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Well I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this instead of Hawk. o.o I couldn't wait to read the rest and found it myself. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have reading and searching for it and stay tuned for the last half. :D

Call Girl Cheerleaders
by Richard Bissell


Whatever Giselle's parents were thinking, neither of
them showed up at the house again. Giselle settled in
as well as could be expected, and my concerns about
worsening Hayley's mood proved unfounded. She didn't
improve, mind you--but neither did she get any worse.

I did my best to make sure she knew we all cared about
her, and I kept telling myself that it would simply
take time. She might have been on the cusp of womanhood
(sixteen was older nowadays than it had been when I was
her age), but she had undergone a couple of major
upheavals, and it was unrealistic not to expect her to
be affected.

Marianne fell happily into her role as the "mama-san"
of the household, taking over some of Elizabeth's
responsibilities toward Hayley and working to keep
everything running smoothly. Giselle, for her part,
carried her end of the load. Recognizing that it was
important for her self-esteem, I accepted the twenty-
five bucks a week she insisted on giving me out of her
salary from working at a nearby ********. It might have
bought lunch for me, but it meant something to her,
so I took it.

A couple of weeks later, Hayley asked me to come to a
pep rally at their school to watch her cheer. The
school's basketball team had just made the playoffs,
and both squads would be there. So Friday morning, I
took a couple of hours off and drove over to their

I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I got to the
gym, I saw a small group of parents sitting at one end
of the bleachers. I found a seat near the top. Luckily,
Giselle's father didn't appear to be there.

The J.V. squad came out first, and Hayley led them in a
series of cheers, doing their best to rev up the
students. I noticed her smiling at me a few times, and
when they were done, she gave me a little wave.

Marianne and the varsity girls came out next, and as
she was leading the squad in a cheer, I had a sudden
flashback to my own high school days. Sitting on a
bleacher much like this one, forlornly watching Beth
Dunbar dance and prance around our gym. Knowing that my
feelings for her were pathetic and pathetically
unrequited, but unable to control them. I didn't know
what to call it now--irony, poetic justice, or
coincidence--but here I sat having both her daughters
madly in love with me and eagerly climbing into my bed.

I wondered, not for the first time, if I should ever
tell Marianne the whole truth. I wanted to, simply
because I didn't like keeping secrets from her, but I
had no idea how she would react. A sister-sister trio
appeared to be no big deal to her. Mother-daughter
would probably be something else, even if I had never
so much as laid a finger on Beth Dunbar, on her shiny
Marcia Brady hair and her overloaded sweaters. I had
*wanted* to, that and so much more, and that might be
the important element to Marianne.

I came out of my retrospection to realize that someone
nearby was glaring at me. It took me a moment or two to
recognize him: Randy, Marianne's ex-boyfriend, who sat
a few rows down. He maintained the glare for another
second or two, then looked away.

When the pep rally finally broke up, Marianne gave me a
wink and ran off with the other cheerleaders. She and
Hayley knew better than to approach me in front of
everyone -- we had discussed the importance of
discretion -- so I wasn't disappointed with their
limited attentions. I filed out of the gym with the
parents and student and went back to work.

I had a very demanding job, and I normally ate lunch at
my desk, even on days when I hadn't spent two hours out
of the office on personal business. I was buried in a
pile of SEC disclosures and due diligence reports
around twelve-fifteen when my intercom buzzed.


"Steve, there's a Tiffany Michaels here to see you."

Whoa, I thought. Some kind of emergency?

"Send her back."

Tiffany appeared in my office about a minute later. She
wore jeans and a spandex cowl-neck T-shirt, but more
importantly she also wore a sly grin that eased my
concern, whatever she was doing here in the middle of
the day. She closed the door behind her.

"Hi, Steve."

"Tiff. Dare I ask what you're doing here this time of

"I'm here on orders from your girlfriend."

My jaw dropped slightly.


"I asked her to give me something really wild and
daring to do. A slave thing, you know? So she told me
to come here and give you a bj. And I have to carry
your cum back to school in my mouth and show it to her

I gulped.

"I'm pretty busy here."

She stepped around my desk and pushed her way between
my thighs.

"I'll be quick."

Not waiting for anything else, she dropped to her knees
and unzipped my slacks. I glanced at the door, then at
the windows to my office. I had a big corner suite with
floor-to-ceiling windows, but thankfully the outside
was heavily polarized. My real concern was someone
walking in on this.

Tiffany found my dick and sucked it into her mouth. I
was completely limp at first, still half in shock, but
she went to work getting me up. I leaned back in my
chair and put my hands on her head. As I began to
erect, she worked on me more purposefully, long smooth
strokes to the back of her throat, holding it there
until she started to gag, then dragging her teeth over
the underside as she withdrew. Up and down she went
like that for several minutes. She held the base of my
erection with one hand and played with my balls with
the other.

As she felt me growing close, she began doing a little
dance and flutter over the head with her tongue,
spinning it around, then plunging back down as far as
she could go. I groaned, my hands turning to fists in
her hair. She withdrew a little, holding just the head
between her lips and tongue, and began sucking and
bobbing rapidly. This eager lingual massage soon had me
on the brink. I gasped, convulsing in my chair, and
spurted off into her mouth. She sucked it up as it
came, pumping out the last bits with her fist.

She leaned back, smiling, and returned my deflating
dick to my pants. She zipped me up and stood.

"Thanks," I gasped. She smiled as best she could with a
mouthful of semen, gave me a little wave, and left.

I had caught my breath after a few minutes and tried to
get back to work. At two-fifty, my intercom buzzed

"Marianne," the receptionist said. She knew about our
relationship, just not how young my girlfriend really
was. I picked up the phone.


"Did you like your little present?"

I laughed softly.

"You could say that."

"She was jonesing for me really hard this morning, you
know, doing her slave flirting thing. She wanted me to
give her something daring to do. So I thought of you."

"Did she really go all the way back to school with,

She giggled.

"Yep. I told her to come back with a mouthful of cum or
it didn't count. I don't know how she managed to do it,
but she did. That was her lunch today. That and a Diet
Coke. She didn't get back in time for anything else."


"She had fun. She really gets off on this stuff."

"I've noticed."

"I'll let you go. I've got to get to class. I love

"You too, Kitten."

I got home that night to find the three girls cooking
dinner. I kissed each one in turn and got myself a beer
from the fridge. Marianne looked up from the salad she
was fixing.

"Babe? You know that our Spring Break is in a week,
don't you?"

"You're going up to see your mother. There's no
discussion about that."

"I know, but you're coming with us, right?"

"You need some quality time with your mom. I don't want
to get in the way of that."

She and Hayley looked at me entreatingly.

"Babe, you know she lives in the dorm," Marianne went
on. "We can't stay with her. We have to get a hotel
room anyway. Can't you just come with us, just to be
there? You won't have to do anything."

"Clear it with your mom first. And don't lean on her
about it."

"I already did. She doesn't mind. She wants to see you
too. I called up there and found us a room near the

"I can stay here and housesit," Giselle said. "I won't,
like, throw a party or anything."

"Okay. I guess that will work."

Marianne and Hayley both smiled.


After dinner, I called the hotel Marianne had found and
got a suite with enough room for all three of us. I
also called Elizabeth to touch base, and she assured me
that she didn't mind having me up there. I wondered how
she had gotten to this apparent friendliness from
initially wanting to castrate me. It occurred to me
that it might be some form of rationalization, since
having me in her daughters' lives allowed her to free
herself from hers and pursue a long-suppressed desire.
Then again, she might just like me after all.

That Friday, I returned home to find Marianne, Hayley,
and Tiffany lounging around the den watching

"Where's Giselle?"

"She and Ashley went out," Marianne said. "What do you
feel like doing?"

"I'm a little punchy. I'd rather just hang out at home

"That's cool," Hayley said. "We couldn't decide what to
do either."

"Wanna order a pizza?" Marianne asked.

"Sure. Go for it."

I went upstairs to change clothes, and when I returned,
Marianne and Hayley hadn't moved, but Tiffany was on
the floor in front of the TV set, poking through the
adult videos. She looked up when I came in, face tinged
ever so slightly with embarrassment.

"Porno night?" I asked.

"Could we?"

"I'm down with it," Marianne said. "Pick something

I squatted down next to Tiffany and rooted through the
collection. Given her predilections, I had an idea
about what might be good tonight. Buried in the back,
as I hadn't watched it in years, was Andrew Blake's
"House of Dreams," a random, artsy exploration of BDSM.

I put in the tape and sat down on the couch between
Marianne and Hayley. Marianne pulled me back to lie
against her chest, and Hayley lay back against me.
Tiffany took the chair across the room as the tape

The movie was framed as long dream sequence, with the
main female character moving from one kinky encounter
to the next, fantasizing about being both a Domme and a
sub. Marianne and Hayley found it amusing, Hayley more
than Marianne, but Tiffany was positively transfixed. I
nudged Marianne about a third of the way through. She
smiled and hugged me.

"Knew it," she said softly.

The pizza arrived while the movie was still going, and
we ate as we watched the rest of it. It finally ended
just before nine.

Marianne sat up behind me and stretched. She turned
slowly toward Tiffany and leered.

"Did you like that, slave?"

Tiffany glanced over at us, and though she was already
very turned on, I could see the aroused flush on her
chest deepening.


"Go get into uniform. I need you tonight."

Tiffany practically jumped off the chair and went for
her purse. She carried it into the downstairs bathroom
and shut the door. Hayley watched her leave and then
looked back at us, eyes wide with fascination.

"What is she doing?"

"You'll see. Do you want her?"

Hayley quivered very slightly.

"You mean--"

"Do you want her to fuck you? Eat you out? Something
like that? She will if I tell her to."

Hayley gulped.

"Um. Sure."

"Get up. Stand over there."

Hayley got off the couch and stood in the center of the
room. Tiffany emerged a few moments later, having
stripped completely naked. She wore nothing but the
nipple clips, her clit leash, and a deeply aroused

She came up to the couch, but Marianne waved her off.

"Give your leash to Hayley."

She did.

"Now undress her."

Tiffany helped Hayley out of her clothes, and Hayley
was soon as naked as she was. She grinned at us
nervously, then turned to Tiffany.

"Eat me."

Tiffany dropped to her knees in front of her. Hayley
spread her legs a few inches, and Tiffany reached up to
take Hayley's butt in her hands.

Marianne and I lay together, watching Tiffany's tongue
working busily in Hayley's blonde pussy. Hayley was
soon groping at Tiffany's head and moaning, rocking her
hips back and forth. Tiffany was short enough that she
had to tip her head back to get her tongue in position,
and that gave us a perfect view of what she was doing.

We watched for a few minutes as Hayley grew closer and
closer to orgasm. The scent of arousal, Hayley's and
Tiffany's, was thick in the air, as thick as Hayley's
ragged breathing. Marianne squirmed under me, and I sat
up. She wriggled out of her top, then her jeans, and
got to her feet.

Hayley cried out, legs buckling, holding Tiffany's face
tightly against her sex. She shook in orgasm for as
long as she could stand it before staggering backwards
and collapsing into the armchair behind her. Tiffany
smiled, wiping her mouth quickly, and looked toward

"My turn. Come here."

Tiffany turned around and crawled up in front of
Marianne. Marianne stepped forward over her mouth, and
Tiffany was soon back to work.

I stood and removed my clothes, watching Marianne
groping at her breasts, hanging her head back and
gasping at what Tiffany was doing. I glanced at Hayley,
who was resting in the armchair, watching them

Tiffany's tongue was blur against Marianne's clit and
labia, and she brought her to orgasm in a only a minute
or two. Marianne struggled to remain standing, gripping
Tiffany's hair in her hands, refusing to let her stop.
Finally she jerked away, lost her balance, and dropped
unsteadily to the floor.

"Shit. Shit."

Tiffany glanced at me, grinning at what she had done
and waiting to see what I wanted. I had a feeling that
Marianne had some kind of script in mind, so I stayed
where I was. I could see between Tiffany's thighs from
where I stood, and she looked so wet and turned on that
she was probably dripping onto the carpet.

Hayley slid to the floor and crawled up next to
Tiffany, sitting back on her ankles as Tiffany was
doing. She ran her fingers through Tiffany's hair a few
times, then leaned forward to kiss her. Tiffany let
her, not moving, but returning the kiss. Hayley leaned
further forward, pushing Tiffany onto her back, and
crawled above her.

She broke the kiss after a few more seconds, and slid
down to suckle at Tiffany's pierced nipples. Tiffany
moaned softly and put her arms over Hayley.

Marianne rose up on her knees and slithered over in
front of me.

"Having fun?"


She took my erection in one hand and pulled it to her
mouth. She sucked on me rapidly, tormenting me
mercilessly with that damned stud in her tongue. She
looked up at me the entire time, watching my reaction
to what she was doing. I had to grit my teeth and
tighten the muscles in my legs to keep from losing my

Behind her, Hayley had descended between Tiffany's
thighs, and was now doing her best to return the favor.
Her tongue fluttered slowly but steadily over Tiffany's
bald sex, flicking at the stud, pushing it back and
forth. Tiffany was writhing on her back, pinching and
pulling on the studs in her nipples.

Marianne suddenly withdrew.

"Go fuck her."


"Hayley. Right now."

She pushed me toward her sister and then crawled over
toward Tiffany. As I positioned myself behind Hayley
and slipped between her firm thighs, Marianne threw her
leg over Tiffany's head and squatted down on her mouth.

Thus I got to watch this daisy chain in front of me as
I thrust into Hayley, Hayley eating Tiffany, Tiffany
eating Marianne while still punishing her nipples with
her fingers. Marianne was facing me, and her eyes bored
into mine, trying to join with me through the bodies
between us. Hayley was soon bucking back at me, and
Tiffany began to thrash between the two blondes. She
shrieked and came hard, but only broke her rhythm
eating Marianne for a few seconds. I felt Hayley's
fingers brushing my balls as she played with herself.

Marianne suddenly leaned forward over Tiffany, pushing
her head down next to Hayley's. The two girls were now
eating Tiffany in unison, two tongues thrashing at her
clit from different directions. It only lasted a few
more seconds though, before Marianne reared back again,
gripping her big breasts, and came all over Tiffany's

That was too much for me, and I cried out myself,
pounding Hayley's butt from behind. I shuddered,
spurting off inside her, just as I felt her coming
around me. I pushed her forward onto Tiffany as I
coasted down, and Marianne leaned forward to kiss me.
She frenched me deeply for a few seconds before

"That was fun."

I could only grunt at her. I pulled out of Hayley and
rolled over onto my back. Marianne flopped down next to
me. I watched as Tiffany pulled Hayley up to her mouth
and lapped up the cum that was oozing down her thighs.
When she had it all, she dug her tongue into Hayley,
seeking the rest of it. Hayley giggled, shivering over

Marianne leaned over to whisper to me, smiling.

"Tiff is under standing orders not to let your cum go
to waste. If you don't come in her mouth, she's
supposed to clean it up from wherever you did."

I laughed softly, watching her work. When she was done,
Hayley flopped over and lay across my chest. Tiffany
got up and went to get a bottle of water from the
refrigerator, which we then passed around. The
satisfied grin on Tiffany's face told me more or less
what I needed to know, that whatever she was getting
out of this weird relationship with Marianne, she was
clearly enjoying herself.

Marianne stood up and stretched.

"Let's go upstairs."

The rest of us got up and followed her up to the master
suite. I lay down on the bed watching them, and Hayley
sat next to me. Tiffany stood in the center of the room
awaiting instructions. Marianne seemed to have
something in mind, so I stayed where I was.

She motioned to Tiffany, who dropped to her knees and
closed with my girlfriend. Marianne reached down to
caress Tiffany's head as she began eating her again. A
little tremor ran through Marianne's body, but she
remained where she was, smiling at me.

Suddenly she stepped back.

"Go get on the bed, on your hands and knees next to

Tiffany complied at once, climbing onto the mattress
and kneeling on all fours. Marianne came around the
side and lay down, reversing herself next to Tiffany.
Getting the point, Tiffany crawled above her so they
were in a sixty-nine position. The two of them
immediately began eating each other.

I glanced at Hayley, who was just grinning in
amusement, then back at Tiffany. I lay on my side to
watch her eating Marianne. She pulled her hair around
to clear my view and positioned herself so I could see.
Her tongue spun and fluttered around Marianne's clit,
and she used a free finger to fuck her gently. I
couldn't see what Marianne was doing, but she had her
hands up on Tiffany's butt, holding her closely.

A minute or two of this show was enough to restore my
erection. I pulled on Marianne's legs, trying to get
the two girls diagonal on the bed. Marianne seemed to
know what I had in mind, and she squirmed over a few
feet. Tiffany moved with her. I crawled up between
Marianne's legs, and Tiffany took my cock and guided it
into Marianne. I twisted myself to the side to allow
Tiffany room to continue what she was doing. Marianne
let out a groan from between Tiffany's thighs as I
slipped into her.

I had forgotten about Hayley until she jumped off the
bed, giggling, and ran into the dressing area. I had no
idea what she was up to, and I was too distracted from
the feel of Marianne around me (not to mention the
sight of Tiffany licking busily away at the pussy I was
fucking) to think much about it.

About a minute later, Hayley reappeared, and I let out
a laugh. She was wearing the strap-on dildo, and she
climbed onto the bed at the opposite end. I heard
Marianne laughing, but she helped Hayley slip the dildo
into Tiffany.

Now I was fucking Marianne, Hayley was fucking Tiffany,
and Tiffany and Marianne were frantically eating each
other. I grabbed Marianne's buttocks, lifting her up as
I thrust at her, and Hayley vigorously pumped Tiffany's
ass, causing her head to bump against my abdomen. Watching
this perverse scene in front of me was too much, and I
rapidly lost myself in the sights and sensations.

Marianne began thrashing in orgasm not long into it,
and Tiffany joined her moments later. I looked up at
Hayley, whose face was fogged in arousal. She seemed on
the brink of orgasm herself, and a second later I saw
why. Marianne had one hand up between Hayley's legs,
obviously fingering her as she fucked Tiffany. Hayley
and I stared at each other as we neared our release,
and when she cried out, pounding Tiffany's buttocks, I
groaned out loud and poured myself into her sister.

One by one, we fell away from this mass coupling.
Tiffany moved up the bed, crawling around between
Marianne's thighs to lap up the cum that oozed out of
her. Marianne lay motionless on her back as Tiffany
licked and probed at her sex, holding one hand on
Tiffany's head. But when my cum had all disappeared
into Tiffany's mouth and

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If everything is peachy then I'll post the last and in my opinion heart warming end in two weeks but I might do it next week since it's so good. ^_^ Just hope I'm not doing anything illegal/wrong and get banded. o.o

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