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06-05-2006, 03:37 PM
We’d been dating for a few weeks now and I was ready to see if we could make a match of it. I’d been a sexual dominant for years now, but as far as I could tell she knew nothing about the lifestyle that was such a big part of my life. We’d had sex before, and I thought that there was a submissive in there waiting to come out, but I wasn’t sure. Tonight I would find out.

It was after dinner and we were out on my porch enjoying the cool spring night when I decided it was time to begin.

I pulled her up out of her chair and kissed her long and hard. I let my hands roam her hair and her body as our tongues met. As we kissed I moved her so that her ass was up against the wooden porch railing. After some more kissing, I moved my hands down and lifted her skirt slowly. Instead of stopping me or stiffening (which I half-expected) she shifted to allow me better access. My already hard cock pulsed when I felt that shift.

My hands found there way up her skirt and down came her panties. I pulled them off and slid my hands up her legs as I stood in front of her. My fingers were under her skirt rubbing her clit and pushing inside of her. My left hand was on the back of her neck holding her in place so that I could stare into her eyes as I pleasured her. My mind was racing almost as fast as my blood at this point. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to make her cry and beg and moan for my cock, but now wasn’t the time, now was the time for finesse - not for brute force, but my God how I wanted to shove my cock into her. Instead I looked at her while she bucked on my hand and asked her if she trusted me. She looked at me for a moment before she said anything. I think she was trying to figure out why I would ask that, but I wasn’t giving her anything to gauge other than the question itself. She finally said yes I do with a smile on her face. I said good and gave her another kiss.

Then I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around quickly and forcefully. I acted fast because of my lust and because I didn’t want to give her too much time to think. I grabbed her left hand with my left hand and my tie (worn just for this moment) with my right. With my body keeping her in place I put my tie around her wrist and the railing and tied it off. Quickly I grabbed her right hand in mine and put my head next to hers. This was the last test moment and I was anxious to see her reaction. I needn't have worried.

Her breathing was ragged and heavy and her hips were thrusting back at me. I whispered for her to look at me and when she did all I saw in her eyes was unthinking lust. I smiled and called her a good girl. Now I was perfectly relaxed. Horny, ready to fuck and dominate my girl, but relaxed because I’d seen that look before and knew that I had been right. This girl was now my girl and with the right encouragement would be mine for a long, long time.

I took my time with the rest. My belt came off and became her right wrist tie. My hands spread her legs and when I told her not to move her legs from where I put them she moaned and said yes, Robert. I lightly slapped her thigh and told her to call me sir. She actually twitched and said, yes sir. I simply couldn’t wait anymore and with my hands on her shoulders I put my cock insider her.

It felt so good, so right, to be in her pussy and the cool air of the night made for a wonderful contrast to the warmth of her pussy. I could have spent myself almost instantly but I wouldn’t allow it. I slowly fucked her until we were both writhing with passion. I pulled up her shirt and bra and toyed with her nipples and that pushed her over the edge. I don’t know if it was the nipple play or the realization that her tits were on display to anyone in the neighborhood who looked at the porch, but when she went, she went hard.

The whole time she was in orgasm my cock was vibrating. It was hard to hold back until she had finished, but I managed it. As soon as she did finish I loosened her wrists and held her hands with mine as I pumped her slowly. She was shaking and I was about to lose control so I whispered to her that I was going to pull out and she was going to swallow my cock and drain me. She just nodded and I pulled out. She dropped to her knees so fast that I actually winced when I heard her knees hit the wood, but that also sent shivers of pleasure through me.

It took about three seconds for me to explode once I was down her throat. She took me and kept me there until I was done. Each shot felt huge and I had to hold her head just to keep my balance. I’ve come harder before, but not many times.

When I was done I sat down on the porch chair and she followed. She kept her mouth cleaning and sucking me until I told her to stop. I told her that she had been wonderful. She smiled and said thank you sir. That made my cock twitch again. We made love again and again that night; each time getting closer and closer to a true dom/sub relationship. By the next morning we were more than boyfriend and girlfriend and I was a very happy man.

06-05-2006, 03:43 PM
Great Story....I liked it alot. Thanks Aesop

06-06-2006, 04:54 AM
Thank you. :)

06-06-2006, 07:08 AM
Great story! Can't wait to see what else you post.

06-06-2006, 04:13 PM
Thank you and as I'm new to the writing thing, neither can I. lol

11-04-2006, 04:18 PM
Another good story....Enjoy