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Driving to and from work, she had noticed the new sign on the old Diner.
“Support your local Hell’s Angels Club” it said. And no matter what time of the day – there was light on in every window and the parking lot was crowded with giant motorcycles.
She guessed that the neighbours wouldn’t be pleased by having all that engine noise around, but she had always been triggered by bad boys in leather. So whenever one of the bikers was outside, she grinned to herself as she drove by.
One of them is very handsome; she thought and looked at him through the side window of her car. He was dressed like the others; black leather jacket with the Hell’s Angel sign on the back, tight jeans, leather boots and wore his long hair in a pony tail. His face was nice in a dangerous way. For a second he caught her eye, measured her in one quick gaze and grinned. She smiled back and kept on driving. Knowing that her blond hair and fresh 17-year old beauty made him interested was fun!

That man became the main character of her hot fantasies. She couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be with him! Oh! I bet he would be selfish and violent, she said to herself, and a shiver of lust ran through her body by the very thought of it. Imagining him thrusting deep and hard into her body made her moan and grasp the steering wheel harder. He must be in his forties, she reckoned. But she’d always been attracted to the experienced ones.

Sometimes, he would greet her when she drove by, making her heart jump. And sometimes, he was nowhere around for several days. She imagined him on a dangerous raid, perhaps abroad? What a life that would have been! Driving all over Europe on a bike, wind in her hair, total freedom. And here she was, stuck to a boring position at the local plant, no future ahead of any interest.

One Friday morning her car broke. She had to walk to the bus station – and of course she went by The Hell’s Angels house. She went by as slowly as she could without looking stupid, but no one was on the parking lot. Her heart hammered in her chest. She was insane to hope for him to come out! She increased her speed and was just about to turn around the corner, when she heard a door slamming and quick footsteps. She turned, but already knew whom it was.
He stopped a few steps from her.

- Well, looky here, if it isn’t the gal in the red car – all alone, walking my side of the road.

His voice was low; his eyes were measuring her frame. She felt like being a prey, gazed upon by a drooling beast, and suddenly she became very frightened. She turned away, but he grabbed her arm and held her back.

- Hm! I don’t think I said anything about you could leave, now did I?

She could not utter a word, her throat all dry and shrinked. He looked pleased by her fear of him, and pulled her close.

- I’m going to take you home, I need a new … pet.

And by those words he swept her off the ground and carried her back into the house.

Inside, 10-11 gang members relaxed in what used to be the diner. They all looked at her.

- Ah! Fun stuff! one of them shouted.

- Where did you pick this one up?” another laughed.

- Who? Did any of you see anything?” the man said in an ice cold voice.

Suddenly the room went quite.

- There is noone here with me, and if anyone asks, there has never been anyone beside us here. Understood?”

- Geez, Dark! You never share the fun!

They complained, but obviously, this man holding her by the neck with fingers like steel, was their leader. No one looked at her anymore. Suddenly she regained control of her throat and voice, and took a deep breath. But before she could scream, his hand clasped at her mouth.

- You need to relax, girl!

He lifted her over his shoulder and carried her downstairs, and into a room that looked more like dungeon room a horror movie than anything else. Walls painted black, flickering lights from old orange bulbs on a single iron lamp. In the centre of the room there was a table on which he put her down. She tried to struggle away, but effortless he pinned her down, strapping her to it with her feet down on the outside, widely spread.
He went outside and came back only minutes later with a small bottle.

- Drink this, girl! You know I will make you drink it, so why just don’t you take it voluntarily? He put the bottle-neck to her lips.

- It would benefit the both of us…. You see; nature has cursed med with the equipment of a monster… it will rip you open, tear your flesh and I will truly enjoy it. This fluid will make you relax and perhaps ease the pain.

He kept on small-talking while pressing his fingers at her jaw, breaking her mouth open and emptied the bitter tasting drug into her mouth. His words, spoken so easy, so gentle contained horror she could not quite understand. But she swallowed, of course she did.
A hot feeling of comfort flooded her body, making her feel heavy and somewhat sleepy. But her senses were not blurred in any way.
When he took out a knife and slid off her clothes, she felt the ice cold blade at her skin cutting her to blood.

- Shk, what a shame!

He muttered, bent down and licked the blood off her skin with pleasure, it seemed from the look on his face. He started kneading her breasts with one hand.
The other hand holding the knife, moved in between her legs. She tried to move, terrified by the though of him cutting her there, but he just put the knife down on her one tigh, and started to take his clothes off. He seemed at no hurry, not even a shiver in his voice when he spoke. But when he turned facing her, she could see his giant cock all aroused. She heard herself gasp when she laid eyes on his equipment. It looked more like the penis of a monster than of a man! Thick as her arm and at least 8 or 9 inches long, it throbbed in front of him, bent upwards slightly to the right as he walked down to her feet at the table.

- He is a monster, right? The man stroke his giant erection a few times, then put his fingers close on the shaft and gave it a few wanks.

- Oh! I’ll enjoy this! he said, eyes fixed at her pussy.

- Hmm… shaved… I prefer a real muff really

He grabbed the knife again, turned it in his hand and used the shaft to poke her pussy. The leather shaft plunged into her, seeking deeper and deeper inside her canal, testing her pussy size.

- Nice! Deeper that most I’v had!

His voice low, with a small tremble now, as he drove the shaft all the way inside her and stirred it around. She could feel the shaft thrusting inside her, and the hunger in this man’s eyes made her shiver.

Suddenly he pulled the knife out of her and down on the floor. Standing between her legs, he reached up and pinched her nipples. The pain made her wanna scream, but no sound released from her, just her mouth opened trying to. One hand steering his enormous dick in between her legs, the other kept kneading her breast.

- Sorry, I don’t have the time to make it good for you!

He laughed to his own joke, spat in his hand and lubed his cock with it.
The cock head rested at her hole, she could feel him starting to press hard, using his fingers to tear her pussy open.
- I’m not big enough, please… you wont fit! She heard herself scream
She could not believe that this cock would fit into her pussy, there was no way he could get it in. But he did not care, he was completely obsessed by his beastly lust now.
The stretching pain when he pushed his dickhead into her, felt like searing flames through her vagina.
He grunted, grabbed her by the hips and continued to push further in. His eyes fixed at his thick shaft going into her tiny hole. It looked so goddamned hot… her pale pussy lips all stretched to the limit, surrounding his darker manhood. He pulled out an inch or two, then pushed back in and groaned down his throat as he sank into her fuck-hole
He was splitting her in two, tearing her flesh as he shove his steel hard, giant cock to the full length into her.

- Fuck! You’re deep! I think you can take it all, bitch!
The stretching pain was almost more than she could take, clutching on her chest, making her heave for air.
He drilled his cock all the way in. She felt the dick head pounding at her inner walls, a sickening feeling to the stomach as he started to thrust faster.

- Oh Hell! Your so good, I’m buried totally…. He moaned, and despite her fear and anger, she felt her body reacting. The pain his cock gave her, was slowly giving way for a growing feeling of lust. A stir in her clit, a heat in her pussy – steadily growing as his cock slid in and out of her stretched pussy.

- Oh fuck! Here I cum! You’re gonna get it all, slut!

He froze, then humped her faster and harder, and released his cum while pinching the flesh on her hips violently.

He rested for a few seconds, then pulled out with a gush of his own seamen running out of her.
- You will be my favourite pet from now on, girl! I will call you Cat. And since your fuck-hole suits me, I will make sure you share the pleasure from time to time.

He laughed, squeezed the last drop of cum out of his dick and released the straps from the table. She jumped onto her feet and rushed against him.

- Raping me will NEVER give me pleasure, you beast! She screamed at him, hammered her fist into his chest. His cum dripped out of her, down her thighs, her pussy stinging with pain.

- Oh, but it will be no rape, Cat. He said laughing and grabbed her hands by the wrist.
- You will beg, trust me! Beg to get fucked by me!

He tossed her away, went outside and she could hear the sound of a key locking the door.

.. to be continued


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thanks for the new addition.

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very interesting

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Good start kristin dear,
can't wait for more

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Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it :D

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Interesting beginning, keep it coming:)

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She had no idea for how long she slept, the drug he’d given her made her loose track of time. She remembered trying to cover herself with the torn up remains of her clothes, and crying herself to sleep.

She woke up by him touching her.

- Rise and shine, Cat! Enough resting – it’s time for pee and then a shower. He grabbed her and tossed away her clothes, leading her through a bathroom so white and bright it made her eyes hurt.

- Forget privacy, I’ll be in this room until you’re done, so get to it, Cat!

He stood beside the door watching her until she sat down on the toilet, uncomfortable and blushing.
She felt the anger boiling inside!
Imagine, she actually had a fantasy about this. Reality wasn’t anywhere near the thing she had dreamt of… The only things that were the same as in the fantasy, was his burning desire for her and the most gorgeous dick she had ever seen.

She remembered with a shiver, the desire she had felt at the last moments before he had his orgasm, the expression of pure lust on his face when he cummed inside her. Remembering this, made her glow – and she hated herself for feeling this way!

A whimper of pain escaped her when her urine made her pussy sting.

- I’ll take care of that soreness after you had your shower! He smiled when she almost started to cry by the pain wiping herself brought.

Showering was a pure pleasure – the cabinet hid her from his eyes, and she allowed herself to relax for a minute or two while the burning hot water cleansed away the sticky remains of his sperm. He wrapped a towel around her and carried her into another room further down the hall. This had to be his den, she thought as he sat her down. A huge desk in the corner, a masculine bed in the other corner and of all things; a cage big enough to fit a human beside it.

- Fancy your new home, Cat? That cage is where you’ll stay when I don’t need you. And if you’re a nice girl, I might even let you have a blanket in there!

He smiled and pointed out another table like the one she was strapped onto earlier.

- Get on the table!

She froze in horror! He could not seriously mean to keep her into a cage? Looking around she discovered instruments and devices she had never seen before in he life – all of them kept in leather, steel or wood. This looked like a chamber of torture! She started to sob.

- No crying! That will result in nothing.

He lifted her up on the table, and this time he only strapped her legs. He moved in between them and bent down to look at her sore pussy.

- Now, let’s see…. Hmmm… seems like I stretched you a bit too much… there’s a small fissure here…

She cried out when he put a emulsion on it, but the treatment actually soothed nicely.

- Might give it a days rest if possible! He smiled again, and she had to admit that his blue eyes were quite beautiful when smiling.

- Well, that’s up to me, is it not? Hmmm… well, there’s plenty of amusement besides penetration, I’ll consider leaving your pussy to recover!

He un-strapped her and led her to the bed, handcuffing her arms and legs to the massive oak corner poles.
Whenever he grabbed or held her, she felt completely captured, not able to defend herself – just like a child. His frame was huge compared to hers, and his strength made her feel even weaker. He undressed while looking at her, lying spread out on the bed. He was fully erected, she noticed a drop of precum on the huge head. She could not believe that this plum sized head and huge shaft had been inside her!

Turning her head, she noticed the ceiling above the bed was a mirror… looking at herself, tied up and naked made her realize how vulnerable she actually was, and freight made her shiver.

He lied down next to her on the bed, his erection pressing against her hip. His big hands starting to fondle her. He pinched her nipples, molded her breasts. She turned her head away, trying to distance herself from what he did to her. This seemed to amuse him; since he laughed.

- Oh! Taming you will be a pleasure, kitten. Just remember; if you scratch me, I’ll take my revenge in ways you could only dream of in your worst nightmare!

He turned her face against his, his mouth dangerously close to hers.

When his tongue invaded her mouth, she tried to bite down, but his fingers pinched hard at her jaw, forcing her mouth to open. The kiss was brutal, felt even more insulting that the penetration of her body earlier.
There was simply no use in fighting him. If she should ever get free, she would have to take him in a moment of surprise. And she promised herself, that one way or another, she would get to him.

His hands moved up her leg, until it rested on the inside near her pussy. Slowly he moved his hand back and forth, massaging her gently. His hand slid under her, grasping her butt, and his mouth started biting her neck.
She was surprised, she’d taken him for a brute, a rapist, a brutal beast. She began to realize that this was not his thing at all. He was her master, and he had begun his training of her to be exactly what he’d told her; his new pet.

- Time for some serious amusement!

He unlocked the hand coughs and pushed her over to a frame of steel on the floor. The device was formed almost like half a wheel, with a broad cushion in the center.

When he tied her up, her body tightly strapped to the wheel, she was positioned on her bent knees, legs spread wide apart, belly projected forward, chest backwards and her hands tied back. She could move her head, but that was all. She felt grotesquely exhibited. The stretching of her limbs made her muscles ache, her spine protested against the backwards position and sent murmuring beams of pain through her back.
He moved close on her, slapped her face with his huge dick, rubbed it into her hair.

- You look so teasingly hot! He mumbled, his voice low and hoarse.

She looked at him, and the look of beastly lust in his face made her shiver….

- No! Don’t! She was terrified… she did not want this to happen!

He poured oil on his hands and lubed his cock, gave it a few good wanks until he massaged the rest of the oil onto her breast. Steering the wheel she was tied to into the right position, he crammed her breast together and inserted his big, cock between them. The cock head hit her jaw as he trusted back and forth between her titties. His hand grasping her so hard it hurt, and made her whimper.

He pushed the frame backwards, making her hips move up. She realized that he was about to lick her, and she closed her eyes.

His tongue slowly and softly flicked its way through her slit to the clit, finding it, he started to suck it. His hands on her butt now, opened her butt crack, searching for her dark entrance.

- No!
She bulged her body, tried to avoid his seeking fingers when he found the entrance to her ass and slowly massaged it. His finger penetrated her ass, slowly moving inside her while his mouth sucked on her clit. Oh dear God… how her body reacted to this….. his teeth scratching on her clit while he sucked at it, and she could feel her pussy getting wetter by every suction.
She tried to focus on the fear from earlier, but she could not keep her focus. Even the pain in her limbs and her back wasn’t strong enough to kill the lust in her body. She groand, oh! How her body betrayed her!

He let go of her clit, moved his mouth to the pussy lips, giving bites and licks all the way around her pussy. His finger inside her ass moving deeper now, she had to bite the inside of her chin not to moan out load.

- I love pussy juices, he whispered and licked a drop that slide out of her. Scooped it with the tip of his tongue before it could enter her butt crack. When his tongue hit her pussy hole, she moaned, it felt so goddamn good!
Shivers of lust burning through her made her scream when he went back on her clit and flicked it hard with his tongue. She jutted her hips forward, could not stop her body from wanting more of this. Her breath short and rasping. Al she wanted was to get more, ever more!

- You horny kitten! He looked up on her face, grinned and turned the wheel until she was positioned on her knees again.

- Please! She whispered, not sure what she begged for, but when he rose up and left her pussy, she felt the frustration building inside.
- That’s right, you beg for it, kitten, he said, towering over her with his huge erection in his hand. He gave it a few long, slow strokes with his hand.

She could not take her eyes off his cock, her pussy was glowing, wanting it inside of her. He was breathing heavy, the pulsating veins on his neck told her he was just as horny as he had made her. But he was still in perfect control of himself. His voice calm and unnatural low.
- I am going to fuck you hard, bitch! Did I mention staying away from that lovely, deep and tight pussy of yours? Not happening…

While talking, he positioned the wheel to make her pussy in the right level, moved in on her and with one deep thrust he slid into her.
She groaned, she screamed, she was out of control. Did not care about the pain from her rifts, nor the stretching of her limbs – all she cared about was his cock sliding in and out of her. The feeling of his hand pinching her nipples and the sound of his moaning as he fucked her.

He picked up his speed, the thrusts were deeper and he hit her clit every time he pounded on her. She exploded, the orgasm was hard – made her muscles twist and shake and she let out a deep groan of pleasure. His cumming were longer than hers – he kept jutting himself deeper into her, filling her with his hot cream.

He did not stay inside her, pulled away still hard and dripping of cum. Releasing her from the wheel, he patted her head.

- You did good, kitten. We shall continue this training of yours.
He locked her into the cage and left the room.

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hey Kristin, sweetie
great story, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the next part. I am looking forward to more chapters

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Thanks, guys! My problem is, that this is but a fantasy of mine... I have no real experience in this...
*ponders; what if some Master would give me guidance?*

09-17-2007, 11:30 PM
Im sure you will have no problems finding someone for that

09-30-2007, 06:36 PM
Kristin! Your story has me so wet. This fantasy of yours is also a fantasy of mine. The fact that you have put it in writing has got me so hot reading it and you have made it much better than I could have fantasied. I can't wait to read more.

11-11-2007, 04:23 AM
There's a lot of HOT elements flowing
through this torrid little tale.

Restraint, knife play, caging, ass play,
forced sex just to mention a few.

I've not seen all that many stories
on our sites (here and SSP that is) that
deal with the caging aspect on things.

That's an extremely powerful aspect in
behavioral conditioning and attitude manipulation
and can be not only erotic but highly intoxicating
and somewhat addictive for those who enjoy
being on either side of the bars.

Overall I think the story has that raw and edgy
feel that works well, especially in a noncenst
theme such as this.

I don't even want to go into all the things I see
here that appeal to me on so many levels so I'll just
leave it at; I think it's off the chain and it trips
my trigger. :p

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Ummm Kristin, can hardly type a thank you for the story because my hands are shaking from the blood corsing through my bod. Great story

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Thanks guys! Ooohh.. I love nice feedback like this! Knowing that my fantasy is shared by others are great... and exciting for me....
And Jeff; the cage element is a fetish that I'v always loved! Just the idea of being held captive for my Master to release me whenever he wishes, is so.... HOT!

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good story

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great story so far, waiting on the next installment!

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I love your story.... can't wait for the next part!

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can't wait for the next bit. please write more! =)