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The First Date.

I had met this girl, Lisa, thanks to our friends. You know, the kind of ‘friend of a friend’ scenario. Anyway she seemed kinda shy and reserved, a bit like myself. Oh, I can be a devil in the bedroom, but it is just the initial stage that I have problems with. Anyway one of my mates had said that she liked me etc. and that I should try and hook up with her. Well, with their encouragement I started talking with her and set up a date. I thought something simple, a movie. She suggested an action flick, which kinda surprised me, and I offered to pick her up a bit before it started.

I arrived at her place and she came out wearing a nice white button up blouse, that I could see a red bra through, and a pair of jeans that nicely showed off the curves of her hips. I swear, her curves were so nice, I could stair at them for hours. Her red hair fell down over her shoulders, nicely framing her beautiful face with eyes like emeralds. She kissed me gently on the lips as she got in the car, another surprise for me, and we drove off.

A couple of hours later, we arrived back. It was dark, and by the looks everyone inside the house was asleep. Though she was 23, Lisa still lived with her parents, not able to afford to move out.

‘Well, did you enjoy the movie?’ I asked nervously, trying to start some small talk.

‘Yeah, I did,’ she replied. ‘We should do it again sometime.’ Awkward silence crept in, then suddenly she lent over and kissed me. She held my head as we kissed on, passionately, and I put my arms around her. However, she had other ideas. She put her hand on my crouch, steadying herself I thought, but then she started to rub her hand up and down. It didn’t take long for my cock to respond getting hard. I went to put my hand down to her crouch, but the centre console of the car got in the way. We stopped, smiled at each other, then got into the back seat and resumed fondling each other.

She had unzipped my pants, releasing my now very hard cock, and started pumping it with her hand. I only fumbled slightly, as I undid the button and fly on her jeans, not wanting my mouth to leave hers. I slipped my fingers under her soaked panties, sliding gently into her soaked pussy. Part of my mind thought we could be busted any minute, yet the rest overruled it. Her clit felt as hard as my cock was as I rubbed over it and deep inside her, feeling her pubic hair under my hand. I kissed down her neck and moans escaped the uncovered mouth. She pumped hard up and down on my cock, and I struggled to hold my cum back as I unbuttoned her blouse. When I got enough buttons undone she pushed me back with her free hand, slid one of the breasts out of its cup, then forced the nipple into my mouth.

‘Wow,’ I thought, ‘she is just like me!’ I sucked and nibbled on her nipple, the car filling with the sound of her moaning. It must have spurred her on more, because she was pumping her fist on my cock so hard I thought she would rip it off. Suddenly I felt her clench around my fingers and let out a loud contented moan. This sent me off the edge, releasing the pressure in my balls, cum squirting all over my pants and hers. We kissed for a bit, contented.

‘In two weeks, you are having me for dinner,’ she smiled, setting our next date. She removed her hand from my deflating cock, licking the cum off of it. She then removed my hand from her pants. She licked her cum off my ring finger, then got me to lick my middle finger clean. I was about to clean myself up, but she waved a finger at me. Cheeky girl, she knew a couple of my mates were staying at my place, and they would see me walking in covered in cum. She rearranged her clothes, gave me one last kiss, then got out of the car. As I got back into the front seat, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Two weeks, hey…

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Good so far...thanks

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Wow...cool...thanks for sharing that KJ...I liked it

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The Second Date.

As you can tell, I was kinda surprised how the first dated ended. I normally take it easy, not wanting to pressure the girl into anything. Well, my mates were just as surprised when I rocked up home covered in cum.

‘Not as quiet as she looks, hey,’ smiled one, patting me on the back.

‘I actually thought you might have to wait a year,’ laughed another.

‘We didn’t actually have sex, guys,’ replied to them, then headed off to my room. They knew I didn’t like to brag about ‘conquests’ like they did, and would rib me for it every time they could about it. Things seemed to change over the next couple of weeks though. I spent more time with Lisa, just having a coffee, or some sort of outing, and my mates who would stay over on an irregular basis stopped doing so. I didn’t mind though, it was kinda good to get them out of the house.

Then, the time for the second date arrived. I had taken Lisa’s words figuratively, which was kind of a mistake, and took her to a nice restaurant run by an Italian family I had known for years. As we ate, we chatted as usual, but her foot was rubbing against my crotch the entire time. Unfortunately I couldn’t return the favour, as too many would see. She wore a black halter top, and matching skirt. From my vantage point, I could see right up it, seeing only a patch of red pubic hair. ‘The tease,’ I thought to myself. She had decided to drive this time, so we returned to my place. I invited her in for a few drinks. I handed her the first drink, and she looked and me and giggled.

‘What?’ I asked, puzzled.

‘You are so sweet,’ she smiled. ‘When I said that you were having me for dinner, I didn’t mean take me to a restaurant.’ Everything clicked. Man did I feel stupid. ‘It’s okay though, I like it. You treat me right, not like some fuck-toy.’ She took my drink from me, set it down with hers on the counter, then led me to my room. Our lips locked as soon as we got in there, then I got down on my knees. I shifted Lisa’s skirt up a bit, so I could get access to her sweet pussy. She repositioned her self so she was sitting on my face. I gently sucked on her love bud as she moaned, gripping the hook above her head on the door. Suddenly, she pulled my head out from under my skirt.

‘Sweetie, I don’t want to take advantage of you,’ she said, and I feared a mood breaker. ‘If it was some other guy, then maybe, but not you. I couldn’t do that to you.’ I stood up, thinking this was the end of our night. It seemed so odd after our first date, and the teasing that happened during the night. Then, now that I thought all was lost, she undid the tie at the top of her halter top, letting her breasts tumble down. She pushed her top and skirt down together, letting them fall on the floor, leaving her naked save for her shoes. This is the first time I had seen her, as there wasn’t much light in the car. Now I saw her proper proportions and it took my breath away. She had C cups with medium sized areolas and nipples so hard they could take an eye out. A strip of trimmed red pubic hair, about 2 inches wide ran down over her mons and beautiful lower lips. She had a bit of meat on her, but not too much, ****** her shapely, the curves of her hips being just perfect.

I must have been so stunned by her that she actually walked over and started undressing me. I snapped out of it and gave her a hand, taking my top off. She got on her knees, pulling my pants down. In doing so my hard cock sprung out, almost hitting her in the face. I kinda felt embarrassed but she took it in her stride… and her mouth! She sucked gently on the head, teasing it with her tongue, then licked along the bottom of the shaft. I sat down on the bed as she pushed on my thighs and went back to work. I felt her tongue caressing me, sending sensations through me. I had been given head jobs before, but not like this. She took my whole 6 ½ inch dick in her mouth, then began bobbing up and down, sucking and licking at the right times, caressing my balls with her left hand. I enjoyed this for a moment, then as usual I felt bad.

As if she sensed it, she pushed me down flat on the bed. She climbed on top of me, positioning her dripping pussy on my mouth before resuming the blow job. I dove my tongue into her pussy, lapping up the juices as if it was mana from the gods. I gently teased her clit with my tongue, nibbling her labia. She had grabbed my cock with her left hand, aiding her while she sucked my hardness. As my teasing increased, the pleasure caused her to moan into my cock, the vibrations tingling the head and shaft. I gave into my lust and licked her from clit to asshole, turning her on more and more. The more she got turned on, the quicker she went, building the pressure in my balls. I decided to focus on her clit, sucking and nibbling at it, but it was too much for her. She came all over my face, and that sent me over, shooting my seed down her throat. She didn’t miss a beat, drinking all my cum. This was another first for me, usually the girls I were spitters.

Once my cock started deflating she moved around and kissed me, our cum mixing in our mouths. We lay there content for a while, her arm across my chest, mine holding her tight. After a while she reached for her bag which was beside the bed, and pulled something out of it. Before I knew it, I had a piece of plastic locked over my cock.

‘This is a cock cage,’ she explained, looking at my worried face. ‘It has an opening that you can piss out off, but you cant hold your dick.’ I started to wonder what I was getting into. ‘Don’t worry,’ she reassured me, ‘I don’t go for kinky stuff. Well, at least not too kinky.’

‘Well what is this for then?’ I asked, puzzled.

‘I brought it especially for the next month,’ she replied. ‘While we will still see each other in the mean time, our next official date will be in a month’s time. I don’t want you to loose any of that precious cargo in that time, so this is to prevent you from getting off.’

‘And what about you?’ I asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Don’t worry, I will be a good girl too. I just want our first time to be… extra filling.’ With that, she winked, got dressed and kissed me good bye. I went back to the counter and grabbed my drink. One month with this thing on? Oh boy…

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Well now the last part sure added an interesting twist. Looks like a long month. Good writing. Now I'm left holding my cock until tomorrow I suppose. Sure hope you get the rest posted.

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:D Ok, you have my interest. Pray continue. :D

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The Third Date.

Well, that month seemed to go both fast and slow. It went slow cause of sexual frustration. The cage had well and truly halted any way of getting off. I couldn’t touch it, and it was too constricting to get a hard on. That was the toughest part, because I am sure Lisa was teasing me sometimes. I would see her in something that would show off her shapely form, then growth was restricted down there by the piece of plastic. This happened often throughout that month, cause Lisa and I became nigh on inseparable. Though we didn’t spend nights together, most of the day time was spent together whenever possible.

Things changed around the house, a new thing here, a new thing there, and wasn’t until about midway through the month that things really clicked. Our group of friends had organised Boys and Girls nights. I was happy when the guys didn’t choose a strip club for our location, as that would have been hell. Unfortunately for Lisa, the girls had decided to choose one, and from what I had heard she didn’t start enjoying herself till they left for another place. She had told me later that she felt she couldn’t do it, feeling she didn’t want to betray me. I told her that I felt the same way, and had given up nights at strip clubs with the boys when I was in previous relationships.

Anyway, getting back to it, it was that night I found out that my friends had purposely been spending less time at my place. It seems that they had all got together and had a pow-wow, and decided they wanted this one to work for me, and gave us room. Mike, however, almost put a dampener on the mood.

‘So, do you think she could be a gold digger?’ he asked casually. With their thriftiness with money and smart thinking, my parents had set me up for life when they passed. Thankfully I also had a good head on me, because many a girl has tried to catch my attention, wanting the money. I knew what I liked and could spot a fake a mile away.

‘Some of you know her better, you tell me,’ I replied, somewhat challenging. No one stepped up. ‘Nah,’ I eventually conceded, ‘I think she could be the one. She doesn’t seem like the others.’ They jokingly stirred me about being soft, and we continued to enjoy the night.

I was so confident about her, and her intentions, that the next day I brought up the idea of her moving in. She smiled and winked at me.

‘Just a little more time,’ she replied, then looked around. ‘Then again, I am kinda half here already.’ A bit later that week, another friend of ours, Jane, told me she had only a suitcase full of clothes left at her parents’ house, and the rest of the stuff was here. Part of me should have been worried that things were going too quick, but for some reason, it all felt right. Then Lisa decided it a couple days later.

‘We need to plan something for this Friday,’ she said suddenly, as we were laying on the couch watching a movie.

‘Why is that?’ I asked.

‘That will be the official day I move in,’ she smiled in reply. ‘But I want you to think of something.’ This got me slightly worried, but the perfect plan formulated in my mind.

‘Okay, I have an idea, but I want you to not come here till about 6:30, and for you to dress in your finest.’

‘Deal,’ she smiled, wondering what I had planned. I didn’t realise it until that night, but 1 month had come around…

I had spent a good deal of the day getting ready. I had put candles all around the living and dining rooms and had been busy preparing a nice dinner. All through the cooking, I was very glad my mother had taught me to cook before her untimely death. It wasn’t anything too fancy though, just steak and veg. At 6:15, I hurriedly went around lighting all the candles, some 20 odd, and changed into a fine suit. The doorbell rang. She was on time.

I opened the door and was stunned. She was standing there in a beautiful deep purple dress that came down to her ankles, and showed off her form perfectly. She was equally stunned when she walked in the house to see it lit by candle light.

‘I guess we aren’t going out tonight,’ she said, jokingly, ‘and this was supposed to be our third date.’ I had become so busy over the last week or so that I had forgotten about our third date. So busy, in fact, that it was only now I remembered the piece of plastic encasing my cock. We ate dinner, accompanied by champagne, generally chit chatting.

‘I hope you haven’t wasted too much energy doing this,’ she said with a smile a few minutes after we had finished desert.

‘I have plenty in reserve,’ I smiled in reply.

‘I bet you are feeling pretty full, though.’ She was right. One month of not getting off had made my balls feel the size of oranges. She got up from her chair, grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. Actually, correct that, our bedroom. I was glad I had put some candles in here too, and went around lighting them as she slid out of her dress. She looked amazing in her lovely silk bra and panty set, especially in the candle light. I hurriedly took my suit off, and stood their naked, save for the cock cage, but she still stood their in her underwear… and a smile.

I sat down on the bed, and she walked over and straddled me. We kissed deeply, passionately, running our hands up and down each others backs. Our tongues duelled in a dance of love inside our mouths. She started grinding, but she made sure to be careful, avoiding the cage and possible harm to me. I kissed down her neck, hearing her moan gently, and reached behind to unclasp her bra. I pulled away so as to release her breasts, then returned to kissing down her neck and her chest. I reached her beautiful nipples and started to kiss and nibble them. Alternating my arm that was around her, I gently played and squeezed whatever nipple that wasn’t in my mouth with my free hand.

‘OHHHH, I have been waiting for this for a month,’ Lisa moaned. She held my head against her breast as I felt dampness on my leg, her juices escaping the silk panties she wore. She must have held off herself for the month, because she was soon cumming just from the stimulation of her breasts alone. She stood up, slightly unsteady, then pulled down her panties and removed a small key from inside her. She went to reach down for my cock and its cage, but I stopped her hand, shaking my head.

‘You tease,’ she smiled, and I smiled back. I knew that the lack of release for the past month would make me cum too soon. What was a hindrance was now a help, as I wanted to really get her going before I came anywhere near entering her. I sat her on the edge of the bed, then got down between her legs. Her pussy was really dripping now, not help by the recent orgasm. I dove straight in, wanting to keep her going as much as possible. I alternated between focusing on her clit and her tunnel, licking and lapping up the juices that flowed, bringing her to the edge then cooling her down a bit.

‘FUCK… OHHH… YEAH… UHHH… DONTSTOP! DONTSTOP!’ she cycled through as I brought her through the motions. She grabbed my head, bucking and grinding against my face, her legs wrapped behind my neck. I felt I was in heaven, lapping the juices of my love, getting her closer and closer.

‘FUCK, LLOYD… FUCK I WANT YOU IN ME! FUCK ME NOW!’ This was a demand I could not refuse. I continued licking as I tried to unlock the cage on my cock. It took no time springing to its erect state, as if the smell and taste of Lisa bypassed all senses and went straight for there. I pulled her legs off me and repositioned her in the middle of the bed. One hand went straight for her love hole, keeping her going, while the other fumbled for the draw, looking for a condom.

‘Don’t worry about a condom,’ Lisa said in a lulled state, that made me finger her harder. ‘I am on the pill, and clean… so FUCK ME NOW!’ She was close again, and I wasted no time getting between her legs. It had been 1 ½ months, from the time we met till now, that I had been waiting for this. I started to guide my hard cock in, feeling her so tight around me and worried I would cum strait away. I must have got her going good, cause as soon as the head was slightly in she pulled me straight in with her legs in one go. Her velvet tightness gripped me, slicked by the juices.

‘FUCK I LOVE YOU, LLOYD!,’ Lisa moaned as I pistoned inside her, taking long, hard yet fast strokes, feeling every part of her inside around me. ‘I… LOVE… YOU… TOO… LISA!’ I gasped through the intensity. I was glad I had done the ground work, cause my fear of cumming too soon was about to come true. I felt Lisa tighten around me as her second orgasm ripped through her body, ****** her arch and buck against me. This was too much, as my balls tightened then fired a stream of cum inside her. It felt so intense and kept going and going that soon Lisa was cumming again, her now abused pussy trying its best to get a grip on me. The build up of one month without getting off overflowed out of her, despite my rock hard cock’s best effort to dam it inside her. We panted and kissed, coming back down. After a while, I thought I would do the gentlemanly thing and get a towel to help her clean up, but she stopped me.

‘No,’ she said, ‘let it flow out of me.’ I watched the beautiful site, made better by he candle light, of my semen flowing out of her, pooling on the bed around her beautiful arse. The sight was turning me on again. ‘Still hard, Hun?’ Lisa asked with a raised eyebrow and a smile, licking her lips at the sight of my 6 ½ inch hardness. Before I knew it, I was on my back in the pool, Lisa grabbing my cock. A little bit of the cum that was still inside her flowed down over my pubic area as she inserted my cock back inside her. After getting the initial load out, it was easier to take our time, and she slowly slid up and down my cock, looking dreamily into my eyes. I reached up and kissed her lips, then went back to work on her rock hard nipples.

‘OH YES! BITE THEM!’ she moaned in demand, bouncing harder and faster on my cock. I alternated nipples, gently biting on them as she rode me. I could feel her slick velvetness grip me and I knew what was coming, but I didn’t let up the pressure. ‘OH YES, UUUGGHHHHHH!,’ she moaned as she came hard, her tight pussy gripping my hard rod with all its might. I was not ready to cum though and leaned back while she enjoyed herself, seeing her beautiful face in the moment of ecstasy. She then changed tactic and started grinding herself against my pubic bone. This hit spots at the base of my cock, and positioned my head inside her in the right spot for the most sensitivity. She alternated between this and normal strokes, and it was building pressure inside my balls again. She lay down flat against me, kissing me deep, and I held he too me. She continued her rhythm, quickening, bringing herself on again as well as pushing me close to the edge. Then again, her pussy clamped down, and we came again, together. She collapsed on top of me, my hard cock throbbing inside her. We lay there, contented, and it wasn’t long before exhaustion took over.

I awoke the next morning, and looked directly into the face of an angel. We hadn’t moved since we fell asleep, so Lisa was still straddling me, my now limp cock inside her. She stirred and looked down at me with a smile, and I held her tight, not wanting the moment to end. Later that day, Lisa got her suit case out of her car, ****** her move in official. A couple of years later we got married and it was the best day of our lives. We had kids, fatherhood being the best experience for me, but our sex life did not die down. About ten years later she came up to me with some papers. They were divorce papers. My heart fell, and I tried to figure out what went wrong, then remembered the question of Mike’s all those years ago: maybe she was a gold digger after all. Then she smiled. Not a cruel smile, but her usual gentle smile.

‘This will never happen,’ She laughed, tearing the papers up. It was a cruel joke, but I understood it. It was her way of proving our commitment to each other. She then produced 2 tickets. We were heading off on a second honeymoon.

She only changed a little in looks in 12 years, gaining a little weight from having two kids, but she hadn’t changed at all in the bedroom. With the kids at home with her parents, it was a very enjoyable honeymoon.

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It Was A Very Good Story I Really Enjoyed It Thank You

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Very good short series. Great details.