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09-21-2007, 02:27 AM
Visiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 01
by thickfinger

When she got the call from her sister-in-law three weeks ago asking if she would mind if her two high school age nieces came for an extended visit Gwen Phillips was decidedly lukewarm to the idea. It would be the first time in years, she would have anybody living with her for more than a night or two and she had learned to enjoy her solitude. However, as she made her way through the crowded terminal at LAX to meet her nieces she found she was growing eager to see them again. She remembered the two as gangly teenagers of thirteen and fourteen. Samantha was now nineteen and about to begin her collage career at Cambridge and Katherine was eighteen and a brand new senior in high school. Remembering she last saw them at her husband Dave's funeral over five years ago. Gwen dearly missed her husband but as time went on, she found herself thinking about him less and less often.

Gwen found a seat near the gate where the girl's flight would arrive even though the tote board said they're arrival was on-time she was impatient for them to get here. She sat idly thinking about the happy times she shared with her husband. A bit of melancholy creeping into her thoughts as she remembered, when they met in college, their storybook wedding, an energetic sex life and building their dream house in the hills. When the girls finally came down the ramp, she was still lost in thought. They walked right up to where she was sitting and she almost did not recognize them until they introduced themselves and hugged her. They were no longer the ungainly adolescents she remembered but two very beautiful young women. They walked together chatting about the flight heading toward the baggage claim. When they retrieved the last of their bags, they had a good laugh struggling with all of the luggage the girls had packed for their stay. Gwen finally gave up and finding a house phone, called for a skycap to come assist them.

Surveying the small mountain of luggage in the back of the Tahoe, Gwen commented to the girls how they lucked out that there was room enough for everything. She had been considering driving her Mustang to the airport this morning but at the last minute decided to take the Tahoe because it had a full tank of gas. Climbing into the SUV, they haltingly drove out of the madhouse that is LAX and turned for the freeway that would take them into the hills of Malibu.

As they drove, the girls told her about their fathers' ten-week trip to Malaysia to set up a new manufacturing facility for his company. They admitted to Gwen how they had no interest in shopping their way across the exotic Far-East as their mother was planning to do while their dad was preoccupied with work and thanked her profusely for allowing them to stay with her. The girl's mother was terribly uncomfortable leaving them alone for two and a half months and since they both had the summer off school, she suggested visiting their aunt Gwen. Katy told Gwen about her mom's luggage including the empty suitcases she brought along just for her "acquisitions." They all laughed uproariously talking about how much money her shopping tour was going to cost their dad. Gwen's brother was the vice-president of facilities management for a multi-national Boston-based pharmaceutical company and he could afford the hit. He may not like it but he could afford it.

The girls were no strangers to luxury but both were suitably impressed at the sight of Aunt Gwen's house nestled in the wooded hills. The electrically operated wrought iron gate opened to a driveway that wound further up the hill until the terrain leveled and it terminated in a circular car park in front of the two-story Spanish style house.

Gwen's husband made a small fortune in stock options and managed to get out before the dot-com bubble burst. That along with the two point five million dollar life insurance policy doubled because his death was accidental, meant Gwen was able to live a very comfortable lifestyle. The three of them laboriously manhandled all of the luggage to the girl's rooms then Gwen gave them a quick tour of the house and finally suggested they all change and go for a swim before dinner or they could soak with her in the hot tub.

Gwen took her time changing into her skimpy yet very expensive thong bikini. She enjoyed the look of the shimmering blue material hugging her still firm fifty-two year old form. She worked hard to stay in shape and at times such as this did not mind the long workouts or the exorbitant fees she paid to her health club. She cupped her breasts feeling their weight, more than pleased that even though she was a nicely full D-cup there was very little sag to them. Her five foot five inch frame carried her one hundred thirty-six pounds without an ounce of extra fat. Gwen was especially proud of her lean muscular legs and her firm round butt, features that still turned heads on her infrequent visits to the beach with her friends. Checking her bikini line for stray blonde hairs and satisfied she took one last look in the mirror at her bronzed image and headed down the stairs.

When neither girl had yet emerged from their rooms Gwen wondered what could be taking them. Recalling the mountains of luggage, she chuckled envisioning the exhaustive search for something as small as a swimsuit. Gwen put three bath sheets on the poolside table, and stepped back into the kitchen. She poured a glass of chilled white wine for herself before settling into the warm churning water relaxation sweeping over her body the moment she sat down. She nearly dozed off before the girls finally came out to the patio where the Jacuzzi was happily bubbling away.

Gwen opened her eyes slowly at their approach and was stunned at the changes the two girls had undergone since she had last seen them. They were gorgeous! Sam the older of the two was a younger version of her mothers short, compact very voluptuous form. Her breasts nearly as large as Gwen's own looked deliciously firm and round. Her legs and hips were decidedly more curvaceous then her loose fitting jeans had revealed at the airport. Even though her long auburn hair stood in stark contrast to her pale New-England skin, her flashing green eyes and pouty lips led Gwen to conclude this girl was a certified hottie.

Katy's sandy blonde head towered over her "big" sister by several inches. She had a more lithe athletic build but still suffered no shortage of curves. Gwen's gaze swept up her long legs and over her flat belly to her chest a respectable and very perky C-cup she guessed. Katy's hazel eyes sparkled with mischief that lit up any room she entered. As they stood for a moment before slipping into the heated water Gwen was thankful she was already under the water she could feel her nipples stiffening and a familiar tingle as she took in the vision of her hot young nieces standing above her.

They made small talk and enjoyed the relaxing water swirling around their bodies. They talked about school, boys and how hopelessly boring Boston was for young girls eager to see the world beyond their hometown. Gwen was first to step from the tub telling the girls she needed to get something started for dinner. She could feel their eyes on her as she stood up on the deck next to the hot tub. She first thought she imagined the muted gasp but as she walked to the table where she left the towels, she almost felt the same unnerving scrutiny as when she walked into a club and the men would brazenly scope out her body. As she bent to dry her legs, with out thinking she had her thong clad backside pointing directly at the pair providing them one hell of a view. She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder as she stepped through the patio doors and saw the girls whispering and smiling it made her wonder if; she had indeed heard correctly, when she stepped out of the bubbling water.

Sam whispered hoarsely to her younger sister, "Oh my god is she hot!"

Katy wide eyed replied, "Mom claims she and Aunt Gwen are the same age."

"No way," Sam nearly shouted at her laughing sister.

Katy nodded her head and continued, "I know what you mean, Mom is so old and skanky looking."

Her astonished sister added, "I only hope I look that good when I'm over fifty."

Katy playfully slugged Sam on the arm and chimed in, "You don't look that good now."

At that point their conversation ceased and they began splashing and wrestling around trying to dunk each other under the water and each pulling at the others swim suit ties, until Gwen's call from the patio door informed them to come and get it or go hungry.

Over the next few days he girls settled in nicely but Gwen had some trouble adjusting to others in the house she had grown accustomed to having all to herself. Forgetting they were around she would leave the bathroom door open only to have one of them come looking for her. Several times she left the shower still nude, and walked almost halfway down the stairs as she normally would have only to see the girls moving around or hear the pair watching TV and not wanting to embarrass them she would have to rush back to her bedroom to put something on.

Late one night two weeks into their stay when she thought the girls had settled in for the night, Gwen was relaxing in her bed room began thinking how it had been over a month since she had enjoyed intimate contact; of any kind. She was sitting in an armchair in front of her television, which faced into her room next to the doorway. She pulled out one of her favorite videos and popped it into the VCR and sat back to enjoy. She lowered the volume so she wouldn't wake the girls and the only light was that from the flickering screen. The movie started with a young couple driving in the woods in their SUV and when they found a spot they liked they stopped and threw a blanket across the hood and began their real explorations.

It did not take long for Gwen to feel the familiar stirrings within her lions and as she watched the busty blonde groping and then devouring her boyfriends large member. Gwen began caressing her large breasts paying special attention to the large distended nipples. She loved to pull them until they slipped from between her fingers. She did this to each of them for several minutes purring and gasping noisily as her heat grew. She lifted one breast to her full lips sucking and nipping at her swollen nipple the pain-pleasure combination exquisite and exciting. She could feel her panties begin to moisten as she watched the video and teased her sensitive teats. Her free hand slithered down her flat tummy and under her panties locating her nub, flinching she groaned loudly surprised at the depth of her need, the first contact intensely electric quickly spurred her on. Gwen slowly rubbed small circles across the hardening bud and applied increasing pressure and speed. She was surprised at the copious flow from her crease as it soaked through the thin material over her crotch. She finally slipped a single finger into the slick opening and moaned at the delicious sensation. Then slowly withdrew it bringing her glistening fingers to her waiting lips she slowly licked and sucked the musky scented digits completely clean.

Her attention returned to the video as the man with his thick hard cock was frenetically pounding the busty young blonde whose loud moans Gwen found oddly convincing and stimulating. Gwen decided mere fingers would not be enough to satisfy her tonight. She rose from the chair shedding her robe and panties as she made her way to the drawer that housed her naughtiest toys and lingerie. Opening the drawer, she had to search for a moment until she found the one she thought might do the trick. It was ten inches long and so thick her hand barely fit around it. She liked the flesh color and the latex was firm but retained some flexibility and softness. The realistic head and veins excited her further perhaps why she had chosen this one tonight and why it remained one her all-time favorites.

Sitting back down she lifted her right leg until her foot rested on the seat of the chair granting greater accesses to her smoldering opening. Using her left hand, she pulled upward on the lips opening herself to the probing toy. She slowly swirled the massive head around her juicy lips until it was lubricated to her satisfaction. Pushing gently it began slipping into her cavity until half of it disappeared from view. Groaning at the wonderful fullness within her Gwen began long slow strokes while she rubbed and pulled on her stiffening clit. Soon she was oblivious in her delight whimpering as the rigid toy slipped in and out and her demanding nub urged her to greater effort.

Her leg started cramping in its elevated position so she planted both feet and spread her legs to their limit, never slowing the steady strokes with her rubber friend. She soon felt the building pressure in her body and she reacted by placing both hands on the huge tool pumping it frantically in and out of her torrid furnace. As the floodgates opened and her orgasm began its first spasms, she thought, she heard something but was too involved to think about it. Her vagina contracting around the firmness of the huge dildo was all that her sex-starved mind could process. She moaned loudly at the onset of her orgasm, and then remembering the girls stifled the next, whimpering as her body continued its spasmodic contractions.

As her orgasm abated and her panting slowed, she looked up shocked that she had left the bedroom door wide open. Standing, still clutching the glistening ten-inch phallus she stepped forward a few steps trying to see if her noisy antics had disturbed the girls. Satisfied that nothing was amiss she quietly swung the door closed and prepared herself for bed.

Sam was first to hear the odd sounds and asked Katy, "did you hear that?"

Katy answered from behind her paperback, "hear what?"

Sam was on her feet headed toward the open door and said, "come on, and be quiet I think it came from upstairs."

Sam led the way with Katy no more than a step behind. As she turned to climb the stairs, she thought knew exactly what she had heard before. She held out a warning hand in front of Katy and put a finger to her lips telling Katy to be silent. Standing on the fourth step she could see just over the top step directly into her aunt Gwen's bedroom. Her aunt was sitting in a chair facing the door watching television. Her hands were fondling and rubbing her large naked breasts and pulling on her nipples. Her whimpers alerted the girls that she was not doing a monthly self-exam.

Sam immediately ducked down pulling Katy with her so that her aunt wouldn't see them. Then she realized that the light from the TV would keep her aunt from spotting anything beyond it in the darkened house as long as they stayed very still. Sam wanted to see what would happen next and looking at Katy's wide-open eyes, she decided that Katy must want to see more as well. Admonishing her younger sister not to move around they peeked back over the top of the stairs astonished at their aunt's activities. Sam couldn't believe it when she saw aunt Gwen lifting one of her breasts to her mouth and begin sucking her own nipple, she had never tried it but quick glance down at her own chest she decided she might be able to give it a go. Her eyes remained glued to her aunt Gwen's hands as they continued massaging her large sexy breasts until one of her hands slid down toward her panties that Sam could clearly see darkening with moisture.

Watching Aunt Gwen rubbing her quim under her panties was beginning to have a effect on Samantha who started squeezing her thighs together responding to her own bodies budding desire. When Sam looked back to Aunt Gwen's room it took her a second to realize her aunt was no longer in the chair and thinking they had been seen pulled at Katy's hand ducking down out of view of the bedroom. Katy whispered that she saw Gwen go to the far side of the room and dig in one of her dresser drawers. They carefully looked back up just in time to see her sitting back down and raising her knee placing her foot on the seat of the chair. What they saw next shocked both of Aunt Gwen's clandestine observers.

She had in her hand a huge rubber cock and she was rubbing it around her neatly trimmed blonde mound. The two teenagers looked at each other then slowly turned their gaze back to their aunt. The giant dildo disappeared from view as their aunt slowly shoved the monster into her pussy. Sam was mesmerized and she turned her upper body away from Katy's view as her hand found her own nipple, she rolled and pulled on it while she continued watching her sexy aunt masturbate. She glanced over at Katy and saw that her sister was brazenly rubbing her own mound through her thin panties with one hand her eyes locked on their aunt in the bedroom a few yards away. Sam watched her aunt intently, she couldn't tear her eyes away, she had never seen anything so sexy in her entire life. Her aunt now had both feet on the floor and her legs spread way out she was shoving the big cock into her blonde pussy with both hands. When her Aunt Gwen began moaning and whimpering loudly Sam knew she would be cumming at any moment. She finally grabbed Katy's hand pulling her down the stairs afraid that her aunt would catch them if they stayed any longer.

Once they were safely back in Katy's room with door closed, Sam her eyes wide said, "oh my god do you believe what we just saw?"

Katy flopped on to the bed and pulling her sodden panties off answered, "I can't believe what I'm gonna do, I'm burning up."

She started rubbing her nipples and fingering her clit right in front of her big sister. Sam some what shocked and a little embarrassed said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Katy stopped and balancing on her elbows said to her sister, "you're just gonna do the same thing, oh don't be a prude stay here and do it."

Sam thought for a minute and then shrugging her shoulders stripped off her nightshirt and panties pulling the vanity bench a little closer to the bed sat down. Sam said with stern tone, "Okay I'll stay but be quiet, if aunt Gwen hears us she'll know we've been up the whole time."

The two teens sat facing each other a few feet apart, Katy settled back on her bed so she could watch her sister and began rubbing circles on her throbbing clit. Sam could not believe she was watching her little sister play with herself but found that watching Katy's fingers slide around on her sandy blonde pussy highly erotic. She started squeezing her large breasts and remembering Aunt Gwen's trick lifted one up to her mouth and sucked the stiff pink nipple. Katy saw her sister suckling her own breast like her aunt had and wondered if her own breasts would ever get big enough to do that.

She watched Sam enjoying her nipples as she scooted forward on the small stool so that she could spread her legs a bit and get her fingers on her trimmed auburn bush. Smelling the musk in the air from both of their seething honey pots Katy couldn't wait any longer. She plunged two fingers into her slippery hole and grunted as they penetrated deeply.

"Shhhhh" Sam admonished her younger sister relinquishing the sensitive nipple from between her hungry lips.

The sight of Katy pumping her fingers in and out of her juicy folds was more than she could take and stuffed a pair of her own slender digits deep into her core. She resumed sucking her nipples hoping it would keep her from crying out when she came and did not have long to wait to test her theory. Neither girl lasted long cumming forcefully but quietly still fearful of discovery.

They remained as they were for several moments breathing heavily and smiling Sam finally stood to gather her panties and nightshirt to go to her own room finally said, "Wow, I'm going to bed."

Katy smiling at her sister said, "I don't know about you sis, but if Aunt Gwen goes out I am going to check out that drawer in her room, and maybe I'll even try out that big monster she was using."

Sam smiled and shook her head at her sisters glib comment said, " good night and don't stay up all night playing with yourself." After saying it a vision of her aunt flickered through her mind, Sam thought she should follow her own advice but glancing over at Katy with her hand still caressing her glistening bush, but maybe not right away...

After breakfast Aunt Gwen told the two she had to run a couple of errands this morning and invited them to come along but Katy spoke up after a conspiratorial glance at her big sister.

"If you don't mind I think we'll just hang here aunt Gwen, maybe go for a dip it's supposed to be a lot warmer today." Katy hopped her dissembling was convincing.

Gwen remembered three days ago when it was in the mid-fifties and windy they insisted on going swimming. Although not bad for New England in southern California that fifty is damn cold! What darted through Gwen's memory was the sight of the two wet girls with goose bumps all over their young bodies and extremely perky nipples as they ran across the patio desperate for the warmth of their towels.

She sighed and said, "Okay suit yourselves."

The girls went as far as changing into their swim suits to maintain the illusion of their story but the minute their aunt's Mustang headed down the hill towards the gate Katy laughing looked at her older sister and said, "I'll race you" and both pelted up the stairs running down the short hallway into their aunt's bedroom.

The drawer was deep and wide enough that both girls had room to explore. Katy dug around roughly and locating the giant life-like dildo, her aunt used the night before held it up triumphantly.

"Look at the size of this sucker," she said holding it out for Sam's inspection. She shook it and watched as the soft latex wobbled in her hand. Abruptly held it to her nose and sniffed deeply.

Offering it to Sam she blurted, "It still smells like her." Sam wrinkled her nose and shook her head indicating she had other interests still inside the drawer. Katy had found what she wanted and pulling the ties for her bikini bottom flopped onto her aunt's bed and started rubbing the monster cock on her hot young bush.

Sam seeing the amazing array of lingerie in the drawer started to assemble an outfit in dazzling black lace. She found a bra and panties that looked awesome and a garter belt that had the same pattern. Setting those on the chair her aunt was in the night before she continued searching until she located a pair of stunning seam back stockings in pure silk. She quickly untied her top and tried the bra on hoping it would fit. She was amazed when the cups filled perfectly she was thrilled to discover that her boobs were as big as Aunt Gwen who she thought had a very large set. The stockings were next she pulled them on and chills went up her spine as the silk glided on effortlessly. Fastening the garters was a new experience for her but did not prove too difficult.

Katy was becoming noisy as she managed to insert a few inches of her discovery her juices making slurping sounds but Sam feeling very sinful in the glorious under things continued dressing. She pulled up the thong panties settling them just so between her firm ass cheeks and turned to Katy on the bed and said, " How do I look?"

Katy looked up her mouth wide open and her eyes nearly popping out stopped pumping the giant penis in her hole when Sam heard a voice behind her say, "stunning."

She froze and the disembodied voice continued, "You look even better in that than I do."

They were so busted. Panic coursed through Sam's body and as she felt her aunt push past her, she could not face her and stared at the floor unwilling to look up. Katy was immobile on the bed her hands frozen where they were on the massive rubber prick still protruding from her opening. Aunt Gwen stood in front of them looking from one to the other and for several agonizing seconds said nothing. Finally, after what seemed an eternity she blew out an exasperated breath and reached down between Katy's gaping legs and plucked the massive phallus from her nieces soaked pussy, turning the chair to face into the room she sat down heavily.

Examining the gigantic cock the first few inches slick with Katy's nectar, "I can only assume from this that you two heard or saw what I was up to last night?" She said to neither specifically, her own embarrassment nearly as great as the girls was.

Katy piped up from the bed, "ah... both," drawing an angry glare from her older sister.

"I must have put on quite a show to have both of you up hear first thing this morning," as she said it a smile crossed her face and her tone softened taking some of the sting out of being caught red-handed. She stood and walked over to her dresser once again examining the moistened latex and for some reason she could not put her finger on she took a quick sniff, and tossed it on top of the dresser. She began thoughtfully rummaging through the still open drawer until she found what she was looking for.

Pointing back at Katy Aunt Gwen said, "You, young lady are ambitious as hell but I think may have bitten off more than you can chew; so to speak."

After her stern words, a devilish smile bent her lips and she produced a black- rubber two-headed penis roughly half the diameter of the monster she had literally taken from Katy. Turning back toward the bed, she tossed the dildo to Katy who neatly caught it and began to examine the soft black latex.

Aunt Gwen trying to lighten the tension in the room said, "try that one on for size I think you'll find it...more interesting."

A huge smile split Katy's face and she happily resumed probing herself with the more moderately sized toy. Gwen stood for a moment watching her nearly nude niece inserting the jet-black latex prick into her sparsely furred slit. Her own body beginning to respond to the sight before her, she leaned forward and lightly kissed Katy on the forehead noticing the young girls very erect nipples poking through the bikini top.

Katy smiled up at her aunt her dazzling hazel eyes dancing with mischief and blurted out, "you're the best aunt Gwen." Gwen reach down and gently tweaked one of Katy's aroused young nipples drawing a purr from Katy. Absorbed with her niece's activities Gwen had almost forgotten there was somebody else in the room with them.

She looked over at Sam who was staring incredulously at her younger sister masturbating openly in front of her aunt. Sam quickly averted her eyes when she noticed her aunt looking in her direction. Gwen turned away from the bed and took a few steps to where her niece remained standing. She gently lifted Sam's chin until the gorgeous girl was looking her in the eye she said softly, "You really do look better in that than I do."

Standing directly in front of Sam without thinking about it, she leaned in and tenderly kissed her niece on the lips. Sam blinked as though she could not believe what had just happened. Before Sam's mind could catch up with her vocal cords, Gwen squatted down in front of her and using her strong hands began checking the fit of the stockings she ran her hands up and down the slick material.

She looked up into Sam's beautiful green eyes and asked, "How does the silk feel?"

Sam shyly smiled and answered, "sinful."

Gwen couldn't help running her hands over the stockings reveling in the way Sam's legs filled every contour of the stockings they were always just a tiny bit loose fitting on her lean legs. As she slowly stood, her hands gliding up the smooth surface of Sam's legs she stopped just short of the girl's satin covered crotch. Sam's eyes never left her aunt as the firm hands sliding up her legs sent jolts through body her and she was growing less apprehensive and more excited by the second. Gwen had just risen fully and was eye to eye with the stunning eighteen year-old when Sam threw her strong arms around her aunt and planted a very passionate kiss on her waiting mouth their tongues wasting no time exploring each other.

Sam couldn't move as her aunt withdrew slowly. She didn't want her to stop, the full lips so soft, warm and delicious against her own. She leaned forward hungrily for her aunts mouth she could feel their breasts touching just as she found Gwen's eager lips. Sam was thrilled and her breathing ragged as she eagerly slipped her tongue out to probe her aunts willing mouth. As they embraced, Sam could feel a gentle hand slide further up her thigh until it made contact with her steaming crotch another cupping her firm ass. She moaned into Gwen's mouth nearly melting on the spot. Gwen could feel the heat radiating from Sam's mound even before she touched it. The moisture she felt bearing witness to just how excited the youngster really was. Gwen's experienced hands knew just where to touch and how much pressure to apply as she continued kissing Sam while gently kneading her firm round ass and caressing the girls now thoroughly soaked panties.

Gwen finally broke the heated kiss and led Sam by her shaking hand over to the chair. Gwen knelt in front of her and as Sam slowly sank to the chair Gwen slipped the thong off Sam's hips and down her legs tossing them aside. She starred at Sam's glistening auburn curls for a second the musky aroma wafting to her nostrils a tonic to her very soul she leaned forward and continued where they left off moments ago. As she hungrily kissed Samantha, she slipped a single finger into the ample cleavage between the girl's mammoth breasts and found the clasp for the bra. When she released the catch the bra sprung open forcefully and her hands immediately hefted the heaving firm orbs marveling at their size and weight. Her fingertips sought the elastic nipples and gently began tugging and rolling them as she continued kissing the now whimpering girl.

She slid her lips to Sam's neck and then to her ear and softly whispered, "tell me if you want me to stop hon."

Sam glanced at Gwen through half-lidded eyes and answered, " don't you fuckin' dare."

Mildly startled by Sam's harsh rejoinder a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she resumed planting kisses further down Sam's neck leaving a moist trail of tender kisses Gwen arrived at what was arguably the sexiest, most beautiful breast she had ever laid eyes on. The pale firm flesh full, round without being grossly over sized. A faint tan line traced across and down the outside of Sam's globe from the little time she was able to spend in the sun, Gwen thought it looked adorable and made the un-tanned skin glow deliciously. Topped with oval pale pink areola and deeper pink nipples the size of elongated pencil erasers Gwen could no longer passively stare and traced the areola with her hot tongue. Blowing lightly across the moistened nipple, she loved watching it react to the cool air, bunching and growing tighter. She knew she was teasing but could not help herself and repeated the trick on the other breast as she continued kneading both of them with her eager hands. Her lips wanted into the act and she captured one of the hardened teats producing a gasp from Sam who slid further down the back of the chair. Gwen took her hands from Sam's glorious chest and using only her mouth continued ravenously devouring the feast of delicious warm flesh, sucking and nibbling on Sam's distended nubs.

The heady scent wafting from Sam's seething slit again found its way to her senses and she knew the youngster would not last much longer. She had already heard Katy's loud moaning turn to high pitched whimpers as she already enjoyed one orgasm and from the creaking sounds coming from the bed was well on her way to another. Gwen reluctantly relinquished Sam's sumptuous nipples and made her way down the girls panting body. Gently kissing her navel, she pushed against the underside of Sam's thighs helping the girl draw her legs up onto the arms of the chair and simultaneously exposing her womanhood to any, and all of Gwen's determined ministrations.

Gwen could see the flow of juices following Sam's swollen lips toward her anus and decided that would be a grand starting point. Pointing her long tongue, she placed it between Sam's cheeks and traced a line upward capturing some of the delicious honey streaming from the girls puffy pink folds. Continuing in the same direction, she traced along the side of her slit not quite making contact with Sam's smoldering lips. Sam's hips bucked and tried to force their way onto Gwen's teasing tongue. Spotting the angry looking pink head of Sam's engorged clit poking out from under it's hood Gwen lightly brushed across the little fella causing Sam to jump sucking in a loud gulp of air. She smiled down wantonly at Gwen and nodded her understanding of exactly who was in charge; she relaxed back against the soft chair. Gwen relented her teasing, and still thoroughly enjoying herself agonizingly slowly inserted her tongue into Sam's molten tunnel. A deep groan slipped from Sam's throat as Gwen began probing her in earnest.

Feeling her own braless nipples rigidly rubbing against her halter and the thong she had on creeping deeper into her soaked crevice Gwen was feeling the need for release and Sam's sweat juices were nearly enough to bring Gwen to an orgasm from the flavor alone. She slipped her tongue from Sam's opening and replaced it with a finger, and after several exploratory strokes added a second. Sam's young pussy was snug but easily accommodated the slender intruders. Gwen focused her tongue on Sam's enlarged clit. It had swelled considerably since she first noticed it and she thought to herself "Damn! This girl has it all and then some."

She began flicking her tongue over the large bud and then dove in sucking greedily on the heated flesh. Sam was squealing at this point and Gwen could hear frantic moans and squeaks coming from behind her somewhere on the bed. Gwen wanted Sam to really enjoy herself and went for the Grand finale. Still smothering the girls distended clit she slipped one finger from her other hand up to catch a little moisture from Sam's generous flow and gently yet firmly pressed it into the girls exposed anus. Sam went nearly rigid as Gwen continued her probing but now as she pushed her finger deeper into the girl's virgin bum, she withdrew the others from her quaking vagina. This alternating piston-like action was more than Sam could take. Within a minute, she had clamped her thighs tightly on Gwen's head her hips bucking to meet every thrust. A series of powerful guttural moans burst from her chest as her body shuddered through the massive orgasm. Gwen was rather pleased with herself. After Sam's strong legs released her head and flopped to the floor to either side of her, she leaned into the chair using the arms for support and lovingly looked at the girls flushed face and listened to Sam's ragged breathing. Sam rather suddenly came alive and grabbed Gwen's head pulling her forward and kissed her almost aggressively. One last satisfied moan escaped Sam's lips as she released Gwen and began quietly chuckling.

Smiling through glazed half open eyes she looked lovingly into her aunt's pale blue eyes and said' "I have to agree with Katy, you're the best aunt Gwen."

"Thank you," was all she could say her mind foggy with her own lust that she had yet to assuage. She slowly stood up smiling, giving Sam one last kiss still smelling of the girls juices. As she strode across the room, she untied her halter-top and peeled off her spandex capri's tossing them aside. She rubbed the soaked crotch of her thong panties and deftly removed them as well. The aromas in the room only compounding her agitation she stepped to the dresser where she had carelessly tossed the massive dildo she had pulled out of Katy earlier. Picking up the giant rubber toy, she turned toward her bed and motioning for Katy to scoot-over sat on the edge of the bed her legs spread.

Gwen glanced at both girls her mind stuck on sexual autopilot and muttered, "I hope you guys don't mind but I really need to do this right now."

Sam was immediately out of the chair and kneeling at her aunt's feet. She snatched the huge latex cock from Gwen's hand and said, "Allow me."

Katy pulled firmly against her aunt's shoulders and shoving a pillow behind Gwen's descending head gently kissed her aunt's musk covered lips and chimed in, "Allow us."

Gwen somewhat over whelmed at the girls willingness protested that they didn't have to do anything she could take care of it, the girls smiling wickedly at each other then turning to their aunt said in unison, "We insist!"

Gwen finally relented and surrendered to the tender mercies of these two determined young women. Katy kissed her once more her slender tongue probing Gwen's hungry mouth deeply as her young hands caressed the large breast nearest her. Samantha made a few tentative licks near Gwen's fiery bush and then tickled her engorged clit sending tingles through her entire body. Katy began pinching her aunt's nipples and slowly pulling them until they popped out from between her fingers as she remembered watching her aunt do the previous night. Gwen released a satisfied, "Mmmm" and relaxed under Katy's inquisitive hands. Sam was growing accustomed to the scent and taste of Gwen's steamy slit and continued licking the swollen pink outer lips with greater confidence. She finally extended her tongue fully and leaned inward piercing Gwen's core. When her full lips reached Gwen's she mimicked the French-kissing she had done with her boyfriend not quite sure what else to do. Sam decided next to try slowly drawing Gwen's outer lips into her mouth and suck on them while keeping her tongue buried deeply as possible. She could hear Gwen's appreciative moans and began pumping her tongue into her aunt's pussy using the muscles in her neck to help drive her tongue in and out. Katy meanwhile had scooted closer on the large bed and had her lips and tongue teasing Gwen's large nipples. She kneaded one breast with her hands and suckled eagerly on the other. Gwen was approaching heaven but when she felt Sam stop her energetic tongue fucking and place the head of the monster dildo at her entrance she tilted her head up and cleared her throat to get Sam's attention. Sam looked up at Gwen, her eyebrows arched and a naughty smile on her face she reluctantly stopped what she was doing and listened intently.

"There is a belt that fits that monster in the lower left-hand corner of the drawer," Gwen told her through lips that had become dry despite all of the moisture she had recently consumed. Gwen watched Sam's gorgeous body saunter past the footboard of the bed still clad in the garter belt and silk stockings. Her ass was so delicious looking Gwen found herself longing for more. She watched as Sam fiddled with the belt and thought she may have to go help her with it when Sam stepped through it properly and fastened it securely across her hips. She turned toward the end of the bed the thick strap-on pointing the way. She could feel Sam back between her legs again rubbing the tip of the massive penis around her opening wetting it and as she slowly pushed into Gwen's hot tunnel her aunt gasped loudly. Gwen noticed the closeness of Katy's hips and reached over grabbing one of the girls knees pulling it to the far side of her head before releasing it and wrapping her strong hands around Katy's slender hips forcing Katy to sit upright. The youngster caught on quickly and settled back planting her juicy gash onto her aunt's waiting mouth. Gwen's head swam in the sensations as Sam pounded her pussy and Katy squirmed on her mouth. She felt Katy lean forward slightly just before a delicate finger began rubbing her enflamed clit firmly.

Gwen's body could not withstand this total assault very long; but both girls ignored the loud high-pitched moans heralding her orgasm muffled as they were by Katy's dipping slit. The two never even slowed. Sam continued pumping her big dong into her aunt, Katy rubbing Gwen's now hyper-sensitive clit while still grinding her crotch on her aunt's open mouth. They seemed totally oblivious to any thing but their own pleasure. Gwen then caught a glimpse in the mirror as the bed shook just so. She could just make out Sam's head thrown back as Katy was sucking one of her large nipples. Sam was soon whimpering and Gwen decided, "Two can play this game," and renewed her efforts to bring off these two sexual neophytes. Katy gushed as Gwen feverishly attacked her tender pussy probing and licking every inch of the tasty pot while probing her virgin sphincter with an experienced finger. Katy soon squealed and bucked harder on Gwen's chin and tongue her hand ceased moving as her vaginal muscles contracted around Gwen's relentless tongue she finally crumbled to the bed along side her aunt. Gwen decisively sat up and reaching out her hand slipped it up under her own leg until she could touch the still steadily pumping Sam's dripping pussy. She did not wait for permission but plunged her fingers into Sam's gaping hole while pulling Sam's head forward kissing her with an intensity that surprised both of them. Sam kept up her rhythm as best she could, as Gwen rubbed frantically on her own clit while remorselessly finger-banging her hot young niece. A few minutes later both began loudly moaning and came at almost the same instant collapsing on top of each other all three women spent and gasping for air.

Gwen recovered first and rose from the bed watching her nieces continue panting, as they lay sprawled across her bed. Slowly impish grins curled their mouths as all three of them started quietly laughing as the absurdity of what they had just done slowly sank in. Yet, none of them seemed willing to admit to one second of regret for any of it.

Gwen finally feeling confident she could speak without her voice quavering said, "You two go and clean up I think we need to do a little shopping."

"For what," Sam croaked her throat parched from breathing so heavily.

A mischievous smile spread across Gwen's tanned face as she replied, "I know a shop close by that I think both of you will find most...interesting now move it." She walked past the bed and playfully slapped Sam's naked butt as she turned to go into her bathroom closing the door behind her.

09-21-2007, 02:36 AM
Visiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 02
by thickfinger

As I read what I had written, I cried out to the heavens to help me make sense of it.

An angel took pity on my plight and descended unto me.

This Angel spoke these wise words:

"Fear not the 'Volunteer Editor Program.

They're waiting to help!"

With her patience and guidance, we worked together to make it a better story.

When it was finished, we read it, and it wasGOOD.

Reading Chapter 1 of 'Visiting Aunt Gwen,' will greatly aid in putting the characters in their proper perspectives.

Your votes and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Reverberating in the semi-enclosed driveway, the horn of the Mustang seemed surprisingly loud, Gwen Philips thought to herself as she leaned on it, hoping to spur her nieces to get moving. She was even prepared to give the girls another blast if they didn't appear damn soon!

Gwen expelled a loud sigh, wondering if her shortened temper had stemmed from the regret that she was feeling for the events that had transpired earlier in the morning. She had caught the girls going through her most personal things. No matter how she justified it in the deeper recesses of her mind, Gwen still felt tremendously guilty. Regardless of the fact that it was some of the best sex that she could ever remember, her brother had asked her to watch over his girls, not to screw their brains out at her earliest convenience!

She just couldn't seem to stop dwelling on the image of her nieces, their naked bodies burned into her mind's eye. Gwen shook her head to clear it, resolutely promising herself that it would never happen again. Her sour mood only served to remind her of where her complete lack of self-control had led her.

Closing her eyes for just a moment, she envisioned herself about to enter the confessional as a child in her church, only seconds later to speak into the grille. "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have cursed, lied and had impure thoughts. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I have just banged the hell out of my two teenaged nieces?" Gwen laughed at the absurdity of the image, but it neatly epitomized how she was feeling.

It did not help her disposition at all. Having been kept waiting for almost twenty minutes, the sun was baking down on her through the open roof of the car. It was more than enough time for her to grow increasingly irritated with their dawdling.

Her stomach was rumbling. The Rolex on her wrist showed that it was now well past noon. Gwen's hand was already reaching for the horn when she saw the two of them come running out of the front door. They were smiling and laughing with each other as though they hadn't a care in the world!

As Sam slipped into the back seat of the red convertible, she said with a slightly teasing tone, "Sorry we took so long getting ready, Aunt Gwen. Katy had a little itch that just couldn't seem to get enough scratching."

Settling into the back seat, she nonchalantly brushed her slender fingers lightly against her aunt's cheek. Gwen was a bit shocked at the familiar musky scent that wafted to her nostrils but she couldn't quite suppress the impish smile that danced at the corners of her mouth.

"You two are incorrigible!" Gwen admonished them, unable to hide her silly grin.

The girls began giggling at her timid scolding. Gwen's emotions were running the gamut from a mild sense of humor, to a feeling of being 'left out.' She was also concerned that the both of them would either be unable to, or unwilling to control their boundless, sexual appetites.

Gwen was having second thoughts about taking them to a lingerie shop after lunch. She

had an idea that her little plan would need serious revising. Getting these two

girls some of their own things may alleviate their inclination to explore her room. Not to mention her personal belongings

When everyone was finally settled in, she started the engine, and the little red convertible roared down the long, curving driveway. Driving through the Malibu Hills, the wind whipped through her hair, helping to push those thoughts from her troubled mind. After enjoying a quiet lunch and coffee at one of the local patio cafes, they headed to the shop as Gwen had promised. She could think of no plausible reason to wriggle out of it.

As they pulled into the parking lot, the girls noticed an unfamiliar sign. Young Katy tried her best to pronounce it, virtually stumbling over each letter. "Lee Bodwaree?" she asked, a little sheepishly.

Bursting forth with a mocking laugh, Sam corrected her and said, "No, silly! 'Le Boudoir.'" she pronounced it perfectly.

"Oh, Cool!" Katy responded enthusiastically.

The storefront revealed little about the wares that were available inside. The building itself had an unremarkable Spanish-style fašade with large glass windows. Decorative wrought iron grilles protected the panes of glass, while the semi-sheer curtains allowed a little light inside.

Gwen led them through the massive, solid wood doors, grinning when she heard twin gasps behind her. The girls had finally realized what the store contained! Katy blurted out excitedly, "This is so awesome! It's like… like… a supermarket for sex!"

Sam chuckled at her sister's apt description, while Gwen could only mentally cringe at the emotion in Katy's tone. It certainly dashed any hopes that they would have found it somewhat boring. Deep down, she now knew better. This entire venture seemed to be turning out to be a huge miscalculation on her part.

Hearing footsteps from behind, Gwen turned to her left. She was delighted to find that it was her friend Melissa, 'Mel' the owner of the shop, approaching with arms outstretched.

"Gwen! Why didn't you let me know you were coming by?" she asked, giving her friend a warm hug.

"Well, my nieces and I decided on a whim to do a little shopping today," she replied, stepping aside. Gwen smiled at her friend.

Mel flashed a bright smile as she looked at Sam and Katy. "So, these two beautiful young ladies are your nieces?" she inquired.

The girls glanced at each other and then back at Mel. Their aunt's friend had stepped forward to hug each of them in turn. Sam blushed slightly when Mel clasped her, their large breasts inevitably touching. She immediately detected that the lovely woman was braless because the petite woman's stiff nipples brushed against her own. When Katy also received a quick hug, Sam couldn't help but stare at Mel's slim waist and round bottom. Both were clearly contoured in the close fitting deep blue dress that she wore.

She felt satisfied that her niece's had dutifully endured the requisite introductions. However, Gwen did feel her inner torment renewed when she said, "Okay you two. Shop till you drop!"

Katy clapped her hands and squealed in an adorably girlish fashion before sprinting across the store. She slid to a stop on her knees in front of a huge display case which housed a dizzying assortment of latex 'toys.' Sam, on the other hand, took her time. Walking over to the lingerie section, she seemed to be unable to tear her eyes off Mel.

The woman's exotic beauty was so transfixing that she almost bumped into a large, revolving stand full of silk stockings! The poor girl quickly scampered to the rear of the shop, blushing hotly with embarrassment as her Aunt Gwen and friend looked on in amusement.

"My goodness, they are gorgeous, aren't they!" Mel exclaimed. She glanced from one to the other as the girls moved through the store.

Gwen nodded with a hint of pride. She chuckled nervously when she finally spoke, her tone was a little stern, "That doesn't mean they aren't very naughty girls, though."

Mel was just making her way behind the counter when she heard Gwen's cryptic remark.

She spun around on her heels so quickly that her black hair twirled around in a shimmering swirl. Hurriedly stepping back towards Gwen, she said, "You can't possibly be talking about those innocent looking darlings?" Mel's sarcasm was dripping from every syllable.

Looking at her friend, Gwen simply nodded.

Clutching Gwen's hands, Mel said excitedly. "Oh… do tell!"

Glancing around to make sure that they couldn't be overheard, Gwen stared into her friend's beautiful almond eyes. She paused for a moment before whispering hoarsely, "I caught them going through my things this morning."

She could tell from Mel's expression that she hadn't quite comprehended and added, "The pair of them apparently watched me last night when I was… providing myself with a little 'relief' in my room!"

Gwen could almost see a 'bulb' light up above Mel's head as her lips curled wickedly.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes she spoke softly, "Oh, your little 'toys!' "

Mel thought that she noticed Gwen's cheeks reddening when her friend looked away. Her vivid imagination seized on that tiny visual clue and decided there was more to the story. Gwen wasn't sharing, so she leaned closer and asked, "Whatever did you do?"

Having a great deal of trouble looking her friend in the eye, Gwen just couldn't admit to Mel what she had done. She was one of her closest friends and on several particularly lonely nights, her lover, too.

Sputtering in a halting whisper, Gwen could only say, "Well, that's why we're ah… here shopping."

Mel knew in an instant that her friend wasn't being honest and for some reason wouldn't tell her the whole story. Deciding to push Gwen a little further, she asked persuasively, "Oh c'mon! You know that you can't keep secrets from me, what really happened?"

As soon as the words had been spoken, Mel saw that Gwen was now blushing furiously! It was obvious what her friend was unwilling to admit. Her eyes widened at her discovery.

She scolded her best friend, "You didn't… Oh Gwen, talk about naughty!"

Gwen was completely embarrassed and hissed at Mel in an angry whisper, "I didn't do it on purpose!"

Wanting to have a little fun at Gwen's expense she asked demurely, "So, tell me. Was it any good?"

Red as a beet, Gwen began to grow increasingly irritated. She was aware that Mel had found her out, and to make things worse, was teasing her!

She snapped at Mel, "It wasn't supposed to be… anything!"

Saying nothing more, Gwen furiously dug through her purse. Pulling out her wallet, she thumbed through several of her credit cards before finally selecting her Visa. Handing it roughly over to Mel, she intoned, "Whatever they pick out, put it on this."

Looking over at Sam who was holding a lacy bustier, Mel asked, "Are you sure? This could turn out to be a little expensive."

Gwen let out a sigh and said a little nervously, "I decided I'd better let them get their own things. It won't do to have them going through my bedroom drawers everyday."

"Mmmm, I could get used to that!" Mel mused, peering back at Sam still moving through the racks of delicate lingerie."

Lightly slapping her friend's hand, Gwen said indignantly, "Now don't you start!" Her sense of humor was beginning to return as she continued, "That's just what I need, three horny females prancing around my house having sex at the drop of a… a… bra. Hell, I can't even control the two I have now!"

Realizing that she had stepped in it again, Gwen stood there feeling a little deflated. She waited for the response that she just knew was on its way.

Mel obligingly quipped, "Sounds like a GREAT party! Can I come?"

The tension slowly eased and they giggled at each other. Mel's expression changed from one of delight to deep thinking. She seemed to remember something terribly important and she blurted out excitedly, "Guess who is home from college this week!"

Puzzled, Gwen merely shrugged. She didn't have the energy to engage in any guessing games

"Timmy!" Mel enthused, with a smirk and a knowing wink.

"Oh." Gwen said flatly. Her mind replayed the last time that Mel and her neighbor, Tim had visited. It had been the weekend before he left for college in Illinois, staying on for two glorious days.

Recovering from her reverie she asked, "How long will he be staying this time?"

Her friend's expression changed into a comical pout and replied, "Tim has only until next Monday and then he has to return to get ready for the next season."

Gwen asked disappointedly, "Oh, so soon?" She wondered whether she would get

another chance to meet him again.

Knowing that she now had Gwen intrigued, Mel bristled with glee. She could now talk about her favorite subject, 'Tim!' "Well, last year his coach red-shirted him, but it seems that this year he has a legitimate shot at the starting position. Tim wants to spend as much time as he can training for that."

Not having a clue as to what 'red-shirted' meant, Gwen nonetheless nodded sagely.

Mel became even more animated and continued, "Oh God, Gwen. You have to see him. He's much bigger than he was last year!"

Picturing Tim in her mind, Gwen had a little difficulty in believing that. The lad was built like a brick anyway, and that was before he left for school last summer.

Without thoroughly considering the implications, she asked Mel if she thought Tim would like to come by for dinner that evening. Her eagerness to see him before he left brushed any concerns for the girls aside for the moment.

Grinning, Mel said with a hint of sarcasm, "Tim… and I would love to."

Gwen was surprised at her friend's tone and said, "Well of course, you too." She wondered if Mel was pretending to be obtuse, or just plain jealous.

With a far off look in her eyes, Mel said, Tim will most likely want some form of red meat."

She thought for a few seconds before replying, "Fine, then we'll grill steaks on the patio."

"I'll bring the wine!" Mel quipped, enthusiastically.

"About sevenish?" Gwen suggested, arching her eyebrows.

Delighted, Mel left no room for pause and said, "It's a date!"

Suddenly remembering the girls, Gwen frantically began searching for some way to keep them from causing problems. She adored them, but still wanted a bit of quality time with Tim. Her mind racing, the only choice available was to wait until her nieces were asleep, and only then could the three of them indulge themselves.

Gwen was positively weak at the knees just thinking about Tim's muscular body. Apart from the obvious male anatomy, he also had enormous 'staying power!'It had been over a year since she and Mel had given him an unforgettable send-off. She so desperately wanted another taste of the unrestrained passion that they had shared.

At that point, Katy walked over to the two of them. She asked for help in opening the glass case that she had been surveying, her nose was a little red from pressing against it. Mel acquiesced, and jingling the keys, followed Katy across the store. Gwen went in the opposite direction to where Sam was. Her older niece was still engrossed with the lingerie, so she helped her to make several excellent selections.

When they were done with their shopping spree, Gwen couldn't bring herself to look at the total. Simply signing the receipt, she thanked Mel for her assistance and headed for the door with her two underlings in tow. Both girls were now clutching very large bags, the proud owners of a wide assortment of paraphernalia.

Sam and Katy were positively giddy with their purchases and thanked their aunt profusely as they walked to the car. They couldn't wait a moment longer to rush home; the pair of them wanted so much to rifle through the over stuffed bags.

Taking this as an opportune moment, Gwen watched Kate visibly deflate when she told them that they would have to make a stop at the market. She informed her nieces that Mel and a friend were coming for dinner that evening and they also had to go to the butcher shop. Katy seemed even more disappointed at the news, knowing that she would have to be on her best behavior. Gwen glanced into her rear view mirror and saw a quick smile flash across Sam's countenance at the news. She suspected that Sam may be more than a little smitten with Mel.

Driving up the winding driveway to her house, Gwen told them the 'rules' of what to expect. She requested that they should not rifle through her room unless they were invited, because now both of them had their own 'things.' They smiled at each other and replied in unison, "Yes, ma'am!"

The instant they came to a halt, Katy burst from the car and bolted for the door. She wanted to use her limited time to try out some of her new purchases. Sam emerged from the back seat, thanking her aunt for treating them to lunch and a wonderful time at Mel's shop. Gwen winked and put her arm around Sam's shoulders. A little concerned, she asked her eldest niece if she had room in her luggage for all the extra 'stuff.'

Sam replied adamantly that she would fit them in, regardless. Her aunt threw her head back in silent laughter…

Gwen immediately headed to the kitchen upon entering the house to put the groceries away. She felt much more confident, now that her little plan had seemed to work. Noticing Sam dawdling in the kitchen, Gwen told her that she could handle dinner by herself and glanced at her watch. Sam was relieved when her aunt said, It's just after five, why don't you head up to my room and try on some of your things? I suspect that your sister is already getting a bit noisy in her room!"

A smile creased the corners of Sam's mouth. She knew that her aunt was absolutely correct and rolled her eyes. Turning to rush up the stairs, she uttered an excited, "Thank you!"

Gwen shouted after her, "I'll be up when I finish here and you can model a few of them

for me."

She went out to the patio to check the grille. It seemed to be in good working order and went back inside. Gwen thought that eating 'a la fresco' was fine, but certainly not with the insects! Keeping that in mind, she set the dining room table for a party of five.

It was forty minutes later that she found herself walking up the stairs towards her bedroom. Gwen felt a tinge of embarrassment at how eager she was to see Sam trying on her new lingerie.

The door being closed, she knocked politely and waited. At Sam's quiet, "Come in." Gwen entered to see her niece with her back turned, clad only in shimmering blue thongs. Sam's perfectly rounded ass cheeks seemed to be begging to be caressed as she stood in the middle of the room. It was with significant difficulty that Gwen had to restrain herself; not being able to do anything but stare longingly at Sam. Reaching instead to turn her chair closer to where her niece was standing, Sam told her that she had missed one plastic tag on the bra for this set and it was poking her in the side. Gwen was about to offer her help when Sam exclaimed triumphantly, "Gotcha!" proceeding to throw the offending tag into the trash can. She looped her arms through the straps then clipped the front closure. Sam turned to face her aunt, still manipulating her ample breasts to settle them in the cups. Placing her hands on her hips, she asked coquettishly, "Well… what do you think?"

Momentarily stunned, her aunt was unable to respond as she drank in Sam's lascivious curves. When her thoughts had stopped racing, Gwen could only manage a faint smile and stammered, "I did say that it was a good color for you. It looks fantastic!"

Gwen thought inwardly, 'Damn! That girl has no bad colors! Sam is more beautiful every time I look at her.' She felt the familiar tingling between her legs, still apprehensive about her feelings. One thing Gwen did not want to do is let her guard down, even for a moment. For the next hour and a half, she continued to marvel at Sam's nineteen-year-old body. The satiny smoothness of her skin was perfect, keeping Gwen enthralled. When her niece continued to try on almost a dozen outfits, it was all she could do but to offer the barest of comments.

Sam had inadvertently saved the best for last. Gwen could not believe that her panties would get any wetter, but she felt her body heat increase measurably. Her niece had just donned her last ensemble, a lace bustier in mauve with suspenders, holding matching stockings in place. The bra cups were so sheer that she could clearly make out Sam's erect nipples and round, pink areola. There was no doubt that her niece was becoming excited; there were no panties with this outfit, and Gwen could see as well as smell her arousal. Sam said that she couldn't possibly wear it under clothing without it showing through, but Gwen insisted that it was alright. Needing an excuse to look at anything other than Sam's incredible body, she hurriedly stepped into her closet and selected a velvety, dusty-rose colored dress. She helped Sam to slip into it, and turning her to look at herself in the mirror Gwen said, "See, it looks splendid!"

Her aunt was right, it did look damn good! Sam was in her element as she asked, "What about panties… didn't this ensemble include any?"

"Oh, go without, I'm sure that nobody will mind!" Gwen said glibly.

Swirling the dress back and forth, Sam watched her reflection. She loved the way the beautiful garment clung to her body. Gwen stared in fascination, mesmerized by the sight of her niece with her firm breasts swaying with every move. Desperately trying to keep her feelings under control, she stepped into the closet once more, aimlessly shuffling through the various pairs of shoes. Stumbling across a pair of light burgundy pumps, Gwen plopped them on the floor next to Sam's feet. Her niece gasped in delight when she looked at the overall effect in the mirror, the colors complimented her lush, auburn hair and fair complexion.

Gwen checked the time on the clock radio next to the bed, and uttered a muffled expletive when she saw how late it had become. She urged Sam to tell Katy to get cleaned up and to wear something nice for dinner. Sam gathered up her things and started down the stairs for her own room. On the way past Katy's door, she distinctly heard hoarse moaning and grinned. Sam could just imagine her eighteen-year-old sister with her legs spread wide and toes curled!

Dashing into her bathroom, Gwen quickly freshened up and headed outside to start the grille.

After dropping her armload in the middle of her bed, Sam returned to Katy's door and unceremoniously swung it open. Her sister was sprawled across the comforter, her hands between her outstretched legs. Katy had a look of raw lust on her face when she turned to face Sam who was standing in the doorway, chuckling at the scene. Sam's infectious laughter soon had Katy giggling hysterically.

When she finally swung her long legs over the side of the bed Katy held something out to Sam and said, "This thing is amazing you have got to try it!"

Sam took the device and examined it, a little puzzled by the long cord that trailed back to Katy's hands. It was a remarkable looking toy with a large bulge full of beads about five inches down the shaft. Sam also noticed that there was a projection on one side that resembled a tiny pair of rabbit's ears. Baffled by their shape and purpose, she touched the soft, flexible protuberance. At the same instant it started buzzing in her hands and caught her so completely by surprise that she almost dropped it! Sam quickly glanced over at Katy who had a devilish grin on her face, busily twisting knobs on the controller that she held. Sam immediately understood what had happened.

"Now watch this," Katy said excitedly.

Depending on how Katy turned the dials, the beads inside the bulge began swirling around faster and slower in rotation. The rattling of the beads, plus the rising and falling of the vibrations had Sam fascinated. Her mouth was hanging open in astonishment and Katy urged her to try it.

She scrutinized it closely for a length of time before a musky aroma filled her nostrils. Sam realized that it was very moist with Katy's milky fluid and she gave it a quick flick of her tongue before casually tossing it back to her sister. Sam threw Katy an impish look and said, "Later sis… definitely! By the way, Aunt Gwen sent me to tell you to get cleaned up now and wear something nice for dinner." She turned to walk away, but decided to tease Katy just a little by adding, "Oh, and that means to make yourself look 'presentable' in front of the guests."

Katy stuck her tongue out at her older sister showing her disproval at having to behave.

Sam returned the favor before turning on her heels to go upstairs to help with dinner.

Both Gwen and Sam were duly impressed when Katy finally appeared at the top of the stairs. She had selected a deep crimson satin 'mermaid' dress that accentuated her every curve. Fastened only at the collar, it left her back and arms completely bare. The satin smoothly followed the curve of her hips, flaring around the middle of her slim thighs. The garment made her long legs look sleek in the maroon stockings that she wore along with a pair of open toed heels.

Gwen gave her niece an appraising look when she stood before them and said, "You look wonderful, Katy, the color sets off the red highlights in your hair."

Beaming with pride at her aunt and sister, Katy had a devilish glint in her eyes and asked, "Do you really think so?" She then executed a perfect pirouette across the open floor, sending her dress spinning away from her shapely legs. Katy's seemingly innocent maneuver revealed a matching maroon garter belt as well as a conspicuous lack of panties.

Sam gazed at her sister's attire and chimed in, "I approve. It's stunning, Katy!" Not one to be left out in the 'appraisal,' she executed an almost identical spin of her own for both to see.

Gwen commented that both of them were completely insane. The three of them burst into laughter when she asked them to please refrain from ballet dancing in front of their guests.

The piercing sound of a car horn over the intercom interrupted their levity and Gwen pressed the button to activate the gate at the bottom of the driveway. Katy flew to the window to watch for Mel and her friend when an immense Zebra striped Humvee pulled into full view.

Katy turned to Sam and exclaimed, "Wow. Check it out, a Hummer!" She spun around and rushed to the door, almost spraining her ankle with the five- inch heels that she was wearing.

Her sister followed at a more dignified pace, and the three of them stood on the doorstep waiting for the gigantic truck to come to a halt. Katy, being as impetuous as ever, ran over to it and peered through the rear windows. She moved around it, taking in all the details even before Mel or her friend, Tim had a chance to open the door.

Squatting low to examine the undercarriage, Katy was just behind the driver's door as it opened. Her eyes widened as she saw a gigantic boot emerge. She gazed up in amazement at the muscular jean-clad legs as Tim continued to slowly rise to his full 6'5' to tower over her.

Looking down at her immobile figure, Tim said, "Well, hello there!" The amusement in his tone was evident.

She stared wide-eyed at Tim and shot to her feet, offering her hand, and blurting out "Hi! I'm Katy."

Trying to hide a smirk, he took her hand and said, "I'm Tim. Would you care to help me with these?"

He handed her two large bottles of wine, then turned back to the oversized vehicle to retrieve something else.

Katy just stood where she was, entranced. She stared at Tim's tight behind, marveling at his muscles rippling through the thin teal polo shirt as he moved. Katy felt chills running up and down her spine as she watched, certain that he was the most gorgeous man ever.

Her fertile mind formed vivid fantasies of what she might do with him. Katy followed Tim as he walked towards the house, not trusting herself to speak without sounding foolish. Her heart was pounding as it was!

Sam waited breathlessly on the doorstep with her aunt as the passenger door of the gaudily painted truck opened and Mel emerged like a diminutive specter.

Moving aside to permit Mel to follow Gwen into the house, Sam followed, closely watching her firm round bottom sway in her tight-fitting jeans. Her eager eyes detected no visible panty lines at all, and Sam hypothesized that Mel was probably wearing very snug thongs.

Sam's suspicions were reinforced when Mel reached for the wine glasses above her aunt's sink. From the weight and sway of her breasts, she could see with perfect clarity that Mel was once again braless.

Wearing her four inch heels, Sam had a definite advantage in height over Mel. Seeing that the tiny woman was having trouble reaching for the glasses, she stepped over to offer her help. Sam caught a fleeting glimpse of Mel's fabulous breasts as she peered down the front of Mel's blouse. Several times while they were all preparing the meal, Sam had an idea that her aunt's sultry looking friend may have been aware of her peeking.

Gwen observed the interchange between Katy, Sam, Tim and Mel, feeling satisfied that everyone seemed to be enjoying the meal. Tim and the girls were so close in age that they seemed to share the same interests in music, movies and social activities. It was not surprising to her that Katy gravitated towards the captivating young man. She also realized that Katy was into her third glass of the excellent Merlot that Mel had contributed.

Not knowing how much experience that her nieces had with alcohol, it was difficult for her to decipher if the wine was having much effect. Sam, on the other hand was by contrast being strangely quiet. Gwen had noticed that her eldest niece couldn't seem to avert her eyes from Mel for too long as she too sipped on the exquisite vintage. Glancing back to the far end of the table, Gwen spotted her friend staring off into space and wondered why she was grinning like the 'Cheshire Cat,' from the story of Alice in Wonderland. Looking down the length of Mel's arm, she nearly choked on her wine when she saw between the dishes and the glass topped table why her friend was looking so smug.

Mel, not bothering in the least to be covert, was rubbing Tim's fully engorged erection through his skin-tight Levi's. Her mind reacting halfway to full-blown panic, Gwen spoke much louder than normal when she addressed her friend. Mel could hardly ignore her 'request' that she help to clear the table as Gwen stood, grabbing several plates.

Already having discerned a palpable sexual aura emanating from her younger niece, Gwen watched her. Katy's focus was entirely riveted on Tim. Desperate to keep everything from spinning out of control, Gwen hoped that she had acted quickly enough to prevent her niece from discovering the groping under the table.

Katy had been watching Mel's delicate hand on the mammoth bulge through Tim's jeans when she heard her aunt ask for help with clearing the table. As Gwen fell in step with Mel going to the kitchen, she didn't notice Katy's eyes pop open and silently mouth, "Oh, my God!"

Sam sprang quickly to her feet and collected the remaining dishes. Leaving Katy and Tim alone in silence at the table, she hurried around the corner to catch up with the two older women.

Gwen was mildly surprised at the irritated look Mel pinned her with the moment she entered the kitchen. Her petite friend roughly set her wine glass on the dark granite countertop and gracelessly plopped the plates she was carrying into the sink.

Raising her eyebrows, Gwen softly admonished her friend, "Oh, calm down. You can wait a little longer."

Mel carelessly rifled through the refrigerator and took out another bottle of wine and

replied with a pout, "But I don't want to. He's so damn hot!"

Her hands full, Sam walked through the door and gently set her glass on the counter next to Mel's. She then carefully added to the teetering pile that Gwen was trying to rinse.

Mel turned to Sam with a tilt of her head and inquired if she were interested in a little more wine as she popped the cork on the wine bottle.

Nodding, Sam said sweetly, "Yes, please."

After a few judicious sips, a satisfied 'Mmm…' could be heard slipping from between Sam's full lips.

"Oh Mel, thank you so much for helping Katy at the shop today and for bringing this lovely wine for us all," Sam gushed.

Still frustrated with Gwen, Mel replied absentmindedly, "No sweat. She's a bundle of energy and it was kind of fun for a change.

Taking a sip from her own glass, she continued, "Most of my customers are a bunch of horny old ladies who are so uptight about being in an adult oriented store they take most of the fun out of it: kind of like your Aunt Gwen."

"Ha, ha.. Very funny you." Gwen said as she playfully smacked Mel on the butt with her dishtowel before turning back to her chores.

When their laughter faded, Sam asked abruptly, "Mel can I ask you a personal question?"

Gwen immediately froze, every fiber of her being alert and tense as Mel answered distractedly, "Sure, doll. What do you want to know?"

Sam paused for a second trying to organize her thoughts before asking, "How did a gorgeous Asian woman like you end up with such a distinctly Western name like 'Melissa?'"

The innocuous nature of her question nearly had Gwen sighing aloud in relief as the tension left her body. She returned to rinsing the dishes with a smile thinking that at least Sam could keep her libido under control. Then with a start, she realized that Katy had been alone in the dinning room with Tim for a good bit of time now. Gwen nearly dropped the plate she was rinsing and noisily let it clatter onto the counter before drying her hands. As nervous as she was, she straightened her dress as nonchalantly as she could.

Mel and Sam continued on with their conversation, barely giving Gwen a glance. Trying to quell her urge to burst into the dining room, she displayed such calmness that she by no means felt as she headed back in to check on Katy and Tim…

She felt confident that she had little to worry about leaving Mel and Sam having a quiet chat in the kitchen alone. Quite the contrary with her younger niece! Gwen was not sure that Katy could keep her hands to herself sitting inches away from Tim and his rugged good looks.

The moment Sam had collected the last of the dinner dishes from the table to go and help the others in the kitchen, Katy's heart almost leapt into her throat! If she was going to have a moment alone with Tim she had to make the most of it now.

He was everything that she had envisioned the perfect man to be; tall, dark and handsome, funny and smart with it. Tim had a body to die for and Katy had been burning with jealousy and abject hatred for Mel from the moment she saw the older woman's hand slip away from his lap. But when she recognized the huge bulge in Tim's jeans, she wanted to thank her aunt's sexy friend for giving her the inspiration for her next move. Sidling her chair a bit closer to his, Katy leaned forward and spoke very softly so as not to be heard in case anyone were to return to the room.

"Are you and Mel very close?" she asked.

Tim smiled warmly and answered, "She's been a good friend and is a wonderful lady."

Katy could hear the fondness he had for Mel in his tone and decided to tread carefully asking, "How did you two meet?"

He answered with an amused smirk, "The summer before I started college. I needed to earn some money and Mel offered me a job doing repairs at her shop. Later on, I started cleaning the pool and doing the gardening for her. Sort of like a handy man." Tim was beginning to wonder where this one-way inquisition was leading.

Summoning up all her courage, Katy asked coquettishly, "Does she work you hard?"

Tim was truly puzzled now and arched an eyebrow as he answered, "Yeah, sometimes."

She slid her hand onto his lap, seeking and quickly locating the huge erection that she knew would be there. Katy caressed it and tentatively asked, "This hard?"

He rolled his eyes toward the ceiling and sighed before answering, "So you saw that did you?"

Katy was elated with her success so far and decided that it was time to add a little sauce to the goose. She continued to enthusiastically stroke him, not asking for permission as she answered; the excitement evident in her tone, "Yes, I did. I was stunned then and I am even more amazed now; you are truly impressive."

A rumbling chuckle erupted from Tim as he surmised that Katy had been steering him toward this since the others had left the room. Astonished by Katy's brazen attitude he was unable to respond and silently thought, 'I've been led to the water. The only question now is do I take a drink?'

She could hardly contain herself, her hands not once leaving their treasured place in Tim's lap as she boldly stated, "I do believe that you are ready for some hard work right now!"

Tim was still laughing quietly, lowering his head and shaking it in disbelief at how easily this young girl had manipulated him quite literally and figuratively.

Sensing that she had reached a turning point, Katy prodded him to move his chair away from the table. She was still groping his swollen cock when she asked suggestively, "How about you stand up so that I can get a good look at you, big fella?"

He looked around the room nervously wondering what the hell he had stepped into. Tim looked down at Katy; surprised at her persistent efforts to get into his pants and asked conspiratorially, "Now? Here? What about the others, Mel, your sister and your aunt?"

Katy continued her eager ministrations and answered dismissively, "Oh, I can handle Aunt Gwen. I have before."

Wondering what she meant by that comment, Tim couldn't help but let the aching in his jeans override his anxiety. He slowly rose from the chair and stood up before the determined girl. Katy turned her chair to face him, and reached for the button of his jeans before continuing, "My sister has the 'hots' for your friend, or hadn't you noticed?"

Looking down at her, Tim shook his head and answered, "No, I hadn't noticed. My mind was, shall we say, 'elsewhere?"

When the button yielded, Katy's fingers trembled as she grasped for the zipper tab. She slowly lowered it, willing herself to calm down, wanting to just tear the clothes off him and jump on his incredible body.

Before his zipper was half way down, Katy was getting a real sense of how truly massive Tim was as the weight of him pushed outward against the material of his jeans. She released the metal tab, placed her hands on his hips, and with a gentle pull slowly slid his pants down.

Katy was delighted to find that Tim had no underwear to deal with. His dark curls appeared the instant the focus of her desire sprang into full view. Her heart was banging as she saw the full-length and width of him just inches from her face. Katy's thoughts were racing, 'It's enormous! Beautiful! Majestic!

She finally gave voice to her astonishing good fortune, "My god Tim. It's huge!"

Letting his jeans fall the rest of the way, she reached for his member with shaking fingers. Katy wrapped her hand around its tremendous girth, and even her tapering fingers failed to meet around it. With her other hand she found his equally impressive balls, reflexively stroking the massive hard-on while cupping and caressing Tim's heavy sac.

Without a second thought, she leaned forward with her mouth open and engulfed the swollen purple head. Katy had to strain her lips to encompass his tumescent prick as they slid along the bulging veins. Tim groaned aloud when the warmth of her mouth made contact, and any thoughts that he did have of restraint flew out the window…

Gwen had only progressed a few paces when she heard Katy exclaim aloud, "My god, Tim. It's huge!" She froze on the spot, hoping that she had misinterpreted what she had just heard. Proceeding cautiously, Gwen arrived at the archway to the dining room.

Hearing no further conversation, she leaned forward a little to peer into the room without being seen. Gwen saw that Tim was no longer seated at the head of the table. What she did see was him standing before Katy with his pants crumbled around his ankles. Her niece was on her knees before him, energetically giving him oral service! Gwen stood motionless and watched as Katy strained to engulf Tim's imposing manhood.

She knew from firsthand experience how daunting a task that could be and felt her thongs beginning to moisten by just watching them. Gwen's Catholic upbringing began warring with her arousal, making her uncertain of what to do…

Sam was relieved to see that Mel gave no indication of surprise or offense at her question. She found it alluring when the older woman took another sip of wine, before looking up at her and licking her lips.

Sighing quickly Mel answered, "Well my mother is Korean and she tried to have me registered at birth with a proper Korean name. My father was furious He is a second generation 'Nisei,' born in Hawaii to Japanese parents and insisted that I should have a strong Japanese one.

By that time, I was over two weeks old and they still hadn't agreed on anything. My father just went out and brought home a baby book of names, opened a page at random and put his finger down. Thankfully, it landed on 'Melissa.'"

Mel continued with a chuckle, "Every time I sign my name, I thank God that his finger hadn't landed on 'Harold' … or even 'Walter,' for that matter. He was so frustrated at the time that you could have been talking to 'Hank' right now!"

Almost spilling her wine as she burst out laughing, Sam tried to imagine calling this beautiful woman 'Steve,' or some other man's name!

Sam stared into Mel's dark eyes and thanked her again for the wonderful afternoon she had spent in her shop.

Mel asked casually, "So what did you get today? There was so much stuff I lost track of who was buying what."

She nearly squealed when she heard Mel's innocent question. It had given Sam just the opening that she had never even dared to hope for.

Hoping that her voice would not betray her excitement, Sam answered, "I bought mostly lingerie."

Recalling a few of the items that she had rung through the register, Mel had a far off look in her eyes. She was trying to visualize this hot young girl in front of her, wearing some of the things that she had bought.

Having an idea as to what Mel was thinking, Sam beamed at her and said, "I'm wearing some now, would you like to see?"

Mel was taken aback by her offer and the surprised look on her face showed. Her curiosity was piqued and she asked in a hoarse whisper, "What about your aunt, wouldn't she be upset?"

Sam gave a dismissing wave and answered, 'I modeled all of them for her after we got home. What would she have to be upset about?" Then, turning her back to Mel she commanded in a husky voice, "Undo me!"

The older woman was a little apprehensive under the circumstances. But, she soon found her hand reaching for the tab on the zipper, lowering it slowly. Mel became increasingly excited as each tooth added its distinct 'click.' Continuing downwards, she could only watch in silence and amazement. The smooth, unblemished skin on Sam's back appeared through the gap in the exquisite material.

When Sam felt the zipper touch bottom, she spun away from Mel and positioned herself behind the large island in the center of the kitchen. She was unsure of how to execute a provocative strip tease but she wanted to watch the reaction on Mel's face as she tried. What she did know was that she didn't want to reveal too much too soon and spoil the moment. Sam only wished that she could devise a slight distraction, giving herself a few precious seconds to move in close before revealing herself fully.

She seductively turned away from the lustful gaze she had witnessed in Mel's eyes. The simple exercise requiring all the finesse she could muster, Sam teasingly slipped her dress off each shoulder in turn.

When the velvety garment dropped to the floor, Sam looked behind her at Mel who was grinning at her antics. Seeing the dress lying on the floor in a swirl around her feet, a bud of an idea started to form in Sam's thoughts.

With one toe she kicked her discarded apparel to where Mel stood, grinning. Sam was pleased when she saw that her eyes had followed the garment as it slid across the open floor, just stopping at her dainty feet. Seizing the opportunity and trying in her haste to close the distance between them, Sam took several rapid steps, her heels clicking audibly on the tiled floor.

Just as she stopped in full view of Mel, Sam accidentally stepped onto the dress and her left foot buckled clumsily from under her. When she started to fall, Mel reacted in an instant. Her small stature in no way disclosed her tremendous strength as she wrapped her arms securely around Sam's torso, instantly saving her from crashing to the floor.

Sam had not exactly decided what to say but in the confusion of the moment blurted out the very same question that she had put to her aunt just a few hours before. This time her voice was shaky with surprise and desire, "Well… what do you think?"

Her suggestive tone struck a chord in the older woman's ears and after helping Sam regain her feet, immediately reached out to caress the silk stockings shimmering on her shapely legs before responding, "I didn't know I had anything this gorgeous in my shop."

Mel's mind was reeling, and her reasoning now somewhat uncertain. She finally thought to herself, 'To hell with Tim, I want some of this!' Moving her hand away from Sam's thigh, she stepped behind the girl and began running her delicate hands over the lacy bustier until she found Sam's full breasts. Her chin just reached the girl's shoulder and she peeked over it to watch as her fingers sought and quickly found Sam's distended nipples poking against the sheer fabric.

A low moan erupted from Sam's throat as Mel's fingers delicately tugged and rolled them between her long, slim fingers while massaging her large mounds of flesh. Mel found her sounds enchanting and the situation itself highly erotic. Sam pushed back against her as Mel brought her lips to the young girls' neck, kissing her along her exquisite jaw-line.

Sam began to moan with more intensity as Mel began to slide one hand downward, nearing the neatly trimmed tuft of auburn hair she had briefly glimpsed earlier. She could feel the moist heat emanating from the close-cropped mound beneath her fingertips when she heard a slight noise; the kitchen door was beginning to swing open…

Gwen had finally decided that she would have to enlist the help of Mel to try and diffuse the situation and hoped to find an ally in her friend to deal with the troubling scene she had just encountered. Nearing the kitchen, she heard a low moan which she dismissed as coming from the direction of the dining room and pushed on the door…

She came to an immediate stop when she saw her elder niece and Mel totally engrossed with each other. They were tenderly kissing and caressing, seemingly oblivious to their surroundings. Without a word, Gwen backed out of the kitchen entrance and let the door swing shut.

The image of what she had just witnessed in the kitchen set her mind reeling.

There was Sam standing in her bustier and stockings with a totally wanton look on her face as Mel was kissing the nape of her firm neck. Mel was all over her niece, massaging her firm breasts with one hand while the other was poised to delve into Sam's soaked auburn mound.

With the two scenes replaying in her mind, Gwen became even more aroused and confused. Feeling completely left out, whipped and utterly frustrated she finally gave voice to her feelings, "Oh Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Just as she was deciding to go back into the kitchen and put a stop to what they were up to, she nearly collided with the door as it swung open! Sam and Mel came striding out arm in arm, heading for the dining room. Gwen, again at a loss for what to do numbly followed and silently watched as the pair giggled. Sam's hand reached back to grab Mel's firm butt, not bothering to relinquish her hold even when she spotted Gwen in close pursuit.

They both boldly proceeded through the dining room as though Katy and Tim were nonexistent, Gwen still walking silently behind them. Completely distracted, she came to an abrupt halt just inches away from Tim, staring in utter disbelief as the brazen pair disappeared into the living room. Tim grasped Gwen's forearm, bringing her back to her senses and her realization of where she was and what was occurring before her eyes.

Even through his lust filled eyes Tim could see the consternation on Gwen's face and quietly reasoned with her as he gently caressed her face and whispered, "When in Rome?"

Sensing total failure, Gwen finally crumbled against Tim's strong body and willingly accepted the gentle kiss he offered in consolation. She remained motionless for several moments, drawing strength and comfort from his strong arms and warm lips as he hungrily assailed her mouth. Fully aware of the rhythmic motions of Katy, Gwen was too consumed with Tim's full tender lips on hers to let it bother her.

Tim's powerful hands had found their way to her tight ass which he began to gently knead and caress. She had all but forgotten the inner turmoil that had preoccupied her thoughts most of the day and found herself responding with such passionate longing, almost melting with desire beneath his loving touch.

Hearing a muffled gagging sound twice, Gwen was unsure of what or where it was coming from. Becoming increasingly distracted by the choking noises she instantly disengaged herself from Tim, landing on her hands and knees in a flash realizing those dreadful sounds were coming from her niece. Kneeling right next to Katy, Gwen watched in amazement as her eighteen year old niece was making yet another attempt to deep-throat Tim's thick zucchini sized erection.

Katy was still going strong and Gwen could not help but admire her determination and persistence. Smiling she said, "Damn girl, but you're ambitious!"

Reluctantly pulling impassioned lips away from the source of her pleasure, Katy grinned, feeling pleased with herself. Both hands were still on Tim's glistening rod as she exclaimed, "Oh, Aunt Gwen for a second there I thought I had it!"

Gwen winked and suggested, "How about a demonstration by an old pro?"

Still slowly stroking Tim, Kate returned her aunt's sly wink and whispered, "As long as he doesn't mind us using him as an educational tool!"

Tim's deep resounding chuckle gave them the answer they needed. Without further prompting Gwen pushed a chair out from near the head of the table and patted it lightly, indicating him to sit.

Katy moved aside to allow Tim room to sit before her aunt who was already waiting in position for him. She wrapped her fingers around his well-lubricated hard-on and eyed it eagerly until she sensed Katy moving closer, one hand resting on his lap.

Having a hard time taking her gaze off the sight of her fingers entwined around Tim's hot pulsating cock, Gwen saw the lust in the eyes of her niece who was eagerly waiting for the lesson to begin

She spent a moment in reflection before saying to Katy, "The trick is to relax your throat muscles and just allow it to happen. If you are tensed up you will end up with a very raw and tender throat!"

Thinking back to her first successful attempts she knew that she had Katy enrapt. Her attention was darting back and forth from her aunt to Tim who was trying his best to keep still, his cock pulsating visibly. Gwen said softly, "When you feel yourself begin to gag, swallow the tip. It'll be easier then to slowly move your mouth deeper until you have his whole length in."

With a radiant smile, she continued. "I have learned to relax and it has become second nature to me. I'm sure I'm talking about all men when I say that they just love the swallowing sensation once they are all the way in." Feeling Tim begin to soften within her fingers Gwen turned her attention back to him, deciding it was time he was allowed back into the game. She stroked again and was gratified when he started to grow hard almost instantaneously.

Looking to her niece one last time she indicated for Katy to put her fingertips against her throat and feel his rapidly increasing erection starting to slowly slide in, deeper and deeper.

Katy was amazed at the apparent ease of Tim's huge cock steadily disappearing down her aunt's throat. The young girl felt Gwen's muscles moving as she swallowed Tim's massive rod and watched in fascination when she saw the older woman's nose being buried within the tangled curls of his dark pubes. Still keeping her fingers in place, Katy continued to feel the subtle changes as her aunt carried on swallowing. Tim's throaty moan confirmed that Gwen was indeed an expert and she only hoped that she could do as well when her turn came.

When Gwen finally got all of Tim's marvelous cock down her throat, she instantly forgot about her niece and the demonstration transformed her into a voracious lustful animal. Like a bitch in heat. Gwen roughly brushed Katy's hand aside and reached forward to seize his heavy balls. Withdrawing only enough to gulp an occasional breath, her aunt would plunge back down to fully engulf him again.

It took Katy only a moment to realize that the lesson was indeed over and that her aunt was no longer interested in sharing. The young girl stood up in an angry huff as she watched the expressions changing on Tim's face, he looked to be in the throes of pure ecstasy. Katy's eyes fell on his full lips and decided to do something to remedy the burning injustice she felt that Gwen had perpetrated on purpose.

She kicked off her heels, hiked the back of her dress up and plopped down carelessly on the edge of the table in front of Tim. Leaning back with her elbows on the hard surface, Katy opened her legs over his head, to place a foot on each of his broad shoulders. Tim's eyes snapped open in an instant and Katy tantalized him by lifting the front of her dress to reveal the moist opening and musky aroma of her sex.

His expression changed from that of sudden astonishment to one of pure lust. The leer in Tim's eyes was unmistakable as he firmly grasped her willowy legs and decisively leaned his head forward towards Katy's wide open slit. Gwen's lips were still wrapped around Tim's huge cock, unaware to what was occurring directly above her bobbing head…

Descending together into the deeply sunken living room, Sam turned to face her lover upon reaching the magnificent bear rug beneath the towering stone fireplace. Pausing only to peer into Mel's dark smoldering eye's she slipped to her knees without a sound. Reaching out for Mel's hips and succeeding in pulling her closer, Sam visibly shuddered with excitement when Mel smiled warmly down at her as she began tugging at the button of her jeans. The young girl's hands were in constant motion, kneading and caressing the beautiful woman's firm butt, waiting with anticipation for her to open the zipper. Sam was planning to tear them from Mel's body as soon as the opening was all the way down.

The young girl watched intently, her nose was only a few inches away from what she wanted so badly. Unable to control herself any further, Sam used her grip on Mel's round ass and pulled her closer. She then made contact with Mel's denim covered mons with her mouth. Sam's full lips began massaging and the aroma of Mel's excitement filled her nostrils. In her frenzy, she tried to fight back the overwhelming urge to bite through the thick fabric.

Mel was slowly and agonizingly teasing the girl kneeling before her. She pulled the zipper down until the tab touched Sam's nose. Mel tried to step back from the girl, but as she moved, Sam was already pulling her jeans down! The young beauty gasped when she saw the perfectly trimmed black pubes of her aunt's friend come into view. Sam resumed her position when she finally had Mel's jeans down to her knees.

Sam whimpered when she finally got her first taste of Mel's moist labia. Her tongue flicked in the folds and around the clitoris of the woman's sex. Sensing that Mel was trying to back away, she tightened her grip.

In a hushed and patient tone of voice Mel whispered to Sam, "Let me get rid of these jeans so that I don't fall over. We wouldn't want that to happen now, would we." The young girl blushed and relaxed her hold on the more experienced woman standing before her. Sam looked up and smiled apologetically.

It seemed to take forever and Sam waited a little impatiently for Mel to kick the jeans aside. Mel stood with her legs slightly apart and the young girl felt a hand rest on her head, gently urging her closer. Sam drove her agile tongue into the sweet taste of the musky folds, renewing her exploration. She sucked on each of the extended labia, capturing all of the milky fluid that seemed to pour out of her. Sam moved her hands under Mel's blouse and felt the smooth hardness of her flat stomach. She continued upwards with trembling fingers until they found the curves of her firm breasts.

Mel let out a loud gasp when she felt the girl pulling on her taut nipples, and ran her fingers through Sam's soft hair. The woman's moans were urging Sam on, so she darted her tongue deeper into Mel's steaming inner depths, orally fucking her aunt's friend. Sam had been dreaming of flicking her tongue in and out of her like a snake since they had met earlier that day.

She was hot with desire and lust, her loud moans of ecstasy turning to whimpers of pure joy as Sam released one of her breasts to slip first one, then two slender fingers into her hot pussy. The girl was alternating between tickling and sucking on the tip of Mel's clit as she thrust without mercy, probing her inner walls with her fingers. 

One of Sam's lubricated fingers traced across Mel's wrinkled corona, while her lips remained fastened to her pulsing clit which was peeping out from her outer folds like a rosebud. The young girl lost no time as she instinctively slid her fingers out of Mel's dripping pussy and pressed her index finger against the restrictive anus. Sam felt Mel stiffen. Her legs had gone limp and she lost her balance, immediately impaling herself onto Sam's extended digit.

Instantly spreading her remaining fingers, Sam gave Mel some support from below, succeeding in sliding her thumb into the older woman's quivering pussy. She could feel her finger and thumb rubbing against each other through the thin membrane. Sam reveled in the sensation of fucking both openings, her hand rocking back and forth feeling Mel's pulsating muscles throbbing deep inside her. She heard a quavering moan as Mel began to release her fluid in forceful spurts eventually trickling onto the girl's forearm.

Sam quickly withdrew her fingers and drove her tongue towards Mel's dripping crevice, lapping feverishly in her effort to contain every remaining drop. The weight that had been pushing against her face increased as Mel's orgasm slowly dwindled and her remaining strength would no longer hold her upright.

Sensing this, Sam gently lay backwards, pulling the spent and satiated woman on top of her, resting her tousled auburn mane against the upraised head of the bear rug. She never once relinquished her lips from Mel's mound or hands from her tight, perfectly rounded ass. The older woman slowly opened her eyes and peered down into Sam's twinkling eyes. Mel began thrusting rhythmically across the girl's mouth and chin, purring in delight with each stroke…

Still perched before Tim on the dining room table, Katy was in her element as she released moan after moan of intense pleasure. Tim's long, hot tongue was thrusting into her and it was only his strong hands gripping her hips that kept her from falling off the sturdy glass covered table. Katy was oblivious to the sucking noises of her aunt swallowing Tim's cock, she was so caught up in her own pleasure and desire as the hot stud was assaulting her hot, molten sex.

Chapter 2...to continue

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Visiting Aunt Gwen Ch. 02....last 2 Pages.
by thickfinger

Katy felt the cool glass against her bare ass and back as Tim's strong tongue started to drive her insane. She was almost on the edge of another explosive orgasm when she felt a sharp thump from the underside of the table. It took Katy several seconds for her overloaded senses to grasp what was happening.

When her vision finally cleared, she saw Tim towering over her at the end of the table. He was slowly pulling her by the hips towards the edge and even closer to his enormous prick. Katy squealed in delight as the velvety looking purple head was poised just inches from her gaping hole. She hardly noticed her aunt emerge from under the table, rubbing her head until she heard her exhorting Tim in a loud voice, "Don't you hurt her."

As Tim slowly pushed into her, Katy could feel the silken walls of her pussy constricting around his long, thick member. Each time that she felt her muscles relax around his tremendous girth, he would slowly and agonizingly push a bit more of himself in. Arching her back, Katy stiffened and moaned savoring the intrusion as Tim insistently split her snug young pussy.

After what had seemed an eternity to Katy, Tim was buried deep within her. 'Oh! What a feeling!' Katy thought as she nimbly hooked both ankles around his hips, digging her heels into his buttocks. She held Tim like that until she was relaxed and ready to continue. Katy felt stretched to the limit, feeling so full of his cock that she was apprehensive about what would happen when Tim withdrew for the first time.

Katy gasped when she felt a pair of full, warm, soft lips sucking on her nipple and let out a loud moan as the knowing fingers of her aunt stroked against the girl's throbbing clit. Katy's legs fell completely open to Tim and her, losing complete control under their dual assault.

Tim gazed into Katy's eyes and watched her reaction, carefully pulling back and thrusting into her again. She was as hot as hell itself, her head was flailing as Tim built to a slow but steady rhythm. He gripped her hips tighter, plunging into Katy's soft, molten folds as deep as he could. Gwen moved her fingers with Tim's measured thrusts, tormenting the girl to heights of pleasure that she'd never experienced in her life. Katy's moans were turning into a near constant howl as she permitted herself to be used.

Her aunt gently nibbled on Katy's tender pink nipple between her lips. She applied further pressure on the shiny nub that was protruding beneath her skilled fingers, sending her niece over the top. Gwen became very aroused when Katy went rigid, the girl's eyes opened wide and gasped as convulsions of such intensity shook her supine body.

Neither of them relented in their ministrations, even when Katy was gasping with high-pitched squealing intermittent between each halting breath. She continued her ragged breathing as Tim's continuous pounding brought the girl to another momentous orgasm of such intensity that she suddenly went limp.

Her arms had lost all strength and flopped to the table with an audible thump. Katy's legs had slipped off Tim's hips, dangling from the end of the table at his sides. Gwen, sensing that something was terribly wrong, stood abruptly with a look of concern on her face. She frantically searched Katy's neck for her pulse and was relieved to find that her niece was still with them! Tim was panting uncontrollably, his sweat-drenched body still locked against Katy's. His cock was still buried deep in the stationary girl lying spread-eagled under him and he turned to Gwen with a look of puzzlement.

She waited a few seconds, watching Tim sweat it out until a smile slowly tugged at the corners of her mouth. Gwen said with a hint of wicked humor in her voice, "No, my big fella. You haven't killed her. Young Katy just couldn't take it any more!"

Tim released a huge sigh of relief as Gwen walked around the table. All the while, she watched the tension drain from his glistening, rugged body. Wrapping her arms around him, she leaned against his powerful back with her head resting on his shoulder.

Struggling to regain his breathing, Gwen could feel Tim's muscles contracting. She lightly kissed the nape of his neck and whispered closely in his ear, "I can take all you've got and I KNOW that you still remember what I like!"

As Gwen walked away from Tim, she glanced back over her shoulder seductively, just in time to see Tim's huge hand grasping for the back of her dress. With one powerful tug that never slowed her progress, the flimsy wrap ripped from her body sending the buttons clattering across thetiled floor.

She looked back and grinned. Tim was left standing there holding the tattered remains of her dress and gazing at her beautiful lithe body as she slowly faded away from him.

Gwen continued on languidly attired only in thongs and heels. She chuckled softly, coaxing Tim to follow in pursuit. He turned away from Katy's immobile form, his expression a mixture of confusion wavering between concern and sheer lust. As Tim pried his eyes away from Katy, his gaze swept back to Gwen who was steadily moving further away. His resolve stiffened. Tim decided his throbbing prick needed more as he silently followed on behind her.

Stepping into the room, Gwen halted when she surveyed the activity in front of the massive fireplace. Her niece was reclining against the soft white fur of the huge polar bear rug, with her head resting against its mounted skull. Mel was kneeling astride Sam, grinding her dark, furred mound against the young girl's mouth.

Mel violently tore the blouse from her body and flung it carelessly away. It landed on the stones of the hearth, hanging haphazardly from the mantle. Mel frenziedly started to squeeze her breasts, pulling urgently on her taut nipples while humping Sam's face.

The scene before Gwen had her watching rapt for several moments. She could feel her body responding as her mind processed the intensely erotic scene unfolding just across the room. Gwen leaned forward and rested both hands on the back of the sofa. Her pendulous breasts were swinging as she moved, the nipples erect and aching to be touched. The moisture that was seeping past her swollen labia pooled within the sodden thongs and began trickling down the inside of the woman's shapely thighs.

Gwen had almost forgotten about Tim, but when she sensed him standing right behind, she immediately lowered her head onto the back of the sofa. With legs spread wide, she urged Tim to fuck her. He lost no time and pulled Gwen's thongs roughly to one side, sending chills up her spine as the cool air caressed the moisture glazing her gaping lips.

She moaned softly as Tim rubbed the bulbous head of his thick cock across her revealing sex and swollen pink clit several times, coating himself in her copious juices. Gwen took in a sharp intake of breath of when she felt Tim abruptly push into her pussy, only to release it with a satisfied, 'Mmmm…' while he stayed unmoving deep inside her tight hole, savoring the mood.

Tim slowly rocked Gwen gently at first, then continued his pace, each thrust sending quivering spasms coursing up her inner thighs to her very core. From their elevated positions, they both continued watching Mel and Sam on the rug, the moans of pleasure coming from them adding fuel to Tim's raging passion as he continued to relentlessly violate Gwen's body, incited by the sight and sounds before him.

When Tim suddenly withdrew from Gwen, he left her with a thoroughly empty feeling. A soft whimper escaped from her lips, only to be transformed into a wanton growl as she felt the head of his rigid pole pressing urgently against her puckered anus. Gwen pushed back against Tim's spongy tip until she felt her ass relaxing, slowly opening up to accommodate his thick member and continued her voyeuristic surveillance of the pair in the room below.

Tim masterfully pushed forward, impaling Gwen at a rate that caused her to tremble spasmodically. Moving his hips in very gentle and slow strokes, he leaned forward and reached around Gwen, tenderly rubbing her distended clit between his thumb and forefinger. Tim gently pulled on it as though he was jerking off a tiny cock. After a few minutes of this and his deep thrusts sliding in and out of her yielding anus, he was rewarded with the knowledge that Gwen was in the throes of a very explosive orgasm, her tight muscles contracting and expanding around his cock embedded in her. She groaned with such passion that the two in front of the fireplace were startled into looking her way.

Mel saw the triumphant grin on Tim's face and she threw him a wink, smiling wickedly at him before turning back to Sam's sweat drenched face below her pussy, resuming her position and relentless rubbing of her sex against the girl's mouth.

Still grinning, Tim released Gwen's clit, grabbed her hips with his powerful hands and began sheathing in and out of her with increasingly forceful strokes. Gwen could not help but moan hoarsely, her throat was parched and dry as she bit down on the fabric of the sofa, screams becoming muffled now with Tim still pounding away mercilessly.

He delved deep, his thrusts building in intensity, caring for nothing now as his heavy balls slapped hard against her protruding, gaping lips. Tim was treating Gwen to such an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure that the combination of his cock and balls moving in rhythm in and against her brought tears of pleasure to her eyes and low, guttural moans from deep within her throat.

His large hands slipped from her hips, running them up her sides until Tim had her swaying breasts cupped in each one. The pressure from his powerful fingers caused Gwen to gasp in surprise when he located her taut nipples and began rubbing and teasing them in time with his unrelenting pounding.

She felt the inside of her anus begin to clench and throb along Tim's length and girth, her pussy spurting forth a torrent of milky fluid as her entire body began to shudder, turning her legs into a quivering mass until finally buckling beneath her. A wet 'popping' sound could be heard as Tim's cock was suddenly forced out of her when Gwen grabbed the sofa for support, succeeding in only spinning herself around. She crumbled to the floor, her back resting against the sofa.

Tim was surprised at the sudden disappearance of Gwen from under him, leaving him as horny as hell. He glanced down at her as she panted noisily and took a single step forward, his cock still throbbing for more. Without any prompting from Gwen, he impaled her open mouth. Her throat was becoming rather sore as she accepted the tumescent intruder. She engulfed each of his frenzied thrusts, his heavy sac banging repeatedly against her chin and sensed Tim on the verge of cumming.

Gwen teased him now, slowly and gently sliding her fingertips sensuously up the back of his thighs, and expertly rotating one fingertip across his wrinkled sphincter. The effect it had upon Tim was immediate!

His incessantly driving strokes lost their rhythm and she could feel Tim's glans begin to swell, his member becoming rigid as it slid deeper into her throat. He held the back of Gwen's neck as he stiffened and stood motionless, groaning loudly as he felt the first creamy liquid from his balls shoot into the back of her mouth. Tim's previous thrusts had become shuddering spasms and Gwen grasped both of his rippling buttocks, holding him steady until she had drunk every last drop of his cum. She slowly savored the few drops that had dribbled out of the corners of her mouth, enjoying the taste of him before leaning forward and tenderly licking his deflated tool clean.

Panting heavily and totally spent after his exertions, Tim simply slid to the floor next to Gwen. She pulled him closer and gently cradled his head to her bosom as they both recovered. They could hear the gasps and moans from the other side of the sofa increasing in volume. Gwen winked knowingly at Tim as she wiped the sweat that still glistened on his handsome face.

A flash of movement near the kitchen caught their attention. It was Katy, wearing only her maroon stockings and garter belt as she sauntered into the room. She was carrying a large shopping bag that Gwen recognized as being from Mel's shop. Katy passed the slumped pair and proceeded into the living room without a word. Gwen and Tim looked at each other for a second and then scrambled to their knees to take a peek over the sofa.

Katy approached Sam and Mel who were totally engrossed with each other and dropped the bag, watching as Mel ground her slit feverishly against Sam's open mouth.

Their moans were the only sounds to be heard in the room. Katy knelt between Sam's open labia and with an outstretched hand, gently brushed against her sister's swollen lips.

With corresponding gentleness, she carefully inserted a single finger into Sam's opening, producing more moans that reverberated in the small room. Katy raised her hand to her nose and smelled her finger, before putting it into her mouth and licking on it. Adjusting her position a little, she lowered her head to her sister's wispy, auburn curls and flicked her tongue over the outer lips and hood of Sam's engorged clit. Katy was rewarded with greater access as her sister lifted her hips toward her.

Gwen and Tim looked on in complete silence. He had taken position behind her and was caressing her breasts. She felt aroused when she reached behind her back to find that his cock was beginning to stir anew. Gwen still looked on at the sight before her, Katy was lavishing her sister's sex with long, slow flicks of her tongue. She noticed Katy's hand disappearing into the bag and was fumbling with something inside it.

When her hand emerged, Katy was holding a small, curious looking device with a long wire and a small off-white box attached to it. She stopped for a moment before sliding in the small 'toy,' which Gwen had an idea was a vibrator of some sort or other into Sam's gaping pussy. Katy looked to the box in her other hand and began fiddling with it.

A very faint buzzing sound could be heard filling the spaces between Mel's moans as Katy pumped the small vibrator in and out of her sister, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Sam began writhing and bucking her hips in response to the small contraption.

Katy once again reached for the small box, adjusting something which Gwen could not see. A muffled, rattling sound issued forth from within Sam's pussy and the effect it was having on her was profound. When Katy reached over and tentatively rolled one of her sister's enormously erect nipples between her thumb and fingers, Sam began trembling and convulsing uncontrollably. Gwen and Tim watched in amazement as an obviously powerful orgasm ripped through her tormented body.

Mel apparently enjoyed the sensation of Sam struggling beneath her and reached between her legs, grabbing a handful of the girl's luxurious hair. Pulling Sam's face against her sparse tuft, Mel rubbed the length of her sex along the length of the girl's tongue, whimpering and moaning.

Katy moved from behind to kneel in front of Mel and sucked one of the older woman's breasts with her warm mouth. Katy suckled on Mel's bouncing nipple while cupping the other breast, rubbing the engorged nipple in rotating motions. Sam noisily lapped at the creamy fluid that was dripping from Mel's pussy, the older woman's hoarse moans were becoming louder as she let herself go. Mel began quivering as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure had her bucking and swaying between the two girls, providing her with the release she had needed so much.

She was so overcome with the intensity of her mind- blowing orgasm that Mel collapsed into Katy's outstretched arms. The three of them lay in a tangle on the soft white fur, gasping for air as they stretched out, unable to move.

Gwen's oldest niece was the first to recover and pulled the small vibrator that was still inserted in her satiated pussy. She turned it back and forth, examining it before exclaiming to her sister," So that's what the little 'rabbit ears' were for!" Sam set it aside and reached for Katy's bag, upturning it before asking, "What else is in your naughty little bag, hmmm?"

Sam rummaged through the myriad of dildo's, vibrators and various latex 'toys' when she came upon a large, black strap-on dildo. She squealed in delight and began strapping the belt around her hips. Sam crawled along all fours across the rug, purring loudly, like an alley cat in heat. With a glint in her eyes, she arrived behind Mel's upturned ass where she lay, still sprawled across Katy.

Wasting little time, Sam began swishing the big black cock in and around the remaining juices still matting Mel's pubic hairs. Satisfied with the slick coating on the older woman's labia, Sam pressed it into Mel's gaping pussy, eliciting a spirited howl. When Mel shifted to a more accessible position, Sam lost no time in energetically pumping into the woman's willing crevice.

Tim was watching transfixed as Sam delved deep into Mel's lascivious pussy. She was making her tremble with such force that Mel's whole body was shaking, her hips bucking wildly against the soft carpet. Gwen was still gripping his shaft, apparently unaware that it had returned to its full steely hardness. Tim was so aroused that he couldn't stand it a moment longer. He groaned with lust as he roughly grabbed Gwen by the shoulders and turned her away from the sight of the three entwined to face him.

She didn't immediately understand what he was doing. It wasn't until the moment Tim grasped her buttocks in his gigantic hands and raised her off the floor to pull her towards him that she figured out what his intentions were.

He eased his arms under her ass cheeks and stood, both rising just high enough for him to position her on top of the sofa that separated them from the room below. Gwen's still moist pussy seemed to resemble an oyster, soft and glistening as he spread her legs before him. Tim was visually stimulated, and driven by his own primal needs, impaled her with his huge rock hard shaft. Gwen gasped with the force of his onslaught and nimbly hooked her legs around Tim's hips, locking them both together.

Tim could contain his lust for only a few seconds before he began to forcefully plunge deep into her. Gwen tilted her head back, locking her long slender arms securely around Tim's strong body and arching into each of his urgent thrusts making her pendulous breasts move in rhythm. He leaned his head forward and seized one of Gwen's aching nipples in his mouth, sucking voraciously. Her rasping moans almost drowned out those that were coming from the room below.

The shrill sound of the telephone placed on one of the end tables began ringing insistently.

Katy nimbly squirmed out from under Mel's lips, which were busily lavishing her pert young nipples and reached causally for the phone.

When Katy put the receiver to her ear, she instantly blushed crimson; her first response bringing all sound and motion in the room to a standstill. Katy said, "Oh, hi, Mom!"

Glancing around the room as she spoke, Katy noticed that every eye was on her, waiting expectantly. She lowered her eyelids as she answered, "Oh my God! That's terrible, a typhoon you said?" Listening more carefully now, her face grew ashen at what she had heard and exclaimed, "Oh no, they want him to stay for a whole year until they rebuild?"

Sam and Gwen both groaned, thankful that Katy was speaking loudly enough to be heard with perfect clarity.

Katy answered her mother on the other end of the line, and both Sam and Gwen could understand what had been said. "No, she's right here, would you like to talk to her? Okay, sure. No problem." Katy walked towards the sofa and handed the 'phone to Gwen. She accepted it with the enthusiasm that she would show on receiving an I.R.S. audit notice!

Hearing her sister-in-law's voice, Gwen thought Pam sounded as though she were speaking through a long tube as she asked, "Hi Pam, what's going on?" It was all that Gwen could think of to say, and knew right away how lame she must have sounded.

When Pam had finally finished relating all of the damage that the freak tropical storm had done, Gwen was genuinely concerned.

"I hope that you and Frank weren't hurt in anyway?" Gwen asked, after her sister-in-law had related the number of fatalities that had arisen. When she heard what the company had planned for her brother, she repeated, "A year, maybe longer?" Gwen answered another question. Both Katy and Sam were listening carefully and could get the drift of what had been said from the other end. "No, you should both stay; Frank is going to need all the support he can get," Gwen replied.

She glanced at both girls before answering, "They seem to be adapting very well to California. In fact, they seem to be having the time of their lives." The two sisters grinned naughtily at each other as their aunt answered truthfully on that score.

Her brow furrowed as she replied, "School? Well, there are three high schools within a couple of miles from the house." Katy perked up, certain that it was her immediate future that was being discussed. Gwen cast her niece a warm smile before listening very carefully into the earpiece.

Gwen answered another inquiry from her sister in law, "Well if she was accepted by Cambridge I doubt U.S.C. or even Berkley would turn her away." It was Sam's turn to feel the uncomfortable sensation of being discussed as she listened. Gwen finally said, "Don't worry about the girls we'll find a way to work it out. I'm sure they will understand and I think they may even thrive, the young are so resilient."

Tim, sensing that the call was beginning to wind down, began to slide his rigid member slowly in and out of Gwen.

He had thought that his clandestine maneuver had gone unnoticed. But when Gwen groaned loudly into the 'phone as he buried himself to the hilt, he was rewarded with a very sharp slap on his shoulder. Gwen put her hand over the receiver as she harshly scolded him. Keeping her tone even as she spoke again to Pam, Tim heard her say, "Oh, that? I'm fine. I was just doing a little exercising, 'Winsor Pilates,' you know."

She looked back and scowled at Tim for his impatience and continued, "I'm going to have to stay in shape if I have to keep up with your two for the next year!" Gwen laughed. "You take care now, and give my love to Frank would you? Okay. Bye, Pam."

Gwen ended the conversation and carelessly flipped the 'phone over her shoulder. She looked down at the girls and announced, "Bad news girls, your little visit has been extended for the foreseeable future, and I'm counting on you both to find some way to get along and make the best of it."

Sam and Katy answered their aunt's facetious admonition with a contrite, "Yes, Ma'am." Both of them grinned at each other mischievously and broke into giggles.

Smiling brightly, Gwen turned away from them both and stared into Tim's dark eyes and said huskily, "Now where were we, big fella?"


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