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Twenty-First Floor
by CJS6

As the elevator doors opened, I escorted her, arm in arm, onto the building roof. Away from the city lights, the stars in the sky shone brightly. The view was spectacular, but not as breathe taking as she was in the seductive black evening dress.

I instantly embraced her, holding her tight with our lips almost touching. Looking into her eyes I could see that they sparkled brighter than the stars above. Leaning together, we kissed passionately with burning desires; desires that I have had since the first day I met her!

Our friendship started long ago as almost a love hate relationship. A mutual friend of ours introduced us one evening at a party he had. I still remember the first time I saw her. I had casually made my way from room to room, enjoying one generic conversation after another. Somehow I found myself in the kitchen. As I entered she was standing there. My first thoughts were, "Wow! Look at her, she is absolutely beautiful."

Her soft southern voice finally registered in my mind as she spoke, "Do I know you?" I was so dumbfounded that the only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Huh." A sweet smile appeared on her face and she laughed. "Shit, I'm such a fool" I thought, I turned and walked back out into the main room, forgetting why I had gone into the kitchen.

About an hour had past, I was dying for a cold soda; "I hope she isn't in there," I thought to myself, as I made my way back to the kitchen. I entered and a feeling of relief spread over my body, "She's not in here" I thought. As I had done hundreds of time before, I opened both the refrigerator and freezer door and bent down to retrieve my drink. I didn't notice as they came into the kitchen; all I remember is my friend saying that he wanted to introduce me to his friend. Still bent over, I tilted my head and looked up, it was she! I stood quickly, hitting my head on the freezer door.

PAIN, "Shit! Ouch!" was all I could say; and, on unsteady legs, I made my way to the nearest chair. "Is he always this clumsy" she giggled? "Usually" my friend answered, laughing. The next thing I remember, an ice pack was placed on my head and she was standing over me. My head hurt terribly, but my heart was doing flip-flops. Every time her hand caressed my face I thought I would die. But, oh what a way to go!

After the room stopped spinning, I looked up into her eyes and said, "I think I should leave, I'm not feeling very well," my friend said that I shouldn't drive but before he could offer to take me home, she said she volunteered. "Damn, this is just great," I thought, here I am with the prettiest girl I have every seen, I have made a fool of myself, "Twice" and now she offers to take me home and I have a splitting headache!

She grabbed both of our things, and led me to her car. Once seated, she started the car and off we went. "Where did this lady learn how to drive?" I thought to myself, as we wove in and out of traffic. She was very pleasant to talk too, but because I didn't want to make a fool of myself anymore than I had already done, I stayed quiet.

Finally reaching my home, she helped me to the front porch. As I turned to open the door the porch began spinning again and, I almost lost my balance. Quickly she wrapped her arms around me tightly embracing me. Looking into my eyes, she leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. "Are you going to be alright," she whispered after the kiss? "I think I will manage" I replied in a trembling voice. Turning, she winked at me and said, "You're cute" and left.

About a week later, I was looking for one of my favorite coats. Not finding it, I remembered wearing it to the party, "I must have left it in her car" I remembered so I called my friend, wanting to get her number. "Why do you want her number"? He asked, "Are you going to ask her for a date"? "Hell No! I think I left my coat in her car," "She thinks you're cute," "Are you kidding, after I made a fool of myself, no way," I said. He razzed me for another half hour before finally giving me her number.

I must have dialed her number twenty or thirty times, "Damn! Is she always on the phone?" Finally, I got through. When she answered, I told her who I was saying, "remember the one who you drove home"? She laughed and said she remembered. Our first conversation lasted for almost two hours; she was so easy to talk to. We joked and laughed through most of the conversation. When our conversation ended, I had to call her back up to ask about the coat. She said she had my coat and if I wanted to come over she would cook us diner. Thinking quickly I said, "Since I have to come over to get my coat, why don't I take you out to dinner" She laughed and said, "As long as I don't have to pay."

That night was one of my most memorable evenings I have ever had. Over the next couple months our friendship grew, we talked almost every day, just catching up on how our days were, who we had dates with and so on. We never took our friendship to the next level, for that matter we never really did anything other than kiss. God, could she kiss! She had the softest, most sensuous lips that sent electrical shocks up and down my spine. Every time we kissed, I could feel the burning desire to take it further, but I was afraid. I didn't want to ruin a friendship and I had been rejected so many times so I never took the chance.

Over the next couple years, I moved all over the world for my company. Living in and out of hotels was pretty difficult, but I could always count on her. We chatted ****** and I called her often. I had to, just to hear her sweet southern voice.

One day I received a special invitation to a formal function. It was to be held back home where our main company branch is located. I only had two days to fly back home and I knew there would be no way I could find someone to go with me, or did I?

Reaching for my cell phone, I called, praying she would be home. Just before I hung up, I decided to let it ring a couple more times. Her sweet familiar voice spoke into the phone "Hello," "What are you doing on Friday night" I asked. "Do you know what time it is?" she said. "Yea, its three pm here" I said, "That makes it three am here" came her answer. After apologizing to her, I told her about the function and asked if she would like to be my date, she said she would love to. The next day, I made all the arrangements for that night. As I boarded the plane home, I felt relieved and anxious. I was so excited about being home again after being away for so long, that I couldn't sleep at all on the plane. Finally after a twelve-hour flight, we touched down. Three hours later I was back home. Exhausted, I slept most the next day, only to be awakened by the phone. It was the limo company saying they would be picking me up around eight. I asked if they had received my instructions? Which asked them to buy two-dozen long stem red roses; they said they would be in the limo.

After I hung up the phone I called her. "Are you sure that you are going to be ready by eight thirty?" I asked, "Hush" she replied. Three hours later the limo pulled up in front of my house. Thirty minutes later we arrived at her house. As I stepped out of the car, I suddenly felt a different feeling than I had ever felt before. I had never felt like this, but dismissed the feeling as being incomprehensible.

As the doorbell chimed, her sweet voice asked me in. "Just what I thought (chuckling to myself), she's not ready!" Looking around, I noticed that nothing had changed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her! She was standing at the top of her stairs. "Oh my God," came rushing out of my mouth.

She was absolutely gorgeous, wearing a long black dress with a slit up the side; her face was one of an angel! She slowly descended the stairs, and I notice the stocking and the high heels she wore were perfect.

Offering my hand, I helped off the last step, "Thank you kind sir," she said. If she only knew what I was thinking, she would not have said kind sir! "You look divine in that dress" I said, "This little old thing" she replied with a seductive smile!

Making sure the house was secure; I escorted her to the limo. Once seated, I gave her the elegantly wrapped box. :"What is this?" she inquired, "Just a little surprise" I replied. With her delicate fingers she unwrapped the box, lifted the top and looked inside. Looking into my eyes, I could see a small tear formed in the corner of her eye. "Now we don't want to mess up your mascara, do we?" I reached my hand up to wipe the small tear away; she placed her hand on mine. Leaning forward, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the roses.

Little was said on the way to the hotel, all I know is that the sexual tension between us was so dense that you could cut it with a knife. But did she feel the same way? I didn't want to chance messing up a fantastic evening by saying anything.

As our limo pulled in front of the hotel, I could see that our company had gone out of their way to make tonight a very special night! The red carpet was rolled out and spotlights filled the air.

Stepping out of the limo, I turned and offered my hand to her. Helping her out of the limo, she tripped and landed in my arms, our lips mere inches from each other. Looking into each other's eyes, we stared as if searching for something. Then we straightened and I escorted her toward the doors. Once inside the main lobby, many of my colleagues came over to welcome me back, but once they noticed her, their attention was directed to her. I almost felt left out, as my friends swarmed around her. Then one of my closest friends pulled me aside and told me that if I didn't take special care of this amazing woman that he would and punched me on the arm.

Taking her arm, I asked if we should go. With her arm tightly wrapped around mine we walked towards the elevators. "What was that all about" she inquired, jokingly I said, "Well, when a beautiful woman walks into a room, they just come running"! "And what do you think?" at that moment my mouth became dry and my hands started the sweat. "I believe that you are more than just beautiful, you are a goddess, and words can not describe your beauty," I said. A seductive smile appeared on her face; with both hands she placed them on my face, pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.

Once the elevator doors opened, I escorted her inside. The elevator was made of glass, with a golden hand bar. Looking outside you could see three other elevators traveling up and down the outside of the building. She was sandwiched between the outer glass wall and me as the elevator filled making me press forward against her.

The closeness of her body against mine soon had me aroused. I could feel her pressing back as I pressed against her. Moving my hands up and down the sides of her body, I lightly caressed her. A slight moan escaped her lips as she pushed hard against me. Reaching around her, I traced her breasts with my fingertips. Leaning her head to one side, I kissed her neck then her mouth.

I don't know how many people came and went with each stop. All I know is that I was lost in her. I was totally oblivious to what was going on around us, as we explored our sexual desires.

As the elevator reached the 21st floor, the last of passengers exited. I turned to escort her off the elevator and suddenly she pulled me back into the compartment and pressed the top floor button. The doors closed before anyone could enter.

As the elevator started to move, we felt a sudden jerk and it abruptly stopped. I looked at her, she looked at me! I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately. As our kissing intensified to craving desires, I moved her to the back of the elevator, against the glass wall. Never breaking our kiss, I reached down and pulled the loose material of her dress across her, exposing her.

Dropping to my knees, I lifted her up onto the golden bar. She wore black stockings that encased her beautiful legs and a lace garter, but what was this, no thong and shaven! The excitement suddenly coursed thru my body like a lightning bolt. Leaning forward, I started to lick feverishly. I had longed to taste her for so long and now I was! Her juices were intoxicating, making me want more. As I licked and sucked, I wet a finger and gently inserted it, while moving my tongue up to her clit.

A moan escaped her lips as I found the hood of her clit and began to suck. Licking and sucking while rotating my finger in and out of her, made her wild with excitement. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamping down on my finger. Knowing she wouldn't last much longer, I pulled my finger out and dove my tongue deep inside her, sucking her liquid from her.

This was it; I could feel her pussy clamping down around my tongue as her orgasm approached. With her hands wrapped in my hair, she clutched her fists and yelled as the climax washed over her. Sucking and licking feverishly I devoured every morsel of her womanly juices, not letting a single droplet escape my mouth.

Standing I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor, holding my throbbing engorged cock, I placed it at the entrance of her wet hot pussy and pressed forward. A moan escaping her lips as I slowly slid deeper into her, with her arms wrapped around me. I looked deeply into her eyes. I could see the burning desires, the longing that we both shared for such a long time, but never revealed.

Kissing her passionately, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper. She equally met each thrust. Reaching down, I placed my hands on her ass and picked her up. Now holding her against the glass wall, I increased the thrusts. Each thrust was echoed by a moan from her. Her delicate pussy felt like a velvet glove, the exquisite feeling sent shivers up and down my body. I knew I wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Feeling my body reaching the point of no return, she said, "Let me finish you with my mouth." Pulling out of her was the hardest thing I have ever imagined, but the thought of her hot wet mouth surrounding my hard swollen cock excited me more.

Slipping to the floor in front of me and with my back against the glass window, she reached up and grabbed my cock with both hands. Slowly, she started to circle just the head, then down along the shaft until her tongue reached my heavy sac. One by one, she kissed licked and sucked each of my balls, making love to them with her mouth.

A moan escaped my lips as I leaned my head back against the wall from shear pleasure. Capturing my balls in her hand, she lifted them up slightly and with her delicate tongue, licked the sensitive spot underneath them. Looking down, my eyes making contact with hers, I could see the lust filled in her eyes.

Sensing my urgency to release was near and looking deeply into my eyes, she ran her tongue up my shaft opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. Another moan escaped my lips as she slid my cock deeper into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. With her nose against my skin, I felt her swallow, her throat muscles massaging my cock. This was too much for me to take! With a final moan, I emptied everything I had in me, all my lust filled desires, cascaded down her throat.

Wave after wave of sexual bliss coursed through my body, as she sucked the last of my juices. Helping her to stand, we embraced kissing passionately. Holding each other, we started to laugh as the elevators outside drifted past us. With a sudden jerk, we felt the elevator start to move; quickly we scrambled to recompose ourselves.

The elevator door opened, energetic clapping filled the room. Looking into her eyes a wicked evil grin appeared, she grabbed my coat collar and pulled me back into the elevator. As the door closed, we kissed passionately and headed for the rooftop.

Special thanks must be given to the individual that gave me the inspiration to write this story. Your kindness, guidance and friendship, is greatly appreciated!

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