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John Freeman’s Cruise. Part I: Her Name Was Amelia

After a 3 year business promotion I was finally on holiday. My chosen destination was on board a luxury cruiser, through the Fijian Islands. This was not just any boat, but the Queen Mary one of the largest cruisers in the world. Anyways I was 29, quite young to be in a business position that I have found myself, I resembled what used to be a very athletic person, although the long years in the office were slowly taking effect.

After the third island stop, of the five we were visiting, is where this story picks up. I sipped the last of my beer and placed it next to the other three empty mugs. Such a long time it had been before I have been able to relax, sitting by one of the many bars on the cruiser. For the first time in 6 years had I not been aware of the time, upon the cruiser was like no other place in the world as many people shall know this. Days and nights don’t seem to matter on the ships, meals were served hourly, buffets as long as the eye can see, and the inner decks are as crowded at 4 am as at Midday.

“Finished Sir?” came a smooth voice from not far away. I looked up to meet the gaze of a breathtakingly beautiful mid 20’s babe. Wearing a red and white small top, with a cut in the middle to show her cleverege, and matching mini skirt wrapped around long lightly tanned sexy legs. Her hair flowed back nearly touching her shoulders, which waved as she moved. “Yeah thanks” I replied winking charmingly back at her. She blushed a bit at this then came over to collect my empty mugs, bending over allowing me a great view at her perky tits. She met my gaze and blushed some more, “Thanks” I said again. “No problem” she replied winking in return. We shared a laugh then she took off to the other customers in the small bar.

She was a goddess. I got up and walked over the blue carpeted floor, the whole ship was based on colors for the 5 decks and all floors were carpeted except around pools ect. I was on the 3rd deck, blue, known as the Entertainment floor. And John was about to find his entertainment for the night. “Excuse me Mrs., can I get another on my tab please” I said to the same waitress as before. “Sure, by the way its Miss, and you can call me Sarah” she said winking once more. I grinned, “You can call me John or god whichever you prefer” I said returning her wink.
She laughed softly. “So what’s planned for the rest of the night… God?” she said whilst pouring my drink. “Depending… how long it takes me to find your room”. She giggled a little, finishing my drink. “What about you, Sarah?”
“Well that depends, how long it takes you to find my room” She said handing me my beer. That line always worked, John smiled. He picked up his beer then slowly began ****** his way back to his table when she called out to him, “For the record, I’m at Room 26 Bottom floor, and I’ll be waiting at 10:30”. “I’ll be there, Sarah” giving her a last wink he headed back to the table.

Red, ah, finally made it. Red corresponding to the bottom floors color scheme. I climbed down the last few stairs onto the red carpet and began counting the wooden doors on my sides. 23…24…25… ahh, the heavenly door of number 26. I stared at the door, my heart pounded for I knew what was to come. My watch clicked loudly, announcing that it was 10:30, well Johnny boy, I thought to myself, lets have our selves a feast.

I rapped on the door loudly. A few awkward seconds went by then a voice came from inside “Its unlocked!”. I entered the room, and was hit by a wave of delightfully smelling perfume. I stepped into her room, fairly large compared to my one bedroom apartment, whereas hers looked like it had two, and a living room. It seemed quite cozy. “So do you want to take me out to dinner?” came the same voice to the side of me. I turned around and was blasted by what a gorgeously sexy being was standing in front of me.

Her olive skin reflected in the dim light that was emitted from the candles around the room, she was wearing a blue silk dress which looked as if it was made for her as it wrapped around her perfectly. I whistled in her direction, once again she blushed. “Your such a flirt” She said smiling at me. I approached her, “Well its up to you, we can go have a romantic dinner by the moonlight or we can skip straight to the sex?” I said. I wrapped my hands around her waist then bent her over and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Her lips burnt next to mine, I felt flustered with her warmth next to me. “That’s good… because I wasn’t hungry… for food anyway” She said in-between kisses. She lightly grabbed my arm and led me into the largest room in the apartment. It had a large double bed in the middle, a bathroom of to the side, and a large window, to explain it in brief. But my attention was not on the surrounding. It was on my new-made friend. She stopped in front of her bed and we kissed again, our tongues flickering between our mouths.
I put my arms around her back and searched for the zipper, whilst still maintaining our passionate kissing. I found it quickly and started unzipping it until the bottom. We broke from our kissing and she lowered her dress completely, revealing to me a site I still to this day cannot forget. She was wearing a sexy black lacey bra with matching bottoms. They seemed to beg out to me, to be removed. And I answered their call.

I moved my hands swiftly to her bra top and removed the buckles with ease, with her assistance. I let them drop to the floor, and I think my jaw did the same thing. She had the perkiest D’s I have ever seen in my life, her nipples already standing quite hard in front of me, like two little spikes. “Mmm” I said. She replied with a giggle.

I pushed her slowly down onto the bed, with her legs over the side. I leant down on top of her, and with my hands I grabbed her tits and began massaging them. They were like balls of fire beneath my firm grip; they were so soft and smooth. I bobbed them up and down, as she giggled to, then I moved my head closer and began flicking my tongue between them. I moved from nipple to nipple with great speed, I had always been good at this. She groaned in pleasure as I began licking harder and longer, also stopping to suck the tips.

I continued this for maybe 3 minutes then she rolled over, getting on top of me. I was laying flat on her bed, with her knee’s either side of me. She grinned down at me, then with vigorous anticipation ripped my shirt off, literally. She began kissing/licking her way down my stomach, and came to my shorts. She, almost mockingly, slowly undid the buttons of my shorts, then sliding them off with my boxers in one hit.

My erected member came out of its case. All 7” of it. She took it in her hands, and worked up and down. God her hands felt so good on my cock, they were so warm. She worked up a good rhythm then lowered herself allowing easy mouth access. I was almost disappointed when she stopped, then seconds later came the tongue. Oh I remember that tongue.

She licked up and down my cock and then over my circumcised head. It sent shivers up my spine, no one since her has ever been able to give me near the feeling she was able to. She licked up and down again then pulled her mouth over the top of my pulsating rod. She sucked it up as if she was trying to suck it off. She soon came to the same rhythm, getting almost to the bottom of my cock with her mouth and also using her hand.

This lasted maybe 5 minutes before I peeked, in ecstasy, and shot a stream of hot steamy cum into her mouth. She swallowed at once, without a drip coming out. Flawless.

I laid there panting for a few seconds, regaining the feeling for my body. The pleasure was still rolling over my body. I looked up at her, and we met in a lovingly gaze. I rolled over, the same way she had done merely minutes ago, allowing me on the top. I followed her technique of kissing my way down her stomach, and to her panties.

I put two fingers under them and pulled them right down off her legs. She was recently shaven, and only few hairs were visible. Her pink lips were begging to be touched, to be felt, to be ripped apart.

I lowered my head to them, and after smelling her delicious musky scent I dove in. I licked slowly at first, up over her lips, as she shivered and moaned. I repeated this, then dove into franticly licking all over her cunt. She lasted only about 40 seconds of this before screaming out in orgasm. I was rewarded with her sweet tasting juices which I lapped up and spread around her puccy.

Using it as lubricant, I lined up my middle finger with her lips, and slowly dove in. She parted easily for me, and my finger sank slowly down to the end, she was moaning at this point. I pulled it back out as slow as I had entered it, her vaginal walls were as hot as the rest of her body. I swear she was almost steaming. I lathered my finger up with whatever juices were left, then began fingering her with a much similar rhythm as hers.

She groaned as I sunk it in, and out for the last time. Using spit as my lubricant, I lathered three fingers, then inserting two easily and then three. I began the same rhythm, she groaned even louder now and my fingers stretched and penetrated deep in her. I built her to climax quite quickly again, and she laid there panting.
I wasted no time, I pulled her to the edge of the bed, she knew what was coming and gripped onto the sheets tightly, but still had a smile of ecstasy on her face. I lined my rod up, erected once again. I spat on my hand and rubbed it over my cock then put the head onto her lips. “Ready Sarah?” I said looking down at her. “Give it to me, god” she replied.

I dove in. My cock head easily fit in then it took a lot more effort to continue into her. She was really tight, which was surprising. Not super tight, but tight. I pushed deeper and deeper, her cunt walls pressing hard onto my cock as I buried the last few inches in. She groaned and moaned loudly as the last inches were put in. She panted as I stopped.

“Here we go” I said. I pulled out and in quickly, this time easily getting back in. My body was hit by a wave of pleasure, and I created a steady rhythm of bringing my cock nearly all the way out then sinking back in. She was screaming with pleasure by the time I had pushed in for the 6th or 7th time. We kept this up for around 15 minutes, she came hard twice, before I came.

I pulled my slowly shrinking member out, and laid next to her panting body. “Wo..ow” she said gasping for air. “Yeah… Wow” I said grinning, staring at the ceiling. My body felt like it was in a cocoon of never ending pleasure. I stared back down at her, she was still panting. Her puccy was leaking cum out of the sides now, and was leaking onto her sheets.

I looked over at her, she was fast asleep, still a wide grin spread across her face. I soaked up the moment, sitting there for a few minutes. I then got dressed again, and had one last glance at Sarah lying there. I pulled a blanket out of a nearby cupboard and put it over her.

The door outside the room creaked open and I could hear two girls speaking to each other. I went to the doorway and peaked outside, entering the living room were two spitting images of Sarah but younger, one looked around 16 the other maybe 13. They both had olive skin and the older one was blossoming, in the chest department, largely just like their mother.

That which explains the extra room where the girls must be staying. I glanced at my watch, 11:10pm. “Amelia wake me up early I want to go swimming” said the oldest of the two. “Sure sis” said Amelia in a soothing tone, quite like her mothers.

“Lets go to bed, mom’s probably dead tired from work” Said the older one again. “Ok”. They moved into the girls bedroom, and I crept out of Sarah’s and into the living room. I glanced back, Sarah still laid there wrapped up in the blanket I had placed on her. I heard the girls continuing to talk in the room, but couldn’t make out complete sentences, just small fragments. I paced towards their door.

“You should hang out with us after lunch tomorrow, instead of staying at that lame-o playground, Amelia” the older one said. “No sis, I prefer to stay there. There’s usually no-one around so it’s just me, Ruby” said Amelia, to her sister. I peeked through the small crack in the door, both girls were now getting undressed. Already Ruby was topless, exposing her good C sized breasts, even perkier than Sarah’s were. Ruby pulled off her knee length skirt, my heart jumped inside my chest, she had a tiny red thong on.

It barely covered her puccy and ass, which I had a good side on view to, from the door. Amelia stood there, almost embarrassed, then followed her sisters actions, almost cautiously. She pulled off her light blue T-shirt, revealing a small bra. She hadn’t blossomed as well as her sister had, although she was considerably younger, although still had a fairly good handful on her chest.

My face was burning with this weird sensation, I had never felt before. My eyes could not stop at staring at Amelia. Her lovely curves, sinfully hidden by tight clothing, Her olive, soft, skin gleaming in the small amount of light. Her wavy hair similar to that of Sarah’s, but Amelia’s had a blondish look to it as well. Her little nose, sitting above those full sexy pink lips, she had a killer smile.

She began to pull down her tight jeans, but before they were below her thigh’s I heard a stirring noise in the next room. Sarah was awake. “You home angels?” she called out sleepily, from inside her room. “Yes Mom, sorry we didn’t want to wake you” came Ruby’s voice. “Ill come tuck you in sweeties” she said, as I heard her feet hit the ground. I stepped away from the door and trying to be as quiet as I could, I quickly shot over to the table and using a brochure of the Queen Mary Luxury Cruise as paper, I snatched a pen from the table and wrote: “John/God Level 5 Room 115” in big bold letters. I thrust the paper down on the table and traced my steps back to the front door.

I heard a yawn from Sarah’s room and I sneaked out the front door, closing it just in time as I heard her door open.

That night I could not sleep, not just because I was still feeling the effects of one of the best fucks I’ve had but I didn’t know why Amelia attracted me in the way she did, I mean she was only a kid. But even at the thought of her made my pants begin to rise. Slowly I fell to sleep dreaming of Amelia and the amazing night I had had.

Amelia and I were in a loving embrace, It was almost as if, the warmth she provided made me melt into her. We were kissing each other passionately, my large lips wrapped around her smaller ones, her tongue flicking in my mouth and mine in hers. We were lovers.

“John” she said to me. I gazed back at her. “Oh Johnny” she said. I woke up. My eyes weren’t adjusted to the light, and everything was dark. I felt another presence, on top of me. “Morning sunshine” Sarah said smiling down at me. She was sitting on top of me, just like last night, her knee’s either side of me. My eyes became adjusted, she was wearing one of my T-shirts, which looked quite too big for her. “Well good morning” I replied, placing my hands on her thighs.

She bent over and gave me a full on kiss, I then realized I was completely naked. I had always been a heavy sleeper but I was amazed that Sarah was able to remove all my clothes without me waking. I had a large erection, from my dream. She put her hand around the base, and looking down at me and said “Is this for me?”. “Could be” I said smoothly. She smiled.

She lifted up her shirt, well my shirt, revealing she was wearing nothing else, although I could barely make out her lightly haired slit. She pulled up and down on my cock, although I didn’t have a full hard on. It just wasn’t the same, I couldn’t drive Amelia out of my head. Mmmm Amelia, her sexy body drove me insain, my cock hardened straight away. She moved up, lining her snatch with my cock.

She drove down and my cock smoothly slipped into her steaming hot snatch. I closed my eyes imagining that it was Amelia ontop of me in replace for Sarah. “Ohh yes” I moaned as she grinded up and down on my cock. She moaned in response. She pumped faster now, my body absorbed in absolute pleasure. She maintained this for another few minutes as we both neared coming. “Im gonna come! Amelia!” I yelled out. She groaned out loud at the same time and we both exploded. Our juices were leaking out of her everywhere, as she climbed off and lay on top of me gasping. After a few minutes of laying there regaining ort breathe, I only just realized what I had said. Thankfully she was groaning too loud to hear.

We fell to sleep, with her laying on top of me and my our arms around each other, we had no need for a blanket as the searing heat coming from our bodies was nearly enough to burn a hole right through the bed.

I dreamt of Amelia again, we lay there in that loving embrace once more, it felt as if we were one. I had to have Amelia. I wanted her to be the one on top of me. And I was determined to get my girl…

John Freeman’s Cruise. Part I: Her name was Amelia, was written by IaxaI for Bluestories.com 26th of August 2007. Please leave feedback for this, I’m looking forward to improving upon my writing, this is appreciated. Leave feedback here or email at sspuser@hotmail.com, Thanks a lot, IaxaI.

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Welcome back and thanks for a Great Addition

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thanks for the great story...glad to see you around again :)

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Thanks lots. Sorry ive had family probs ect i should be able to write more frequent, but we'll see how it goes.

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A very nice story. A few spelling errors that spell check would have caught but not enough so as to spoil the story. Coincidentally I'm going on a cruise to Alaska next week. I can only hope to fined my own Amelia can't I? Looking forward to additional chapters Iaxia.

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I also look forward to the next chapter or chapters. Thanks again.

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Wow! Very hot:) I'm only glad there are more coming.

There were a few spelling errors, but they did not overly distract from the story. Spell check would not have caught most of them as they are a case of right spelling/wrong word. I would recommend that you have someone proofread before you post.

A little more lead-in might also be in order, especially as this seems to be intended as a longer story.

Other than that, a thoughraly (sp) enjoyable story.