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The first story I wrote about them has gotten some ideas flowing, so I decided to put the rest in this one thread. I will put links to individual stories here for quick reference.

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The Second Honeymoon (http://www.bluestories.com/forums/showpost.php?p=28624&postcount=2)

All people in these stories are ficticous. Any resemblance to people, living or dead, is purly coincidental. or wishful thinking in some cases...

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I am a modest guy. I don’t particularly like to brag about my ‘sexcapades’ and my wife, Lisa, is the same way. Though our friends used to brag about their ‘conquests’ and try to get stories out of us, we remained tight lipped. Then we came across this site, and got to reading some of the stories. I jokingly suggested submitting one of our tales, and she replied ‘Why don’t you?’ with a wry smile. ‘Well which one?’ I asked. ‘How about when we first met.’ So I took her challenge, and posted about our first three dates. She read through them.

‘Hmmm, I like them, maybe you should post more,’ she smiled. ‘How about letting them in on that second honeymoon.’

And that is how all this started…

Think I better let you in on a few details, bring you up to speed. My beautiful wife Lisa stands about 5’6” on the old scale, and is in possession of a shapely figure. When I first met her, she was a C cup, but 12 years and 2 kids later it had pushed them up to double D’s, or double dang’s as I refer to them. She hadn’t put on much weight with the kids, and what weight she did put on made her more beautiful. Her eyes glistened like emeralds, and her face was framed by lovely red hair. Hehe, reading back over I realise the only detail I gave about myself last time was my 6 ½ inch manhood. It is a good inch and a half thick, and sits well on my 5’8” solid frame. I have dark hair which I have been dying since I was young, first to ‘be an individual,’ and then to cover the greys that started sprouting when my parents were killed in a car accident when I was 19. It changed various shades until I settled on black, which Lisa recons sets of my piercing blue eyes. We joke a bit about my hair, cause my parents named me Lloyd, which is welsh for ‘grey haired.’

Anyway, I always felt blessed in finding Lisa. I was 26 at the time and she was 23. Most of the girls I had dated turned out to be interested in one thing: my money. My parents had set me up well, and I was set for life. Lisa was different though. We met through friends and she liked me for me. We were pretty similar. We used to frustrate our friends, who wondered how our sex life was. The closest they ever got to finding out was one group trip, but that is a story that will come soon. Our sex life hadn’t changed much, but it was far from boring. It was passionate, intimate, and most of all: ours. 12 years 1 marriage and 2 kids later, I thought that was going to change.

I was busy in the study working out how to get the best out of our stocks, get a little more income in, but not too much, when she walked in with some papers. She flourished them in front of me, but I only noticed one word: Divorce. My heart sank so low. I thought our relationship was perfect. What had gone wrong? Was she really a gold digger after all, only wanting my money? Then she smiled. Not a cruel smile of someone about to rip out another’s heart and delve into their bank balance. It was her usual loving smile.

‘This will never happen,’ she smiled, tearing up the paper. I was relieved. It was a cruel joke, but I knew it was her way of proving her commitment to me. Then she produced 2 tickets. ‘How about a second honeymoon,’ she said. The booking wasn’t for a month away, however, so we decided to get some friends together and renew our vows. We were thankful that her parents would look after the kids, and we headed for the airport. The place was a group of cabins in rural Victoria. By the time we got there from Melbourne, it was late evening, so unfortunately we didn’t do anything on our first night. When we woke the next morning, we had a wander around the area. Apparently it was the quiet season, so there were us and only one other couple there. The other couple just so happened to be a pair of girls in their late 20s, Raven and Shia. We talked to them for a bit, the usual chit chat, but for most of the 5 nights we were there we each stayed to our selves. We decided to go for an afternoon stroll, taking us a bit into the bush. We eventually came across a swimming hole, a bit secluded, that was fed by an underground spring. Lisa smiled at me, and before I knew it, she was only wearing a grin and in the water.

‘Lloyd, this is nice,’ she called. ‘Come on in!’ I decided ‘what the hell,’ stripped and joined her. I waded in until the water was almost at my waist. The coldness hitting my balls sent a shiver down my spine, giving my cue to dive under. I surfaced just in front of her, the water chest high and my feet flat on the bottom. Her lovely breasts floated straight out in the water, her nipples going hard from the coolness. I kissed her gently, lovingly as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The water began to warm around my groin, and I knew the source.

‘I missed this last night,’ Lisa smiled as she wrapped her legs around me. I could feel her hot pussy seeking out my manhood that began to rise to the occasion. I kissed her lips then down her neck as she ground and bumped against me, waiting for the right moment. Then it came, as she slid over my now rock hard cock. It penetrated deep first go, the water being overpowered by he juices. I kissed her on the mouth, deep, our tongues doing a tango as she ground and pounded my meat. I could feel her insides with every stroke, hitting her cervix with my head as I bottomed out. I slid my hands under her nice firm ass trying to steady her, but began to inch my fingers. My middle finger soon found my target.

‘No, not here, the water is too cold,’ Lisa protested as I massaged her puckered little hole with my finger. ‘It’s too cold, it won’t go in!’ I massaged the finger around and around as she kept grinding against me, then it suddenly went in a little. I didn’t want to push any more in, but this alone sent her wild, her moans filling the empty bushland. I kissed her again to muffle her moans as she bucked harder and harder. Her pussy started to grip my shaft, sending cues to my balls to tighten. I wiggled the finger a little bit and she couldn’t hold on. Her pussy nearly strangled my cock as she came, and came hard. This was too much for me, shooting my seed deep inside her, safe in the knowledge they would hit the barrier where her tubes were tied. We sighed in the afterglow of the combined orgasm, and I gently removed my finger from her arse. I kissed her gently, and knowing that she was spent, carried her out of the water hole, my now deflating cock still inside her. We sat down on the bank for a bit to drip-dry. I thought I heard some giggles, then we decided to get dressed and head back to the cabin.

‘Have a good swim there?’ asked Raven as we got back to the cabins. I looked at Lisa and she had blushed, and I could feel myself doing the same. The girls were the first two, that we knew off, that had witnessed us having sex. Even our friends on our trip didn’t get that privilege, they only heard the audio of the situation. Raven just smiled and wandered back to her cabin. That night’s love ****** was the usual fare, but it was the night after that was really interesting.

After a day of driving across the countryside, we were both almost exhausted by the time we got back. We may still be reasonably young and fit, but car trips always seem to tire. After taking the cheat’s way and getting take away from the nearest town, we relaxed on the bed. I looked Lisa up and down, admiring her. She was dressed in a t-shirt and loose shorts, laid back and casual to suit the situation. Underneath she wore a shimmering purple bra, the one I always love seeing her wear, and no panties. She only wore panties whenever it was that time of the month, to hold her pad in, or for special occasions. I was so turned on by the site that as I went to kiss her, my hand instantly slid into her shorts. She was quick to react, knowing I was also going commando, and had her hand down my shorts and pumping my growing cock. One advantage we always had was that Lisa was left handed, so we were always comfortable lying side by side during hand jobs. My fingers danced over her clit, bringing her on, her juices soaking my hand and her shorts. Suddenly she pulled my hand away from her warmth and moved down on the bed so she was level with my rock hard cock. She kissed it teasingly, licking the slit, sucking gently on the head. I tried to move her body around so we could 69, but she wouldn’t budge.

‘Not tonight, Hun,’ she replied coyly, ‘this is just for you.’ She knew it would frustrate me, receiving pleasure but not dealing it. Tonight was no different, but I had plans for our last night, so I let it slide. She put her mouth over my cock, taking almost all of it in her mouth. There was an inch to go when I felt my head against her throat, then her head started bobbing up and down. She used one hand to help jack while she swallowed my shaft, and then as I moaned she started moaning gently. I looked down and saw her free hand in her own shorts. 12 years together was enough time to learn how to get me off slow, and how to do it fast. Right now, it was the latter. Her head bobbed faster, sucking and licking my hard cock, moaning into it as she finger-frigged herself. It was too much for me and she knew it, as I squirted my warm seed down her throat. She made sure not to spill any as she gently sucked me dry. She looked up at me with a smile on her face as she gently stroked my cock, keeping it hard. She worked her way up to me, kissing me deep. By this point, I didn’t mind my own cum, and had quite often licked it out of her after sex. She gradually worked her way out of her shorts and when the sensitivity had died down mounted my cock. It had softened a bit, but as soon it felt the confines of her slick pussy, it soon went back like a rock. As she rocked on it, I pulled her top off and freed her double dangs from the bra that was her cage. I leaned up, and got the first nipple I could in my mouth.

‘OHHHHH,’ Lisa started to moan, her senses going into overdrive, and she started to go harder on my cock. Then suddenly we heard another moan. Lisa looked at me and smiled. We knew it was the girls in the other cabin, and to Lisa the competition was on! She started to grind harder and harder, moaning louder and louder, and the moans from the others kept up. Then Lisa really started to get going, and I felt her tighten around my cock. Now I was glad that she had given me the blow job, cause she would have had me cumming by now, but it only felt like it was warming up again. Lisa didn’t stop though, and was soon coming hard on me. She wasn’t going to slow down either, practically issuing a challenge to the others to keep up. I could have imagined what they were doing, two hot young females, if it wasn’t for the fact I had my goddess of a wife right there in my face. She pulled my head against her boobs, having no choice to suck and nibble. I wasn’t complaining though, as I was enjoying every moment. I felt her come over and over, hard on my cock, driving me on. I felt my balls tighten and I knew her fun was about to come to an end. She had worked herself into such a frenzy that when I finally came, it was like she hit a brick wall. She sat there momentarily, a look of bliss on her face, before she slumped down on my chest, contented. The last thoughts that went through my mind before I went to sleep was how were my plans going to compare to this…

The moaning competition happened again the next night, but I knew my plan was going to be fine. The fifth day had arrived, marking I final night there. I convinced Lisa to spend the day with the girls, while I made some special arrangements. She figured I had plans, and went along with it, looking forward to the surprise. I drove into town to get some supplies, then got ready for the day’s work. We had a little romantic dinner by the waterhole, then I led her to the cabin.

‘Wait out here for a moment,’ I said, putting a vanilla coloured blindfold over her eyes, before going inside. When I finally came out, the aroma of vanilla followed me, and she smiled. She knew I loved her vanilla body sprays, calling her Strawberries and Cream with her red hair, pale skin and vanilla scent. I lead her into the cabin, and took the blindfold off. Looking around, she smiled. The cabin was lit by vanilla scented candles, and I had some treats sitting beside the bed. ‘Now to get you out of those clothes’ I smiled.

‘Umm,’ she smiled coyly, then it was her turn to surprise me as she took off her t-shirt and slacks. Her double dangs bulged a bit, but other than that, the white lacy corset, panties and suspender set still fit her like the day we were married. I was well and truly blown away. ‘Thought you might like it,’ she smiled, slightly embarrassed. I led her to the bed, and that’s when she noticed the silky vanilla straps that I had tied to it.

‘It’s okay,’ I reassured her, laying her on the bed. I tied he wrists, then removed her panties before tying her feet, holding her legs apart. She could easily see the bulge in my pants, but tonight was for her, a thankyou for being with me all these years. The hooks for the corset were on the front, so I was easily able to unclip and remove that, leaving her in the suspender belt and stockings. My first trick was to get some vanilla cream, and pour it liberally over her breasts and stomach. When I felt enough as on her, I began to lick it off, kissing her skin, teasing her with my tongue. I worked my way up to her nipples, which were already hard. I swirled each one around in my mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on it, licking all the cream off. I continued to lick at her nipples for a few more minutes before pulling away, much to her disappointment.

She lay there, tied down, knowing that I would not hurt her, but still in her own tortuous ecstasy. Then I showed her the next treat: 3 nice sized strawberries. She laughed, cause she knew I wanted some strawberries and cream… though she would provide the cream.
I gently inserted the first one in her dripping pussy, gently pushing it back. Then came the second and the third just sitting in. I started to rub her lips, teasing her clit, and she reacted just the way I had hoped. I teased and rubbed, the strawberries moving inside her, ****** her full. She started to moan and I started to become more fast and intense. She bucked and thrashed, but was tied down with little movement. Finally she let out a guttural moan, and she came hard, her juices spilling past the strawberries and onto the vanilla coloured sheets I had bought. I smiled at her, and gently removed the first strawberry with a sucking sound. I licked it a little then bit it in front of her, the sweetness of the strawberry mixing with her lovely juices. I savoured it before eating the rest of it.

‘What about me!’ she demanded accusingly. I reached in, finding it hard to grip, but gradually pulled the slick-coated second strawberry out. I held the strawberry teasingly over her open mouth, allowing a couple of drops of her pussy juice to fall, then put it in. She ate in delight, also savouring the taste of herself over the strawberry. This left one inside her. Her muscles had already started to work it out, but I decided to lend her a helping hand… or should I say tongue. My mouth covered her dripping pussy, my tongue teasing the last strawberry out of her. It gradually worked its way down and over my tongue. I scooped it out, then went up to her mouth. I kissed her, deeply, sharing the strawberry with her. I got some more of the vanilla cream, and made a trail down her body. I started licking it up, from the top of her chest, down and around each nipple, then over her stomach. It went through her lovely red pubic hair, and ended just above her clit. I paused for a moment.

‘Don’t you dare stop,’ she said, knowing full well I wouldn’t. I put my mouth over her clit and started sucking and nibbling. My tongue wander back down inside her slit, the back again, repeating the cycle over and over. Each time she came to the edge, I could feel her try and encase my head with her legs, but the restraints wouldn’t let her. Then, after all the teasing, I finally let her have it. Her second orgasm caused her juices to spill all over my face, and I lapped them up as best I could. All this time, while I had been pleasuring Lisa, looking at her beautiful naked body, I still had my clothes on. I soon took them off, and Lisa smiled as my cock sprung free from my shorts. I climbed over her, kissing her deeply and passionately. I gently guided myself in, taking control with long, deep, slow thrusts. I felt every inch of her insides covering my manhood as it slid in and out. She writhed underneath me, her senses now going into overdrive. I kissed her deeply as I thrust in and out. I increased my pace as the kisses went down her neck and to her nipples. I could still taste traces of the cream on her, and swirled the nipple around in my mouth. She tried her hardest to wrap her legs around me, but the restraints wouldn’t let her. I knew she wanted to grab me, to dig her nails into my back that I so much liked, but I just wanted to pleasure her. I felt her grip onto me, and this spurred me on, knowing she was close to her next orgasm.

‘OHHHH…. MY… GOD!,’ she moaned as the orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy muscles pulsating around my hard cock spurred me on. Being turned on so much by turning her on, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and as her fourth orgasm ripped through her I shot my hot sperm deep inside her. We were both panting and heaving as I kissed her on her mouth again. I grabbed the cream again, ****** another trail, not removing my cock from her. After I was satisfied there was enough on her I licked down the trail again, pulling out of her slowly as I did so. I reached my destination again, and began to lick the mixture of our cum out of her. She was still sensitive, so it didn’t take much for her to come again. There was still some of my cum inside her, so I grabbed he fourth strawberry and dipped it in. I made sure it was covered entirely by my semen and her pussy juices then put it into her waiting mouth. The site of her eating that cum-covered strawberry got me hard again. I couldn’t help myself, and made love with her yet again, sending a few more orgasms through her body. After I had cum again, I finally released her. She didn’t take long to jump me. We made love over and over during the night. We were exhausted by the time we got to sleep, and had gone so far through the night that we were lucky we didn’t miss our flight home the next day. We didn’t have time to shower before we left, and were worried we would smell of sex when we met her parents and our kids at Sydney.

‘Have you been overdoing it with the vanilla body spray,’ asked her mum when we met them. Lisa and I looked at each other and smiled. If only they knew…

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Very, very nice.... oozingly hot, KJ Thanks!

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Very good. Thanks for the stories.

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Thanks for the new addition KJ it was great.

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About a year after Lisa and I got together I got an impressive return on my investments. We decided to treat all our friends and book a holiday at a resort on the south coast. There were about 20 of us in total, some couples, some singles hoping to strike it lucky while we were down there. This was especially true for Mike, who had a nasty break up recently. I have to admit, before we headed out I felt sorry for the little town this mob was going to descend upon.

Being that Lisa and I were private about our sex life, it was kinda hard the first few weeks. Lisa was in no way quiet in bed, and hearing her moan turned me on even more, but when you are staying in a place that had paper thin walls it was going to be hard. For the first week I had managed to keep her quiet, passionately kissing when we made love, but as usual we were pestered by the others.

‘So how’s she like in bed?’ Mike asked around the pool table during our ‘guy time.’ The women had gone off to check the place out a bit, while we stayed around the resort’s bar.

‘A goddess,’ I replied with a smile. This was the only thing I would ever tell them.

‘Got any good stories then?’ asked Derek. He had always been blunt like that. I shook my head with a smile, much to their disappointment. They never give up. This happened often during the first week, and Lisa told me that the girls had been pestering her too. Saturday night rolled around and we all had a chill out session at the bar. There was an open tab for the trip, payed by me of course, and some of them were taking full advantage of it. Lisa pulled me to the side.

‘I am sick of them pestering us,’ she stated, then smiled. ‘Let’s give them to talk about tonight.’ All I could do was smile at her and wonder what she had planned. Things started to quiet down, and people headed to their rooms. I told Lisa to meet me in our room, and I needed a piss. Charming, I know, but when nature calls… Anyway, it turned out to be a wise move. When I got to the room the light was dim, the curtains were closed, and Lisa was on the bed frigging herself with her fingers on the bed. I wasted no time closing the door and stripping my clothes off, my cock going rock hard in the process. As soon as I got close enough to the bed, she pulled me over so she was sitting on top of me. She rubbed herself on my stomach, working her way down to my cock. It didn’t take long before she had it in and was moaning loud. I sat up to kiss her, to muffle the sound, but she pushed me back down with her hands on my shoulders. I smiled as the pleasure showed across her face, realising this was her plan.

‘OOHHHHH,’ she moaned loud, grinding her swollen love bud against my pubic bone. The entire resort would have had to have heard it. She rode me hard and fast, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace.

‘Slow down,’ I said to her, trying my best to hold back. ‘No… fucking… way!’ Lisa panted, not letting up. I felt her pussy spasm and that, combined with what she just said sent me over the edge. My hot seed shot deep inside her, sending her into one hell of an orgasm. This didn’t stop her, as she continued to pound my meat. It was too much for me though, my cock too sensitive from just cumming, and I tried to get her off me. She decided to comply, only to move her pussy right over my mouth. Until now the closest I had gotten to tasting my own cum was a faint trace kissing her after a blowjob. Now I had her pussy full of my cum and her juices right over my mouth. I had no choice but to lap it up, and I enjoyed it. Lisa’s moans echoed throughout the room, and probably throughout the entire resort, as she abused my face. She moved around hard, but eventually I got her clit. Sucking and licking on it caused her to buck and come again hard on my face.

By this time my cock had become less sensitive, and rock hard again. This wasn’t lost on Lisa who slid back down onto my manhood. It was then that I noticed some shadows at the window. I smiled and flipped her over. I could tell she was tiring, but I had gotten my second wind. I started pounding hard and fast, and all Lisa could do was writhe under me and moan loudly. I started my usual nibbling of her nipples sending her into overdrive. She bucked harder and harder, and suddenly came again. I slowed down a bit, taking slow deliberate strokes. This had an amazing effect on her, bringing out deeper, primal moans. She dug he nails into my back, pulling me in and resisting me pulling out. I kept this going for about 10 minutes, concentrating on the feeling of her on me.
‘STOP PLAYING AND JUST FUCK ME,’ she moaned loudly, and I could tell she was so sensitive inside. I sped up driving hard and fast again, and she could barely hold on. She instead started to grab the sheet and ball it in her fists as I kissed her neck and chest. There was no way I was going to kiss he mouth. Why ruin her plan? I could feel her tighten and spasm over and over on my manhood as I thrust it until I couldn’t help myself. As I came deep inside her again, she arched back and let out the loudest moan of the night. After a while I laid beside her, watching her bask in the afterglow. There were some giggles, but generally the sound out side was disappointing.

‘Have fun last night?’ asked Judy the next day as we lounged in the pool.

‘You should know, you saw,’ I replied, and Lisa raised an eyebrow.

‘We heard, but we didn’t see,’ Judy said, disappointed. Lisa smiled and laughed. Her plan had worked out perfectly. We kept our love making low key after that, but that was still the talk of the resort, even after we had left it far behind.