked and said I'll be your boyfriend and grabbed his crotch and said don't let another guy touch this and he laughed too and said don't worry I won't.

I called him the next day and found out we both got so horny after I dropped him off that we both jerked off several times before morning thinking about our night together and both agreed maybe we would cut out of our meeting early next week :).

Well that's it for my first time with Brian he was my first and only gay guy but we did have many more encounters which are for a later maybe if you like this I can tell you all about the time we almost got caught.

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I hope you read my first post "this was my first time", here's another true story about Brian & me.

After our first encounter I could hardly wait until our meeting next week so I called him on the phone Saturday and when he heard my voice he said gee I was just thinking of you how about you and I said yes, I couldn't get into any more than that since my parents were there. I said something about the last meeting and was saying he couldn't wait till next week and I chimed in with me too, it was then that he said he parents went out with his little brother & sister and did I want to come over and I said yes and hung up the phone.

I waited a few minutes and told my parents I was going out for a while when they asked me where I told them somewhere that I can't remember now but it wasn't Brian's since my parents thought he was a fagot as they put it and I didn't want to explain why I was going to see him since they would wonder.

I got over to Brian's house and rang the bell; he came out and said come on in with a smile on his face. Once inside he took my hand and walked me to his room and I asked what time his family would be home which he answered with not till late.

Brian took off his shorts to reveal he had no underwear on and out sprang his cock; to my surprise he had shaved all the hair around it including his balls. I couldn't take my eyes off it and dropped to my knees started to play with it and lick it, he then said I guess you like it all I could do was mumble as I took it in my mouth. I gave him a blow job taking his huge load in my mouth this time I was ready for it and swallowed the whole thing without any leaking out.

After I was done Brain asked if I would like to shave mine I said yes, we went to his bathroom took out his razor put in a new blade and then he told me to get in the shower. In the shower he had one of those shower heads that are on a hose so you can take it down and spray your body, he then turned on the shower and started to spray my crotch with very warm water. He then got a handful of shaving cream lathered me up and started to shave me all around except my balls, I asked why and he then said I will do it but I want to let you know the skin there is very sensitive and I will have to be really careful not to nick you. I thought for a second and said well be careful then with a smile on my face and he was there were no nicks.

After he was done shaving me he rinsed me off and started sucking my cock, he stopped for a second and got a towel to dry me off and we then went back to his room where he started to suck my cock again. The feeling of his face against my now shaven cock was great and I shot my load in his mouth and we both just lay back on his bed.

After about 10 minutes Brian started to stroke my cock and I got hard again, while he was doing this he told me he had something to tell me and I said what. He told me that at school, remember he was 15 and I think in his second year of high school, he had a friend that he knew was gay and that on Friday they talked about our first encounter on Thursday. He must have seen the look on my face because he then said I didn't tell him where when and with whom so I told him go ahead.

I don't remember the name of the other guy but he told me he had to tell guy since he now knew he was gay. He said that after he told him the whole story this other fellow grinned and said that he would like to be with the two of us then Brian told him we decided to be exclusive at which he said it would only be sex. Brian stopped playing with my cock looked at me and asked would you ever go for that which I told him maybe if the guy didn't live around here and I wouldn't get caught. It was then that he smiled and said remember I go to a regional school and he lives many towns away so I said don't tell him that I might and let me see him one day, this will be a later story.

Brian then started to suck my cock a bit stopped turned over and asked me to fuck his ass, I thought he meant with my cock but then I looked and he had about a 10" dildo that was at least 7" in girth. He handed me the dildo and a tube of this stuff called anal ease which desensitizes your ass so it is easier to take it in. after a few minutes when his ass was really numb I turned it on and started to inset it into his ass. I thought for a second and said why isn't my nearly 3 inches enough which he said sorry sometimes you need something huge up your ass so I rammed it into him.

While I was fucking him with this thing I swung my hips to meet his face and
said suck me slave and he said anything you want master with a chuckle in his voice. He took my cock in his mouth and then took it out and then put my whole sack of balls in his mouth and started to nibble them this made me pump that dildo harder into his ass until I finally came all over his face while he still had my balls in his mouth then he asked me to lick my cum off which I did boy was it hot.

He then said turn over I want to fuck you with it too so I did. He put the anal ease all over my ass and then when I was numb he fucked me hard with it. I grabbed his cock and told him I wanted to suck his balls too so he spun around and let me not only was his cock huge 7 1/4" and about 5 plus inches in girth, but his sack and balls were too I could almost not get it all into my mouth. I nibbled on his left ball and he let out a loud moan suddenly he shot a huge load on my face getting a little on my nose and a bunch all over my forehead he then spun around and licked his cum off my face while still fucking me with that dildo after he cleaned it all off he took the dildo out of my ass and started to lick it he said that my shit all over it tasted great.

Seeing him do this to that dildo turned me on and I told him to fuck me with his cock this time and he did fuck me for what seemed like a half hour before he shot his load up my ass. After that I fucked him till I came then we started to make out for a while and he gave me another blowjob when he looked at his clock and said shit my parents should be home in less than a half hour so I got dressed he kissed me goodbye and said till Thursday.

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I knew Brian wanted me to meet the friend of his that he told about our 1st encounter and was sure he must have told him about our second time at his house on Saturday so I decided on Monday night to call him to talk.

When he answered the phone I asked him if he could talk or if his parents were around he said no it's cool I'm in my room. I asked him how school was and he said great. Then I slipped in did he talk to his friend again to which he said yes. I then told him I was jealous since I was out of high school and couldn't see him during the day and he said why don't you come by in the morning before school and we'll talk and I agreed.

I was a freshman in college at the time and Tuesdays were afternoon classes for me with the morning off so I went to his school about 7:15 a.m. to say hi. When I got there I parked by the entrance to the driveway away from where the buses entered and waited for him. As soon as he saw my car he jumped in and said hey what's up to which I joked me and he laughed.

We were talking when Brian saw this kid getting off one of a bus and he said there is the guy I was telling you about that I talked to about us again assuring me that he didn't mention who I was or where he knew me from. I looked up to see this little guy with long black hair who looked rather as much a girl as a guy said is that him pointing to this guy and he replied yes.

The School bell rang and he had to go so he asked me if I was doing anything around 2:30 that afternoon since his parents both worked and didn't get home until after 6:00 and both his brother and sister both wouldn't be home until after that. I thought about my classes but couldn't resist meeting him again so I told him I'll be there.

About 2:40 I rang his bell and he came to the door and came out to see me very softly he said Bob that friend you saw this morning stopped by to see me to talk about a school project we were doing together and I will understand if you want to leave, but if you want to stay I will get rid of him as quick as I can so I said yes I'll stay.

We went inside and Brian introduced me as a friend of the family I believe his name was Nelson or something like that. I said hi how are you and noticed how cute this kid was, he was only about 5' 3" or 4" and a slight build. He answered good thanks and we had some small talk for a bit I asked him what grade he was in and he told me third year high, would have been his last but he stayed back early in grammar school because of being sick a lot. I then said how old are you he answered will be 18 in 6 weeks.

About a half hour went by and I must have been getting excited trying to sneak peeks at Brian while they worked on their project because when I turned once I saw Nelson staring at my shorts looking at my hard dick popping up under them, I turned away as fast as I could then got up and went to the bathroom to compose myself.

When I came out before I turned into the living room I could hear Nelson asking Brian is he the guy you've been telling me about and Brian said no it's not him. Nelson told him he thought he was full of shit and he saw the look in both of our eyes the minute he let me in the house and knew for sure when he saw my stiff cock while I was checking Brian out but he told him no I wasn't.

After about two or three more times of him asking I went into the living room and said what if I was to which he replied he would be happy for us since he and his boyfriend broke up a few months ago and it was nice to see two happy guys together. I then told him it was me and that I was sorry that his relationship had ended, he said the only bad part is he had no time to find someone right now and all he had was his own two hands.

Brian was looking at me when Nelson said I see you want to be alone and for some reason Brian looked at me and asked if Nelson could join us at which time Nelson smiled and looked to me for an answer. I thought about it for a minute and said he could watch if he wanted and he said sure very quickly.

The three of us went to Brianís room and he and I got undressed, for some reason I did it real slow like a strip tease. When we were naked Brian knelt down and started to suck my cock, I saw Nelson out of the corner of my eye checking out my little cock and I said you like and he nodded I grabbed Brianís head and pulled it off my dick and told him to bend over I wanted his ass. While Brian was getting up on the bed I could see Nelson unzipping his pants and getting naked I was amazed he was bigger than Brian almost 8" and about 6 1/2" in girth I couldn't take my eyes off it which he saw and then started to jerk himself off and smile.

I rammed my cock Brian's ass harder than ever as I watched Nelson and then I blurted out Brian I want to suck his cock, Brian laughed and said we knew you would, I was set up.

Nelson came up to me and put his cock in my face and said suck it please, I then licked the shaft up and down and then swallowed it all. I couldn't fuck Brian and suck him at the same time just didn't have the coordination so I stopped fucking Brian and kept sucking Nelson. I looked at Brian and he said that's ok I want to watch so he then sat in a chair in the corner watching me suck his other friend. After a few just when Nelson was ready to cum he said Brian open your mouth I want you to taste my load which he did.

The next thing I knew Nelson was asking to fuck Brianís ass and I said only if I can do yours at the same time so thatís what we did him mounting my Brian and me mounting him all at the same time. I could hear Brian moaning for more and Nelson pumped harder. Nelson then said Bob just before youíre going to shot your load take it out I want a taste which made me pump his ass harder. Just before I would cum I took it out and he opened his mouth and swallowed my load and then said Brian he tastes as good as you told me.
I then got under Brian and started to suck his cock while he was being fucked by Nelson, Brian and Nelson both came at the same time.

We then got up got dressed since it was a little after 5:30 and Brianís parents would be home soon. Nelson asked if I could give him a ride home and I said sure.

The story of Nelson's ride home with me will have to wait.

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I had just brought Nelson home, he said thanks for the ride, winked and said maybe we can have some more fun another day.

I was driving back home and couldn't get the sight and taste of his cock out of my mind. I could feel my cock getting hard as I dreamed of him so when I got home I told my mom I'd take my dinner in my room since I had to study for class.

I put my tray of food down when I got in my room and locked the door. We have four kids in my family and only three bedrooms so dad built me a bedroom downstairs that is away from everywhere else so I had a lot of privacy.

I still couldn't get Nelson out of my mind so I took off my shorts and underwear and looked in the mirror at my nice clean shaven cock I really liked , it since the day Brian shaved it and I kept it shaven clean since. I then lay down on my bed closed my eyes and started to fantasize about Nelson stroking my cock slowly this was my fantasy.

I am at the beach at night when up comes Nelson who says hi Bob anything up and I say there is if you get me up with a smile. Nelson drops to his knees unzips my shorts and takes my cock out through my underwear and begins to suck me off until I got hard, I grab his face and pull it to mine and give him a long kiss and started stroking his cock he kissed me back hard.

While embraced in our kiss I say Nelson during our encounter with you, Brian and me I didn't get to have his cock fuck my ass and asked him to please fuck me to which he said I never thought you would ask.

We go to a picnic table and I take off my shorts and underwear as I lean across the table with my chest on the table and my ass in the air. Nelson puts his face to my ass and flicked his tongue inside the crack spitting inside it to lube me up. Nelson stood over me and slowly inserting his 8" cock into my hot ass.

We must fucked for at least 20 minutes before he came inside my ass shooting a huge hot load in me, I squeeze my ass tight not wanting to let his cock out of my ass, he moaned loud when I did.

After he was done shooting his load he then asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted him to be my little sissy slave, with a smile on his face he says yes master so I order him to strip naked lay belly done on the table. I took out four small ropes I have in this small bag I brought with me and tie each of his wrists and ankles to the four leg posts of the table.

Nelson I ask have you been a good boy today he hung his head and said no daddy, I got hard the minute he said that. I took my belt off my shorts that were lying on the ground and snapped it hard telling him daddy has to punish you lightly slapping his ass with the belt. He moaned as the belt touched his soft white ass so I spanked him a little harder and I could see him start to hump the table.

Knowing he must like this I reached my hand up high with the belt and brought it down hard on his ass leaving a huge red line where it hit and he said I'm sorry daddy I'll do whatever you want don't spank me again, to which I said I am going to untie you so you can take care of me.

I untied his wrists and ankles telling him to stand up I could see his erect cock I grabbed his balls hard digging my fingernails in a bit he moans in pain, so I took my belt and slapped the tip o his cock hard with it saying quiet you little sissy boy. Taking a 15" dildo out of my bag I tell him to bend over and I shove it straight into his unlubricated ass he screamed with tears in his eyes your going to rip me open when I shove in a little more he now had about 4 1/2" of the rubber cock in his ass when I went around and shoved the tip of my cock into his ass still filled with this huge dildo.

I started to fuck his ass with this huge thing inside him, I couldn't feel the sides of my cock against his ass because his hole was open so wide but I could feel the top rubbing against the rubber cock and the bottom against the bottom of his stretched asshole. I was just about to cum when I heard an alarm and then shot my load while the alarm kept sounding louder.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and realized the sound that ended my fantasy was my phone, I looked at my alarm clock to check the time it was 9:00. I answered the phone it was my boyfriend Brian I must have been panting because he joked you don't have another guy there do you to which I said no just had a great fantasy to which he said about me I hope.

Brian asked how did you like it with the three of us (Brian, me and Nelson in "Bob & Brian part 3") earlier that afternoon and I told him it was fun but I kind of wished he didn't set me up like that. He said sorry but it was Nelson's idea and he thought that Nelson could use a little fun since he hadn't been with anyone since his boyfriend broke up with him.

I asked Brian if we were still going to be exclusive and he said I only want you but if we wanted to include someone else it was alright as long as they didn't fuck me it was then that I decided not to tell Brian about my fantasy and said youíre the only boy I want to fuck me.

We agreed to meet again at our Thursday meeting leave early and fool around I agreed and we hung up.

I later did tell him about the fantasy I had about Nelson and will tell you more next story.

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It had been several weeks since Brian, Nelson and I had our threesome at Brianís house and Brian and I had had many encounters since then. Brian and I had promised to be exclusive (at least for me exclusive meant with guys only him, but he knew I may date girls and he understood as long as he was the only guy).

One Saturday my parents and siblings were going to be out all day and not come home until late, I decided to call Brian and invite him over since we had fucked at his house several times but never at mine. When I called his house he answered and I asked what he was doing and he said nothing just lying around in my room, so I asked him if he wanted to come over telling him we would have the house alone all day. He said yes heíll tell his parents he was coming over and I was going to help him with this program we were putting on at our meeting next Thursday.

After about 10 minutes the doorbell rang, I let Brian in and locked the door. All the windows in the house had the curtains drawn closed, knowing my neighbors could see inside I grabbed him and started to kiss him our tongues flicking at each otherís with animal passion. I was hard already and could feel Brian cock start to grow as we crushed our bodies together while ****** out.
I started to walk with Brian to the kitchen while still embracing in our kiss, when we got to the kitchen table I pushed him against it slamming his ass into the side of it, I then stopped kissing him and grabbed at his tight shorts and pulled them down showing his hard cock pushing through his underwear, then I took those off and out sprang his hard cock which I grabbed and started to stroke Brian moaned and then stretched his arms out behind him so he could lean back against the table.

I decided then while I was giving him a hand job the fantasy I had about Nelson the day I drove him home after our threesome, I wanted to see his reaction. I told him about the beach and fucking Nelson with that huge 15Ē dildo. The first reaction he had was to say he didnít mind the fantasy as long as I didnít do anything more than fantasize, and he then said I want you all to myself and he only allowed the threesome we had with Nelson happen since he felt sorry for him since his boyfriend and he had broken up. Then his second reaction was to say that he felt slighted about me not having that fantasy about him.

At that point I let go of his cock and got down on my knees and swallowed it, I began to flick my tongue against his shaft while inside my mouth then taking it into my throat. Brian said I remember when you would gag a little when you first did that and smiled. I started sucking him even harder taking him in and out of my mouth each time taking it in so far I could feel it slide by the little punching bag of my tonsils, I could feel his cock swelling bigger and bigger until finally he shot his load of hot cum directly down my throat, I could feel the hot juice slide down into my belly. I took his cock out of my mouth and slurped up the rest of his cum lingering on his hot cock.

Grabbing his clothes I then led him downstairs into my bedroom, I turned on my television and VCR which was set to play a gay porno movie, I could see Brian staring at the three guys on the screen with their massive cocks all being well over 10Ē. Brian reached for me while still watching the movie and he tore of my shorts nearly popping the button off the top and smiled when he saw I had nothing on underneath them. Getting on his knees he took my cock into his mouth, my being only slightly less than 3Ē he couldnít deep throat me like I did him since I didnít reach into his throat but he didnít seem to mind. After a short while I shot my load into his mouth and we dropped to my bed Brian stating boy did that taste good.

We lay in bed for a bit watching the movie when I said to him were you jealous about the fantasy I had about Nelson because it was about him and not you or because you liked what I fantasized about doing to him and wanted it to happen to you. He looked up at me and said Bob please donít feel bad love your cock and donít want anyone elseís but I do sometimes wish that it could reach farther inside my ass and down my throat. I then told him that I had always wished that I was bigger since I sometimes felt inferior being so little, then I told him I could make his wish come true and he looked at me puzzled. I then reached under my bed and pulled out two new toys, one a 24Ē two headed rubber dildo and the second a strap on 10Ē rubber cock, Brian smiled and said take me Iím yours.

I put on the strap on cock having to move mine out of the way so I could get it on and told Brian to get on his belly and suck my new huge cock. Brian got on his belly and slowly began to lick my new toy, then he opened his mouth and swallowed it sliding it right down his throat my first deep throat and I couldnít feel what it was like but didnít mind since Brian was having a blast. He then started bobbing his hard up and down the shaft as if giving me a blow job, I said you like that huh to which he mumbled while not wanting to let it out of his mouth and nodded yes. I then took it out of his mouth and took out some anal ease and filled his ass with it then handing him the tube telling him to do me which he did.

With him still on his belly I took out the huge two headed dildo and pushed it into his ass, I didnít think his ass would open wide enough at first but it did and I was able to push about 7Ē inside of him. I slowly pushed it in and back out getting him hot, and then I surprised him by climbing on top with my ass facing away from his and sat on the huge cock that was inside of him. I was able to slowly get what felt like at least 7 or 8Ē up my ass then I began to hump up and down on the shaft which pulled it in and out of him as well I could hear him moan and then shriek oh my god yes. We fucked like that for at least twenty minutes; I couldnít believe we didnít shoot our loads just from the excitement.

I slowly dismounted the dildo that was filling both of us and slowly removed it from his ass and then I buried my tongue as deep as it would go into his ass, I could smell the sweet and pungent aroma of his ass which drove me nuts. Brian reached around and grabbed my cock slowly starting to jerk me off which made me bury my face in his ass trying to get even deeper then Brian asked me to fuck him while the feeling of the dildo was still in his ass so I got up and fucked him harder than I ever did before until I came inside of him.
Brian then got up and said your turn I want to fuck you, so I flipped over and let him fuck my ass. He was on top with his cock in my ass when I heard my mom yell down Bobby we came home early come see what we bought, Brian stopped fucking my ass and whispered oh shit what now and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I told him to wait down here and if he heard anyone come downstairs to hide in my closet.

I got dressed really quick and made sure I looked ok brushing my hair then went upstairs, when I got there my mom said do you feel well Bobby you look flush and felt my forehead saying it feels like you have a fever, if she only knew what Brian & I were doing she would know why I was so hot. She then said why donítí you go rest and I said Iím going to try to get some sleep and if I get up later maybe I would eat but donít bother me if I donít.
I went downstairs and said Brian come out which he did still naked from the waist down so I undressed to after locking my door. I told Brian we would have to be quite since that although my room was away from the rest of the house being in the basement, if someone comes downstairs they could hear if we are moaning.

I turned to walk to the bed and Brian gabbed me from behind pushed me up against the bed and stuffed a pair of socks he had taken out of my drawer into my mouth and then rammed his cock into my ass, I guess he was thinking it would be hot to have sex right under my parents noses. He fucked me hard until he came inside of me then got off of me and started to eat my ass slurping up all of his cum mixed with the taste of my dark ass. After he was done he took out the socks he gagged me with and kissed me letting some of the juices he still had left in his mouth into mine, I liked the taste very much I told him.

I the said your turn again and he stuck his ass in the air and let me fuck him,
I didnít think to gag him and he started to moan slightly, it was then I heard the knock on my door and my kid sister saying Bobby are you all right she must have heard Brianís moans and thought they were me groaning. I quickly grabbed the socks and gagged him with them and trying to sound groggy told my sister yeah Iím ok let me try to get some sleep. I heard her walk away and then started to fuck him again, almost getting caught must have excited me because I came in his ass after only five or six strokes up his ass.
Then I started eating his ass like he ate mine after fucking me saving gobs of my cum up his ass inside my mouth and then we kissed letting him taste what I tasted eating his ass which he loved.

We both then collapsed onto my bed exhausted and fell asleep, a little while later Brianís mom called and asked if Brian was still here since she thought he was coming home for supper but if he was going to eat with us it would be ok, I was listening on the phone when my mom said I donít know if he had been here but he wasnít now and Brianís mom said Iím going to kill him. I heard them both hang up so I hung the phone up and told Brian who was on the phone and what was said. I then heard my mom coming down the stairs and told Brian to hide in my closet again. I threw on my shorts and quickly unlocked the door before she got to it and hooped in bed. She opened the door and I looking kind of groggy said whatís up and she asked if Brian was here and I said he stopped by for a little bit earlier in the day to which my mom said what did that faggot want, my parents had always told me they thought he was a queer as they put it if they only knew what we have been up to over the last several months. !!

She then left saying she was going to let Brianís mother know he left a while ago and she didnít know where he was. Brian came out of the closet, actually he did really come out of the closet many months later, and said shit Iím in trouble and after getting dressed I told him I would go upstairs and make sure everyone was in the living room so no one would see him and he should sneak out my window and get home.

I called Brian during the week and he told me he was grounded for a month and couldnít even go to our Thursday meetings and that he had to stay home and baby sit his two siblings after school and we couldnít even meet secretly but said it was worth it saying I have to go Iím not supposed to be on the phone and hung up.

I had nothing to do the next couple of Saturdays and thatís when I met this girl Diane and we went out a few times and decided that we should see each other some more but thatís a different story.

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Thanks for sharing these with us

08-10-2007, 07:50 PM
Brian had just gotten off of being grounded for the month and called me the first *********** he had to let me know he would need a ride to the meeting on Thursday and I canít wait to see you, I hope we can split early and go to our special place. I told him I would pick him up by 5:30 if that was ok since I had to go get the key to open up the building we met in, we usually didnít leave till around 6:15 but he said he would be ready.

Thursday came and I got to Brianís right at 5:30 his kid sister Alice came out and said he would be right, out. I hadnít seen her in a while and as I am bi I checked out her nice little tits smiled and said ok thanks. After about 2 minutes he came out and we left.

On the way there Brian asked what I did while he was grounded and I told him about the three Saturdays that I went out with this new girl that I had met Diane. I could see even though he knew I was bi and not gay and that we had agreed to be exclusive as far as guy to guy goes he did agree that I could still date girls as long as I didnít date other guys. I stopped talking about Diane and told him that Thursdays were lonely without him the last 4 weeks, this made him smile and we just shot the shit for the rest of the ride.

When we got to the lodge building we met in I went to the police department to get the key and opened the building up went upstairs to the meeting room and turned on the lights. I guess I didnít notice but Brian must have followed me up the stairs and as I turned on the lights he hugged me from behind and reached around to grab my cock through my shorts, I just leaned back into his chest and let him rub my crotch. I moaned Brian what if someone comes in and he said I thought you wanted to come early so we could have a little fun, I looked at my watch it was 6:05 nobody ever shows up before 6:45 except the person that is supposed to open up and that was me so I said ok weíll have to make it quick.

Brian let go of my crotch and came around front and kissed me and said Bob I have been aching for you to fuck my ass itís been a whole 4 weeks since I had you in there, then he took off his clothes and bent over one of the chairs in the room and shot his ass in the air I could smell the sweet musky smell coming from his ass and took my shorts and underwear off and stuck my cock in his ass and fucked him I didnít know how long it took at the time but I shot a huge load up his ass turned to ask him if he wanted to fuck me when I heard a car drive into the parking lot. We both got dressed I winked at Brian and said after the meeting then went downstairs just as a couple of the guys were coming in.

During the meeting I could see Brian getting anxious to leave and looked at the clock it was 7:45 and we were about through with everything on our agenda rather quickly and it looked like we should finish before 8:30 which would give us over an hour to ourselves. The meeting ended at 8:20 and everyone was out just before 8:30.

I had to stay behind to turn off everything and return the keys so after they were all gone I locked the door so Brian and I could go upstairs so he could fuck my ass like I did his. When we go there I said so you want to fuck me and he said no I want you to fuck me and whip me like you did to Nelson in your fantasy you told me about the day we fucked at your house, this made my cock hard just thinking of it.

Brian took off his clothes and I took his belt off his pants and tied his wrists to a railing that was around the outside walls of the meeting room. Then I took off my belt and at first gently spanked his ass, I could see his ass wiggle as I hit it so I spanked him even harder and then harder leaving dark red belt marks on his ass he moaned and I said be quiet you fucking boy whore and asked him what he wanted he said you. I then brought the belt down even harder and said want me what you slut. He let out a muffled cry and said I want you to fuck my ass, I then hit him even harder actually breaking the skin a little and said is that how you ask and he said please to which I said please what and he answered please master. I loved the sound of that.

I then took my clothes off and before I put my cock to his face and smacked him lightly with my belt across the face and said suck my cock good first and he opened his mouth and took in my cock and started to give me a blow job. I then took my belt and brought it down across his cock and balls so hard I thought I might tear his cock off his body he cried and bit down a little on my cock, I laughed and said did that hurt you little baby he actually had a tear in his eye which told me it did and this made my cock swell even harder inside his hot mouth.

He stopped for a minute I think because he was in pain and I smashed the belt harder across his cock again his mouth bit down on my cock and I told him I didnít tell you to stop and donít stop again without my permission or youíll get worse sissy boy. He never did stop until I was ready to cum and then I pulled it out and came all over his face and rubbed it in with my hands telling him he was a good little cum faced boy.

With my cum still all over his face I laid down on the floor and told him to get me hard using his feet so he slowly took his right foot and started rubbing my cock with it. I started getting hard when he separated his big toe and the toe next to it and took my cock in between them and started to jerk me off with his foot he has rather long toes and this felt really good. Looking at my watch I saw it was now 9:10 and we still had about 20 minutes before we would have to leave so I leaned back so he could make me cum, he must have seen me looking and started to pound his foot up at down my cock even faster. Suddenly I could feel my load ready to shoot and arched my back and shot my load all over his leg, my body then just went limp I was exhausted when Brian said master will you fuck my ass now, I had to tell him no I just didnít think I could get it up for at least an hour after that foot job.

I got dressed took the belt off Brian to let him loose and he got dressed so we locked up and took the key back to the police department and left to go home I could see Brianís cock was still hard so I told him to unzip his pants and take it out he did and then lay down and put his head in my lap while I stroked his cock on the drive home I could actually feel what felt like a couple of small welts on his shaft and asked if I had hurt him he grinned and said nothing I couldnít take or didnít want to take. Hearing that I stared to jerk him off even faster after a few moments I could feel his cock swell and then he shot his load all over his own pants, I used my hand to get most of it and held it to his face and said lick it off which he did without hesitation. Brian had to untuck his shirt so he could hide it when the wet spot when he got home.

About a mile from his house he got off my lap and gave me a kiss on the lips while I was driving, I swerved a little and said something like down boy. I pulled over and we made out for a couple of minutes then I said I should take him home. He asked if we could meet Saturday night, I had a date with Diane and told him but said that Sunday my parents were going out with my little brother and wouldnít be home till at least 5:00 and that his kid sister and mine were both going to a party at one of their schoolmates homes so we could get together then and he agreed so I pulled in front of his house and he got out and went in.

The next story unfortunately is the last in the line of my stories about Brian and I since our meeting on Sunday is the last time we ever got together.

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Before I finish my last story about Brian & me I want to tell you these stories are all true as are any other stories I have posted, I only write about things in my life that have happened I don't have the ability to write a made up story as of yet maybe someday I will have the imagination to write a great ficitional story.

It was finally Sunday I woke up about 10:00 my parents had already left with my brother and my kid sister yelled down she was leaving going over to meet Alice Brianís sister to go shopping for a present for the her schoolmates birthday part, I yelled up see you sis have fun.

I went upstairs and ate breakfast thinking of my date with Diane last night she never did let me go farther than kissing although she did play with my cock a couple of times through my pants which she did last night which kept me hard all night almost. I would usually jerk off when I got home but seeing that Brian was coming over in a little while I would let him take care of me so I headed to the bathroom and took a shower. I got out of the shower and the doorbell rang about 11:00 so I wrapped a towel around me and answered and it was Brian, I let him in and we went to my room.

Once in my room I dropped my towel showing Brian my hard on and he dropped right to his knees and started sucking my Dick, for just a second I thought I saw something move outside so I stopped him and went to look out my bedroom window and saw nothing there and we got back to Brian giving me a blow job until I shot my load in his mouth. After I shot my load in his mouth Brian said he liked what we after the meeting on Thursday with him being my tied up slave and said he would like that again.

I told Brian to strip and reached into my bottom dresser draw to pull out some things I had bought yesterday morning at this store that sold sex related items a pair of handcuffs, a ball gag and a whip; I was hoping Brian would want some more of this also. I handcuffed him to the headboard of my bed and put the ball gag in his mouth and tightened the strap then I took the whip, it was the kind with all a bunch of leather strands at the end, and whipped his ass with it over and over telling him he was a bad slave and I was going to give him a beating.

I whipped him for a good four or five minutes his ass was a burning swollen red when I stopped rammed my cock up his ass and fucked him while fucking him I was imagining it was Diane suddenly I felt my load ready to shoot and pulled out and shot my load into a cup I keep by my bed. I then took off the ball gag and ordered him to suck my dick, it took a few minutes but I got rock hard again and he went down on me with passion while still handcuffed to the bed just before I was ready to shot my load I pulled out of Brianís mouth and shot it into the cup with the load I had shot in it earlier Brian looked puzzled when I did that then I said I was going to let him drink my fluid cocktail and he opened his mouth and let me pour my two loads into his mouth. I then took off the handcuffs and saw Brian was so excited he had came all over my bed and I said damn I guess you must have liked it a lot why donít you lick your cum off the bed for me and he did then we both collapsed onto the bed.

I looked at the clock and it was only 1:00 we still had about four hours until my parents and siblings would be home and just then Brian rolled over and started to stroke my cock getting me hard, I reached down and started stroking his too he was already hard. Brian then let go and went between my legs and started to suck my cock, I swung around with him still sucking my cock and started to suck his also. After about six minutes he came in my mouth and I swallowed his load I guess I was still a little spent from the earlier times I came because it took me forever until I felt like I would cum again when finally I shot one of the smaller loads I have ever had into his mouth he swallowed it and said I think you need a few minutes to recuperate before the next round why donít you turn over and let me fuck you until then so I turned over and he buried his face into my ass getting my ass wet with his hot tongue. After I was nice and wet he stuck his swollen cock into my ass and stared to fuck me so hard I thought he might push me straight through the mattress onto the floor. Suddenly Brian started saying stuff like I love you, I want you all to myself and not wanting me to date anyone other than him then he shot a huge load in my ass it felt like someone had shoved a hose up my ass and turned the water on high for about 20 seconds. I had cum flowing out of my ass since it couldnít hold it all, Brian then pulled out and stared eating his own cum off my ass.

I looked at the clock again it was a couple of minutes before three Brian looked also and said we have time for you to fuck me once more Bob, I was still thinking about what he had said while he was fucking me but said ok and Brian turned over to show his ass again it was still a little red from the whipping earlier. I then got on top of him and started to fuck him again all the time fucking him I imagined it was Diane, I could hear Brian saying things to me but could hear all of it through my thoughts of Diane. I finally shot my load in him while thinking it was Diane when suddenly I yelled yes Diane Iím going to cum. I opened my eyes and saw Brianís head slump after I said that.

We both got up to get dressed and I thought I saw something out my window again and ran to look out it but nothing was there again, I guess it was just me being worried since the last time we did it at my house we almost got caught. When I got back to Brian he said well I guess you gave me your answer to and I said what. He told me that while I was fucking him he asked me if I would stop seeing Diane and any other girl and just be his alone, I guess this is what I didnít hear while daydreaming about Diane. I told Brian I was sorry about calling out her name it was just that she had gotten me hard last night and she didnít do anything about it.

I guess it was then that Brian looked at me and said so that was why you were so horny today I was today and was I only using him now to get off after my dates with her and that I have to chose between him and her. I told him Brian I told you I wasnít gay only bi and that he would be the only guy I would be with but I still would go out with girls, his head dropped and he said I guess we have to stop this then I canít take it I want a exclusive gay relationship and you canít give it to me, he actually had tears in his eyes and I said are you sure we have a good thing going here to which he replied Iím sure then he gave me a short kiss on the lips finished getting dressed and left. That was the last time I saw Brian sexually, the next time I saw him was at our next meeting when he told everybody that he didnít have time anymore and was quitting the group, I saw him a few times in passing after that but when he graduated from high school he left the area and has never come back. Iíve seen his parents a few times over the last twenty plus years and ask how he is and they always say he is doing well I think he was living in New York or New Jersey the last time I saw them.

There is another true story that comes out of this though and that I will answer in the incest post after submitting this, itís the answer to what I didnít see when I went to the window while Brian and I fucked.

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