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Leena's Transformation 01.

Chapter 1.

Leena was 24 years old and although she would never believe anyone who told her so she was by every definition of the word a beauty; to hear her talk about herself she was too tall, too top heavy or her belly was too big or her arse sagged. She knew she was by no means ugly for she had a great boyfriend, but she was never satisfied with her body always believing that it need improvement in some way.

She was the same about her sex life, which by the way was as fulfilling as any woman her age, although she sensed something was always missing. She had lost her virginity when she was 17 and to be truthful never really missed it but although she had no real hang ups about sex there were things she definitely drew the line over as being perverted and dirty or illegal.

She and her boyfriend indulged in most forms of sex but water sports, scat and animal sex were always a big no for Leena. She did not mind anal as long as she did not have to do oral straight after wards, she enjoyed flashing and teasing always managed a healthy cum when she fooled around with her boyfriend and lately had even began enjoying intense squirting orgasms, even if she did find the squirts a little embarrassing, not at the exact moment of it happening but the mess it left to be cleaned up or the staining it caused.

Leena was six foot two inches tall which made her feel at a disadvantage when finding a taller boyfriend, Her 38C breasts although they did not sag a single millimetre she felt were too large but only by a single size. The fact she shaved her pubes only seemed to heighten the fact her tummy was a little too large, but only in her eyes.

Over the last year and a bit she had regular sex with her current boyfriend which always made her orgasm, she could not shake this feeling that there was something missing from her sex life, so much so that secretly she began trawling the sex sites on the internet and she discovered a stories site which peeked her interest. It had stories about all forms of sex and she suddenly discovered that the BDSM section began to draw her back time after time.

She frequently dreamed she was the girl in the latest story she had read or she would combine two or three stories in her mind but always with her being on the receiving end of the treatments handed out. Then one day she read a story about a girl who's master used stinging nettles on the girl's cunt lips and it almost blew her mind. For weeks she dreamed that either accidentally or her boyfriend would deliberately make her cunt come into contact with these nettles and she had to endure the hours of their tingling stings. Always she ended up strumming her cunt several times during the nights she dreamt of nettles.

She had to find out whether the story she had read and was now causing her haunted dreams of nettles was a true story or not, so she sought out the author by posting feedback to him and included the question, "I can not help but dream of the nettles incident you mention in your story, please put me out of my misery and tell me if it is a true incident or not?"

Agonisingly she waited for three days till she received and email entitle 'Re: Your Feedback'. She eagerly opened the email and could not believe what she read, as she re read the email her heart pounded in her throat and her cunt was doing summersaults, Hi Leena, thank you for your wonderful encouragement and feedback, but in answer to your question, Yes the nettles was a true incident which took place in 1982. If you would like further information on this actual incident then contact me via my direct personal email as shown above. All the very best Ray.

Her fingers seemed in a world of their own as they quickly types a replay email to this man Ray, she wanted all the information she could and she happened to let slip her fascination with the submissive side of BDSM. That same afternoon she received another reply from Ray, hinting that maybe they should chat via an instant chat program and he would be happy to answer any direct questions she may have.

That night they contacted each other on an instant messaging service and after both agreeing to be totally honest with each other they began to talk in earnest. Ray explained that his first experience with nettles was accidental on his own body and just happened to be his balls whilst wearing swimming trunks and the instant boner it gave him and went on to explain in great detail that when he met his first submissive he remembered the exquisite agony/ecstasy the nettles gave him and he deliberately brushed some along his sub's cunt but making sure he got her clit as well.

Ray seemed to sense that Leena was not masturbating as she read his writings, so he played a trump card and told her to leave her cunt alone, she responded with how did he know she was toying with her cunt, He replied that as a Dom he was well aware of the workings of the submissive females mind when talking about sexual matters like this. He then went all out bold attack and told her to self-spank herself that night before going to bed. Leena asked what he meant and he explained the way he wanted her to spank her own arse that night. It went:

Leena, you will strip off all your clothes and stand naked facing into a corner of your bedroom, you will then stand on tiptoe placing your lips (Mouth) against the wall. Taking your right hand you will apply a swift spank to your arse cheeks and maintain contact between your arse and the palm of your hand until you feel the warm emanating from your cheeks, then slide your finger between the cheeks of your arse and along your cunt lips now slowly bring that finger back making sure to stroke your clit and to check your cunts wetness before pausing with your finger pressed to your anal ring, count to five before repeating this with your left hand. Apply six spanks with each hand and email me tomorrow telling me how you got on, what you felt and how horny it made you feel.

Ray actually doubted he would receive the report but he was proved wrong as by the middle of the afternoon Leena had emailed her report and had scored herself as a horny 5 and a wet 7.

Leena then plucked up the courage she needed to ask Ray despite the miles between them if he could help her learn about being submissive and ultimately to advise how to inform her boyfriend of her needs in this direction. Ray was delighted to help and they arranged a serious of session he called playtimes, he gave her the option of picking her own safe word and sub name.

She went on to describe her first efforts at self-spanking in the manner as laid out by Master Ray, it began:

Master Ray, I plucked up courage to do as you instructed me to, I removed all my clothes in my bedroom, but only after I was sure everyone else would be asleep in their beds. I chose a corner furthest away from the other bedrooms and stood on tiptoe, which I may add is extremely difficult to do for long periods, raised my hand and brought it crashing down on to my cheeks. It stung wildly for about a split second and I almost stopped breathing as I thought I heard movement in one of the other bedrooms. I kept my hand against my cheek as per your orders and soon felt the delicious warmth spreading across my cheeks, at this point I stretched my middle finger into the crease of my arse and could not believe how wet my pussy felt, not only that but my clit was stiffer then I can remember it being for quite some time.

As I drew my finger back I almost swooned as the nail slipped across my anal ring and I deliberately moved it back and forth across it a couple of times, because I could not believe the great feelings it generated. Then remembering that I had another five of these spanks to go I immediately switched hands before applying the second spank.

This time my arse felt hotter and my cunt wetter, even my anal ring seem more forgiving as the tip of my middle finger pressed against it and almost slipped up there. I knew you forbade me from putting anything up either hole so reluctantly I had to settle for slight probes against my hot sphincter muscle.

To me the weird thing was, the spanks were not hard but the sensations they were generating were electric and hotter than anything I had ever felt, maybe this was because I was administering them to my self under your guide lines. I can't thank you enough, Master for showing me how sexually delightful self-spanking can be, but only when your Master instructs you on how many and what to do between slaps.

All too soon the required number spanks were administered and I had to stop, just before I managed to cum too. But you did allow me the privilege of making myself come afterwards for which I truly thank you....

I then instructed Leena to carry out her first dare or task. The task was a little advanced for an absolute beginner but would show Leena's commitment to the role of a submissive. The dare involved her flashing to people on a bus by wearing a fairly short skirt no knickers and always going upstairs on bus rides making sure she walked loose legged and flashing her pussy as she climbed the stairs. She had to report back on six reactions from doing this and with each reaction she had to include how she felt and what she did about it.

With some caution, Leena accepted the task and asked under what time scale she had to complete the assigned dare. I told her that I would reasonably expect it to be completed within seven days. She eagerly agreed and promised to set about the task as soon as possible.

So two days later, dressed in a low cut tee shirt type top and a mid thigh skirt with no other underwear, Leena waited nervously at the bus stop, "Damn, if this bus doesn't come soon, I just know I will lose my bottle and end up going back home!" she muttered to herself. Before she had any further chance to change her mind, she saw the blue and white bus appear at the corner of the street. She gulped a big breath of air into her lungs and wondered what was about to happen.

The bus came to a stop and then the driver did a double take, thinking to himself "Some lucky bastard will be screwing that later tonight!" he took her fare and watched as her ass swayed down the bus. It was not till he heard a mumbled "what's he waiting for now!" that he realised everyone on the bus was waiting fro him to pull away.

Leena reached the stairwell midway down the bus, a quick glance round told her a man in his mid forties was in the right seat to see everything as she climbed the stairs. She slyly checked whether he was looking her way and smiled inwardly as he was. She took her first step up the stairs and then deliberately took a second with her legs wider than she would normally do. Slowly she climbed the stairs in this exaggerated style, sneaking a quick glance back towards the man as she neared the top, his face was flushed so she knew he had looked and seen her now tingling pussy. She felt exhilarated at achieving this at the first attempt. She managed her second flash to a different guy only 30 minutes later as she chose to get off the bus, of course she did not know if the man would be the same one or not as she rose to come down the stairs but it had excited her so much that she decided to come down the stairs with the same exaggerated walk as the one she went up with.

This time the man was much younger and appeared only about 18 or 19 years old, He had heard someone start to come down the bus steps and had instinctively looked up to be greeted with a glistening shaved puss framed by Leena's glorious long shapely legs. He almost choked on the carton of drink he was drinking and ended up spluttering as he tried to avoid coughing his drink all over the woman in front of him.

Leena quickly skipped of the bus by the central door s and immediately turned and offered this poor guy her warmest sexiest smile as she then turned and disappeared around the corner and away.

That night she wrote in her electronic pc diary, of her exploits that day and she confessed to being extremely nervous at the out set but once she got on the bus her attitude was that she was there now and could not escape doing her part one of the dare. She wrote, I knew the bus driver was lusting after me and it made my cunt wet to think of him driving his bus with a hard on, so I swayed my hips even more as I walked down the bus and then I heard the old woman complain about the driver waiting. I could not believe my eyes when I approached the stairwell and say the old guy around 40ish sat right where I hoped someone would be. I was shaking as I started to climb the stairs but I could feel his eyes burning in to my ass cheeks so I opened my legs even wider and continued to climb. By the time I reached the top step, I swear I could have cum so hard with the slightest of caresses on my pussy.

I managed to calm myself before deciding that I have travelled far enough and decided to get off. I thought it felt great climbing the stairs but as I approached the top step to come down, I suddenly realised that I would be flashing my cunt with this forward view to the man, who incidentally turned out to be a much younger man.

I honestly thought someone would have to give him the kiss of life when he suddenly started his choking coughing fit. It would have been so sad and yet comical at his inquest to have to admit my flashing had caused his demise because he could not handle seeing an excited pussy beneath a skirt.

I was almost tempted to blow him a kiss as the bus pulled away but I was so excited and to be honest I needed to go rub my cunt, so I turned tail and ran into a dress shop picked up any old thing and headed for the changing rooms at the back of the shop. In ten seconds flat I was climaxing and I had not even tried the dress on, from the look on the female shop assistants face she must have heard my moans or she at least knew what I had been doing in the changing room because she gave me the warmest of smiles as I dropped the dress into her hands and whispered thanks.

All of this and I had four more flashes to do, before reporting back to you my Master Ray. I was exhausted already and had achieved only one third of my dare, the next part would have to be tomorrow, as I had to meet my boyfriend in twenty minutes and I had to find somewhere to put the knickers in my handbag back on before he met up with me.

Oh master, what a night it was last night, first time ever my boyfriend arrived early to meet me and caught me without my knickers on, I was about to excuse myself and go to the loo to replace them when he surprised me by slipping his hand up my short skirt. The touch of his fingers on my naked cunt almost brought and instant moan from my lips; he looked at me sort of funny before he smiled and whispered, "wow, you have gone commando just for me and with such a short skirt too!"

I could not risk upsetting him by trying to explain about my need to discover the submissive side of my nature and the fact that I was acting on my master's instructions, so I allowed him to think it was for him, Am I so bad master?

He took me dancing and used every opportunity to shove his hand up my skirt, a couple of times I was sure he was demonstrating to some guy or other that his bird was nude beneath her skirt and it was all for him. But it kept my levels of horniness way up so I let him continue. He eventually took me out side into the car park and under a streetlight of all things he had me bend over while he fucked me. I felt cheap and whorish as I walked with his cum running down my legs, as he wanted to get a bus home. I persuaded him to walk instead.

If tomorrow's flashing has the same effects for me, I think I could easily become addicted to doing it and would probably end up with a really bad reputation for not wearing knickers.

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Thanks Niteowl...great stuff

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Leena's transformation...

Chapter 02

The very nest day I was still horny from the previous nights fun and could not wait to continue with part two of my flashing, after all I had to flash six guys and had so far only managed two.

Ray my master had never stipulated a time slot for any of my flashing, so I decided to flash some old age pensioners on the afternoon buses. Well that's not exactly true I was so horny I could not wait till the evening to go flashing and besides I thought the old folk deserved a treat as much as the younger guys.

At 1 pm I went to my bedroom, removed all my clothes and decided to shower ad shave my pussy before selecting the alluring dress code for the day. I was already soaking between my legs even before I turned the water on as I stepped into the shower. I simply could not resist a quick feel of my throbbing clitoris as I relaxed beneath the warm cascade of water. That quick feel turning into a leisurely finger fuck as my hand took over from my mind and seemed to have a life of its own.

With two fingers deep inside my cunt and m thumb circling lightly over my clit, there were millions of fireworks going off inside my head as I thought of exposing my freshly shave mound to strangers gazes. Just as I was about to surrender to the rapidly approaching orgasm, I did my usual trick of removing my cunt soaked fingers and slipped my index finger deep inside my anal ring. Three quick thrusts up there and I was wailing like a banshee as my orgasm rocked my world. It was a good job I had the house to myself.

I quickly shaved my pussy and powder dried it, although I did feel a little naughty as I lightly applied a little shimmering pink lipstick to my pussy lips just to highlight them a little. I then quickly dressed in to my white semi transparent blouse and short navy blue skirt, as per my master's instructions no other underwear was allowed.

As I stepped from the front door of my house and almost in comparison to the steps I was now taking, the further from home I went the hornier I was becoming. Luckily the bus stop was at the end on my street, so whilst heavily excited by the prospects and the daringness of walking in a short loose fitting skirt with no knickers I was not actually near to coming as I waited at the bus stop. Although a couple of times a slight breeze threatened to expose me prematurely and as the old saying went, "I sure as help did not know where the breeze came from but I definitely knew where it was heading....

I saw the bus turn the corner some three hundred yards away and my excitement rose another six notches as it approached, I just hoped luck was with me and a man would be sat in the right seat near the bottom of the stairs. The bus came to a halt and the doors opened, the driver smiled at me as I felt his eyes travel from my feet slowly up my body and amazingly I felt he could see right through my skirt and blouse and seemed to know I was naked beneath the outer covering.

I bought my ticket and turned to walk down the aisle and I was in look a man aged around 60 years was sitting in the right spot to watch me climb the stairs. I made a big thing about swaying my hips for the driver and inadvertently ended up flashing my pussy in the direction of this seated man. I also made a thing about turning around halfway up the stairs as if I was about to change my mind about going upstairs.

My heart leapt into my mouth as I turned and made direct eye contact with the old man seated at the bottom of the stairs, I then knew he had noticed my exposed views and I quickly turned and continued upstairs to an empty top deck of the bus.

I sat right at the back of the bus and was just deciding how many stops I would travel when I saw the old man's head appear as he himself climbed the steps to the top deck. He cautiously approached and in a very gentle but excited voice asked, "May I sit here, young lady?"

My throat went instantly dry and I tried to answer but could only managed a nod. As he sat beside me I then noticed his trousers bulging out quite impressively. He suddenly turned and whispered, "You're a naughty little girl, not putting your knickers on!"

I again merely nodded. He continued as he slipped his hand on to my knee, "see what you have done to me by showing me your sexy sweet little cunt!" he stressed the word cunt as he almost blew into my ear. I was now feeling the horniest I had ever felt so far, this was unreal, I was cornered by an man old enough to be my granddad, on a public bus with only the thin material of my skirt between him and my cunt, which by the way was now more than bubbling to an intense climax.

He slowly raised his hand along my thigh as my legs slowly opened of their own free will. I was then awoken from my trance as he spoke again, "Why don't you feel the effects you have had on my prick!"

My hand immediately moved with out me thinking about it and was soon pressed against a magnificent rock hard prick, almost as thick as my wrist and seemed as long as my forearm. Deep inside I wanted all wondrous things to now happen and to be honest if he had told me to remove all my clothes and ride his cock deep inside my anal chute, I would have done so with out question.

Instead he told me we were nearing his stop and we should both get off the bus and he would punish me for my flashing in more comfortable surroundings of his home and I would then be able to see and touch his own naked cock.

I do not remember walking off the bus, or for that matter the walking to his house, but I did remember the feeling of his fingers as they played with my already erect nipples through my blouse and the melodic words he issued instructing me to undress him. I worked like a zombie as I undressed this total stranger; soon I was staring at his large still erect uncircumcised cock. He then instructed me to remove my clothing and quick as a flash I too was naked standing before him.

I could feel his eyes burning into my breasts and could feel his gaze working its way to my freshly shaved and now soaking cunt. His first touch on my cunt lips was feather light and made my flesh tingle, then I felt his fat finger parting my cunt lips and dipping into my river of cunt honey. I could not help but smile as he withdrew his finger and made a big scene of licking my juices from his finger.

In an instant though his mood seemed to change as he ordered me over his knee and informed me that he was going to spank me for being so whorish as to walk around with no underwear on. Forcing me over his knee and my belly being stabbed by his rock hard prick, he held me in position with his left arm gripping my right elbow.

I heard the swish through the air before I felt the initial sting of the spank, then as he held his hand against my arse cheeks I felt the rush of blood that accompanied the sudden blushing of my cheeks and the heat that entails. Before he raised his hand again he stroked my arse and I felt his finger dip between my legs as if testing the wetness of my cunt. To be honest at this point it was close to a dam being burst wide open and I was a little worried in case I did my usual and started spurting as I came.

Five more similar spanks were delivered and as the last one fell on to my arse, I could not help myself as I let out a long low moan as the orgasm ripped through me and I did indeed spurt. The old man grunted as I startled him by the intensity and distance of my spurt. I thought he would be angry with me but he smiled and caressed my arse cheeks as he said "My dear sweet child, you have a unique gift there if you spurt every time you cum, I would love to have you spurt all over my face as I try to drink it all down!"

He then moved me over to a dining table and had me lay on my back on the table top, before he tied my hands above my head and my legs were tied wide apart. He then knelt between my legs and began to lick my clitoris and cunt; he soon had me on the verge of another orgasm more intense than the first one if that was possible. This time as I spurted he was there trying to swallows it as fast as I sprayed it and he suddenly appeared from between my legs his face awash with my juices as I had showered him.

Then with very little ceremony or wasting of time he had his cock buried deep inside my cunt, his age and experience must have stood him in good stead as he alternated between deep hard thrusts and shorter gentle prods with his cock but the result was at least three more spurts from me before he announced he was Cumming and he pulled out to shower me with his thick white baby making seed.

He helped me clean up and could not stop thanking me for making him one of the happiest old gits in the world, his words not mine; He asked if I may decide to visit him again in the not too distant future. I said I would but could not promise when.

After cleaning up I left his house on shaky legs and I was still only half way through my masters challenge of flashing 6 males. I needed a rest so I walked slowly home and took a shower before napping on my bed for an hour or two. In fact I woke just as the light was beginning to fade and the bed side clock showed 8.40 pm. I was about to get dressed and go in search of flash number 4 when my boyfriend suddenly slipped into my room. He told me my parents had let him in and had asked him to check if I was all right as my mother had failed to manage to rouse me earlier when she had arrived home and checked on me.

My boyfriend seeing me naked and obviously aroused asked what had I been up to and I decided to tell him but not the full truth because I know he is a deeply jealous person. So I told him that after a shower mid afternoon I had laid down on the bed and dozed but had experienced a wicked daydream which seemed so vivid and real that I dreamt and old man old enough to be my granddad had take full advantage of me and had made me cum several times and before I could recover I had fell into a deep deep sleep until just now.

He instantly stuck his hand between my legs and felt my soaking wet cunt, his technique whilst stimulating had less finesse or skill than the old man's but it had the desired effect none the less as I was soon Cumming. I never did discover the old man's name until two days later I saw his picture in the paper, the article said that he had been found dead in his flat and a post mortem had diagnosed a heart attack as cause of death and had recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.

That night as my boyfriend was laid on top of me and giving me a good fucking his face appeared to change to that of the old man. He began thanking me for making his last moments on earth so memorable.

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Leena's transformation

Chapter 03.

With time running out to complete her master's orders of flashing six males with in seven days, Leena began to dread the thought of what punishment she would receive from her master.

With this in mind she decided to make one last effort to flash the remaining three males this Friday afternoon, in order to achieve Master Ray's order. She thought long and hard about the most likely place for her to succeed and even she could not have envisaged the outcome of her decision.

She decide to flash up near the local university and hopefully she would be able to flash the required number of guys and beat a hasty back to the bus stop before anything happened as she knew tonight she was going dancing all night with her boyfriend and that would mean a lengthy sex session before the end of the of the night.

She caught the bus around 3 pm up towards the university but the bus was empty and she secretly hoped this was not a sign of things to come as her report was due the next day to her master and she knew she would receive a prompt reply with her punishment for failing.

She climbed the stairs and sat at the back of the empty bus and hoped for a change of luck, her fairy horny godmother must have been listening to her wishes this day as three stops from the university, four athletic looking guys boarded the bus and made their way upstairs.

Seeing Leena sat alone at the back the alpha male of the four suggested sitting at the back of the bus and his pals all readily agreed. Leena glanced down the aisle of the bus and almost did a double take as the four masculine figurines approached and sat a couple of seats in front of her. Almost in a daze she let her hand slip up her short skirt and lightly trace the outline of her shaven cunt lips.

As her eyes glazed over and the jerking of the bus, helped push her towards her climax, she was unaware that the alpha male had spotted her hand movements under her skirt. The first she knew was when he slipped into the seat bedside her and whispered in her ear that maybe she needed help with that steamy sexy cunt she was hiding down there.

She jumped at his words but was so sexually aroused by now she would have danced naked down the bus if someone would have told her to. Suddenly she was surrounded by the four guys and as Tom the alpha male changed places with Leroy, he told them to hold open her legs as he himself raised her skirt and had a real close up look and smell of her bare cunt.

Leena shivered as the firm hands gripped her legs wide apart and the hot breath of Tom wafted over her cunt lips and clit. She knew at that instant she was lost to their demands and she was now home and dry as far as her master's orders to flash six guys.

Suddenly George announced "drat this is our stop!" and everyone looked out the bus window.

Tom said to Leena "We are all getting off this bus right now and you will follow us!"

Leena merely nodded her head as she accepted his commands.

Once off the bus, they led Leena onto the sports field of the university and guided her over towards the pavilion where the changing rooms were and round the back to where the equipment store was.

All five figures slipped into the mower's shed and as soon as the door was closed, Tom introduced himself and his three friends, "I am Tom, the leader of this group, this is Leroy my best mate and those two are George and Alan, What is your name?"

As per her master's instructions in case she was ever challenged to give a name during one of his order's she replied "My master says you may call me Slut, tart , bitch or whore, Sir!"

Tom laughed as he said "An appropriate name I suppose!"

He then turned to his friends and asked "Do you think Slut here deserves a pearl necklace, guys?"

Leena quickly countered "Oh Master Tom, why would you give me such a piece of jewellery when you have only just met me!"

Tom and his friends burst out laughing at Leena's ignorance! "For your information my sweet little slut, a pearl necklace is not jewellery but you give me a blow job and I shoot my spunk on to your face and upper chest where it hangs in pearl droplets, hence the pearl necklace!"

Leena's blushed as she admitted never having heard of that before, but she added she was willing to receive the pearl necklace if he so wished it.

Tom then announced that she would receive not but four of them right now. He then order Leena to remove all her clothes and to kneel in front of him. Quickly Leena divested her clothes and as she knelt before Tom she was aware of four pairs of eyes travelling from her swollen nipples to her soaking wet cunt lips. She felt on fire as she displayed her charms to these four strangers she had met only moment before.

She soon realised that this was the most natural she had felt in a long while as she realised the true nature of her desire to be a cum slut to anyone who wanted to use and abuse her body.

Soon Tom placed his erect seven-inch prick into her mouth and ordered her to begin sucking it, Leena responded by eagerly opening her mouth and swirling her tongue around the underside of Tom's cock head. Tom allowed a moan to escape his lips as he felt the feather-light touch of her tongue on his most sensitive spot.

As Tom nodded, six eager hands began to explore her body, the first pair began to feel her nipples and breast before pinching and twisting her standing proud nubs. The next pair of hands began to prize open her already soaking wet cunt lips and a thumb rubbed gently against her clit as the third pair of hands began to open her arse cheeks and a finger began to probe her anal ring.

All this attention urged Leena on to give the blow job of her life and suddenly Tom pulled out of her mouth spraying his load over her face from her forehead to her chin she seemed covered in his white baby making seed. Tom was quickly replaced by Leroy's seven-inch but thicker cock, Leena never missed a beat of her sucking as she swallowed the new thicker cock to the hilt and almost just as quickly Leroy pulled out adding his cream to the already messy face of Leena.

Ten minutes later and she had sucked not only Tom's seven-inches, Leroy's seven inches but also George's six and Alan's five, So in the space of fifteen minutes she had taken 25 inches of man meat and had received four large loads of baby goo onto her face which was a white mask of spunk as she obediently sat there. Tom told her to clean herself up and expected her to go over to the old butler sink and wash her face but was surprised when she merely scooped the spunk up onto her fingers and licked her fingers clean swallowing all four loads mixed together.

By the time Leena had done she had excited the guys sufficiently to have them all sporting further hard on's and Tom instructed Leroy to lay o the ground, he then ordered Leena to lay on top of Leroy with his cock up her cunt, before he climbed between her spread legs and fed his cock up her arse. The pair of them double fucked Leena till her cries of ecstasy were loud enough for them to fear being heard out of the athletics field. Quickly he ordered Alan to stuff his cock into Leena's mouth to shut her up but Al's cock was not enough and so he had George try to get his in to her mouth as well as Alan.

Leena was in sexual heaven as she accepted and delighted in taking on all four cocks at once and she felt George and Alan's sperm flooding her mouth just as her own orgasm broke and then felt the unmistakeable feeling of a throbbing cock in her cunt about to unleash its torrent of spunk deep inside her cunt.

She secretly thanked god she was on the pill as Leroy finally stopped his spurting only for her to feel the red hot spunk of Tom washing against her anal walls. When the pulled out of Leena she felt like a rag doll all limp and comfy, but she knew she would never be happy again merely being someone's girlfriend she would need to be a cum slut taking much more than one man could ever deliver.

The four guys never even thanked her as they disappeared and in a way that made her feel more sluttish and yet hornier then ever. After some twenty minutes she pulled herself around and gather her clothes, dressed and walked on extremely shaky legs towards the bus stop. She could feel the spunk dripping form her cunt and anal ring as she walked and she decided that she could not risk flashing her well used cunt and arse to anyone as she climbed the stairs so she sat downstairs on the bus and she was well aware that the big black bus driver seemed to be giving her that knowing smile as he drove her towards her home.

As she got off the bus the driver motioned to her and in a low whisper he said, if you want lots more of what is clearly running down your leg come to this address on Sunday night at 7 pm sharp as he slipped a piece of paper into her hand.

She stepped off the bus and never looked back until the bus had turned the corner and was out of sight. She then looked at the piece of paper and read the address it contained, she was unsure whether she would be going to that address as she did not know what her boyfriend had in mind for Sunday night.

As she herself turned the corner she ran slap bang into her boyfriend literally and he asked her where she had been she muttered visiting a friend who had been at the athletics track fro a trial but had failed to turn up. She had to make several excuses to him as she tried to get away from him to get into the shower to dispose of her tell tale signs of her adventure.

Eventually she slipped alone into the shower and washed away the streaks of drying cum form her legs and even managed to douche her cunt and arse but could not escape her waiting boyfriend as she enter her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. He thought she was overly excited to see him as she started her orgasm as soon as he slipped his cock inside her still tender cunt. He even suggested that if seeing hunky males performing at the track had turned her on so much maybe she should go there again. Secretly she smiled to herself as she thought if only he knew why I am so horny right now.

The pair of them eventually went dancing and at 1 am he led her out to the back car park and was a little puzzled when she asked him to give her a pearl necklace, he pretended he knew what she meant but was not in the mood until he gave himself away by asking her to suck him till he shot his load over her face.

Eagerly she knelt before him and began sucking him off when out of the corner of her eye she saw Tom stood in the shadows with a young looking black girl on her knees doing the self same thing. This spurred Leena on to compete in completing her task before the young black girl completed hers. She saw Tom wink at her as Suddenly Leena's boyfriends pulled from her mouth and deposited his cream over her face and her pale blue blouse. She walked slowly towards tom and his girl displaying the cum streaks as trophies. Leena's boyfriend never saw the other couple in the shadows as he hurried from the car park, he was waiting inside the dance hall with fresh drinks for Leena and himself as she entered, the tell tale signs of their activity almost gone by that stage.

09-23-2007, 08:41 PM
Thanks Niteowl as always and amazing chapter

09-24-2007, 04:32 AM
Great story! Lucky girl.

10-14-2007, 07:38 PM
Leena's transformation 04.

Chapter four... Seeking master's permission....

Saturday night....

Dear Master,

Here is the required report of the dare you set me....

Over three days, master I achieved the dare but it was wild and excited me sexually to levels I had only ever dreamed about. I truly felt like I was in my natural state with countless amounts of spunk up my cunt and arse and felt wickedly spoilt when it began running down my legs.

Master, I have a favour to ask, I have been invited to a coloured get together tomorrow night, but would not attend without your permission. I confess though to being extremely excited in anticipation.

Your obedient sex slave...


Email to Leena....

Hello my dirty little cum slut,

I am not best pleased with your report as it lacks any real details, however I will show you some leniency and allow your request, provided that you send me a complete report in full detail.

Master Ray.

Sunday morning, Leena rose as normal and was on edge all day waiting for the time to depart for the bus driver's party. At four pm she began to prepare for the forthcoming ordeal.

She bathed and doused her ample charms in delicate scent, shaved her pubic area and sorted out her desired apparel. She selected a matching half-cup bra and crotch less knickers, a short pleated skirt and semi transparent blouse. She finished this off with a pair of five-inch heels.

She was now ready and it was only 5 pm, she tried desperately not to think of the night ahead but the harder she tried the more excited she became. Finally she could resist no longer and lay on her bed to play with her already soaking pussy as she imagined all kinds of things being done to her.

With four fingers buried deep inside her cunt, she began trembling as the first throes of orgasm broke. She panted herself through the first few minutes of her intense orgasm and then when she could remain quiet no longer she screamed her master's name into her pillow.

Finally at 6.30 pm, she set off to the address she had been given, with every step she took she imagined something else happening to her and she felt her cunt dribbling down her legs. Every possible sexual deviation flashed through her mind as she made her way on foot to the address. She saw herself bound and gagged as large black cocks probed her cunt and anal openings, or she was forced to suck on the largest blackest cock she had ever seen until she wore a pearl necklace with pride.

She finally turned the corner onto the street where the house stood, she almost chickened out as she felt her excitement reach fever pitch. In fact she would have backed out if it had not been for the bus driver spotting her from the window and hurrying out to meet her.

He immediately ordered her to open her coat and he allowed a low wolf whistle to escape his lips. He then ordered her to enter the house, closely followed by Nathan.

Nathan then ordered Leena to strip off her blouse and skirt, he then blindfolded her and taking her hand he led her into another room. The sound of small talk instantly stopped as she entered the room. Suddenly she felt various sized hands groping her breasts and stomach.

Nathan's booming voice then broke the silence, "Well bitch, tell everyone here, why you're here tonight dressed like the cum slut you truly are?" he demanded.

In a trembling voice, Leena managed to stammer, "Master, I am here because I am a cum slut in need of being used and abused by the superior male of the species!"

Nathan then instructed Leena to remove her blindfold and after adjusting to the bright lights she saw she was in a room with a least eight large black males and three black females. The females were scowling at Leena as she instantly regretted her choice of verbal response to Nathan's earlier question.

In the centre of the room was a large packing crate with various holes drilled in the sides at various places. Nathan instructed Leena that she was going to be placed in the box, where she would use her charms and skills to satisfy all those present. He then stressed that her charms included her mouth, cunt and arse. However he informed her that she would be severely punished if she accepted any deposits inside her openings. Instead she was to allow all spurts to cascade over her tramp like body.

He pointed out to the guest that he had lined the box with plastic and he was looking forward to seeing her body covered in spunk or piss. He then pointed to the three women and showed them the special chair arrangement he had designed.

He demonstrated how the chair sat above the crate, allowing the women to sit up above the slut in a box and they could then piss all over her. Unbeknown to Leena a web cam was mounted above the crate to record to computer all the action inside the box.

Leena was then lifted and dropped into the box, the plastic felt cold and sticky against her excited skin. Nathan demanded the right to go first as he ordered Leena to accept his cock into her cunt. She bent herself over offering her cunt up to one of the holes on the sidewall of the crate and found that she could then suck a cock on the opposite wall at the same time.

Rock hard black cock after black rigid cock was thrust through the holes of the crate and Leena used her hands, mouth, cunt or arse to get them to the point where they were ready to shoot. And load after load of white baby making spunk was sprayed over her already sweating body.

Her face was already a mask or white cum stains, pearl droplets hung from her chin and nipples as a cooling pool of spunk developed on the base of the crate. Suddenly the chair arrangement was hoisted in to place and a plump typical black mama was soon seated above her. With a haughty laugh she demanded that Leena accept her offering on to her face and Leena had to use her tongue to clean up her pussy afterwards. This meant that she would have to lick a sweaty piss tasting cunt till its owner climaxed.

Leena delighted in the humiliation of it all, she felt she had found her true station in life. Suddenly her face was blasted with hot smelly urine and she had to open her mouth to accept her full degradation.

As soon as the woman stopped pissing, she ordered Leena to lick clean her cunt and to bring her to an orgasm or she would face a punishment, as determined by this woman. Leena just knew that this was what the woman really wanted as she had recognised the hate in her eyes.

By now Leena was kneeling in a three inch deep mixture of cold spunk and warm piss, suddenly a big black cock poked through one of the holes and unleashed a torrential stream of piss all over the back of Leena, then as that cock retreated three more appeared through various holes and they too pissed all over her.

Nathan's voice suddenly broke through the background noise as he instructed Leena to fill her mouth from the floor of the crate and then hold her head up high, before opening her mouth. It was only when Leena did this she spotted the camera suspended above her head and she baulked at the next instruction. Swallow the contents of your mouth you fucking cheap whore.

As soon as she had done so the coloured woman sat on the raised chair disappeared to be replaced by a second woman who simply pulled her sweaty knickers top one side as she unleashed a smelly torrent of piss in Leena's direction. She almost laughed hysterically as she instructed Leena to lick and suck the used spunk from her well-fucked cunt.

Leena was instructed to spit out the contents and not to swallow what ever she sucked from her cunt. Meanwhile a small hand had been pushed through one of the larger holes and was finger, fucking Leena's slicked up anal ring. As the hand withdrew, Leena heard male voices saying, "look that black bitch is sucking the shit off her fingers from the blonde white bitches ass!"

Suddenly, the third black woman joined her inside the box; this woman was instructed to use her tongue to lick Leena's ass clean and Leena was told to shit on this motherfucker's face, while the woman was told to eat any shit she was fed.

The woman had largish breasts but her back and stomach were clearly still showing signs of some punishment she had undergone, as her body was a mass of large welts.

By midnight Leena was hauled out of the box and made to put her blouse and skirt on over the drying cold clammy spunk and was unceremoniously kicked out of the house.

All the way home Leena could feel the spunk drying and sticking to her skin, she felt deliciously wicked and kinky as she thought of the people passing her, not knowing what she had been doing or the state of her body.

As soon as she got home she sank into a hot luxurious bath, before going to bed to sleep the sleep of the dead until Monday morning at 8 am.

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