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08-22-2007, 07:25 AM
Hi again,

As for Badlybent's request to review Deputy Duffy's stories, here is a snippet from his latest story in the non consent story forum...

Decisions and Consequences


Deputy Duffy

A young man faces some difficult decisions and has to deal with the consequences. What would you have done?*

I made my way over to the Andersons' and pulled into the driveway.

"Ah, Paradise," I said, looking over the large estate.

I was there to do a little house-sitting and some dog-watching. My dad and Mr. Anderson were golfing buddies, and that's how I first got this $50.00 a night gig about three years ago. I know it doesn't sound it, but it's a cool job. I mean, I am a nineteen-year-old guy, and it's a Friday party night, but the Andersons had a sweet pad. They had lots of toys, a heated swimming pool, and a booming sound system. They also had this fully loaded bar that I was looking forward to exploring once again.

The best parts: It was easy money, I got to spend the night away from home, and I didn't have to worry about drinking and driving.

The worst: I had to party alone because my parents were only a mile away, and I knew they drove by to make sure I wasn't throwing a bash.

"Ah, fuck!" I cried out, forgetting that I wasn't supposed to park in the driveway. "It had to be one of HER rules," I said to myself, backing into the street. I never understood it, but I figured the lady of the house, Mrs. Anderson, didn't like my beat up 72 Nova (it's a shit box) parked in her precious driveway.

I grabbed my bag and headed for the front door and there she was, standing in the doorway. Mrs. Anderson (I thought of her as the Ice Queen) greeted me, not with a friendly wave, but a beckon. I entered the house and was a little taken back as I looked her over. She was dressed in a red top (with a lot of cleavage!), black leather mini skirt, sheer white stockings, and black high heels.

(She was a fancy businesswoman in her forties so she usually sported formal attire.)

Although the majority of this story is shown in red ink and is a littel difficult to read, by selecting all the story and pasting it into a word processor package it is well worth the read and not only deals with non consentual sex but also the old battle of youth against maturity.

An excellant story well written and a great flagship story for the works of a well repected author here on Bluestories..

Just check out his other works as well..

PS. this is a little early as i intend to post the sneak peaks every friday, but due to family problems I am going to be away for a few days...

08-22-2007, 07:32 AM
Great choice Niteowl