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08-15-2007, 08:50 PM
This story is written by Gypsy, Wizard and Bluegirl. Hope you all enjoy!

I enter into the room quietly. Hoping that they are still asleep. Whew they are, I quietly move to the table and spread out the fruit that is oh so going to be enjoyed, also placing some other food out for just incase they don’t like fruit all that much. I then go to the bathroom and set out the towels and such for them to get refreshed. I wonder how long they went at it after I left. Being only jealous that I wasn’t here for the rest of the fun, I stopped and looked at the mirror, and started thinking about what I am about to do. I shrug my shoulders and start to get naked. I giggle at the plans that I have for those two and wonder how they are going to except it. Knowing full well that I have never put myself in this kind of situation, nor about to do what I have wanted to try for so long. I raise my eyebrow and say, “Well if they don’t like it, I am sure they will let me know in the end!”

I take off my bra and tweak my already hard nipple. Moan slightly at the thought of Gypsy sucking on it. I feel myself start to get wet. I quit doing it before I cum on just the thought of another girl ****** out with me. Seeing now why men enjoy the thought or the action so much. Leaving the bathroom and going over to the bed, put down my bag of goodies, stop and admire the two that are still sleeping.

Quietly getting some of the goodies out of the bag, and placing one under the pillow. Man I hope Wizard doesn’t wake up. Phew got it under there, and then I go to place the other one in the drawer of the night stand. Shit the drawer is stuck, yank on it just a little, and it makes a low suction sound. I stop with the item and drawer half way open, and look so carefully to see if they stirred or woke up. Nope, in the clear. My pussy gets even wetter with all the thoughts going thru my head and the anticipation of what is to come. I place the last goodie on the night stand. I must be so excited but nervous, cuss it tips over. Sure shit Wizard starts to stir a little, and then he goes back to sleep. I sigh, go over to the closet and throw my clothes and bag into it. Stand proud and enjoy the view of the two sleeping.

I walk over to the bed and try hard to slip in under the covers by Wizard, he stirs, awe…. just right, reaching my hand around his waist and grab that gorgeous cock of his. I stroke it a little, and it starts to come to life. He turns towards the hand that is working on his manhood, opens one eye to see who it is.

Starts to speak to me and I put my finger on his mouth. I mouth the words to be quiet. Turn his ear towards me, and say “Get up and go take a shower. After you’re done there, I want you to go eat some food that I have on the table. Sit there and behave, until I tell you to come over to this bed. Understand?” He shakes his head yes and kisses me slightly on my lips.

He tries his hardest to get out of the bed with out stirring Gypsy. To no avail she starts to move around and moaning. I help push Wizard out of the bed, because I don’t want her to wake up this way. He looks at me with a quizzical look and I just motion him to move. I barely smack his butt, and slide over to Gypsy. I start to spoon her, pull her into me, and pull her hair away from her face. I can tell by the sound of her breathing, that she is starting to fall back to sleep. “Not yet pretty girl, you can sleep later” I say quietly into her ear. She turns over, looks at me and smiles a beautiful smile.

I wink at her and tell her, “I have something special planned. Are you willing to help me out? We are going to go out side of our norm, but who cares, we past norm already between you and me. This is what I want to do……” I explain Most of everything to her. She looks at me shyly and gives me those cute baby eyes. I tell her to get her cute little behind in the shower and come out and eat. She jumps up on the bed, runs over me, hops off, and runs into the shower. I hear her yelling at Wizard to move over so she can begin the games. I just laughed and lay back in the bed. I couldn’t help myself; I had to play with my pussy, because of the images of Gypsy’s beautiful body and thinking of Wizard fucking that cute pussy of hers. That is all she wrote, I cam.

“Damn this is going to be fun!”

I hear the two of them in the shower and it’s taking them to long. I walk into the bathroom, peek in, and see that Gypsy is blowing Wizard. “That is not going to happen” thinking to myself. Reach in for the hot water and turn it off. I slip back out of the bathroom and sit down on the bed as if I am mad. Gypsy squeals and the water is being shut off. They take a couple of minutes to come out of the bathroom; Wizard looks at me and says, “Did you shut off the water?” I shake my head yes in a cocky kind of way. He runs to me and jumps on top of me and I start to laugh. Wizard gets up and walks over with Gypsy to the food. They sit down and start to eat as if there is no tomorrow. I wait on the bed patiently for them to finish.

It was about a half hour later when I finally ask them if they are full. They answered yes, and that is when I started taking on a more forceful attitude. I told Wizard to stay in his seat and not to move. I then told Gypsy to come over to me but not to get on the bed. She gets up and comes over with a big smile on her face. Only if she really knew what I had planned for her! She gets to where I am kneeling on the bed, I put my hand out to cup her tit, she purrs at the touch of my hand. I start to kiss her neck, bit it lightly, she slightly moaned. I move down to her breast, circle her nipple with my tongue, lightly nibble on her nipple, and then I start to suck on them as if I was nursing her. With my hands, I kneed her breast as if I am an infant. She moans with pleasure. Taking one of my hands, I reach down to play with her pussy.

I run my fingers on the outside of her very swollen lips. ****** sure that I don’t penetrate past her lips, getting back to where her lovely hole is at, I lightly rub my index finger over it. Holy crap is she wet down there. Just rub my finger there long enough to get it wet, then reach back towards her rosebud, lightly rubbing on that hole. She moans and tenses on this action. I come back to her pussy hole and play with it. I stick two fingers in there and her head lays back and she thrusts harder on to my fingers. I start to pump her with them, all the while sucking on her nipples. I reach around with my other hand and start to squeeze one ass cheek. I do this for a bit letting her enjoy the attention before I make it all about me. Taking my hand that is on her ass, wrap it around her waist from the back, and flip her onto her back on the bed, still keeping my fingers in her pussy. I get in between her legs, spread them out, and begin to blow on her clit. She starts to purr and moan at the sensation. Taking my fingers out of her pussy hole, I bring them to my mouth and suck on them. Oh man does she taste fine!! I can’t believe how sweet of nectar she has.

I bring her legs up to her head and hungrily dive into her pussy. I lap her pussy like a dog to get as much juice I can. She moans loudly from the way this feels, she starts to run my head like a mad woman and thrusting her hips against my mouth. My tongue enters her love hole and starts to fuck her wildly. Again her hips move with my tongue. I come up and start to nibble on her clit. All the while I am doing this my fingers have been pressing on her back door.

I knew that if I kept her mind on me eating her lovely pussy, she would not have a clue of me trying to enter her ass. She moans in excitement from the pleasure of me sticking my second finger in her rosebud. Leaking heavily from her pussy and me licking wildly has been enough lube for my fingers. I start to bang her ass…..

I hear some suction sounds coming from Wizards way. He must have found the bottle of lotion on the table. I look up quickly to see if he followed the note that was on the bottle. It said, “Wizard, use this if you need to stroke your fat cock. I don’t want you to blow your load though, that is to come later. There is a cock and ball ring that I want you to place on your self. Make sure you do this or you will pay heavily for not obeying me!” Sure enough he did follow my instructions, I grinned of joy. He winked at me and then made sure he did a hard stroke for me. I licked my lips in anticipation of me sucking on his cock.

I went back to devouring Gypsy’s pussy, she was wildly moaning and bucking against my fingers. She finally asked me to let her cum, I shook my head no. With that I placed another finger in her ass. I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t figure out that I was actually fucking her ass, not her pussy. She was moaning loudly, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I looked at Wizard and said, “You better get over here and stick that fat cock of yours into her mouth! I would be careful though, she might just suck that right off of you!” Wizard got up stroke her hair, bent down kissed her on her lips, stood back up, waved his cock in face, and she about screamed at him to place that gorgeous cock in her mouth. Wizard did place it there with such a rush, that he gagged her. I just laughed and put her back into the mood again. Man was she sucking on his poor cock, and with that I pulled my goodie from under the pillow. She didn’t see, and I was glad of that. I strapped it on and looked at her gorgeous ass, just crying to be filled again. I lube up my cock and relube her ass. During the time that I am putting on my strap on she started to masturbate. As hard as she was rubbing herself, I thought she would rub her clit right off. I winked at Wizard, and told him to play with her titties. I lined up the head of the cock with her ass and barely pressed in……

************************************************** **********************
Can’t believe what I’m seeing, BlueGirl is slipping a nice-sized blue strap-on cock in Gypsy’s wiggling bottom. And I now know where she got her name, as she slid that blue cock in my little sweetie like a pro. As for Gypsy, she was taking it, growling with my dick deep in her mouth.

I’m surprised I haven’t cum straight down Gypsy’s throat.
Bluegirl grabs Gypsy’s shoulders pulling her back in to her blue
cock, then lay down on Gypsy’s back. She must have bit her, because
Gypsy gave me a long, earthy groan while my dick tickled her tonsils. Slide my hands between the ladies, cup BlueGirl’s
titties, then pinch her nipples, getting her moaning like my Gypsy.
Didn’t think nothing could be sexier than a young lady moaning with pleasure, but two were triple the fun. BlueGirl’s slightly deeper, and Gypsy’s were oh so much longer.

Our little Gypsy wanted fucked hard and was bucking, trying to get more than those little thrusts out of Bluegirl. But Bluegirl gives her a swat telling Gypsy, ‘Be a good girl, and do as told or she wasn’t going to get to cum.’

Gypsy stops thrashing, but her moaning is now twice as long and louder. I want to cum, but want to see BlueGirl fucking Gypsy more.
I pull out of Gypsy’s mouth and her un-muffled moans seemed to be echoing in the room.

Instead of going around behind them, I slide under Gypsy, gliding between her legs, my head stopping under BlueGirl. I could see BlueGirl’s muscles flex as she thrust into Gypsy, and Gypsy’s muscles flex as she took that blue cock.

My girl’s pussies were both soaked, and I licked Gypsy’s while running a finger in BlueGirl’s pussy. Gypsy shifted a little and her hot lips were once again going down my rigid shaft. I run two fingers into BlueGirl as I suck on Gypsy’s pussy. This extra attention is too much and Gypsy starts humping away, and BlueGirl is encouraging her, as she’s on her knees holding Gypsy’s hips and giving her full thrusts. My dick slips from her mouth, as Gypsy raises her head and screams, ‘So good, so fucking good,’ then squirts all over my face, splashing BlueGirl’s thighs. With the blue cock fully inside, BlueGirl rubs Gypsy’s back. “Goodness baby girl, what a delicious orgasm, and Wizard said you weren’t a squirter.”

Seeing as BlueGirl was just kneeling there, I slid up, and licked her wet slit. “Um-m, “she giggled, “our man is being sneaky, finish sucking his dick, baby girl.”

Gypsy needed no other instructions, and still panting, took me back in her mouth.

(gypsy take it away!)

************************************************** *******************
As I kneel before Wizard I see his beautiful fat cock in front of me knowing the taste of him. I grasp his hard dick with one of my hands placing his dick in my mouth and sucking hard looking up at him. His hands are in my hair pushing my head back and forth. I can see out of the corner of my eye, she is standing there proud as a peacock. She is looking beautifully sexy with that blue strap-on. I always thought strap-ons would look silly or dumb, but she looks great and is pulling it off well. Hell I wanted to put the damn thing on. But she was doing the ordering us around, as if we are her sex salves or something.

Which made me think how dare she come in here and order us around!
This is Wizard’s place, not hers and same time it was fun and exciting. If Wizard was going to let her do this to us, then who am I to say any different. Which makes me think about the fact that I never been with a lady before. Oh the thought crossed my mind but never thought I would act on it. I had conflicting emotions on that. I enjoy pleasing her and her pleasing me, but I love being with Wizard. These thoughts and thousand more run thru mind in seconds. I push all these thoughts away and enjoy the day, whatever it brings, it brings.

I am hot with desire, so while sucking him, I 'a play with myself rubbing my clit. I'm still watching her out of the corner of my eye and looking at Wizard. She is playing with her breast and running her hand up down that blue dick of hers while watching us. Enjoying the show that Wizard and I are putting on for her.

Poor Wizard has not gotten to cum. It must be because of that cock and ball ring. I never seen one before, but it looks hot on him. I run my finger across his balls. He has been pumping my face ever since I started to suck his handsome cock. His hands are still in my hair grabbing it and pulling it. It seem like I’ve been down here for hours but it’s only been a few minutes.

I finally hear Bluegirl say "Gypsy stop." Said with such force that I jump, nearly swallowing poor Wizard beautiful fat cock. I stop sucking him.

"Get on the bed Wizard" Bluegirl orders. Wizard being the gentleman that he is does as he is told. Then Bluegirl looks at me and says "Don't just kneel there Gypsy, get your butt over here."

Damn she is hot with all of her orders, but at the same time its getting on my nerves. But I don't want to spoil the fun. I walk over, as I do, Bluegirl is getting on the bed with Wizard and is beginning to kiss him. I see him reach and grab the back her of neck. With his other hand, he is rubbing her back. They are looking so beautiful together. A trace of jealousy runs thru me, but I push it a side. There is so much more when there is three.

I go to the other side of the bed, when I get there, Bluegirl reach under the pillow. I see a black scarf and see her take his arm and I quickly follow suit. I grab his arm and tie his arm to the bed. Bluegirl has done the same. We are both smiling wickedly at each other. Wizard so surprised by this he doesn't know what to say, there is bit of concern in eyes, but not much.

"Oh don't worry Wizard, we could never hurt you," I say, as I run finger across his mouth. He tries to take a bite at it, thankful I pull it away in time. I start running my hand down his chest to his hard nipple. My finger is slowly running a circle around it.

He is looking at us and says "You know that I will have my revenge my lovelies!”

To this, Bluegirl responds, "I'm sure you will, but for now we are going to tease you, and please you, until your begging for release" as she says this, her hand is slowly moving in circles over his tummy.

I'm thinking ‘hell he probably already there but what fun will it be to drive him over the edge!’

"Not that we want to be mean, but we want you. We just want to give you as much pleasure as you’ve given us," I say this as Bluegirl and I walk down to the end of the bed and pull out two more black scarf and tie his legs down to the bed . Feeling quite proud of our selves, we meet; give each other a deep kiss. Tongues are dancing in each others mouths. With one of my hands, I grab her neck and the other reaches down to play with her hard nipple. I feel her hand at my breast and the other at my pussy. Her fingers are moving in and out of me. I begin to do the same to her, ignoring Wizard all together.

I kneel before her; she is still wearing that blue-strap on. I giggle a little as it comes into view. I could not resist from taking it into my mouth. As I do, my fingers are still moving in and out of her wet pussy. I look up at her, she looks so beautiful, and she smiles down at me. I stop sucking the blue strap-on and give her pussy a lick. Then suck it hungrily. She pulls me up to her and gives me another deep kiss then says, "Its time to begin our fun!"

We turn; look at Wizard tied to the bed, “god he is so sexy lying there like that.” We slowly walk, going to either side of the bed. We each take one of his feet and start rubbing them. Starting at the toes, moving to the whole foot, ****** sure to give him a deep muscle message. Then his calves, his thighs, but not touching his beautiful fat cock. Which now is aching and dying to be realest from that cock and ball ring, but Wizard has only given out a few moan groans. He hasn’t even started to beg yet.

So we climb on the bed, lean down and I take him in my mouth. I can feel Bluegirl’s fingers playing with his balls. I slip my finger down to his rosebud and slowly running my fingers in small circles. I place one, then two fingers inside him. Moving in and out, my actions must have hit against his prostate. I hear him moan, I stopped sucking and let Bluegirl have a turn at him. As she takes him in his mouth, I decide to lick his balls, and then I start sucking on them hungrily. As I am doing this, I hear Bluegirl still sucking him. I stop for a moment just to watch. She stops, we look at him, and we both start licking him at the same time. Our tongues are over lapping. We are almost french kissing, but licking him at the same time.

************************************************** *********************

I lean over to Gypsy’s ear and tell her to keep playing with his ass. ****** sure that she works it over. She nodded with excitement and there was hunger in her eyes. I could tell she wanted that rosebud first and so shall it be for her. I went to get the lube, and took off the blue cock, walked over to her. She looked up at me and I winked. She jumped up and then looked at his cock like it will be forgotten. I took the strap on and put it on her. She looks like a little girl in a candy store. We look at Wizard and he has a very worried look on his face.

Gypsy cocked her head to the side with a very sweet smile and said, “Wizard you always tell us to relax and let the Wizard take care of you. Well now you relax and let your apprentices now show you what we learned!”

With that Wizard smiled and you could tell he was trying. I stood back so Gypsy could enjoy this moment for herself. She leaned down and started to lick on his rosebud, took her index finger and slightly pressed in. She came up, grabbed his cock, shoved it in her mouth, and worked it over. Wizard was moaning with peer lust on how she was working him. His poor cock was fat from all the attention that she was giving him. I didn’t think his balls could last much longer, and I think she picked that up as well. She looked over at me and that was my cue.

I jumped up onto the bed, lubed it up, and she slowly went towards his rosebud. Wizard’s eyes grew wide, but Gypsy just made a shhhing sound to him. She kept working on his cock, balls, and rosebud all the same. She had two fingers already in, but you could tell she wanted to make this moment last, and get him mentally ready.

Gypsy’s dream is finally coming true for her. I really didn’t want to interrupt it. Wizard finally told her to start working it in, but before she started he wanted me to fuck his raging hard on. I moved over to him and started to get on with me facing him, but he stopped me. Told me to face Gypsy, while we fucked him. I did what he said and jumped on. Oh my fucking gods, was he so built up in that cock of his that I about cam right there. I was so full and felt like I just went to sex heaven that I didn’t move for a little bit. I just wanted to remember this feeling.

I looked at Gypsy, and she was half way in. I grabbed her titties and started to bite her nipples. I could feel the lust radiating from her. We started to kiss and man was she awesome at kissing. You could tell that she had so much passion in her that I could feel myself ready to climax. I started to work on his cock and kept kissing her. Few more thrusts on that gorgeous cock, my hands went to the back of her head, pulled her in, and kissed her deeply. I was cuming, and knowing that I was lubing his cock very well.

Gypsy was thrusting in his ass, moaning deeply with the satisfaction she was getting from this. She whispered to me that she was about to cum from the whole idea of fucking him, and I asked her to hold off until she worked over his prostate. Wizard was moaning and bucking underneath me and into her. Out of know where he yelled out, “Just fuck that ass girl, and make me cum!” We giggled to each other. Gypsy needed no further instructions, and I was fucking that cock like it was going out of style.

Looking at Wizard, he had sweat rolling off his brow and his eyes were glazed over and kept rolling to the back. Gypsy reached down to his balls, pulled on them slightly. With this Wizard gave a low but deep growl of lust. She released the band on his balls, and I did the same with the ring on his cock. I was surprised that he didn’t explode right away, instead we heard a low laugh coming from him.

We stayed at for what seemed to be an eternity, but it was really like 15 minutes that past. Gypsy cam a couple of times from the excitement and fucking him like a wild dog, I cam a couple of times from watching Gypsy and being fucked with that hard cock, and Wizard, I think, was just enjoying the view and pleasure that he was finally receiving.

With all of this, Wizard finally said, “you girls better hang on! I am going to fill you up Blue and Gypsy your going to cum from me cumming!”

Holy shit is all I could think of when he began to cum. That constent contraction drove me nuts and I cam with him, and from the looks of it…yep Gypsy was too. Gypsy let out a sex starved scream and then fell to the side. I slid to his side and was panting with satisfaction.

“Well girls, I think you have learned well. But as you can see I still have the last say on how everyone gets pleased. Now untie my hands and feet, get something to drink, and get some sleep. I still have many things to teach you girls.”

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Thanks for the addition....:)

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How sweet, you ladies let me triumph in the end,
thank you, but in reality I would've exploded
midway through, with you two 'sexy thangs'
probably blown the cock ring to bits,

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Very nice story. These collaboration things seem to work well. Thanks guys.

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Thanks Bluegirl...great job

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great story shame you posted here, would have been an excellant candidate for the anonymous story competition and most likely a winner to boot....

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Thank you everyone I'm glad enjoy the story

and special thank you to Bluegirl and Wizard for asking me to join you two in writing this story

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no need for thanks Gypsy girl, you certainly held up your end, course i'll be sitting to oine side for a while

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no need for thanks Gypsy girl, you certainly held up your end, course i'll be sitting to oine side for a while

Glad you think I kept my end up .
however sad to know you have sit to one side. you need kiss it and make it better?

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Gypsy love your pic! ;)

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very good story all three of you are very good

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Thanks Coyotewar6979, glad you enjoyed the story .

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very good story

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glad you enjoyed the story Sexy83