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09-01-2007, 09:18 AM
I am bored to death. So I do my laundry, fold my clothes and start thinking about where and what I'm going to eat. I don't bother talking to the twenty something blond with cute little breast. I'm a goat and she's a dream.

As I grab my clothes and head for the door, she asks where I'm off to now? Just hearing her voice brightened me up, and I said "I'm not sure, but some place with food is the plan." She started to tell me her life story. She was talking to me as if I was her age and we had all day. I said "This place is closing, do you want something to eat?" Surprisingly she said yes, grabbed her stuff and got in my truck.

To make a long story short, she lost her kids because of addiction, but was trying to clean up. She wanted somebody to spend the night with because she felt like using. I reminded her of our age difference. She said I was not gross or anything and that I would do fine for what she needed.

So after dinner, we got into my sleeper. It was awkward for me, but she asked if I wanted her to undress, and before I could answer she had pulled her sleeveless shirt over her head. She had creamy white skin and small but firm little breasts. She removed her pants and pushed me back on the bed. She said "Don't worry about putting on a show or making me happy. Just do what you want to me. I am looking for escape and understanding. I'll be gone in the morning." I scooted to make more room for her in the small sleeper bed and started caressing her soft but firm body. She made it clear that I was free to enjoy her as I pleased with no pretence, so I kissed the whole of her naked chest, while she continued to talk about how hard it was to stay clean. I must have been slow at getting the idea, because she removed her panties and asked "Do you want to fuck me?" I of course said, yes and rolled on top of her. I had no need for a blow job. The touch of her skin was enough to stand me up all night. I had forgotten what a young woman felt like. I had forgotten the pleasure of fruit picked at just the right time. She was not into it herself, but this made it even better for me. I was free to enjoy every inch of her perfect body. I was free to smell her, lick her. She even let me chew on the bottoms of her feet. I didn't last long once I started sliding my dick in and out of her. She felt too good to do anything but surrender to the spasms that ever move in her brought on. Yet as we settled into sleeping positions, she told me to wake her any time I wanted her again. Her availability was a complete turn on and she fucked me several times in the night.

When morning came, I asked if she wanted breakfast, but "No" was her reply. She asked me to drive her home, which I did and I watched her walk away.

09-01-2007, 09:38 AM
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09-02-2007, 04:48 AM
Thanks for sharing that Nightmuse

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11-15-2007, 08:31 PM
I love this line: "I had forgotten the pleasure of fruit picked at just the right time." I love how the girl is so ready to just meet your needs, to just do what it is you want, and it's sweet how you take the night to use her as your own, but treat her with respect.
I know a girl who is just like this and she is such a turn-on! One of the frustrating things I find with many lovers is the selfishness that can set in, and while I'm a pleaser, I like to be with others who equally want to please... at least from time to time!
This reminds me of all the sex I've had in truck sleepers! I'll have to write some more... When we used to do it doggy, my head used to slam against the back wall of the cab. Tight fit! Good thing it was padded...