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09-16-2007, 09:16 AM
I was at the produce section of the supermarket the other day. I was in the process of picking some plums when I heard my name being called.

“Al, is that you?”

I turned and there she was, Peggy. This was a girl that I had not seen in about five years and there she was standing right in front of me. I could tell that things had changed since the last time I saw her. She seemed more confident and quite frankly, it made her very sexy and attractive. Not to mention that she had worked out and had gotten in great shape as well. This girl was now hot and she knew it.

“Hey Peggy, how are you doing?”

“I am fine. Just staying busy.”

“I have to say that you look great.”

“Yeah, I started teaching a pilades class at the gym. And it has made all of the difference in the world.”

“I can see that. But it is more than just your body. Your whole aura has changed.”

“Well, you know that I was struggling with self-confidence and image issues.”

“Yeah, what changed?”

“Well, I went to this leadership conference and it changed my life. Instead of letting life control me, I decided to let go of the things that I could not control and deal with the things that I could.”

“That is great to hear. I am very proud of how you have turned the corner. Do you still do massges?”

“Actually, I do. I love it because I get a chance to help heal people and alleviate their stress. You know, I still owe you a massage.”

“That’s right Peggy, I forgot about that.”

“Well, I have not. Are you busy right now? You can come over to my place and I would love to make up for lost time.”

“Sure, Hannah is at work and Al, Jr. is at my in-laws. So yeah, I have some time.”

“Leave those groceries and come over.”

I left the market and got into my car. I followed Peggy to her place which was not too far from the market. We chatted as we walked up to her place. Her apartment was a normal place. We walked through it on the way to what she called her heavenly escape.

Then, she opened the door to one of her bedrooms and I was instantly greeted by the fragrance of white gardenia which happened to be one of my favorite scents. She flipped a switch and created instant atmosphere. There was low level lighting and I could make out a massage table in the room. A soothing sound of jazzy piano was being pumped into the room.

She gave me a towel and said, “Go into the bathroom, take off your clothes, and wrap yourself with this towel.”

I walked into the restroom which also had atmosphere to it as well. You could tell that this girl had thought of everything. The smells, the sounds, extended into the bathroom as well. She even had hooks in there for me to hang my clothes on.

I walked out wearing the towel and Peggy grabbed my hand and guided me onto the table. There I was face down and already totally relaxed as Peggy began her massage. I have to tell you that her hands were magic. The workouts had done her well. Her strong fingers penetrated and worked my aching muscles. I could just feel the tension oozing out of me. At this point, I was glad I was laying on my stomach because my cock started to harden as I was laying on the table.

When she moved down to my legs and started working her way up she said, “Al, I cannot begin to say how good it was to see you. You were a very good friend to me during those tough times and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.”

As she was talking, I took notice of how her hands continued working their way up my legs.

“Peggy, it was nothing. It was my honor to support you. We all go through those moments when life flattens us and it is always nice to have someone there for you.”

At this point, Peggy’s thumbs were on the inside of my thighs. Just when I thought that this moment was beyond belief, Peggy’s thumbs rubbed against my balls. I tried not to get too excited because I thought that it was an accident but my cock did get a little bit harder.

“Al, why don’t you turn on your back so I can work your chest?”

I knew that the minute that I turned over that my cock would betray me. There was no way of hiding it because I was wearing boxers that day and they offer no support. So I slowly started the process of turning, hoping that my cock would go down. It did but the towel was still stuck up at half mast. Peggy did not say anything about it so I thought that I had gotten away with a semi hard on. So I started to relax again as Peggy continued her massage.
Peggy worked her way down my shoulders, chest, and abdomen.

“Hey Al, I want to give you a massage worthy of our old friendship. Do you mind if I get up on the table?”

I opened my eyes and looked up a Peggy. “No, not at all.”

Again, it felt strictly platonic as she worked my chest. I could tell that the vantage point was better for her because she was able to dig into my muscles that much better. She slowly started sliding down the table as she worked her way down. As she moved further down, my cock got harder and harder. Until she eventually settled right above my cock.

Peggy was wearing an aerobics outfit. So when she settled on my cock, I could feel every part of her sweet cunt.

“MMMM it feels like someone is enjoying his massage.”

“Very much so,” I looked up at her and winked.

Instead of continuing down, she started to rub her cunt on my cock. She placed her hands on my chest, leaned forward and spread her legs further apart. I could feel her cameltoe wrap right around my cock. We sat on her table grinding against one another.

Right when I was starting to get into the moment, Peggy stopped and started sliding further down massaging my body as she went down. When she got down to my shins, she leaned forward and started to make her way up my towel. I could feel her hands sliding up my thighs again, but this time it was up the front of my thighs which got my cock’s attention.

Eventually, she worked my towel up and pulled my cock through my peephole in my underwear. She leaned further forward and took my cock into her mouth. She started jacking my cock while sucking my head. It was a combination that was driving my crazy. I could feel my toes curl as she worked her way up and down my cock. As she sucked my cock, I could feel the table wiggling back and forth. Then Peggy started sliding up the table again.

“You have a very nice dick, Al. Here is to our friendship.”

With that, she slid her wet cunt right onto my cock. I could feel her working it into her.

“MMM you are so thick.”

“You are so tight.” Her pussy felt amazing. It felt like working my way into a virgin, it was so tight.

“I haven’t had sex in a while. Plus, your black cock is so big.”

She pushed further down on my cock until she was resting on my balls. Once she had all of me in her, she started a rhythm on my cock. Up and down, Up and down, up a little, up a little more and down. Then she repeated this pattern of riding my cock.

“Peggy, you are amazing. Ride my cock.”

That was all the encouragement she needed.”

“Now, you are going to see why I teach pilades.”

At this point she started ramming herself on my cock. She kept at it and kept at it. Riding my cock like a horse. She was bouncing on my cock for ten minutes and showed no signs of tiring. I started meeting her thrust for thrust. I could feel my cock building and building.

“Here it cums Peggy.”

Right then, she hopped off of my cock slid down and took my cock in her mouth. She jacked my cock and bobbed her head up and down.

“I am cumming Peggy.”

Too my shock, she did not pull off like my wife would have. She wrapped her lips tighter around my cock and jacked me faster. My cock exploded in her mouth. It was a mountain of cum like I had never shot before. But Peggy took it all in and swallowed my cum.

Thank goodness that I was such a good friend to her when she needed it.

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great story

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great story...thanks for the adddition

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:) As I said on the other site, good story. :)

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Thanks for the new addition

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Excellent story.

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very good story. I like massages like that

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good story it was a nice plot one that is easy to beleive and that makes it even better

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A very good friend.

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Yes I have to agrre a nice believeable plot, well written and still great erotic content.