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09-12-2007, 12:00 PM
Mrs. Olsen lit a cigarette, inhaled hungry and blew blue smoke up in the air. Kevin looked at her, she was so hot! He just couldn’t believe what had happened just now. Remembering how her mouth had slid in and out on his shaft, how her tongue flicked at his steel hard cock inside her mouth made him erect again. The vision of her swaying breast when she sucked him off, was burnt into his mind. God!
When she put her lips at the cigarette, all he could think of was those same lips tight around his dick, sucking him off, swallowing his load of cum.
Kevin got hot, he wanted to touch himself as his erection was almost throbbing out of his trousers again.
-Sweetheart, tell me; are you a virgin? Mrs. Olsen stood very close, her almost naked frame smaller than his and her breast poking his chest. Kevin moaned as her hard nipples stroke against him. He wanted to rip off his t-shirt to feel them on his skin.
In fact, he really wanted to get in the nude and to a lot more of everything with her.

- No, I have been with one girl before, but that was a long time ago now, he answered.
Mrs. Olsen looked at him
- So, you know what to do to please a woman?
Kevin blushed.
- I dunno about that, ma’m… guess I just know what to do.
Mrs. Olsen laughed.
- Honest enough, sweetheart. Well, you’re young – you’ll learn it all, in time.

She lifted a hand and stroked his hair. Her mouth got closer and then she kissed him. Kevin felt her tongue slipping into his mouth, the tip of her tongue searching for his. He kissed her back, pulled her close and rubbed his erection hard at her hips.
The kiss grew passionate, tongues flicking, lips clasping, breath shortened. She swayed so teasingly against his body, Kevin felt her hands sliding down into his panties on to his butt cheeks.
She used her hands and pulled him hard in, lifted one leg up and put it around his waist, making her pussy rotate at his hard-on. He looked down in between them, saw her soaked panties rubbing against his undies.
He did not know what to do. Well, of course he knew what he wanted to do, but she was Mrs. Olsen! He couldn’t just pin her at the sofa and fuck her, could he?
Oh, but he wanted to do exactly that. Oh God, how much he wanted her pussy! He hear himself moan into her mouth.

- Want me, sugar? Want to slide your cock into my pussy now?

Her whispers were steaming hot at his mouth and Kevin moaned again.

- Jeah! I want to fuck you, I want inside of you. Fuck, I must have your pussy, he growled, his hole body burning with hot lust.

- Then use the button to ask for permission to enter, she whispered, grabbed his hand and took one of his fingers down into her panties. She led the way, placed his fingertip on her clit and made him massage it.
Mrs. Olsen moaned and sighed.
- That’s it, baby…. That’s the doorbell you have to ring to get inside!.

He didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, but touching her pussy was all that mattered right now. He slid his finger down into her wet folds, Oh fuck! She was so hot and silky wet! He wanted to look at her pussy too! Quickly he pulled her panties down, Mrs. Olsen looked at him with blurred vision and her mouth half open in a slutty smile. She stepped out of her undies, and walked back, sat on the table with her legs spread wide apart.

- Come here, Kevin, she said, and he rushed over to her. Her pussy was so hot! She kept her muff nicely trimmed, and the way she sat, he could se her hole, glistening with her juices. He slid a finger into her hole, and she took his hand, pressed it at her clit again.
Kevin moved his finger in and out a bit, the wet sound from her pussy made him crazy! He wanted to thrust his dick into that tight wetness.. wanted to feel her pussy walls sliding at his shaft. He couldn’t wait any longer, stepped out of his boxers and put it at her pussy entrance

- Hold on, Kevin, I want to enjoy this.

She grabbed his cock and made his dick head slide up and down between her wet folds. Kevin moaned, her hand at his shaft, the hot wetness at his dick head, the feeling of her erected clit when she hit it - it was all so damn good. Mrs. Olsen was moaning now, and Kevin grabbed her one breast hard, felt her hard nipples at the palm of his hand. She used his dick to massage her clit and pussy entrance and the way she moaned, she sure liked it!.

She looked him in the eyes, smiled and said
- I want your fat cock inside my pussy now, sweetheart!
Her words hit him, made him insanely hot. She put his dick head at the entrance, and Kevin pushed into her pussy looking down. He could see how his shaft moved deeper inside her, felt how her tight pussy welcomed his cock, how perfect the matched.
- Oh my God! He exclaimed and her deep moans grew stronger as he pulled back and the trusted deeper inside her. Looking at his dick fucking her, hearing the wet sound of her pussy lips receiving and releasing his thick member combined with the enormous pleasure of sliding in and out of her almost made him cum right there!

- Slow, Kevin… slow! Ahhh… oh! So damn good! I want it to last forever! I want you to fuck me for 15 hours straight!

She grinded at him with his cock planted all inside her, and started to touch her clit herself. Kevin grabbed her hips and pushed as deep inside he could get, watching this wonderful woman, laying on the table in front of him, humping up to get all of his dick inside her. He moaned, he had to move! Couldn’t stay still any longer!
Kevin bent forward with his arms at the table on each side of her body, and started to fuck her.
- I.. want…. to…. fuck… your… brains… out!
He moaned his words in the same rhythm as he trusted into her.

- Ahhh, yes! Fuck me hard, Kevin!

Her body tensed, she met his every trust and was gasping for air. The she froze, her body arched up from the table and Kevin felt for the first time how a womans orgasm makes her pussy walls tighten at his dick. He felt his cum enter and lost control completely.
- Cuming, fuck! I’m cumming! He pounded into her, exploded and shot his load of cum deep into her belly. One, two and three long shot of cum releasing into her body before has gasped for air and fell down on top of her.

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mmm nice story kristin, thanks

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Thanks, Goober :D
I hope Speakeasy will like it. I started the story in his request for a story, remember?

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yep i remember

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Thanks for that Kristin!

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I like it

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Nice story, made me wish I knew a Mrs. Olsen back in the day.

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haha - thanks guys ;)

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Oh! dear that was something

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loved the story, more please