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09-02-2007, 08:42 PM
This story was co wrote by Kristen and Wizardwriter and is well worth a look.

Currently it stands at a posted three chapters and i am sure there will be more to follow if you give the authors their just rewards with a word of praise or two...

A Norwegian Vacation -1-3 (Wizard & Kristin)


This story was inspired by a lovely young lady, Kristin, now dedicated to her, and she helped me write the piece, we hope you enjoy-
Wizard & Kristin
* * *

A Norwegian Vacation-
By Wizard & Kristin

I come through the airport gate and look around, spotting you immediately, of course it helps you are waving. Five-six, slim, dark-brown hair, and wearing a white peasant dress off your shoulders, showing your marvelous freckled chest, I had more than a few pictures of already.

- Seeing him exit the gate, makes me burst into a thrilled laugh! It’s so good to finally see him in real life!! I start waving, and almost run towards him.

Head straight for you, expecting a kiss, but my little cutie jumps in my arms, and I drop my carry-on bag to catch you. Hanging from my neck, legs wrapped around my thighs, kissing me deeply we must be making quite a sight. I cup your bottom, and just let you hang there. We break, I hand you a gold-plated rose, and grin. “Kristin, I presume, a little something that'll last a lifetime, like my love for you.”

- I take my gift, and clutching him feels so good… so natural… his body between my legs... and the kiss!! It made me want more of him… just as I hoped it would. The attraction I felt all those months of PM’s, e-mails, and chats between us was now confirmed to be real.

Check out the erotic stories forum for the whole story, you will be sorry if you miss this exciting read.

09-02-2007, 09:15 PM
Thanks niteowl, Kristin and I are working on part 5- part 4 is posted