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06-08-2006, 12:52 AM
Two Heads Are Better Than One
by Marla B

A few years back, when I was all of 19, I had a special "friend with benefits" named James. He was a few years older than me and a really cool guy. Also, he had probably the biggest cock I've seen at close to 10".

As was usual, he called me mid-week and asked if I would be busy on Saturday night and what did I want to do if anything. I said I'd like to go to a party and, since we were rather open about our sexual desires, added that I'd like to try giving head to him and one or more guys.

Come Saturday night, we ended up at a warehouse "rave" party. We danced, we drank, and at some point James went off on his own. He returned shortly and told me to come outside with him for a while.

There was another guy waiting outside for us. The three of us went around the corner of the warehouse into the alley.

Once there, both guys lowered their pants a bit, so I got on my knees and started on James. As James got hard in my mouth, I noticed the other guy stroking himself slowly.

I worked a few inches in and out of my mouth, stroking the rest of James' cock with my hand, then I gradually quickened the pace. We looked each other in the eyes the whole time.

After about ten minutes or so, James whispered, "It's time", so, knowing what he liked, I pulled back and opened my mouth wide as he held his cock an inch or so from my mouth and jerked himself off the rest of the way.

Most of his three strong spurts landed in my mouth with only a little streaming onto my chin. After he finished, I closed my mouth - but didn't swallow - then turned to the other guy.

He was (obviously) rock hard at that point, so I carefully worked his cock into my mouth so as not to spill any of James' cum.

He was kind of small, but that was ok. When I had gotten most of him in me, I sloshed the cum around my mouth and he said something like... "The inside of your mouth feels so warm. That feels incredible."

I slowly moved back and forth but, at some point, I guess I wasn't going fast enough because the guy grabbed me on either side of my head and started "face fucking" me hard. I looked up at him, and saw he had his head tilted back and his mouth was hanging open.

He was going so furiously that I could feel James' cum running out onto my chin and (while I couldn't see it) probably splashing out onto the ground.

Since my hands were now free, I spread my legs a little further apart, and slid one hand between my legs and rubbed. (All I can say is thank God for short-short skirts.)

After only a short while, he mumbled "oh yeah" over and over, and stopped holding onto me. He slid all but the tip out of my mouth and proceeded to stroke himself to orgasm.

Luckily I knew what was coming (cumming??) so had time to turn my head slightly so he wouldn't shoot into the back of my throat. (I hate gagging.) His shot hit the top of my mouth and the back side of my teeth/gums.

I slowly pull him out of me and closed my mouth. As I sloshed the cum around in my mouth, I sat down against the wall and started fingering myself furiously.

The guys moved side by side, so as to block the view of anybody who happened to walk by the alleyway opening, both standing almost over me. Both guys were looking down at me and I looked from one's eyes to the other as I continued masturbating. The feeling of the warehouse wall pulsating slightly from the music inside was certainly different but not bad either.

As I felt my orgasm building, I started breathing heavier and heavier. It was getting kind of hard to breath out of my nose only, so I tilted my head back and let the two loads (or probably 1 1/4 loads at that point, since I had lost some) slowly run out either side of my mouth and down my cheeks. I swallowed what little I couldn't expel and opened my mouth. Then, just for the nasty effect I knew it'd have on the guys, I made a big production of slowly running my tongue over my lips over and over a couple of times.

I moistened the tips of my free hand with the cum on my cheek and neck and reached up my shirt, rubbing and pinching one breast with my wet fingers.

Soon, the wave of a really intense orgasm washed over me. I was moaning and breathing really heavy. Things went dark for a few seconds and, had I been able to think clearly at that point, I would've guessed that I had involuntary closed my eyes when I orgasmed. I vaguely heard the guy say something to James about how hot he thought my eyes were.

I refocused on the guys' faces. James was grinning ear to ear. The other guy had such a look of awe on his face that I can't even describe it. His pants were unzipped again and he had his hand down there, slowly stroking himself.

I quickly reached a second orgasm just as intense as the first.

At that point I was weak and my legs were literally shaking so James helped me up. I started to lift my t-shirt, to wipe off the cum, but James saw me and said, "No, leave it there!" so I did. There was nobody else out on the street at that moment and I figured he was up to something anyway.

We made our way out of the alley. The guy went back to the "rave" and James and I headed across the street to his van.

I never did learn that other guy's name.

As we were walking, I asked James what the guy had said about my eyes.

He said the guy had said something like, "Look at her eyes, that is so hot" because while my eyelids did flutter a bit they didn't close, so both saw my eyes literally roll back into my head so only the whites of my eyes were visible as I came. (No wonder things went dark!)

When we got to the van, James told me how incredibly horny watching me had made him again. He french kissed me (me being cum coated and all), and we got in the van.

Needless to say, we didn't actually drive out of the parking lot for close to twenty minutes even though the van was "moving" for most of that time. ;)

And by the time we were done, having both orgasmed again, James had "cleaned" both guys' cum off of me with his talented tongue. (Like I said, he was way cool!)

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