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06-08-2006, 04:42 AM
100 First Kisses
by rene_houston

My sweet secret lover. Is it real? Or is it another dream. It must be a dream, he decides. Reality could never be this perfect.

100 First Kisses

Again we embrace.

Cheek to cheek.

Wrapped safely in each others arms.

Like before.

For months, having our talks.

Sharing our thoughts.


Again, I slide my face across yours.

Our noses bump.

Our lips pass.

Ever so close.

Yet again, not touching.

Just like before.

My lips brush your cheek.

Kissing your temple.

Back down your cheek.

Close to your ear.

Kissing your lobe.

Back past your lips.

Again not touching.

Inhaling your breath.

Brushing again, your right cheek.

Trailing softly down.

To the side of your neck.

Softly touching.

The side of your neck.

Back to your cheek.

Back to your temple.

Across your forehead.

And down the other side.

Like a freestyle dance.

Back close to your lips.

This time I pause.

Whispering my love.

Tasting your breath.

Softly you answer.

Our eyes meet.

Then they close.

And open again.

Then you see it.

The look in my eyes.

You read my thoughts.

As I glance down to your lips.

Your lips slightly part.

We come closer together.

Our eyes meet again.

Then slowly they close.

At the same moment.

Our lips slightly graze.

Slowly we draw away.

Then closer, grazing again.

Still parted, our lips press together.

Our tongues lightly touch.

Slowly, we press with more firmness.

Our first kiss begins.

Time stops for a moment.

The world around us goes silent.

Then we start to pull away.

Our eyes meet again.

In a kiss of their own.

And we pull back together.

In a series of soft kisses.

Touching, teasing.

Touching, teasing.

One kiss turns into ten.

Ten into twenty.

Deeply and passionately.

Then softly and tenderly.

Our lips joined together.

In a dance of love.

Soft as a whisper.

Sweet as a spring breeze.

Again deeply with feeling.

Twenty turns to fifty.

Fifty to seventy five.

Nothing else matters.

Our love is declared.

It was difficult to start.

Even more difficult to end.

Each soft kiss finding

A welcome of love.

Finally, with a flurry of

soft, short touches.

Our first kiss ends.

As our hundredth kiss ends.

You only have one first kiss.

Yet in our hearts we know.

That we'll have ten thousand.

As we kiss yet again.

06-09-2006, 08:01 AM
This is a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it!

06-09-2006, 11:13 AM
Great! Wouldn't it be nice for every kiss to be like the first. Not that they diminish in relevance but I do believe they loose some intensity over the years. If only we could make every kiss as you described the first one. Nicely done.