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Kai Kenobi
09-04-2005, 05:27 PM
My first day

I had nothing my girlfriend had left me claiming “you’re pathetic; you can’t get a job, no wait you don’t want to get a job I cant believe you’re satisfied living it this shit hole apartment barely making enough rent to pay, and then you ask if I could lower myself even further in marrying you…get a life” so that was that but not all that she said was true I mean I do have a job I’m a substitute teacher but unfortunately I don’t get paid much unless another teacher is sick or something but alas I have been through a dry spell of late. But just 1 week after Cherry left me I got a call from Sydney smith school “Mr. Rein?”

“Yes this is Terry Rein who’s asking”

“Headmaster Cole at Sydney smith we’ve had a…incident with our English teacher and were wondering if you could take on his position temporarily.”

“Can I ask how temporary?”

“If the situation with Mr. Brent doesn’t change we are looking at least two months waiting for the permanent replacement does that suit you Mr. Rein?”

Fuck yes it suited me “yes I suppose that could be arranged” I was jumping for joy.

“Quite, well then my secretary is faxing you the directions and I will see you 8:30 am sharp good day” he hung up the phone and about bloody time I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

“YYYEEEAAAHH!!!” finally my luck had changed; Syd Smith was a very posh private school and paid big money and at 6’2 blond hair, blue eyes I clean up good when I have the means. Also that bitch Cherry could be easily forgotten with a little cash I’m quite the player “shouldn’t take me too long” I thought as I weighed my chances of getting laid tonight, “first things first” I said to myself as I went to withdraw the last of my cash from the near by ATM then returned home and put on my last expensive deep blue shirt and black pants…now I was ready.

I took a cab to a local bar one of those types that just seem to be made to pick up girls. It only took the amount of one drink and two rejections later that I saw her, with long curly blond hair, green eyes and at a petite 5’2 she looked too young to be here but that tight red dress that accentuated her 32 C tits claimed otherwise. At the same time I was checking her over she was letting her eye wander over me a little, and apparently pleased gave a playful smile, when our eyes met she began moving over to me never loosing the gaze we shared.

“You have beautiful eyes”
“Thank you…may I sit here?” she said gesturing to the stool next to mine.
“Oh yes by all means, can I buy you a drink?” as she bent over to pull the stool closer a caught a glimpse of her finely shaped ass. “Mrs.…?”I asked with a hope.
“Miss. Chelsea Underhill actually, and you are?” she asked with a playful smile that seemed to show more than it was supposed to.
“Terry, Terry Rein and now we are done with the basics how about that drink?” I said whilst grinning at her.
<2 hours later>
I must have only had 3 pints but it felt like 10 must be the aftershock of not having touched any alcohol for 2 months. I was a state but Chelsea didn’t seem to mind as she continued to stroke the inside of my pants getting ever closer to my crotch then she bent closer to me showing me those lovely breast she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Let’s go back to your place” the voice seemed to come from the breasts themselves as I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.
“Sure” was all I said but I think it was slurred with the beer but she seemed to understand as she grabbed my arm and gently pulled me out of the bar, laughing continually I followed her to the cab and told the driver my address.

On the way I had sobered up some and was able to return the passionate kisses Chelsea was giving me in the cab, and also I began gently stroking her lower back up and down only changing do perform slow circles at the top of her firm ass.

“Hmmm” she moaned silently, I took this as a signal to continue and left my ministrations for the moment and slowly pulled my hand up her dress all the while staring longingly into each others eyes she wanted me, needed me I could see it.

My hand reached for her panties and I easily slipped her black thong off in one smooth stroke, and returning to her lower back resuming my previous strokes only this time I kept going, over her anus past the love tunnel and straight to waiting clit, stroking gently at first then as her breathing hastened I picked up the pace, all this time she never lost her gaze with my only pausing it to close her eyes every now and then, my free hand began to roam her moist pussy I wanted my finger to be wet for this and once covered in pussy juice I guided my finger to her sensitive asshole and performed the same slow circular motions to her anus every time I moved a little closer to the hole or paid special attention to her clit she quivered ever so slightly, my fingers moved like a symphony up and down on her clit and circling round and round on her anus, she moaned louder so I moved faster, up and down, back and forth and round and around, “Ahh” her moaning increased her eyes clenched she was nearing release, so I moved with furious speed, up and down back and forth, around and around, around and up and down back and forth faster and faster never ending, if she did moan again I couldn’t hear I was lost in my quest to make her cum harder than ever before.

“I’m Cumming I’m Cumming!!!” at this point I shoved my finger about an inch into her asshole and she clenched around me shaking with convulsion. I had stopped all movement as she came down from her high, I found myself sweating slightly.

“Err…were here that will be $7.20” said the cab driver as he had obviously caught the whole thing, Chelsea just grinned like a Cheshire cat and giggled slightly as I handed him the money and stepped out of the cab helping Chelsea out as she was a bit weak around the knees.

“I’ve never done that before” she had just regained her composure.
“What, in a cab?” I asked half-heartedly my only concern at the time was to get in my apartment so I could continue what had started.
“No the thing with my…butt” she blushed slightly at the thought of any anal intercourse.
“Oh don’t worry that was just the beginning” I said with triumph as I had finally opened my door and we entered my apartment.

A kissing session occurred immediately, as we tongue wrestled I removed her dress while she discarded my shirt and Chelsea was only wearing a black bra as her panties remained in the cab.
“What do you think?” she said as her bra fell to the floor.
I was dazzled by her very pert breasts and immediately went to grab them stating “beautiful”.

She pulled my head away from her nipples and the disappointed look on my face soon turned to pleasure as Chelsea got on her knees and unzipped my pants, my semi-hard 7” cock flopped out as I wasn’t wearing any boxers, she quickly grabbed me and then slowly stuck her tongue out and gently licked the slit at the tip of my cock sending a sharp tingling sensation all over me.
“Aahhh you’re good at that” I moaned as my dick was now almost fully erect.

All she did was smile as I entered her mouth she suckled just on the head until I got completely hard which didn’t take long then took about 5” and began bobbing up and down. All I can say is it’s a good thing we were near the bed because I was about to collapse she was so fucking good I think it was the way she nibbled the tip ever so gently almost teasingly, fuck I was about to cum already.

“Ohh god damn it all” I just stopped her before she made me cum and I was left at the edge of oblivion twitching for release. I pulled her up and gave her a deep passionate kiss whilst falling down on the bed with me on top of her the tongue bath lasted about 7 min and I could now safely fuck her for longer then 2 seconds.

“Humm…put it in please” she moaned as I was applying light pressure to her clit whilst kissing. But now we broke away as she guided me into her soaking pussy she was so wet I slipped in 4” without any resistance and I thrust the rest in one quick stroke earning a grunt from me and a moan from Chelsea. Almost immediately I began humping like an animal thrusting deep every time, my grunts were drowned out by Chelsea’s increasingly loud moaning her climax was approaching rapidly, we were fucking each other with increasing speed each of us lost in our own desire to release our own passion and lust for each other nothing else mattered other than fulfilling our primal desires to release. And as I felt her walls convulse around me I could hold out no longer
“I’m Cumminggg!!”
“Ahhh…yes cum fill me up!!” and I collapsed on her and slowly rolled over as we both came down the only sound that could be heard was our ragged breathing.

I don’t remember anything else as I must have fallen asleep, the next day I woke up to find me spooning her who was still fast asleep, I quietly got out of bed and took a quick shower and had to go to work, I felt bad about just leaving her so I left my cell number and reluctantly left my sleeping beauty to got to my first day at work.

It didn’t take me long to get there as it was only 10 miles away and easy to spot, it was so posh I half expected a valet to park my car.
“Good morning Mr. Reid I’m sure you remember me from our conversation on the telephone” said Headmaster Cole as he shook my hand and began to lead me to my English class.
“Of course headmaster, I’m so exited to work here at Sydney Smith”
He opened a door to a very expensive classroom that with its entire itinerary must have cost at least $100,000. And as I took my seat Headmaster Cole gave me the usual speech I got at every school.
“Class starts at 9:00 sharp Monday to Friday you are expected to arrive ready for work at 8:30 or earlier, there are two 10 minute breaks at 10am and 2pm also one lunch break at noon that lasts precisely 1 hour. And Class finishes at 3:30pm, any questions?”
“Yes at what time do I change to the next class?” he gave me a controlled annoyed look and said “here at Sydney Smith the class had one subject per day, and now if you will excuse me I am very busy good day.” He didn’t even give me time to answer as he stormed out in a very prestigious manner.

“Ok” I looked at the clock and realized the class would be arriving soon as it was 8:59.
“Right err register first” I said to myself as I searched the drawer for it and finding a deep leather binder with gold plated edges I opened it and found today’s date with 30 students all girls.

A bell rang and just like clockwork students silently entered the classroom, I was about to greet them when I noticed their green plaid very short skirts and white almost see-through shirts with a green striped tie holy shit I thought to my self and realized my cock had leaped into action. I was a good job I was sitting down or these 18 and 19yr old girls would see there new substitute teacher in a new light that might just get me fired.

“Ok I’m your new substitute teacher Mr. Reid, I will hold of on writing my name on the board until I get though this register and might I say I think if we work together we can show up that Cole by getting straight A’s all right”
“Yes sir” all together in sync they could be mistaken for robots not one of them missed a beat.

“Right lets start this thing, Miss Violet”
“Here sir”
“Miss Ventura”
“Yes sir”
“Halt, Dina, Powter” god I was board at least at public schools the kids were more interesting.
“Sir, sir, sir”
“Miss Thompson”
“Here sir”
“Miss Underhill”
“Is Miss Underhill here, a Miss Chelsea Underhill” What??? My eyes widened as I focused on the recognized name next to the name the age read 18yrs old, no fucking way it couldn’t be her no she couldn’t be 18 no chance it cant be can it? My mind rambling was interrupted as a latecomer entered the room.
“Sorry I’m late Mr. Reid…I had kind of a long night” my eyes saucer size as she gave a playful smile that gave off more than it should.

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