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09-27-2007, 03:05 AM
But she had never had a guy sit down with her, and ask her exactly what she was looking for. We had a great time...this was just the scene as I put it to her, wasnt followed by the letter but pretty close. Needless to say we had a great time.

I wanted to put down in writing what I am going to do to you when I tie you up. That way there will be more of a smooth flow to the whole scene and it will not be choppy and disorginized.
I will tie you up face down and on top of three or four pillows, so you ass/pussy is up in the air and wide open for me to work on them. I will tie you actually with your legs spread open wide towards the end of the bed, so I will have easy access to your hot eager mouth also. I havent decided if i am going to tie your hands or not yet. If you are good and just use them to play with my cock, and spread your asscheeks open futher for me, then I might leave them untied, but if you use them to reach back to try to protect your asscheeks when I am spanking you than I will tie up your hands also. I will start with, just spanking you with my hand, slowly at first, every now and then stopping to lick your pussy and asshole for a few minutes. After I get your ass all nice and rosy red, I will take a spray bottle of Ice water and spray your red ass down with that to cool you off, I will then bury my cock in your pussy, stroking your pussy with long slow strokes from my cock to get it good and coated with your sweey pussy juice. I will pull my cock out of your wet/dripping pussy, get in front of you and let you syck your pussy jucies off of my hard cock, while I am reaching over you and starting to spank your ass again, with a leather paddle. How hard you get paddled will depend on how good you are with sucking my cock, if you are a good girl and can take it all the way down your throat several times, then you wont be spanked as hard, but if you cant open your throat up for my cock, then your asscheeks will just glowing all that much more for later. After I have you suck/lick all your pussy juice off my cock, I will start licking and sucking on your pussy/ass again. I will take the pump up vibrating buttplug and insert it into your pussy, and pump it up about 10 times so it will stay, and then take a medium butt plug and work it up into your ass. I then will take the leather paddle and start spanking your ass again, until it is fiery red, and you are wiggleing and moaning, feeling the toys inside of you, and the pleasure/pain of your ass being spanked. When you dont think that you can stand it anymore, I will stop and spray your ass with ice water again, to cool you down, take out the toys from your pussy/ass and bury my face and tongue back in your pussy/ass. The medium butt plug, being buried up inside your ass for about a half hour has started working its magic, and now your tight little asshole has started to open up, for bigger and better things. Its opened up enough now, that I can bury my tonque all the way/deep inside your ass, and I have you hold your asscheeks open wider for me, so I can do this. I take the vibrating buttplug, put it into your ass, and pump it up to about 10 pumps or until you tell me to stop., I will stop when you tell me, but I will also be deflating it every now and then, taking it out of your now opening up asshole, putting more lube on it, and sliding it back into your hot ass, and then pumpint it up even bigger, the next time. I will bury my cock deep in your pussy agian, and strok you again with long deep strokes, getting your pussy juice all over my cock again, I will again, get in front of you, and if you were not able to take my whole cock down your throat the last time, well you will get another chance. I will have you lick and suck off your pussy juice off of my cock again, watching you enjoy sucking on my cock, enjoying the feeling of your sweet tonque.mouth going up and down on it. I will turn around and instruct you to lick and suck on my asshole, and stick you tonque up into my asshole, letting you fuck my asshole with your tonque, so you will know how it feels to be doing to me, what I have been doing to you, when I bury my tonque in your ass. you will be required to bring a wooden spoon and a switch with you. I will take the butt plug out of you and again, lick your pussy and bury my tonque all the way deep inside your hot ass. Then putting the butt plug back inside of you. I will take the wooden spoon, and start warming up your ass again, when you start moaning and wiggleing around, I will bury my cock in your pussy again, every now and then smacking your ass to keep the heat on. I will bury my cock one last time in your pussy for a few minutes, and then take the switch to your now hot ass. This will sting like the dickens, but for every four or 5 swats, I will spray your ass down with ice water and start again, on the third time, I will have you suck me hard, I will now have had to piss for over an hour and will have gone soft, but your sweet mouth and lips will make it hard again. While you are sucking me hard, I will be reaching back and still spanking you with the switch. Making you moan and wiggle, feeling you moan while sucking my now hard cock. I will use the switch on you a few more times, alibit the hardest that I have spanked you yet, to peak the pleasure/pain way up on the threshold, I will pull the butt plug out of you and slowly start screwing your ass with my cock, looking down and spreading yur asscheeks, watching my cock slide in and out of your ass, pulling it out just to the tip, and then sliding it all the way in to my balls. When you are ready and start begging me to fuck you hard in the ass with my dick, I will give you bubba to put on your clit, and I will start really pounding your ass, and giving you my now huge cock hard and fast. When we both orgasim, I will hold you in my arms, my cock still buried in your ass, rubbing your asscheeks, back, leaning over to kiss your back/neck, until I relax enough to release my piss. I will love to feel of you quivering in another mini orgasim, as you feel my piss explode and drain deep inside your ass. You will be able to feel your stomach start to distend with me filling you up with my piss. Afterr that I will untie you, of course you will have to go to the bathroom, and when you are done we will both take a shower together, and think about what we are going to do for round three...I thnk I have an idea, I know you want to try out a strap-on,,,and I will be a willing subject...Does this sound like fun to you...

09-27-2007, 04:44 AM
Great story only suggestion I can make is to break it up into paragraphs so that it's easier to read.

Thanks for sharing it

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Welcome back Eric......thanks for another Story.

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great tale and well written....Thanks Eric for sharing it with us...

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^^I agree very good story

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very good story.............