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09-07-2007, 03:38 AM
“I can’t believe I’m getting married tomorrow,” I told my best friend (and maid of honor). She smiled, but I sensed it was a weak smile just for my benefit.

Elizabeth and I have been best friends since Elementary school. I’m two years older but a good half a foot shorter. I’ve always been jealous of her big DD tits, but I’m satisfied with my Bs. Elizabeth has long dark brown hair and green eyes. As for me, I have curly, lighter brown hair that’s short and blue eyes. We both knew each other very well and had even kissed once when I found out she was bi. Nothing became of the kiss obviously, and we both moved our own separate ways with relationships.

Tonight, my friends and I are celebrating my bachelorette party at my house. As the night wore on, people started to leave (and I had to call a couple cabs). Elizabeth stuck around to help me clean up all the alcohol bottles and trash. It was only about 11 and so we decided to finish the last of the Smirnoff. I was starting to feel tipsy by my last bottle and I knew Elizabeth must have been feeling it too.

“Want me to call you a cab, or I can pull out the sofa bed,” I suggested.

“I think I’ma crash here,” she said.

While she pulled out the bed, I went in to my room to retrieve the spare bedding, two pillows, and a t-shirt for Elizabeth to wear to sleep. After giving her everything, I returned to my room to throw on a t-shirt myself. I headed back to the living room to see if she needed any help getting the bed fixed. When I got out there, she was fitting the sheet on the mattress. When she leaned over, the t-shirt rode up so that you could see her lacy red panties.

“Nice underwear,” I said slapping her butt.

“Oww, hey,” she said,” I can’t help that you’re short and your t-shirt doesn’t cover me properly!”

I just shrugged and went over to help her with the other side of the bed.

“I haven’t tried the bed out yet, so you’ll have to tell me if it’s comfy,” I told her as she climbed in the bed.

“Nice so far,” she told me. “Try it for yourself though,” she added and she pulled me onto the bed with her.

After regaining my balance, I grabbed the pillow and smacked her with it. She grabbed the second and hit me back. Several hits later she had me pinned under her.

“No,” I said, “I surrender!”

“Damn right,” she said.

The smile faded from her face as she looked down at me under her. She leaned in fast and pressed her lips against me. I’m not sure if it was the alcohol or curiosity but I just lay there and let her kiss me. She started to pull away. I reached up and grabbed her gently and pulled her back to me. This time, I let my lips part and our tongues touched. She threw her pillow to the side to deepen the kiss. Suddenly, I felt her hand near my knee. Slowly, she drew it up my thigh under my t-shirt. Our lips parted. Pulling my t-shirt up over my breasts, Elizabeth started to kiss my stomach and around my belly button. She kissed up the center of my body to right below my right breast. Cupping my breast gently in her hand, she brought her head down to flick her tongue gently over my hardening nipple. She raised her other hand to my other breast and started to massage it while she continued licking my tit. My breathing started to increase and my pussy started to get soaked. She took my whole nipple (and more) into her mouth and began to suck. Her tongue circled my nipple and flicked over it again. Carefully, she let her teeth come down to nibble on my nipple.

“Mmm,” I moaned, “that feels amazing.”

“I’ll show you amazing,” she said.

She came back up to give me another passionate kiss. Meanwhile, she let her fingers trace the outline of the front of my now drenched thong. I moaned as she pulled it gently to the side and traced a finger up and down my slit. As the kiss was broken, thoughts raced through my head. This all felt good, but did I want to go any farther? I was getting married tomorrow! Before I could think further, Elizabeth’s finger started to enter my pussy. O, God it felt so good. I loved my fiancée but he wasn’t much for foreplay. This was heaven for me. She started to pump her finger into me and soon added a second finger.

“How does it feel,” she asked.

Unable to lie, I replied, “Fuckin’ great! Don’t stop,” I decided.

She smiled devilishly and continued to pump me harder. She scooted down the bed more. A second later I could feel her warm breath on my pussy. She extended her tongue and let it flick over my clit. She did this a couple times, pausing only to suck on my clit. My moaning got out of control. I started to wiggle when she pressed a third finger into me.

“O God,” I screamed, “Fuck me harder!”

Elizabeth sat up and started to pump me as hard as she could. My body started to tense.

“I’m gonna cum,” I told her, “Please don’t stop.”

She bent back down and nibbled my clit gently. This sent me rocketing into my orgasm. I shook violently as cum poured out and onto Elizabeth’s fingers. She pulled them out and licked hungrily at my pussy. When my spasming ended, she climbed up to where my head was and gently kissed me. I could faintly taste my own cum on her lips. When my breathing settled, I sat up and pushed her back.

“My turn,” I said with a smile.

To Be Continued…

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Great addition..Tater...thanks....:)

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good story! Can't wait for the second part!

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support and encouragement! Hopefully I can get the second part finished in between studying and work this weekend!
Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the great addition

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ooooh.... hot!
Good work, Tater"

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Thanks again! Hope you'll enjoy the sequel!

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Thanks for the story taters. If it was as good as the first, I don't see why not.

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great story

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Hey Everyone, Sorry I've gone MIA these past few weeks. I've been busy with classes, sick as a dog, AND found out that I'm gonna have a lil tater tot in May (if everything goes ok). I'll be bringing you part two to this story either late tonight or tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

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WOW...well congrats and great to see you again...we will be here when your ready to post it.

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Welcome tater, to the world of ****** authorship, judging by your story your a natural.... keep up the great work...

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Davesmistress: Thanks! My man is excited. Should be interesting tho to see how everything turns out.
NiteOwl:Thanks also! I love writing!

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Wow! Great story. Nothing gets me wetter than a good girl on girl story. You have my lust and desire peaked and now I'm ready to read part 2.
Thank you

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Thanks again Darcy (hope part two didn't let you down)!

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damn thats a hot story

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Thanks alot Goober, I appreciate the feedback ;)

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nice job Tater and congrats on the tater tot
keep up the fine work
have fun

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Thanks Wizard! Can't wait til Thanksgiving Break when I have more time to write!

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yep making time is hard, which is why I'm so far behind on my stories

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I love your stories!

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thank you cutie, your stories are also very nice
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:D Thanks! I'll try not to disappoint!