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06-09-2006, 12:52 AM
Cock Torture...American Style
by norma jeanne

(Many thanks to Abashed_Dreamer for his superb editing!)

I checked my watch; it was 4:15 PM. Another 15 minutes and the plane would land, and I would be there. ‘There’, was Denver, Colorado, where my new Mistress lived. “New,” is not quite accurate. She had been my Mistress on the internet for almost two years, but now I was to meet Her. This was the first time I had been to the United States. The only time I had talked to Her was when She called to congratulate me on my graduation from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia. Her voice had been soft and sexy, and had sent chills through me. She was the only Mistress I had ever had.

Wild thoughts rushed through my head. ‘What if She doesn‘t like me? What if She is disappointed in me? What if She doesn’t like my cock? What if I cum too fast? What if I can’t take the pain?’ As nervous as I was, my prick was still hard at the thought of Her. I imagined what it was going to be like when she tortured me. I thought about her whipping my cock and balls, striking them and making me scream. I had never really been tortured before. I had hurt and punished myself for her ******, but that is not the same as being under someone’s complete control. She is a savage Mistress and told me that my time with her would not be easy. The thought sent shivers through me and made my prick even harder. I was excited and very fearful.

I finally got through customs, but I didn‘t see Her. Where was She? Had She changed Her mind? Then, there She was, walking toward me. She was even more beautiful in person than in Her pictures. Her long brown hair hung below Her shoulders, and her hips swayed seductively as She walked toward me. I started to get hard again.

She took my hand in Hers and spoke my name softly. “Marko.”

“Mistress Katherine.” My voice shook.

“Kat, in public, hon; Mistress, only in private.”

“Yes, Mistress...Kat...” My face turned red. She must have thought I was an idiot.

Smiling, She took my hand and we left the airport.

“I hope you’re hungry. We’re going out to eat.”

I was excited. My first American restaurant, and in the company of my beautiful Mistress. Surely I would be the envy of every man there. By the time we arrived at the Trail Dust Steak House, I felt less nervous. Her gentle questions and smiles had put me at ease

My ease did not last long, when after we sat down, some of the people that worked there came up to me, ringing big cow bells, and used a huge pair of scissors, to cut off my tie. Laughing, Kat told me that ties were not allowed. Though embarrassed, I laughed and went with the joke. We each had a huge steak, cooked rare, a salad, and a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream. I think it was the best steak I have ever had. We left the restaurant, and I became nervous again; I knew what was next.

We went into the house, and my Mistress did not waste any time. She showed me to a bedroom, told me to be unpacked, naked, and kneeling in the living room, by the time She changed her clothes. I just made it to my knees when She walked in. “God!” I thought, “She is beautiful!” The way She looked gave me an instant hard-on. She had on a corset, garter belt, thigh high leather boots with very high heels. All were black. She carried a riding crop in her hand. I stared at Her. She was magnificent.

Without warning, She stepped behind me and lashed my back with her crop. . “Is that how you were taught to kneel, slave?

I quickly spread my legs, placed my palms face up on my thighs, raised my head proudly, and lowered my eyes.

“Better.” She purred her approval.

She put leather restraints around my wrists and took me to Her chamber. I looked around as we went in. The room was large, airy, and a little cool. It looked half like a dungeon, and half like a doctor’s office. I knew She had a medical fetish. Mistress Kat got a paddle and made me lie over Her lap. I was excited, but scared too. This was my first real-life experience with BDSM. My sexy Mistress brought the paddle down on my ass, and I jumped. It stung a lot more than I expected. She paddled my ass, first one cheek, then the other, till it was burning. I thought she was done, then she brought the crop down across my ass hard. She whipped my backside until it was covered with welts. She stopped the cropping and caressed and soothed my ass cheeks, first with her fingertips, then with Her tongue. Her tongue on my welts sent shivers all through my body. I was hard as a rock and precum was dripping from the end of my prick, onto Her lap.

“Look at the mess you made on me, Marko. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“Yes, I am”

She smacked me hard with the crop again, and I let out a yelp.

“Yes, I am, what?”

“Huh?” I didn’t understand.

She smacked me hard again. “Yes, I am, Mistress or Ma’am.”

“Oh, okay.” *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK*

“You have a lot to learn, slave boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She nodded in approval.

“Up on the GYN table.”

I looked at Her blankly. I didn’t understand what She meant.

She pointed to the doctor’s examining table. I quickly got on it. She made me scoot down until my ass was at the very end, and had me put my feet in some foot rests. She called them stirrups. She strapped my arms to the sides of the table, and my thighs and ankles to the leg rests. I was scared, but thought I better not say anything.

Mistress Katherine pulled up a tray and put on some gloves. A filled bag hung from a pole at the side of the table, and from the bottom of it, came a tube. She took the tube and started putting the end of it up my ass. I realized I was going to get an enema. I had never had one. I didn’t know if I was going to like it or not. I found out very quickly I didn’t like it at all! She opened a valve at the bottom of the bag and started to fill me; it was hot. She said it was soapy water. My abdomen started cramping. The more She put into me, the worse it was. God, it hurt!

“Mistress, I need to go to the bathroom.” She didn’t say anything. She just kept pumping stuff into me. There was a strange burning on my insides. The cramps got worse. I was moaning with the pain.

“God, Mistress! Please!”

“Hold it, slave,” was all She said. It felt like my insides were going to burst. Finally she stopped. I lay there cramping and moaning. I wanted to curl into a ball and hold my swollen stomach, but the straps prevented me from doing that. She released an arm and told me to masturbate myself, but not to cum. Finally She let me up to got to the bathroom. I walked there, carefully, clutching my painful abdomen, knowing if a drop leaked out I would be tortured more. When I was done, She made me get back on the table, and strapped me down completely again. I couldn’t believe it when She started filling me once more. I looked at Her, my eyes questioning.

“Do you like my laundry soap?” She asked.

This time the cramping was not so bad, but the burning was worse. She pumped me full again, watching my abdomen swell, but did not make me lie there as long. She didn’t need to; the soapy water in my empty bowel worked more quickly. After She let me go to the bathroom, I felt a little weak and dizzy. I hoped She wasn’t going to do it a third time. She didn’t, but what came next wasn’t any better.

She put on another pair of gloves and opened a kit. Mistress scrubbed the end of my prick. She took out a tube and grabbed my dick again, pulled it out, then let go.

“Hmmmm. You have a small hole, Marko. I will need to get a different tube.”

She quickly returned and scrubbed the end of my member again. She rammed a tube up into my hole. It hurt, but was bearable. She pushed it in, farther and farther. Suddenly I was peeing. She caught all my piss in a pan, then pulled out the tube. That was not too bad, I decided. Mistress Katherine told me that was called catheterization and the next procedure would be more effective not that my bladder was empty. Then She got a pole with a smaller bag hanging from it. She called it an IV pole. The bag had ‘5% Saline Solution’ written on it. Again, She scrubbed the end of my cock, and jammed another tube into it. All the way to my bladder again. I hadn’t realized that the solution was almost freezing cold, until it instantly hurt, running into me. She slowly filled my bladder. It started to spasming with painful contractions, as if someone was trying to wring it, squeezing and twisting, while it filled. She put the whole bag into me, then clamped it off. I lay there, hurting, needing to pee, bladder spasming, yet feeling somewhat numb too. She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. I was filled with pain and pleasure. She released the clamp and drained all the solution from me. It was such a relief, yet I still spasmed for a little while.

Throughout both these procedures my prick was hard as a rock. Every time She would touch it, shivers ran through my body. Every once in a while She would lick Her lovely lips and my mind filled with images of Her mouth on my cock. I wanted to beg Her to suck me. I wanted to fill Her mouth and throat with my cum.

Mistress left Her gloves on and probed my asshole with one finger. It felt good, but it hurt too. I had never had anything put in there until the enema. Her finger was in me as far as it would go, rubbing and feeling all around. Then She found a very sensitive spot, and my hips jerked and I moaned. I knew She was rubbing my prostate. She began to fuck my ass with her finger, massaging my gland with each stroke. I moaned as Her finger moved faster.

“Mistress, may I cum?”

“We are barely getting started. You cannot cum for a long time yet.”

I moaned and fought the urge to cum as Her finger kept moving in and out of my hot ass. I thought for sure I was going to lose it and cum, when She finally stopped. She took her gloves off, and took my balls in Her hand. She squeezed them gently. I moaned with pleasure. She ran her fingertips all over my balls. Her fingers felt like warm velvet on my heavy sacs. She began squeezing and massaging them. I was again ready to cum. I didn’t have to tell Her though; she knew and warned me not to.

“Don’t cum slave. If you do, you will regret it.

She squeezed my balls very hard and I yelped. That pressure did help relieve the need to cum. Mistress Katherine alternated between soft caresses and hard squeezes. It seemed like every time She squeezed them, it was a little harder than the time before. I was moaning and groaning between the pleasure and the pain Her hand was giving me. She moved to my cock and began to examine it closely. She ran her fingers up and down the hard shaft. I was writhing and moaning. Suddenly, I let loose and came. The cum spurted from my prick, long, white, frothy streams of it; one right after another. When I was through cumming, I looked at Her standing there. Her arms were folded and I could tell from the look on her face that she was disappointed and displeased with me.

“You will pay Marko, and the price will be harsh. I don‘t tolerate disobedience.”

“I’m sorry Mistress. Please forgive me. I couldn’t help it. Your hands, so soft, so warm...” I let my voice trail off. She wasn’t buying my excuses. ‘Shit,’ I thought.

She went and got a small flogger and began whipping the inside of my thighs. The sting of the leather on my tender flesh, made me jump each time. When the leather struck my cock and balls, I couldn’t help but cry out. I could feel the bite of each thong on my soft skin. Over and over She struck them, until they were red and burning. Incredibly my prick was hard again.

My Mistress got some alligator clamps with a chain attached between them. She started to lick and suck my nipples. My nipples were so sensitive that each time She would suck on them, it would send a jolt from them clear down into my groin.

“MMMM, MMMM, oh yes.” I didn’t want Her to ever stop.

Suddenly She bit down hard on my left nipple.

“God!” I yelled. She then bit my right one. I yelled again.

Grasping the tip of my left nipple, she pulled it out and fastened the clip on it. Then the right one. I couldn’t believe how much the clamps hurt, the teeth biting into me. She left the tip of each nipple sticking out. My nipples throbbed and burned. It felt like they were being cut in two.

Mistress Katherine lowered Her head and began to lick my dick. Her tongue, wet and warm, moving up and down the shaft was driving me crazy. I moaned and trembled as I lay there. Starting at my balls, She ran Her tongue slowly up the shaft. When she reached the sensitive mushroom head, she nibbled gently with her teeth. Then scraping Her teeth over the head, she sucked on my hole. I thought I was going to explode in Her mouth. Licking and sucking She moved Her mouth down the front side of my prick, then back up to the head again. She closed her lips over it and sucked. My moans were loud. My hips thrust upward, trying to ram my member down her throat. Just when I thought I could not keep myself from cumming, she stopped. I was panting loudly. I had never felt such an overwhelming need. Her denying my orgasm, sent such erotic pain through my genitals that my whole body was trembling. She again took the head of my cock into her mouth. She sucked it and then scraped her teeth over the head to the rim. She bit down hard and I screamed.

From the middle of the chain between the nipple clamps, there was a longer chain. She showed me a strange ring she was about to attach to the end of it.

“This is for your cock.”

I didn’t want Her to put that on my prick. It looked horrible. It was round and the inside was bristled with spikes pointing inward. The ring could be adjusted to make it loose or tight. Mistress Katherine snapped the ring around my shaft, right behind the cock head where it is so sensitive. I felt the spikes stick into me. I gasped at the feel of all those sharp points jabbing into my member. Then She began to tighten it. It felt like a thousand needles being stuck into the rim of my cock. She kept tightening it until I screamed. I begged Her, pleaded with Her to stop.

“Please! Stop! It Hurts! It Hurts!” Still She tightened it.

“God! Please Mistress! Please!” The points dug into my soft, sensitive skin.

She took hold of the middle of the chain and yanked it hard.

“Aaaaaaaagggggggghhhhh!” My scream echoed in my ears. The clamps bit into my nipples as She yanked them. The cock ring felt like needles were buried in my prick. She held the chain taut and listened to my screams and pleas. Mistress Katherine seemed to know just when I had all I could take. She let go of the chain and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was surprised when She removed my restraints. She gave me a big glass of water and I gulped it down. Being tortured is thirsty work. My dong felt like it was being bitten in two, yet it was so hard it ached. The precum dripped from the end. I was ready to cum again.

“Pleasure Me, Marko. Make me cum. If you do an excellent job, later I may allow you to cum. That is, if you feel like it after you are punished.”

‘Oh dear God,’ I thought. ‘How can I stand more? What have I gotten myself into?’ My dick leaked more precum.

My Mistress lay back on the couch and spread Her legs. Her pussy was beautiful. A neat little triangle of hair on her mound. The puffy lips were covered with Her juices. Her clit was swollen and sticking out. It beckoned me.

I knelt on the floor next to Her and as directed, ran my hands over Her exquisite body. I marveled at the feel of Her. Her skin was soft as a rose petal. She shivered as my fingertips caressed Her. Starting at Her feet, I kissed and sucked each toe. I caressed Her thighs as I kissed up the calf of Her leg. I felt Her shiver beneath my touch. My hands found their way to Her beautifully shaped tits. Her nipples hardened to my touch. She moaned quietly. I leaned forward to take Her nipple into my mouth and felt the chain pull on my nipples and cock. It hurt, but I didn’t care; all I could think about was sucking Her nipple. I ran my tongue over the aureole, then flicked it across the tip. I licked and kissed first one nipple, then the other. She whimpered as I sucked the right one into my mouth. I scraped my teeth up it, then sucked as much of Her breast into my mouth as possible.

“MMMMMMMM,” She moaned. I pinched and pulled the other nipple, lightly at first but getting rougher and rougher. She didn’t tell me to stop, so I twisted Her nipple harshly. She cried out loudly, but still made no objection.

“Fuck me with your tongue.”

I was glad to oblige, and lowered my head between Her legs. Her scent was intoxicating. She was so wet that Her juices were running out and onto the couch. I kissed Her swollen lips. Kissing all over one, then the other. Putting my tongue down to Her ass, I licked in quick little strokes, moving up toward Her pussy. I ran my tongue over Her slit, and She thrust Her cunt into my face. Needing no more urging, I entered Her steaming hole with my tongue.

“God oh God, yessss,” She moaned.

I fucked Her with my tongue, pushing it into Her as deeply as I could, then curling it as I brought it out. Over and over I plunged my tongue into Her hot hole. I found Her engorged clit with my thumb and pushed down hard, mashing it into Her.

“OHHH, OHHH, OHHH” She cried. She began to scream as Her cum gushed onto my tongue and my face. She tasted wonderful; even better than I had imagined. Her whole body was shaking, and Her cries still echoed in the room. I sucked Her cum from Her pussy as fast as I could, but there was so much I couldn’t keep up with it. It was all over my face and it ran down Her thighs and into the crack of her ass.. As Her screams turned to whimpers, I lifted my head. She grabbed it and pushed me down to Her pussy again.

“More!” She demanded.

I attacked Her with renewed vigor, my tongue licking all over Her cunt. I flicked my tongue back and forth over Her clit. I rammed two fingers into Her, burying them deeply. I scraped my teeth up Her clit then sucked it into my mouth. Adding a third finger, I filled Her completely. I could feel Her muscles tightening around my fingers. I slammed them into Her, over and over. I loved how She was talking.

“Fuck oh fuck! Ram your fingers into me. Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard. Suck my clit.”

I was very aware of my nipples and prick. My nipples felt like they were being bitten in two. My cock was hard and throbbing. The points were digging into it. I wanted to cum so badly.

Mistress Katherine was crying out, moaning, thrashing on the couch. Her whole body was convulsing in orgasm. Wave after wave washed through Her as the cum gushed out of Her like a fountain. I kept sucking on Her clit, biting it, and slamming my fingers into Her. Her sweet cream was all over my face and hand. Finally Her climax subsided, and She lay there, shaking and moaning.

“Clean me with your tongue.” Her voice quivered.

I cleaned all of Her. Licking each inch and getting all of Her nectar. After Her breathing settled, She sat back up on the couch. I was still kneeling there, cock throbbing, aching for release. The precum was shining on the end. I wanted that damn cock ring off of me, and I wanted to bury my prick in Her mouth and throat.

My Mistress rose, grabbed the chain and yanked on it to bring me to my feet. I screamed at the pain. Mistress Katherine loved hearing me scream.

She led me back to the table and strapped me to it again. She removed the cock ring first. I sighed with relief as she took it off. Releasing the clamps, the blood rushed back into my nipples. I screamed again, but the pain was also very erotic and made me need to cum even more. It was going to feel so good to cum. She lowered her mouth to my prick and licked it all around where points had jabbed me. I had to fight hard not to cum.

“You have a very small hole, Markos. I think we need to work on that.”

06-09-2006, 12:59 AM
“Work on it?”

“Stretch it; make it larger.”

“How?” It didn’t sound very pleasant to me.

“Is it going to hurt?” I thought I had enough pain for one day. I needed to release the pressure in my balls. I wanted to cover my Mistress with my cream.

“I will use sounds, and yes dear, it is going to hurt.” She smiled.

I didn’t understand how sound could do that. She explained that a sound is an instrument. Then She showed them to me. They were steel rods, and some were small in diameter, but others were much larger. I realized She was going to put them in my prick. The thought scared me to death.

“Please don’t put those in my cock. Please!” My begging didn’t sway Her.

“I’ll raise the head of the table so you can watch me ram these into you.”

I didn’t want to watch. I didn’t want anything put in my cock. I begged Her again not to do it. She enjoyed my fear.

She put a tight cock ring around the base of my dick. Then She picked up one of the sounds and put some lube on it. I hoped it would slide in easily, but it didn’t. She had to work it into the opening. It felt like She was trying to dig a hole there. She moved the sound all around just inside, twisting and turning it. Then She rammed it hard up the urethra. I screamed! The sharp pain went through my prick like a knife. It felt like She cut me apart. She would pull it almost out then ram it up me again, sometimes twisting it as she did so. She finally took it out. The whole length inside my cock was in agony. Even through all the pain, my prick was hard. She began stroking it. Her hand felt so good on me. She pumped me with a steady rhythm. My balls tightened again, but the cock ring would not allow my release. She picked up a larger sound and began to put lube on it.

“No! Please no!” I pleaded with her.

“Hush, Marko. I need to do this so that I can stretch you enough to do some things to your cock that I want to do.”

Then She jammed the bigger sound up my hole. My screams filled the room. She rammed it into me, over and over again. Twice more She did this, each time using a bigger sound. I was panting and shaking. My body was covered with sweat. My cock was hard as a rock, and my balls were full and tight. She grabbed them and squeezed them until the need to cum had lessened.

Mistress Katherine lowered my head back down and began to probe my anus. Getting a long butt plug, nearly three inches in diameter, she began to work it into my ass. She pushed it until finally my sphincter opened and the plug began to enter me. It felt huge, like it was going to rip me apart. She would push it in, then pull it out almost to the tip, then push it in a little farther than the time before. Though my ass started to bleed, she soon had it almost all the way in, then began to fuck my ass. I moaned with each stroke. My moans of pain turned to moans of pleasure as She fucked me with long slow strokes. She reached up with Her other hand and closed it around my throbbing member. Her hand moved up and down my shaft in rhythm with the fucking of my ass. The need to cum overwhelmed me. I fought it with everything I had. I didn’t want to cum again without permission. She stopped fucking my ass with the plug and pushed it all the way in and left it.

“I am going to punish you now, Marko. You must learn never to disobey me, and never to cum without permission. That is the worst rule you could break, and you broke it immediately. Your nipples and cock are going to suffer for it.”

‘How much more could I possibly suffer?’ I thought. I was soon to find out.

My Mistress took a small, stiff-bristled brush and attacked the tips of my sore nipples. She brushed each one until it was raw. Then She started scouring the tip of my cock all around my hole. She pressed hard as she moved the implement back and forth and seemed pleased as the area reddened and became sore. Then she moved the brush in little circles. It felt like she was taking my skin off. The brush was tearing away the layers. She squeezed open the slit.

“This needs some attention,” she said and worked the bristles into the opening. It was like needles inside the tip of my prick. Then she began scraping the bristles inside that most delicate entrance. It was agony.

“I like your nipples raw like this,” she said. “Your pricks skin is torn and its hole scraped out to receive what I will now give it.”

“This is pepper oil.” She held up a small bottle of oil.

“Pepper oil? What do you mean?”

She took some of the oil and put it on my right nipple. As She rubbed it in, it began to burn. Soon my nipple was on fire and I was shrieking. She continued moving her finger in circles as I twisted in pain. She took a wooden ruler and smartly struck the exact center of the nipple. Bolts of pain shot through me.

“Stop! Stop!” I screamed.

She moved to the other nipple and rubbed the oil into it. As She rubbed, the burn went deeper. She used the ruler again, and clearly enjoyed my shrieks, for she moaned as she rubbed and pinched her own nipples. When She moved between my legs, I realized She was going to put the oil on the raw tip of my cock.

“Fuck, oh Fuck No! Please not my prick! Please!” My cries went unheeded.

I felt the burning right away as She put the oil on it. She rubbed it in for a long time as I screamed, cried, and begged Her to stop.

I saw her take an eyedropper and get a little of the oil into it.

“Marko, this is my special ’treat’ for you. Enjoy it! I know I will.”

She grabbed my prick and shoved the eyedropper about an inch into my hole, deeper than the bristles had been able to reach. Holding the slit tight around the dropper, she squirted the oil inside and instantly there was searing pain in the last inch of my prick. Removing the dropper and holding the slit tightly closed with one hand, she used the other to squeeze my cock, from the tip backwards, forcing the burning liquid further in. She massaged the shaft hard, and soon the entire inside of my dick was on fire, and my nipples burned unbearably. It felt like She was holding a blow torch to them. I writhed and shook as I lay there. I was panting and the sweat was pouring off me. Grasping my cock, She removed the cock ring and then my whole prick throbbed with deeper pain. She began pumping my cock hard with Her hand. Even though my nipples felt like they were on fire and my prick was in agony, my balls tightened and I was ready to cum.

“Are you going to cum again without permission, Marko?”

“No Mistress, no. Never again.” I meant every word of it.

“Good boy.”

She took a soft cloth and wiped the oil off both nipples. That helped some. It still burned, but not as much. Then She put a cream on them and that soothed them a lot. She wiped the tip of my cock with the cloth. That helped around the opening, but the inside was still on fire. I waited for her to put the cream on. Instead she picked up my dick and began pumping it in long, rhythmic strokes. Up and down the shaft She moved Her hand. I moaned in pain and pleasure. My balls filled and I was ready to cum. Still She stroked my prick.

“Please, Mistress, I need to cum.”

“Don’t cum Marko. Hold it.” She bared her breasts.

Still she pumped my engorged cock. If She didn’t stop, I was not going to be able to control it.

“Please, please,” I moaned.

“Cum Marko, cum now!”

I released my load, and it shot high into the air. She aimed my prick and covered Her breasts with my cum. I moaned, and my whole body spasmed. The cum kept shooting from my prick in white, frothy ropes. I had never cum with such intensity. When the cum first went through my cock, it burned worse, but then I totally forgot about it, in my huge orgasm. Wave after wave wracked my body as I continued pumping cum. Mistress milked me until there was nothing left. I had never felt an orgasm anything like that. It was earth shaking. I lay on the table trembling and exhausted. This had been a night to remember. I had learned a lot. I had learned never to cum without permission, and I that I was a true sub. I knew I wanted and needed to be Mistress Katherine’s slave forever.

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Great story and those two pictures sure look painful.

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Thanks...I thought they went well with the story....

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Great story DavesMistress...I love it. Is there more?

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Thanks...I thought they went well with the story....
That they do!!!!

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Great story DavesMistress...I love it. Is there more?

That was all I had found for the moment...Ill look for a possible sequAL...

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