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08-26-2007, 08:00 PM
Hi, I’m Anita, I am 15 and a half year old, I’m pretty popular at school, I stand a 5 feet 3 inches, I measure 34-29-32, I have long black hair and brown eyes, Because my family I poor I live in a project, everyday I walk the ten blocks from my house to school and back.

The last I remember I was walking back from school, I was wearing my school uniform, a crisp white blouse, I had undone the top two buttons to let some air to my poor squeezed up breasts, and a gray skirt, I’d altered the skirt such that it fell just above my knees, I loved the way guys gazed at my butt and boobs as I walked down the road.

Although I am very famous at school I had never allowed any guy to have me, I was saving myself for the perfect guy, Although my friends sleep around a lot, most of them have been pregnant at least once, I didn’t randomly want to sleep with some guy just for the fuck of it.

As I rounded a corner I approached a dark alley I’d always hated, I had no choice but to cross the alley to get home, Today as I crossed the alley three shadowy figures pounced upon me, I tired to scream but a hand placed itself on my mouth, My vision was obscured my a massive hand.

I heard a door open, and close, My vision cleared as I was thrown on a bed, “What the fuc…” I began, I saw stars as the large hand slapped me across the face, I staggered and fell back on the bed.

“Wonderful catch Kyle!” said a wheezy voice from behind the owner of the hand that had slapped me.

“ Work of art ” added a third voice.

My mind raced, “Oh my god” I whispered to myself, “Gang bangers!”.

The one called Kyle approached me, I pushed myself to he back of the bed, My eyes full of tears from fear and pain.

His hands grabbed my ankle, I kicked back, my foot connected with Kyle’s shin, His grip didn’t slacken though, He grabbed my legs and tugged of my sneaks and socks.

His ran his tongue all over my feet, the sickening feeling made me retch, the retching earned me another slap from Kyle. I tired to scream from pain, but I stopped as I saw a pocket knife, evil and glinting, resting on my jugular.

“Don’t make me hurt you” said Kyle in a gruff voice.

His hands ripped open my top, the buttons burst from the pressure, a clean RIIIIPPPPPPPP! ,noise and Kyle threw away the remains of my top, My breasts came bursting out of their confinement, gold tanned , covered by my pearl white bra.

Kyle’s pocket knife came out again, He placed the knife right were both my boobs meet and flicked the knife, the bra came off so fast that I gasped in surprise, Kyle and his two friends viewed my golden brown breasts with its chocolate brown nipples with ill contained lust.

“What’s your name?” barked Kyle.

“An..Ann…Anita..” I stammered.

“Well Anita, I’m thirsty you better have some milk” said Kyle, before I could understand what he’d said his head plunged into my breasts, Licking and biting them, His hands traveling up my skirt.

His friends cheered him on as I whimpered from fear and disgust. Kyle’s tongue, moved upward, licking my neck, my chin and my face, his hands pulling at my hair, his tongue found my quivering lips, he pried them open and kissed me, the foul smell of beer and tobacco made me gag as Kyle carried on.

He tugged my skirt, hurting my hips, He tugged harder ripping off my skirt, revealing my golden brown thighs and my long legs, my panties tore under Kyle’s knife, He kissed around my belly in circles.

“Please le me go” I whimpered again and again like a mantra as his kisses moved down to my clit.

I crossed my legs but he spread them open with brute force, He went berserk when he saw my intact hymen.

“Oh my god!!, You’re a vigin!” he exclaimed.

His friends hooted and cat called at this discovery.

“Lets correct that” he said as he removed his jeans, revealing his massive cock.

It must have been 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, Far bigger than my clit, I was afraid it would rip me in half.

“Please leave me, Please,Please,Please” I pleaded with him, as he spread my legs and got onto his knees.

“PLLLEEASSSSSSEEEEEEE” I screamed, with pain and terror as his penis ripped through my hymen and into my pussy.

I whimpered as his maleness entered me, I closed my eyes and whimpered and groaned from the pain and humiliation, He rammed his stick into my dry and constricted pussy, my hymen slipping away like a discarded tissue.

Kyle was groaning like a animal, as his thrusts became harder and wilder, He pushed his maleness into me one last time, The intruder inside me exploded sending something warm…. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!HE WAS CUMMING INTO ME, THE WARM STUFF IS HIS CUM!!, AND ITS GOING INTO ME!!!!!!!

Kyle grunted and groaned like a beast as he ravaged me, sending his cum into me, causing my body to shudder with strange feelings of pain and …Was it pleasure?????

Kyle made sure he’d pumped all the cum he could into me, before getting up and ****** way for wheezy, who was on me like a ferret.

Wheezy was a little rat like guy, He was already naked when he pounced on me to ravage me.

“ANITA!!!!!!!!!” he wheezed, running his tongue all over my face, I felt his tongue force its way down my throat as he parted my legs and entered me.

His penis was smaller, It throbbed and shook inside me, His hands contaminating every inch of my body it could reach, He sounded like a weasel as he lay over me, pumping me.

“ANITA!!!!!” he wheezed again, His lips and tongue traveled down to my breasts as I whimpered.

“Please !Uh! Let me! Uh! Go! Uh! Uh! Please! Uh!” I begged.

But this excited the weasel, his penis throbbed and shook violently, my entire body was filled with a sickly warmth as he shot his disgusting cum into me, weasel had a tremendous amount of cum, He kept shooting and wheezing as I lay whimpering under him.

He finally pulled himself out of me, he scooped up some of his cum and flicked it into my eye, causing it to burn and itch, my already tear filled eyes became red with weasels cum.

The third guy was also naked , he had curly hair, Curly grabbed me by my neck and dragged me up to his penis.

“Suck” he commanded.

I shook my head and was rewarded with a jaw numbing slap, he opened my mouth and shoved his penis into it.

I sucked and licked it, My tears fell on his penis as I licked it like a lollipop, It seemed to grow within my mouth until it almost gagged me.

Curly’s hands were stroking my hair as if I were a dog.

“Yeah baby!, That’s it! Yeah…..” curly encouraged me on.

Curly’s penis throbbed, shooting salty cum into my mouth causing me to gag and pull back.

But Curly’s hand kept my head in place as he shot cum into my mouth .

“Swallow” he commanded me.

His cum was icky and gooey, It tasted like saline as I swallowed it.

“Good girl” conceded Curly, as he grabbed me by my hair and hurled me onto the bed.

He was on me in a flash, I screamed with pain as his penis entered me, He drove his stick harder and harder into me, he giggled with pleasure as I screamed with pain, My whimpers increased his moans.

He grabbed my hips and rolled over, putting me in the driving position.

“Ride me” he moaned.

HE grabbed my hips and shook me violently, I whimpered with pain as His stick bore into me , I was made to rotate my hips forward and backward for what seemed like eternity.

Finally the intruder coughed like a broken engine, shooting cum upwards, causing Curly’s orgasm, as I wept and moaned from strange feelings that made me sick and violated.

Exhausted I rolled of Curly, as Kyle took his place again, I dreaded Kyle, His penis was going to rip me in two!

He grabbed my hips and flipped me like a pizza, He shoved open my buttocks and thrust his penis up my ass, I screamed with pain, He thrust harder and harder until I passed out from the pain.

Something blistering hot shot into me like a bullet, I moaned out loud as I came to….. Weasel was on top of me, In the middle of his orgasm, Once again shooting his disgusting sperm into me, as I whimpered, pleaded and moaned.

Weasel climbed off me after ****** sure he’d shot all his cum into me, Setting the stage for curly.

He flipped me over like Kyle did, I felt his cum all over my bruised ass, Bur Curly was doing something different., He entered my pussy from behind, His crotch resting on my butt as he thrust himself into me.

My clit hurt as he pushed himself into me, Every throb , every thrust, every shake sent agony through me.

His hot cum burst into me , relaxing my bruised muscles, relaxing me, unitl Kyle pushed curly out of the way……..

The three of them ravaged my over fifty times in the next 12 hours,

I lay dormant and helpless, too tired to moan, whimper or protest as Kyle ravaged me yet again.

I vaguely felt his hot cum enter me again, bringing some life back to my body.

I saw the three gang bangers who’d fucked me so long, look down on me.

“I think she’s had enough” said weasel.

“Yeah” said curly

Kyle just nodded, sympathetically.

Yes! It was over, they were going to let me go.

Kyle bent down and picked up my bra, the one he’d ripped off me, What did he want with it? I wondered.

He draped it around my neck and strangled me, My arms flailed, my legs kicked and beat out.

“ANITA…….” Wheezed, weasel.

I opened my mouth to breathe as Kyle tightened the noose around my neck, I felt his lips touch mine , his tongue played with mine as it struggled to live.

My vision clouded, Everything went dark and cold……………….

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Thanks for the new addition Storm....was wondering when we'd see you again :)

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Wow great story....Sounds like a sequal...thanks

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That was hot and very, very realistic and intense.
Thank you

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good story

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Great Story well written, thanks.

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