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08-17-2007, 04:02 PM
This is another experience my wife and I had early in our marriage

Getting married to as sexy a woman as Joy was a dream come true and I always enjoyed taking her out and showing her off. I was 20 and she was a cute little (5'-2) 22 year old who weighed about 110 pounds. I particularly had fun trying to get her to let me pull up her skirt in the car when we were driving or undoing the buttons on her blouse and playing with her breasts. It was a huge turn on for me and always seemed to get her hot too. I knew she appreciated my seeing her as such a sexy woman.

It didn't take long before I was pushing Joy to go a little further. There was a beach that I knew of where it was popular to go nude, it wasn't legal, but it was hard to get to and rarely did the local police try to stop the fun. Every chance I could I would tell her how turned on I would be if she would let me show her off at the nude beach. After about six months of on going pressure and encouragement, I finally convinced her.

Our plan was a day in the sun. We left early on Saturday morning so that we could find a good place to spread out a blanket. We picked a spot some distance from where others would be so that Joy could have some privacy. Yet I could get her up for a walk to the water and show off her charms. When I got her to take off her clothes and take a walk to the shore, I was about the proudest man on the planet. I truly enjoyed all of the men on the beach that turned and stared.

What I hadn't planned on was that three African American guys would decide to put their blankets down right next to us. Though I was concerned at first, they were soon ****** conversation with the two of us and the four of us guys even started tossing their football around. Soon I was sharing my beer with them and they were passing around a joint.
Neither Joy nor I had smoked much pot but with them being friendly it just seemed the right thing to do. Soon Steve and Dave got up and started to pass the football around by themselves.

Joy was laying on the blanket with me on one side and Leon on the other. Leon was talking about the weed and asked if we had done power hits. Since we hadn't and were curious he put the joint in his mouth backwards put his face next to Joy and blew smoke up her nose. Needless to say it was getting her pretty wasted. She was laughing and having a good time. Then Leon said it was my turn and I sat up and Leon leaned over Joy and blew some smoke up my nose. I thought that I got a good hit but Leon said that I missed most of it and we should try it again. I sat there for a minute or two while he fooled with the joint and then leaned over to take another hit. When I looked down I realized that Leon's prick was laying on Joy's face and she was playing with it! I was in shock and my face must have shown it. Leon saw what I was looking at and
said, "Man you sure have that girl trained, don't you?" I wasn't sure what he meant and then he said, "I admire a man who can get his woman to take her clothes off whenever he wants and knows that she's supposed to take care of her man and whoever he tells her to." I didn't know quite what to say. So I just thanked him. With that Leon turned his attention to Joy and started telling her how he wanted her to suck his prick.

It was very unreal to be sitting their next to my wife while she was sucking on a strangers huge dick while he gave me comments about what, "a good cock sucker," I had and how she must have been doing this for me for a long time to take a dick as big as his. Since he was twice my size. Finally Leon says, "I'm going to feed her a load man but I got to know if she fucks as good as she sucks." With that he came in Joy's mouth while she worked like crazy to keep it all in. Her cheeks must have blown up three times their size at least ten times in a row! With that Leon punches me in the arm and says, "Yes that bitch is something, I am glad I ran into you man." Half in pain and half still in shock, I just sat there while Leon reached down and stuck two fingers up Joy's pussy. "Oh ya," said Leon, "this bitch is hot, thanks man." In a second he was forcing his foot long prick, up my cock craving, wife. He was brutal on her, pounding on her like he wanted to drive her into the
beach and Joy was cumming like I had never seen her cum. When he finally shot a load of cum in Joy's pussy, Joy had her legs around him, was crying and thanking him for her ride. With that Leon got up, looks at Joy and says, "lick me clean bitch, I want the smell of you off of me." As Joy got up on her knees to lick his prick, Leon turned to me and says, "I'm
sorry she said that man, I won't let her forget she's just a hoe." Leon was concerned that Joy enjoyed it to much. I said, "No sweat man, we're cool.

I had no idea why I was being OK with any of this because in my gut I knew it was all wrong, but I just couldn't admit that I didn't want what just happened to happen and now it was done. There was no point in crying about it. At that point Steve and Dave had come back and Leon had grabbed the football from them and said,"switch" and turns to me and says "go out for a pass man, we need to run around so we don't nod out." He was right because the dope was ****** me groggy so I gladly got up to chase the football for a while. Leon had me running routes on the beach for at least twenty minutes before I begged to break for a beer. When I got back to the blanket Steve and Dave were there finishing off what I found out were my last two beers and Joy was laying on her stomach on the blanket. She had obviously just rolled over and had tried to
put on some sun tan lotion. I kneeled down and gave her a kiss and said, "You having a hard time getting that lotion on honey?" She smiled and I rubbed it into her back, butt and legs.

Since we were out of beers, I asked the guys if they had any but they hadn't brought any. Leon suggested that if I ran, he'd pay for it when I got back. I asked Joy if she was OK if I went and she said, "Oh please, go get some beers, I'll be fine." Steve volunteered to go with me and we headed off to town. Steve was pretty cool too and he was complimenting me on what a fox Joy was. I thanked him and said that I appreciated that he was a gentleman and that it would have been OK for
him to have rubbed the tanning lotion onto Joy. He laughed and said, "man, I had a good enough time just watching, I didn't even think about rubbing it in."

When we got to town, Steve and I stopped to have a drink in the bar before picking up a case and the first beer lead to two, so it was more than two hours before we got back to the beach. When we got over to our spot our blanket had been hung up on a rope between two nearby trees about ten yards away and there were several guys standing around
outside of it. I thought that maybe our blanket had become the beach changing tent.

I walked over to Leon and asked him what was going on. Instead of answering, he asked me for a beer and asked how much the beer costs. I told him I had brought back about twenty bucks worth of beer so we could party. Leon said, "I thought so," and pulled a twenty from a fist full of twenties he had and handed it to me. He then said, "I told you I'd pay for the beer, but just when you were leaving I remembered I didn't have any cash here." "So I had to figure out how to get some cash, so I wouldn't let my new buddy down." I said, "Yes and?" He said, "Well, I didn't want to let you down so I figured out I'd put up a hooch." "I'd seen a few of them in the service and figure it would work with some of the guys here." "And man its been working great."

I had no idea what he had said and wasn't sure that I wanted to ask him to explain it again. So I got up with a beer and walked down to the beach to look for Joy. After about a half hour of walking around I couldn't find her and I was getting concerned. I went back to our spot and saw Leon shaking hands with some Mexican guy hanging outside the "hooch." When they broke I signaled for Leon and watch as some very fat, very white guy almost crawl out of the hooch. So, I said to Leon, "you've got to tell me where Joy is and what the heck is a hooch? some kind of a bar? "

Leon laughed and said, "man you are something else, you don't know what's going on?" I assured him that I was clueless and he laughed again. "Look man, I needed twenty bucks to pay you and I didn't have any cash. You left the whore here, so I figured I might as well go to work for a couple of hours." He smiled, shook his head and said, "I've been pimping for the last couple of hours." "I had the whore hang up a blanket and went out to find her a customer." I got a couple of guys to agree for a blow job for ten bucks each and thought as long as it was that easy I might as well make a few bucks for myself." "I figured I was doing all the work anyway." I stared at him and my jaw had to be on the floor. He said, " I would have quit a while ago but when those wet backs heard they could fuck this white woman's ass for twenty bucks, man they
were more than willing to part with a days labor."

"So anyway, I made enough that I think I'm going to take off from here and go buys some good weed." Leon then got up and said, "See you around, nice slut you got," and walked off.

I got up walked over to the hooch and could clearly see from the open side that this immigrant was getting his piece of the American Pie. His prick was pounding in and out of Joy's virgin ass hole and he was talking to her in Spanish. The only word that made sense was "burro" so, I have no idea what was in his head. When he finished pounding my wife's ass, he popped out and Joy spun around and dutifully cleaned him up. She finished with a kiss on the head of his dick.

Leon was right, I now had one Hell of a slut.

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hi leglvr.....thanks for the hot addition

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I for one think Joy should be our official Bluestories designated slut cuz I en-Joy her stories so much.

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nice story,
keep them coming

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What a woman. Love her.

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Yet another excellant story leglvr... Can't wait to read more and maybe meet up at the Christmas party here at Bluestories....lol....I wished.

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