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09-20-2007, 03:29 PM
As i sit here and try to write this story its almost an utter blur. I really dont remember much of that night to be honest, and what i do remember ill tell you.

It was a saturday or sunday. My friend and cousins came over that night we started drinking , and thats to say the least. Eventually somehow my friend managed to get ahold of some chick whom i went to school with on the internet. They talked for a hr or two on the net webcammed it, he started treating her like a complete whore on the net.Saying you slut come over and suck my dick ect...she seemed to like it specially when he showed his dick to her on cam. I couldnt believe it when he slipped the webcam down his pants. That was to much for me i got up and left. I guess the chick decided she didnt wanna miss out on the action and brought a girl-friend over to drink and party hard. They both arrived and i hadnt seen her for a yr or so...I switched schools and i knew her from the previous one. We all were about 18-21yrs of age at the time. So needless to say we knew how to party still.

My friend i knew from school was about 20 i met her at a party a long time ago and we eventually end up having the same p.e class together. I moved schools ect ect ect. She not the best looking girl by any means but fuckable .
Shes 5'4 kinda a bigger girl. Top heavy with a set of dd's So no matter what she didnt look bad just not my type. Plus my friend wanted to bang her anyways. I think she was wearing jeans and a tight shirt to show off her fat roll and huge tits. Like i said its a blurr
Her girlfriend was kinda cute. Tall at about 5'10 dark black hair blue eyes no tits at all really to be honest. Trust me i know, Long legs she was wearing a skirt and a longsleeve top with some heels.

Before you know it my friend and my chick friend are doing it in my bathroom going at it. My parents i think were outta town if i remember correctly. Good thing they probably wouldnt of aprroved of this type of behavior that night. Soon enough there both done having wild sex and they come out drink some more...we all continued drinking more but thats when everything gets fuzzy. It was 3am or so i know it was late. We all decided we had enough. My cousins already passed out in my living room. My friend my chick friend and her girlfriend decided to go in my room while i tried to clean up the house a little bit incase of my parents arrival. After i was done i headed to the bedroom where my friends continued talking as i entered. My friend and chick friend layed on the floor already under an extra comforter i had given them to sleep with and her girl friend sat on the edge of my bed.
I came in we all talked for about 10mins when the couple on the floor started kissing. I looked at her girlfriend and said i dont bite lets just go to sleep in the bed i wont try anything i promise. She nodded a sigh of comfortableness.(Not sure thats a word) And i turned off the lights. Thats when it began.
I had no intentions of doing anything besides laying there and going to sleep. When the couple on the floor kissing sounds turned into moans. Soon the street light from outside help my eyes adjust to the total darkness which made out shadowy figures on the floor....Soon enough they where doing it doggystyle and he was screwing her hard. Them two were so drunk they didnt even know me and her were probably in the room at the time. I dont think they cared to be honest.
I looked over at the chick laying in bed with me and said well i dont think we will be going to sleep just yet. She chuckled and we just layed there. I put my arms behind my head and closed by eyes tring to ignore the sounds of sex going on right next to me. I didnt wanna be intrusive by watching or listening.
I think it turned on the chick next to me tho. Before i know it shes laying on her side facing me touching my leg just above my knee cap and on the inside. I look over towards her and think oh what the hell...Shes starting it . I push her on her back and start kissing har passionatly. From there all i remember is reaching up her shirt feeling no tits wat so ever to speak of just a pinchfull maybe. Then i remember grabbing her leg and fondling the inside of her leg up to her panty line where i met her bush. Peaking out the sides i was turned on. Im already a bush fan to be honest. Ok not on all girls but some. I like shaved bush trimmed you name it. Doesnt matter to me , I continue fondling her panties and finally pulling them all the way off her and her legs onto the floor perhaps? I then began fingering her bushy pussy and by now im throbbing rock hard. I unzip my pants and pull them down to my knees somehow. She never once reached over or even knew my pants were half way off and i was rock hard. She just kept tring to push my head down to go down on her bush. I wasnt for that at the time to drunk probably would of puked if i did go down on her. The whole time i just remember she pushing my head down and me just climbing inbetween her legs. She instantly had a death grip on me. Not want me to go any closer thats for sure. I pulled her skirt up exposing her bush to the night light making it glisten in the light from her wetness. She reached down sliding her hand up 1st under my shirt tring to hold my advancing body but soon going down and grabbing my cock only once. I quickly removed her hand and she returned with both hands on my hip bones holding me back as much as possible. It didnt help much considering i out weighted her strength. I had my cock in hand and as soon as i felt her bush hairs i carefully guided it in her pussy. The whole time shes pushing my hips away but allowing my cock to enter and then shed push me back off. The whole time im just tring to start pumping away but her hand on my hips pushing me off wouldnt allow me to do anything . After i made it all the way deep in her bush it felt like a soft pillow slowing down my hard series of pumps tring my best to get all the way in. She released her grip on my hips and just layed there. I pumped 3 more times and shot my load all inside her. I rolled off and went to sleep. When we woke up i kicked them both out and never herd from her friend agian.

I herd from the chick whom i went to school with she told me the chick i banged got pregnant and had a boy. It was a yr later and the boy was 3months old. Do the math and narrows it down to me ....and probably whom ever else she was fucking. I told her friend i fucked her cause she had no clue we even had sex. But played it off like it couldnt be mine. She never implied it was mine and ive never herd from that chick agian.So who knows. I cant tell if i raped her but her pushing my body like that made me think i was. It was probably one of the best sex encounters i had to say the least.

09-20-2007, 04:47 PM
Thanks for the story....just remember to try to break up the paragraphs a bit more...it was rolling then you got the big block in the middle.

Keep at it and thanks.

09-21-2007, 05:04 AM
Thanks for the new story....thanks for sharing it and like DM....paragraphs please.

09-21-2007, 05:11 AM
like they said great story, but paragraphs please, it really makes it hard to read, and have a continuous flow, even for speed reader such as myself.

09-21-2007, 05:32 AM
A really good story but ...... you guesssed it paragraphs help the reader enjoy your efforts far easier....

09-26-2007, 08:31 PM
nice story but I do agree with everyone on your need for paragraphs.
keep it up I would love to read more of your story's